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I have a client that is looking to do an 8x8 door in their home. They spoke to you already, to a Brent I believe. Their builder contacted me for help with potentially getting and installing the door. They are wanting to add a synthetic stone vaneer to the door.


We need a 14’ x 14’ interior door installed. In Adrian Michigan inside a building in a cinder block opening. Can we get pricing please.


Interested in bifold for San Francisco residential single family row house with garage door inset in an alcove. Could I get pricing and specs for design.


I'm looking for a price on a bi-fold door so I can close off my custom outdoor bar. The bar top is 14' long by 4' high


Looking to convert my sliding glass patio door into a hydraulic glass patio door. Looking for a rough quote on materials to see if it's in budget.


Designing a new home in Montana and I would like to incorporate a hydraulic door to open up to the lakeside on the property. Can I get preliminary pricing for a glass hydraulic door? Thank you, Aurora


Hello, I am working on designing a new luxury space and would like to incorporate schweiss one piece hydraulic door. Could I get specs to see how this design would work in our structure. thank you, Anita.


Hello. I am working on a high end residential project in Northampton, MA, and would like to talk to someone from Schweiss about some of the available options to see if your bifold door or hydraulic door is appropriate.


Hello, We are interested in a top drive bifold door. we would love an all glass door that you don't really see until it's open. This will be a luxury door for a high end home. We want a clean design for this residential door. Please let me know pricing options. Thank you.


We focus on light commercial and luxury residential properties across the state of CA. We have a good selection of horizontally operating products but get calls for vertically operation systems. We would like to learn more about your commercial and luxury residential overhead doors. Thank you.


Are there residential applications for a bifold door with lifts raps that are not yellow, what would be an estimate of pricing for a door 18 wide 14 high insulated


Hello Schweiss Doors, I am with Dreamcatcher Remodeling and we have a client that wants a bi-fold garage door and one interior glass bifold door for their newly constructed home. 304 W. Oak Ave El Segundo, CA 90245 Garage Door Dimensions: 15' W x 10' H We have some reference photos and plans available. We would like to get in touch to get a quote and lead time for fabricating and installing a bifold garage door. There are some preinstallation details we need to determine but would like to discuss more over the phone/email. Thank you! -Cisco | Dreamcatcher Remodeling


Hello, we are interested in installing a 30'x18' hydraulic or bifold residential designer door at a residential home in Newport Beach Ca. We need it to have glass panels but look like a residential facade because this area has an HOA. We can provide elevations and plans.


We need a 9x8 and 16x8 glass bifold strap designer door for home- what is the ballpark cost and timing for doors- black or glass panels. Bifold or lift- Looking for an alternative to regular garage doors. Thanks!


I’m looking for a glass, bifold door to install in my walk-out basement very similar to the residential door owned by Gene Buboltz as featured in your Must See Photo section. Currently, there are French doors installed. I’m having difficulty finding a bifold door in this smaller size for residential use. I have a friend who installs high end patios with louvered gazebo systems at breweries, restaurants, and high dollar homes around Lake Norman just north of Charlotte NC. He’s unaware of any dealers or installers in the Charlotte area. Can you point me in the right direction? Your products are beautiful.


This is a residential request for a bifold lift strap


Hello, I'm hoping to get some feedback on pricing for either a hydraulic or bifold door for a residential project I'm working on in southeastern MA. I've filled out the detailed info below but wanted to explain the project a little further - this structure has a two-story exterior breezeway cut through it that we'd like to have the option to close the southern side, mainly for wind blocking. The house is already in construction, and it's wood framing with some steel framing elements (opening has a steel frame). I'd love to know the approximate pricing for a bifold glass designer patio door of this size, and also if there's a recommendation for type of door that would be appreciated. Lead time would also be helpful given the status of the project (framing complete, siding install beginning this month). Thanks so much! Laura


I'm a project manager for a project in Los Angeles for a 35,000 sq ft single family home and would like to get a bid for 4 both bi-fold and hydraulic residential interior designer doors.


