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Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing bifold doors. Very likely, more Bifold doors across America than any other manufacturer. Schweiss uses only experienced installers who are authorized representatives for both installation and maintenance. Upgrade Equipment and Accessories: Many upgrade features are offered by Schweiss Bifold Doors, and it is strongly recommended that upgrade features be used on every bifold door. Refer to the Bifold Safety Information & Operations Manual.


Customer satisfaction. Our Spec Sheets detail how your endwall should be prepared to withstand the extra weights and movements your Bifold Door puts on your building endwall.


All our doors are custom-made. We build each door to fit your clear opening without using up any existing headroom. There are no odd size doors.

SIZE OF DOOR Clear Open Width & Height

Hangar door with door in up position, shall have a minimum clear opening width of ( ? ) feet and a minimum clear height of ( ? ) above finished floor elevation.


Doors for this project will consist of ( ? ) bifold door(s).


Normal lead time is 3 to 5 weeks from the day the order is placed. Call factory for exact shipping dates.


We will work with your architects, contractors, and building suppliers to make sure the door you order will fit your clear opening and building. We will answer your questions and assist you with shop drawings to make sure that your bifold door will fit your new or existing building. Available are the door weights, loadings, hinge locations, specs, and fine details.


Approximately 2.5 pounds per square foot. Give us the exact size of your opening and we will verify the proper weight of your door.


Every Schweiss Bifold Door, is carefully prepared for painting. The doorframe members and parts are also finished with gray primer. Upon request, we will custom paint your door to match your building. We offer matching touch up paint to take care of any slight painting defects/nicks.

WARRANTY 2 Years on material and workmanship

*In addition to the warranty specified above, the door manufacturer shall warrant the original straps for a period of ten years, against defects in material.


The customer and the building manufacturer are responsible for ensuring that the building's structural design is capable of handling all the imposed loads that the bifold door exerts on your door header, endwall, and building. Your Bifold door exerts considerable horizontal loads on the building structure in the open position. We can provide you with information regarding the loads that are applied to your building and door.


Improperly designed bifold door headers can result in property damage, personal injury, or death.

Your building header design must meet standard deflection and strength criteria,
both in vertical and horizontal directions to support the bifold door in all positions.

Door Span Allowable Deflection

0' - 50'1"

50' - 70'1.5"

Over 70'2"

Schweiss Hydraulic & Bifold Doors

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When building our doors, we do not skimp on material! The doorframes are made out of heavy square tubing with a truss in the center and bottom of the door for extra strength. We have our doors engineered and designed so our metal is in the right places to give you a good, strong, clean door that will stand up and work for you! This super construction lets us offer you the best warranty in the business. We have four different models of bifold doors, each at a very competitive price.

Warranty - 2 years on Material and Workmanship.

  1. In addition to the specified warranty, the door manufacturer shall warrant the original lift straps for a period of 10 years against defects.

Freight, Delivery and Lead Time

  1. We ship anywhere; Best rates in the Industry!
  2. Schweiss delivers materials and products in manufacturer's labeled protective packages.
  3. We ship our doors on our own flatbed. We can ship common carrier.
  4. Overseas freight rates available. Call for freight rates.
  5. Normal lead time is 3 to 5 weeks from the day the order is placed. Call factory for exact shipping date.

Thank You

Thank you for this opportunity to provide you with specific information on the most durable, dependable bifold door in America. We say this because we will work with you, your building architects, your contractors, even your building supplier.

We'll Assist You - Why?

To make absolutely CERTAIN that the Schweiss door you order will fit your clear opening perfectly, and that it COMPLIMENTS your total building, we provide door weights, loading hinge locations, A1-A6 spec sheets, and virtually every fine detail needed for your decision. We also provide shop drawings to assure you that your door fits your new or existing building. We encourage your questions. Call 800-746-8273. Visit us at Bifold.com

Schweiss Bifold Doors reserves the right to change specifications without any requirement to change or modify past or existing doors. Copyrighted © 2014 Schweiss Bifold Doors. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any way without permission.

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