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looking to get a quote for a hydraulic door that's going to be opening up our kitchen to the patio. Opening is approximately 8x8


I’m an architect working on a project in Rhode Island. The design includes (3) glass (~10’ W x 8’ T) garage-style doors that open up the kitchen to the patio. Can you send some info and ballpark pricing on your bifold glass doors so we can review with our client.


We recently opened up a Craft Brewery in Peterborough ON and are looking for options to extend our outdoor patio into a 4 season room :) Do you have a dealer in Ontario? Thank you for your efforts:)


I have a project in Austin, TX for a client. They are interested in a single swing hydro door. Average garage door size. This will be for a restaurant - patio entry. We are looking at an opening date in Nov. Would love to receive some lead times and cost estimates, if you're able to do this project for Texas location. Thanks!


I need a door for a new construction, wood-framed, rooftop patio/sunroom area that holds a hot tub. Space is at a premium, so fold-out/swing-out doors (such as yours) are particularly appealing. The interior space is 10 feet floor-to-ceiling, and I need to put a hot tub through it, which is at _least_ 7'6", so I'm asking for at least an 8' x 8' opening, preferably _slightly_ larger. If these things can be moved by human hands, it won't be opened often, so I can imagine using a manual override exclusively, and wouldn't even necessarily need a motor. I'm looking for an all/mostly tempered glass solution, in a 'modern' design style - but all of your stuff seems to fit that, honestly. Price is a primary driver, so whatever we can start with as the lowest-price option (bifold, strap, hydraulic, etc) would be the best quote to start with for me, and if you have standard sizes that are cheaper, etc, suggest those to me. Thanks!


I need a door for a new construction, wood-framed, rooftop patio/sunroom area that holds a hot tub. Space is at a premium, so fold-out/swing-out doors (such as yours) are particularly appealing. The interior space is 10 feet floor-to-ceiling, and I need to put a hot tub through it, which is at _least_ 7'6", so I'm asking for at least an 8' x 8' opening, preferably _slightly_ larger. If these things can be moved by human hands, it won't be opened often, so I can imagine using a manual override exclusively, and wouldn't even necessarily need a motor. I'm looking for an all/mostly tempered glass solution, in a 'modern' design style - but all of your stuff seems to fit that, honestly. Price is a primary driver, so whatever we can start with as the lowest-price option (bifold, strap, hydraulic, etc) would be the best quote to start with for me, and if you have standard sizes that are cheaper, etc, suggest those to me. Thanks!


Hey guys, I am fixing to build a new house, and my wife is very interested in a bi fold door about 10' wide and 8' tall that will fit in a bar area on the patio. We noticed your struther's garage pics and was wowed. Call me to discuss.


We have a covered patio 21’-6” X 12’ that is open on the West and North sides. We would like to have operable doors on both sides. The opening height is approximately 93”. There is a column at the northwest corner that reduces the opening widths approximately 7”. It would seem that the only option is the Hydraulic door considering the low clearance. Do you also install? Thanks


Looking for garage doors for a restaurant patio. Patio has a steel tube frame. Two ends of patio are 9'9" and will need doors. Side of patio has three sections between bricked columns, 10'9" each.


I am looking to make a hydraulic door for a client’s outdoor bar. Can someone recommend a product that would work. They are not looking for an mechanical/automated one


Hello. I have a customer that is interested in the folding patio door option for the outdoor patio remodel.


Hello I have a customer that we are in the early stages of designing their outdoor patio and pool retreat. The wanted to change from standard patio sliders to a hydraulic option. They currently have a 12'wide x 7'11", and another close to 14' wide approx openings and an overhang patio roof about 10'(Have pictures and initial plan). Is there more options? we might be intrested in designing and taking the BYOD option. Thanks


I am designing pool enclosure buildings and looking at cost effect polycarbonate sliding wall, garage door or bifold garage door options to install on at least 2 sides but possibly all sides Because of pool inside have chlorine which is corrosive, hoping for materials that resist rust


I have an entertainment space that looks out to the lakeside indoor/outdoor renovation project in PA. We are looking at installing three (3) 8'w x 8'h custom glass bifold or hydraulic?? The doors will be on one side of the renovated barn overlooking the lake. I need information on how to go about designing the doors themselves, structure to support them, etc. As well as information for design/aesthetics


Hello, we are looking into bifold door window options for exterior openings to a patio bar. We have two opening we are looking for products and quotes on. Both openings are 5' tall, one is 7'10" wide the other is 10'1" wide.


