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A Fun Stay For The Entire Family - Lake Geneva, Ohio

The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake is a four-season star among vacation destinations on the southern shore of Lake Erie, near Geneva State Park in Ohio. The designer glass hydraulic door that connecting the indoor pool to an outdoor pool deck accents what is already a perfect location for family fun, meetings, lakefront weddings, celebrations and much more.

Poolhouse Hydraulic Door from Schweiss Schweiss One-Piece Door on poolhouse in Ohio Ohio poolhouse gets Schweiss hydraulic door

All Glass Door With A Beautiful View! - Mount Holly, NC

Jeff LeVie of Mount Holly, NC was planning on installing a Schweiss bifold door on his garage but decided he liked the look of the Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door even better. He decided to cover the 25' x 14' door with polycarbonate windows to highlight the great view outside. "I was sitting in the garage looking out the hydraulic door (with no cladding on it) and thinking 'This is a great view, maybe I should try to preserve that.'"

Schweiss RV glass designer door in North Carolina Schweiss RV designer door clad in glass

Crew Dragon Resilience Spacecraft Wheeled Out For Launch

One of the largest doors manufactured by Schweiss Doors is a 69-foot tall and 90-feet wide bifold liftstrap hangar door engineered for a rocket hangar at Cape Canaveral. That door was recently opened to wheel out the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft. Resilience was launched into orbit and docked at the International Space Station with four astronauts aboard. Resilience returned to Earth at the end of the Crew-1 mission on May 2, 2021 and was refurbished for its next launch on September 2021.

Schweiss Rocket Hangar Doors in Cape Canaveral Schweiss Door open for Rocket in Cape Canaveral

Bifold Garage Door Hidden Under Matching Siding - Houston, TX

Wayne Braun, now retired in Houston, Texas, is more than satisfied with his 21' x 10' Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. "The door is hidden under the siding, matching the rest of the house. the door is designed as a 'flush overlay door' and gives very few clues as to its existence and how the door might work," noted Braun. "The way the door is designed gives it the capacity to carry the weight of the siding on the face of it without me having to do anything else special to it."

Schweiss Hidden Garage door in Houston, TX Schweiss bifold garage door in Texas  Schweiss Bifold Hidden Garage door in Houston, TX

Sounds Like Something Out Of A James Bond 007 Movie -

Spy Hop digital media arts group in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a student learning center that works with about 100 kids at a time and sees upwards of 18,000 kids a year.

The event stage at the top of the building, appropriately called "The Rooftop" has a Schweiss bifold door that opens the whole indoor space to the patio performance area outside . . . as well as a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

Rooftop Bifold Door Rooftop bifold door on performance area Rooftop Bifold Door

Schweiss Designer doors open chic restaurant - West Palm Beach, FL

PLANTA, a brand-new 100 percent plant-based vegan high scale restaurant located in West Palm Beach, Florida opened this Spring. Known for its chic and sophisticated interiors, the eatery offers an elevated dining experience with an innovative 100-percent plant-based menu. With seating for 200, it now has three Schweiss bifold glass designer doors that open to additional outdoor seating of 50 customers. It is also the very first outdoor bar using a Schweiss bar top outside serving window.

Two of the restaurant doors are 8.10 ft. x 11.5 ft., the largest is 11.2 ft. x 8 ft. and the smallest in width is 5.10 ft. with a clear opening of 8.11 ft. Each door is equipped with manual latch systems and all four control panels are wall-mounted at one location.

Three Schweiss bifold glass designer doors adds additional seating of 50 customers Elevated dining experience gets Schweiss bifold liftstrap door Three Schweiss doors with Schweiss bar top outside serving window

Cool Custom Bar/Garage Bifold Door - Santa Cruz, CA

The owner of this cool bar/garage found another use for a Schweiss bifold door. The aluminum frame patio bifold door in Santa Cruz, California is equipped with an automatic latching system and has exterior keyed for easy opening. The cool looking strap door was clad in the same wood siding as the rest of the garage.

Schweiss aluminum door clad with the same wood as rest of bar/garage Schweiss Door has exterior keyed for easy opening

Ornate bifold designer doors add the finishing touch - Seattle, WA

The newest Solis Luxury Apartment complex in Seattle is the largest Passive House Certified multi-family building in all of Washington. The 45-unit complex has two ornate 12.10 ft. x 15.7 ft. Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors at the ground floor entrance leading into some shops within. The Passive House standards have better air and temperature control that is fresh filtered 12 times a day.

