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Hydraulic Doors for underground and above-ground security - 47

Hydraulic doors meet stringent factory standards

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors, when closed can provide underground or above-ground security for priceless car collections or for industrial and commercial building restricted entry and access points and the like. Museums have installed Schweiss hydraulic doors for the same purpose.


Hydraulic doors, don’t have to be big - 46

Schweiss Hydraulic doors are functional

Some people are under the misconception that hydraulic doors with powerful hydraulic cylinders and pumps are only or best used for big doors like farm machinery shed doors, airplane hangar doors, commercial doors and industrial building doors. On the contrary, Schweiss Doors has built numerous small hydraulic operated doors.


Hydraulic Doors for Pole Barns - 45

Schweiss Hydraulic doors by Schweiss are perfect for pole buildings on the sidewalls and the endwalls.

Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors are featured on every building design imaginable. Post frame buildings, also known as pole buildings, are one of many — new and retrofitted, that have Schweiss Hydraulic one-piece doors on them. Traditionally, a pole barn refers to a structure that uses wooden girts and purlins. They are a great, low-cost solution to many different building needs, and a pole building with a Schweiss door on it, makes it an even better investment.


Hydraulic Doors – We deliver - 44

Hydraulic doors by Schweiss are made of sturdy steel or aluminum framework using the best components on the market.

Schweiss hydraulic doors are loaded and delivered with the utmost care to coast-to-coast destinations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and abroad.

Since Introducing Hydraulic Doors to the market, sales of Schweiss Hydraulic Doors have escalated, and as a result truckload-after-truckload of ready to assemble hydraulic doors have been moving out to destinations around the globe.


Schweiss hydraulic doors are perfect for paintbooths - 43

Schweiss Hydraulic doors are ideal for paintbooths,

Schweiss Doors gets a number of requests from body shops, implement dealers, airplane restoration shops and other places that need one or more custom-made paintbooth doors or to retrofit a drafty door for their paintbooths.

One piece hydraulic doors have less moving parts and are fast-cycling low maintenance doors. You can save money on building costs with a hydraulic door and a hydraulic door is ideal if you need all the headroom you can get.


Hydraulic Doors: Match your building siding - 42

Hydraulic patio and garage doors with glass exterior

Our line of hydraulic and bifold designer doors haven’t only been used to accent commercial, aviation, agricultural or industrial structures. We have been proud to show off these particular doors that have appeared on such places nationwide as the Under Armour corporate store in Baltimore, the Red Bull building in California, the Sway Thai Restaurant in Texas and even as far away as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in China. But we are equally proud of the numerous individual designer doors that have gone on residential buildings and hangars throughout the world. Some of the design work that has gone into these smaller structures is awe-inspiring to say the least. In other cases, you have to look really hard to see if there really is a door on the building because it blends in so well.


Hydraulic Doors: Powerful and Smooth Operation - 41

Premier Schweiss Hydraulic doors are built with power to spare

With a newly designed powerful compact motorized hydraulic pump, stronger cylinders and state-of-the-art components on every Schweiss hydraulic one-piece door you’ll be amazed at the fast, quiet, and smooth operating performance that our hydraulic doors deliver.


Hydraulic doors needing extra heavy windloading requirements. - 40

Hydraulic door windpins and wallpins

Schweiss hydraulic doors can be windloaded to withstand hurricane-wind forces. One rural door owner even had a tornado take his building down completely, but the doors and doorframe’s on each end of the large machine shed remained standing. That’s what you call “Schweiss Strong.”

Schweiss can configure a extra-heavy windrated hydraulic door design to conform with specific state regulations and local codes that will be approved and sealed by a professional engineer registered in the state where your door will be located.


Hydraulic door trusses can be internal or external trusses - 39

Hydraulic doors with external trusses

With Schweiss hydraulic doors you always have a choice. That holds true for trusses on hydraulic doors too. They are available as a standard external truss on the outside of the hydraulic door, or we can offer it as an internal truss on the inside of your hydraulic door. On smaller doors a “no-truss” option is also available.