Looking for glass bifold to replace sliding glass door from dining room to a bifold door for our new California Bay Patio


Hello, We are starting a home remodel and addition to our existing home and have two patio areas that I am thinking about using hangar type bifold patio designer doors for the openings. Since one area is on the existing home using traditional construction I am worried about the load a hangar door will put on the structure. Since you offer a freestanding option I thought this could potentially work for us, but I was not sure if your company made doors this small or for residential purposes. We are thinking more of a glass front rather than the metal front. One of our openings is 242"wide X 269" tall, and the other opening is 318" wide X 120" tall. The 242"x268" is on existing construction, and the 318"x120" is on new construction so we have more flexibility to add steel beams etc. to the new area. Thanks, Will Brewer


Hello, I was talking to someone about closing in my deck with some sort of garage style Schweiss patio home doors and they said I should look into hanger style doors instead. I may be out of my depth here, but is there a pricing structure, or type I should look at for a residential application? I like that they also double as a cover when opened. Thank you in Advance, Skip....


Seeking information/quote for commercial small event center in rural Wyoming - 60 mile south of Jackson Hole. Have a large 60 x 40 covered patio door, open on one side to the west. There are 5 openings approx 12'w x 10'h each framed with 12" timbers. I have viewed pictures of your glass wall hydraulic "one piece doors" and would be interested to see if this would be practical/affordable for our application. I happen to have a hydraulic door hangar in WY, and a larger bifold strap hangar door in AZ. I am open to any suggestions on the different door styles you have available. The doors would likely be open while operating in the summer to enjoy views and would likely provide some canopy shade. The doors would allow us to extend our use of the deck into the winter. I'm eager to create a very attractive and unique performance/gathering space. The overall building is under a major contruction at this time. The patio has been framed, trusses set with decking on the roof thus far. The concrete pad is in.


I am looking for a bifold or hydraulic door that opens up onto a patio. The opening is 13 x 8. Include straps and auto latches on the bifold door quote.


I’m looking to get a budget price to see if this is the right bifold door solution for our rear covered concrete deck and patio. The opening width is 7ft 4in and height is 8ft 5in. Exposed header beneath ceiling is 8in tall. The posts are 4in steel HSS capped with 3/4 inch plywood then covered with 1/2 inch thick cement HARDIEPANEL. I would like to finish the door with the same HARDIEPANEL and have windows in top panel of the bifold. Quantity of 3 doors.


I am thinking about hangar doors for my personal patio and attached pool house, but do not know much about them. Are you able to provide a quote and/or some detailing for my particular situation? I'm not sure if they are feasible or if the opening is even large enough for this type of door. I do have a floor plan and elevation of the building I could forward. The building is under construction currently and has been framed and sided. The side columns are concrete block grouted solid with #4 rebar in each core. Approximate door sizes are 12ft wide by 12ft high and the other is 11ft wide by 12ft high. I can confirm actual dimensions if these are possible and cost effective. I have noticed a similar New York State poorhouse door you have built and that's what I want.


Hi, im currently in the design phase for our house extension, we are trying to make a indoor/outdoor bifold patio door concept and/or if the hydraulic glass doors is the way to go. Just looking at my options, feasibility, installation and cost. Your help is much appreciated, Thanks!


i been looking for somebody to do a bi-fold patio door for my room to open to the terrace, and its been really hard 'till i found your page. i wonder if you can make it and send it to mexico? and we install it.....


