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Need to rebuild end wall and enlarge existing door. with one of your U.S. marine bifold strap doors. Side wall is 16' and looking at possibly 30' wide. Needs to be done this year.


Would like to get a quote on a United States marine strap door 48'w x 16'h shipped to Medford Oregon. We supply siding for door is that correct. Also can you quote a Hydraulic door the same size.


dear Sire, Can you offer us for export to our country. A set up for a United States Schweiss be-fold marine doors opening around 44" Thank you


Hello, Greetings from Lazada Inc, we are writing in respect of our interests in purchasing some products from your company. Before we proceed further i would like to know if your United States Marine Bifold Door products are authorized to be shipped out of your country to Indonesia. If its okay for your products to be shipped to this location then i will be pleased if you can get back to me with the following information so that i can proceed with the order. A catalog or price list of the items you have available. Also let us know the preferable means of payment you accept as mode of payment. Kindest Regard Andy


We are fixing to build a new marina that will need four United States Bifold Marine Doors. Best time to Contact : 07:00 AM - 09:00 AM Want a Phone Call : if you have a question ship to :- best - to ship to the home address on top, via Hamburg, Bremen or Bremerhaven -if it is possible, than to Germany Hamburg, Bremen or Bremerhaven - if you don't ship to Germany, than the price fob any Harbor at the East coast of USA. Cheapest costs!


I was looking for a budget price for a 70 ft wide x20 ft tall vertical lift United States Marine bifold door that I would insulate and sheet with metal building material.. Also,does your company install the door?


I am trying to price (2) 18' tall by 30' wide United States Marine bifold doors for a customer in London, Ohio Madison County. Can you put me in touch with the local rep?


Have a an operator in Australia as we have 30 doors to be replaced with your United States Superior Marine Bifold Strap Doors. 


We%u2019re interested commerce bifold United States Marine doors, pls let me know the price, do you have agency in China?I was send send email to you but not one reply, waiting for you answer.


Hello Looking at getting a quote for some hydraulic or bifold United States Marine glass out swinging doors would be 4 doors total 3 being 2440mm x 3048mm the other 2440mm x 2654mm This is for the Power to be project in Victoria, BC  all would be with clear insulated tempered Glass


Hello, Greetings from Belgium. Hello, we are a company doing INDUSTRIAL doors. We are working with an architect who send us pictures of your website. He wants bifold lifting strap United States Marine doors with full glazing. In EUROPE I cannot directly find a dealer... do you have contacts in EUROPE for this beautifull doors? Thanks for your quick reply, Bert


Hello, Greetings from Lazada Inc, we are writing in respect of our interests in purchasing some products from your company. Before we proceed further i would like to know if your United States Marine Door products are authorized to be shipped out of your country to Indonesia. If its okay for your products to be shipped to this location then i will be pleased if you can get back to me with the following information so that i can proceed with the bifold marine door order. A catalog or price list of the items you have available. Also let us know the preferable means of payment you accept as mode of payment. Kindest Regard Jason


I am living and working in Hong Kong, please use email. United States Marine Doors, 2 each, 60 x 20 ft. Clearance not less than 16 ft.


Hello, I live in Brazil and I want to make a bifold gate using your United States Marine door, how much you charge for a project. I want to do it myself. I have two options: 1. 3.5m heigh x 3.3m wide 2. 3.5m high x 4.8m wide thank you


Hello, My name is Donald Luis. I am willing to make some purchase of some United States Bifolding Marine Door items with your company, Before we proceed can you please answer the question below. 1. Do you have POS machine to charge credit card 2. Do you accept master and visa credit card payment 3. Do you accept private pick up by our forwarder 4. Can you send me your price sheet or catalog Kindly email me if this is possible to ship to Belize.


Please provide a quote and spec sheets and loading for a 50wx20h bifold United States Marine door location: east hampton, ny loading: 130 mph Exp C I could use the loading ASAP to help with the building design. thanks!


We are located in Perth Western Australia (GMT 8). The United States Marine door will need to be 31m (101') wide and 6m (20') high clear opening. We would be open to either a hydraulic single door or a bi fold depending on cost and ease of transport etc. I can send plans etc if you reply to this email. Thanks for your attention Regards Richard Harris 


I purchased overseas United States Marine Door  floatplane hangar with one of your U.S. marine doors with the remote system. The previous owner has misplaced the remotes. I need to order two new ones.


hi, we have a costumer, that he wants United States Marine doors from yours. two doors, size 6000mm x3000mm do you shipping it spain?? type door are only structure RED-POWER HYDRAULIC DOORS OR LIFT-STRAP BIFOLD DOORS... BY SCHWEISS


Need a 40 x 14 U.S. marine door that seals good and is insulated. Building is precast and has a wall height of 18'


Hello! I wanted to get info and pricing on 2 of the United States Marine bifold doors and for shipping to our brewery in Nederland, TX. The windows we are replacing are approximately 8 ft. tall x 14 ft. wide, but the opening can be made to fit something larger. Also, could you tell me if they are windstorm rated or windstorm certified? We live in an area that has been hit by hurricanes so just making sure our insurance will approve of these. Thank you! Gabrielle Blanco


I'm looking to have United States Marine Doors delivered to Mexico.  They would need to be about 26 feet wide by 14 feet tall. Can you give me an estimate as to what something like this might cost to purchase/install and deliver four Marine doors to Mexico? I'm looking for something reliable, but I imagine something like this might be out of my price range so I'm just looking for the low end of your pricing spectrum.


