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we are bidding on a project in Southfield Michigan that is asking for a Schweiss hanger type door to be installed into a storefront system at a restaurant. the rough opening is 12'6" x 7'0" opening sitting on a 25" knee wall ( Clear anodized in color ) please call or email with any questions thank you


We are looking to open up our resturaunt with a hydraulic door and are in need of a quote. The door opening is around 22x24.


We have a project that will have several of these overhead bi-fold doors to conceal our concessions buildings. We would like your input on completing our details and specifications. Please contact us.


Hi, I was wondering if someone from your team can talk through the right product we need for an ongoing project of ours. This project is a 10,000 SF restaurant/bar in the city of Chicago. We're looking for a operable storefront system in our 3 season enclosure that would allow people to walk out into the outdoor patio. We liked the door system that was done for Federales in Chicago so we're considering the bifold door. We would look to have an approximate SF or LF pricing. Looking forward to chatting with your team so I can give you further information.


We are working on a Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Cape Canaveral, FL and we have and indoor/outdoor bar. We are working on a solution to provide a tilt up door/window for the bar top. Please contact us if possible to how we can work together.


We recently opened up a Craft Brewery in Peterborough ON and are looking for options to extend our outdoor patio into a 4 season room :) Do you have a dealer in Ontario? Thank you for your efforts:)


I'm looking to establish a budget for a project. The door will be used to enclose an outdoor kitchen when not in use


Hi, looking for hardware/hydraulics for 60" high shutters to fold down onto an outdoor bar counter, from a pitched roof. The structure is 10 sided (like an octagon, but with 10 sides), and we can't have any side tracks. Please call or email and let me know if this is something that you might be able to help with. Thank you.


I have a project in Austin, TX for a client. They are interested in a single swing hydro door. Average garage door size. This will be for a restaurant - patio entry. We are looking at an opening date in Nov. Would love to receive some lead times and cost estimates, if you're able to do this project for Texas location. Thanks!


Customer is putting together a budget for two Bi-Fold Doors that will be glazed that will be installed in a Restaurant. Please add any options that you feel would be required for a successful installation. Thank you


looking to add a 38' wide by 10'tall do in a steel opening I'm constructing to go between my restaurant's interior space and our courtyard. How do you proceed on pricing?


I am an architectural designer interested in your door for an outdoor BBQ installation. So it does not have to be very big. Probably 6' x 8 ' high. Do you offer diy kits in Ottawa Canada? I am interested in designing and installing these. Any ideas on where to start? Kind regards


I am a general contractor and have a customer who we will be doing a renovation project for their clubhouse. They would like to have 3 bar/restaurant doors installed. I am looking at your doors and would like to get a price on getting those installed on this project. Project to begin in May. Thanks


Looking for garage doors for a restaurant patio. Patio has a steel tube frame. Two ends of patio are 9'9" and will need doors. Side of patio has three sections between bricked columns, 10'9" each.


looking for a solution to put an 11' wide 6' high automated concession awning door on a 24'F59 chassis step van. Possible?


I have a client that is looking for a glass bifold opening size is 11'9"x 9'1. This will be for a serving window facing the street for a bar and grill. Do you have anything that will work for this?


I work for a general contractor based in Omaha NE and we are building a restaurant in Franklin TN and there are two hydraulic bi fold doors that I'm wanting a proposal to supply and install Is this something you can help me with? I can email a plan set. thanks Mike


My coworker has used your hydraulic doors for a project called Macanda in Wayzata. We are looking for a similar application in GA, except it's for an indoor/outdoor bar opening. Bottom of the door to be at top of bar countertop. Looking for all glass with black aluminum mullions to match the neighboring existing glazing. We have an existing canopy on the exterior side, we'll want to avoid conflict with. Also wondering if you'd recommend a bi-fold or a flat opening door.


We are designing a wine tasting/brewery/restaurant for a local business in Hermann, Missouri and are considering options for a glass door that could be opened to connect an indoor dining area to an outdoor dining area and are interested in exploring options with your bifold glass doors. We are still in the schematic design phase and haven't made final decisions on many details yet, including construction type or finishes, but are hoping you could send a rough quote to present to the client for budget purposes. They want all glass with metal frame (in a basic finish or something that would match a historic aesthetic). As I mentioned, we haven't decided on a construction type yet so if you're able to send a quote for wood and steel framing for comparison purposes that would be appreciated, and at the most basic level of installation (this is a new build so we can build around the door instead of having to fit it in existing conditions). The quotes can be sent to the provided email. We appreciate your time and feel free to reach out to the provided contact information if you have questions or need additional information. Thanks!


