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Looking for some basic pricing on a bi-fold thermal curtain patio door that would be approximately 10ft tall by 6ft wide. Or perhaps 10ft tall by 12ft wide in an existing opening that has 2 window bays. Please price with lift straps and automatic latching systems.


We are planning a residential upgrade and want to use a horizontal bifold thermal curtain patio door similar to many of the installations that you feature on your web site. The concern is installation. I am not aware of any installer in the area and was therefore asking for advice on how to order and install these. Thank you, Robin dripps


Modern single story home looking for glass thermal curtain garage door 10.8” x 8.6” opening


Good Morning, Please provide a Quote with install, we will be attaching a thermal curtain wall to your bifold liftstrap door. Frame profile will be 2 1/2" wide.


Looking for an interior thermal curtain patio bifold "door" solution for hiding a serving area shared between a front lobby and an adjacent conference room.


Interested in an thermal curtain insulated bifold strap patio door 21' 6" wide and 16'7" high. Please call.


Interested in a thermal insulated curtain patio bifold mancave door with an ~R30 value. 14'x30' size. How well does the door perimeter and center hinge line seal for limiting airflow?


I'm considering cementing an existing 60' by 48' pole barn into insulated shop. The bi fold thermal curtain door would be on an end wall or gable end. With 16.6 ft to 17 ft height by 25 ft wide. It has an existing sliding end door that would be removed. Shed has 6x6 posts with trusses on 6 ft centers. Your bifold curtain door would be insulated. These are estimated dimensions. Mainly wanting a cost estimate for your bifold strap door with electric opener. If i go ahead it would be a mid summer project. What kind of lead time do you need.


I am interested in a residential thermal curtain patio  bifold garage door. Please call me at your convenience. Thank you.


I am an architect working on a project with an exterior bi-fold door. Our company and this fast-track project are located in Boston, and the project is currently in design. We are interested in the Schweiss Bi-Fold Thermal Curtain Pation Designer Door with the bottom drive option. The door is about 15.75' x 14.75' and is set within a custom curtainwall. We are working on detailing the door, and would like to receive additional details showcasing this door's integration with curtainwall mullions. Please let us know if there are curtainwall integration details that you can provide that we can adapt to the custom curtainwall we have on our project.


To be installed in ICF garage. I am curious on any insulation/R-value with the thermal curtain patio door closed. Thank You, Brandon


Doing some very early preliminary thinking about a house renovation. would like to see what price ballpark I'd be in with a bifold thermal curtain patio door. please email me instead of calling. Thanks, Brett


Building a new house. Have a need for two bifold thermal curtain patio doors. 8' wide, height can be 7'-10'. Can I customize the outside in the field to match the siding? Thanks Deepak


I am interested in a bi-fold thermal curtain patio door as part of my living space in new home construction.  Can you please address the insulation rating and thermal transmission of the closed door. Keep Calm and Bike On! Jeri Rutherford


We have an outdoor living room we would like to enclose with thermal curtain patio doors. There are 5 openings total; 16'x 8' (1), 6' x 8' (3), 3' x 8'(1). Do you manufacture patio doors this size? We are looking at the bi-fold thermal doors with glass. The largest of the doors would need a small pet door for our dogs. Would this possible? Thanks for your assistance!


I would like a price on a 25'x14' bifold thermal curtain patio door with insulation, the inset type with opener. Also l would like to know about the bracing if it is supplied or has to done by the building manufacturer. Also the installation cost. Thanks John Harris


Have door coming with R&M bid #42518, can you supply your Schweiss interlocking thermal door insulation and what would be the cost ? Thanks.


Hi, I'm an architect from Israel, Designing my own family home, and therefore, letting my self look for non conventional thermal curtain patio doors. I've designed in my house, large windows with sun screens made of bi-fold elements made of steel /aluminum frame and laser cut steel/aluminum panels. Searching for  thermal curtain patio door solutions, I crossed your company and I would like to check if we can work together. So if shipping to Israel and installing or guide local constructors to do it, is an option, I'd like you to contact me for further details and price offer. 


This thermal curtain patio bifold is door to be insulated as much as possible. The door should have a built-in pedestrian entrance with panic cylinder and door handle on the inside and door cushioning device and safeguard to prevent the main gate from opening with pedestrian entrance not fully closed. Average wind speed on building: 15 - 20 knots predominantly heads-on 90 deg.


Hello Im interested in your Bifolding thermal curtain sealed garage doors. Im looking for pricing for a project. The door im looking for will need to fit in an opening 9' wide by 7' tall, it must be thermally insulated, and lockable. Is this something that you might be able to arrange?


I am interested in a bifold custom design thermal curtain patio door for my new house project currently under construction. I have an 8' ceiling height in the location of this door. Would be great if it was glass. My windows are bronze clad. Can the hydraulic door be bronze on the exterior? Do you have anyone local (Boston area) who represents your product? Thanks!


