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Hello, We have two of your hangar doors, do you recommend routine maintenance on them? Not sure when this was done. Thanks!


Have a Schweiss door, 18' x 60'. I would like to have it inspected as it hasn't been looked at in years. Can you advise someone who can inspect in Norther Califonia. Vacaville Ca. Thank you


I have a door on the field that I am doing general maintenance on. Would you have insight or details for general checkup. I Have pics of data plates and the motor to attach for oil type, etc. Thanks


I'm looking for certified repair/maintenance contractors near me that Schweiss approves their ability to work on their doors. I want some work done by a local contractor, but I don't know where to look for certified maintenance techs.


How do I service my Bi-Fold door. Do you have a service company in the Oshawa area. I am located at the Oshawa Airport.


Just wanted to share with you that this is our second Schweiss door...however...the automatic (triggered form our cars or plane) one on our hangar home airpark strap door was installed in 2005...just wanted to share with you that we averaged our door opening and closing at at least (3) times daily or some 1000 times a year....to date some 18,000 times with not one issue....and...operates today as it did when first installed....the only issue I'd share is something that you have changed since we ordered the door and wish we had....grease certs at each hinge ....you can share this with anyone...your strap doors are excellent...and....work without issues for a very long time.... Happy Father's Day ...Tom and Gigi LeRoy..FA37...Naples ....Florida


Hi. We have 3 bi-fold doors at our heliport. They have been working great and we enjoy them. We were wondering if you have a recommended maintenance schedule?


We recently purchased a hangar with a Schweiss bi-fold door, but didn't receive any paperwork. Please let me know how we could get a copy of the maintence schedule paperwork.


HI There, I have one of your doors on my hanger in Oshawa Ontario. Works great! Just wondering about service. Is there a service company(s) in the Toronto area for both PM and repair, if ever needed? Thanks very much


Hi there, I have a Schweiss hydraulic hangar door that was installed more than 10 years ago. It works great but is probably overdue for some maintenance. I am hoping I can arrange to have someone come to inspect it and help address any maintenance that might be needed. Thank you.


We are Butler Metal building distributors and are runnning into the need for doors exceeding the overhead doors ability. Current project requires a 30 foot wide X 22ft tall door. Can you shoot me a price for both? Hydraulic (or is this too tall) versus a bifold? We have high wind issues - occasionally up to 130 MPH gusts. So I am exploring options for our customers. Thank You You can call if you would like to discuss rather than email.


Hello. We have a bunch of your hanger doors on our property. All of them are around 2 years old. I would like some guidance on good local vendors for regular maintenance please. Thanks.


I am building a 50 by 50 ft hangar in West Virginia. My airplane is 13.5 feet high and 39.5 feet wide. I want the most reliable and maintenance free electric bifold strap door I can get. What do you recommend?


I need a quotation: strap lift zero maintenance liftstrap bifold door model 17477 my door is 59' x 20' and I nedd to know which is the time of life of this strap I will agree your answer thanks


Hey i got a quote from you guys about a year ago, Maybe longer, but i would like to maybe get another one for a fast opening maintenance free bifold strap door with grease zeros and remote opener. Door size if 44 x 17 ft. Also include price on a walk door.


40x16 clear bifold low maintenance door, strap lift, auto latches installed. Prep for insulation and interior liner panel. Please send design information so I can send to Butler. Thank you.


Hello. I am an end user to one of your bifold doors which was installed in our facility in Chapel Hill, NC in 2018. I am interested in any maintenance free bifold door literature you may have on this model of door, and what type of preventative maintenance and materials may be useful to upkeep and keep longevity to the life of our door system. Feel free to call if you need more information on our specific system. Any manuals, spec sheets, or inspection checklists or materials would be very useful. Thank you for your time.


Hello, We used your bifolding zero maintenance wide opening door on at one of our previous projects (MCC Omaha). I was hoping to do a similar door on a new project but had some clearance questions. If I need enough clearance for a semi truck or fire truck, 14' min. clear, what would the FF to top of hinge height need to be? I would like to have the hinge be at my 15' datum, but I'm unsure what the wedge height would be if the clear height was 14'. I guess we could clad anything above 15' with metal panels to blend in with the building and keep the glass cladding below 15' for the datum, but this is less ideal. Also, what is the difference between the manual latch and strap latch? What would be the best use for each one? Thank you for your help! Dan


Want a rough price for a custom built 16' x 16' low maintenance bi-fold designer strap door that would look like a two 8' x 8' carriage house doors on the bottom and the rest of the house above. I have included a link to the example.


I have a customer that wants a 17ft 9inch wide X 8ft tall stain grade smooth cedar zero maintenance bi fold door.


Would like a quote on a 16' x 8' glass bi-fold zero maintenance liftstrap garage door. the framing is wood.