I am looking for a quote for 5 8’x9’ bifold doors for a restaurant patio I am building out. I want to save the ceiling space for fans and heaters, asni am in Ohio and the heaters will extend the use of the patio.


We are designing a restaurant with a bifold glass garage door to open up the outdoor dining to the main dining area. We are looking for a door that is 20 feet wide by 8 feet tall with 4 panels. What would that cost to do and is there any extra information that you could offer for assistance.


Hello, I'm in the design stages of a new restaurant and need some specs on your hydraulic one piece door that we would like to incorporate into the building design. We would clad the door ourselves as we want to use a custom tinted glass.


Hello, we are looking to quote hydrolic bifold doors for a restaurant project located in San Jose, CA. We have two openings.The first is 30'W x 10'-5" H and the second is 30'W x 10'-0." Would we be able to hop on a Zoom or Teams meeting to review what a hydrolic systems door would require? Thank you!


Looking for a schweiss hydraulic door with a Florida Product Approval. If possible, similar to the type showcased on the Sam's Tavern on schweisshydraulicdoors.com. The hydraulic powered door would be in a restaurant.


Hi there I'm looking to get a quote on schweiss bifold doors with a lift-strap glass system that is to be 139' wide by 72" high to rest on a counter height bar to open to the outside. Please give me a call to discuss options


Looking for a preliminary quote from Schweiss Doors for 4 -13' x 19'10 bifold and hydraulic power lifting garage doors for a restaurant. Leed certified? Insulation specs too.


Hello, looking for a custom door that has the drive line and electric lift motor at the top header. This will be for a restaurant so we want all of the moving door parts out of the way. Please let me know if you are able to provide a top mounted drive line system.


Hello, I'm in Hawaii and I'm designing a tiki container bar and would like a hydraulic door that can secure the container when not it use but open up and be able to serve customers. Do you make a hydraulic container door like this? Please let me know as this would solve my current door/hatch issue. Thanks, Maggie


This door will be installed into a retail / food service application, and will need to be thermally sealed for northern climate cold temperatures. The opening will need to be 10' clear, but we are flexible and understand design must match practicalities. I'd like to speak before any pricing is done to maximize the design and construction efficiencies of your system. Best Regards js


Hello, We are seeking approval for an all-season patio for our Tavern, and looking for the best option for a window-wall door for a total length of 60' long and either 8 or 10' tall. Thank you


Hello, currently designing a project and would like overhead restaurant doors and would like to get the spec of the Schweiss hydraulic canopy doors.


We are designing an overhead garage door for a restaurant project and would like to verify the door size and get the spec of the Schweiss hydraulic designer doors. thanks!


Looking for pricing on an all glass bi-fold door for a restaurant. There will be 4 doors total, each 12ft wide by 10ft high. I'm working with a contractor and they're telling me we can't afford them, but they haven't actually looked into pricing, they're just assuming. If I had real numbers I might be able to convince them.


Hudson Construction is building a Twin Peaks restaurant in East Ridge, TN (Chattanooga). To that end, I'd like to get a price from Schweiss for bi-fold patio doors at the back of the restaurant. I believe there is 7 patio doors total. I put the link to the bid docs in the space below.


23'-0" wide by 7'-6" wide opening. Door will sit on top of a restaurant bar counter. Product to have glass infill panels. Will need cost estimate, product support and documentation. Project is currently going through City Permitting process, so need information ASAP on pricing and delivery times for your bifold strap doors Thank you!


I'm looking for preliminary pricing for an architectural designer glass bifold restaurant door. The opening is 6'-2" wide x 12' high. This is a renovation to a new restaurant space in an existing building in Tucson, Arizona.


To Person in charge we are working on a project which require some garage horizontal bifold door. with glass for a reataurant for alfresco dining. Please call us or email us for how we can get a quote your product. We can provide the tender drawings/specifications for your peruse. Thank you. Have a nise day.Stay safe. Regards Max Cheah Director


I am interested in a having an overhead bi-fold glass designer door for my restaurant quoted. Please have someone contact me ASAP. Thanks so much, Chris Fultz


Looking for a quote for a bifold or hydraulic door 50ft wide by 10ft tall will be all glass to go into a restaurant at an airport.


Hi, We are working on a build out in an existing building where the room will be part dining and part a new small commercial kitchen. We have a pass through between these two spaces that we want to be open in exhibition times and closed when the kitchen is in its full commercial use. Our ideal solution is a solid wood or metal (not storefront/glass) look bifold restaurant door that fits the industrial modern/elegant vibe we have in the space. The opening is 7' wide and 5' tall and would be on a 42" high quartz counter. Let me know if this is a project your company would be interested in/ could do. The project is located in Centennial Co (our office is also in Centennial). If this project is smaller than something you do then that's fine, but if not could you at all give me a rough quote for this work? Let me know, thanks so much!


