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Hello, We are interested in installing a bifold door at our house. The opening we intend on closing is 284"x96". It is an opening on our terrace which gives a dominant view to the ocean. The reason we would like a bifold door is that it can serve a double purpose: 1) shade from the hot summer sun 2) serve as a hurricane shutter to enclose the terrace.


Can I get a budget pice on 4 doors lift star bifold doors this is for a beach pavilion unless there is a better option 1 - 16-9 x 8-0 2 - 13-0 x 8-0 1 - 11-0 x 5-0 glass black exterior / black interior its a wood framed building.


folks say y'all are the best; but likely too rich for my blood. Still, i'd like a number if possible. Gonna be next to ocean, so galvinized pls. thx v much


I have a small garage that needs to be operated as a hydraulic single pane measuring 9' long and 7.5' high. Prefer aluminum as we're near the ocean. Do you have manual garage open? Electricity may not be available.


Hello, do you have an installer in the Everett, WA area or better yet further North? Actually I need about 10 doors but I want to start with one. The door needs to be well insulated, it will have about 1/3 of the surface area as glass and must be wind rated (it is close to the ocean and gets heavy winds from time to time).


In Schweiss Doors- the bifold doors, what is the farthest apart the straps can be located? I am thinking of an installation such as the one for Ritz Carlton Shanghai but using bifold doors. Otherwise glass panels as large as possible. The installation would be on an Ocean waterfront. Could it be manufactured from stainless steel to resist corrosion?


Working on a custom home in Daytona. Interested in a canopy hydraulic door. Custom glass panes with intricate metal design overlay. Luxury patio door that opens to the beach front ocean view.


Malibu Glass Beach door- need a window door system 14' x 13.5 Black anodized best Energy rating unit is on beach in Malibu and must be rated to a U value of a .28 thank you


Would like a quote on a bifold or one piece hydraulic ocean view doors for a residence in Islamorada, FL. One (1) 16' x 9' and two (2) 12' x 9'. Would like all glass panels on doors.


We are designing a lake home that were looking for a option for both a double wide RV garage and a glass garage door to close in the outdoor environment room that would have windows and view the lake. What is the best option or learn more about design and pricing of your lake view bifold and hydraulic doors?


Hi - I have your custom designed glass/ steel bi-fold door for our ocean view pool house at my farm. I am trying to figure out the maintenance schedule for the springs / greasing / belt / straps etc.


Hello, I am in the beginning stages of designing a new home and I have preliminary plans. I would like to be able to open up the living and bedroom areas to take advantage of the water views that I have. I have no idea of the costs associated with your bifold designer doors/window walls and was trying to get a general idea before getting into this too far. It sounds like the installation is straightforward based upon what I am reading? Thanks, Tim


Newport airport is an EXTREME oceanfront HEAVY rain and salt location. Any experience with bifold in this environment and if so how does it hold up? Would be a aluminum or galvanized frame door, hurricane rated, added to a new wood constructed hangar with metal siding all around. Insulated. Regarding size….it’s a 50x50 building. Would be counting on you to tell us what the max opening in width is. Looking for 14’ clearance. Want COMPLETE WATER protection…..no leaks.


hi we are working on aan ocean view pool house bifold door project and would like to incorporate some bifolding glass doors. in development but one is about 6'wide by 8.5'h and the other 15'w x 8.5'h let us know if you can help, thanks


We are building a house with a detached garage that will have a 12x8 hydraulic or bifold outswing and ocean view door (glass) at the bar. I can submit a plan set for review to assist in costing the project.


Building a new lakehouse on property that I own. Looking to have a lake view bifold or hydraulic operated window wall, that will open, integrated into the new design. We are still in the design phase so sizes and features can be optimized for price. The opening will be approximately 7ft (h) x 20ft (w) and will be in a family room that has the best view of the lake. The window wall will be in an opening on a block wall. If a hand operated door is an option for this size door, that would work for us.


Interested in your build a doors... Have a design-build pool house that we are working on now that we want it to be able to completely open up in the summer months on 3 sides with glass clad bifold doors pool house doors. Pool house is 24' x 14'. Want a 22' x 8' clear opening facing the pool (could be one door or 3 equal doors @ 6'-8" wide), and a 6'-8" door on either side. We want the whole front half of the structure to open up. Open to options? Thanks, Ken


I am interested in 4qty 12'w x 9'h bifold patio glass doors for a cottage we building in Cayman Brac to create an ocean view bifold door breezeway. Could you please provide some cost details? The home is on the ocean and is n a hurricane zone. The doors will be shipped to our freight forwarder in Miami.


