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Looking for pricing for a hydraulic and bifold door to be used on the Eastern Iowa Airport here in Cedar Rapids. Building a new FBO, door is 100' wide by 28' tall. Mead Hunt from Bloomington MN is the Architect


I need a quote for 60' wide and 80' wide. My new hangar construction is 100x100, so I have quite a bit of flexibility on the opening. I need a minimum of 55', which is why 60 is my default minimum width. I love you wide doorway bifold doors. No one makes doors better than Schweiss.


Please provide pricing for a 50 x 15 clear bifold wide opening door. Wind load is 115mph. Call Derrick with any questions 801-577-0216


I would like a quote on a 60x16 bifold and 60x16 hydraulic door delivered to KTWF Twin Falls Idaho Airport 83301. Going on a Heritage Red Iron building. Prefer only bifold with lift straps, no cables please. Add walk doors and remotes.


What is the maximum width and height for both your bifold and hydraulic hangar doors? Hangar could be designed for a 100 ft. door. I'll send photos.


Could you help me out in quoting a hangar door? The hangar itself is 100x120’ with 28’ sidewalls. The hangar door is 100x26’ tall. Will this work, or will I have to shrink it down to about 98 ft. wide.


I am considering building a 60x60 hangar in NY or PA. I want a door big enough for a C208 On floats so probably a 55x18 wide opening doorway door. Can I do that on a 60x60x20 building and what is the approximate cost please?


I am working on a budget for a 10000 sf hangar and wanted to understand the largest bifold door that may be available and approximate costs so I can properly budget. Can either your bifold strap door or hydraulic doors exceed 100 ft. in width. We need a big door for jetliner aircraft.


Good morning. We are building three 80x60 hangars at our local airport in northern CO. Wide Hangar door width 75', height ~16'. Can you please provide quotes for both bi-fold and hydraulic doors? Thank you in advance. RJS


I'm constructing a hanger soon and would like to get some pricing information on a big-time wide doorway bifold door.


Hello, I am in need of a quotation for two extra wide


I have a new custom home that was built with custom wood garage doors. I want to remove the existing 2 doors and combine into one bifold door ultra wide door. I have spoken to the engineer for the home and the support wall between the two doors can be removed. The doors have a steel beam above them that spans the entire length. Thank you


Hi there, Could you please advise whether it is a possibility to source a very wide bifold strap door from you with a width of approximately 108 feet? If so could you also let me know what that width would require in height? Thankyou, Zoe


I would like a budgetary quote on both hydraulic and bi-fold wide opening doors - 80' wide x 30' high. Door will need several windows about chest high to allow natural light into the building.


Looking for a price on a 80' wide X 24' high (clear) hydraulic or bifold strap door delivered and installed in Willoughby, Ohio (KLNN).


Am interested in 2 bifold strap doors for 42 foot wide openings 14.5 feet tall am interested in possibly one large 84 foot long bifold door I thought I would ask Talk soon David


We're looking for a quote for a bifold liftstrap hangar door that would have an opening large enough for a Gulfstream V. Include shipping, remote openers, backup system, windows and walk door. Email is the best form of communication. Thanks


I can send renderings of design intent if send contact email. These bifold specialty wide doorway strap doors are for a race team so they can open up large openings and have cover for pit crew training below.


Good morning, I am looking for pricing on bi-fold wide opening hangar doors for a 85'W x 23'H hangar. What is the max clear height opening that can be achieved with this eave height? I am looking at two 40'W doors or one 80'W door. Can you quote both options with auto latches and straps. The building manufacturer will be Star Building Systems. Thanks, Don Lusk


I have an inquiry about how large a hydraulic door you can make. Maximum width and maximum height. I have purchased a hydraulic door from Schweiss about five years ago. My customer is very happy with your product and is wondering if a hyd. or bifold strap door can exceed 100 ft. in width. Leon


How wide of bi fold door can you do, I need to get a price for a 20' tall bi fold for a project in Ft worth Texas. They were wanting 80' wide doorway strap door, but i was not sure if you can do that


I would like to see if I can get a custom 80'x20' bottom drive wide doorway overhead door for a model we are putting together for a client.


We have a 80 feet wide hangar which has a 60 feet bifold door. We would like to increase the door width to 75-80 feet and get rid of cables. Please advise a solution. Thanks.