We are a restaurant located in Brooklyn NY interested in pricing for foldaway glass commercial restaurant doors fir our storefront. Would like pricing and more info please


Good afternoon, I would like a rough quote for 2 bifold glass doors 144" long by 88" tall. These are for a restaurant. They need to have Schweiss photo eye sensors


Would like to know the pricing on the bifold glass restaurant designer doors on Blarney Stone Pub on your website.


Hello, I am looking for a quote to see if we could have a quote for a metal and glass bi-fold door for a restaurant project. The door would be a bifold door, folding horizontally, and it would go from the ceiling to the top of the bar countertop. Manual restaurant bifold door latches will suffice.


Hello, I'm interested in the bi-fold doors that I saw at Federales in Denver, CO. We're working on a few restaurant bifold door projects here in Colorado Springs where these lift strap doors would be an excellent addition. Please have a team member reach out as I'd like to learn more about your products, timelines, and costing. Thank you, Jason Wallenta


We are working on a Restaurant/Bar TI in Overland Park KS. Looking at bifold hanger style doors with glass panels to connect the interior/bar to an outdoor patio space very similar to those featured on your Must See Photo web page. Opening is approx. 20 feet wide by 9 feet tall, and can be broken in half as option 2 based on options/cost. We are looking for preliminary budget while working through design with owner. Thank you - Jon


I'm looking for two bifold style doors with the strap system ceiling or header mount motor. The doors need to have glass cladding and will be used as entrance doors at my restaurant, they are approximately 17' wide by 8' tall but I need 7' high opening when fully open. I can make them taller than 8' if needed to achieve the opening head height. I can send the concept drawings if needed ahead of a call.


Hello, I'm looking for a solution for an exterior door for a restaurant (that is not a garage roll up door) for a space sized 14' W x 6'6" Tall. The Bi Fold door is of interest but would also consider a hydraulic canopy door. Appreciate the help.


We are designing a restaurant in Fayetteville AR and are looking for three glass bi-fold doors. Is it possible to make them hydraulic and not have the yellow strap or do you offer designer doors with white or black straps?


I've been asked to provide budget pricing solutions for an outdoor extension of a restaurant. Space restrictions limit the use of overhead doors so I'm considering a bi-fold glass door or hydraulic restaurant designer glass door. For budget purposes I'm pricing 4 openings 8'-0" x 10'-0". Please contact me at your convenience with questions. Respectfully, Mike


Good Morning, We are in the early design process for a new 10,000 SF Restaurant located in Oak Brook, Illinois. We would be looking for budget pricing on three (3) 20'-0" wide by 14'-0" tall Glass Bi-Fold Doors equipped with black lift straps and auto latching systems.


We have a restaurant project and development project in downtown Hemet. We are looking for something different for our storefronts and patio enclosures. We are looking for vertical folding windows, the type that lift with your patented lift straps. We have seen a number of these in recent restaurants and are looking for a local manufacturer. Do you have any bifold door dealers in Southern California?


Would like to get info on a designer style bifold door for a customer that’s wants 2 bifold doors 14’x6’. They are going in a restaurant and will be mounted on a wall where there will be a bar/ table it will sit on instead of the ground. Exterior of these doors would have glass cladding.


Good afternoon, hope all is well. We would like to have a foldable glass clad style garage door installed at our Woodlands location restaurant that opens up to the Patio seating.


I have a restaurant looking for a bifold glass designer door. 8x7 insulated, manual latching option. What types of glass can this be designed for. I want an insulated color coated glass.


Good afternoon! I have a customer requesting a quote for two bi-fold strap doors Powder coated dark Bronze with 1/2" insulated tempered glass for restaurant front, remote opening, manual latching. Opening sizes are 16' x 8' and 8' x 8'. I would need to know clear opening height and required headroom for operation. Thanks Chris RGP


This is for a restaurant. They will need a 7' clear opening they have up to 10' of height that the can make the opening so they will have 7' clear. I want this bifold liftstrap door to have an all glass cladding and photo eye safety features.


A customer is interested in these bifold custom-designed strap doors for a new restaurant and the first thing I need to know is what your lead times are for delivery. Minimum 6 doors with glass fronts. Will get into details following lead time.