Residential project wants two bifold strap doors, 10' wide x 9' tall. Project is near Boise, Idaho. Interested to know about thermal properties with your impressive interlocking insulation panels, since one will open into conditioned space. Is a threshold required? Will the door be quiet in windy weather? Do you have solutions for bug screens? Can you tell me what the headroom is for door with header at 9' when door is max open? What is approximate cost for this product? Shipping costs? Who can install? Approx installation cost? Warranty? Thank you for your help, I look forward to your response.


Dear Schweiss Team- We are about to undertake a residential project that includes 3 hydraulic or bifold lift strap doors. This falls under the category of residential architectural projects. The doors have the following dimensions: 1 door -


Hello We are interested in the bifold or hydraulic interior door system for a residential project in Vancouver, BC Canada. The size of door would be 12' or 14' wide x 8' high. We could install and fabricate using your build your own door system. Is there a Canadian distributer? Thanks, Darrel Stanwood


We are designing a garage door that wants to blend in with the rest of the house. The house will have vertical wood louvers, like a rainscreen system. Is this possible to integerate into a glass bifold door? Your designer doors are the best ones we could locate after an extensive worldwide search.


Hello, I’m interested fin getting pricing on an 8 ft high by 9 ft wide bifold door for my walkout basement. I will need two of them with one readied for glass cladding.. Steven


Hi, I am planning a residential steel frame building for next year. I need a 12' wide x 14' tall custom made bifold garage door. I have approx. 16' of headroom clearance on the front wall for headroom. The wall the door will mount to has a down sloping shed roof, and therefore it is not practical to use a standard garage door, where the tracks will go into the garage. With your bifold being mounted 2 ft. above my clear opening, that should work fine.


I'm interested in getting a quote for a hangar style bifold door for the spec house I'm building in Falmouth, MA. I would like to be able to attach fiber cement clapboard to the hangar door if possible. Please call or email me back.


I'd like to be in touch with a rep to help work on a specification for a large bifold door for a residential project in Boulder Creek, CA ( /- 40'w x 25'-0" h) and a smaller one (12'-0"w x 12'-0"h) for a different residential project in Oakland, CA. Door will be clad with glass.


Looking for a door for a residential new construction building that will open from a finished living space. Needs to be insulated. All thermal glass and photo eye sensors.


I would like to use Schweiss bifold door in a residential remodel. (originally planned to put in Panda lift/slid doors) I read there are some extra structural things that need to be considered with the bifold doors due to their weight. How can I find out specific engineering requirements? The opening is about 19 feet wide and about 12-13' high. The idea was to have a man door on one side of the bifold door and maybe a fixed window or another man door on the other, which could make the bifold about 12' wide x 12-13' high. Is it possible to have a wider bifold door that has a regular swing door built-in to the bifold door? We are looking for some help with what would be possible in the space. I can send plans that show the Panda-type slider doors and see if you have an idea that would work for us. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.


To whom it may concern, we wanted to inquire about prices for a bifold gated courtyard style farmhouse door. the gate is 3500 cm x 2500 cm. our project is being realized in austria. it is a garage door style for a 400 year old farmhouse. could you please give us an approximate guide price? Yours sincerely Ute Burkhardt-Bodenwinkler


I am looking for a bifold Liftstrap glass interior door for my house. Can you please email me distributors in the Denver area that can also do install. Thanks Caleb 303.877.6919


We would like to learn more about your bifold doors for a high-end residential project in Maine. Doors will have to be insulated and have auto locks and all-glass fronts.


I'm building an residential outbuilding and I'm looking for a door solution. Your hydraulic or bi-fold doors look like a good solution to not only provide an opening but minor coverage from the elements. I would be interested to hear pricing as I look at all my door options. Are your residential interior doors priced the same as outbuilding bifold doors?


Hi, new custom res interior designer door project and looking at bifold door with white lift straps. Need typical installation details, and Revit family if you have one. Also would like direct technical contact for future questions. Thanks!


Hello. I'm looking for pricing on qty 2 bifold designer Liftstrap doors. Each are 16x8 (rough cut). It's for a residential home barndominium (steel building). How is the insulation?


We have a customer wanting quote on bi-fold motor operated door in residential setting frame to be covered by customer. wood frame opening size 14.0" x 4'0"--20" head room Can you please quote with remote opener and cost of delivery to Texas.