Luxury Apartment with Schweiss Bifold Doors Passive House Certified Complex installed Schweiss Doors Schweiss doors clad in ornate metal opens entrance

Louisiana Car Club Door - Lafayette, LA

Frank Bacque of Lafayette, Louisiana is an avid car enthusiast. He and his 75-member car club gathered one evening to do what car club's do and to admire his new 17 ft. x 7 ft. Schweiss hydraulic garage door.

He chose the hydraulic door because he needed as much headroom as possible in order to install a car lift within one of his 12 car bays.

Schweiss Hydraulic door opens up car bays Schweiss One-Piece door was choose in order to install a car lift

Unique Overlapping Bifold Door - Boston, MA

The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston used a unique Schweiss bifold designer doors for their new Watershed building along Boston Harbor. The overlapped panel extends the canopy effect of the upward acting doors creating a distinctive entry and additional shading. The translucent polycarbonate cladding also gives the doors an attractive glow in the evening.

"From the beginning of the project, we had imagined using these walls and the large doors as a big inviting sign to draw visitors to the space," said Michael Taubenberger, Chief Operating Officer for ICA.

Translucent cladding allows Bifold door to glow during night Unique overlapping liftstrap door Overlapping door extends outward canopy of liftstrap door

How far is too Far to sell Schweiss Doors? - Dubai, UAE

Nothings to far! On the other side of the globe, Schweiss recently delivered three bifold doors to Dubai! The Doors were installed on a luxurious new KAT Residential Villa complex in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Another project was sent to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the Zayed Port as part of warehouse remodel. The Doors were loaded unto shipping containers that made their way to a New York port, then off to the middle east. All doors were purchased and installed by Techtrade Doors Trading, LLC.

Dubai, UAE villa has Schweiss door installed Schweiss Doors were shipped to Middle East and installed Warehouse remodel in Saudi Arabia include Schweiss Bifold door

The Hangar at 743 is home of the Warbird Factory - Latham, NY

David Prescott, CEO of The Hangar at 743 and home to the Warbird Factory in Latham, NY is passionate about preserving WWII aircraft. The hangar which also transforms into a large reception hall offers guests a close-up look at iconic warbirds like the B-25 Bomber, F4U Corsair, T-6 Texan trainers, Japanese Zero and more. His 80 ft. x 80 ft. hangar has a Schweiss 60 ft. x 20 ft. hydraulic door.

Hangar743 in Latham NY use hangar door for events Schweiss door secures preserved WWII aircraft Schweiss 60 x 20 ft hydraulic door

CA Emergency Ops Center Hydraulic Door - Martinez, CA

The new Public Safety Building & Emergency Operations Center in Martinez, California has two 23 ft. x 14 ft. hydraulic glass designer doors. Sheriff's Administration and Emergency Services are located in this LEED Gold certified building.

Schweiss Hydraulic Glass Designer Door LEED Gold Certified building with Schweiss Door in California CA Emergency Ops Center with Hydraulic Door

Colorful Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Door - Boulder, CO

There's no hiding this 37'x10' Schweiss engineered hydraulic designer door that was recently installed in an extensive Boulder, Colorado commercial remodel project. The radiant multi-colored glass exterior cladding on it certainly gives it a one-of-a-kind standout appearance.

Commercial remodel project installs One-Piece Door 37x10 Schweiss Engineered hydraulic designer door Radiant multi-colored glass door in Colorado One-of-a-kind Schweiss door in Boulder, CO

Bifold Designer Doors at Pharmaceutical Company - San Francisco, CA

Three beautiful glass designer bifold doors were recently installed on Genentech Pharmaceuticals newest building in San Francisco, CA. The doors are in the cafe area so they can open them up and have outside dining. "The install was easy; everything went in fine." said Jeff Garmeson, the Senior Project Manager.

Beautiful Glass Designer Door on Genentech Pharmaceuticals building Cafe area uses Schweiss Door to open outside dining in San Francisco, CA Bifold Designer Doors at Pharmaceutical Company in California

Schweiss Doors - Hidden Hangar Door

This customer wanted a large porch and walk-through door on the front of their hangar house but didn't want to lose the functionality of their hangar. As always, the ingenuity of Schweiss pulled through and delivered. With the push of a button, a seemingly simple and charming front porch turns into a fully functional hydraulic door! To see more of what Schweiss Doors has to offer you or your business.