We would like the price of a 24 foot bi-fold thermal curtain patio door, also a quote on a 44 foot bi-fold thermal curtain strap door, we will be having this door installed in a metal building, 50 feet wide and 100 feet long. 


Hello, This is Aida Napoles, local designer here in Chicago. I have a restaurant project looking to incorporate enclosed thermal curtain patio doors and an addition w/ sky lights & bifold doors. Please advise a good contact to share design intent. Thank you Aida


This is for a high end house overlooking Lake Tahoe in Incline Village NV. I would like a 18' wide x 11'-8" high horizontal pivot thermal curtain patio  door, the horiz. pivot is at the 8' high line, glass and steel frame door, This would be a view wall opening-up in a living room situation. vert mullions would be 6' o.c. Glazing would be 1" thick double insulated glass.


We are looking for pricing for an approx 12'0" x 3'6" aluminum and glass swing up thermal curtain patio doors (qty of 2)possibly with a powder-coated finish, insulated laminated glass fully weather-sealed patio doors.


We're looking for a door to install on the end wall of a tension Fabric Building on the North Slope of Alaska. High winds are common. Door will need to be Thermal curtain insulated bifold door. Thanks, Shannon


Hello Good Morning, I'm looking for numbers on both hyd door and bi fold thermal curtain patio doors. The thermal curtain patio doors I'm looking for are two 16'-30' going in the side wall of my home. Please give me a call. Thanks


Looking for a price on thermal curtain patio doors  using three 16ft by 26 ft Schweiss by fold strap doors. Can you tell me what the R-factor is on your Schweiss thermal curtain patio doors?


Need Insulated thermal curtain patio doors for our small building- replacing non insulated roll up doors FUture expansion; 16 x 20tall doors 2019 building another mfg facility thanks


I%u2019m looking to put in a strap bifold thermal curtain patio door insulated 13%u20198%u201D wide by 13%u2019 tall with opener and iPhone to control. I%u2019m looking for pricing and info on exterior styles of exterior.thanks


Looking for a lift up, thermal insulated curtain patio glass bifold door 8'-6"x4'-0'for a bar area in a new detached residential "Fun Barn". Can provide architectural and structural plans if so.


How easy is it to insulate thermal curtain patio doors and does the door quote just include a frame and then the cladding is done by me? Thanks


I'm with an architecture firm in Louisiana. We are currently designing a Hawaiian home that wants a thermal curtain patio door,  and I'm looking for CAD details and specs for bifold doors with lift straps. If you could send me some of this information or point me in the direction where I could find this information, that would be great. Thanks!


Working on a interior mounted fire station bifold glass thermal curtain door with a 12'4" x 9'4" opening that they would like to be full view, manual operation as will only be used a couple times a year.


I would like a price for a 12' W x 11' 10" H - vertical bifolding sectional thermal curtain patio door - full insulated glazing (1" clear tempered, low-E glazing) - also quote me a hydraulic operation door, same dimensions. 


I am working on a project that includes an interior swimming pool. we are planning to use a glazed panel bifold thermal curtain patio hangar door system to open the interior pool to the exterior pool in the summer. I need some help selecting a product and possibly getting some Revit content.


The thermal curtain patio doors are 22x10 Glazed infill. Please Quote also 10x10 system Do you have any revit or Bim models Instal and warranty Thanks


Looking for pricing for your standard size thermal curtain patio doors? Do you sell your thermal patio door components separate from the door frames or must they be sold together? Thank you


Looking for completely transparent thermal curtain patio doors or as much as possible. either glass or plexiglass 14' by 14'


Hello Can you please let me know if you have bi-fold lift up hinge for 32" h x 16" wide  thermal curtain patio doors... and I believe 1" thick or 1-1/2" thick mdf... 


In addition to preliminary pricing information, I would like U-value, air infiltration, and thermal break information for your vertical hinge bifold  thermal curtain patio windows and doors with 1" insulated glazing. Thanks


I am needing thermal curtain patio doors and came across some on your Schweiss Doors website. The size I am in need of is roughly 12 wide x 9 tall. Do you sell these thermal patio doors as kits or fully assembled? I will be looking forward to hearing back from you.Thanks,Jason


Hi, I would like to get a quote for an thermal curtain insulated patio door (frame and kit ready to hang) delivered to the adresss above. Just needs to be finished inside and out. Opening is 8' 2" 1/2 high by 16' 5" 1/2 long. Please let me know. You can call and email.