Please send a quote for a all glass bi-fold door for an 8'6" wide x 8' high opening within my home. there are steel jambs wrapping brick. If it is available, our customer would like pricing for manual operation and electric. Thank you!!


Could you please email me info on your interior residential "Glass wall" bifold liftstrap designer doors? I'm considering for our home and want 9'-12' wide by 6'8" tall. Does your product fit this application? Thank you. email is preferred, but both email and phone are included.


Curious about residential bifold liftstrap designer door applications. Would you have ideas and/or products for 16x7 openings? Thank you.


Hello, I'm only in the planning/pricing stages for a building currently. The building is for residential use. I don't know the exact width of the door required, but it won't be wider than 22'W (building 24' wide). If I order a bifold door I would like windpipes, not sure if I need the hydraulic wind pins, since the door will face directly west. I don't know if the door will be flush mount or exterior mounted yet. Can you please provide pricing/estimate for budgetary planning: 1. Door (insulation ready only) with and without outside bottom truss (not sure if there is a price difference). Prefer without outside bottom truss. 2. Remote open (WIFI if available) 3. Installation if available (not sure if needed) 4. Any additional weather seals 5. Photo-eye sensor (at least ready for later addition) - might be required Some questions: 1. Is there a way to open and close the door without power? 2. What is the time duration to open the bifold strap door? 3. What is the time duration to close the door? 4. Do you provide installation if desired? 5. Are there any side latches needed? 6. Have you worked with Miracle Truss Buildings before (link attached)? 7. What is the lead time once ordered? 8. Can the hydraulic pump unit be mounted off the floor up high next to the door to save floor space? 9. Is there a desired side column type (I-beam or square)? I was originally thinking of a bifold door, but it is not desirable to lose the approximately 2' of height for the door opening. Thanks, Cody Bertetto


Can your bifold designer liftstrap doors be utilized for interior application? We would like to separate the dining area and kitchen by utilizing a glass door that would fold up into a pocket in the ceiling


We are building a residential ADU and need a bifold glass door with black or gray liftstraps and top drive motor approximately 12’ wide X 10’ high. Opening is 14’ X 16’ so any standard door size that fits in that envelope can potentially work.


My wife and are looking for a rough price estimate on the cost of an insulated Schweiss designer style liftstrap bifold door with dimensions of 8’ x 8’ square. Door is intended new residential house construction planned for next year in Oregon. Specifically, I’m interested to know * What is the cost of the door itself? * Can door be installed by a home builder or do doors require installation from a specialized certified installer? * If a certified installed is required what would a typical amount be to install during construction of a new residential home?


I’m interested in an approximate price for a vertical bifold door with translucent polycarbonate panels or glass or part solid. This is for a residential bifold interior residential door application so I am considering whether this option is even realistic in terms of price and installation. Thank you for your help. Monica Blomquist


Do you have any installers in Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR for your strap lift bifold doors? We are thinking about using two of those bifold doors with glass fronts for a new residence we are designing?


I'm interested in pricing for a bifold door with black lift straps and glass cladding on the upper half for a residential application to replace and existing garage door. Rough dimensions are 90"w x 88"h. Looking forward to learning more. Thank you! Lauren


I am looking for a solution for bifold residential interior and exterior doors for garage and other larger openings for my custom house see link for redfin listing of property Dont send mail to the listed address 3 doors 1 X GARAGE DOOR 15 X 7FT8 2 X LIVING ROOM WINDOWS EACH 2 X 22FT6 X9FT5


Looking for NOA's or FL Product approvals for Bi-fold garage door for residential conditions. How high can your wind rated bifold doors be rated?


We are looking for a fold up door for a residential designer glass door application. Opening is approximately 30'W x 10'H, etched glass finish, exposed metal frame in color to complement architecture. The opening is complete and the home is entering the framing stage. Thank you, Mark Allen


Looking to quote to install a bifold designer door of 7.5’ wide x 8.5’ tall on a residential property. The door will be a wooden/glass structure custom made once i know what will open it. Hopefully a bifold system.