A few years back we purchased a couple of Bifold doors. That customer has requested pricing on another bifold patio door project for a window opening 39'3" wide by 6'0" tall and a door opening 23'10" tall by 8'6" tall. These would have a veneer glass system applied by us after. Would you be able to provide a budget price for these two openings. Thank you, Kevin


We are looking for a price on a 9'x20' bi fold patio door. I think the hydraulic door would be a better fit for us but we are open to all options. Either way, we'd like a lot of windows in this door. The less moving parts the better and it can just be a basic door with no windows and sheetmetal on it. White in color. I am sure there are more questions but maybe this will get us started. Thanks Hank


I am in the proccess of designing a home with an indoor swimming pool. I would like to have a glass patio and pool bifold door that is 12' high and 28' wide. Could you provide me with design assistance on this? The walls will be masonry.


Would like a quote on a bifold Liftstrap specialty door for our wet bar to open it to our patio. It is in a "sunroom" type area, new construction. Not set on a specific type of door yet, trying to understand pricing first. Like the look of the bifold, but open to suggestions.


Aloha, I am a homeowner in Kaneohe, Hawaii looking for information on a small garage door and glass patio home door for my home.


Hi. I have a breezeway that we would like the option of closing with a bifold patio home door, to make it less breezy. The opening is 16’ wide by 10’ high. I would like a man door on it for more versatility. Which door would you recommend, any idea of cost and anyone in Western Canada that supplies them? Cheers Sue Klinck


We are building a pool house similar to the New York pool house with a bifold door as shown on your website, and would like to keep it light and open with bifold glass doors. We are trying to determine the feasibility and costs associated with choosing this door option. Looking forward to finding out more. Regards, Veronica


Good evening! I hope all is well… We have submitted an offer to buy a house that has a covered pool and patio. And we are looking to install bifold glass designer doors to open the pool to the outside. We could do 3 or 5 of your standard 9ft garage doors or depending on price we could go a bigger. I would greatly appreciate if you could get back to me ASAP. I’m not sure how backed up in order you are due to the pandemic. Regards, Markus Drury


I'm needing to replace a 12'x12' overhead door with a patio home door and considering trying a bifold style door.


I am looking at your custom window wall that would be ideal for my patio. I'd want an all glass bifold liftstrap door. My current opening is 9 x 7. Thank you for your time. Farah


I have (2) openings under my patio that i am interested in either a bifold glass door or a hydraulic door. One opening is 8'-10"high x 177.5"wide the other is 8'-10"high x 182.625. Please price with remote openers.


We are remodeling a small sunroom but are looking for a glass patio bifold strap designer door of some sort. The door cannot come up inward into the sunroom. It has to go outward due to the ceiling fan in the sunroom. We are looking for something that is glass and can open up out onto a patio/backyard.


Good morning, I am looking for the nearest rep/distributor in the Seattle area, we are looking to enclose our back patio and convert it to a 4 season bifold lifting wall room opening is about 25 feet and we would like options for a single door or possible 2 or 3 wide The space will need our architect to design for specs and load Thanks in advance Sean


We are having a home built in Florence, MT that is approximately 90% complete. We have a covered patio with walls and windows on three sides. The fourth side has two 8'W x 9'H openings. When designing the home, we thought we would install glass garage doors on tracks. Once framed, we realized that would not make us content. I'm looking for a solution to close the patio off mostly from the wind and allow us to enjoy the view we have of the Bitterroot Valley and Mtns. I suspect strap system doors will obscure the view too much. I suppose there is also an option to install a single door on the outside of the framing (17'W x 9'H). Besides a suggestion, I am also looking for non-binding cost estimate for the two openings. I very much appreciate any assistance you can offer. Email is best for communication.


Would like glass panels in the middle on two of the 10 x 8 doors (for garage application)and, the two other bifold liftstrap doors all glass except the bottom floor panels (for patio home door enclosure on party barn).


