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Looking to build a standard type hangar this summer in Anchor Point Alaska. We are wondering about your distributor up here and maybe get a rough quote for a 40x12 bifold standard door delivered. We are building the hangar and can make opening to fit a standard size if you have one? THanks Steve


we have a 40 foot hangar that currently has door panels that slide inward on a track along the insides of the hangar making the hangar 1 foot less usable in width when the doors are open. We want to consider the cost of a bifold door that won't take away any headroom. Least expensive design available. Thanks Victor Haluska 310 459 0558


We have installed a couple of your hangar type doors on past projects and we have a customer looking to have a airplane hanger built. I am hoping to get a estimate on a 45’w X 16’H bi fold door with lift straps and strap auto latches. Thanks in advance.


Would you please quote me a bifold and a hydraulic hangar door for a 46’X14’ door. I’m in the final design phase of my hangar type bifold strap door and hangar. Would like door by April. I would assemble and install. Would like just the frame/structure and supporting hardware. Would be installed on gamble end of building. Self supporting.


Building a hangar at the local airport and need a door. plane tip to tip is 52' and tail is 18' high. Please provide quote on a few options. I would like two foot clearance on each side of the wingtips and at least a foot at the top.


I am putting together a budgetary quote for a 50'-0" W x 21'-0" H Hanger Type Door for a customer in the Peoria, IL area. Customer will provide siding materials and insulation to cover the door frame.


I have a client I am pricing a Hangar type building. They asked me if Schweiss has standard Bi-Folding hangar type door sizes. The building size is 60'W x 80'L x 24'H. Can you email specs on a 50x20 Bi-Folding door, so I can include the specs in my building run. Thank you Charlie Williams


we built a 60x60 hangar couple years back in California; we are going to build a second hangar in Washington state that will need a 48 ft. wide x 18 ft. tall bifold strap door - also, can you suggest contractor and door installer, the airport is north of Seattle. thx


I want information on the cost of 6 hangar bifold doors. Your company provided bifold doors to a similar hangar type project in Carson City NV for Sierra Skyway. We are in the planning stage of duplicating the same six hangar project. Thanks


I have a 40'x 40' hangar with 13' ceiling height. I am looking at one of your Bifold or hydraulic build your own door kits. What are my options, will hangar types make a difference? Perhaps a 38'x 12' would be a good choice. Thank -Daniel


I need to get hangar type door inspections set up, and I also think all the belts/straps should be replaced. Please let me know a good time you can come and preform these tasks. Thanks, Rob Avila


can we get a airplane hangar type bifold door 100' wide x Clearance height of 30'. if we can. Can you give us a price please. Thanks Phil Copus


Building a hangar on my property, and was looking for prices for a 48' bifold liftstrap door for my hangar type. Thanks.


We are building 33,600 square foot hangar. Would like a quote on a big door for this hangar type. Fort Worth Spinks aiport, FWS.


Please quote a 40'x18' clear bifold hangar type doors installed. Prep door for interior liner panel. Please email door design specifications so we can send to Butler for quoting purposes. Thank you.


Hi, We are a looking at the hydraulic door to replace a typical hangar type door (14H x 9' or 44'W). Thanks, Sarah


I want to put a 40ft wide hangar on a narrow lot next to a rural airstrip. My hangar type lot is only 50ft wide but our deed restrictions require a minimum setback of 5ft on each side, thus leaving no room for conventional side-stack hangar type doors. It appears that bi-fold liftstrap is my only option. Unfortunately, the closest electrical service is several hundred yards away! Does Schweiss offer a manually-operated, 40ft wide bifold door? Thank you, Harvey Hartman


Looking for a 39 foot by 14 foot 6 one piece hanger type door with everything to operate. one quote in a fully finished and shipped to loacation. another with everything needed to be welded on sight with shiping. And one more bifold strap hangar door with just the hadware and planes to buy metal locally and fabricate on location with everything supplied and shipped just not the bulk metal. 2x4 and standard metal. Thanks so much looking for the most cost affective way to get this door done. May have another few doors to come if this works out. Riley


I'm looking a pricing on a bi-fold hangar type door for an airplane hangar 55'wide x 23' high, as well as installation costs.


Need a price for bifold or hydraulic hangar type  doors. Material and labor. Header specs. 16' x 36' 16' x 40' Thank you, Andy


i need a price on a bi-fold door strap hangar style door: 11'6 x 8' 0 i am going to install plywood on the face, then add glass panels on top of that. please send me an estimate for the door. thanks, wes


We are looking for a quote for replacing two existing Mid-70s hangar type era Wilson bi-fold hangar doors. First door opening is 45' x 18', and the second is 80' x 19'.


I was interested in a rough estimate of a 16' x 52' bi fold or hydraulic door to go on our hangar type.