Hello- I'd like to discuss a glass, hydraulic bifold door with black straps for use in a residential home. Feel free to email me and set up a Zoom or phone appointment to discuss further. Thanks much- PRH


Hi there We're looking for something like your custom window wall (with hydraulic lift or bifold liftstraps) to replace an existing 8' x 7' garage door. It's for a garage conversion to a living space. Do you have any dealers in Vancouver, BC, Canada?


i wanted some information on bi-fold liftstrap doors for residential homes. Can i get an estimated quote. How much more do black or white straps costs.


Customer looking for 2 16x8 full vision bifold residential designer doors with all the Schweiss safety add-ons such as photo eye sensors and door base safety edge.


Hi, im looking for a top drive bi fold door for a house im renovating. the current door size is 18 ft by 8 ft. I like this size and want to use a bifold or hydraulic door so I don't lose any headroom.Please feel free to call me:) 403.690.7637


Just looking for a general price of your residential Horizontal Top Drive bifold door system. This is for a bifold interior door. Also would like a price for just the frame kit set-up without the door.


Hello! My name is Trung and I'm with ARG Builders, Inc. We are located in Los Angeles, CA and our client is interested in a designer glass-clad bifold door for their garage in their house (new construction). What they are looking for is a bifold door with insulated obscure glass. Do you have any installers in our area, or would you recommend anyone? Please let us know. We are interested in making this happen for our homeowner. Thank you!


Hello! We are just getting started building an (almost) tiny home in the Central Valley of California, and have had the idea to put in a large bifold window to bring the outside in to our small space. Your company came up in our search, and we are quite impressed with your products. Could you help us with some estimated costs for your windows as well as manufacturing/shipping time frame, and whether you are able to provide windows in California? The size we have in our layout is 8’ wide by 11’ tall. The height is negotiable, but the width really is not. Could you send us what information you have on your residential designer bifold door line, please? Thank you!


Hello We are builder for new construction single family home in Vancouver, Canada. Our client would like install bi-folding glass garage door for this project. Unfortunately, we cannot find any local supplier or installer who are familiar with bi-folding garage door and we really like what you have to offer in the bifold liftstrap designer series. Do you ship to Canada and able to provide installation?


We are building a custom house and looking for a bifold designer grade garage door that we can match flush with the building cladding and have windows.


Hi, I'd like a quote for interior bi-fold door. It's for a residential house. Would like some glass or poly (wasn't and option in form). If can't do some glass, please send 2 quotes (one with glass, one without). Our house is made of wood, not steel. Thanks much!


Hi I am interested in getting a quote for a bifold strap door or one piece hydraulic door for a large home in Urbandale, IA. The door will be 30.5' wide by 8.5' tall. This is a new construction so we can frame up the opening as needed for this door. We are planning on doing wood siding on the front of the door and drywall on the backside. Please give me a call if you have any questions. Thanks, Dylan Balmer


I am thinking on using a glazed bi fold canopy or hydraulic door (open out) on a small storage area on my residence. The existing opening is 8" wide by 6'-6" tall. I am not sure if the bi fold canopy would work because the clear head height when the door is open. Please call me to discuss possibilities. The house is located in South Florida and we have the hurricane code around here. Do you have a local certified installer?


Hello, Where can I get quotes for a residential bi-fold liftstrap designer door. Looking for a residential garage application, preferably glass or polycarbonate. Does not need to be automatic. Thank you.


Hows it going, my name is Jarrett, I'm an intern with Thompson custom homes in Houston. Can someone shoot me an email when ever possible. I had a few questions about the hydraulic and bifold high end residential interior doors. Such as lead times and labor/installation costs etc. Thanks You. Jarrett Coleman


Interested in a glass bifold Schweiss designer door for a residential application. Looking at something like the picture of the Metal Shutter House in your literature. They would like insulated glass and the door is to open to the inside.


Working on a residential home, that would like a price for a bifold designer door window wall unit for their great room that measures 12'0" x 10'0" . black finish with black lift straps, clear dual pane glazing, manual operation?