Interested in a closing glass bifold ocean view door for waterfront cabana on an island near Seattle. Opening dimensions are w 18’ 8” H X 10’ 3” W approx.


Hello, I have a project of converting a metal sided pole barn style building into a living space and would like to have large glass bifold river view


Hi there, We are in the planning stages of building a house overlooking water from the 2nd story and interested in your bifold and/or hydraulic ocean view doors. Without getting deep into engineering plans would it be possible to provide a budgetary cost for both hydraulic and bifold doors all glass (as much glass as reasonable for the view) opening will be approximately 10' tall an 10' wide. (2) doors total. (As we get deeper into the planning we may opt for one additional ocean view bifold designer door just wider in the 10' tall range x 15' wide) Just a ball park estimate to see if this could be something we can consider in our design. Thank you, Leon Sanders Cell# 253 377 2105


I would like a quote on a bifold door for my home. The "ocean view" all-glass door would open to a deck. Would I be able to order a galvanized frame or have it painted to avoid rust from saltwater nearby.


We are looking for a glass bi-fold door for our pool house to give us a good view of our lake. In the design phase at the moment. Pool isn't installed until August. Glass-Clad Bifold Door needs to be approximately 21 feet wide. Want to understand the options and cost. Pool house will be at the back of an overside 2 car detached garage being built. Depending on cost we may be interested in 2 bifold door for sides. Those would be 18 foot wide but would only need to go half way down. Really hoping these are reasonable.


Wanted to inquire the price of: 1.) Automated Vertical Bi-Folding Garage Door 2.) Louvers in Wood Finish 3.) Size: 10.14 meter Width x 2.875 meter Height 4.) For Residential use 5.) Please suggest what materials to be used 6.) Location of the house nearby the beach, want to be able to open it on nice days to look at the pretty girls. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


I have a beach studio would like to open up the small terrace to outdoor patio with a bifold door overlooking the ocean. Do you service this application in Puerto Rico?


Looking to understand cost on a bifold ocean view door with glass for a residential pool house we are looking at. size is going to be 20' x 10' tall. We want the straps to be white, gray or black.


I'm modifying an existing building into a beachside kitchen and want an ocean view all glass bifold designer door. Are your hydraulic swing up style doors also available for an opening that is only 12ft wide and 80 inches tall or are they just for larger structures. My opening is flexible so I can adjust to your standard sizing to keep customization costs down. I want the door to be glass or mostly glass. Thank you.


Hello - I would like to purchase a one or 2 piece hydraulic or bifold glass door for a standard opening from the living room to the backyard that gives me a lakeside view. I currently have a double French door with sidelights. Measurements are approximately 8 by 15. I may need this for multiple residential homes, if the first one works well. You can reach me at 949 375 2766. Thanks.


I am looking for a bifold ocean view door solution for a 10' x 8' opening to a pool house I am building here in Florida. I am open to suggestions as to the best way to make this happen...wood or metal frames? All glass cladding, etc... Thank you


This will be our second bifold door from you. We're constructing on a private island in the San Juans Islands, Washington and want this bifold door to be an designer ocean view glass door. Excited. Glad to see our first door made your website "Polycarbonate Clad..." We will be ready for the door June 1st, 2021. I need preliminary drawings for our structural engineer.


We have an opening 13'6"" high 23'8" wide need a quote for a nice designer style bifold glass lake view door.


Planning a pool/cabana house addition with ocean view glass designer bifold doors. Would like a quote on a 16’x10’ windowed bifold hanger style door with straps.


I am looking for a bifold door that is metal and glass for the side of a modern ocean view pool house. We are currently in the design phase and are trying to figure out our options. We are flexible on width and height of the opening for the bifold doors. Thanks, Christie Soelberg


Your bi-fold strap glass doors would be a great addition on the rear of my home facing the ocean. This would be on a second story opening to a deck. It is an older home with full 2" x 6" rough lumber walls, a 6"x12" header with 6"x6" column supports for the 12' clear opening. I noticed that I can order it with black lift straps, would you also have them available in white. I would appreciate a quote from your company if possible. Please call if you have any questions. Thank you.