Good Morning, We need a Hydraulic or Folding Designer door or similar for a restaurant in Miami, to which email address could we send the plans with measurements? Do you have impact glass with NOA? We await your response as soon as possible. Regards


BIG question . Are your bifold fast opening doors 'as delayed' as most 'garage' doors ? Most of my work is in the western U.S.A. I have a building WAITING for 'overhead' doors (new construction - retail / restaurant) . I really like the glazed bi-fold 'airplane hanger' doors in 'commercial' spaces . I 'need' four doors a.s.a.p. (r.o. approx. 11'w x 8't. - I need to verify) AND we are starting another build with five(5) larger bifold liftstrap designer doors in May . Thank you for your honesty regarding delivery time(s) . Jeff


Looking for a fold up door and in window (8x) 2-6 X 6-0. Appears like a double hung but with bifolding function up and in towards ceiling. For a commercial restaurant on main street Breckenridge Colorado


Looking for a quote on either 2 9x7 bifold designer liftstrap garage doors for our restaurant, or one single 16x7 door for our beer garden patio addition. Doors need to have all the safety precautions, photo eye sensors, etc.


Hey there, My colleague and I are looking to replace some existing exterior windows with a hydraulic or bifold designer door canopy system. The all-glass doors would be installed at a local restaurant to give access to an outdoor patio during the summer months. All together the project requires six new doors of varying sizes. I am hoping to get in touch with you to get a preliminary quote on the doors and see if this is a possibility. Thanks,


Hello, I am looking to get a quote for a 12' wide bi-fold liftstrap designer grade garage door for a restaurant storefront. the height would be 12'. Please feel free to reach out to me at 203-303-3232 is additional information is needed.


I'm a GC that specializes in roll up and commercial door products. I have a customer who owns a restaurant who is looking for a hydraulic or bi-fold door. I'm located in California and would like to speak with a local distributor about your designer door liftstrap product. I plan to install with my team. I need lead time al ok no with other details. Open is not finished so if there are common sizes that can save on cost please detial.. Thanks Kevin Thompson Steelman Build and construction


We have a Restaurant project that has three (3) each 4' wide x 5'-6" tall windows that our Owner would like to install Bi-Fold windows. Is there a contact I could send drawings to for pricing? This will be a glass designer door with your black lift straps.


looking for information and pricing on some bifold glass designer doors for a restaurant. trying to compare to a glass overhead garage door. similar to what I saw on your website


Interested in a bi-fold glass designer garage door for my restaurant. The rough opening is 8ft tall x 10ft wide. Thank you, Jason Carter


I'm looking for a tilt up Schweiss designer door for a restaurant, can you send me door options and pricing? I dont want a roll up vs tilt. Glass, approximately 8 to 10 ft. Theres no current opening.


Looking for dealer in Seattle area for commercial glass bifold door on a restaurant project starting 12/20.


I am working on a restaurant project, that has an opening of 16.0 ft. width by 18.0 ft, hight I like to look at option of using a Schweiss restaurant glass designer door, with a fix section of eight feet above the overhead door, please advise as the best option, and the estimated cost. Kind Regards. Sam


We have a customer interested in 4- 4 x 8 bifold glass clad designer doors. It's for a restaurant setting. These doors will be installed at the counters where customers will come up to. We want to purchase them and install them ourselves. Can you please have a sales person call me. Thanks so much! Gianna Guziak




My restaurant is dieing because of covid, I was thinking maybe have glass bi folds vertical or horizontal for outdoor dining and future purposes. Can you price both models for me. I like the hydraulic one piece, but understand the bifold liftstrap doors may be more reasonable in price.


I'm a designer working on a restaurant project in Detroit, MI. We are looking for a cost comparison between bifold and one piece hydraulic custom sized glass doors similar to those hydraulic and bifold strap glass restaurant doors on your website.. We have (3) 23' wide x 10' high and (1) 16' wide x 10' high.


Good afternoon, I am working with a local restaurant owner that would like to have three separate sets of existing windows replaced with doors that open up to a patio area. Overhead doors will not work with this particular application. I would like to propose your bifold or hydraulic restaurant doors to the owner, however the owner would like to keep the same design theme which would be a black or dark bronze anodized finish with tempered glass. The existing windows are 3 panel wide and 3 panels high approximately 11'total width and 9' high. Do you have anything that would be three sections, or would we need to look at one piece or bifold only? Please advise, and hopefully we can find something that he wants to move forward with. Thanks, Gary


We have a customer inquiring on bi-fold lift strap doors for a bar and restaurant being built in the Green Bay Packers stadium district. We would like to get some information on your glass designer bifold and hydraulic doors along with installation if available.