I am doing a residential project and am interested in your “hanger” style Schweiss designer interior doors for a living room/family room option. I am in Broward County Florida an we have the toughest hurricane standards nationally. I would want the glass to be impact glass in door. I've seen many people using your hurricane rated doors in an area like mine? Do you have NOAs for Dade or Broward county? Interested in learning more about your designer door product for residential use. Thank you


I am closing in my back patio and converting to a golf simulator room. I would like to have a bifold window approximately 10x10 to open room up to outside. For this custom made Schweiss bifold I would like to have black liftstraps and an automatic latching system.


I am interested in putting in a hangar style bi-fold glass door into my new mancave home addition. the opening would be 12' wide by 9' tall. Please let me know how much this would cost.


Hi guys, Love your product. I can already imagine never going back to other products. For my first project, I'd like to use a bi fold door with black liftstraps for an interior office very similar to your residential interior doors. It would cover an opening about 6' wide and about 8' high. From looking at photos, I can imagine I might want a door about 9' high, so that it is above the opening when open. I'd go even higher, but realize for every foot higher, it protrudes another 6" when open. I have plenty of room for this application. So I'm looking for an affordable, cool look...say the Old Navy bifold door look. What do you recommend? I'll review the catalog as well.


Concept; residential bifolding garage door to achieve a frameless door appearance with owner applied siding matching house siding. Provide door mechanism, straps, remote opener and frame only?


Hello, We are custom home builders in Monterey Ca, and we are interested in cost information for a bifold residential designer door project in Carmel Ca, We would veneer the doors with a 1x4 and 2x2 board and batt in yellow cedar. this would have a 2 1/4" build up. I do have architectural details I could send for reference. Best Regards Will Hinds


Have a high end residence we are designing Our 18' wide garage door faces the street would like to do a bi fold residential garage door that has the same material as adjacent siding so the door becomes hidden. Also needs to work in a cold climate. When you get a chance, please give me a call to discuss door type and wedge dimension. Thanks you.


Looking for a all glass bi fold residential interior door to be used as a pass through window in my kitchen


I have a customer that is looking for options to enclose a back porch with your residential interior bifold doors. I will send a drawing there are 2 counter doors one 16x6 and 0ne 10x6 also a full height at 12x9'6" I was thinking one piece tilt up or a bifold and mount the motors above Looking for option from your design team. They would like all glass of course.


I would like to install (3) residential overhead glass bi-fold interior doors at my house approximately 10' wide by 9' high. What is the process and how do we get started. Jim


Hello I am looking for a bi-fold interior door for residential use. Approximate opening is 10' x 7'. Is this something you can do? What material options are there? If possible, can windows/glass be incorporated or used? Thank you for your time. Sincerely Robert


I have always been interested in having an interior  bi-fold door for a residential home...once we bought one. With the upcoming closing on our home, I'm researching the bi-fold concept, mostly from aviation applications, but now residential. Looking at Bi-Fold, preferable with one top row of windows, and I like the strap-lift concept instead of cables. I hate the wasted overhead space of a conventional garage door. Researching your site, it looks like I will need to figure the structural strength/capability of a bi-fold for the home. Any dealerships or applications in the Houston area? Fort Bend County area in particular ?


Hello, I'm looking for a quote for three doors for a residential project in Colorado. The rough openings for the doors have the following sizes: 2@ 9x12 1@ 9x 11. The Owner would like for the bifold residential interior doors to be glass infill. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. Thank you, John


Looking for costing and availability for a small (residential) bifold interior door frame and mechanism. electric or manual hoist preferred over hydralic system. Many Thanks, Todd H.


Do you have any dealers/installers in the Dallas area? I'm wanting a price quote for a 18' wide by 8' (to 10') bifold flush to facade for new residential interior bifold door construction. The home will have structural steel as necessary but that has not yet been determined.


This is for a regular ranch style home residential interior door where there is a loft above the garage door opening. There is only a minimal clearance above the door opening and the resident wants to put in an automatic bifold liftstrap door that leaves the loft intact and allows enough head space to drive an suv into the garage for parking.