Hello, email is the best way to contact me. I am looking for a price on a 9'3" x 8' custom made ocean view bifold door with straps mounted flush to the exterior. The exterior glass and finish will be matched onsite with wood lap siding, delivery to a business address in 81008. Also will need the clearance height of doorway once installed. Thanks, Sam


Good Afternoon. I'm looking for pricing on three bi-fold glass ocean view liftstrap designer doors. All 3 would be 11' in height. Two would be 14' in length, and one would be 23' in length. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone, and I'll be happy to provide you with additional information. Thank you, Alex


We are a garage door company located in Miami area. A customer is requesting a quote for two ocean view doors. One piece hydraulic or bifold over head ocean view doors 20'-4 wide by 9'-0" high. 17'-4" wide by 12'-0" high. He wants the option of a solid metal door and full glass door. Both must meet Miami Dade county code and remain aesthetically pleasing doors.


I have two different jobs one is a residential job. Opening ( 91" x 72" ) bronze finish bifold door frame with a high proportion glass door viewing area. I have another customer who has existing windows and would like to replace them with ocean view bifold glass doors each measuring 9' wide x 7' tall.


We are building a home in Florida and will have a lanai with a 17' x 8'8" opening. We would like a glass bifold ocean view door to seal in the lanai to create a temperature controlled living space and to keep bugs out when closed. Can you please send us some info about this?


I'm building a large gazebo on my waterfront property. I wanted to know the cost of a bifold or hydraulic ocean view glass door that measures 12 feet x 8 feet.


Building new 4,600 sq. ft. home on lake. This lake view door will open 25 ft from beech under covered porch. Insulated glass, bi-fold or 1 unit. 10 feet wide 8 feet tall. Cost please


I am going to build a ocean view picnic shelter that I would like to get as much opening as possible during summer months. I am looking at a 12 by 24 foot structure and was considering 2) 7 foot high and 9 foot wide Bifold ocean view liftstrap doors on both sides for a total of 4 all glass panels Also is this tall enough to walk under I was hoping to get a quote for these


we are building a house in Hawaii on the Big Island. I need 2-14' x 7' and 2- 8' x 7' and 2- 6' x 7' doors all folding glass ocean view bifolding doors where the whole wall is open when the doors are open. If this is something y'all do?


we are designing a pool with a vertical bi fold ocean view bifold door and need some help with the design.


I'm bidding a ocean view pool house. The opening for a ocean view door is 11'7" x 8' I would like a price for a bifold and single One Piece Hydraulic Door. Finish to be Copper looking to match their garage doors. I guess the major question. Do you deliver to Templeton Ca. And possibly install as well. Thanks Bill Brykalski


Hello. I am looking for an ocean view bifold designer door approximately 10 feet wide, 7 ft height. The door would be in an opening between a dining room and a deck in a residential home in Montana. Due to the extreme climate, reliable sealing is important. I am looking for something with glass panels. Do you make anything like this in your bi-fold door? Thank you for your time. Rachel 


Great door hardware Do you have a less commercial for residential use? Looking for a 3 season room with ocean view bifold doors to open two walls, is there a product you can direct me to?


Hello We are a custom home builder in Fort Myers Florida. I have a home we are building on Fort Myers Beach. We are limited to the number of bifold ocean view doors we can have but the owner needs one more. I'd like to see if this may be an option. Thanks Kevin


Inquiring about one piece hydraulic and bifold  ocean view Florida door 14'x14' retro into existing building. 


We are considering your bifold door for an indoor/outdoor ocean view pool door situation. This door will be installed above the pool. We are concerned about corrosion from the pool chemicals. Do you have any corrosion resistant materials that you can offer for the door construction?


Hello, We are currently designing a restaurant in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. We are looking for a bifold or hydraulic ocean view door system for a series of large openings. Do any of your systems comply with the Florida Building Code in terms of hurricane rating? Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Looking for pricing to partially enclose a second story deck for an ocean view bifold glass designer  door (has an existing roof). Potentially 2-3 openings 1. 18'w/12'8t 2. 16'w/10't 3. 16'w/10't


I am interested in a bi-fold ocean view door for my residential property and would like a call to discuss some options. I don't mind an industrial look. Best, Faruk


Hello, I am writing to find out if any of your glass bifold or glass hydraulic ocean view doors have a miami dade noa? I can't seem to find one on the Miami Dade product search page.


Looking for a quote for a full ocean view bifold door 8'w x 7'


I am interested in a strapped bifold door for a residential ocean view door project. The door would be 20" x 10" tall.


I have a project we are working on at a local surfboard shop. We are looking to enclose an existing open ended shop with ocean view doors. The current opening is roughly 68' x 16' Tall. We'd like to enclose this wall and add a two 30' Bi-Fold ocean view doors. Please call to discuss options and pricing. Thanks!


Hello, I would like an estimate on cost for a bifold ocean view designer glass door. in Los Angeles. Opening 96" x 84"


We are converting a garage to game room. We want to consider exchanging the garage door to clear window pull up door so we maximize the interior room (no rails inside) and also have bifold ocean view doors for a view of the ocean from inside the room.