Hello, I have a customer looking for a bifold style door for his diner. With Covid and the new normal, he would like to be able to offer outside seating off his dining room similar to those restaurants featured in your Must See Photo webpage.. Can you recommend a product and send brochure. The opening is 8'6" x 12' with 9'7" floor to ceiling. Looking for full view glass except for the bottom panel if possible. Thank you, Butch VanLeuvan


We are looking at possibly using you to build us some custom-made bifold or hydraulic doors with windows for a bar restaurant. this project is in the Grand Rapids Michigan area and was inquiring if your product is installed anywhere in our area. client would like to look at the function and quality. if you could let me know.


Hello, I am interested in a solution for my very small restaurant in the Denver metropolitan area. It is a converted drive thru bank and the drive thru canopy is the now the patio which I would like to determine if your bifold restaurant door products could be a solution to enclose it. Please contact to me to discuss the possibilities. Thanks, Razz 303.882.3091


Hello, I was wondering if you have a division here in Toronto, Canada. I was looking for a bifold or hydraulic restaurant door similar to the ones on your website for the Sway Thai Restaurant or the Riveredge Park. We are building a shed/cabana and wanted the tilt up canopy style door for the bar section. We are in the process of building so we need to know if your products are available in Toronto and of course the specs and price. We have about 9 ft across to work with. Many Thanks, Renita


Looking to put in a bi-fold glass restaurant door in our new addition. I will have a 33'0" wide x 14'0" framed opening.


I have a customer that is considering a hanger type door for a cafe he is currently building. The construction is mixed steel and wood framing. He wants it to be a full view clear insulated glass style door with the smallest possible glass framing members. I assume the glass would also need to be tempered. I would like to have a quote for both hydraulic and bifold type restaurant or cafe doors and shipping to our location in Southern Utah. The door opening size is 12' x 9'. The door's location has very little headroom and the customer would like to keep it as tall as possible, as well as keeping the opener mechanisms as aesthetically pleasing as possible. I don't believe he wants to mount the motor for the bifold type on the door itself and would prefer a ceiling mount if possible. On the hydraulic type cafe door the pump and motor would need to be mounted remotely so it's not located in the cafe itself. We have not installed doors like this before, but have lots of experience with traditional style "garage doors". We haven't shown either one of these options to the customer yet and would like as much guidance as possible with both door types as far as options for door configurations, motor/pump placement, and installation time estimates. Thank you, Jeff


How much for a Blarney Stone, Cal Bike Transit, or Doc B's kitchen type bifold doors in 18'x8' shipped to Austin 78704


Hi there, We are building a restaurant at Reston, VA. and we want to replace the existing storefront to be bifold glass designer door with black liftstraps. The size would be 18' 10" wide x 10' 2" high. Please email me your quote and what is your leading time. Thanks, Sing


2 new Bi-folding 18'-2-1/2'' width x 5'-6'' height opening size bifold restaurant designer doors. 6'' clearance above door opening. Is going to be for a restaurant clear anodized vs. bronze. Please call if need additional information. Thank you


Interested in pricing for the restaurant style bifold glass door. We're not certain on the size exactly at the moment but if you wouldn't mind quoting me a 10' wide by 12' tall I would greatly appreciate it! We're in the design phase of a an industrial style pavilion and these doors are exactly the style we're looking for. A brushed bronze frame with clear glass and as few 'window panes' as possible. Thank you! Amber Bade Aspen Director | Innsbrook Resort


I am looking to get a quote for my restaurant. I want a bifold designer glass door that I am able to open in nice weather and have a bar looking in and out of the restaurant. I would like information on these doors and a rough estimate of what the door itself costs.


Hey. Looking for bifold restaurant doors 18' wide that has an.open.height of 9'. Needs to be able to support around 1500lbs in insulation and overlay. Looking for a price with ceiling mounted motor. Shipped to BC Canada Thanks, Michael McCallum Joshua Doors


Looking for a budget for (2) restaurant designer bifold doors 30'Wide x 20'H I might have gotten a price years ago, but can't find it.... I am looking at closing in my existing fabrication building.


