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I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I am interested in a bi-fold garage door with stucco cladding for a residential garage. Do you have a branch or affiliates here in Phoenix who can install your product?


New concrete block construction, plan to start construction in the spring of 2022. I'm looking for construction advice I can provide my architect. The hangar will be constructed in an air park which wants the hangar to match the house style. So ideally we would want to stucco the outside of the bifold strap door.


Do you sell/install doors in Phoenix, AZ? If you don't install in AZ, who would do the install? I'm looking for a quote for a 14'x14' door for a new build RV garage. Door should be as light as possible because it's going to be a bifold clad with stucco, however should also include insulation value approximately R-10. Also, we'd like approx 5 to 7 windows vertically down the left side.


Lookin for a Schweiss RV garage bi-fold liftstrap door for new wood construction. RV is 13' tall. How tall does the door need to be to accommodate the open span of the bi-fold. I want the exterior to match the house. It will have EIFS on the exterior. "styrofoam and stucco".


Hello, I am getting door ideas and really like the bifold strap doors. I am looking into a 20' Wide X 16' Height door and will need 2 of them. Do you have any decorative bifold door ideas for a residential application? I am planning an attached garage and looking for metal building contractors who can give me an exterior stucco finish to match my house. Also, can these be combined for remote control entry? Thank You, Ryan Farnsley


I wanted to get a price on a bifold (external liftstrap swing door) for my workshop. I want to get something similar to the Mercedes dealership door that is on your website with stucco cladding instead of glass.


I need a price on a bi fold and a hydraulic one piece door, it’s just a little one, A 10ft wide x 8 ft tall, on this job my customer inquired about a custom-made strap bifold door. I suggested the hydraulic door. We can install and stucco the door. I think the material would be a cedar siding. Approximate weight is 600lbs.


The actual measurement of my door opening is 11' high x 40' wide. I need the frame and bifold Liftstrap door system. I will clad the outside with stucco and want it to be a highly insulated fast opening door to keep the Arizona daytime heat out and cool air in.


I’d like to get a quote for this door and was wondering what finish options there are. I live in a small townhouse community with an HOA so I have to comply with certain aesthetic requirements, one of which is to have the door clad in stucco.


Hi. We are looking to purchase a bifold liftstrap door that folds upward for a single residential garage. It’s approximately 10 feet. This door will have a stucco cladding. Can you share pricing


Hi - we're interested in getting some specs / details, we do a lot of clad / flush doors and this would be nice to try. We have a project in Arizona starting up where we'd like to do a stucco clad door with deep battens, can send some renderings. Open to suggestions for spec that will get us cleanest clad look.


Technical Support I purchased a hangar building from Chandler Air Service in Chandler AZ. The building has your 12x40 bi-fold stucco-clad door. I have repurposed the building and in the final phase of completion. The door is hung but the wiring, box and switches need to be reviewed or replaced. Who is your local bifold door contractor in the Phoenix area? We may be interested in the strap conversion as well.


I have a customer very interested in looking at two doors one 8 x 20 to the other 14 x 18. He wants to be able to apply stucco to a bifold or hydraulic door. Which is better? thank you


Building a detached garage. I%u2019m looking to put two 12 ft wide x 14 ft tall stucco clad garage doors or one large stucco clad garage door on a building that is 32 ft wide by 43 ft long. My goal is to make the detached garage look similar to house by not having 2 large garage doors. So the bifold stucco door would have a hidden garage door look. Thanks


Can a bifold rv garage door be made 'hidden' when the house is stucco vs siding? I've seen your RV bifold hidden doors and they are great.  Our HOA doesn't allow RV garages, but might if it didnt appear to be one.


Would like to get a quote for 3 bifold specialty doors similar to the ones used at Sam's Tavern but mine with stucco-clad panels. Interested in manually operated rather than electric motor if possible. The project is located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If shipping not available to Mexico, we can export through San Diego, CA. Construction type is concrete block/concrete columns.


Designing a home with a standard 2 car garage door in stucco and the adjoining garage will have an approx 14%u2019 tall single car door for a car hoist. We would like the bifold stucco-clad garage doors to match in appearance but be different sizes of course. How do we get a rough cost?