Looking for ocean view doors with a designer door appearance, but for residential use. It has to look like an urban commercial building storefront. Not sure if it needs to be bifold, hydraulic, fourfold, etc. looking for suggestions on your ocean view doors. call to discuss further.


Looking for options on a large new house build. Looking for glass ocean view bifold or hydraulic doors to allow maximum light and visibility off a large deck. Looking at side walls as well as the end wall.


This request is for an interior/exterior ocean view doors application between two spaces. Height may vary to accommodate for structural support needed for door. Please note we would like the door to be 16 ft wide but also are open to considering 2 ocean view doors that are 8 ft wide. Please send pricing


Researching the feasibility of bifold or hydraulic door for a new restaurant on Oahu. Restaurant designer doors would need to be clad in glass and would be ocean view doors.


I am looking for a quote for 2 ocean view doors like what is in the Blarney Stone, North Dakota for the front of our future bay view apartments. I am finalizing numbers to present to our potential investors and think this design would be amazing for the front of the brewery. I do not have the measurements immediately available but the size of the Blarney stone are pretty close for an initial quote. Thank you


I want to put a door on a cabin to open out to the water. 8 x 10? I am curious for pricing and nominal sizes on your waterfront view bifold designer doors. Thank you


i have a design build project here in Florida. please forward sales email contact for multiple small ocean view bifold doors that connect at top header and lifts up bi fold - 42 doors - hanger will be concrete not a metal building


I have a 9' x 20' opening for an ocean view bifold door that I am looking to put a horizontal slider in but the I came across you site. The Existing header is three 3 x 20 foot laminate.


Looking for a quote on a 12x24 single piece bifold ocean view door on a existing metal building in ocala florida


This Schweiss bifold or hydraulic ocean view door will be for a home. The intent is for the door to lift open to cover a portion of the deck the door will open up onto. The door should be comprised of glass and wood as much as possible and I'd like an access door included in the bifold or hydraulic ocean view door so it can be used in place of the lift door, when necessary.


My neighbor is wanting to replace his existing ocean view glass doors. He is wondering about replacing the sliding glass doors with a bi-fold ocean view glass door and what the options would be. The door opening is 14ft tall and 24ft wide. Thank you for your time. Kendell


Please don't call me. I just want a price for a 30ft by 18 glass ocean view door. Bifold Prefably but standard works as well. Building will be 75x75x20


Interest in aluminum full ocean view doors with clear aluminum frame and clear glass for patio area off of resi home


Need bid on Schweiss ocean view doors (1) 20x13 Door and (1) 18x14 Door. Both existing all wood buildings with supplied electric. Prefer galvanized steel and wind rated glass clad ocean view doors.


I'm looking for a local company that you work with in the bay area (san franciso area) for installing a bi-fold ocean view door on a home. And I'm interested in the pricing as well. Thanks.


Ocean view bifold door to be all glass front held by a steel framed back. An all glass design on the upper half of the door with steel barn facing on the lower half of the door (this I believe would make for the lightest door possible and still half glass on upper half.) the glass panels on the upper half of the ocean view door can be as large as design will permit. the bigger the glass panel the better then less frame will be required separate panels.


Hello, I am looking to obtain a quote on 4 overhead bifolding ocean view doors for a commercial project located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The doors are approx 26ft x 15ft and are located in a restaurant opening up to the outdoor patio. I do have drawings that I can email. Thanks, Suk


We are a design build firm located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. We are looking at your hydraulic ocean view glass designer door. The opening for the door is 140' wide and 28' high in the clear.


coming close to the end of a project, looking for a company for bifold ocean view doors that can also install PLEASE ADVISE thank you Aristotle Alafouzos 300 OCEAN AVE PT PLEASANT BCH NJ 


Have 2 large front opening ocean view doors at a Lagoona beach house that I need doors (2) one door is about 3 feet wider


Hi - I am looking for pricing for four glass vertical bi-fold ocean view doors (16.5' x 13') for our Florida Campus Building 5. EYP is the arhitect. Please contact me and i can send the drawings. 


I need a quote on a 20' x 16' ocean view bifold door with straps. The specs call for a "flip" door :) I don't have a lot of information yet besides the size and type of ocean view designer door and that it will require glass cladding. What info do you need to provide a quote?