I’m starting the planning phase of a hanger build for 2021. My neighbor Tim Andrew just installed a Schweiss hydraulic door on his new hanger. After reading your excellent section on hydraulic vs bifold I am interested in a bifold wide doorway hangar door. My plan is for


Researching putting up a steel aircraft hangar (60’ x60’). Interested in one of your wide doorway liftstrap bifold doors. Interested in 50’ wide opening by 15’ high- not sure what actual door size would need to be. Interested in cold weather gasket options at top, bifold hinge, sides and the bottom. Most likely will have the door sprayed with closed-cell foam. Will most likely install 3, small windows in hangar door. Interested in approximate quote for door and shipping cost to North Hampton, NH 03862. Thank you! Highest Regards, Brian Beaudry


need a budget price for (2) 60x20 superstructure wide doorway bifold liftstrap doors and frames for a project in central wash. state. thanks, GT


We are currently in the design and budget phase for a new wide bifold doorway hangar door.Looking at options for multiple size, bi-fold doors. open dimensions- 60x16; 64x16; 40x12; 50x12. Thank You


We have a client in Frankfort Indiana who is interested in a 100' wide 28' tall bifold liftstrap hangar door with an automatic latching system and a half dozen windows. We are working obtaining quotes to develop a planning cost estimate. We would like a quote for both a bi-fold and one piece hydraulic door.


Looking to build an 80' square hangar on KLVN airport with two opposing wide doorway hangar 60' bifold strap doors for drive thru purposes, would need to be insulated (spray foam most likely)


I am having a building quoted. I need a quote a wide doorway bifold door, and I need door specifications for the building quote. The door needs a 17' minimum clear opening and 70' wide. I need this info asap. Thank you. Lou


Existing building is 80'x80'x16' eave height 1"/12" slope I am looking for a quote to supply door and support structure. What is the maximum width you would recommend for a bifold door on this building.


Please quote 60'x16' clear wide opening doorway bifold door installed. Door will be insulated and lined on the inside so please prep for interior liner panel and add pricing for four windows and a walk door. Please send design information so we can send to Butler for design purposes of the building. Thanks


Looking for conceptual budget pricing for a 68' wide by 14' tall all glass vertical bi-folding wide doorway door with electric drive.


build 80x250x 21 Nucor steel building want a wide opening doorway bifold door 50x18  strap door we will pickup FOB fairfax what are the loads for door builder is wondering for his quote


I need pricing on a 21' clear X 70' wide doorway hangar strap lift door and an option for Hydraulic lift as well. It will have 26 gauge R-panel (light weight) applied to the exterior. This will be for an aircraft hangar in the Phoenix, AZ area. Also could use recommendation for an installer. Jim Hatfield


I am looking for a quote on a 70x15 wide doorway  bifold door to go on a Rapidset 80x100 hangar.


I am an architectural designer currently working on a project in NYC. For the two exterior wide doorway bifold doors that we are currently designing, we will have to add a window system to the face of the bi-fold door structure. In my initial research for cladding, I have been looking through the Designer Door case studies on your site and have seen several exterior solutions in which window systems were added to the face of door structure. Are there common cladding vendors that you work with that are familiar with your bi-fold system that you would be able to share? I wanted to check before going down paths of searching for manufacturers/vendors of cladding systems that are unfamiliar with this type of application/might not be ultimately compatible. Thank you very much for any information that you can provide.


Need a quotation for a 100'wide x 28'tall (28' header height) bi-fold wide doorway hangar door. Lift strap version. 115mph wind speed with exposure factor "C". Installation into the endwall of a new Butler building. Please include freight to Ardmore Industrial Airpark, Ardmore, OK 73401. Please email, text, or call with any questions or need for additional information. Request quotation by  by the close of business on Friday. Thank you, very much, for your help...


I am pricing building a building, we have your wide doorway bifold doors where I work and wanted to compare price to overhead door, also want more door height as compare to overhead door.


I recently had quoted 2 70 ft. wide doorway strap doors, and I would like to compare that to the hydraulic one piece door.


Looking for a quote on 2 - 70 ft. x 20 ft. wide doorway doors. If possible I would like some specific dimensions as well that would be required for the door opening. We have 78 feet openings, and the height of the building is adjustable, but we need at least 20ft. clearance for the bifold strap door. Please provide drawings as well that we can use in design with quote.


looking for a wide doorway bi-fold door 80' wide by 16' opening Please send info, time frame and cost Thank you Richard


I need to have an estimate as well as some drawings for a wide doorway bifold door 70'x15' or hydraulic hangar door style wide door. I need the preliminary drawings soon to give to the building manufacturer to move forward. Thank You Stetson


have a project requiring an 80' wide x 26' high, uninsulated wide opening bifolding doorway door, project is in Lumberton, NC


Putting together budget for 100'x60'x20' hangar. Looking for info on wide doorway hangar bi-fold door options. Door will be on 100' wall. Planning on a 60 ft door. Are there any structural design requirements for door that need to be provided to the building designer? Please provide pricing, design info, and lead time. door size is flexible, but preferably in the 60 ft range.