Thermal Bifold Doors to have Curtain Wall Framing attached by our company. I have pictures if you require them. Steel and Concrete Double Garage 2 Patio Doors Required


We are looking to buy a 36'1" x 14'0" bifold thermal curtain patio home door asap. We trusted a door dealer to get us this door and we just found out that he has not even ordered the door. We are behind now on this job because we were to have this thermal rated bifold door installed by now for our customer.


Hi, Am interested in a designer bi-fold thermal curtain wall door for a commercial installation. Would love to work through pricing and details to assess viability for this upcoming project. Thanks, Karina Hamman


Want to replace overhead door with bifold 14x24 insulated thermal curtain patio door with windows. Who is my closest dealer and installer? We are in Melville Sk.


I am currently working on a Central Utility Plant in Upper Merion, PA and am looking for a 15' X 15' service door that we can mount our thermal curtain wall to in order to achieve a seamless design transition from the door to the thermal curtain wall butting up to it on either side. Ideally we would like to have it as a single plane and not split in half by a bi-fold door. The bifold thermal curtain wall is designed to be butt glazed with a 6"-7 1/2" mullion.


I am building a residential house and have an opening 16' wide x 18' tall. I am currently looking at a bifold thermal curtain patio door, such as a take off of a Nano wall system, however I am thinking of a one piece hydraulic door. I am assuming that is cheaper than the bi fold system that you offer. Can you give me a rough idea of cost? I would want it to have as much glass as much as possible . Since it has to be ship, I guess it would be better to have the glass installed onsite. Any info you can provide would be deeply appreciated. Thanks, Howard


I have a project with 8 roughly 8x8 bifold thermal curtain patio windows on the exterior of brick walls. Could I get an estimate and recommended installers for one of your products?


I am currently working on the design of a thermal  curtainwall system for the lobby of a manufacturing building and the owner would like to incorporate a bi-fold glass thermal faced curtain patio doors (min. 15'Wx15'H). I was wondering if I could get some details or work with someone on what this would require structurally to support the door and to see how it would incorporate into the curtainwall system. I can send a dimensioned elevation if that will help or please let me know what further information is needed to get a preliminary design and quote.


Looking for a price on bi-fold doors 14 high and 20 ft wide thermal curtain patio doors, insulated. I need three of them. Thank you Randy


Please quote a bi-fold door frame that is for a 25'x10' opening using thermal curtain patio doors. This will be for a PEMB and the windload is 37psf or 130 mph. Delivery would be to me and go to job site 15 miles from here. Sincerely, Vinnie 


Hi, Looking for budget pricing on 3-7; 20'x 30' Bi-Fold thermal curtain patio doors with the most R-rating as possible.


need 3- 12' wide x 8' bi-fold glass doors need 3- 14' wide x 8' bi-fold glass thermal curtain patio doors What is the clear opening for the bi-fold patio doors? What is the cost of the one piece hydraulic doors? one of the above needs a double (2x36") man door (glass) and one needs a single (36") man door (glass).


I am working on an airport hangar building that currently has Schweiss bi-fold opening garage doors on them. Inside the bottom half of the bi-fold is a walk in exterior insulated door with dimensions of 3' wide by roughly 5'10 1/2" tall. Those thermal curtain patio style doors are damaged heavily by hail and needing to determine the cost to replace the insulated exterior doors. Can you please contact me by phone to discuss?


Dear Ladies/gentleman Our company produces thermal curtain patio fire doors with core board, High fire rating, easy installation, size, thickness, density, according to the needs of customers. Material: Thermal curtain patio door with ceramic fiber Max Size: 1200mmx2400mm Thickness: 10mm-50mm Density: 240-450kg/m3 Fire resistance temperature: 1200%u2103 If you are interested in our products, please contact me! Best Regards, 


I am looking for thermal curtain bifold patio doors  15' 8 1/2 " wide and 7' 10" high. I need to know the specs. Please call me. Have a wonderful day! Don't need installation.


We are looking at thermal curtain patio bi-fold doors for use with storefront and will need details, CAD would be nice. We are looking for the thermal curtain door mechanism being at the top. If you have a recommended storefront system that has worked in the past, that would be helpful.


I'm building a house on South Mountain in Phoenix Arizona. The architect has called for two steel frame thermal curtain patio bifold lift door by Schweiss at 7'4" x 23'0" x 5" Please call me or email so I can start pricing this out. I can send the plans in so you can see what he is calling for. Thank you, Travis


Inquiring about a price point for three bi-folding thermal curtain patio doors, roughly 10'x8'. Located in a masonry load bearing condition and in a dark bronze frame finish. Thanks.


Looking at a metal building project which would have a 28'W by 10'H opening for thermal curtain patio doors. I am looking at possible use of a bi fold door. Could you give an estimate? Top of your line to economy manual. Please use my E-mail address to respond. Thanks


I have a 45 ft bifold door. I am looking to price thermal insulated curtain patio door panels and shipping to fairbanks alaska