Hi- Can you provide a quote for three 8x16 bi-fold ocean view doors for a new residence in Stinson Beach CA. The door itself will be black anodized aluminum frame with 12 or 16 glass lights. Let me know of any questions or comments. Thanks


I need a quote for (2) bi-fold doors for a commercial  ocean view restaurant door project. The exterior finish will be a key factor, so I would like the quote for the base door, and then lump sum adds for other finishes, and examples of each. Thanks!


I am currently working on a restaurant project in Clearwater Florida and would like to use exterior hydraulic or bi-fold ocean view doors at the pool deck area. Florida codes require doors to be hurricane wind rated. Do any of your doors meet the Florida code requirements? Thank you for your assistance. Sumaya Kaufman


Hello Schweiss, I represent a new architecture firm based in Lakeland Florida. Our firm would like to establish a supplier relationship with you for ocean view doors. If you could provide contact information for a sales representative in our area that would be a great start! We would love to hear back from you.


We would like to obtain a price for two 20'-14' Bi-Folding Schweiss ocean view doors we are wanting on our old folks home.


I have a customer that is looking for a 28' x 10' aluminum full ocean view like door. Most sectional door companies can't get beyond the 26' width. I saw the door you created for California's Edison Language Acamdemy. Can I get some budget pricing for my customer on a door like that so I can see if they want to continue to pursue this bifold ocean view door idea. Thanks, Erin


I would like to consider 2 8'x 8' glass hydraulic or bifold ocean view doors for my project. I am based in Hawaii and hope you would provide me an estimate. Thank you very much... Michelle Rae


We required B fold glass doors for our ocean view patio doo project. Size is 15 feet (Width) x 8 feet (Height). Need estimate and proposal.


Need pricing for bifold ocean view doors in glass. Material and installation. Might imagine that a local tradesman may have to install. Ocean view doors should be approximately 16'-0" wide and 9'-0" tall. For use in a residential application. Thank you, Steve


Please quote a bi-folding strap ocean view door and a hydraulic lift ocean view door. (1) 16'0"x8'0", All Solarban 70 Low-E over Clear Laminated Glass with necessary framing to be Finished to match Dark Bronze Anodized. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Dave


To Whomever may concern, We currently am proposing a up-lift foldaway glass door for one of our new project in Westerly Rhode Island. The project is located at the beach front, therefore, the folding application of your ocean view doors would need to be Hurricane impact tested. In addition, we are also proposing two operable openings on two of the lites within the folding window (mainly on both end and at a reachable location). Is this something your company have done before? Do you have any sample images of ocean view bifold doors similar to description above? 


Could you please prvide me with contact details for a supplier and installer of Schweiss Doors in the UK. We are most interested in your bifold and hydraulic ocean view doors.       


I would like some pricing on 35`w x 12`h Bi parading Southern ocean view doors I will also be need the price for all materials and installation Thanks


We have a customer who is interested in bifold ocean view doors on a beach home, on an opening  where they have no interior head space for sectional overhead door. Does your company supply custom open view doors with the bifold hardware (i.e. 9 x 9 wood), or can you supply just hardware only (for contractor to build his own slabs)?


Looking for a price for a 34 wide by 18 tall ocean view doors, they face the west and gets high wind pressure , being attached to a poolside recreation bar building.


We have a customer who is building a pool house 10 x 12. He wants 3 sides of the pool house to have a full glass ocean view doors. He would like to have bi-fold doors. Also, we are interested in using your be-fold door door system to build full to the wall ocean view door and then apply glass to these doors and the wall.


Looking for ocean view doors in a Italian Style Home in an existing arch opening 20 feet wide and 10'-4" tall. Please send me a contact and I would like to send you sketches and photos of how I want these ocean view doors to look. Thanks Andrew Lipowski Architect


Dear Sirs, We are looking to retrofit bifold or hydraulic ocean view doors into the end walls of an existing bungalow. a 24ft door at 16ft opening would bring it right at the roof line. Would like a free standing header mount, and design of the tie backs. We would like the ocean view door priced as delivered and a separate bid installed. We also would will be looking at an additional ocean view door at a later date for another building that we will completely remove the end wall.


I have a project I need pricing for in the Dallas, Tx area. What I need are upward lifting bi-folding aluminum frame and glazing ocean view doors. The size of 4'6"w x 6'3"h and need to have 4 of these standing side by side on top of a counter. Call me  for more details. My customer is ready to move on these ocean view doors yesterday.


Looking for quote for two 20x 16 bifold ocean view doors installed in new post frame commercial building. thank you


Looking for 6-18'X30' Bifold Ocean View Doors 1-18X60 Hydraulic Ocean View Door Going to Asheboro NC they have to pass local code.