Hi - I am looking at a project that requires one 60' x 14' (clear opening) Bifold Strap stucco clad door, mounted to a Metallic PEMB endwall. (All new construction - getting pricing together now.) I would like some dimensions regarding the door attachments so I can make sure the correct info gets into my PEMB quote. Jobsite would be in Douglas, AZ 85607, building code is per the IBC but confirming which version. We are a previous client, but it's been a couple years and we have since changed address & phone #, the email is the same. Thanks, Lynn Mattingly, President, WgMC


Hello I am building an addition and would like to have a bifold 8x8 stucco-clad garage door added to my common living space. I would like to know rough pricing of this as well as shipping cost to Albuquerque and ease of installation. Also could you tell me the typical time it takes from order to delivery? Thank you so much. Stephanie Hands


We have a customer that requested a quote for a Schweiss overhead lift bifold door with stucco-cladding shutter facing. We just received this request and the bid must be submitted by Thursday. This door will be installed on a condo on the gulf coast of Florida, and must be windloaded 150 mph. You may call if you need additional information. Thank you.


This is for 36 Taxiway Lindy Loop, Port Orange, FL at Spruce Creek Fly-In community. I am purchasing the house. This is a concrete/stucco hangar that needs a new 38 ft. bifold or hydraulic door. Pictures are in the link below. Thank you.


We are building a new house/hangar at DryCreek Airpark close to Prineville Oregon and need a suitable bifold hangar home door for our Piper TurboArrow IV. Can you give us a quote with and without installation? Please also add additional cost for extra windows and door in the hangar home door. Please also state time of delivery for planning purposes. If you have drawings and installation guides that is also wanted so we can supply this to the architect/engineer. Our house will have a stucco  fascade, can the door be a stucco clad bifold door with the same facade material? Looking forward to hear from you! 


I need a quote on two doors. 1-16X8 bifold upward acting. And 1-16X8 hydraulic one piece door. Both doors will be stucco clad bifold doors.   Thanks.


I am evaluating use of your bifold door to be installed in conjunction with some other modifications to our facility and would like to obtain pricing on stucco clad doors. I can send photos and additional information via email. I would like to know the difference in pricing for a 47' wide option vs the 35' width I've listed in the dimensions box. Door height could vary based on contemplated construction modifications but should be in the 16' - 18' high range and have stucco clad doors. Feel free to call if needed.


Looking for 2 quotes (1 Hyd, 1 BiF) for an existing hangar home that will have stucco clad doors, with a new independent frame, installed on the existing gable end wall. Existing building is 60' wide, with a 16' eave, and a 4/12 pitch.


Can you make the doors with expanded stucco clad sheeting for the outside skin? How much for one with expanded metal sheeting that is 13'-6" x 22'-0"?


Building a new house in Kerrville, TX. Want an RV bay in my garage but no room for roll up mechanism (and ugly). Saw your strap lift system but no indication of cost. 10' wide door, 14' tall. Simple bifold (stucco-clad bifold door look probably or maybe faux wooden door look). Please give me some guidance on costs. Thanks. Would also consider hydraulic stucco-clad door as opening space isn't an issue.


Biflold or Lift design. I have about 24 or so feet of opening for a home garage. I would like to have a stucco clad bifold door with stucco to match the home. Thanks Mark


I need a quote on (2) Custom stucco clad Bifold Doors 1st Quote Bi Fold - 2nd Quote one piece (2 quotes with same options) (2) 12' wide x 11' tall clear anodized frame 1/2" Insulated. Also please supply shop drawings. Job Name: Gibson Photography If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks,


Currently in the process in a building new north Scottsdale AZ contemporary home that I need to have built/installed a 8'-9' wide by 10-12' high bifold custom window wall that will have the bottom half clad in stucco and that will mimic balance of front exterior of home.. Require full perimeter seals and all glass to be smoked, so you cannot see into garage. Color rendering of exterior stucco clad door look to be provided.


