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Hello, We are looking for three large Schweiss vertical bifold doors for our greenhouse. They all will raise and lower extremely frequently. The lift mechanism we would like to have is the straps. I would be interested in having a quote to replace our old set up. Thanks


Looking to build an aquaponics greenhouse in Northern Nevada, would like to see any similar projects that you have completed. Contemplating 4-6 doors that would be 20-25ft wide and 10-14 ft tall. Most doors would be on side wall, but some may be on end walls. How well do bifold doors seal, how air tight would they be when closed? I anticipate that the doors would be clad in polycarbonate. What ballpark cost per door would I be looking at?


Building is a polyethylene-covered, steel frame greenhouse. Looking to replace 8'x8' roll-up doors in the two end walls with patio grow house bifolds. The more light the doors can let in, the better. Glass might not be the best option, so I wonder if the door frame can be skinned with 8mm twin wall polycarbonate sheets similar to what I've seen on the Schweiss Doors website photos. Thanks.


please respond by email with estimates and features. Lightweight patio grow house bifold door 15 ft wide 8 ft high


Looking to purchase 7 two panel bifolding/Lift Away Doors for a grow house project in Utica, NY 4 @ 7'-4" x 12'-0" 3 @ 12'-0" x 12'-0"


Hello, I work for one of the largest greenhouse manufacturers in North America. I am working on a project for the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA. We are converting an old glass greenhouse into a renovated 16mm acrylic greenhouse for their desert collection of plants. We would like to allow guests to view their rare collection without entering the greenhouse as many of the plants are extremely rare with some being extinct in the wild. we have two sidewalls that we would like to use your bifold patio grow house bifold model of doors on. These are large doors, 100' x 4' and 90' x 4.


I am interested in pricing on 7'x7' bi fold patio grow house door with glass panes. Also wondering if they can be purchased and shipped to PA and installed by our Contractor or if this is something that you need to install for the buyer.


Have a builder that has a customer that is looking for patio grow house doors, size 9x5 ft with clear glass cladding and liftstrap design.


I am looking for an estimate for 2 bifold glass patio designer doors to close up our outdoor patio grow house. The one opening is 7.0'w x 9.0'h, the other is 11.0'w x 8.5'h - in both cases they will close up on a bar/half wall. It is a modern area and would like to have it as open as possible with black metal framing. Thanks.


Hello, We are working on a project that calls for (2) bi-fold patio grow house doors. 1 is a 16x8 and the other is an 8x8. We would also like options for a 16x7 and 8x7. Can these doors be fitted with plexiglass or only insulated glass?


We have an attached covered patio grow house with two open sides we would like to be able to enclose with your bifold patio grow house strap doors. On opening is approximately 20’ x 7’8” and the other 12’ x 7’8. We would like glass.


I need two bi-fold doors for my new patio grow house, 7ft 8in high by 10ft wide opening 7ft 8in high by 8ft wide opening. Thank you for your time


Was wondering if you can give me a quote on a 17'w bifold patio grow house door , 8'6" high, glass insulated. Thanks Call me if you want more detail.


Looking for three 9'-0" x 12'-0" bi folding patio grow house glass doors for project in Grand Rapids, MI. Each door will need a free standing header for extra support. I'm also interested in your automatic bifold door latching system.


Hello! I am wondering if you carry or can make an 8'x8' polycarbonate bifold door for a greenhouse. Your patio grow house bifold doors appear to be just what I need. I would like four of these grow house doors installed.


How much for a custom bifold patio greenhouse door measuring 10' x 30' made with liftstraps and a lightweight aluminum frame?


I drawing up plans for a wood frame patio grow house addition. I would like to price both a bifold door and a single hydraulic patio grow house door 20’wx 12’h.


Needing to purchase (2) bifold, full view patio grow house glass doors. Would like more info and pricing.


looking for 4 - 11' wide by 14h patio grow house Schweiss doors i can use either bifold or hydraulic. Need an idea of costs


Approximately 12'w x 10'h Schweiss lift strap bifold patio grow house door Evergreen High School


Would like a quote on a complete bifold liftstrap patio grow house door package including the power pack


Hello, we are building a house this summer and I'm interested in a bi-fold door for our patio grow house, instead of the standard garage style door. The door needs to be 9' wide and 7' tall. Let me know what kind of pricing we are looking at. Thank you.


I have a commercial landscaping property in Ashland illinois and I currently can only get an 8 ' tall patio grow house door to work because of the tracks and whatnot. I would love to talk to someone and see if I can get an estimated cost for  installing a new door, either hydraulic or bifold patio grow house doors to maximize headroom when the door is completely open. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Jeremy Willis JW Outdoors 2174144486 jeremywillis83@yahoo.com


We would like a quote on bi fold patio grow house doors. (4) 2 each side of buildings that are currently erected 12%u20193 High x 38%u20198%u201D wide. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Looking for ballpark pricing on a bi-fold overhead doors similar to your patio grow house doors with glass panels. Size approximately 18'-20' wide by 15'0" tall. Installation in the Austin, TX area


Looking for a Estimate quote on a Bi-Fold Door for my Patio Grow House Sun Room. Bi-fold Door need to be 16'x12'.


