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I need a quote on two 40 x 18 Bifold State Park Utility Shop Doors One is in the end wall and one is in the sidewall. Include price for straps, auto latches and a reliable Schweiss backup system.


I would like a quote for a bi-fold door for a state park in Michigan. I am building a 40x60x14 building and I am thinking about adding a 20x14 bifold strap door so I can get clear entry height.


Looking for budget number for a state park location door for spring installation for 36 wide x 12 high bifold door with a option to go with 24 wide x 12 high for now assume the structure is ok for your door loads my cell is 608 792 4037 Bill


I need a 12 ft high x 30 ft wide bi-fold door for a State Park door test facility No sheeting material


Good Moring My Name is Clinton Talley and I work for Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Page Arizona. I am conduction some market research on converting a cable pully system to a strap lift system on our airplane hanger bifold state park door. Are you aware of installation contractors that would service Page, Arizona 86040 ? Can you please explain how that process generally works with your product? Is it possible to get a quote for a retro-fit to the door that is currently in use to the strap lift system, and also a quote for having a new door installed with the strap lift system. Do you fabricate Bifold airplane hanger doors? Thank you for your help


I am wanting to know what clearance is lost on height with the door, Do I have to go through a dealer to buy, and prices on a 16 foot wide by 14 tall state park bifold Liftstrap door would be.


Please send design information so we can send to Butler for pricing. 50x18 clear hangar bifold State Park use door will be lined on the inside. include labor to install door. thank you.


Hi, We have a park project coming up that will require a 45'W x 20'H overhead state park door. I was hoping I could speak to someone about this and get some budget pricing from them along with what other options I can get with the door such as remote openers, windows and backup systems


I am needing a quote on 2 different Bi-Fold state park doors and was wondering the best way to go about that. Thank you, Sarah


Hello, just looking for a quote for a bifold door for a new state park construction. Bifold remote operated Liftstrap auto latching door 50 feet wide with a 16 foot clear opening. Building will be of wood post construction. Also would need you to install. Thank you.


We are looking to use a single-lift or bi-fold door for a new state park building in Denver. The building walls are CMU bearing. We can add steel jambs if necessary. Would like to understand cost and construction detailing for this state park door. Thanks!


I am looking for a specification on your exterior bi-fold state park door. Specifically, I'm looking for the power/low voltage requirements. I have (2) doors. Width 36' Height 15' and Width 22' and height 15'.


Hello there, We're working on a new build and are interested in two bi-folding State Park garage doors sized 18x8 and 12x8 with steel frame and frosted glass. They're also on a very high efficiency building, can you provide any information on the insulation values of your bifold state park doors? I'd love a quote for the doors of those two sizes as well just to make sure our budget is in the right ballpark. Thanks! Alex


Need a 3'4x7'2 opening for walkdoor on each 40' x 18' clear opening bifold State Park door.  Please call with any questions.


Exploring pricing options for the bifold door. The project is a State Park event space at a park/recreation area. Can you quote me a 28' wide state park bifold door.


I am in need of a quote for a 30' wide by 14' tall (clear) bi fold (strap lifted) state park door. This will be attached to a metal PEMB. Rough quote is fine for budgeting as well as freight to 92883. Thank you.


I am interested in a quote for a complete door system and a quote for a bifold state park door 40%u2019x20%u2019 with remote opener..


Please provide a quote for a 60 x 16 clear bi fold door call Derrick with any questions 801-577-02 state park maintenance shed bifold strap door.


Hi Schweiss, I am looking for a frame and bifold door system for State Park doors replacement. I want to put a double stacker car lift in and can not go with conventional roll-up door system. One of our state park trucks is 6' high and I need all of the head room I can get with a 7' opening. I think your bifold door would work well for me. I am going to attach a white opaque glass panels to the out side of it for indoor lighting and residential cosmetics. Looking forward to getting pricing and build time from you. Thanks, Dan Staton


Hello, We have a project that is calling for 5 of your bifold State Park doors. We would like to get pricing and information on your products. Thank you


Please provide a quote on three bifold state park bifold doors, to fit 8 foot high by 40 foot wide openings.


I would like to get a quote for a 36' wide by 20' tall bifold State Park door. What is the typical lead time on a door like this? 


Looking for pricing for a 16 foot State Park garage doosr and an 8 foot State Park door as well.


Hi. My name is Jessica and I work for a prime contractor that is currently doing work for the US State Park in Puerto Rico. We have been invited to revitalize a large hangar where B-52 bombers used to be housed with your State Park hangar doors. We need to replace the motors, wiring, and controls to the motors that open & close the large, steel hangar doors, so instead of replacing these components we would like to order all new State Park doors from Schweiss. We have a youtube video I can send to you so that you can clearly see the scope of work. Would you be interested in seeing the video so you can provide a proposal for these large state park hangar doors within the next week or two?


Hello, I am building a small workshop at our state park and am interested in installing a bifold state park door. Can you please call me at your earliest opportunity to get me an estimate? The measurements I provided are not fixed requirements. The workshop is yet to be built and I can adjust the door size as necessary.