Good Afternoon, I need a quote on a 40x14 stucco clad Hangar door. New construction and can you please email door specs


I recently contacted you about the process the gentleman in Arizona used to apply stucco to his hangar door. Does anything special need to be done at the factory in order to have a stucco clad bifold or hydraulic door?


Interested in installations, service and maintenance of your bifold stucco-clad and other doors in Arizona and the western United States.


A am looking for a quote on your bifold hangar doors along with installation. These will be stucco clad hangar doors.  Thank you


Looking for price to replace existing sliding door in Arizona. Due to the extreme summer heat we would like to order a hydraulic one-piece stucco clad door. Existing door is 17 feet high x 40 feet wide. We saw the stucco hangar door on your Must See Photo website. Appreciated the directions the owner gave to apply stucco to the door.


Hello. Looking for a bifolding stucco clad garage door for a new home construction. Do you have any products? Thank you


Interested in a 42' wide x 14' high bifold stucco clad  hangar door that has Florida Product Approval (Miami-Dade) for 140 MPH


I have a customer that is wanting a Bi-Fold Door in a stucco clad door color. He will supply the stucco but is needing the rest of the materials. The overall size is 12.4 1/2" wide by 8.4" tall. I also have the dimensions of each individual glass window pane they are requesting. If you could please call me I would greatly appreciate it. 


Hello. I'm building three airplane hangars and will need stucco clad doors on each hangar. Please send pricing for the following 6 bifold stucco doors: (3) 100 x 20 (3) 40 x 20 Thanks. Mike


I purchased a bifold strap door for my Arizona hangar a few years ago. Now I need a door for a extension on one side. It has to open for a complete pass through of 12' X 32' built with the same strength as my other door. Prefer a hydraulic single door because it is going to be a stucco clad door.  Please give me price options


We need bifold doors clad with stucco in a job in San Carlos, CA. Please provide my an email to send the invite with plans and specs.


We are interested in the hydraulic and bifold doors that can be doors clad with stucco on the outside. Can you please provide an estimate for a 20'-0" x 10'-0" rough opening for both options? Feel free to contact if you want more information. Thank you, Fui.


Need to replace an existing garage door with custom bifold to be cladded in stucco and installed flush with exterior garage finish. Would like to discuss stucco clad door options.


what is roughly the cost of a 14 by 14 ft stucco clad bifold strap door for a shop thnks dennis


modifying a home garage to fit an RV inside. RV is 10'5" inside ceiling is 11'4". Thus need nearly a 11 foot stucco clad bifold door that is only about 105" wide. Is this doable with your company? would you have an approximate cost estimate for the stucco door? 


Starting to budget a stucco clad hangar home door  near Fredericksburg, Tx (Gillespie County) Need door price for a 44 x 13 opening. Would like to have near 13' overhead clearance when door is opened. Building size is 50' x 80'. Project may start third quarter next year. 


WE would like to get pricing on (4) 32'x14' stucco clad bifold doors for a fire house we are quoting in Nevada.         


I need a 14' high by ~20' wide opening for my new house and need it to look like a normalish stucco canopy door opening. I am considering hydrolic and bi-fold strap door and would like to get a rough idea on cost range. I would also like to know what the cost would be if I decided to only do a single wide or 10' wide opening. The house will be stucco so thinking the entire. one piece hydraulic door would be stucco with the lower 7' looking like a normal garage door.


Need quote for 52' bifold stucco clad door. Location will be in Paulden, AZ. Purchase time frame will be in November or December.


Looking at the strap lift bi fold garage stucco-clad  door for a residence h9'xw7'-9". We would want to clad exterior with stucco to match the house. Looked at a renlita and am wondering if your option would be more inexpensive.