Porch is also a hidden hangar door One-Piece door also has walk-through door on hangar

Beautiful Seaplane Base In Alaska - Anchorage, AK

Jim St. George has a very impressive hangar located at the Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage, Alaska. The hangar has two hydraulic doors; 65' x 18.7' and 40' x 18.7' and one bifold 40' x 18' that was converted to liftstraps. The radiant heat hangar has LED lighting and all three bays within the 14,000 sq. ft. hangar are accessible to a 5-ton or 1-ton overhead crane. Uniquely designed tilted "L" shaped windows add natural light and give a distinct look of the hangar. Hangared inside is Jim's 180 Cessna equipped with floats and ski's for all year-round use. The other two hangar bays are leased out to other pilots.

Seaplane base with 3 Schweiss Doors Schweiss One-Piece Hangar Door in AK Schweiss hangar door opens to let out seaplane

Bar Pod Hydraulic Window/Canopy - Las Vegas, NV

Nine Fine Irishmen is a Las Vegas south-side strip-located pub of epic proportions located just across from the MGM Grand Casino. The year-round outdoor patio and bar kiosk with a spectacular 360 degree view of the Las Vegas Strip opens up outside to the public with four Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Doors that provide shade to the area around the bar and when closed, they provide a tight seal and security to the contents inside.

Four Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Doors open bar kiosk to Las Vegas strip When Closed the Schweiss Designer Doors seal tight and secure content within

The Bobby Hotel Rooftop Lounge Bus - Nashville, TN

The Bobby Hotel 1956 bus conversion in Downtown Nashville included Schweiss hydraulic doors that open the side and rear of the bus making it convenient to serve rooftop customers in the bar / lounge area.

Bobby Hotel add Schweiss Doors to rooftop lounge Schweiss One-Piece doors makes serving rooftop guests convenient Hydraulic door on side and rear of bus adds atmosphere to bar area

Community College Glass door - Omaha, NE

Beautiful bifold glass designer door opens to the two-story high main building at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska. the glass bifold door matches the rest of the building when closed and opens to allow large equipment in.

Beautiful bifold glass designer door opens two-story building in Omaha, NE Metropolitan Community College matches cladding of Schweiss Door to the rest of the building Large Designer Bifold Door from Schweiss

Weiner Neustadt Airport Hangar - Vienna, Austria

Robert Kudrna, CEO of KAT.AT, a building contracting company erected new rental hangars at the Weiner Neustadt Airport near Vienna, Austria using five Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors ranging in width from 63.5' to 43.4' with heights up to 23.8'. Kudrna toured the Schweiss factory with Dave Schweiss while his doors were still in production.

Building contracting company installs Aircraft doors Five Schweiss liftstrap doors installed on rental hangars near Vienna, Austria Schweiss Aircraft Hangar Door

U of Illinois Stadium Performance Center

The Memorial Stadium Performance Center at University of Illinois just got three new Schweiss glass-clad designer doors. The doors act as the entry point for their second floor offices, meeting rooms, coaches lockers, lounge, and main auditorium. The doors lead outside to a patio with its own mini golf corse. The largest door is a 22' x 11' bifold liftstrap doors with two more 10' x 11' doors on either side.

Schweiss doors connect patio and indoors at Performance Center Schweiss designer doors clad in glass Bifold Doors on U of Illinois Stadium Performance Center

Vikings Practice Facility Goes With Schweiss Doors - Eagan, MN

The new Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center and Vikings football practice facility has two 20' x 14' Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors in the weight room. These doors lead out to four outdoor practice fields. The weight room spans over 6,100 sq. ft. With scores of racks, weights and other conditioning machines. The campus sits on about 35 acres just south of Interstate 494 in Eagan.

Vikings Practice Facility installs Schweiss Doors Two Schweiss Designer Doors in Minnesota Two Schweiss Doors in Vikings weight room

Glass Door allows Fresh Air into the Living Room - Venice Beach, CA

The modernistic rental home, located just blocks away from the Venice Beach Boardwalk and Marina Del Rey CA, is available for $11,000/month. This 2-bedroom split level home offers 1,530 sq. ft. with a glass-clad 14' x 11' Schweiss Window Wall that opens one whole side of the house up to the beautiful California sunshine.