Do you manufacture and install residential interior doors for homes? Email is the best way to get in touch with me. Thanks. r, Breit


Starting the planning process to build a residential hangar at Payson Industrial Airpark. Planning on a 60'x80'  building. Need a bi-fold residential designer door that is 45'x14' (clear span/ht)


I have a large carport opening at my home I would like to send pictures I want to be able to use this as a mancave interior residential room using a bifold door, if needed to add square footage to my house and let the outside in depending on the cost of door also it might work as a wall


Bifold residential door end wall, Steel truss wood purlins, new construction, Will build appropriately three months, Would like catalog and prices on bifold door  components and accessories.


looking to integrate indoor/outdoor living spaces using your residential interior or exterior doors, if it can stay within my budget


Hi, I learned about your company in the recent issue of Architectural Record and your excellent web site. I am interested in replacing my garage door with one of your bifold-strap doors. It is a small (masonry brick, block and prestressed concrete) house in a premium market that was custom designed and built by me 35 years ago. The current door (swing open) cost me 4 hundred dollars back then and clearly the house deserves (and can afford) a lot better in todays real estate market. I like the many advantages your residential interior bifold door product offers. Please contact me to see if we can work something out. Thanks, Sam


Hi there, I'm trying to find a bifold door and your strap system makes a lot of sense. This is going into a rebuild of my current house, so I'm looking for residential interior doors. The garage area right behind the door will be open to the second floor to accomodate stacking cars. I am wondering what the price would be shipped to Canada and if a interior door can be automated with a system that can be controlled remotely via an app like Chamberlain's MyQ app. I don't know what you mean by side column & end wall/side wall below so I left it blank. 


Hello, I am looking to integrate a flush bi fold liftstrap/autolatch garage door for a large private residential home in Oakville. We have a dropped steel beam and the door needs to be flush with the outside face of the beam meaning the typical garage door will not work. I can send along a detail.


Looking at pricing out a bifold rough opening size 14' wide 12' tall. Interior Residential bifold door application. The building is Insulated concrete form.


Price and availability on a residential interior doors 14'W x 14'T folding RV garage door. Also include installation instructions.


Found your company on a blog site, were looking for a vertical bi-fold residential door that will help bring the interaction of the kitchen and the outdoor deck together on a residential budget ;-) If you have any other options please share! the opening is 10' x 96" We can increase the head space if need be. Thank You and hope to here from you soon!


Hello, I'm looking to use a 13'-6"w x 14'-9"h bi-fold interior residential door in one of my current projects. It will be set within a curtainwall, and will likely need a slanted top drive to accommodate the sloped adjacent ceiling. Would you please send me more information regarding the best product for this application? Also, would it be possible to receive any Title 24 testing data you have for the proposed product? Thanks, Jazmine Brown


We lost our home during the Woolsey Wildfire here in Malibu, CA. We would like to use several of your Glass Residential Interior Bifold Doors in our Rebuild. The largest one will probably be about 18 wide by 20' high. If it's feasible I would like to carry the design theme throughout and use your doors on our three single bay garages. One of them will double height). I'd like to get a quote for the primary glass bifold door (18w x 20' h). Similar to the North Carolina Home on your website. 


hello I would like to install a vertical bi fold glass interior door in a residential home located in Los Angeles, California. Im wondering if these are intended to be applied on residential enviroment considering the possible air leak on edges. Any ideas how much it would cost me to get something like this in my area? The opening I have is 9ft wide and 8ft tall Do you even think a bifold would work on this height? Thank you Gian


Looking for residential interior bifold designer door  install 10' - 10' - 6" clear opening 8' wide wide 8' tall door reveal.


Morton Building home built in 1977, building is 48 x 72. Currently have 2 sliders in this residential interior door opening that are hard to open when ground heaves in the winter. Ball park idea on price of bifold residential interior doors with remote opener.


I'm interested in a bifold residential interior door for a new home I am constructing. Door size 20' wide by 10' high. Alternate 12' high. Ceiling height of building will be 16 or 14' high. Floor will be concrete. Building will be 60' wide overall. Please quote interior door price. We can fabricate and source steel locally. James


I need a residential interior door that's hinged at the top to open up to make room to give access to my man cave. The door will be clad in glass. Can your company design & install Schweiss lift actuators for it like the ones I see on your shipping containers pictures?