Id like a quote on a 46' wide doors as well as 48' wide doorway bifold doors. Building rough opening height is 16' 8" (Bottom of truss/header) Rough opening width can be built to specs for 46' or 48' door. This quote should include robust seals for cold weather climate. I looked at your building specs for wood buildings. Do the hinges of your doors bolt directly to the header, or are they welded to a steel frame that bolts to the header?


Going to build a new storage shed but would like wide doorway large doors. I spoke to one of your sales people at the National Farm Machinery Show back in February and now after this long wet spring we are finally getting ready to work on adding on to our shop. 40' x 18' wide doorway doors in a bifold configuration is what we are thinking.


How much is a new remote control for my bifold wide doorway doors. One is lost. I need a spare.


Looking for a quote on 50x14 doors vs 60x14 wide doorway bifold doors. Trying to learn how wide of a helicopter and hang glider hangar door to build.


I am planning an aircraft hangar, to be 100 x 80 ft. I want to place a wide doorway bifold door on the 100 ft wall. I want the door approximately 60 x 20, however, my dimensions can change if it is more economical to modify them slightly to reach a price break, for example, if, say, a 65 x 18 door would be significantly less expensive, I can make that change. The building will be located in Palm City, FL, which is in Martin County.


Hello, We are a looking to incorporate a couple horizontal wide doorway bifold doors in a project on Vancouver Island (Ladysmith) and wondering what the approxime cost are? We are looking at different cladding options - is there any limitations on the possibilities of cladding on wide doorway commercial doors? Thanks, Hajo


I have a customer building an oversized garage on which he would like a. wide doorway door. He is looking for a bi-fold door to fit a 35-0 x 11-0 opening. Please call to discuss any other details you may need.


I have a customer here looking for a full view wide doorway aluminum/glass bifolding door 9'x10' rough opening. Wood Jambs in an old Barn. I need a quote with shipping to Winchester, VA 22601. Thank you.


 We have a client that is wanting us to design a building. 60'x60'x18'or 20' depending on head room needed for a wide opening 16'x50' Bi-fold door. The door will be installed in the end-wall. Any information would be helpful.


I am interested in converting our existing cable system to a straps. Dimensions are 80'W x 21'H. I can email pictures of our wide doorway bifold doors as well. Just looking for quotes on conversion systems without install. Thanks.


iIam building a garage for 3 vehicles and a 36 ft RV so I need wide doorway doors. What is an avarage cost for a hydraulic door or a bifold door?


Just starting to put together cost for a new executive hangar next spring in Arizona that will need wide doorway bifold doors. Opening measurement should be real close. I'll get back with you on the size of these wide hangar doors.


We are in need of a wide doorway hanger door repair person in our area to come out and repair our bi-folding hanger door. We have an older door from another company now out of business with cables and motor and has many broken structural parts. We would even consider a total upgrade or replacement Schweiss bifold wide doorway door. Do you have a local representative that could come inspect and give a repair/replacement quote?


Hello, we are currently trying to support one of our customers that has a wide opening schweiss bifold door that needs to be repaired and possibly upgraded. I would like to get a quote to replace the cables with straps. The wide doorway door is a model # S12  If someone could contact me to further help us out that would be great. We also might have a few other customers that would be interested in the strap sytem as well.


Have a hangar in McCall, Idaho with your bifold wide doorway door, need name and contact info of someone that can install automatic remote opener and automatic latch system which locks door in position after it closes. Thank you


We have a S-style Schweiss wide doorway doors installed 39' X 15' I would like find how and from where I could purchase a Schweiss hand-held remote opener for them. Thank You for any information you're able to provide.


Interested in a one piece hangar wide doorway bifold door at 50' wide by 14' high. Project will be in Magnolia Springs, Alabama for a pre-engineered metal building under IBC 2012 with 157 mph wind load.


I am working with Great Western Buildings to erect a very large metal structure with wide doorway doors. The structure is roughly 66'x98'x49' and will require a bifold wide doorway door.The door size should be roughly 16'x43'. Please feel free to contact me to discuss the details.


