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I am an Architect in SmithGroup's Washington DC office and we are working on a large-scale museum project in Richmond VA. We have 19' tall folding wall we would like to integrate into our curtainwall system. The glass within these folding panels will potentially be curved glass. This folding wall would happen in two locations in our project. We also have a loading dock we would like to screen with metal wall comprised of fluted panels and gates seamlessly integrated for easy access. Would someone from your team be available to discuss this with us? Please contact me as soon as possible as this is quite urgent. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.


I'm Timothy, an architect with Smithgroup. We are working on a Museum in Madison Wisconsin, Wisconsin History Museum and would like to get a quick meeting with you to a loading dock door that we are designing. We are thinking a 12' wide by 12' tall bi-fold door that is clad with a higher end metal... Could someone send me a rep to get in contact with. If possible, we'd like set up a call sometime next week. Thanks


I am looking for a bifolding Liftstrap designer door for the front door to Museum of Art in Tampa. It needs to match the adjacent metal panel wall and blend in with the surrounding elevation. Could you please provide a recommendation for best product to use and pdf with drawings/details for review? The opening is 14' wide x 18" tall. We would like to understand what is required for: 1. Door head clearances, motorized or manual operation, equipment dimensions, etc. 2. Jamb clearances and requirements 3. Structural support requirements 4. How would you recommend we attach the metal panel system (which is used typically on the rest of the building facade) to the door panels - what are door panels made of? 5. What safety mechanisms are available for pedestrian protection, warnings that doors are opening/closing, emergency retraction (in case a person is walking under the closing door, is there any safety mechanism) And any other information you think useful. Thank you, Marianne Lau


Have a 26’ wide give or take door opening by 18’ tall . Looking for Schweiss museum fast opening


60x15 clear bifold museum aircraft door. Weather seal kit, cable auto side latches, door will be lined and insulated on the inside by us. strap lift. Please include labor to install. Please send design specifications so I can send to Butler. Thank you


Hello, we are looking at building a couple of hangers at Pangborn Airport in East Wenatchee, WA. We are looking at a couple of different sizing options but likely looking for a 70' wide x 20' clear height hangar museum designer glass door. We would like to look at pricing options for a bifold as well as a hydraulic door. Also, possibly an option to increase the door size to 80' would be appreciated. Please feel free to call or email to discuss as needed. Thank You, Adam


Could you get me a price for a bifold strap door and a hydraulic door 40x14 airport museum door delivered to Mineola, Texas


We have a museum door project that we'd like pricing on for 16'x8' bi-fold doors and 19'x8' bi-fold door. Thanks!


Speculative new museum building in Colorado. What is the estimated cost for a 36' w X 20' /- high, bifold museum door. Rough estimate is all that is needed at this time. Thank you, Leslie


I am interested in learning more about the design options, details and pricing for your single swing glass hydraulic doors and bifold Liftstrap museum doors with automatic locking systems. A new rough opening will be made in an existing triple wythe brick building. Opening will be 18'W x 9'H.


Could you please provide information for a museum designer on bi-fold door 24'W x 14'H clear opening. I want to use this type of door in the car museum building I am designing. I would need technical information to integrate into details. The project is in Canada. Thanks, Svetlana


We are converting a 2400 sq ft enclosed pool into a garage museum for classic muscle cars. We have roughed in two exterior museum style doors 9' high 12' wide and I'm interested in the glass wall, hydraulic or bifold strap design door..


Good afternoon, We are designing a new Museum in Irvine, California and wanted to specify a hinged/bifold strap door system garage type museum  door. Just checking on a price point reference and if your system has a maximum dimension to work with. Thank you for your time, Guillem


Pricing two hangers in Hood River for the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum and they want to use your bifold strap and autolatch doors. Can you please give us a quote? I would certainly appreciate a call back as well, to make sure someone is working on the estimate. Thanks! Mark Miller


Turner Construction is the GC on the Yale Peabody Museum Bifold Door Project in New Haven CT. We are looking for a proposal to furnish and install the Upward Folding Doors for this project. Please let me know and I can forward the project documents. Thanks, Mike


New project at Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven CT specifies a Schweiss Bifold Door. I am looking for quote to fabricate & install, or local certified installer.