Have an old pole shed with sliding doors I'd like to insulate and turn into a shop with your bifold zero maintenance. Door will be on the gable end. opening is currently 24 wide x 13' 6" tall.


Hello, I am design a new technical training building for San Bernardino Valley College. The building will have an automotive program, which will need clear overhead doors. We are looking into the bifold zero maintenance designer doors. Some of the doors will need to be incorporated into a curtain wall system. Please provide a cut sheets, specs and catalogs for a bifold door, as well as engineering requirements. Thank you, Veronica Hernandez


We have been awarded the Eckington Park project in Washington DC, NE; and they are calling for a bifolding zero maintenance exterior aluminum/glass door (six panels below and above bifold break) at their fitness area with BOD being a Schweiss system. I have Architectural drawings if needed


I am working as part of a Design-Build Team to add a level to an existing convention center. I would like to know more about your zero maintenance bifold door product details and costs to see if you product can be considered. I have one interior bi-fold aluminum door 20'0" wide by 10'0" tall that would be glazed with 1/4" Glass. And 11 ea. 30'0" x 10'0" that would be glazed with 1" Insulated Glass. These would need to be electrically operated ans I would be interested in your option for the freestanding supports.


Just looking for a prices for a zero maintenance bifold 40 ft hangar door. I have a 50x50 used metal building I'm looking to erect in sterling alaska 99672. I am not opposed to welding it up myself if it's a substantial savings and privided as a kit. Shipping to Alaska can't be cheap. My building walls are 16ft I believe. I need to fit a Cessna 337 skymaster through it.


We need a zero maintenance door for modern home garage 2 car standard size. Based on cost, I will also like to order 3 more after that. 3 doors are 14 foot by 7 foot thank you


Hi. I am looking for typical details on the bi-fold zero maintenance designer glass doors at Newmarket Operations HQ Logo in Ontario Municipal Operations Center, Canada. I am project architect/designer in final days of construction documents and specs on PREMERA HUB (amenities building on the PREMERA corporate campus). The bi-fold liftstrap doors for Newmarket Operations look brilliant and I would like to understand more about the door details. Cheers. Frank


I have got a quote from Olympia Steel Buildings (Kristen Meyer) who has directed me to you folks with regards to a zero maintenance bifold door. I am looking to purchase from them a 75'x75' building with a 60'x20' door opening and need a quote to purchase and a recommendation for a hangar door. It will be installed in Lake City, SC (Florence County). 


Hello, We are looking at knocking down our existing 1 car garage and building a new 2 card attached garage at our new home in Mt Pleasant, SC and are interested in your zero maintenance bi-fold doors to stay in compliance of our HOA. we have a 23ft travel trailer that is just under 10ft tall and would like a garage door to match the front of the house and look like a regular 8ft door. Can you please let me know what the ballpark price would be and any other details that maybe pertinent. I can send a photo of the front of the house if that helps. Thanks!


Good morning, We are designing a rooftop restaurant and are interested in Tilt-up and Bi-fold zero maintenance doors as options and would like to receive quotes for both. Thank you, Bruce Avandi CPG Architects Senior Project Director


I have a Schweiss bi-fold door on my hangar out on Cape Cod. It has worked well for 15 years, but I'm afraid of having a problem in the middle of winter with no one to fix the problem even though I have your Schweiss zero maintenance doors.. Do you have a presence up here in the northeast? Contact numbers? I might want someone to just look at the door and see if it needs adjustment or service. 


I am looking into a hanger project using a Miracle Truss building and want zero maintenance bifold doors. I not sure if your zero maintanence doors work with these buildings or not. I am planning a 50'x50'x16' building and a 40'x 14' (or 12') bi-fold door with a motor at the bottom.


Need a price on (10)24'x12' (4)36'x12' (4)30'x12' zero maintenance strap bifolds Installed price and if we install. Delivering to Kingsport, TN. 37664 THANKS


Hello, Do you offer any kind of training for maintenance on Schweiss zero maintenance hangar doors? We have in-house maintenance that we would like to train on repairs just in case any come up. We are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Thank you! Rachel


I am in the process of having a new steel building constructed and would like a large zero maintenance bifold strap door to provide access for an airplane. The building will be 60' x 80' with a 12 foot sidewall. The large door will be installed on the end wall. Can a 12' tall door be installed if the building sidewalls are 12' ? I could most likely get by with a 40' wide door. Can you provide a cost for both a 40' and 45' zero maintenance fast opening door in both styles. Thanks, Bill


Schweiss built 10 zero maintenance doors for a Propeller shop on the Pearland airport in Houston TX. I'm looking for 3 of the exact same Bi fold zero maintenance doors. Can you give me a quote for 3 bi-fold doors. Thanks


I'm looking for budget pricing on an 85' x 16' hydraulic or bifold wide opening zero maintenance  door or whatever you think is an economical approach asap.