Hi I'm looking for a patio grow house door and was impressed with the strap uplift bifold door setup. My application is relatively small being about 11 foot wide by about 7'6'' high. Would you have a suitable hardware system to accommodate this? Regards William


Our client wants a custom glass patio grow house door connected to his garage (7'x7' approx.), we are looking for an electric or bifold door or-hydraulic door system to open and close the hinged glass door of 3/8 "thick tempered glass (240 lbs approx.)


I'm looking for a horizontal bifold interior door solution for a commercial patio grow house door improvement. The bifold door clear height is 8'-10" (floor-to-ceiling) and the door opening is 8'-0" high, so we're trying to minimize the profile of the doors in the open position as much as possible.


I have a small door on my patio grow house that is 8 ft wide and 6.5 ft tall. It is currently two doors that hinge left and right but it doesn't seal right and with the rain and snow we get they don't work well in winter. Do you just sell the hardware that I can mount on the door


I am providing a building quote for a client. He needs a couple of bifolding patio grow house doors. I would like a price quote and some specs for them so that I can figure my building to accommodate the grow house doors. He is needing a clearance of 25' wide and 11' tall. Thanks.


Looking at glass garage style patio grow house bifold doors for inclosing a farmers market. Need pricing for the doors and installation.


I have a 12 ft high by 37 wide nursery opening. i would like a quote for either the bifold or the piston glass pane patio grow house doors. Call me anytime. cheers Rod


Please provide estimate/range, including shipping and identify materials for a basic bifold patio grow house doors structure with 2-3 very large grow house door windows in the upper 1/2. Thank you. It is a very interesting product. We can probably install and insulate the bottom of these grow house doors.


A while back I got quotes for a 25' X 16' Clear Opening patio grow house door - One Bifold & One Hydraulic. My project has stalled somewhat & I am now interested in getting a quote for a superstructure bifold grow house door with the same dimensions. In addition to cost, I'm interested to know the footing and width requirements.


Looking for a better option for a small building other than a normal patio grow house door. The celling is low which limits the motorized options. It's for a cinder block and brick building.


I am seeking a quote for a bifold patio grow house doors, description below. Please contact me at the phone number or email provided above. - 24'0 x 10'0 clear opening. - 140 mph wind - Tampa, Florida - include cost for shipping


We have an existing shed at our grow house we are looking into widening the doors on. Can you give me a ballpark price on a 30 foot wide patio. grow house bifold door with an approximate 15 foot height clearance? Thanks Mike Gourley


Looking for 3 bi-fold patio grow house bifold doors at 17' x 7' each. Please provide quote and digital brochures.


I%u2019m looking into costs for a bifold or one piece hydraulic lift  patio grow house door to for a 12%u2019 wide x 140%u201D high opening, that can be insulated and weather tight. I have a second opening that is 110%u201D wide and 140%u201D high that I would also like a quote for. This is for a steel sheeted pole barn


I am working on an greenhouse design that will need patio style grow house glass doors. I would like to know a relative price difference of a bifold or hydralic greenhouse door compared to a roll up door.


I will be building a new patio at my residence in Crescent City Florida. I am looking at installing a 20' x 14' Schweiss glass hydraulic patio grow house door on the building and looking for a quote. Thanks, ~Jason


We are bidding on a patio grow house door project in Maryland. They are requiring a bi-fold door 20' wide x 12' tall (clear) Can you help me? The patio grow house doors will be clad in plexiglass-glass.


Hello, I was wanting to get an idea of how much an 18'x18' patio grow house door would cost, hydraulic or lift strap, and also what a BYOD kit would cost for the same size door. Thanks Kenzie


I am interested in a fully-glazed patio grow house designer door. The design should be similar to most examples in the Design I gallery examples.


I have existing slider doors that I want to replace with patio grow house doors. Three bifold liftstrap doors on each side. Approximately 13 foot wide. Thank you


We are looking for an all glass bi-fold door to install in a commercial residence for covered patio grow house doors. 2 bifold grow house doors. 14w x8h


I'm looking for a glass bi fold patio grow house door that would be similar to at 16 x 8 garage door.


I have 7'x16' patio grow house doors opening that I would like to install a horizontal bifold glass patio  door in. I just came across your kit. In the open position what in the approximate depth of the two leaves? Thank you Ed


I need two quotes for patio grow house doors: 1 18'x15' hydraulic door 1 18'x15' bi-fold door. The grow house doors will need to be clad with glass or polyurethane.