Please send us your best offer of United States Marine Doors for the supply of vertical bi fold doors for delivery in Italy.


I spoke with a couple of your representatives at the NBAA show in Orlando regarding delivery and installation of your United States Marine bifold and hydraulic doors. I would like a quote on a 58' x 16' bifold marine door for a 60' wide marina storage building to be built at B16 located near the coast at Weedsport, NY.


We are looking for information for your Schweiss line of United States Marine and Hangar Doors to represent your company into the middle east. 


Please could you give me an estimate for components and drawings for a United States Marine bifold door 60ft x 15ft. Since we live in australia it will be better for the door to be manufactured here. Obviously the power supply here is 240v. The hangar size is 68ft wide steel structure. Would you Be able to include freight in the estimate to Melbourne. Thanks Krishna


Hi, We are an Australian building materials company, selling composite wood siding and screening products. We are occasionally providing supply and install projects that will require United States Marine Doors. We are also receiving garage door inquiries time to time and at the moment we are investigating feasibility of these type of projects with our Sydney Region distributor. Could you please have a look at our website and suggest possible systems which can cooperate your systems with our products? Thank you for your time. Umut Basar Baskurt - Technical Support and Product Engineer - Innowood Australia 


Hello I hope you deliver to Kuwait couse I love your products My two car garage has a height of 5.3 meters and 6.3 width the abrand new house we just moved in last year. It's a concerted building Sides are from cement bricks. We are most interested in your United States marine style doors.


I have a Canadian customer (Bill Elkins) who inquired about a single United States Marine Door, a hydraulic door with wind pins and hurricane rated. He now want us to purchase and install so I am asking for a quote this particular 28' x 16' marine door. Thank you.


I would like a ballpark estimate for United States Marine Doors for the opening on our metal building with a 30x15 opening. How soon could you provide me with these bifold marine doors to be shipped overseas?


I am remodeling my shop warehouse area and would like to find out more on price for two United States Marine Doors 14x24 doors and two 16x 13  Marine doors. I would like to price bifold and hydraulic if possible and the build your own kit as one of my employees is a excellent welder. Also I currently have two cable bifold doors on another barn and would like to find out more about the strap conversion kit. Thanks Ed vitt Paris, mo.


Just starting to plan this United States Marine Door project so the bifold door may end up 40x12. Can you send 2 quotes please. Thanks, Tim


Looking for a 40 ft by 16 ft bifold United States Marine Door with straps roll up. Please call or email I'm wondering how much clearance I can get under a 16 foot door?


Can you send us a price for: 45 x 12 one piece United States Marine door, and bifold marine door as well, shipping cost to PEI, Canada Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks


We are tasked with replacing United States Marine Doors 38'-0" (W) X 30'=0" (H) steel bifold or hydraulic doors, but mostly would like to know if your bifold door with lift strap would work best? The marine building doors must meet the following: 1. All electrical components must be explosion proof, 2. The door shall be designed to withstand a wind pressures of 40 psf, and 3. Must be corrosion resistant (It is a Coast Guard Facility). Please contact me.


I have an existing shop that has a 36' sliding door that I am looking to change with your United States Marine door. The shop has a 16' ceiling and my current slider door allows me to use the entire height. It is important for me to not lose any height because some of our current machinery barely makes it in now. Please call or e-mail me to see if your product will be able to work for me and cost to ship the U.S. Marine door to Florida. Thanks, Jason


Good Morning I need two bifold United States Marine Doors, bifolding, measures 5,20 m and 4.60m do you sell to Portugal? at price considering tha above mesures made of corten steel or wood. with the best regards António Seixas


Hello, We are a Spanish company that have been appointed to realize the construction of a 38,000 square feet marine use building for a subsidiary of a European company in Mobile, Alabama and use of your United States bifold marine doors. We have already realized and approved the project and the quotation with our customer. For the door, we have quoted a door from a European manufacturer. We believe that if we have the option of being cost competitive with a local door manufacturer, we should bring this business to the USA. I would like Schweiss Doors to quote this door for us.  All the best, Marc


Hallo, kunnen Sie mir ein Angebot fur ein bilfodtor United States Marine door mit Details zusenden? Gerne auch eine Preistabelle. Mit freundlichen Gru 0178en Gerd Eilermann


Dear Sirs, We currently have two Schweiss Hangar doors. We are based in the UK and we are having difficulty finding anyone to service the doors. Do you have any contacts / associates within the UK who may be able to assist with this and to take an order for your United Sates Marine Doors. We looking forward to hearing from you in due course. Kind regards, David


Hello, I was wondering if your company carried folding overhead United States marine doors. If so, I was wondering if you would give me a quote on a 25 feet wide by 12.5 feet tall application. Best Regards, Trevor Wolfe.