I was wondering if you could give me a ballpark estimate on a bifold strap door with a 42' wide and 9' high opening. Also, can any material be used for the door covering? I.e. Stucco-clad, Cedar or other light wood clad bifold doors. Could you give me an average installation cost? And last, how much vertical space does the door take up when fully opened, i.e. In the full up position, above the opening. Thanks, Russ


I am building a 4 car garage 50' long. I want the garage to look like the side of a house and have the entire front of the garage lift up with a one piece hydraulic lift system. I plan to have the door consisting of hardy plank and stucco. I guess my builder would create the door and I am interested in the hydraulic system. Is the system something you sell independent of the hydraulic or bifold stucco  garage doors? Thanks! John


I need two quotes. one for a bifold stucco clad door and the other for a hydraulic stucco clad door. The size is 9'2" x 26'-8". Let me know if you have any questions. Best, Sean


HI Julie Can I get a quote on 2 bifold stucco clad doors for a job quote in Albuquerque area. door 1 44' wide 16 ft hinge height door 2 42 ft wide 14 ft hinge ht. this door quote option of a truss to hang it on . thank you john bradley


I am designing a RV garage and would like a quote for your strap-lift bifold door system. I need a clear opening of 12'w x 14'h and specs on additional weight of trim material as I am planning to have this as a stucco clad garage door. Thank you, Eric Peterson


I am interested in your bi-fold product for a residential stucco clad garage door application with limited headroom. Do you have a price list for standard sized stucco clad garage doors? Thanks, Philip


We are interested in your Bi-Fold stucco clad doors. We have an application now with one of our County facilities. We are interested in speaking with one of your representatives in or near Arizona or Utah.


Just need a rough estimate on a 40'x11' bifold strap lift stucco clad door, and how much head room I will lose on the 11' high door opening.


looking for pricing on a 16'w by 10'h stucco clad  bifold door. would be interested in something that is insulated. door should be able to operate manually as we will be off grid with no power. please let me know how much that would cost.


I have an application for 2 bifold stucco clad doors, and would like budget pricing to evaluate Schweiss potential. Opening is 28'(W)x 8'(H) clear, 2' headroom above door opening, concrete block construction with poured headers and side cells. Stucco clad doors to be face mounted if reasonable weather resistance can be assured, and strap operated. Both 120V and 240V 1ph power available. Wind load minimum 130 mph, 140 mph if reasonable cost impact. I am owner, engineer (registered PE) and contractor on this job. Please feel free to contact me if you need further info. Email is easier than phone. Thank you.


Hello I just need information about Residential Stucco Clad Bifold Doors and if you have any approval for Miami Dade. If not, how do you work in this zone?


We're designing a bifold door opening for a private parking garage using a Schweiss door for the basis of design. We need to get structural and electrical engineers coordinated so I'm looking for anticipated structural and electrical loads, and possibly details, so that the base building design for these stucco clad doors is adequate. Getting this stucco clad door information coordinated quickly is ideal. Thanks, Terry


I have a used 40x20ft schweiss bi-fold stucco clad door. I was wondering if you had any use or knew of anyone looking for a good used stucco hangar door. It could be used as 2 35x20 bi-folds or one 70x20 as we used it before. Has dual electric motors. 


Please provide stucco application instructions and details for stucco clad bifold doors on your Bid Number 


We are the construction manager for a project to be built in New Mexico that has been looking at the Renlita Door products for this application but have asked us to secure quotes for alternate bifold door products. The building is concrete frame, but for these stucco clad doors we would provide steel header beams. These are to be exterior stucco doors in clear anodized aluminum frames. The client would like to see the price if there are eight (8) bifold strap doors that are 6'8"w x 20'0"h, or if there were four (4) doors that are 15'6"w x 20'0"h.


We do want 2 bi fold stucco clad doors for an existing cement flat roof building. one 38ft-6in by 12ft 6in and one 42ft-12ft 6in. We are replacing a rolling stucco clad doors and need the full height opening. the walls of the building are only 14 feet so the frame of the bi fold door would need to go past the roof line some. Would like a Quote.


need a price on a 40 ft wide by 18' high stucco clad door, have a 21'6" clearance to bottom of beam, need at least 18' clearance, wood building. Stucco door needs to match hangar home next to it.


Need budget price for garage type folding stucco clad doors. Approx. size: 8' tall x 18' long.(glass panel option) Need info on framing/ structure required for stucco clad doors.