Looking for budgetary estimates on large format zero maintenance bi-fold doors. (1) @ 60ft X 60ft opening (1) @ 20ft X 20ft opening


We are converting an open area into an enclosed service shop/wash bay for airport shuttles and will need four Schweiss zero maintenance bifold doors. The headers are concrete beams supporting a parking garage. Please send link to submit pictures.


’Hi There! Schweiss’ door is a lifesaver. The 5 overhead bifold doors are zero maintenance doors and will be more than an assets for high school auto tech room and building trades room.


I have been contacted by a couple of individuals about your low or zero maintenance Schweiss bi-fold strap doors. Our doors are 15 to 18 years old, cable driven, have had some cables replaced but are interested in converting all these doors to lift straps. 


Hello, I am interested in a ballpark quote for two strap-lifted bifold zero maintenance doors for hangars with a door clearance required of 36'x14'. I am not sure what size the door would be to accomodate this size opening. I would like a manual backup lift mechanism for electrical failures if possible. It will be mounted on a steel hangar. The door will need to be shipped (I assume) to Alaska. As I don't have all the structure details yet I will not hold you to the quote - I am only in very early planning stages at this point. Thank you very much, 


Customer looking for a Bi-Fold/Hydraulic Counter zero maintenance door. Doesn't have overhead room for traditional sectional, but needs glass/aluminum look for bar, stressing need for low or no-maintenence Schweiss doors.


We are looking to get a quote for a zero maintenance Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door to be installed into an existing pole shed. Building will be insulated and heated down the road. Possibly two doors.


I now have a rollup door which i am not pleased with. I want to build a zero maintenance bifold door and i am interested in purchasing a strap opener. My door is 18' wide by 13' tall.


I have a Schweiss zero maintenance bi fold door 40x15 that locks with a manual system.  What would converting this to a automatic latching system cost? My bifold truly is a zero maintenance door that works great, but I just afraid I may forget to unlatch it before opening it someday.


Need design requirements for a zero maintenance bi-fold door with an opening 40' wide by 12' Tall


Hello, I'm looking for a quote for a 14' clearance by 44' bifold door. Also, I may be retro fitting the existing 12' by 44' door into a 14', so I'd like a quote on a strap conversion as well. I really appreciate you zero maintenance doors. The grease zeros on the hinges were your best idea.Thanks Doug Congdon


I am in need of a price for a zero maintenance bifold door for an airplane hanger. It needs to be 70' wide x 20' tall. I installed one of your doors about 7 years ago for a Lowell King. Give me a shout and we can discuss details if need be. The door will need to be shipped to Somerset County Airport in Somerset, Pa. 


Retrofit on an older machine shop. Converting from the old sliding doors to the new zero maintenance bi-fold door. Tired of pushing those sliders. I want a zero maintenance door that only requires me to push a button to open it.


Interested in price for bifold strap-lif zero maintenancet Schweiss for new building with conditioned basement garage. 20'W X 12'H clear opening, door size at least 21' X 15', insulated at least 3". 120vac power, insulated concrete-poured walls. Delivery approx August 2019.


Building a 50.0 ft wide hanger with a 13.0ft ceiling. Door is 40.0ft wide by 13.0ft high. Bifold zero maintenance strap door looks the best option to me. This hanger is of wood construction. Thanks Rick


We are currently working on a project in Dubai that calls for two relatively large doors. We are specifically interested in your one piece zero maintenance hydraulic doors. The doors would need to be 21'8" wide by 9'10" tall. Would we need either an external or internal truss for doors of this size?


Looking to replace out current fold tite bifold door made by plyco with your better quality bifold liftstrap zero maintenance door. Also looking to have it installed. Thanks, Alonzo


I am building 3 hangars. I need quote on following: Bifold and hydraulic ( one piece ) 2 ea 60x17 4 ea 40x 14. All zero maintenance Schweiss bifold strap doors/  Thank you


I am interested in all glass bifold liftstrap designer doors for a Lund boat and Crestliner boat dealership showroom window and to move inventory in and out. I need fast opening, zero maintenance doors.


90 wide by 26 clear bifolding zero maintenance door 110 wind c ibc 2015 MOUNT VERNON, WA. BAYVIEW AIRPORT GOES ON NEW STEEL BUILDING


Hi, We are a metal fabrication company in the UK and have been asked to quote for some bi-folding zero maintenance shopfront designer door windows. I have seen your SST-II system and wondered if you ever supplied to the UK? Would it be possible to get a quotation for the parts, and any technical zero maintenance datasheets you may have with regards to how I can integrate it with this project.


Good Afternoon, I looking for a quote for 5 ea of 30" wide X 52' long zero maintenance strap doors.


