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Hi, I am looking for a window wall, 12 wide, 8' high. I build Glamping Cabins 14x30 that are comprised of 10x14 modules. I have used a window wall before, but looking for a more competitive price.


I am a general contractor and have a customer who we will be doing a renovation project for their clubhouse. They would like to have 3 bar/restaurant doors installed. I am looking at your doors and would like to get a price on getting those installed on this project. Project to begin in May. Thanks


Email only for now please. Please give me a price range for 2 simple all glass or plexiglass bifold doors for openings that are approximately 8'high by 10 ft wide. I own a small open air wedding venue and I am looking for ways to keep rain out better than the tent walls I currently have. I don't have room in the ceiling for traditional style garage doors. I'm looking for simple and sleek. The venue is not insulated so that's not a huge issue, MUST keep rain out.


Hi there, I'm considering using a Schweiss unit on a new home build in San Francisco. My architects have used your solution on previous homes they've built. I'm wondering though what kind of remote control or automation options are available either from you or through other technology providers. Something like being able to open the door with a phone app etc... Thank you


Hi - We are working on a new project in Seattle and there is a desire for a small (5'-0"x8'-0") modern design bifold overhead door. Please call to discuss.


I'm salivating over your doors, what can I say?? I just retired and am building myself an artist workshop studio that will need an 18 ft. x 15 ft. bifold designer door with lots of glass. Include installation and shipping to Michigan.


Hello, really amazing Schweiss modern design


We're looking for a quote / modern design bifold liftstrap door options for (3x) 10'-5" wide x 12'-0" tall bi fold


I need a quote ASAP for bifold white modern design Schweiss garage doors, please. Would it be possible to incorporate a walk through door within the bifold Liftstrap door. Thank you. Please call ASAP.


I have a customer interested in a 18' high x 30' wide modern design bifold door. It will be in the end wall of a steel commercial building. Can I get any load information for building design? Flush mount And an estimate for this door installed? We will take care of sheeting and trim. You provide the frame, motor, lift straps walk door and installation. We will have a 6000# tele handler on site for you to use. Rock Valley, IA


We are building a garage in our backyard to house an indoor basketball court. We want a bifold door made of glass that can be opened in the summertime (or other times) so that we can see into and have the indoor court be part of the backyard. I live in Utah. Do you do bifold liftstrap doors for people in Utah? We are looking at a door approximately 20 long by 12 feet high.


For personal residence. We have a contractor who is remodeling our home and this bifold modern design door is something I would like to have instead of a traditional french door. Want to have indoor/outdoor easy access.


I would like to get a quote on a modern design bi-fold door for Apopka, FLorida. this is north Orange county. the opening is 44'x 19'


Hello, We are currently looking at modern design bifold door products that you produce for a project here in North Texas. Could you provide me with contact info for someone I can communicate with? Thank you! Ricardo


Hello, I have two clients that are looking at having a bifold modern design door put in. I was hoping you could get me prices for two different doors. If they seem interested I can fill out for quotes individually for each door for more accurate pricing. I am just trying to get them ballpark numbers. one building will have a 34' wide by 16' high opening the other will have a 40' wide by 12' high opening both instances will be in endwalls on wood framed buildings. Thanks


I am looking for a quote on Glass Modern Design Bi-Folding doors, for the Commercial Space I am currently working on. I have the Project Specifications and Plans for the glass and doors. If you could please contact me with an email address so I can send those Plans to your company. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for your time. Paul Dowd


We have a modern design Schweiss bifold door with auto latches and would like to get a quote for a remote system for it.


I am a designer at our firm and we are looking to specify your modern design bifold liftstrap doors. We are a residential design build company with 50-80 homes per year. I'd love to talk more about specs and pricing- specifically to replace the glass garage doors we've been using in industrial living room spaces. Please give me a call or email me.