I have a residential interior bifold door installed (Residential) but with no photo eye. Would like to know the cost of two sensors neither of the two door has a sensor. Also is the sensor universal or model specific?


I need a folding door for a two car garage and adjoining residential interior bifold designer doors. My client does not want it to open inside the opening but fold in half outside the opening to create an awning or nice canopy door when opened. The height clearance must be a minimum 8 feet. I have drawings for the structure that I can forward to you.


Planning a first floor retail space on a multi-story condo in Panama City Beach Florida. Considering your Bi-fold doors for exterior window openings and residential interior doors. Do your interior and exterior bifold doors have Florida Product Approval? Would like to get idea of budget numbers for both bi-fold and hydraulic doors (like the canopy door shade potential). We have 13 feet floor to floor, but realistically looking at 10 x 10 as door dimensions. Looking at 3-6 units. I noted Steel as the building type below, but actually CIP concrete. Any supports required would be steel supported from the concrete. Thank you,


We have a residential interior door project in Sonoma County that we are building in two phases. The first is an ADU unit above a large garage (where we would need to order two bifold doors for). The second is there primary residence that will be constructed soon afterwards that we would need a single bifold residential interior door for. The ADU unit is trying to be built as affordable as possible, whereas finer finishes are being reserved later for the primary residence. With that in mind, I am trying to price out what the affordable size would be to fit your bifold doors to? The maximum height allowed in the ADU is 9'-6" and the maximum width would be 17'-6". We would love a quote for a size that would be the most affordable option within that frame. 


I am looking for a glass patio home door for my residence. 28' wide opening. 9' tall. Can you supply a door like this? Steve


Hi, I'm looking for a bi-fold residential door with black straps for a high-end lake home bar area. Could you please send options and sizes? Thank you,


Dear sir/madam Could you please give me idea of how much a one bifold residential interior door with lift straps steel frame from you would cost CIF Reykjavik, Iceland. Possibility NR 1. size: clear width 28 feet / clear height 16 feet. Possibility NR 2. size: clear with 26 feet / clear height 14 feet. Please include. a) Latch strap automatic b) Interlocking insulated panels c) Bottom rubber seal d) Foam cushion seal e) Top rubber seal f) Automatic opener g) Power 220v Europe ( possible ?) h) Windows price double insulated ( per piece, probably need 5-6) I ) Residential home is located at a windy area and I need a strong and reliable Schweiss residential interior  door.


I have a Schweiss 20 ft wide X 12 ft high bifold electric residential interior door. What is specification (type - viscosity???)for the oil in the motor driven gearbox. I need to do annual maintenance on this gearbox. Thanks Ernie 


Looking for 14 x20 ft wide bifold liftstrap operated residential interior door to retrofit and existing wood arch rib building. Presently has 12.5 x 20 ft door. Looking for pricing and any details to reinforce the existing building to accept this Schweiss residential interior door. Do you have installers in Alberta. Please advise. Thanks Dale McDonell


Need quote quickly. Job is P&G-Mason. Looking as an alternate to Renlita since I can't bid them. Residential interior bifold strap door is 10' x 8', framed for 1/4" tempered glazing, bi-fold, with operator that has safety sensors. Quantity of 2, aluminum framing.


Looking for an estimate for the glass bifold and hydraulic options for a residential interior door applications in a pool room. Approximate opening is 276"x108". Thank you.


We are interested in a bi-fold interior residential garage doors for our home. We are based out of San Jose, California. Do you have a location around here or is there a way to see these doors operate. I couldn't find any pricing for a standard size 16x8'. We are interested in bi-fold with see through panels and steel finish. Thanks for your help. Regards, Alexander


Building a new home in NY in 2017. The bifold residential interior and exterior doors are very intriguing. Would like more info and pricing.


I am in the Seattle area and would looking at a bifold or hydraulic lift door in a residential mancave application. The opening is 20' H x 8' H. Do you have a representative in the Seattle area


We are about to build a large project and need 8 number large hydraulic or bi fold strap vertical lift residential interior doors. They must open outwards only. The sizes are: 5m wide x 6m high 3 numbers 6.2m x 4.8m 4 number 9m x 6m 1 number. They need to glazed to match our faade and be able to withstand a wind load of 3.4kPa Grateful if you can advise if you are interested in quoting for this project for supply and install works or if you have an Asia representative we can contact for residential bifold interior doors. 