Schweiss hydraulic doors are pre-built with a special standard bottom truss that provides added strength and rigidity, very important in high wind conditions and to keep the doors weathertight under all conditions.


Safety is number one and built into every hydraulic door - 38

Hydraulic doors come from the factory offering many emergency features and backup systems

Hydraulic door safety is a big concern for most buyers. Schweiss Doors is well aware of that and has built safety into each and every one of its custom-made doors. We provide a safety information and operation manual with each door, and warning signs and warning labels are required to be placed as indicated on the door. But that’s not all.

Each hydraulic door is designed to hold the doorframe securely against the building when the door is in the closed position. Hydraulic doors come with heavy duty cylinders and spherical bearings. Our beefed-up hinges are made to keep your door hanging and operating safety. With Schweiss Doors, Safety is #1.


Schweiss has answers to all your hydraulic door questions - 37

Schweiss Hydraulic doors for agriculture, marina and storage sheds

When it comes to hydraulic doors, Schweiss is the absolute specialist and manufactures the very best hydraulic door in the business. We’ve been doing it for years, there’s no one better. Everyday we get many inquiries about our hydraulic doors and haven’t been stumped on a question yet.


Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold doors save you money, last forever - 36

Strong custom-made bifold doors for airpark hangar homes

An automatic bifold door will be the only door you will ever need, no matter where you decide to put it. The bifold liftstrap door design is perfect for numerous applications and will fit precisely on any size or type building or structure you want a great quality low maintenance door on. It’s a money saving bifold door that will last forever.


Bifold liftstrap doors are practical and versatile doors - 35

Big Bifold Ag doors with External Truss

An “Automatic Bifold” liftstrap door from Schweiss Doors gives you the flexibility to make your door opening a practical width for today’s large equipment, trucks or airplanes without worrying everytime you enter your building with large equipment if you are going to clear the side columns or have adequate headroom.


Automatic Bifold liftstrap doors are the answer! - 34

Bifold pool and patio doors

Don’t be left behind by ordering someone elses inferior bifold door. You can be assured you’ll be on track with the one and only Schweiss patented and proven liftstrap door that can adapt to any building. Gone are the days of slow speed cable doors that require more maintenance than a liftstrap door. Liftstraps are guaranteed for 10 years, but you’ll find they’ll last a lot longer by far. Liftstrap doors eliminate adjustments and not only are they faster opening doors but they are safer, quieter and have greater lifting power.


Schweiss Hydraulic Doors always seal weathertight and secure - 33

Powerful hydraulic door cylinders open wide without loss of headroom

You won’t get a better hi-tech locking system on any other hydraulic door on the market than you will with a Schweiss hydraulic one-piece door. Our advanced technology locking system uses extra strong, smooth operating beefed-up cylinders on each end of the doorframe. Two large powerful cylinders with larger rod diameters are teamed up with a new compact hydraulic pump unit to provide a weathertight seal around the entire door opening.


Schweiss specializes in all types of crane doors - 32

Bifold door for straddle crane use saves company time and money

If you are looking at design options to divide an interior space with a hydraulic or bifold liftstrap crane door, Schweiss Doors is the answer. Schweiss doors has been designing and manufacturing bifold and hydraulic crane doors for industrial, factory and commercial door use for many years. We’ve manufactured these doors as big as 80 feet wide and 45 feet high.


Premier hydraulic doors are made to the highest degree - 31

Premier hydraulic doors for all purposes

Using the word “premier” to describe Schweiss hydraulic doors is not taken lightly by us. If you look up the word “premier” in the dictionary it is described as “First in importance, order, or position; leading.” Excuse us for bragging, but that’s exactly what Premier hydraulic doors from Schweiss Doors are, and we are most happy to constantly hear that from our many satisfied hydraulic door customers as well.

Taking that one step further, if you check for words similar in meaning to the word “premier,” it uses these descriptive words: foremost, chief, principal, head, top ranking, prime, primary, first, highest, outstanding, master, top-notch, and blue-ribbon.