We are a wedding venue and currently have a 52'x65' open air pavilion and are looking to enclose it without blocking the view with a hydraulic patio area door. Interested in the hydraulic lift glass doors for at least 2 sides of it. When raised it would create a covered patio area. Could you send me more information and any dealers in the Alabama area


We have just built a patio pool shed. The opening faces the pool for safety of children swimming. We want a simple to operate, manual, practical patio pool shed door that provides easy outdoor access. The contractor designed the space for a regular garage door and we prefer your designs. We are invested in your design and installation suggestions and pricing. Thank you.


Hi there I am looking for a bifold patio pool house door with rough opening 86'' wide by 64'' high for a pool cabana. Please give me a call as I am curious on what options you have available. Thanks Chris


we are designing a home fitness/pool addition and are looking for a vertical bifolding patio door 8ft h x 10ft w to go with the existing steel frame glass windows. Door shall have black or white lift straps and photo eye sensors.


Hey, I’m looking for a garage door for a residential space that connects a living area to a covered patio. We need it to seal efficiently when it is closed that it can pass a door blow test and not be a weak point in the insulation of the home. Also would like it to have enough clearance when open to provide a seamless pass through when open. It will either be 8x8 or 7x8 only thing changing is the width depending on the price and compatibility. Is this something you guys can provide? We are open to making some adjustments to receive the best price and fit, but still want a remote opening and automatic latching system. Thanks for your time, Andrew


We are building a deck on our home and wanted to get a quote for 2 bifold patio home glass doors. The openings are: Door 1 approximately 138" wide by 10' tall Door 2 approximately 207" wide by 11' tall We are interested in the all glass versions.


Hello. My name is Matt Richardson. I found your site and im looking to install floor to ceiling windows in my home to blend the living with outdoors. i really like the look of your bifold glass designer patio door options and would be interested to see if the application could be extended to residential use. Thank you. Matt


I have a pool cabana project in Austin, Minnesota that I think your bifold glass patio style doors would work very well on. I'm looking at your bi-fold door systems and was hoping to get some budget pricing information. I will have (9) 11'x10' openings. Thank you.


Shoot me an email, looking for a price range for a residential bifold patio home door for an opening that is 14x9 mostly glass door. Thank you,


Hi I am looking for a bifold patio door for my house. I would like it to be insulted glass, either clear or frosted (not sure yet). It needs to be 8ft wide but not sure how tall, but probably also 8ft tall. Can you price with photo eyes and remote opener?


We are building our home in the Hoover, AL area, and we would love to see if you are able to do a glass bifold designer door off the back patio. The height will be 9 feet for the patio (building has not begun yet) and a wide opening that we will be building posts for and screening around with ideally the one piece or bifold strap door in the middle of roughly 8 feet wide for the door We are interested in both the Bifold and Hydraulic doors. Is this something you are able to do? If so, can you please provide very rough pricing estimates?


I’m looking at the hydraulic or fold up window door for a in-home patio space bifold glass door for a client and looking for quotes to provide them


We are looking for a vertical folding glass "garage" door for a 10-11' tall opening that is 18' wide to close off a courtyard patio on a house that is to be built in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This designer bifold would be similar to the one the contractor put in his Colorado backyard as depicted on your Must See Photos. Could you provide a rough estimate on what that would cost?


Looking for hydraulic or bifold patio home door for pool house. Would need 2 doors. Just looking for an estimate to see if it's even within our budget.


Looking for a bifold glass patio home door to use in our walkout basement - going out to the pool deck. Area is approx 206"W x 120"H. Something similar to the Blarney Irish Pub in West Fargo w/black liftstraps.


I'm looking into building an addition on my house with a swim spa pool inside. To accomplish this we need a wall or door that can open more than 89" wide. Could you give me a generic price guidelines for a hydraulic or bi-fold pool house or patio home door that is 7' - 8' tall and 8.5' wide? This would likely be used primarily as a window wall that would only rarely be open for pool maintenance. Also, how good is the insulation? It is similar to a regular home door / window? Our concern about regular garage doors is they are typically porous when it comes to heat, cold, and insects coming through the gaps in the door. Thanks!


