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Hi, I work at saam architecture, and we have been looking at your large bifold doors and hoping to use one at a school we are working on in Rhode Island. We are currently showing the door at 22'-0" tall and 47'-0" wide. This door would act as a way of extending an outdoor amphitheater and auditorium. We interested in seeing the options you have and some pricing.


Hi, I want to know more about STANDARD "BOTTOM" DRIVE Bi-fold doors. We plan to use the product in one of our new School Projects in California. I wanted clarity on clear heights when the door is open/folded and required minimum clear headroom. If the door size per the design is 16'-0" W x 11'-0" H, could you please give me information for the following: 1-Clear height when the door is open/folded 2-Required headroom for the door from the roof. Also, it would be beneficial if you could send me an AutoCAD or Revit file. Thank you


Has Schweiss done any California School Work with DSA and your success record of work with them? I have a new school campus that could utilize the doors you provide. Lots of potential. Please send email response and we can discuss further. Regards, Paul


We are designing a renovation to the football stadium at University of Wyoming and we need help specifying and detailing strap bi-fold doors. Can you please put me in contact with someone I can share drawings?


I'd like some rough pricing information for a glass bi-fold door, 12'-0" wide x 12'-0" tall, to be installed in a new educational building of steel construction. Bifold door would need to have all the safety attachments such as photo eye sensors and lockable control box.


Jerry Rieke gave me a quote #2322-SG about a month ago. I must have messed up your quote form but the quantity should have been 3 doors not 31. Sorry. Anyway the doors are for classrooms at a local college. We will be installing an aluminum and glass skin to your bifold school doors which will meet and STC of 35. Have your doors ever been tested to meet and STC sound rating. Please let me ASAP so I can let the contractor and architect we are working with on this design/build project. Thank You!


Project: Pierce College Classroom This is a design/build project. No specs or details out other than we will need two glass clad doors about 10 ft. width x 8 ft. tall. Need a budget for now. Must seal at perimeter when closed. Purpose is to provide use of exterior patio for expanded classroom area and usage.


I am bidding a project in Colorado, Colorado School of Mines- Venture Center, where your product is specified. I was hoping you could provide a turn-key quote, materials and installation for the opening using your bifold designer school doors? If not, could you provide the contact information for an authorized dealer/ installer of your materials in the Denver metro area? I have plans i can send


Hello, I am a Project Coordinator representing PBK. We have a 2 story building being designed for the El Segundo School District. We are considering installing 2 Bi-Fold glass on top half doors for 2 classrooms. the door dimensions at the moment are 12'x8', but it is my understanding that the Bi-Fold doors require more head clearance, which is why I have requested the quote for 12'x12' doors. I can provide plans elevations, and sections of the project in order to clarify the intention. Please contact me at your earliest convenience in order to proceed with the project. Thank you


We are at an early design stage for an amenity building (dining, gymn, conference, etc.) on a biotech campus. The building has a warehouse / hangar aesthetic and includes a large bifold door at the lobby facade. One of the sample inspiration images is from the Sacramento Kings Stadium at Golden 1 Center which was a Schweiss Door. I work in our estimating and preconstruction division and I am putting together a budget for the project. I'm looking for a ROM cost for a 55'w x 32.5'h bifold door of similar aesthetic to the Kings Stadium doors. Any additional product info and specifications would be most welcome.


I need a door for a new 24'w x 16'h opening in one of our high school workshops. Location is Auburn Maine, USA. Please email only, I'm usually out in the welding shop and cant take phone calls.


5 or 6 fairly large glass strap operating bi-fold doors were specified on a new university life sciences building we are building and currently pricing in northern VA for George Mason University. The architect is EYP. I have not had any luck getting pricing on these doors. Could you please confirm who I can contact for pricing to buy the doors and also to install them? I'm also looking for bifold door backup systems and security locking systems. Total of six bifold doors, one of which is an interior glass bifold door.


Good afternoon! I am working on a PEMB for a local college and have been sent over a bifold door spec from your manufacturer. I am looking for a BIM model that I can load into the project to help represent the style of what the client is looking for. The spec. which was sent over is for a 16'w x 16'h metal bifold lift strap door with and overall height of 18', bottom drive, a strap lift, and attaching to an internal truss. Feel free to email me! Thank you, Stephanie Monroe


I am in need of an installer for a project for (4) single swing hydraulic or bifolding school doors for a project at Princeton University can you help us.