We wish to replace 15 patio grow house doors on our greenhouses which are currently sliders. I'd like to get a quote on insulated bifold, strap lift doors as we use these greenhouses through the winter. Our openings are wood framed and are 90" tall and 96 inches wide. I would like the option of getting some of the doors with windows in them as they are on the S side of the house. Please advise details of construction, price and lead time. Email is the best way to communicate. Best Regards Steve


Inquiring on pricing for a bifold door for a 22' wide by 16' tall opening for doors for a patio grow house. Also wanted to know what the open clearance would be with the 16' header. Manual latches and prefer the motor to be mounted on the door.


Needing a quote on 38x14 bi fold strap door with remote to use as a patio grow house door, whats the clear span under the door?


I am interested in obtaining a quote for a patio grow house bifold door for my recently-renovated home. I am filling out the details in the area below. Thanks, Peter


Would like a quote on a bifold designer wood framed patio grow house door with large windows. Also steel or aluminum. 20%u2019x9%u20196%u201D


We are looking for a 30'-0" wide x 14'-6" clear height bi fold patio grow house doors for our nursery.


I am working with a customer in Poplar Bluff, MO 63901. The customer is planning to use a Schweiss Bi-Fold patio grow house door. He will be contacting you directly once his building is designed. He needs a clear opening of 20x15. I need door specs for a door that meets his requirements. Please let me know if you have any questions. Best Regards, Joe


Building a new green house and looking at patio grow house door options. Curious about prices for both strap bifold and hydraulic glass clad patio designer type doors. Building is 40x80' not sure how much additional room is needed on each side of door if it is being installed on endwall (40) would like aluminum frame bifold doors.


I am interested in a quote for a hydraulic door for our patio grow house. The rough opening of the space is 16' wide x 12' high. We are looking for a glass garage sized  patio grow house door that will pivot up with no breaks in the panels how a normal garage door would do. We are located in Tyler TX. 


I am working on a Hanger and am interested in pricing for bifold patio grow house doors, 20'x14' clad in glass. I like the lift strap what are the costs for a Schweiss bifold electrical powered unit door?


Looking at either a hydraulic or bifold door for a new patio grow house building. Building walls are 12' tall with 2x6 wall studs, gambrel roof line. Door opening is 10' wide, 9' tall (may go to 10'tall), insulated to R30, Window(s) are an option to be considered. Time frame will be June to December. Need a preliminary cost and delivery ARO for now. Thanks, Scott Trites


My son and I are building a new grow house shop this summer. We are looking at a 30x18 or a 40x18 patio grow house doors. We have not decided on a bi-fold or a hydrulic door with windows and insulated. Would like a price delivered to our farm. James David Serven


Quote for a single swing hydraulic or bifold patio grow house door - metal frame with glass inserts


I'm a architecural designer looking to spec 3 - 16' wide by 12' tall and one 14' wide by 12' bifold patio grow house doors for a greenhouse, can you give me a price range and possible glazing surfaces to choice from. Looking for cheapest option, will be for a BC area delivery, thanks much Ken Scharen


I need two patio grow house doors size 8'wide x 7 ' tall Aluminum full view insulated and templed glass And powder coating bronze color frame thank you


Looking for a sales rep in Napa, Ca for a residential application of your bifold patio grow house doors. Thanks, Brandi


Dear Sir or Madam: We are in the need of a bifold or  hydraulic door, the purpose of this item is to contain the water from the street and I think your patio grow house doors can solve this problem (the water is actually flowing from the street to our property. The area of the needed door is around 10 m2 (4.5 width and 2.2 height). We will be in the need of 4 items. Regards Jose Luis Huerta


Looking for a bifold/hangar door for a residential patio grow house door installation. Would like to see about cost(s), etc.


need pricing for bi-fold patio grow house doors; 24' wide x 14' high Project Base Bid will have 1 building with 6 patio grow house doors. Project located on Oahu, Hawaii 96707 


We have old bifold patio grow house doors 16' wide x 13' 6" high that currently have a cable lift system in dire need of replacement. what do you have available to retrofit this door to a strap lift system. Was looking at one of your strap type door lifts last week it appears it would be very doable to the door we have. The door is built out of 2" square tubing with styro insulation tin sheeting inside and and out. Thanks Tom


I'm looking for a supplier or possibly looking to become a dealer. My immediate needs are for 2-18x8 glass bifold doors for a patio grow house. I'm needing prices and availability for these patio grow house doors.


I want to get a rough cost on 24' wide by 15' opening clearance bi-fold patio grow house doors that are on an old quonset building. We are looking at replacing one on an existing building that has a bi-fold already installed but has been damaged. Thanks! Greg Deterding


Hello, This Type of Bi-fold Patio Grow House Doors, I'd like to be fully glazed. I will send you an elevation view of what the architect's intent is in a separate email. Thanks, Brian


Need quote on 31'x16' Patio Grow House Bifold doors for greenhouse shop. Can I get these grow house doors in a Burnished slate color?