These hangar types will have a flat roof. Hangar is 50' x 50'. Will be built at Grassy Meadows Sky Ranch, Utah (UT47)


I am not clear with your construction details for various hangars types and hangar doors. I need minimum 10' vertical clearance. What is the mounting/installation requirements for both the bi-fold and the single hydraulic door. I am planning a 12' internal wall dimension hangar. Will this be sufficient for both doors?? Thanks, Jerry


Trying to decide between steel and wood frame for aircraft hangar types. Would appreciate a quote for both.


Looking at building a 48x48' hangar with a 14x44' lift strap bifold door. Estimate needed for this hangar type size door.


Looking to install a new hangar type door on a private hanger. Considering a single panel door with hydraulic or bifold strap lift mechanism. Size of door opening framing to framing - 47' x 12' high. Design preference would be clear plexglass in rigid frame across entire span top to bottom. What are we looking at for manufacturing costs and what would be the costs for installation? It may be that the "glass" could be installed after installation by owner or supplier. Let me know what you can provide - scope, costs, and schedule options. Thanks, Ray Kutz


Building a home in California with a hangar, I'm assuming your bifold liftstrap hangar doors work for all hangar types. The aircraft is a Cirrus SR22. The door I am proposing is 50X13. The engineer is requesting specifications such as weight of door, etc. any information you can provide would greatly help. Thanks, Carl


interested in pricing for a bi-fold hangar type doors for 31'2x9'10 white, strap, electric photo eyes door (no windows).


Need a quote for the USU FL-10 Hanger type remodel doors. Plans can be reviewed on our website.


Have R&M Steel in Idaho in production for my hangar building and wondering which hangar types work best for your bifold and hydraulic doors. I plan on buying a 60' Schweiss bifold door through them as well. Wondering which latch system is normally sold with the door, type 2 (strap) or type 3 (arm)? Also, which is better at closing the door gap. We have wind here at times, want the best to handle wind during hangar type operation and also to close door gap well.


I have an existing residential garage door that I would like to adapt to your hangar type bifold door  system . The bifold strap type looks like it would work for me . I am in Los Angeles . Do you have any of your doors installed here that I can look at. 


Quoting a new Butler Mfg Box Hanger and we need a quote for one hangar type door. Our customer didn't mention what type of door but knowing them the more cost efficient door will be better. Please feel free to call me to discuss options.


We have a couple of hangar types at an aircraft maintenance shop that is currently serviced by three wood overhead doors (about 17 feet in width each). There are two posts that slide on a track to each side that opens up the entire 50 ft. span area. The height is 12 feet. We would like quotes on bifold liftstrap  maintenance doors if all the doors can be moved to one side, "straight up" doors and bifold doors. Thanks. Suzy Solberg 


I am trying to get a quote on replacing a 39x10 hydroswing hangar type door with a Schweiss bifold liftstrap hangar type door on a 40x40 wood hangar in IL


Please send a quotation for a hydraulic hangar type  door for an airplane hangar at Jean Airport (near Las Vegas - NV). Also, the assembly ? Thanks


We have two cable bifold doors we are thinking of converting to straps next year. They are about 39.5 feet wide and door open of 11' with a 14'opening. What is it approximate cost, Does the hangar type require anything special? It's a wood hangar, and do you have installers in the Portland Oregon area?


I would like a quote for a bifold liftstrap door with the following dimensions: door width (32'), door height (8'6"), and wedge (24"). Do your Schweiss doors work on all hangar types? Thank you!


I am bidding a hanger type doors that are 70' wide they would like your bi-fold strap[ doors. I need to speak with someone about sizing.


I'm a local welding contractor recently contacted to install your strap lifting hangar type system to replace a cable system at a local airport private hanger.I would like some details of the bracket/frame install please.


I am looking to price and install a Bifold Hanger door on a building I am designing for a customer. The door will be 60 wide by 16' tall. We will be facing it with a 29ga AG panal from metal sales. Can I get a price and specs including the weight of the door. If I get this job do you have a credit app for an account? Thank You


Hello, I'm building a house this year with a 30' x 40' x 12' detached garage in Fort Calhoun, NE. The garage will be used to restore/build small aircraft. I'm interested in a bifold hangar type door approximately 25'-27' wide and 10' height clearance. Are Schweiss hangar Type Bifold Doors custom built to size? Are there standard sizes for customers in my situation? Can a bifold door be as small as 10' height clearance? I'm wanting to weigh some options and calculate a budget. Please provide any pricing that you have available. Thank you, Tim Willey Omaha, NE


We have a large bifold door on our hangar that is about 8 years old. I would like a hangar type bifold door with lift straps. I%u2019m looking for someone that could come out and do a service on it. It%u2019s working fine, it could just use some adjusting maybe.


I am interested in the BYOD product for a new hanger types I am planning to build in the next 3-4 months


Seeking a quote for different Schweiss hangar door types; both bifold and hydraulic doors. Openings are 35'8" x 13'4" & 36' x 14'. Jambs are wood, overhead structure is wood truss. Location is Swearingin, Alabama. 


50x20' Clear Bifold Door to be Installed in a New Butler hangar type Bldg Including Labor. Interior of Door will be Lined and Insulated. Please send design information right away as well so we can send to Butler for design purposes. Thanks.