Hi, could you be so kind and tell me if you have a dealer in Europe. I'm living in Italy and searching a United States Marine bifold door. Thanks a lot, Renzo


I am looking for a 33m wide x 9m high United States marine door, preferably hydraulic or strap-lift, where we can clad with glazing. Can you provide some assistance in selecting the right type of door? Thank you in advance for your response.


Hi , This is Louis Huang from shanghai China , now i have a project with United States Marine Hydraulic doors and U.S. Marine Bifold doors , this biggest size for Hydraulic door is almost 13 m width by 9 m height ,Bifold door the biggest size is 20.4 m width by 15 m height , the project is close to sea , i don't know whether they are workable for SCHWEISS system , so could you contact with me then i can send some detailed drawings for your understanding ? Thanks and regards


I'm looking for budgetary quotes to fit 3 bifold United States Marine Doors doors in a industrial marine door application. 2 are side-by-side dock doors 29'w x 18'high and one is an outbuilding 32'wx18'h I want to do the install myself. I'll answer that the building is steel, but its an ICF style construction. So it really concrete. The interior frame could be steel or wood, but a hydraulic door would probably favor wood. Rough opening is 9'6" x 9' Thanks Al


Good morning. I am considering using a number of Bifold-type United States Marine Doors in a marina I am currently designing in the Netherlands. Do you have a European representative/ is it possible to order doors for delivery in Europe? Jan Benthem


I need a quote for you to install a hydraulic lift United States Marine door in Napoleon MI. The door is 70 x 22. I also need a time frame as to your availability.


Hi We are looking to replace two hangar doors (approx each 23metres * 3 metres) at our airfield in Leicestershire England. Do you service the UK, and if not, can you recommend anyone. Alternatively, do you sell plans to enable us to have the United States Marine doors manufactured and erected locally? Many thanks for your help. Kind regards


We would like to know if you can ship complete liftstrap bifold United States Marine doors to South Africa with spare parts. The door size we require is 5.5m High x 30m Wide. Is this possible?


My customer in India requires 7 units of the Hydraulic United States Marine doors. The frame of the door needs to be fitted the clear laminated glass. The size for each opening is : 7meters width x 3 meters height. Will appreciate your response. Thanks !


Our office is looking to use overhead glass bifold or one piece U.S. Marine Door for a school/ community complex project in Cambridge, MA. There are 4 openings. They are all 10ft tall. Two are 19ft wide. Two are 8ft wide. The two smaller United States Marine doors require some degree of acoustical insulation and should have laminated glass and edge gasketing if available. These are all interior locations. Please send a quote. If possible, break down the price between the door sizes. Please also provide an alternate quote for using solid doors in lieu of glass, and an alternate for glass lift strap doors in lieu of hydraulic. Send quote by email.


Interested in Pricing for 6 large, Clear glass/plexi-glass, United States Marine Bi-Fold Doors. Building Construction is wood & some steel reinforcement - will likely have to reinforce openings with Steel to mount doors and be structurally sound. This is for a build out of a massive, major event space in Los Angeles and will be a very high profile installation.


interested do you have anyone to supply me with a couple of your United States Marine Doors in the UK. I'm traveling at moment best contact via email.


Hi - I have a loading dock area that needs an operable United States Marine door, visual screen 42' x 17' clear opening for trucks with large boats to drive under. The door would be horizontal bifold open to the weather both sides. This is a high frequency application. Opening speed of this marina door is a big concern as trucks will need to pull through to clear the street traffic. Please expedtiously let me know if your product(s) are suitable for this application.


Overall cost (ballpark) for 40 to 45 foot wide United States Marine floatplane hangar door x 12 clearance bifold insulated. shipped to Kenai, Alaska planning new construction


We are looking for a boathouse door solution that uses United States Marine Doors, for aesthetic reasons, won't include the tracks of a sectional door. We thought either a bifold marine door or a tilt-up canopy marine door might be that solution. Our concern is minimizing the distance between the bottom of the header and the bottom of the door when it is open. Will someone please call me to discuss what that distance would be given the door size information below?


Hey. Interested in information on the United States Marine bifold-doors. I want to use these U.S. Marine doors to car washes, are there mechanisms in place to work in areas with high humidity? Dimensions door height 3.6 m, width 3.2 m. I need 12 doors per car wash. Can I purchase a mechanism of opening such doors in Russia? If this is not possible, what is the price and delivery options in Russia.


I need a quote for a 40'wide by 14' high insulated United States marine doors to be installed in a building I am bidding on a pilots floatplane airport in Canada. I need to know how much these marine doors will weigh asap so that our engineers can design the header for the buildings to which the U.S. marine doors will be mounted. Thank you in advance for your assistance and prompt response.