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I am interested in pricing on a Schweiss bi-fold door (12' x 40') and we need door delivery to Texas. Can this bi-fold door be hung by a novice or the local contractor of my choice? We know that Schweiss can provide a factory-trained crew that will install our new bi-fold door, but it seems you also offer step-by-step instructions, plus Schweiss has customer service reps available, should we have questions during the install procedure. We would like to save money with your do-it-yourself door installation option.


Hi, I'm in the middle of designing a new farm shed to store farm equipment and/or small, light aircraft. Schweiss Doors has come highly recommended by friends and associates in both the farming and aviation industries, so we would like Schweiss Doors to provide the high-quality bi-fold doors we need for our new property. We are looking to get a price for a bi-folding door that's approximately 31 ft. wide by 12.5 ft. high. I look forward to hearing from you.


We have a client of our door business with approximately 300 manual bi-fold doors in a shopping center environment that is looking for a product for improved safety similar to your lift strap system. The current door system is old and outdated.  She would really like something automatic, but this busy environment requires a high degree of bi-fold door safety, especially because there are often children present. Do you have a product that can be fitted to the existing doors that would either: a) act as a safety device and stop the door from falling in the event of a fault in the cable/counterweight system, and/or b) would enable the doors to be automated similar to your lift strap system? However, the system would need to be installed in the bulk head above the doors not on the door leaf. Please call me at any time if you believe you have a product that may help. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


I need to know the weight of a 60' x 20' bi-fold hangar door for our new private small aircraft hangar.  If you could email that information to me, that would be great. Thanks.


I was surfing the web and saw you just bought a fancy new show trailer.  Are you still selling helicopters out of it?  I'll never forget when I asked the guy who was working in the brand new trailer in 2008 or 2009 at the Iowa Farm and Power Show in Des Moines: "How much for a helicopter like that one, but with two more seats?" And he's like, "Man, I don't know. I just sell doors."  Then I said, "Sure looks like you sell helicopters to me."  It is a seriously cocky trailer.  However at an indoor show I bet they had to be there about 2 days early to get in and couldn't get out until a day after the show.  That part looked expensive.  Keep up the good work Schweiss!


Please send me a quote for your hydraulic and bi-fold doors.  This project bids at 11:00 a.m. on May 25th, 2011 so we would like to discuss our options before then. Also, will you let me know the weight of both the hydraulic doors and the bi-fold doors as soon as possible?  I need to get this information to my building manufacturer.  Thank you.


I have a customer that is interested in putting a 30' door on the end of an existing building. The building is post-frame construction, 40' wide and 14' tall. The customer would like to have the full 14' clearance. What I need from you are suggestions for which door (hydraulic or bifold), price and what I need to do to make the structure strong enough to hold the door. I heard Schweiss Doors offers a free-standing header - would that be an option for us? We would also like prices on additional options, like lift straps, auto latch, remote opening and closing and more.


We have a customer with 5 existing hanger doors. I think they are a combination of Hi-Fold and Bi-Fold doors. They would like to convert the lift cables to a strap. Do you have a conversion kit of some sort?


We have a bifold door that has a built-in walk door. We need to reseal our bottom seal. I will get the dimensions for you soon. I would appreciate a price quote for a Bottom Rubber Seal; also, a quote on an Extra Seal Protection, probably the B1 or B2 style would work. So, if you do the extra seal protection, is it neccessary to install a Weather Seal Kit? Our hanger is located at a California airport. Further, do you have installers available to install the seal? If so, how much per hour do you charge? Thank you for your time and information.