I have a 60x60 aircraft hangar that is under construction. I will be needing a 50 ft bifold wide doorway hangar door that will fit in my 14 ft eve height. Please provide pricing info as well as lead time info on this wide bifold hangar door. Also do you have mounting/building structure information to support the door. My building is being framed up with 2x6 typical framing type of construction. Thanks, Elijah Lewis


I would like an estimate on a wide opening doorway bifold and hydraulic door that is 80' x 23' door. Hydraulic and Bi-Fold lead times needed also for these big doors. Thank you, Andrew


The bldg is 44' deep by 50' wide with 16' wood walls. I am requesting a quote for a 42'  zero maintenance wide doorway door


Would like to install 68'-0" wide opening bifold doorway door in a 71'-0" wall. Is 18" on each side of door adequate? What kind of foundation design do we need for the above. Thanks Bill Nasedkin


Need a quote for a 60x18 bifold wide doorway door going in an endwall of a 120' wide metal building, IBC 2015, jobsite zip code 36542. Need a quote as son as possible. Thanks.


I need a wide opening doorway bifold door for a large barn. I need to know if a sales person can come to measure the door for ordering.


We have older Schwiess bi-fold doors at our Huron, South Dakota location on our fertilizer plant. Looking for wide doorway doors upgrade option to the existing doors or options of what we can do for an upgrade.


We are considering a wide doorway door for our house. This will be a bifold handicap access door. Would like to get an idea of cost. Thank you!


I am having a 40' deep by 48' wide detached garage built by Kenny Hutson Construction. Still early in the process (the slab has not been poured yet) Will have an RV in far right door so I was interested in a bifold door with straps to be covered with Hardi Plank siding to match left side of garage (14 ft workshop side)with window. the garage will have 14 ft ceiling inside.


Looking to talk to rep for Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Looking to specify large and wide doorway bifold doors with vision SSG as exterior finish.


I have a client that is building a large hanger requiring a 75' x 25' wide doorway hanger door. I don't know the size limitations for hydraulic or bi-fold doors.


I am planning to build a building in the next six months. I will need a 65' wide doorway door with at least a 16' tall opening. I would like a quote on a bit fold and one piece door. Thank you


I was looking for a price on two bifold wide doorway doors. My opening size for the door is 74 feet wide and 22 feet tall the building will be built around your specs let me know if you have any questions feel free to call thank you


Working on a hippo and penguin exhibit at a zoo in colorado. Owner is looking for large OHD's that would be in a pre-engineered metal building. Wide doorway bifold doors will be located over water and where hippos will be able to pass under doors when closed. Looking for durable wide opening doors and curious about your pricing structure. thinking doors would be 12' w 14'h and would like to be glass panels. Thoughts?


I need a wide hangar doorway door 90' wide by a clear 12' high hangar door for an opening in the end of a steel and fabric building.


Looking to upgrade the bottom seal on our wide doorway 80' foot bi fold door, where do I purchase? how do I purchase? Its an older door that I plan on retrofitting myself with one of your bottom seal kits rather than just using bulk rubber belting again. Please Advise thanks for your time Zach


need price for  60' wide x 20' high wide doorway bi-fold doors and contact for installers located in Michigan


I am building a wood shop at the present time. I want to install a large and wide doorway door. Door size 42 x14 ft


I am building a wood shop at the present time. I want to install a wide doorway door. Door size 42 x14 ft


Good Day, We have a large swimming pool complex and are looking for 5 large wide doorway doors that are retractable doors. Do you have a local agent in Hong Kong? Could you advise the cost of 6m wide x 5m high bifold clear glass doors suitable for external use and typhoon resistant? Supply, deliver and install, warranties etc? I see you have used wide doorway doors on Keynon College for a swimming pool? Grateful if you can reply by e mail please with any advice/questions, Many thanks


We have a customer that is looking for 3 bi-fold wide doorway doors for his new building on his farm can you quote me supply only 2- 44 x 18 1-40 x18. He needs wide and tall doorway doors to get his combines and equipment into the machine shed.


I'm designing a pole building and was wondering how much a wide doorway bifold door would cost. The opening is rough but big.


Hi We have a wide doorway bi-fold doors and need information about safety devices to prevent a total fall due to failure. Please call


We would like pricing for an insulated bi-fold wide doorway doors with windows at eye level and a 52' x 16' clear opening.


Greetings, I am in the process of ordering a shed/garage, looking for a quote on 3 wide doorway doors to go with it. The building is 30' x 52' x 16' The goal is to have 3 wide doorway doors as tall as i can make them, (with the goal being 14' minimum)         


Wide opening bifold doors would be for a new construction Quonset Hut type building. Would also like advice on how to tie in the lateral support beams to the wide opening door steel arch structure.