Hello, I am looking for (2) double museum garage doors that are bifolding which can allow aluminum cladding to be mounted on the face of the door. Additionally the door will need to be in accordance with ANSI/DASMA 108 and 115. What are your doors typically tested at? Both houses are concrete structures which is not listed as an option in the questionnaire below.


We have a collection of cars in a climate controlled museum. Weather here is anywhere from low teens to 100. Are your museum bifold and hydraulic doors insulated and seal tight at the edge. We have single doors. Would you use a bifold or single swing? Power 110V? Remote?


Budget pricing ( sq ft ?) on Hydraulic vs Strap Lift on a - 30'0" x 20'0" - 60'0" x 20'0" I am putting together a budget only, there are no drawings to provide at this stage. This is for a potential museum door project and I am in early stages of putting my numbers together.


We are looking to replace our normal Bi fold Hangar door with an all glass/transparent aviation museum bifold door. We are just getting quotes for the work to be done here on Maui, Hawaii. Door size is approximate, 50 feet wide by 35 feet high Not sure what end wall or side wall mean.


hi, need a price for a bifold museum door for north of Quebec I'll need structural details to accommodate the installation of the door we will install reinforced vinyl for coating the building is a vinyl dome with arch structure I can send you drawing of the building if you want thank you for your collaboration


Need one new bi fold museum door about 44 x 14. Want to replace lift cables with straps on my other bifold door. Thanks you


on a custom museum project the architect wants a garage type bifold museum door flush to the exterior wall to blend seamlessly with a standing seam steel siding. It looks like your hydraulic door for a museum might also work. I'd be happy to send our architecture over for a quote. Thank you, Bruce


Just looking for a ballpark figure on an all window model for a residential build in about 5 years that's "small airplane museum hanger meets industrial art gallery" style (no actual planes). We just started talking to an architect, and want to plan an alternative bifold museum door if this is out of our range. We hope not since this would be the jewel of the house front and center. Thanks!


I'm going to build a museum with 16 ft ceiling. I'm wondering about the cost of some of your museum doors that would be compatible with this type of building. They could be hydraulic or bifold museum doors.


Looking for a price on a 30' wide x 16' tall museum doors. I would want to be installing 3 windows in the museum doors and it they will be finished on the inside, so will need a trim kit.


We are building a new hangar for the Texas Air Museum and we need to get the loading info for a 40'-0 x 12'-0 bifold museum door so the engineer can design the support framing.


We have a new museum bldg that we would like to install two custom Bi-Folding Doors. similar to your job # 24228 at CSU Stanislaus, in Turlock, CA Our doors will be 24' wide x 12' high


We are bidding a project that will require [2] 32 ft wide bi-fold museum doors in Bensalem, PA and will need a supply and install proposal. It's an existing pre-engineered structure and we have everything going against us. We will need to remove and support [2] rigid frames with an "I-beam". These frames also have a 20-ton crane runway beam and rail attached. I have one of our structural engineers working on a preliminary design to support the frames that are being removed. Structural engineer is also requesting the weight of the museum door assembly in order to design the framed opening that will be needed for your doors. Please call to discuss further. I can send drawings of existing conditions. If I'm not in office please feel free to call my cell.


Opening is 38 feet by 10 feet high. would not like to consider a roll up door if it were competitive to bi-fold. This would be a bifold museum designer door.


How much would an 11.5'x12' glass bifold museum  door cost? I'd be looking for 3 museum glass doors, for an office project near Cincinatti. Thanks, Anthony


We need an electric museum garage door that is 16.80mts x 5.00mts aprox And also need to find out about the type of Electric installation required for the motors 220 monofacic or trifacic


Hi, We are designing a new addition to the Portland Art Museum, including the new art delivery location that will require Schweiss bifold blast proof museum doors. We'd like some additional information on your vertical bi-fold door to conceal a recessed roll-up.


Hi, I am working on a renovation project where we are thinking about using bi-fold museum doors and I had a very broad stroke question. The doors look like they are supported by a steel frame. Is this a pre-engineered frame/system? The reason that I am asking is that I have a hunch that I will need to reinforce the existing foundation to support this new frame and opening. I will need to engage my structural engineer but I am unclear as to what extent. Can you provide some basic guidance on the "engineering" of the museum doors? Thanks, Dan


Looking for pricing of a 40' x 16' clear opening bifold museum door. Jacksonville, FL 130 MPH wind Exp D 


We're looking for a 37'6" wide museum door. Our ceiling height is 18'. What would be the clearance? We have large trucks coming in that need to clear the museum door opening, so headroom is a must. Would we be allowed to pick up the museum door at your Schweiss factory in MN? We're from Manitoba.