We are working on a Transportation Hub located in Stanford's Research Park. We are considering using your modern design bi-fold liftstrap door in a bike shop associated with the building. It is immediately adjacent to our ground-level glazing so we are looking to learn more about how it can integrate into that system; the structural requirements of the door, any auxiliary equipment, etc. If there is a local contact it would be great if they could come in and tell us more about the product. Thanks! Tom


I am looking to replace my garage door to allow more space inside the garage for working out. It needs to have a modern design bifold glass door look with frosted glass & aluminum trim. I can send photos of the existing garage door if needed.


Please quote a Bifold garage door similar to what you show as "Restaurant door" on your website. This will be a residential modern design bifold door and we will supply you the glass.16' wide 7' high.


We are looking at a project that your system would be perfect for. We have a customer that wants to enclose his back patio on his home with Schweiss modern design doors. We can enclose most of it but he wants a system like yours on the Bar portion of his patio. So same idea as your product just on a much smaller scale, like 8'-0" wide x 4' to 5' tall. Let me know if you have anything like this available. 


Hello, We have a client that wants to install a hanger designer door in his garage. The opening is 16ft wide x 7ft tall. What would be our options? We need it to have the modern design door have a look of wood. Would we order directly from you or do you have a dealer located close to the San Francisco Bay Area. The house is located a mile or so from the coast. They have started pouring the foundations but will be out a few months before the door is needed. What is your current lead time. Thanks for your help, Pablo


Looking for a quote on 3 Modern Design Designer Bi Folds 3- 8'-0" x 5'-6" Will be closing on top of a concrete countertop.


Interested in a Bi-fold modern design Schweiss garage door for a residential application to accommodate a large vehicle. I am specifically interested in the cost compared to other roll-up styles.


Hello, looking for a quote for 2 modern design garage doors for a new building . Thinking bifold is best choice. Please call to discuss and also provide me a contact and email so I can send you the building drawings. The building is framed. Thank you, Rick Merola


This modern design bifold liftstrap door will be installed in a new hangar on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. We will take care of shipping from Long Beach, CA.


14' wide x 16' tall modern design doors quote in both hydraulic and bifold and BYOD. 10' wide x 8' tall modern design door quote in both hydraulic and bifold and BYOD.


Do you have a bi-folding garage modern design doors for a residential use? I have 1-car garage door. Due to limited headroom we cannot have a track on the ceiling inside the garage, so the Schweiss bi-fold is by far the best door option.


I am building a 32000 sqft house in Silicon Valley and was wondering if anyone can quote me on a bifold garage door for my house the opening is 24ft wide by 8ft tall let me know asap Thanks Neel


We%u2019re building a new custom home and are interested in your modern design bifolding doors for our two garages.


Converting an existing store front for a bar, would like to see pricing on two bifold modern design doors


Hello, I am looking to turn my basement into a garage and my goal is to have a glass panel modern design bifold garage door that does not sacrifice headroom. I am opting for a one piece swing out door for its usefulness and versatility. I saw a very brief mention of your electric linear actuators and knowing how expensive hydraulic components can be, I am open to cutting un-necessary costs to bring this project into fruition.


We are looking at building a post frame home. We would like to keep our sidewall height at 14 feet but we would also like to maintain a 13 foot clear modern design door opening. Is this possible with your hydraulic or strap bifold. We also will need to insulate the door and aesthetics would be important on the inside of the door. Thanks


I need a price on a 12'-0"w x 12'-6"h Flush modern design Bifold Door with (2) 3'x6' windows. I have drawings if given email to send too. Your company seems to be the only one that specializes in modern designer doors for all types of applications from residential to farm.


Wanting a price on two 16x30 bi-fold insulated modern design doors. Getting some figures put together on a building. Wouldn't want these modern design Schweiss doors until summer. Thanks Dan


Greetings, Our office is currently designing a home renovation that will call for modern design Schweiss doors. It is the client's request to incorporate into the design a hydraulic glass clad door that opens to the new terrace (exterior). The door material must be glass with the minimal aluminum frames/mullions as possible. The residence is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The approximated door opening is W= 23'-4" and H=13'-6 3/4". The existing walls and roof are cast-in place concrete. We would like to receive more technical information about the system, including electrical, and structural requirements (Basic Wind design for wind zone 4). As well a quote for the modern design doo system and any other related information that can help us with the system specifications (including cad drawings and technical specifications). Regards


Early stages of home design. Looking for modern design folding garage door to accommodate 10 to 12 foot RV for residence. By modern design doors I mean Schweiss designer bifold RV door.