Premier hydraulic doors are custom built for a perfect fit - 30

Strong hydraulic door subframe attaches to header

Premier Schweiss Doors will work with you, your architects, contractors, engineers or building supplier to ensure a perfect hydraulic door fit to your new or existing building. Each Schweiss hydraulic door is custom made and can be manufactured for any type of structure ranging from large farm and ranch machine sheds, hoop buildings and industrial buildings, for commercial use, aviation hangar doors, residential homes and garages, specialty premier designer doors and much more.

Premier hydraulic one piece doors with the amazingly smooth, quiet operating hydraulics and pump system, have been around years, only Schweiss Doors makes them better.


Creative Schweiss team minds make amazing bifold doors - 29

Bifold doors laser-cut for New York shopping center

Schweiss Doors has over the years manufactured many types and styles of bifold and hydraulic doors, among them are some real unique request bifold doors specially engineered for one purpose only. At this point in time, they are probably one of a kind Schweiss Doors.

Schweiss Doors can provide answers and manufacture custom bifold doors that others thought impossible.


Hydraulic doors brighten up with glass panels or windows - 28

Hydraulic doors with glass for patios and garages

Ever since Schweiss Doors decided to expand its Designer Door line, we have been even more inundated with requests for hydraulic doors that have partial glass or all glass fronts on them. Putting glass on hydraulic doors is nothing new for Schweiss Doors. We’ve been manufacturing hydraulic glass and window doors for farm and ranch doors, aircraft hangars, residential homes and garage doors, mountain cabins, museums, motels, greenhouses, industrial doors, commercial, farm, automotive and motorcycle showroom doors and more. They’ve been asking for Schweiss hydraulic one-piece glass doors for years.


Schweiss Hydraulic Doors retrofit perfectly to any building - 27

Hydraulic doors come with easy to install heavy duty cylinders and the best fully assembled self-contained pump and motors on the market.

How long have you been wrestling with sliding doors that just don’t want to open and especially are hard to open during the winter months? Does your noisy rollup door take up valuable headroom inside your machine shed, hangar or garage? Has the size of your farm machinery, industrial equipment or personal vehicles outgrown your old door?
It doesn’t matter if your building is fairly new, old, metal, fabric, wood, garage or quonset round building style. Schweiss hydraulic doors retrofit to all size and types of buildings.


Schweiss Hydraulic doors are in a class of their own! - 26

Schweiss is the “Cadillac” of hydraulic doors for garages, RV and storage shed doors

Schweiss low maintenance hydraulic doors have fast opening speeds with few moving parts and require less headroom. Two powerful cylinders with larger rod diameter are used to raise and lower even the biggest hydraulic doors, such as those on large aircraft hangars and agricultural and industrial buildings. Only Schweiss hydraulic doors come with spherical bearings that protect the larger cylinders and add to the life and safe operation of your door.


Hydraulic door electrical systems are built for safety - 25

Hydraulic door electrical system

Door operators are pre-wired and factory tested, complete with a 24 V.A.C. control system. Standard on all low voltage doors is a Up/Down Switch. The button lets you open, close or stop your door at any height. And should you face a electrical power outage at your location, there are three backup systems available to keep your hydraulic door operational. We equip it with a standard hydraulic tractor coupler fitting backup, or you may purchase a battery power backup or drill-driven backup system. You can also safely lower your door with the feature that lets you lower it by simply turning a screw on the hydraulic pump unit. All Schweiss hydraulic doors have an electrical disconnect to allow for service, maintenance or manual operation by an emergency backup system if the power is lost.


Hydraulic door bearings and hinges are very important - 24

Hydraulic Doors with spherical bearings

Quality Schweiss hydraulic doors have quality throughout, right down to the minute details such as the use of spherical bearings and a heavy-duty beefed-up hinge design. These may be the smaller parts on your hydraulic door, but their importance should not be overlooked when you are in the market for a hydraulic door.