We are working on the initial design for a precision agriculture facility for a local college and needed a large operable bifold strap doors for school owned equipment. The door needs to accommodate a the clearances for a later model combine. We would like to utilize either a bifold door or hydraulic door instead of a typical overhead door due to clearances. the Exterior will be clad in a matching metal panel.


Hi, We are looking for bi-fold door options for a higher education school bifold door project. It would be great if we can get the contact information of the area representative in Raleigh to talk through the options, requirements, and costs. Thank you! Best, Audrey


Hello, We are currently in the CD phase of a CTE addition to an existing school building and have a handful of questions on detailing the bifold door systems, minimizing the thermal transfer around the opening, and the recommended way to install a bifold door into a precast concrete panel wall. Would you have time in the next week or two to meet with us virtually to discuss the parameters of your Schweiss Bifold school doors? Looks like we have availability these times: Thursday (8/19) 1:00-2:00 Friday (8/20) 9:00-10:00 or 10:00-11:00 Tuesday (8/24) 10:00-11:00 or 11:00-12:00 Many Thanks, Becca Baldus Shive-Hattery


Looking for two glass school cafeteria bifold doors. One is a 8' x 7' and the other will be used as a window, 6' x 4' (pass through kitchen window) Looking for a price need to order ASAP depending on lead time. we are building a new home.


Hi,my name is Xixi from DSH Architecture in LA. We are working on repurposing a space with storefront into a multipurpose classroom with bifold school doors. And we are thinking about turning the existing storefront to bifold doors. The doors are likely to be in glass. Just started designing, thought we should get started into looking what options we can and cannot do for the bifold school doors and pricing. Thanks!


I'm interested in using your products in an academic bifold door school project. I'm looking for CAD files of a bi-fold door system that can be used with Kalwall. Thanks!


Bidding a project for a local High School Use Golf course and training center Need 3 bi fold liftstrap 22 x 11 ft bifold doors with glass


I am hoping to price out cost of material, delivery, and labor for an 18' x 11' Motorized storefront bifold swing door. Project location is the U of Santa Barbara, Calif.


I'm looking for two bi-fold strap doors that will be used indoors as servery school cafeteria bifold doors. It will separate the kitchen from seating when the cafeteria is not in use.


Greetings - need a budgetary quote please, including installation on a series of bifold school doors that were damaged during a tornado a few years back in Wadena MN. Thanks.


I am an architect working on a public school building. we are designing an interior bifold door. i was curious if you do interior doors, it seems like the website only shows exterior doors. If the opening height of the door is 10' how much is the head height clearance? For a 10' bifold door what framing size would you recommend? Can the frame be encased in a wall? do you have photos from past projects of interior doors?


Customer is building a Bus garage for a school and is looking at an option for Bi folding doors. Both doors will need to be moto operated with all safety devices and remote opening systems. Must be strap doors.


We a garage door company in Birmingham, Alabama, i have a design build company that is interested in a glass bi-fold door for a school door project and wanted to get some information to see if you could sell to us? They are looking to get a price on a 7' wide x 9'-6" tall or something equivalent in size. Thanks, Jeff


Need a quote on a 42’x14’ bifold school building door can adjust height and width of frameout to account for lost clearances.


Hello, I am bidding a project at the Los Angeles Mission College Student Administration Building and your Bifold and Hydraulic Doors are both specified. We are a curtain wall general contractor. Please contact me.


We're designing an agricultural classroom facility in a pre-engineered building for a local school district and need (2) 18'wide x 12' tall doors for the building. We'd like the doors to match the metal cladding of the walls. Please call to help us determine which product would be most appropriate and what accessories, i.e. battery backups, remotes, photo eyes, etc can be ordered with it. Thank you.


Hello, I am working on a stand-alone ticket booth for a new high school football stadium in Owatonna, MN. We are looking to do a flip-up bifold door awning to cover and secure the ticket windows when they are not in use. The ticket booth would be double-sided, with each opening measuring approximately 12'long by 5'high. The booth is located in a prominent area on the site where the design aesthetic is important. There are several projects on your website in a similar vein, and I was curious if your company would be able to give us a rough estimate for a project of this size for a bifold designer door with lift straps. Please feel free to call my cell phone for more information. Thank you, Haley Koesters


Hello, I have a detached 2 car brick garage that I am converting for home schooling and a studio. I have been planning on clean, modern RBI’s I steel and glass carriage school bifold doors. Came across yours and love the idea of it becoming a canopy and the hydro life are awesome. Just trying to do a reality check to see if this is something I can afford, using your Doc b’s kitchen Case study as an example. I am also located just north of Chicago. Door opening is 16.5’ x 7’. Just looking for ballpark pricing at this point to see if it is something I can pursue. Thanks!