Building a new building and looking for pricing on 18' wide X 16' clear height bi-fold door system for a museum.


I am having Duro Beam Buildings quote a museum building for me. It is a 50 x 50 x 16 steel building and I am wanting to put a 35 x 14 hydraulic doors on each end. Do you have the specifications that I could give them so they can design the building for your door? Is 35 x 14 a standard door? Would a 32 x 14 bifold museum door be a more wise choice?


We need least expensive bifold museum door. 40x12 aprox. posts 8X8 wood frame steel walls thin steel 17in thick pad


We are interested in building an airplane hangar museum in 18 months. Currently looking at designs, specs and costs on bifold museum hangar doors. We are renting a hangar that has your bifold strap doors, and like them. If you have a catalog, please send it, along with a price list.


We have need for 2 60' x 18' hydraulic Schweiss doors installed. These doors are to be located at Hudson MA for the American heritage Museum part of the Collings foundation. These 2 doors need to operate quietly when they open and close.  The client wants to rip out the existing doors and replace them with your hydraulic museum designer doors. 


Hello, I'm interested in using a two glass bi-fold doors (8' wide by 7' clear opening) for a historic park pavilion in Winnipeg, Manitoba. These would be museum doors. Would it be possible to get a rough quote? Also, what height bi-fold door would allow us a 7' clearance? We are looking for glass, is this a material you offer? Are there any other clear materials (polycarbonate? Lexan?) you might offer? Thank you, Melissa Tovar


Gentlemen, I need engineering data for a 44'-0 Wide by 12'-0 (Clear) Bi-Fold Museum Door to deliver to Moscow Mills, MO. I'll be using it it to design a Metal Building. If successful, I'll pass your info along to my customer. Thanks! Joe Arnold


Interested in bi-fold doors for a new construction art gallery and museum. The museum bifold door  dimensions will be (assuming permitting is approved) 24'x36' with 12' walls on the first floor. The door will be on the gable end (24' dimension). If I plan to match the structure facade, would the door be delivered with a plain face left to be trimmed? Or is it just the frame and opening mechanism? Any info/rough estimates you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Jeff


I prefer email response - thanks. I am looking for prices for a 30' wide 12'6" tall bi-folding museum door for a potential customer. Please include all optional pricing as well so i can plug all info into my bid as needed. Do you have a dealer in the Reno/Tahoe area? Thank you, Michael Howe


Hello, I'm an architect working on a new museum in Woods Hole, MA, and I am interested in learning more about using custom-made Schweiss bi-fold museum doors for this project. We are currently designing using insulated rolling coil doors but would like to talk about whether bi-fold museum doors would be better for this application. We have (9) 12'-14' tall doors plus (2) 25' tall by 20' wide doors in a maintenance high bay. We're looking to maximize head height and minimize any conflicts with interior hoist cranes. Please call me at your convenience to discuss. Thank you, Andy Smith


I am in need of a quote for a bifold (w/ straps) door to be placed in a museum building. Museum designer style bifold door needs to be 46x16. Building dimensions are 50x40x18. Location of the job-site is Lake Stevens, WA 98258 Please let me know if there is any further information needed. This will be a vintage car museum door.


We are building a concrete shop at our museum and would like a quote on three bifold and/or hydraulic museum doors, 16 feet wide by 8 feet tall. The doors need to be insulated and automatic. Please send an email for any further information needed. Thanks!


Need quotation and specs on a 30x16 bi-fold museum door to be located on a gabled end wall of a steel building. Project located in Grantsville, MD. I saw your Louisiana Schweiss museum doors and was quite impressed. 


Existing rollup door of counterweighted tip-up"shinkicker" type, wood construction, fell and was severely damaged. Looking for a replacement museum bifold door. 