Schweiss Glass One-Piece Door lets fresh Air into living room Modernistic rental home with Schweiss Hydraulic door Schweiss Window Wall opens whole side of

Big Indoor Bifold At New York's Newest Italian Restaurant

One of Brooklyn, New York's newest restaurants specializing in Italian food is 76 Ainslie. The restaurant has a Schweiss 31' x 14' bifold liftstrap door clad in glass that opens to an outdoor backyard patio with trees.

Schweiss Patio Glass Designer Doors Schweiss Door opens restaurant to outdoor seating

Unique Moving Wall / Door! - Massapequa Park, NY

The Massapequa Park Water District's newest building has a unique "moving wall" at its front. The 38' x 13' wall with two large windows and a false front walk door weighs 10,457 lbs. and is lifted by Schweiss heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders.

Moving Wall Door from Schweiss Moving Wall with with finished interior Wall with false front walk door

Ireland Helicopter Hangar! - Belfast Port, Ireland

Brendan McDermott, owner of Tyron Fabrication in installed a 30' wide x 12' bifold door on his helicpter hangar! The door features the new Schweiss "Strap Latch" to lock the door in tight.

Schweiss Helicopter Hangar Door Schweiss Hangar Door with lined interior Schweiss Aircraft Door with latch strap

Now You See It - Now You Don't - Mooresville, NC

All-around handyman Dennis Scearce - nicknamed "Odd Job Johnny" - needed a door for his new garage in Mooresville, NC. He didn't want it to look like a typical garage door, in fact he didn't want the door to be seen at all when closed. He decided on a Schweiss 25' x 9' hydraulic door. "Everybody that comes by gets faked out. All the neighbors think it's just unbelievable..." said Scearce.

Now you See It, Now you Don't Door Schweiss Door disguised as wall in Mooresville, NC

Bifold Shop Doors at BPA Maintenance Facility - Portland, Oregon

The JD Ross Maintenance headquarters facility near Portland, Oregon is Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA) base for transmission line maintenance crews and engineers. The 11 Schweiss liftstrap drive-thru doors met their Net Zero Energy criteria.

Schweiss Designer Bifold Doors 11 Schweiss Designer liftstrap doors Drive-thru Schweiss doors meet Net Zero Energy criteria

Amazing California Garage Doors! - Los Altos, CA

This beautiful double garage in Los Altos, California has two Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors. The 11' x 7.5' wood clad doors are equipped with automatic latches and photo eye sensors.

Two Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors clad in wood 11' by 7.5 Schweiss doors with auto latches

Unusual Door Installation - Rooftop - Los Angeles, CA

Six 24' wide x 15' tall rooftop bifold doors were mounted on this building in Los Angeles, CA. The doors allow fresh air and natural lighting into the building structure. Two more normal fitted doors were installed on the sidewall of the building structure.

Skylight Bifold Schweiss Doors Rooftop Liftstrap Doors Schweiss Rooftop door lets in fresh air and natural light

Donna B's Texas Home -

This new Texas panhandle home has two Schweiss designer bifold doors on its basement party room and another on their garage/barn. The doors are 30' x 10' and 20' x 9' and are equipped with photo eye sensors and remote opening systems.

Two Schweiss designer bifold doors Party Room One-Piece Hydraulic Door Schweiss garage/barn Designer Door

Mercedes-Benz Glass Door - St. Louis, MO

Mercedes-Benz in St. Louis, MO uses a Schweiss glass designer door measuring 23' x 9' for easy in and out access to the car dealership showroom.

Schweiss Designer Doors on Mercedes-Benz Dealership Schweiss Glass Designer Door 23' by 9' Schweiss door give easy access to showroom

Additional Photos from the Los Altos Luxury Home - Los Altos, CA

Customer shared more photos of their awe-inspiring Los Altos, CA luxury home with the 36' x 23' hydraulic glass door open to enjoy the view from the outside deck or from the unique elevated dining area above the indoor pool.

Silicon Valley Hydraulic Doors Schweiss One-Piece Door Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Door

Custom House Glass Door - Santa Monica, CA

House that opens on the side to enjoy the outdoors while sitting in the living room. This beautiful Santa Monica custom home built by Los Angeles Construction opens up the second story home to outside right next to the trees.

Schweiss Glass Designer Door lets in fresh air Schweiss Glass Window Wall Schweiss Top Drive Window Wall/Door

Katz Family Pavilion - Irvine, CA

These four 22' x 22' strap bifold doors were ordered for the Katz family pavilion in Irvine, CA. The glass bifold doors open up to the beautiful Shalom Garden just outside and allow the California sun to shine into the building.