Prefer email. Looking for three custom doors. Black frame with lots of windows. 91 by 100 inches tall. Well insulated if possible. Bi fold liftstrap school doors


Hi, We are working on a project at City College of San Francisco a new 40'w x height TBD opening new vertical bi fold school hanger door, with bottom drive with strap lift, single hinge. We respectfully request CAD or REVIT details for the head, jamb and sill. We'd like to share our drawings so far for your input. Please advise at your earliest convenience. thanks much!, Mary


I am bidding a project where the customer wants to purchase one of your strap-type doors for a school. The size is 20' w x 10' h. I need engineering data so we can design the framed opening to accommodate for the bi-fold door that will be located inside the school.


I am looking for a bi-fold (tilt up) glass school door for an Art classroom open to a small courtyard per client (county) request. We are also thinking of a less desirable roll up door as an option so, please advise me with your product info (model and cut sheet, cost) I saw bifold Liftstrap garage door style for art class room in other schools. My client saw one of your stage and concert doors in a school and another in a school gymnasium and is trying to introduce bifold Liftstrap doors in their schools now.


Hello, I built a storage building last fall and am looking for bifold door options now. I could send a picture of the school building so you could see which door would be the best fit. The project is on a budget so looking for a basic door no insulation required. Thanks Scott


Good day, We're designing a gym for a client in Chelan, Wa. We would like to have bay bifold school doors that open for access and views to the campus, and would like them to open outward so they don't impact lighting or HVAC. The exterior of the building will be either vertical wood or corrugated metal. We'd like to have lots of windows in the bay doors so views can be enjoyed during winter months. Exterior cladding needs to be black. I'd like to discuss options you might have for this project. Thanks.


Harvard University in Cambridge MA is looking for a Glass and Aluminum vertically lifting bifold glass designer door with liftstraps. Size is 46'-6" x 19'-6". I have a drawing that can be sent as well. Please contact me to discuss feasibility. Thank You! Kevin


I am bidding on a bifold school door job at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. It's the new academic building and it has your Schweiss overhead doors and a bi-fold doors specified with a glass curtain wall face. Do your liftstrap doors come with the glass curtain wall, or does the curtain wall mount after the fact onto your frame? If so, how does it mount to your frame. The detail the architect shows is not realistic. Please advise.


Hello, I am working on a high school project called Warren Tech South for Jeffco Public Schools in Colorado. We are doing an aviation program and are looking for a bifold hangar door for schools that would work for a 45' W x 15' H door opening. Does Schweiss have something that would work for this application? If so, could you provide some BOD products with R values and cost information? Would like to see the price difference between a glazed option and a solid door.


We are looking for a bi-fold glass door for a school multi-use room. We are interested in a manual bifold liftstrap school door to save cost. Please let me know lead time to California. We will need to install the door in August.


I am currently framing a school automotive repair shop with limited overhead space because we are  installing a lift on the interior that will store (2) cars. We are looking for bifold space saving school door  options that are non-traditional. The height is flexible. I am looking to get this quoted ASAP. Thank you in advance!


I'm writing about a fast moving project in Hartford Connecticut at the University of Hartford. We're very interested to replicate the look of the bifold liftstrap designer school doors found at the enclosed link. Is there a rep who can help us quickly understand the cost and detail implications?


Hello, My firm is looking to use a bifold glass designer school door at a school project in Vancouver, Washington. If you could give us an price estimate for the size as listed, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Alex


City college of san francisco needs a 40'x14' bifold school door. Need to find a solution next week. Please call Lidia or respond to this email. Thank you and Happy New Year! Lidia


I am working on a new academic building at the University of Hartford. The building requires three school garage style designer doors for various engineering education spaces, including a high-bay space with 20-ton gantry crane. Will you please email me all available details (PDF/DWG/Revit preferred) for the Schweiss one-piece hydraulic and bifold liftstrap door? For glass-clad doors, can the door frame be custom-designed to have specific mullion pattern and spacing? Can you also provide detail photos of a glass door flush with the surrounding exterior wall? Curious to see how the door seals appear in this condition. Thanks, Josh


A college of mine recently received a quote from you guys regarding a 60' bifold school door, and I'm wondering if I can get some CAD drawings showing the dimensions required for the opening. We are designing for an airport hanger and at the point in the project where dimension specifics are becoming necessary. I would also like to explore the possibility of going to a 70' school door, but it might be tight height-wise, again depending on the spec's required to frame the door in. Please let me know where I can find this info.