We are adding onto an existing metal building and the customer is requesting a price on a liftstrap bifold state park door. If he decides to go with the bifold door we can install the side columns and would need to know the size of the column you guys recommend. Thanks for help! Jeremy Day


Putting up a 32' x 76' A style Crown steel state park building. It currently has a cutout for a 22'W x 14'H door opening. I would like to go wider on this sate park door if possible and have a walk-in door on a bifold door.


In need of pricing for two 60' X 20' state park doors. Requesting information on both the bifold and hydraulic state park doors, most cost effective option, and stand alone hydraulic doors. Information needed for state grant application due 24th 


45x18 Clear Bifold State Park Door with Strap Lift and auto latches. Please send design information as well for Butler. No interior liner panel. Thanks


Looking to replace our older aluminum frame wilson state park door thats on a morton building to a Schweiss liftstrap door with aluminum frame and auto latch mechanism. 


Have not finalized building type yet; fabric or pole barn requiring State Park bifold or hydraulic doors. Either way the opening will be 12X40 feet either one piece hydraulic(preferred) or bifold. Construction to begin early this spring. Proposed state park door would be 40 wide by 16 tall. Is it practical to install these types of door in fabric buildings? the building will be used as an storage building, vehicle storage and light maintenance.


We are working on a large project for Spokane that requires a lot of egress State Park doors, but would like the opening to be wide enough for access to the space with a vehicle. The ultimate goal is to have a State Park access door as well as egress doors in one with at least a 12 ft. tall opening. Can your product have several man doors integrated and open up as well? Hope to get some information from you. Thank you


We are working on a very large park project in the metro Boston area and there is a request for state park doors to include 7 of your upward acting automatic bifold strap doors. Please have someone contact me as soon as possible on my cell phone. 


Two 40x16 Clear bifold state park doors, strap lift. One to be installed in the sidewall and one to be installed in endwall. Please send design information so we can send to Butler for design/pricing purposes. We will also be insulating these with 3" of spray foam insulation and then installing liner panel. Please prep door for that.


Preliminary budgeting phase of building a state park house hangar. The state park bi-fold hangar door opening needs to be large enough for a Citation II(53x15). Would a 56x18 door work or would it need more height for the bi-fold?


We are building a 60'x60' State Park Visitor Center next year and would like to budget for a bifold or hydraulic one-piece state park door with interior truss and recessed mounted. Our Architect would also like to work with someone on the end wall column bracing and details.


Do you have architectural details that I can review and possibly incorporate into my drawings. I am designing a State Park concession/restroom building for a park district, and I would like to incorporate hydraulic or bifold doors into a State Park building.


I'm curious if you have any solutions for a hinge style state park door for measurements of 20 feet wide and 28 feet tall? a set of two for a government state park  building here in delaware.


Hello, We have a hangar with your state park bifold door. It has been in use for approximately 10 years. When should we replace the straps? We haven't had any problems with the door and the straps still look new. Your doors are perfect for state park door use.  Thank you, Paul Gradwell


Please send me a list of qualified service people near  Ellsworth, Maine area. We have four Schweiss hydraulic state park doors. One door vibrates when opening and closing. The other state park doors work just fine. The open solenoid makes an intermittent chatter noise as if a relay is not engaging.


We have a metal State Park building needing 4 large state park bifold doors. (2) 46'x15' (1) 18'x15' (1) 25'x15' I like the Bifold door and the automatic latching system. We are a Fabrication shop that would leave the doors open during working hours and closed after hours for both security and weather. The bifold doors must be durable enough to handle high winds. Could I please get quotes for both options for all 4 doors.


We are replacing an overhead 24x14 door that we spray foamed when we insulated the shop at our state park. We would like to open the end of the shop as much as possible, and thinking we could do an 28x16 state park door. We would like a quote on either hydraulic or bifold, insulated, with a walk-in door and several low and high windows.


Building new work shop. Post frame construction, Would like to price and consider a bi fold State Park  door 24'x 14' opening. 24" of head room. Header which is planned is 3ply lvl 16" tall 1.75"thick It would need to be insulated. Thank you.


We are manufacturing a new type of enclosure for large banks of batteries for our State Park bifold doors. We need bi-fold doors on both sides of the enclosure to access the battery racks. Door widths would vary: 6'-6", 9'-0", 11'-0", and 12'-6". Door height is 7'-0". Door to be steel with insulation (R=16 desired, if possible).


hello I'm currently building a state park building and am very interested in a state park BYOD door, as I am a welder and have the means to do so. but it appears not to be available in bifold. is this correct? door dimensions are 16'x9' rough opening in 6"x6" cedar posts. really interested in bifold, already talked to someone on prices for your door in the size I need, but just seen your DIY Schweiss door kit?