Bifold Glass Designer Doors from Schweiss Glass Liftstrap Designer Schweiss Doors

Surf Club Security Gates - Surfside, FL

The Surf Club in Surfside, FL used fancy metal clad doors as security gates for their parking garage. Perfection Architectural out of Florida installed the five Strap-Lift Doors. There are many ways to uniquely clad bifold doors to add style to your new construction project.

Security liftstrap doors on Surf Club Schweiss Bifold Security Doors Schweiss Security Architectural Door

Radiation-Shielded Bifold Door for Industrial X-Rays - Rogers, MN

North Star Imaging, Inc., a Rogers, Minnesota manufacturer of industrial x-ray systems came to Schweiss for a 40' wide, lead-lined door that would be put on a large booth used for x-ray inspections of long metal component products to find minute imperfections in the metal or welds

Radiation-Shielded Bifold Door Schweiss Industrial X-Rays Doors

Fermilab Bifold Door - Batavia, IL

The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Batavia, Illinois recently completed a $8.3 million building expansion that included a 21' x 24' Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. The door is clad with glass on the bottom quarter and Kalwall covering the top three-quarters to identically match the exterior of the building.

Bifold Doors on Fermilab research building Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap Doors Large Schweiss Bifold Doors

Bentley / Jaguar Garage - The Woodlands, TX

This customer in The Woodlands, Texas wanted to make a safe haven for his expensive vehicles. The cladding on the bifold door was made to match perfectly with the rest of the siding making it very stylish as well as providing security and safety from the elements.

Jaguar/Bentley Schweiss Garage Doors Closed Schweiss Garage Door Schweiss Industrial Garage Door

Blue Polycarbonate Bifold Door - North Plains, OR

Unique looking hangar door in North Plains, Oregon, is clad with a special light weight blue polycarbonate cladding that allows light to shine through and brighten up the interior. Door size is a 38' x 9. 8' with Schweiss liftstraps

Schweiss liftstrap door clad in blue polycarbonate Schweiss hangar with blue cladding Schweiss bifold liftstrap door in Oregon

Hot Looking Plane & Hangar - Boerne, TX

Jesse from Texas is proud of his 48.7 x 12.1' Schweiss hanger home door that was delivered to the Boerne, Texas. He said "I got the best door on the market 15% below a competitors price."

Schweiss Bifold Hangar door Schweiss hangar home door with red frame Schweiss Hangar Home Door in Texas

Concession Stands Fitted with Bifold Doors - Boerne, TX

A total of 13 concession stands were outfitted with Schweiss lift-strap bifold doors to be used at amphitheaters in LA and all over the US. The custom-made doors were installed by Raven Productions to provide a convenient and secure point of sale for vendors like Budweiser and many others.

Concession stand with bifold liftstrap doors Schweiss bifold container doors

Texas Music Factory Installs Seven Bifolds - Irving, TX

The brand spankin' new Texas Music Factory in Irving, Texas did more than just open their doors - they opened seven Schweiss 36' bifold liftstrap doors at their music pavilion. The live music venue holds more than 8,000 concert fans.

Music Venue with Schweiss Bifold Doors Schweiss Bifold Doors on Music Factory Schweiss door open venue to outdoor seating

Unique Cladding used on Garage Doors - Amhearst, MA

The University of Massachusetts installed unique aluminum cladding on their Schweiss door on its campus at Amhearst. The slick look sets this door appart from the average bifold garage door.

Metal-clad Schweiss Bifold Door in Massachusetts Schweiss Bifold Door at University in Massachusetts

Beautiful Mountain Art Studio - Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

Nestled in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is this art studio and family gathering retreat. The building has two glass Schweiss bifold strap designer doors that are 23' wide X 15' high. The doors have electric photo eye sensors and door base safety edges and operate from a control station 60' away.

Large Schweiss Designer Doors on North Carolina Art Studio Schweiss Glass Designer Doors Glass Designer Doors on Art Studio

Famous Restaurant in Atlanta, GA

The Cafe Intermezzo in Atlanta, GA used 3 14.5' x 8' bifold doors to make their business stand out. The bifold door storefront opens to create an outside dinning area in the summer. The Bifolds also create an awing when fully open to shield diners from sun and rain.