Hi, My name is Leng, an architect from Fairfax, VA. I'm designing a Thai restaurant with the large patio which we will need a bi-fold restaurant designer door that will be open in the summertime and close when its cold weather comes. I want to send you a plan & exterior elevation but there no way i can attach the file. please call or email me


Hello, I'm looking for a fully glazed aluminum bi-fold door system for a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida. Do you have bifold door products that are hurricane / impact rated that can be installed here? Thanks! A.J. Vanhooser


We are looking for strap lift bifold doors - cutsheets/revit details for a rooftop micro brewery door bar/restaurant. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Hi, The project is an existing restaurant. Need to replace existing 3 fix windows within clad brick wall to: Option 1 -vertical bi-fold restaurant designer doors. Option 2 -vertical straight up garage door type. Most likely the door design has 3 horizontal and 3 vertical glass windows. Not sure mechanism, please send options. Fred


I own a restaurant in Beaver Creek Colorado and am doing a remodel starting April of 2020. I am interested in your doors for the front facade. I am looking for a bifold glass clad restaurant door  approximately 14' in width by approximately 11' in height. I am also putting a man door right next to the bifold. Both the doors will be glass. Please let know if this is possible.


Looking for design details for two 15' w x 17' H bifold restaurant doors for a new restaurant in Denver, CO. Our client previously used Schweiss products at the Federales restaurant in Chicago and he really, really likes your bifold restaurant doors.


We are looking for a vertical bifolding liftstrap door, all glass, black liftstraps, phooey sensors with perimeter seal for a restaurant. Please feel free to contact me. We are currently producing permit and bid documents. Is this a product you can supply? We do not need a quote at this time but we will need info. for the owner & contractor and we will need details for our documents. Please feel free to call if it simplifies the process.


Restaurant/Bar Space two bays of 6 doors @ 125 x 40 at serving counter (12 total) two bays of 6 doors @ 125 x 90 at restaurant patio (12 total) Concrete and steel construction, brick exterior Current doors are roll up garage doors with a rows of glass panes 3 high and 3 across. Restaurant bifold doors need to accept 1" Insulated glass.


We are interested in using bifold liftstrap glass doors at a restaurant we are designing. We would like to discuss design, dimension requirements and budget pricing.


Looking for full glass restaurant doors with black grid pattern.  The top half of this bifold strap designer restaurant door could be stationary with only the bottom 7 feet opening out if that is much more cost effective. I look forward to hearing from you,


Do you have a Canadian distributor for bifold restaurant doors? I will be specifying a horizontal bifold door for modular and container home door styles. 1 size, three exterior styles. 


Quote needed for vertical bifold restaurant doors similar to barrel & bushels 2- 10%u2019 wide x 4%u2019 height 1- 8%u2019 wide x 4%u2019 height


I am constructing a restaurant and am interested in your bi-fold doors with polycarbonate skins for my cold storage area. The restaurant doors will be located both on the side and gable ends of the building. Can you give me a rough estimate of what the cost would be? Thanks


We are designing a new construction restaurant, wood frame and truss construction with steel beams and columns. We want to include 3 restaurant designer doors, most likely bi-fold lift strap doors


Contemplating two glass restaurant doors: 18w x 14h. and 14w x 12h. Bifold liftstrap design with automatic latches, remote openers and photo eye sensors. Please provide a "ballpark" figure of cost on these Schweiss restaurant doors. Thank you.


Do you offer a bifold door for a restaurant interior door application For a 10%u2019 wide by 8%u2019 high opening ?


Hello, we are looking to break ground on a high end restaurant project and would like to get a rough budgetary quote on a 30x18  top of the line restaurant door rated for 115mph.


Please quote 40'x10' Schweiss bifold restaurant door delivered to Wagener, SC 29164. Thank you. Regards, Brad


I would like to replace my restaurant door with a bi-fold lift strap glass door. The size of my restaurant door is 7ft high x 16 ft wide. I could accommodate an 8ft high door. Is this configuration possible. Thanks Edward 


Hi, We have a project with two storefronts that the owner would like to be oppenable restaurant doors  during fine weather. Restaurant door openings are into a retail space which will be a restaurant. First opening is 14'-8" x 14' and the second is 16' x 14'. We would need Schweiss doors suitable for storefront frames mounting on the outside. Lift up type mounted from the concrete floor slab above. Need price to send to owner to get the ball rolling. Thanks, Mike


I am looking for pricing and availability for (3) 12' wide x 10' tall single leaf high end restaurant bifold designer doors. Similar to Sway Thai. Thanks Paul


Hello, I am working on adding an operable restaurant door to an existing storefront for an indoor/outdoor bar application in Arlington, VA. We would like to include an operable one piece glass window at the bar countertop. On the exterior, we will have bar height seating and the interior dining height seating. Looking for two sizes, for both Bifold and Standard Single Swing Door: 1. 11'-0" W x 7'-2" H (R.O) 2. 11'-0" W x 9'-2 1/2" H (R.O) If required, please provide an email to send reference sketches to. Thank you, Daniel


I have a job with 6 custom made gated courtyard restaurant doors. I really need a price by Monday. All of them have aluminum and glass on the doors. I was not provided a wind-load, they are going onto a restaurant. All bi-fold restaurant doors, highest possible wedge for these, any other info please call me. 1-13'4"x11'0" 1-23'0"x11'0" 2-13'4"x17'6" 1-22'0"x17'6" 1-15'9"x12'2"


Needing a price on a couple of your spectacular Schweiss bifold liftstrap restaurant designer door sthat would give me 20' clear width by 12' high and 14' high. Thanks Much


I am looking at getting some fancy upscale bifold liftstrap doors for a fancy upscale restaurant that I am getting ready to remodel. I love the look of what you do and would really like to get some pricing on your glass-clad restaurant doors.