I need a price on a residential interior door that covers a 16 ft wide opening and opens to at least 8ft. I have room to do a 12 ft bifold interior door if that is what it take to get a 8ft opening. I need to know how much room it takes from the back of the door to where another wall could be installed if they wanted to.


Hello! I'm looking to use your bifold or single panel door on a small residential home's living room. They have a very nice view, but the room itself is quite small (for such a big door), so we're hoping to maximize the door size, but minimize any straps/motors/systems. I saw one example in an airhangar where you guys used cables instead of lift straps for the door. We would be interested in this. We also like the hydraulic system. We saw a visually minimal version of this on the "Metal Shutter House". Could you quote us (rough quote) for these two residential interior door types? Our opening is 6'8 high by 10'5 wide. Thanks!


Hi! I am doing a gut renovation of a wood frame residential home in Chicago. I have an 8' x 8' opening (there are a few inches of play in the opening, but roughly 8'x8') in the back from the kitchen to the backyard, and have considered sliding doors, french doors, and a glass garage door, but I truly believe your Schweiss residential interior doors are the best bet for this application. I want it all glass, and bringing the outside, inside is important. Weather-tightness is an issue because of the application and location. I like a garage door, but hate the track running along the ceiling. One of your residential doors would be perfect so I don't lose any headroom! It would also create an overhang when open, and leave a huge opening to the backyard. I'm wondering what the cost would be for such a door, I'm assuming lift strap would be more cost efficient than hydraulic? Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you!


Looking for residential interior doors - bifold - 18ft 9 inches wide by 8 ft 9 in high. Will be clad in BRONZE plating.


I am in the process of building a new facility in which I would like to incorporate residential interior doors verses the traditional slide doors. Question is, do you sell your bifold door systems and door hinges/brackets separately? Or is yours sold as a complete door with assembly? 


Need price ASAP FOB Chattannoga TN 1 each 13' x 8' and 1 each 18' x 8' outward opening residential interior doors. Do you have an Installer in TN


Hello. I'd like a rough estimate for a glass garage door. It will not be used for our garage, though. We'll be using it to open up our living room, so I'd also like some information on how you insulate these residential interior bifold doors. Thank you.


I have a residential interior door project and would like 3, strap bifold residential doors, each 14'wide and 9' tall. The surface should be a fiberboard, roughly 2.5-3lb/ft2 need quick approximate quote if you can, thanks


I have a customer looking for a 12'x 12' glass residential interior door. Either in a one piece pivot style or a bi-fold style. Can I have some one call me please?


i have multiple residential interior and exterior doors for you to quote, see dimensions for just one of them at this time. i have previously spec'd your product for my first house project in sun valley idaho. looking forward to having 4 bifold residential interior and exterior doors in my very own house project, and possibley 5 or so of the hydraulic one piece doors.


In 2003 we installed two of your bifold doors in my new residence. It is equipped with a remote control. I am purchasing a Chrysler 300 that comes with HomeLINK (a built in remote transmitter) that can be programmed to operate garage doors. Is there anything I need to know about how to set up your residential interior doors for it's use?


I am needing a general estimate for a bifold clear door for a residential space. The opening is 7 feet high by 15.5 feet wide. I most interested in your Schweiss designer residential interior door line.


I am putting a budget together for a townhome project at the top of Powder Mountain in Eden, UT. The plans are calling for Schweiss residential interior bifold doors. Need to speak to someone regarding pricing of these designer interior doors.


looking for a custom solution for an interiors project that calls for residential interior doors by Schweiss. a wood slat door that either lifts vertically or bi-fold interior door. Would like to discuss with someone to get pricing and drawings. thank you, Alex


Hello, we have looked at your residential interior bifold door on line, and would like to get a price on a 40 foot by 12 foot. thank you for your time. Chuck Hurley


We are looking at replacing an old residential interior doors with new ones, and i would like to get a quote for the replacement residential bifold strap doors about 16'X9'