Hi... I would like to open a living space to the patio. I thought about a glass garage door either bifold overhead or hydraulic. do you guys do patio home door projects like this using Schweiss patio home doors or just commercial bifold doors?


Looking for a tilting or bifold garage door solution for backyard patio. Looking for installer in Dallas area. There are 3 spaces that need to be enclosed. 191” W x 117” H - Needs a Door (lifts strap bifold) 98.5” W x 121.5” H - Needs a Door, bifold 68” W x 121.5” H - Fixed Glass panels to match the doors. We want to maintain as much visibility as possible and we want to make it open as much as possible. We do not need any insulation or LowE glass. This area is does not have any HVAC and never will. It is just a patio. Looking to match our existing Clopay “Avanti” tinted glass garage doors with brown/bronze frames on the front of our house. I have plenty of pictures that I can send. I'm sure your bifold designer patio door will enhance our entire living area.


I'm looking for a 10 foot bifold glass custom-made bifold patio door. I want to use it primarily for being able to walk out onto the patio in good weather and to let available light in during the winter months. This will be a great bifold door addition to my home.


Looking for 2 bifold patio home door installations in a residential home. I am wondering about costs, r value, air seal and sound, etc.


I am looking for an all glass bifold liftstrap door for a patio door. Wondering if I could get a quote Thanks Tom


Looking to close in our patio to make it an under air location using an insulated bi-fold designer patio home door that is primarily windows The space would require two doors of the same dimension that is 159" wide and 100" tall. We would like the opening mechanism to be low profile and are curious about the prices


We are finalizing construction plans for building restaurant with a convertible patio. Interested in the possibility of bifold door for 9x8 patio commercial space. Looking for cost and options.


Hello, I have this custom pool front cabana I%u2019m building that I want a glass patio home door on that folds up. Please call me to discuss. Thanks.


Hi there, I'm looking for order of magnitude costs for the design and installation of a 35'x10' bi fold or one piece patio home door. Looking to have glass panels or similar. it is for an indoor/outdoor pool. Trying to provide some design options for a client and pull together a construction budget, worst case scenario. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Looking for price and delivery of a thermal Black anodised bi fold vertical patio home door. Opening 162" wide x 102" Can you help? Rene Vlahovic


2 patio home garage doors 16' wide 10.5' tall. I would like a price for the all glass doors with black frame


Hello, I would just like an idea of your bifold patio home door product (& shipping) costs for a small residential application. It would be going in a wall as a secondary entry point from the house to the backyard. I filled out the form below with some approximate dimensions. Thank you, Trey Carpenter


Things have changed in the design process of my patio home door project. If you could quote 2 strap bifold doors delivered to ann arbor? I'm also concerned about the seal along the sides of the doors, is there usually any air loss through those? or are the doors well-sealed along the sides?


Monday or Wednesday around 10AM PST is best time to try and contact me. I'm interested in the most cost effective patio grow house bifold door you have. Opening is 18ft x 7'6. I'm interested in a man door/walk through door within. I wouldn't mind it being just the frame and I have glass installed locally. You can google my address and see the opening. What ideas do you have? Thanks, John


New construction. Looking for 3 bifold patio home doors for back enclosed patio. I added 8' x 8' as my dimensions. The structure is not built yet. We are breaking ground and we can frame in any standard size opening you can provide. We can even make it 1 large door.


I have a bar/grill that is looking to get 2 or 3 bi-fold liftstrap patio home doors for their patio area. I am looking to get some information about the doors. Right now the openings are 10' wide x 14'-15' high, but they can alter them (smaller)if needed. I have answered the questions below, but want to clarify that the building has steel beams, with wood in some places.


I am building a new home with 16' wide and 10 feet high patio home garage door. I am interested in your product. Thanks.