We are looking for Hydraulic or bifold strap doors for a restaurant renovation so that in the spring and summer we can open up a big part of the back of the restaurant up. We also think the Hydraulic restaurant  doors may be better than bifold because they would act as a make-shift roof should the sun shine in eyes or it start to rain or sprinkle. We could put tables right under the door and make outside part of the restaurant. I would like to know pricing and sizing of different sizer doors to further investigate this possibility. I have not chosen wood or steel because the building used to be a vault for the storage of furs. It is owned by a contractor who will be responsible for opening up the door hole. This is partly why we would like an idea of what different standard size restaurant doors would cost considering we can punch a hole almost any size and are always thinking about reducing costs.


Hello Schweiss! We have a 6 level mixed-use restaurant complex development, currently in schematic design, where we would like to utilize your hydraulic or bi-fold doors for ground level retail/ restaurant doors, as well as a rooftop restaurant door. The restaurant door openings will range from 10' - 20', and we are wanting to get some basic pricing information for the owner group. Please let me know if you can send me this information, or who would be a good contact to discuss further. Thank you, Brian Sachse KKT Architects


I am looking to install a glass bi-fold door in my restaurant between my kitchen and my deck. We have some flexibility with the opening size but I am guessing that it will be around 10-12' wide and 7'-6" high. I would like to maintain as much clear height as possible when the door is open. I am trying to get a general idea of how much to budget for the Schweiss restaurant door and how much structural work I will need to to do be able to support the door. Any help that you can provide would be great! Thank you, Scott 




Hello, We are working on a restaurant renovation and were considering the use of some of your bifold restaurant doors. I was hoping for more information, and ideally a soft quote for your product. Our contractor has estimated a unit cost of $125(Canadian)/sf for the operable bifold wall door. Our project estimate is slightly higher than our client's budget so I am hoping your product can meet, if not beat that number. It is to be fully glazed. It would be similar to what you have done on the Barrel & Bushell or the Blarney Stone shown on your site. Additionally, if we need to maintain 2030mm clear below the door when opened (code requirement), can this be done with an overall door height of 9'? Structural requirements and any thermal performance information you may be able to provide would also be of benefit. Please call if you need any further information


working on a bar project and I would like to get as much info on time frame and installation recommendations on your glass restaurant and bar designer doors.


Project is a mall expansion in New Jersey. Exploring options for decorative service restaurant doors along the front facade (outward facing restaurants) Opening would be about 15'-0w x 14'-6"h. Want to know more about the bifold-strap doors and if its a good fit for us in lieu of a typical overhead roll-up. Pricing & leadtime are important, but durability is key too. thanks,


Good afternoon, I am looking for a vertical bi-fold door manufacturer for a restaurant project we are currently working on in Sheffield, UK. I've seen loads of great restaurant bifold door examples on your website but they are all in the US - do you have any manufacturers in the UK or Europe at all? Regards, Emma Forrest.


just doing some prelim research for adding these bifolding restaurant door/windows on an historic facade, in existing openings for a new restaurant concept going into the building. thank you, Jody Schurman, r.a.


Hello there... Can you give me a quote ASAP on restaurant accordion bi-fold doors ... We are looking to renovate our restaurant facade and need an opening of around 16ft. across and about 7ft. high... Please feel free to call me at 412-680-9094 ASAP...Thank you...


We are quoting a restaurant project. The Architect has referenced your bi-fold restaurant doors, but it does not appear he fully understands the header needs of your door. In addition to the sizes listed below there are three(3) other doors required: 2@9-11 x 6-6 and 1@13-9 x 6-6.