Schweiss Doors is the only hydraulic door manufacturer to add the latest innovation of a spherical bearing to its hydraulic doors. The reason for this is very important. Spherical bearings are critical to the safe and smooth operation of a hydraulic door.


Bifold doors with cables can be retrofitted with liftstraps - 23

Bifold liftstrap restaurant doors

For years, bifold doors have been lifted and lowered by the conventional means of steel cables. Schweiss Doors revolutionized the bifold door world with its liftstrap bifold doors. Schweiss Doors still manufactures a cable door, but nearly 99 percent of all customer orders request only a straplift door.
They want the liftstrap conversions because liftstraps are longer lasting, stronger than cables with 29,000 lb. tensile strength, won’t rust, tangle, fray or overwrap and they are quieter and give your door a faster lift. Liftstraps carry a 10-year warranty and are competitive in price to cables.


The Liftstrap Moving Gate lifts vertically without folding - 22

Liftstrap Moving Gate divides room in half

When a customer requests something new or different Schweiss Doors looks forward to taking on the challenge of satisfying them.

Such was the case with “The Paw,” an upscale dog and cat resort and training academy. The Paw owner wanted a lifting wall about 7 ft tall and 46 ft. long to separate their 96 ft. high ceiling room. He insisted on a safe gate that would not cause harm to humans or animals in his public facility.


Schweiss hydraulic doors and liftstrap bifold doors give you a choice - 21

Bifold motorhome garage doors

No matter which style of low maintenance Schweiss door you decide on, you can be assured that your door will be custom-made to order and will fit your clear opening perfectly without loss of headroom. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your doors are built with the strongest and best possible material and components to give you years and years of trouble-free service at the convenient push of a button.


Schweiss hydraulic doors for containers are selling like wildfire - 20

Schweiss hydraulic show container

It’s new and the hottest door on the market! It’s what everybody was asking for. Schweiss Doors fulfilled another sought after need for commercial, industrial and even residential use of containers.

A container with Schweiss hydraulic doors on it can open up entire sidewalls or endwalls for easy access giving the user complete access to load or unload whatever they want at any location within the container in a fraction of the time it would normally take.


Don’t believe everything you hear about their hydraulic doors - 19

Hydraulic hangar doors

Any manufacturer can tell you what you want to hear about their hydraulic door and how good it is.

When it comes to investing in a hydraulic door, whether it be for tough agricultural or industrial use or even for something as decorative and functional as a designer door for your residence or commercial use, you don’t want to try and save a few dollars on a cheaply made product that could cost you big bucks in the future.


Hydraulic doors for car, RV and bike garages - 18

Hydraulic doors for motorcycles and bikes

Schweiss Doors is well known for its big agricultural and aircraft hydraulic doors. But we also specialize in hydraulic one piece garage doors.

Thousands of these hydraulic doors are being used on residential garages and garages for RV’s, motorcycles, buses and bikes. If it needs to be parked in a garage, you’ll more than likely see a Schweiss hydraulic garage door in operation.


Bigger equipment sparked a need for bigger doors - 17

Big hydraulic hangar doors for big aircraft

Large expensive farm and ranch machinery and aircraft all need a safe place for storage when not in use. As present equipment has outgrown machine sheds or hangars new buildings have gone up and older buildings need hydraulic door retrofitting.


Hydraulic doors open an entire hangar endwall - 16

Hydraulic hangar doors

Airplanes are like farm equipment. Farmers have a tendency to purchase newer and bigger equipment, many pilots do the same. This often calls for a bigger, wider, taller hydraulic hangar door to open up your entire endwall.


Schweiss “brand name” door dependability - 15

Powerful hydraulic door performance

What’s the value in a brand name? A brand name product never lets you down because it’s been tried and tested. That’s what “Schweiss” brand name door recognition gives you, dependability and quality at its best.


Do your homework before deciding on a hydraulic door - 14

Hydraulic door frames

There are many factors you should consider before deciding on a hydraulic door. You’ll want to know the price, and you’ll need to decide that even if you may be paying a little more, is it worth it to know you’ll be getting a better hydraulic door for that extra money.


