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Schweiss Hinge Advantage - makes the door Schweiss Engineering letter


•   Wrap around top hinge sub-assembly is welded directly to the header tube.

•   Schweiss doorframes are designed with double push tubes that tie directly into the bottom half of
the wrap-around hinge assembly

•   Forces of hydraulic cylinders are evenly distributed to the doorframe and transfered to the
wrap-around hinge assembly.

Schweiss cylinders are stronger Schweiss hinges with removable hinge pin

Schweiss doorframes are designed
with double push tubes that tie directly
into the bottom half of the wrap-around
hinge assembly.

Stronger Hinge Assembly from Schweiss
More hinge attachment points
that weld to the header tube.
Wider and larger hinge assembly makes for a
stronger, better connection to the header tube,
spreading out the forces of the hydraulic door.

Schweiss Doorframes

•   Schweiss doorframes are designed with double push tubes that are tied directly into the wrap-around hinge assembly and connect each vertical push tube directly to the header tube.

•   The advantage of double push tubes is that forces of hydraulic cylinders are evenly distributed to the doorframe and the wrap-around hinges, making it a stronger design.

More Hinge Surface Area on Schweiss Hinges

Better Hinge Connection

•   Bottom half of the hinges ties into the
vertical door frame.

•   Solid welded connection.

•   More hinge surface area that connects
to the door frame makes for a stronger

•   Easy to grease hinges, longer life.

Schweiss Doors with wrap-around hinge

Schweiss Hydraulic Hinges
Provide Extra Support

"There have been hydraulic doors with hinge welds
that failed, literally tearing off from the doorframe
and destroying the door," Schweiss says. "Our
design team provided a durable wrap-around
hinge with grease fittings that are
accessible without removing
the top rubber seal."
Schweiss hydraulic cylinders exerts
a direct force on the doorframe
and hinges as the door opens
and closes. It's important to have
robust hinges to withstand all the
cylinder forces as the door opens
and closes...

The robust hinges on the
door are as important as the
doorframe itself.

The door weight and hydraulic
forces pull down on hinge when
door is opening

•   Wrap-around hinges weld to the header tube

•   Welded wrap-around hinges add additional strength
to the original header tube

•   Schweiss DOES NOT cut holes into the header tube

Another Style ( Not the Schweiss Way... )

SOME ARE USING THIS STYLE ( Not the Schweiss Way... )

•   This style has holes cut into the main structural header tube.

•   The "blade" inserts into the header tube and is welded in place.

Other Hydraulic Hinge with holes cut
Header Tube welded to Hydraulic Hinge
Hydraulic Hinge welded to doorframe

Stronger Hinges Make a Stronger Door!

Our Customers understand the benefits
of the Schweiss Hinge Design!

•   "Once I saw the robust hydraulic hinge design,
I was sold on the Schweiss door."

•   "It's a great product, a great quality door hinge."

•   "There's no hydraulic door hinge out there that is as
high quality as a Schweiss door hinge."

•   "I like the simplicity and strength of the Schweiss
hydraulic door hinge, it's very strong."

•   "I like the concept of Schweiss doors. I like the strong
hinge design,
heavy-duty cylinders, pump unit, and it
was all pre-wired."

•   "Schweiss has been in the business a long time and has
the door hinge figured it out.
I like dealing with someone
with a reputation, it comes back to you in support later."

•   "The thing about Schweiss is everything is overbuilt, I've
looked at other doors hinges and there is just a night
and day difference.
I've been real happy with this door;
it's been a great door that should last forever."

•   "The thing that attracted me to Schweiss doors, I really
liked the heavy-duty hinges,
spherical bearings and
grease fittings on the hydraulic doors."

•   "We chose a hydraulic door because of its strength and
simplicity. The Schweiss hydraulic door is well built,
functionally fantastic and works well. The heavy-duty
construction of the hinges,
and the quality steel used
in framing of the door, is apparent."

•   "My friend told me Schweiss was the only way to go, so
I didn't look at any other door companies when it came
to choosing a hangar door. It's a beautiful door. The
people at Schweiss were very helpful and very good to
deal with."

•   "I live in an airport community with 125 homes where
the majority of doors here are Schweiss Doors. All my
airport buddies, who are mostly retired airline pilots,
can't believe how strong my hydraulic door is. Many of
them bought from another company that went out of
business and screwed many people. I had about six
guys here looking at my door and they said, either our
doors are made cheap, or your door is overkill. They
never saw anything so beefy in all their lives. The door
was well worth it. It gets windy here, but when this
door is closed it isn't going anywhere."

Schweiss Hinge Design benefits the customer

•   "They are really a solid door hinges. The doors
are built in their own frame and don't affect the
structure or integrity of the building. The doors
also look nice on the building."

•   "I was impressed with the engineering design
and the workmanship.The 'stoutness' of the
door hinges was significant to my engineering
I push the button and they see this huge
door quietly open. This door is pretty much the
showpiece of the building."

•   "I've seen a lot of other doors and I don't think
you'll find a stronger door in the industry."

Schweiss hinges are designed to handle the weight of
the door and the forces of the hydraulic cylinders as the
door is opening and closing.

The Schweiss Hydraulic Door Advantages

•   Wrap around hinges provide more surface contact with the header tube for additional strngth.

•   The hydraulic cylinders connect to the double push tubes on the doorframe which distribute forces
directly into the top hinge assembly, making for a stronger hinge connection to the door as it is opening
and closing.

•   The forces from hydraulic cylinders that raise and lower the door are transfered directly to the wrap
around hinges by means of the double push tubes, adding superior strength to the doorframe and

benefit of a stronger hinge!
Schweiss Hinges are built to last...

Schweiss - The Hydraulic Door Leader
The Hydraulic Door Leader!