We need a quote for a 40'x12' hangar types and bifold hangar doors for a 50'x60'x14' post frame building. Please quote both a fold up and a hydrolic door. And what is eta for each, and terms. Please respond via our email. Thank you


I currently have a 20,000 square foot hanger (best guess it was a hangar type built in the 1940's) with doors on both ends. There are currently 6 sliding doors (on tracks) on each end. We use the hanger for our fabrication shop. The doors and tracks are beginning to show their age more and I was curious as to thoughts/options/ideas for your bifold hangar type doors (possibly for the entire opening both sides/possibly just partial). I appreciate your time. Thank you, Gabe Seib


Have pole Bldg hangar types with 40 x 16 ft door. Would like quote on strap bifold including install. Location is 7354 Rome-Oriskany Rd. Rome, NY 13440. Thanks.


Hello I am building a hangar in Indiana soon and need prices on the bi-fold doors. 40ft and maybe the next two sizes bigger. I don't know if you make any size or if you have standard sizes for specific hangar types. I am in South Korea at this time but just bought a house on an airstrip and building a hangar soon. The reason I did not give a phone number is 12 hour time difference and just have my cell with me. Please send me some prices , pictures and info as soon as you can. Thanks Dennis


I have a 40 ft Schweiss bifold door on my aircraft hangar. The hangar type door was installed about year 2000 by Nivens Engineering . I need to have the top and bottom door seals replaced. Please send catalogue so I may order materials necessary to make the repair. James Carroll


Hello, we are planing a hangar in steel construction. Now we are thinking of the hangar types needed for a bifold gate. Because we want to store historic planes as the ju52 we need an opening width of about 65 feed and a height of 21 feed. Could you provide us some technical plans or drawings in CAD and some detail information and if possible some examples of a folding door so we can fit them into our plans. Thanks for the great help. Best wishes Marco Bicheler


We sell and install fabric covered buildings and we'd like to give our customers the option of a bifold door. One customer is asking about a 18'w x 12.5h bifold door on a metal hangar type quonset building. Thanks, Jim


Looking for info on a 60' x 18' bifold for hangar types door for an airport project coming up soon. A ballpark estimate on lead time and costs, delivery are what I need now. Sizing and detailing info soon. 


Door at Sumner County Airport, Gallatin, TN. 40' x 18'. Model S-13, No. L-9, Ser. #6840. Cables are getting bad - photos available. Airport wants two prices: 1) Replace the cables. 2) All parts necessary to convert to straps. Miner Corporation acquired Aldor Corporation in February this year. You may still have us in your files as Aldor. Let me know if you have any questions on our hangar types or hangar doors. Robert 


Do you make a bifold doors for all hangar types including for aircraft T-hangars that meets Florida wind codes? We are looking at 42'x12' and 48'x14'. Thanks


I'm in the process of specking hangar types with a requirement for a 40X12 clear opening when open and would like your price for a bifold operated door.


Please give me a quote for 2 doors of the following hangar types door sizes. Please price for both single and bifold door. Please include a cut out for a walk through door. The openings are: 12' high x 48'6" wide 11'6" high x 28'6" wide Please price for one single door for each hangar type door opening as well as two separate doors for each opening


I am bidding hangar type jobs in Bucyrus Ks, (66013) He would like to see numbers for a 42 ft x 12' door, he has a budget we are trying to work with. The door would need wind load of 90mph optional walk door need delivery and install prices please thank you Tom


Attn; Dir, of Logistics. I have owned steel building companies for over 20 years, until about five years ago when I decide to join my wife as a freight broker. I know your doors designed for different hangar types and sizes very well, as well as how to move it from A to B.  It would be our pleasure to assist you in any or all of your hangar door type logistics need while working to lower your cost associated with transportation. We would like nothing more than to be added to your carrier/broker bid list.


I would like a quote on a hydraulic door 24 feet wide by 15 feet tall. Do not need windows for walk-in door. Also, where is factory located and do you bifold doors work for all hangar types? Please let me know price and availability and erection costs also. Thank You, Lester Breckenridge


Need a quote for a 38' x 14' hangar type door with a man door built into the right side as you stand outside looking at it. Delivered to Sterling Alaska. Standard Schweiss bifold hangar type door with strap lift.


This door will be going in a new hanger building. The hangar type building is 80' wide by 100' long with a 22' eve. The door will be located in a 80' end wall.


I just purchased a box hangar at (KRQB) Big Rapids MI ROBEN-Hood airport. It has a Schweiss (cable lift) bifold door approx 50" wide and 15' high installed in 2007-2008 time frame. What would be the cost and process (getting it installed) to retrofit to hangar types using your newer strap system Thank You Ed Muccio


want to get rid of my sliding doors on my 30x40 work shop door opening and want to replace with hangar type doors that are 11ft 2in high and width is 32 ft I want a insulated hangar type by fold with remote opener