Hydraulic doors designed for special purposes - 13

Arizona stucco clad aircraft hydraulic hangar door

The clean sleek look of a first class Schweiss hydraulic one piece door is something to really appreciate, no matter if it is used as an agricultural machine shed door, industrial crane door or for something as simple as a pair of garage doors.


Hydraulic doors are a perfect fit for round buildings - 12

Two or more hydraulic doors on a round building

Customers ask us to retrofit their existing quonset, hoop or fabric round roof style buildings with a new hydraulic door to improve access to their building by taking advantage of the reliability and durability of our hydraulic doors.


The all-important pump moves your hydraulic door - 11

Schweiss 95 percent efficient hydraulic door pump

You wouldn’t send a boy to do a man’s job would you? That’s the thinking that goes into every Schweiss hydraulic motor and pump system to lift your hydraulic doors


Hydraulic doors are built with the best materials - 10

Strong hydraulic door framework, no wood, only steel

A big one piece hydraulic door is only as good as the materials that go into it and the door components that accompany it.


Building costs will be lower with hydraulic doors. - 9

Big hydraulic door for a big machine shed

You’ll never regret that you ordered a Schweiss hydraulic door, in fact you’ll probably give yourself a pat on the back for years to come for making this excellent choice in doors.


You can install your own hydraulic door - 8

Right equipment for installing a hydraulic door

A good percentage of our customers ordering Schweiss hydraulic doors for their hangars, industrial, residential, commercial and agricultural buildings prefer to do the installation themselves. This saves them money.


Schweiss hydraulic doors can improve buildings - 7

Hydraulic doors are versatile doors

Schweiss hydraulic doors are being used on all types of buildings across the country and abroad. Farmers and ranchers like big hydraulic doors for the ease it gives them to move their large equipment in and out of their machine sheds. Boat marinas use tall and wide hydraulic doors to store boats of all sizes and makes.


Schweiss military doors are built Marine tough - 6

Military bifold maintenance doors big enough for Army tanks

When it comes to the military, the government knows what it wants. Just like the strong and reliable forces that protect our country they want a military use door to be equally tough and able to stand up to the challenge. Therefore Schweiss tried and true hydraulic and bifold doors more than often stand up to their stringent requirements.


Schweiss liftstrap doors are taking command of the bifold door business - 5

The Schweiss bifold liftstrap / autlatch door is the best selling bifold door on the market.

Bifold doors have always been an industry standard for any type building. For many years they were only available with a cable lift design, but Schweiss Doors revolutionized the bifold door industry with the advent of its patented liftstrap and autolatch design.


Schweiss restaurant doors have become the rage - 4

Las Vegas Irish Pub

From China to Las Vegas, London and beyond, Schweiss restaurant and concession doors have become the rage and have added a touch of class and additional function to new and revamped dining establishments to draw in more customers.


Schweiss Designer doors dress up buildings worldwide - 3

Under Armour corporate hydraulic designer door

Schweiss Doors is the world’s top resource for specialty-use designer doors. If you are looking for a large or small attractive and totally functional door for any type structure, we can custom build it anyway you desire. Specialized doors come in a wide array of designs and styles with many convenient features.


Aircraft hangar owners look to Schweiss doors - 2

Costa Rica Ultralite Quonset hangar door

A large variety of airplane and helicopter hangar doors are built by Schweiss Doors for shipment throughout the world. Aircraft hangars and doors come in many sizes; very large hangar doors for use on big corporate jet aircraft and military blastproof hangar doors, down to small and medium size hangar doors for everyday pleasure planes, floatplanes, seaplanes and ultralight aircraft.


Farmers and ranchers are using Schweiss doors - 1

Large implement Bifold doors

Farmers and ranchers with new or existing buildings are choosing Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors for their big machine sheds, cattle barns and farm shops. Large farm machinery such as tractors, combines and semi’s require a large door with no loss of headroom.


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