Schweiss bifold doors provides awning for guests at Cafe Intermezzo Schweiss glass designer doors at famous restaurant Schweiss glass designer doors

Yankees Stadium Doors - New York City, NY

Schweiss Doors recently installed five custom-made bifold liftstrap concession area doors for Yankee Stadium, the home of New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. The largest door is 27'5" x 11'4," the other four doors are nearly identical, including two 23'4" x 9'2" doors and two 21'10" x 9'2" doors. The bifold doors are "heavy duty, very solid, and functional," and a focal part of the 2017 offseason family-friendly enhancements to the prestigious baseball team's stadium.

Yankee Stadium Bifold Doors Schweiss concession stand bifold doors Concession area doors on prestigious Major League Stadium

RV Bifold Garage Door Sidesteps Zoning Restrictions - North Oaks, MN

To meet North Oaks, MN residential zoning restrictions requiring garage doors not exceed certain heights, Jay Hare found a solution with Schweiss Doors. The finished door is 12' x 16' strap bifold door that opens to 14' but gives the appearance of a door half that size.

Hidden RV garage door is from Schweiss Schweiss Designer RV garage door Schweiss RV Designer Door is hidden when closed

Blue Bottle Coffee Company - San Francisco, CA

The Blue Bottle Coffee Company business in San Francisco's Hayes Valley ordered two custom-made Schweiss bifold doors for their busy kiosk. The two doors measure roughly 11.5' x 9' and are equipped with electric photo eye sensors, auto latches, remote opening and emergency backup systems.

Bifold Designer doors open up Blue Bottle Coffe Company's storefront

Former Airline Pilot Chooses Schweiss Doors For His Home

Gene Buboltz of Cold Spring, Minn. chose Schweiss Doors to install a small hydraulic door on his lakehome to give him easy access for a place to drive his ATV in and to store jet skis and other equipment into the lower level of his home. As time progressed he turned this basement room into a rec. room and a place to store his flying memorabilia.

Schweiss “One-Piece” door on basement

AIA Atlanta Bifold Door - Atlanta, GA

@TheAmericanInstituteofArchitects went with a Bifold Door for their new office headquarters in downtown Atlanta Georgia. The bifold door fit the room perfectly and also met the Designer's precise Requirements for a "flexible space."

Schweiss bifold door in Atlanta Headquarters Schweiss bifold door mets requirements for Schweiss designer doors Atlanta office

New Kings Stadium - Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento Kings Stadium in downtown Sacramento, Calif. is featured in this article by Popular Mechanics highlighting the huge Schweiss-engineered bifold doors on it. Check it out!

Schweiss engineered doors on California Stadium Schweiss Bifold Glass Designer Doors on Kings Stadium Schweiss Designer Door lets air into large Sacramento Stadium

Door at Pike Motorworks Apartment Provides Security - Seattle, WA

Decorative steel exterior on face of the bifold door that blends in very nicely with the apartment exterior! There's many uses for Schweiss doors. Share your ideas with us . . . we can make it happen!

Schweiss Bifold Apartment Designer Doors Schweiss Designer Door clad in ornate metal Schweiss Designer door on Seattle, WA apartment Schweiss Designer Door with Top Drive Motors in Seattle

Sam's Tavern in Seattle, WA - Hydraulic Canopy

Sam's Tavern used two Schweiss "One-Piece" hydraulic doors to create an awning over it's outdoor patio dining area and giving the restaruant an open feeling!

Sam's Tavern in Seattle gets Schweiss Hydraulic Doors Schweiss “One-Piece” Deisgner Glass Doors at Seattle Bar

Superba California Restaurant - El Segundo, CA

Superba Food & Bread in El Segundo, CA opens its business each day with a Schweiss bifold glass designer door. The door is 14' wide x 9.8' tall and equipped with liftstraps and electric Photo Eye sensors.

Schweiss deisgner liftstrap doors lets in fresh air at California Restaurant Schweiss designer bifold door at Industrial Chic Restaurant Schweiss Designer Glass bifold door at California Restaurant

Log Cabin fitted with a Hydraulic Garage Door - Bend, OR

This cedar clad 15' x 6' Schweiss Hydraulic Door adds a beautiful and functional finishing touch to this log cabin in Bend, Oregon.