I saw a photo of Sidney's Pizza Cafe where you created bifold restaurant windows (doors) so that you could view through the window or lift the window out of the way and create a clear opening. I work in the residential design department at KJG Architecture and am interested in using a fold up type window in one of my projects. I currently have two different sized windows in the plan and was wondering if you would be interested in providing an estimated price for each. One is 42" wide x 60" tall; the other is 68" wide x 42" tall. These are estimated window sizes so if the width or height needs to be adjusted for manufacturing purposes, that is certainly a possibility. Also, do you feel your product would be suitable for a residential application? As an FYI - the 42 x 60 window will be used on an interior wall separating two living spaces, the 68 x 42 will be used an exterior wall separating a kitchen from an outdoor bar area. If interested, would you please provide an estimated cost for each window size? Thank you and have a great day.


Looking for a supplier of your Lift Strap - Bi Folding Restaurant Door. We are currently refurbishing a warehouse into a Conference Facility and Cafe Restaurant that will also be used by our Church. We have space to fit 2 Glass Bi Folding Restaurant Doors which will give access from our cafe to an designated outdoor area.


Have a restaurant TI going into San Jose, CA. Looking at a bifold glass "restaurant designer door" that is 14'Lx5'H with a bartop as the sill. There's an existing header going across the opening. If this was insulated glazing with a 2" metal frame, how much would the door weight. We'd be looking at a manual strap system for raising it, but honestly the yellow straps are not an attractive option for the higher end restaurant. I would like to purchase the black strap option? Thanks!


I am interested in estimated pricing for 10'x10' bi-fold restaurant doors of the same design as those in the Blarney Pub in Fargo. We are planning on building a monoslope Morton building in the Fergus Falls area next Spring and are interested in having two bi-fold restaurant doors installed.


Hello, I am currently working on a new retail glass restaurant door flagship store concept in Chicago and I am in need of an interior to interior use garage door. We love the bi-folding door idea and think some of these looks are perfect for what we need. I would love to discuss this project further and get some help in specifying the right product. To be clear this restaurant designer door would just separate 2 interior spaces, and be installed in a remodeled location in downtown Chicago. Please let me know when will be a good time to discuss further either by phone or email We would love to hear from you. Thanks, Jamie


Hello- The product information request below is for an interior restaurant concession doors and counter application.


I need a quote on 34'wide x 10' high bi-fold restaurant doors going in a endwalls of a post frame building


I am working on an outdoor restaurant and bar for a local project (Fort Worth , TX), and I am interested in a hydraulic or bi-fold restaurant door system to secure the bar contents when closed. I would like to speak with my local sale rep to discuss the different product options further. Thank you! Lucy 


Hi Sir. This is Crystal Kim from Skyland Construction. We are bidding on the Cider house restaurant project as a GC located at 1100 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Attached are copy of Arch&ID DWG sets and I would like to get a quotation for restaurant doors and Roll up gate(if you are handling) For the garage door : 8'-0"(W) x 7'-6"(H) = 2EA Finish : Blackened steel frame finish Door type : Horizontal Pivot hinge (like Hydraulic door) For the Roll up gate : 15'-0"(W) x 17'-0"(H) = 1EA Finish : aluminum insulation If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks!


Good Afternoon, I was looking to get some quotes on Restaurant Doors similar to the ones that were used in the "The Blarney Stone Pub" project. We are currently working on a Pub Style restaurant and were looking to put in two 9'x9' glass garage style doors to the facade. It would be really helpful if you were able to provide 3 tiers of pricing - low, mid & best. Please feel free to email me the restaurant door quotes - I can also provide an elevation drawing of the facade if that would be useful. Thanks, Kelsey Lima


we have restaurant project in HK looking to install 3nos of bi-fold glass restaurant doors with frame work. the window opening size in 6880mm X 2400mmH. Can you suggest any model of your restaurant glass door products would suitable for this job? any dealer of your product in HK or China or we can direct purchase from your company.


I am working on a project in Cincinnati where we're creating a new opening in an existing solid brick wall that will need Schweiss designer restaurant doors. We're planning on using a bi-fold door with glass infill similar to the TGIF design on your website. The opening is 12'w x 16'h. Do you have typical details in CAD or more information on installing your door in masonry openings? We're planning on reinforcing the opening with steel tubes and mounting the restaurant doors to that. thanks


One piece hydraulic Commercial setting for restaurant doors 12 x 8 Black aluminum thermal panes (low E) cold climate restaurant doors


Need a quote for Pegusus restaurant for the following dark bronze aluminum restaurant doors glazed with clear low e tempered insulated glass all panels (3) 7'4" x 10' bifolding restaurant doors


In trying to get restaurant door prices. I'm going to need 2 Designer Style Restaurant Doors, one for each end of my outdoor dining area Both the door rough openings are the same. 20' X 12'. I'm interested in the bifold restaurant swing doors, with a man door opening in each one. Let me know if you have any questions.