I'm not sure if you do much in terms of residential doors. We just built a garage and I am looking to install an all glass modern design bi-fold door. the opening is 10 ft high x 20 feet wide. Is this something you would entertain? Thanks Bill MacKay


Hi, I'm looking to specify a bifold designer door window that is bifold strap operated with a top mount motor that is 5'-6" tall by 12'-0" wide. This is most similar to your Barrel & Bushel project. A simple metal frame with no mullions and safety glass (project is located in a wild fire interface zone). If you have any questions, please let me know. We are looking for pricing and details. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


I need a quote on a 55'x15' Schweiss bifold modern design door. 1. Single piece hyduralic 2. Bi-fold 2 piece, external brace.


looking at solutions for top-hinged modern design bifold kitchen/dining window about 84" wide by 46" tall, probably a "build-your-own" version. I know, a little smaller than you normally work on.... Ian


Good afternoon, I am looking for pricing on a modern design bifold door for a 40' X 26' clear opening. This designer door will be retrofitted to a tilt-up residential building. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you


Please Quote: Residential modern design Bi-Fold Door with Motor 12'8"w X 7'h Door will be clad with 1"x8" Western Red Cedar


Hi, I am working on a studio artist addition to an existing house in Des Moines, IA that will require Schweiss modern design doors. We were interested in using your bi-fold garage door type with insulated glass. We had some concerns about air-tightness and energy efficiency of the designer door; since the interior space would be heated. Could you give me some more information about that as well? Thanks


Greetings, Looking for insulated modern design door options for a newly constructed boutique. Interested in the bi-fold option as an alternative to conventional panel doors. The building siding is a combination of 7/8 corrugated Corten, and smooth James Hardie concrete board panels. The two modern design bifold door sizes I need are 10 x 10' framed in wood, with wood headers. The building construction is SIP panels. Thanks, Sam Park


Hello , We are looking for modern design folding doors for our project, but one piece door cannot be wider than 900mm. We have 2 types of doors 3600W x 3400H and 3600W x 5100H openings. Door thickness is around 160mm with insulator. Doors have to be done from aluminium alloy (except frame).


Your Schweiss modern design doors are definitely the best on the market. We would like to acquire more information about your Glass Overhead Bifold Designed Doors We are currently working on various location and are interested what are your prices, sizes, restraints


We are working on a garage and may consider a bi-fold "airplane hangar" modern design door. The door opening is 8 ft. height x 27'4" /- width. Can you call and / or e mail with some ideas and ball park costs? 


I am an architect seeking information on a glass modern design door assembly. I would like to discuss technical details, costs, and lead time.


I am a sales/distributor of window, doors, carriage house doors, and exterior shutters for high end custom homes in new England. I would like to discuss with you a "nitch" market I believe we can potentially offer to my clients using your Schweiss modern design doors. Basically, I am looking for a strap/ bi fold garage door anywhere from 16' x 10' to 8' x 8' wood exterior Mahogany or red cedar with simulated grill, insulated class top section. I am interested in becoming a distributor for your company. I don't believe I would be interested in the commercial door applications you offer. My expertise is in custom residential for the past 30 years. Thank You


We have a client that collects sports cars - a new 3 car garage has been framed up per our designs, for three conventional doors, but now we'd like to explore a continuous bifold door about 28 feet to 30 feet long and 8 to 10 feet high. The client is interested in this idea ! Need an elegant modern design bifold door as it faces the rear yard of an historic house we recently rebuilt -


I work for a pre-fabricated metal building company out of Imler, PA and I have a few questions regarding a door that you have designed for one of our projects. Schweiss bifold modern design door on the order form is #23666 and is going to Beaufort, NC. If you could email me I have a few questions about the loading diagram that was given. Thank you.