Hello, Our small private school is planning of going BIG in the near future !! We been kicking ideas back and forth between teacher, board members, administration,AND students. One idea that always comes up is outdoor classroom areas with Schweiss  doors we could have the best of both. ....what would a 10'x 25' Plexiglas bifold outdoor door run...rough idea? (what would 4 run? !! ) Thanks in advance for your time, Chris


I would like a quote for a single bifold glass school door for a 10%u2019 x 7%u20196%u201D opening for a residential remodel. The door will go between the dining room and school outdoor patio area. Thx!


I am wondering if you have any Revit models? We are interested in using a hydraulic door as a cool feature for a concession stand school door we are designing and I would like to show it in the model.


We are doing a small multipurpose room for an outdoor science school. We would like to have 6 - 9'H x 16' wide vertical bi-folding glazed school  doors, do you have a school door product you could suggest, and could you give me an approximate budget.


I am looking for a bi-folding door glass door for a physics lab classroom located in San Jose CA. The bifold school door would probably be 10' high and 12 feet long (Although this may change). Can you point me in the right direction where to look for your school door products.


We are the construction manager for the new Hunter's Creek Elementary School in Spring Branch ISD (Houston, Texas). We are providing a budget price to the school district based on 50% design by Pfluger Architects. The plans show three (3) vertical bi-fold school doors 16' wide x 10' tall. Can you assist me with budgetary pricing? Please put me in contact with salesperson or direct me to a local company that will furnish and install your product. Thank you. 


Quotation needed for 2 ea. Power Operated Vertical Bi-Fold school doors. Doors shall be Motorized with Hurricane latches or Locks at the pivot points. The Latches shall be manually operated and shall have an Hurricane Latches that engage automatically when the door is closed and open automatically.


Hello, My name is Michael Luczak, I'm with Hollis Miller Architects in Castle Rock, CO. Our team is working on an aviation themed charter school in the Denver area and we are looking at possible options for providing overhead bifold school doors to open the dining commons of the school to the outdoor play area. I am hoping to have a conversation with a representative about the various solutions Schweiss offers. Thank you.


I am interested in your bifold products for a school doors project in Los Angeles. Can you give me an idea of costs I comparison to a 16'x8' standard overhead school door. Thanks, Anand


Hi, We are working on a college office building based in Oakland and we are using a bifold glazed school door at Ground Level. Can you please give the contact of one of your technical advisors?. I can send some drawings to explain the project. Thanks in advance, Constanza


Looking at the cost to supply and install bi-fold school doors on a large recreation facility in Richmond, BC (Vancouver, BC Canada). this is a replacement solution to existing sliding glazed doors. 3 large opening. Looking at the Bifold glazed canopy doors with lifting strap to maximize the clear opening school door dimensions. There is existing power and controls in place that could possibly be reused and we are verifying the existing structure and if we are able to reuse. M


Hi, I am an Architect in Virginia specifying a High School. We plan to have an interior bi-fold school door. Could you send a sample specification? Do you have STC / sound insulation information? Thank you. - Matthew.


I would like to invite you to bid on a school doors project. You came recommend by another company that does a bit of business with you and I would like to see if you're interested in taking on another project. USCG Base: Boston, MA Two Bay Door Replacements at Building 14: Work includes removal and replacement of three panel uni-directional sliding industrial type school doors along with related work.


Looking for bi-fold school doors to connect preschool classrooms to exterior spaces. Allow for natural light when doors are down and allow for a mix of exterior and interior when opened.


I plan to reframe the end wall to accommodate the needs of a bifold school door. The door height listed below is to centerline of the hinge anchor points. This school door will go on an outside shed used for storage and will be clad with wood.


I have a client that would like to have an option for a bifold school doors. My concern is the lack of Counterbalance system(or maybe there is one) for manual operation in the event of a power failure. We are in Califormia and our ul325 SB969 was ammended to include battery backup capability for all operators starting June. Please contact me so we can discuss this in school door detail. Thank you


I am developing a plan to build an indoor/outdoor basketball court with half inside the rear of my garage and the other half outside completely. Am interested in finding a bi-fold school door solution that could be shut to create two half courts or opened to create a full court. Am planning on building the court 50' or 60' wide, so would need a school door solution that would cover that span. Would be interested in potential solutions and cost.