I am working with a client in Northeast Ohio on the lake front to look at options to replace patio home doors on their pool house. The patio doors will go from their indoor poolhouse to their exterior pool area. The owners would like to update the existing opening and glass to allow more circulation between the two areas. One of the ideas is to replace the area with a bifolding/vertical folding patio style garage door that will match the existing architecture of the building and will accommodate the severe weather. We are unsure of the exact width at this time, but I think the doors will be between 12 ft.wide and 8 ft. tall. I am looking for additional specification info on if the doors can handle the weather and be fitted to our opening and how much the costs are. What information can be shared so that I can present options to the owner?


I live in the NW corner of Washington on the Lynden Airport. I have recently built and outdoor patio i would like to be able to close in during cold and windy weather allowing us to use it year round. Wondering what your able to offer in the way of bifold patio home designer doors.


Hi there please can i get a priceless on theses bifold patio home doors with glass , is there standard sizes you manufacture ?


Good morning Looking to install an 8'x 10' bifold patio home door on my flower shop. Questions around supporting infrastructure, cost, and installation. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Phone or email. Kevin


Need price on full view fold up glass patio home  doors with 1" insulated clear glass . Powder coated frames


I have a patio door on my house is approximately 14' x 7' do you make patio home strap lift bi fold door for something that small? Btw, love your website


Looking for quote for residential patio home 5x8 bifold manual door with basic finishing. Nothing fancy, no windows.


Looking for information including cost & lead time for a 16' x 7' patio home door for a residence. Must comply with Florida Building Code for wind speeds. Zip Code 33617 (Tampa area). Building is 8" Concrete Block (no steel or wood columns).


I'm building a cottage on Georgian Bay and want to have a door which provides security & weather protection over a large front window. I like the look & functionality of your hydraulic and bifold patio home doors, but I have no idea of the costs involved. Could I please ask you for a ballpark figure for a door (frame only, I would be putting the composite siding material on it) 24 ft wide by 10 ft tall, plus the pump system & etc to operate the door, & delivery charge? Thank you, Ken Vincent


I'd like to get some budget pricing for two bifold patio grow house doors: (1) 16ft wide x 7ft high opening and (1) 12 ft wide x 7ft high opening.


Looking at a vertical or horizontal mount patio grow house bifold door. What is the overall height required for a 7' clear vertical opening. Door will be 16' wide. How do we get pricing for this product?


Looking for 10' x 10' patio bifold door to replace existing roll up door. The door cannot protrude into the building, that is the reason the old roll up door was removed. It's the back patio door of a metal building.


I am looking to see if you make a small bifold patio home door for a residential bi-fold glass door as like 10' X 7' tall or so. I would need 2 for a pool house I am building.


Hi, I'm looking for residential patio home door solutions that will eliminate the need for overhead tracks. The door opening is small, only about 9x7'. Can you offer a quote both a hydraulic and bifold  patio home doors, and offer insight as to which might suit my needs best? Thanks! Danny


I need two insulated bi-fold patio home knee fold doors ) 9' x7'7" is the opening size. I would like the doors to overlay the opening and extend above the opening enough so that when the doors are opened the entire patio door header height will be clear.I am interested in your strap lift system. Best Regards, Adam 520-400-7216


I constructing a two car garage with full second floor am seeking two patio home doors, 9' wide by 7' high on the upper floor. I would like to to move away from roll up doors with cables allowing me use of the ceiling area for other purposes. One bay will be for parking cars; then other upper bay for my art studio patio home doors. Can you advise if you manufacture bi-fold doors of that size? And the price range? Also, do you sell to any installers in the Western New York area? The framing work will be completed by mid to late July and would like to follow immediately with door installation to close in the space. Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated. Sincerely, Al


I an doing a self build house and struggling to get patio home doors to fit my sprinter van into my clear opening. Your bifold doors would solve the problem i need a door that is 10' how much extra head room would my home need for these patio doors?


I want to get a price on a patio home bifold door with Glass panels. My opening is 80 inches tall and 72 inches wide.