I need two full View 20 by 14 state park bifold doors these will be pool house glass clad doors. Need a quote and a time frame ASAP thank you very much. Brad Taylor general manager


Hi, We are a residential architecture firm looking to use your designer hydraulic door for one state park door headquarters projects. We are out of California and need to be Title 24 Compliant. To do so, we need a U-Factor of .67 and a SHGC of .31 If you have a State Park Designer Door product that meets those requirements could you please send us a quote for a 16'w x 10't aluminum and glass bifold door? Thanks, Lee Consterdine


Request info on Bifold state park door actuated using lift straps. Please give me rough estimate base price for 12'x14' (WxH) door -- frame only with no service door or windows. Is this a standard size? I plan to use the same sheet metal for the bifold door and the metal building. I assume this model is considerably less cost than hydraulic state park door design? Please confirm this door would use the 12" size wedge. Any additional information also is welcome. 


The Canadian State Park Association is putting up a 40x60 framed shop this spring. I would be ready for install the end of May. Could you quote a16x24 door for an end wall. And could you quote both hyd and bifold state park doors?  I would be interested in insulated bifold strap doors. Doug jensen Duchess, ab


I would like to know if you could build a State Park bifold garage door for us like the one you did for the Forestry Service door in California. I would need it installed. Please include the price (estimated if you don't have a set price). State Park door to be delivered to Tyler, TX. Best way to contact me is by email.


We are looking to do bi fold doors at our State Park, clad in rusted steel, which flush out to the exterior of the building finish. I would like to understand the components of your system so I can detail head and jamb conditions correctly. Are we able to use your State Park door system with a custom tube steel door frame? If so, what would the weight restrictions be?


Looking for a price quote on 2 State Park doors. Building size is 75' x 75' x 20 '. Big question is how high the building needs to be to accommodate the 2 doors from you, which need to be 50' wide x 18' high . They want them on opposite ends of the building so not sure if they want endwall or sidewall.... but it is new construction, so we can guide to what is best. Would you please quote both State Park bifold doors, they are leaning to a bifold, but I want them to choose. Please Email & I will call after I get a chance to look it over. Thanks & look forward to your info. Ron


I am a licensed architect who works for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile AL District Office. Is there a local rep that I can contact for more information in order to fulfill a State Park door order? A typical building, that we design, are similar to hangars located throughout the country. We have a number of other architects and engineers in this office who may be also interested the doors that you manufacture.


Information regarding overhead State Park glass garage door panel or horizontal bifold for garage openings of 18'-0'wx9'-0"h.


We are looking to design a 16.5' X 10' Bifold Lift door for a state park kitchen. This idea is that this state park door will close down the kitchen work surface when not in use and fold up as a "canopy" when for the kitchen to be used.


Doing some research for a future expansion of a state park recycling plant. Just looking at rough cost estimate for initial planning and comparison between use of roll up doors and your state park bifold recycling plant doors.


I am designing a building a for state park and they are interested in using your company for the state park utility shed and equipment doors. Needing a 56x20 bifold or one piece hydraulic door. *Door must meet code for Corpus Christi, TX which is IBC 2012 with 145mph wind*


I am interested in a quote for two State Park doors for a 40'wide x 15' tall opening. I need the full clearance of 15'. There is a 30" I-beam header spanning the opening that I can secure the door too. So the door can have up to 17'6" of opening height. I am open to either the Bi-fold or the hydralic state park doors. 


We are interested in state park door options for an existing steel building and would like to have someone contact us to discuss. Thank you.


We have a Schweiss Door being delivered to our state park construction site for installation. I see that your website offers on-site supervision. I was wondering what rates would be for someone to come to the site during this state park doors installation by our contractor. Additionally, I wanted to know if you install directly and would be able to provide a quote for this work. Thanks, Brawny Gary


I am fixing up a 24x24 wood building with a 16x7 low headroom state park doors, would like one of your doors much better if the price is comparable? Dick Simons


We're currently budgeting a State Park door project that calls for the use of a Scweiss Bifold lift strap door, approx. 20'w x 12'H. Looking for pricing information on these state park doors. Thansk


I need a quote on a one piece flip out hydraulic door or bifold state park door package with all hardware and pump and delivery to Kevil Ky. Door size is 13 foot 11 inches tall 20 foot 6 inches wide 


Looking for a State Park door to get me max height on a lean-to for our shop. Wondering also if there is a remote option and what that may cost? What is timeline for getting a State Park door made? Thanks, Blake


I have a customer that wants bi folding doors in outdoor type State Park kitchen, 3 doors, with glass, going on a counter top, wondering if you make that sort of State Park door. Call me please.


Please send me an email address in order to send a Request for proposal for FLORIDA KEYS STATE PARK DOORS.  You are the specified manufacturer for these state park doors.


Have a print that shows 45' x 20' Hangar bifold strap doors for a State Park door project in Burr Ridge, IL. Do you guys do this or have a recommended company to contact?


I have a 40 x 30 State park hangar door built in 1978 with sliding doors that I would like to replace with bifold liftstrap state park doors. The wooden header is sagging making it extremely difficult to open the 2 sliding doors. The opening is 40' wide x 10' tall. I need information on prices and installation in the Portland, OR area. Thank you. Mark