Hello, I am investigating possibilities and pricing for a residential bifold or hydraulic modern design door to connect the space between our dining room and deck. I am in San Diego, CA. Do you have anywhere in Southern California that has a dealer or a showroom where we could see your work? Also, I would like to get a general price range so that I can make sure this is within my budget. The existing window there is 6'-1" wide, though there may be some flexibility on width if we can do a more standard door (versus custom). My ceilings are 8 ft high. Thank you!


Looking for a flush mount, modern design bi-fold door for a residential two car garage application here in Los Angeles. Timing is ASAP. Call anytime: Matthew


Hello, I have a garage space underneath by rear deck with a very limited ceiling height which prohibits using a standard sectional garage door. The rough opening is approximately 5' high by 16'6" wide. We cannot put a post in the center nor fold door sections into the interior on the sides since the space will need to house a car which will be stored horizontally in the space. I was thinking your modern design single panel doors or your bifold designer doors  such as those shown on your website might work...if not maybe you have a suggestion or two..Thanks very much! Kate


We are working on interior 22'-6" wide by 10'-0" high vertical modern design bi-fold doors and an exterior 11'-10" wide by 12'-6" high vertical modern design bi-fold door. Would like to send what we have. Is there an email address you could provide so I can send the plans, elevations and details? Dave


Hello! I am interested in installing a bifold modern design residential garage doors for my 16'x8' opening. Thank you kindly, -Heath


Project is asking for a 12'-4" x 20'-0" Bi-fold modern design (hangar) Door that's glazed like a storefront. Project is in Florida so there should be a Florida Product Approval, or the whole door (including the glazing system) as an integral unit needs to have shop drawings that are signed-and-sealed by a Florida Professional. Please give me a call. I can send our drawings as they currently stand. Thanks.


I'm looking to get a general idea on pricing for all options. This would be for a storefront modern design doors measuring approximately 13' in height and 15' in width. The material would be corten steel. Building is framed, new construction.


Kind of curious as to the minimum size for the modern design bifold doors. I am looking for options for my new shop/garage. The doors needed are approximately 9'X9' and 12'X12'. I am trying to figure out a way to avoid encumbering the ceiling area on the inside of the garage, and a bifold modern style designer door would do that. thanks, Jerry


Hi, my name is Alex and I am part of the design team working on a new dormitory building for Caltech University in Pasadena, CA. We are considering using glass bifold doors for the dining hall portion of our design and I was wondering if I could get any examples of Schweiss modern design doors on similar projects, standards as to sizes, heights, finishes, etc, as well as any cutsheets you have for your product. I am required to pass on this information to our contractor by end of day, so if you could get this information out to me ASAP, it would be greatly appreciated. Your modern design doors are the bomb!  Thank you




We are doing a remodel for a customer wanting an indoor/outdoor bar with a modern design door. Do you offer a door option that is glazed with thermopane glass? Hydraulic or bi-fold. Maximum opening size is roughly 180 inches wide by 84 inches high. Could be as small as 108 inches wide. Rough order of magnitude quote would also be very helpful, bi fold or hydraulic modern design doors (or both). Thank you!


To Whom this May Concern, I am an architect working at CannonDesign%u2019s Baltimore office and I am working on a team that is designing The New Cole Field House at University of Maryland College Park. We are looking at acceptable manufacturers for a folding overhead modern design glass doors that sits within a curtain wall. Might we be able to schedule for a local representative to come and speak with our team, presenting any samples or case studies, and answering questions and/or developing some schemes as soon as possible? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. 


Residential garage. Interested in bifold modern design doors due to need for clearance and backward sloping roof. Looking for estimate - dimensions are approximate. Already working with structural contractor on your Schweiss modern design bifold doors. Thanks


i am bidding a 100x500x18 they are wanting them estimated as two 30x16 modern design doors installed on a gable ends non insulated


I am looking to get a price for window/glass Bi fold modern design doors that will be 10 ft wide and 10 ft tall. Also a Bi fold door window that is 4 ft tall and 8 ft wide.