I would like to purchase and install the zero maintenance bifold door with the lift strap system on my 21ft tall by 60 wide hangar door


Good Afternoon, I am very interested in your bi-fold zero maintenance doors as I'm hoping to build a new hanger, I live in Australia and i was wondering if its possible to get them over here? im hoping to build the hanger 40 meter's wide and the opening of the doors be 8 meters high. could you please give me a quote etc. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards. P.S. do the doors still open and shut if the power goes out?


Want quotes on two bifold zero maintenance doors, end wall and side wall. New construction. 2*6 wood construction. Steel exterior. Quote bi fold and hydraulic. Two doors 20'w x14'h Insulated doors. R value at minimum 10. With openers with remotes. Quote with and without 2 windows each. Quote with and without installation. Please text me a contact and I will get back with them after the quote arrives via email. Thanks


I need a price for a 70' x 16'-6" clear zero maintenance bi-fold door delivering to Polson, MT. IBC 2015 115 mph Exp C 45psf Roof snow load There will be an 8'-0" liner panel on interior side of door. I'm assuming a 3'-0" wedge. Thank you!!!


Dear Sir/Madam; I am trying to design a building to meet my aircraft hangar needs. I am limited to a 60' x 60' area to build the building. I want to use your bi-fold internal truss strap lift zero maintenance system door and need at least a 53' width of an opening. I need specs that show the metal building structure requirements for a 53' wide and a 54' wide opening. Can you please provide specs for each? I am being told I can't do a 54' wide opening for a 60' x 60' metal building. I am not limited by height of building.


I am a building contractor, and have been in business for twenty five years. I built a large barn/shop on the home ranch. I am looking to install a 38'x14' roll up zero maintenance door, in the shop area. I am leaning toward installing a bifold door. I have built airplane hangers for different clients before, and think this may be the best way too go. I realize that an 38' wide door of this type is small for this application, but may be the best way to go. Wind is a factor also. I am keeping with the barn look on this shop, so I am interested in having a sliding barn door "look", which includes bifold door windows. Looking forward too hearing from you. Ken Gregorich President


I will be building a 36' wide barn 16' high for storing a 5th wheel travel trailer 13'6" high. Interested in a strap lift zero maintenance door. Need some idea of the options I have, cost etc. Please have a salesperson call me. 


We live in a windy area north of Tucson, AZ. We have replaced and upgraded the 16 ft. x 7 ft. garage door many times. Each time the door has fatigued over the years due to wind damage. Can your zero maintenance one piece hydraulic or bifold doors be applied to this residential track home from 1995?


Hi there! I would like a rough quote for a zero maintenance bifold door solution to an indoor laundry area. The door I'm looking for would be a vertical bifold door, manually powered, on a track along the sides (or not depending on the system). The measurements of the door area are: 57" wide and 87" tall. Could you let me know if you have interior door solutions to such a situation and roughly how much they are? Thanks, Erin


We are a garage door company in South Mississippi. I need a price on a 50'x10' bifold zero maintenance door delivered to Baton Rouge, LA. Customer is adamant that this bifold door is zero maintenance


I am looking at options and prices on a zero maintenance 80' long door with at least a 20' opening. New build.


I am planning to build a storage pole shed with  16x36 doors on the gable end. I would like to get a price on a bifold zero maintenance doors with the strap opening system. Installed and uninstalled. thanks Scott


Looking for a quote on a 30'x14' and a 30'x16' bifold zero maintenance doors installed to compare the difference of price between the two. The shop I plan to build is still in the design phase so I am not positive if it will be traditional pole barn or a metal truss system with wood (Henry Buildings out of Pelican Rapids MN). One question - is it difficult to finish and insulate the inside of the bifold with the drive system and other features attached to the door?


I have a customer that has a 40 x 60 butler building from the 1960 era range. He wants to put in a 38' (wide) x 14' (tall) bifold zero maintenance Schweiss bifold. Probably bid the 1 piece door also. Can you please quote me these zero maintenance doors. Thank you Lucas Giles 620-285-9369


Need a quote for a 71'-0 X 20'-0 zero maintenance bi-fold door for a new pre-engineered steel building to be built in Hannibal, Mo. 63401


Looking to build a hangar addition to my house where I want Schweiss zero maintenance hangar home doors. Looking for info so I can design the front of the hangar as I have limited space for wall size etc. Also would like a quote delivered to my address.


I am planning a home shop. I like what I read about your zero maintenance doors. I will have two 14 or 16 foot by 14 foot tall doors and one 10 by 12 pr 14 foot tall door. I would like budgetary price information and understand that a specific quote would have to come closer to time of building. What information do I need to provide to my building manufacturer to assure the openings are properly designed and reinforced to accept your zero maintenance doors?