I have a 2007 bi-fold Schweiss school door. The best!!! I would like to retro to the remote open/close system. Is that possible? Also, I would like to order a battery back-up system in case of a power outage. 


Good afternoon, my architectural firm is currently working on an educational center in Sully Woodlands Park, Virginia. We are interested in incorporating four bi-fold school doors, similar to the ones installed in the Blarney Stone project on your website. Each opening will be 12' by 12'. Please provide a cost estimate at your earliest convenience.


I need a quote on 2 of the following school doors please. Do you all have dealers, or do you sell direct? Please include shipping if needed. I am interested in the bifold school doors, but would like a quote on hydraulic ones as well. These school doors would be your designer model school doors.


Sirs, Could you please forward pricing and drawing for two interior bifold liftstrap designer doors to be installed at the concession counter leading into an assembly room in a school? Installation will be with through bolts on a stud wall Carpenters will sheet the outside of the doors with plywood and sound absorption fabric The opening sizes are 94.5" wide by 53.5" tall I would like to have operators on the doors as well 110 Volt Thank you


I am looking for a full glass bifold door for a school in Ocean Pines (Showell) Maryland. This school use bifold door is appx 24' wide and 18' tall. Please give me a call to discuss. We are EST Zone and I am available from 8am-4:30 pm Thanks! Nancy


Looking for a ballpark quote on a few bi fold school doors for budgeting. 2- 14w x 16H 1- 12w x 10H We have a 170mph wind load requirement in South Florida. These bifold school doors will be installed on a steel red iron building. Looking to purchase in the next 3-4 months Thanks, Steve DeAngelis


Hello, Please quote the following: 1- 18'-0 wide x 11'-10" tall Tilt up. This will have Cedar overlay. This is a school door install. Looking for recommendations. Ship to Hampden, ME


I have a school door project that i would like to do a bifold garage door on. It will have a clear opening or 19' with door size of 19-10" - 20'-0" The floor to ceiling height in the school is 10'-0" I want to maximize the door height. Please respond asap as im setting the steel now. Im using 5"x5"x 3/8" HSS tube at the wall and a w12x26 above. Thanks Greg


Have an old school building in Michigan and am interested in glass-clad bi-fold school door system for the front which is 96" h x 210" w. Want to create open air space for interior of restaurant.


Looking for a quote for a 28'x12'or 14' Bi Fold school door installed approx 10 miles east of Prinville OR. Not sure of options, please contact me. Thank you, Kevin.


Attn: Brent Krzmarzick I was given your name from another architect regarding the Sway Restaurant project in Austin, TX. I currently have a need for a custom glass/storefront school door leading into an high school automotive shop addition. Please contact me at your convenience. Regards, Ryun Anderson 


Hello, We are looking to specify a foldable Schweiss designer style school door that does not have a track protruding in the interior space. A bi-fold door may do just the job. Can we obtain a ball-park price/sf for a 10'W x 11'H opening in an institutional building at a high school, as well as a cut sheet, if possible? Thank you.


We are looking for a single swing hydraulic school door or an overhead bi-fold school door to insert into an existing exterior wall of an elementary school art room (with access to a patio where kids can do artwork outside). A couple questions: 1) what are the safety features of these school doors? Tamper proof controls? Concerns with kids tampering with doors. 2) would structural attachment be at the walls (jambs)? Wondering what sort of support we would have to add at existing exterior wall.


Hello, I'm currently working on a project for Monterey High School's Science Building and I'm interesting in more information on the Bifold School Doors with Lift Straps. Specifically I'm interested in a glass door with the informations I've provided in the form below. Any and all information you can send me on these school doors would be great! Typical sill, jamb and head details, power and motor requirements, pricing and lead time, and any photos of installs on projects of a similar scale. Thanks in advance!


I presently have a 13ft high by 40 ft wide school door that operates on counter weights I was wanting to upgrade to another door, your bifold liftstrap school door. Please supply info and pricing.


I'm interested in purchasing some bifold designer style school doors. Please contact me via email so we can discuss further. Thanks


I have seen your Schweiss bifold strap school doors in use. We have a customer who would like to put two in a new building addition. Looking for a 20'-16' bi fold school door . The new project is 95' in width and 20' eave ht. He is thinking about one large door  for lunch room access. 