Hi, We are an architectural firm in Los Angeles looking to spec a bi-fold door (glazed) for a museum. The dimensions we need to achieve are 43'L x 13'H. We would like to know if this is possible and what kind of frame/mullion thicknesses we will be dealing with on your bifold museum doors. Thank you Hui


I need a quote for a hydraulic and bifold Museum door for a 50'w x 14'h clear opening in a new construction all steel building. The side jambs will be I-beams.


The existing museum front has vertical steel I-beams supporting a horizontal steel I-beam. My building is catty-corner to another museum door you are installing a hydraulic door on right now. The current doors are hanging sliding doors that are in pretty bad shape that I want to replace with bifold museum doors with straps and automatic latches.


Good morning, I have a customer interested in a hydraulic or bifold museum designer door for a building we are selling them. They aren't sure if they want to do a 28' or 30' wide door by 16' tall. What would be the approximate cost they would be looking at for both museum designer doors plus any extra costs for install and delivery? My customer is located by Bemidji, MN. Thank you!


I am looking for information on a bifold glazed museum door, approx. 14'wx10'h for a museum  storefront entrance. Information related to cost as well as shipping options to Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada is needed. thank you, Lorrie


I am looking for pricing on double pane Bi Fold Designer Doors for a museum. The size of the window is roughly 10x15 and we are looking to have 7 total museum doors made for the space. Please call me for more details.


Just need a quote on 19 x 9.5 museum door opening. What material is utilized for doors? For bifold museum door. Thanks in advance, Tammy 


I have customer wanting a 42' wide x 16' tall bifold museum doors. Customer is in Moran, Kansas 66755 Will be a post frame building that is 60' wide and 90' long, 18' tall. Would you send me pricing on the museum doors and what it would cost to have you install. I also need to know what type of header you recommend. The truss is load bearing above and will allow us to connect to it for strength. Stan


I am in the market for museum quality bi-fold doors. These doors for museums will be used on a new steel building to be designed by American Buildings Company (Nucor). Building will be erected around Jan-Mar. Are there standard sizes for these doors? For my application I need a clear height of 14 feet As far as the width, I'm flexible ... something around 50 feet The door will be covered in 3 inches sandwich panels (steel/foam/steel). Can you provide me with a quotation including clearances, opening size, etc.?


Please send contact info for estimator. Have plans I would like to send for pricing on your Schweiss line of quality museum doors. Thanks!


Dear Sirs I'm looking for your branch office or REP in Europe. We're during the negotiation with our standing customer for quite impressive airplane museum hall. I need to talk someone about bifold museum gates. looking forward to your prompt reply. Your sincerely Christopher Lominski


Need pricing for 3 museum door frames, I have an picture from an architect for design intent but I am not able to paste it in this text box. These museum doors will all be bifold strap doors.


RIT Magic Spell Studios We are the CM on a project at Rochester Institute Of Technology called Magic Spell Studios There is a need for Bifold Museum Doors. Approximately 20 ft. high x 10 ft Wide Can you help us with a budget number for thee museum doors?


Interested in price for a pair of museum doors in place of living room windows. Width 15'1". Height 9'. These would be bifold museum window doors. Best way to contact by email. Thanks for your time.


ISU would like a bid on 28ft x 14 ft Bifold doors for a museum. Museum doors sizes are approximate. Possible that we my erect the museum doors ourselves. Thanks Lyle


Project currently in design stage, we are looking at options and I remember seeing these doors at the Children's Museum in Boston during a visit several years ago. Are there any museum doors installed in the Atlanta Metro area we would be able to look at? Something more in the public areas, not private residential. Looking to match with the building skin/configuration so the museum doors are as 'invisible' as possible. I would be able to provide more information, in the form of Sketchup model, CAD drawing (elevation) or other. So it is going to basically be a glass (storefront type) with possibility of some stucco panels as used in the lobby level of the project. the loading dock door is one level below due to grading (about 10%) at the street level along the front of the project. Thanks.


Museum doors for new construction building. For pricing please assume glazed museum doors, with a 2x3 mullion grid. Are your glazed bifold doors NFRC tested? Do you have any U-factor and SHGC info you can share?


I need a price for two museum doors-bi fold doors 40'-0" wide x 16'-0" high It will be in a all steel pre engineered metal buildings shipped to Waldron AR. Can your museum doors be clad with any material; we are thinking glass. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions thanks


I'm looking for a quotes on  16 x 50 ft bifold or hydraulic doors for a farm machinery museum.