Hi, I am early in my design phase of a pool house/ additional garage that will require patio home doors. Currently I do not have a pool, but in order to sell my wife into having a man-garage it would also have to be a future pool house with patio home doors. The thing that I'm interested in doing is a glass bifold patio door on the side of the building to make it more appealing and functional...an additional awning for the future lounge area for the pool. My question for you is if I purchase one of your doors is it more economical to have a longer single glass door or two smaller doors. Basically, a single double garage door or two single garage doors. I figured there is a trade off between size and motors/equipment needed to run one or the other. Thanks, Clint


Looking for a rough estimate for glass bifold overhead doors to use in our patio home sunroom. One would be 8' wide by 8' tall. The other would be 10' wide by 8' tall. If possible and depending on the price, We would also like to add in a standard swing door to the 8x8. One would be on an end wall, the other perpendicular to it on the side wall. If there are any better alternatives for either quality or price, we are open to options. The current picture windows are leaking and there was a bit of sticker shock to the replacement cost so we are either looking for a nicer patio home door option for around the cost of the picture windows, or a cheaper option.


Hello: I am an architect in North Carolina and am interested in your bi-folding door systems for an unorthodox application in a new residence I am designing. I want to cover a 7'x 12' exercise pool with a flush patio home deck door that would be walkable when closed. In other words, instead of a vertical door application, it would be a horizontal deck application. Have you done this before and, if not, do you think it would be possible? Thanks, Fred 


looking for 4 10' wide x 10' tall patio home bifold Glass doors for an indoor pool area. The Schweiss patio home designer doors should have black lift straps and photo eye sensors.


Have a customer looking for a quote on a patio and pool designer bifold door that will be a full vision glass look.


I want to replace 2 sets of carriage swing out doors on my storage building adjacent the pool. Looking for alternative to traditional garage doors due to lack of interior clearance. There is 2 ft of elevation difference between the two buildings, so one would be 8'x10' and the second 8'x8'. Your Schweiss patio home pool doors might be good for this application.


Patio home door opening is about 18', but need door to be able to clear 14'. It is a slider now. Also, how long does a bifold 30' wide and 14' tall take to open? Is it a fast-opening door?  Is it a push once and it opens or do you have to hold the opener?


Hello, I am looking to quote an 8' wide x 8' tall Bi-Folding patio home door system with Low-E argon filled glass. This is for an exterior application on a Tiny Home build. Please feel free to call anytime. Thank you, Nick


In perusing your website i am interested in a price on 18'high x 24' wide bifold strap lift patio home doors with frame for walk in door and a couple large  windows. does Schweiss do installs near Grande Prairie AB? and also a do it yourself kit price would be nice please. thanks.


I am interested in the bifold patio door for a house in northwest Fl. The bifold strap patio home door has to meet the hurricane impact criteria?


Hi, I am working on a project that needs schweiss bifold patio home doors. I'll send elevation and door detail to get a quote. Please email me with contact information so I can get these patio home doors shipped quickly. Thank you.


Looking for 3 patio home doors with glass for opening large basement area. 1 door is 7 high by 11 wide. 2 other doors 7 high 9 wide. What is cost for simple solution. Bi fold patio doors look good or hydrolic if less expensive.


I have attached a pdf of the project we were  interested in using Renlita over head bi-fold doors. That is until we came across your Schweiss modern design doors. The project is a Italian restaurant right outside of Houston, we plan on using over head bi fold  patio doors on the exterior patio in hopes of creating a versatile space. However, construction of the restaurant has already begun and I am interested in knowing what patio door system you recommend that would work best with what is already there


Hello, I'm inquiring as to if you can customize your systems to work similar to the link for patio home doors. I am speaking with Renlita about this project but like to have a better alternate like a Schweiss patio home door just in case. The opening is about 24ft wide x 8ft high. The door would need to be glass. It would need to lift in two separate 4ft high panels stacked next to each other. We don't have room to fold in or out. thank you.