Cedar clad Hydraulic Door at log cabin in Bend, OR Schweiss Designer Door clad in cedar on Oregon cabin Schweiss “One-Piece” designer Cabin Door

New Glass Hydraulic Garage Door

Here's a 18' x 8' glass Hydraulic Garage Door at a very happy customers home in Pennsylvania! "Everyone who walks by the garage asks about the door. It makes the building stand out. Especially when it is fully open."

Schweiss Glass Designer Door on Pennsylvania home stands out

Southern CA Institute of Architecture Uses Bifold Doors

The building design of SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, California included two Schweiss bifold/liftstrap glass designer doors. The doors are 19' 1" x 9' wide and 16' 1" x 8.6' wide. Each door is equipped with auto-latches, and electric photo eye sensors. One of the glass doors is at the entrance connecting to the new building and the existing shop. Directly over the top of that door they used the second bifold door as a skylight that can be opened up for natural light and occasional ventilation purposes. Special engineering was required in order to have the pitch of the door at a greater slope of 1/2" per foot to match the roof line.

Souther CA Institute of Architecture Bifold Doors Schweiss door stands out at night

Fagen WWII Museum - Granite Falls, MN

Ron Fagen's new WWII Museum in Granite Falls, MN. draws crowds from all over the USA for huge air shows and live entertainment. It's nice to have a great show right in our backyard for the aviation enthusiast and general public take part in! Schweiss provided the strap lift bifold door on the main museum structure weighing 32,000 lbs., it's built strong enough to withstand 190 mph winds.

Schweiss Designer Hangar Doors Schweiss Bifold Aircraft doors at Minnesota Airshow Large Schweiss Bifold airplane door in Granite Falls, MN

Hydraulic Skylight Designer Doors - Washington D.C.

Here is great example of what is possible with Schweiss Designer Doors. This nightclub building in Washington D.C has two custom-made 32' 6.5" x 12' hydraulic glass skylight doors on its roof. There is also a 26' 4" x 8' 10" bifold lift-strap ground level door on the building.

Unique Skylight Doors on nightclub in Washington D.C.

Army Tanks rolling out 146 Bifold Doors - Fort Carson, CO

Fort Carson in Colorado ordered 146 Schweiss Bifold doors for their numerous storage and maintenance buildings on site. The doors needed enough strength to hold the translucent paneling meant to withstand the 'blast load' criteria, which have bigger load requirements than a typical door.

U.S. army ordered 146 Schweiss bifold doors Army Tanks roll through Schweiss Bifold Doors

Hospital Bifold Door

Large hospital uses a bifold on their parking ramp to provide security and reliability as well as the unique style of a custom made Liftstrap Bifold Doors from Schweiss.

Hospital Bifold Door Schweis Bifold Door on Hospital Parking Garage

MPLS Glass Bifold Door - Minneapolis, MN

This Bifold door in downtown Minneapolis, MN shows the versatility of the bifold door frame design. Any cladding material can be attached to the door to meet any design needs.

MPLS Glass Bifold Door Glass Designer Door Downtown Minneapolis Top Drive Designer door in Twin Cities

Old Navy Mall Entrance Designer Door - Dallas, TX

Located at a mall in Dallas, Texas is a 15' wide by 11' tall custom-designed door made exclusively for Old Navy retail stores. These doors allow Old Navy storefronts in malls to stand out as modern designs rather than the typical mall security doors.

Old Navy Mall Entrance Door Custom-designed Schweiss door for mall Storefront

Metal Shutter House - Manhattan, NY

Japanese architectural firm Shigeru Ban set out to create their new Metal Shutter House project in Manhattan using Schweiss Bifold Doors as "window-walls" that opened up to the New York City skyline. The custom-built designer doors fit seamlessly into the living space and give the owners the ability to change the feel of the room with the push of a button.

Schweiss Designer Doors on NYC apartments Schweiss Glass Designer Doors Schweiss Designer Apartment Doors Schweiss Designer Glass doors on NYC apartment

Designer Hydraulic Door Opens to the Patio Outside - Denver, CO

Schweiss listens and answers the challenge to design unique custom-made hydraulic doors. This glass clad designer hydraulic door in Denver, Colorado opens up to a large padio outside.

Schweiss Designer Hydraulic doors Schweiss Designer Patio Door Patio Designer Door in Denver, Colorado

Large Red Bifold Door

This Schweiss door makes a beautiful addition to this gray building. The bifold door was painted to match the window trim on the building. Schweiss doors can easily be clad to match any exterior sheeting.

Stunning Red Door on gray building Large Red door matches trim on windows