We're developing a new school here in western New York and would like to get several options quoted for two 18' x 9' insulated bifold glass school doors. We have the ability to have a frame fabricated and have a glass installer so we would also like to quote the byod package in addition to a custom manufactured door. 


We would be interested in having your company present a continuing education lunch and learn in our offices. We are a satellite office of a St. Louis based A&E firm with commercial clients nation wide. We are looking at how to bring Schweiss doors into several new school door projects and would be interested to meet with your local team of representatives. Sincerely, John Ginocchio Project Manager


New middle school in East Los Angeles. The bi fold glass school doors for a 30'W opening for the Multi-purpose room of 22'clear height space.


Looking for price quotes for doors for a Palmer Alaska school doors project. Please separate the shipping price from the cost of the doors itself.


Good day I am doing a steel design project at Wits University. We are asked to design some doors for schools. We need door specifications. We want something economical and viable. The opening of the door is 15m (clear distance) and 4m high. Preferably a door that slides to one side. The remaining distance on the sides of the wall opening is 2.5m on each side. Can I please have a quote for school doors that are most economical, and have low maintenance costs. Thank you


We have an older (25 yr ) "Erect a Tube" bifold door on our school aviation hangar which is approximately 55 ft wide by about 25 high. I like the safety factor with the straps and we (like everyone else) have had substantial maintenance headaches with the cables and pulleys, especially with an older school door system like ours. This is an upgrade we are looking at for the future (not this year but possibly next year). I like the added safety factor with the strap bearing weights, the reduction in moving parts and the fact that all the main mechanical parts can be accessed without the need for a man lift. Looking for approximate costs for the bifold liftstrap school door system and if our current door can be upgraded or if replacement would be a better option for us. If you email me I can get you pictures of the entire door and provide any more details you may need.


i'would like a price on two hydraulic school doors 24x14 with a ceiling height of 14 feet is that possible 


I am looking for a local supplier for your lift strap bifold school doors. We'd like to put glazed bifold doors in a bus garage. Do you have a representative in the Toronto area?


I'm considering glass bi-fold school doors at a university lab renovation and I'm looking for a Revit family to show the client the idea. The building is a steel frame with a masonry facade.


I am looking for a single or possibly a byfold school doors for a old brick building I own that has 12 foot ceilings and I would like to have a 12 foot school doors to utilize the entire height of the building for storage.


I built school doors that will be strap driven. I would like to purchase 4 straps at least 16'. Please send a quote for the price on 4 straps. Thank you.


We are working on a project right now that needs 6 bi-fold type school doors. Please contact me regarding specific details. I would like to talk to someone about the most cost effective solutions available to us for these school doors. Thanks!


Hello! I am looking into updating/fixing  existing school doors that are extremely old. 14'8" x 8'1" Can I get a rough quote on your bifold liftstrap school doors.


Hello, I am working on budgeting a school door project and we are looking to possibly specify your designer line of school doors. The project name is Moffitt Library Terrace. The client is University of California Berkeley and the architect is Gensler. I am the General Contractor. We essentially are looking for a bi-fold school door, with 27%u2019 in width by 10%u2019 in height. The school doors frames would be cladded with Exterior Grade Drywall with a Bituminous Coating, on top of that would be an intermediate frame (for a 4%u201D pocket between the face of Bituminous and the aluminum sheet) and 3/16%u201D thick perforated aluminum sheets. I do not require a quote at this time but if you could provide a budgetary ROM of what it would cost per bifold liftstrap school door I would appreciate it. Please include all required hardware. Are these doors motorized or manual? If you could provide a cost for each option that would be helpful as we are making our selections. Please include taxes, FOB. I%u2019ll figure installation and subcontractor markups. I realize this is a rather detailed request so whomever emails me I would be happy to provide the schematic design documents. 


Hi. We have bought the property located at 220 NE 11th Street, Boca Raton, FL 33432, and the school house has some really cool Schweiss bi-fold doors on it. However, the sides are boding to the point whereby anyone can look inside. Is there a Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors representative in our area that you can send over to take a look at these school house doors and let us know what can be done to fix them? 


I have a customer wanting a price for school doors, largest possible on a 48'w x 14'h x 56'l building. Want the school doors to open completely for most headroom. What size and how much? Thank you!