To Whom it May Concern, I am interested in a Schweiss bi-fold patio outdoor piazza door for an eight foot by 8 foot door opening with a 2'glass transom and a glass and a black frame (industrial commercial use). I would like to send some images of what I am looking for exactly. Also, if you could please provide a quote. Thank you, Graham


We are in the planning stages for a poolhouse. The entire structure will be about 35' long and 15' wide. We'd like to have a glass bifold patio home doors to open up a significant portion of the side of the building with a walk-in door built in so if the glass bifold is closed for climate purposes, we can still use the walk-in. I'd also like to know what privacy options (blinds, smartswitch glass) etc...along with screen options, if any. The patio home door style would be no wider than 25', and would likely be more like 20' wide. We're not in a hurry, and we're really just inquiring to get a ballpark on the price and availability in Hays, KS. Thank you.


Hello, We just found your website and are well into the design process and finalizing material pricing of a full patio revamp of our existing space and would appreciate hearing back asap so that we can finalize before the end of the year. If you have someone reach out I can also send over our architect patio home door usage drawings which are a good representation of our remodel plan.


We are a General Contractor bidding a project for patio home doors and Schweiss is specified for the Hydraulic Overhead Door on the project. We are looking for pricing for the door installed on the project.


Please provide us with a cost estimate for: (1) 18'-6" W x 7'-6" L frosted tempered glass patio home door, clear aluminum frame, bi-fold door (1) 18'-6" W x 7' L frosted tempered glass, clear aluminum frame, bi-fold door (2) wall-mount motors The patio home doors are for a new construction of a duplex in Santa Monica, CA.


To Whom it May Concern, I would like to inquired as to whether your bi-fold patio home doors are able to have an integrated man door installed. I would also like to request 3D models of your products. 


Residential scale patio home doors are currently in design and engineering. Bi-fold doors will be glazed. Need to understand door head and lift channel sizes and requirements. One of the four patio home doors listed below will be 9-0' wide by 8-0 high.


Hi. I'm an interior designer, and interested in pricing for a bifold residential patio home door project - either all glass or half glass. Thank you! Sarah


Goodmorning, We like to be informed if we can use bifold strap method patio home doors to close a swimming pool 10mtr x 4mtr Regards, Jerrel Boldewijn Manager Boswec Nv


Would like a quote on a bifold door for my patio bar. Looking at it from outside in left wall is concrete block wall, right is 8"x8" oak beam. Over head is a H beam. The patio home doors on your website are very impressive and I like the fact they can be clad with everything from glass to wood.


We are looking for a dealer/installer for a residential bifold patio home door in Scottsdale Arizona. Thank you!


Hello, I'm building a small patio in my backyard and am looking into options for a 6 feet wide by 10 feet high all glass patio home door. I was interested in the hydraulic and bi-fold door you have. What is the best way to get a look at options, pricing, etc?


Hi there - We are in the process of designing a pool cabana and I am interested in using your bifold patio home door systems on two openings. How would I go about getting a quote? We like the glassed look. Measurements are: 15' wide by 9' high and 12' wide by 9' high


Looking for a quote on 18' wide 9' high strap lift bi-fold patio home doors with a walk in door. Must be insulated and include a couple windows. Also need to know roughly how much headroom above the door opening is required.


We're building a pool house and want large patio home doors with mostly glass that can also act as a shade/awning when open. Door will remain in open position during warm months and will be subject to occasional strong winds, so we may need a bifold patio door with some type of support pins for additional support.


Hello, Just pricing out a patio home doors for a house we're looking at. We've actually used one of these patio home doors on a house here in Calgary and are excited about doing it again. Just at the rough budget stage and need to present our estimate this week, so a speedy reply would be appreciated! Thanks! Byron.


Need quote for (1) 25' clear x 14' clear bifold patio home door and (1) 25' clear x 12' clear bifold patio home door. The 25 x 14 patio home door would need (1) walk door in it. Com-Steel would install 26 gauge PBR Panel on the exterior of the doors.