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I am interested in learning more about aircraft hangar doors large enough to support a C-5 Galaxy Aircraft. Military aircraft hangar.


Please let us know if Schweiss doors are engineered and tested for large missile impact level "D", and share FL product approval or NOA. Thank you,


I am completing a hangar in Nocona Tx. , and need a quote for a bifold door that will resemble a military aviation door. My opening width is 39’ 8”. Opening height is 14’ 6”. The header is 4x6x1/4 rectangular steel. The opening columns are 4x4x1/4 square steel tubing. Please figure me a quote for door assembly, and separate quote for installation. Thank you.


Building manufacturer is unknown. Its an old quonset style military hangar that we'd like to have a freestanding header on to enlarge the opening with a bifold Liftstrap style door. Do you have recommendations for an installation company here in Alaska?


New hangar build in chandler az with bifold military style aviation doors, 50x14 opening. Wood construction Bifold with lock arms Thanks


Good morning looking for a price on a bifold or hrydrolic aircraft door that will go on an old military style hangar in northern Minnesota. Size will be 60 ft. x 16 ft. installed on a stick frame building,


Hello I am looking for an estimate to replace our hangar door. old military hangar with roller doors. I'd like to incorporate the old military style window design that is featured on the Ohio hangar on your website. With the additional glass and added weight will I have to beef up my header?


I need a price on 10 Schweiss T-Hangar military aviation doors they will be the same doors. They will be going to Fort Collins Colorado. I have a previous order number for 2019 they will be the same door. The bid number is 1919 PS on Jan 23rd 2019. The customer on the job was Paul Stauner. If you cant track down the bid number. I’m looking for a 40 foot wide 12 foot tall by phone to work metal build. The doors will go in the side walls for a T hanger. If you have any questions feel free to email me or call me anytime. Please send over preliminary specs on the door as well. I will need to design the building for the doors so that I can get customer all of the prices clued it before I can order anything.


Please provide a quote to furnish


I am looking to get some details on size and cost of a bifold military aviation door for a hanger I am building in the spring of 2022. I am looking at roughly 40' x 12'. Door will need a remote opener, auto lock system and two large windows above the fold.


Our customer has specified a Schweiss bifold door for a new construction military aviation reproduction hanger door project. Need to get costing and preliminary design data.


I'm hoping you can price a door system for an aircraft hangar over at Marine Base Miramar, San Diego CA. Specs: - Sliding metal frame hangar door system, black panel enclosure, personal door and vision panels. - 12 individual door sections at about 45.5 LF/door = 546 LF total I didn't see any sliding door options on your site, but there have been talks of potentially changing to a bi-fold system. Pricing for both would be great is that's an option. Please price for material and delivery. Also quote separately for bifold blast door option.


Good Afternoon, DoorParts Canada is a Garage Door/ Hangar Door supply and installation company. We are located in Nova Scotia and work throughout Canada on Hangar Door projects. We specialize in Military Hangar Doors and are branching into the private industry. Currently we have a customer that is building a new facility to work on small marine vessels. In this case I believe a Bi-Fold Liftstrap door would be the best fit in regards to the door requirement for this new military aviation door structure. The request below would be for an Insulated door. If you would be interested in quoting please let me know. Regards Stephen Bell


Hello i am looking at buying a building that i would like to convert to a hanger and need to know if one of your bifold doors will fit in it. I have a husky on floats which is 11 feet tall, so need about 12 feet height which is going to be tight for this building. The gables on this building are 12 feet tall right now, my hope is that the door structure can go on the outside of the building to help keep the door openign large but not sure. Perhaps I will have to resort to a one-piece hydraulic door to ensure adequate headroom.


We are in the process of building a new military aviation style hanger with a bifold Liftstrap auto latch door. Final plans for the building or not yet completed and construction will not start for at least 4-6 months. I need an estimate for budgeting. I would like an option to have 4 or 5 windows, approx 40" x 5 feet, across the door about 40" up from the floor, remote handheld openers and automatic locking mechanism - Bill


Looking to get a quote for a new bifold


Budgeting a hangar project. Need a 50'x14' insulated bifold with a man door in the bifold. Looking to give this hangar a military aviation door look.


I need a


Please quote 40x18 clear bifold military style aviation black strap door installed door will have 1" of spray foam on the inside and 29 gauge interior liner panel Please send design information for Butler Include weather-strip kit, auto latches Thanks


I have a customer interested in installing a bi-fold military aviation door with straps in an airport hangar we will be erecting for him. I need a quote. The opening should be 70' wide X 22' tall.


Hi, I'm Jeff originally from MN and I need a price one two (2) 65' wide x 25' high military aviation


I am looking at constructing a 60 X 50 aircraft hangar. I am looking for pricing for a 12 X 50 foot bifold military aviation style strap door for this hangar.


I am building a hangar at KSBA and need to get military aviation type bifold strap door estimate for 60 feet wide and 19 feet tall. Thanks Terry


Would like a cost for a 50 foot wide by 14 foot high single hydraulic door insulated or bifold liftstrap insulated door with lift straps.


Looking for a 16'x50' bifold or hydraulic military aviation hangar door. Also curious how much a build your own door kit would cost. Thank you!


I am looking for Info on a 45' general or military aviation door with lots of windows, a walk door and remote opening system


looking for an 80foot wide by 20 foot tall military aviation bifold strap hanger door would also prefer pricing on same size hydraulic with some glass panels for light


Hello, We are going through the process of finalizing our Morton Hangar design and need to get quotes for a 40 foot bi-fold door, purchase price, shipping and installation. Thank you for any help you can provide in this process.


I am working on renovating a WW2 military hangar in Debert Nova Scotia for the new owner [County of Colchester]. I used your military aviation bifold door product in my former company in Oshawa Ontario at their municipal airport. do you have a Atlantic Regional representative to supply and install?


Hello I am a Maintenance Planner for Defense Base Services here at Naval Air Station Fallon Nevada. We recently were contracted to maintain some bi-fold doors that were installed and have found that the lift straps need to be replaced. We're also interested in two additional bifold military aviation hangar doors once our new hangars are built. Can we order them and the liftstrap conversion through Schweiss directly or can you tell me where we can order them?


Can a sales person call me regarding a bi-fold liftstrap hanger door system for our Maintenance Hangar Addition Alteration (NOSE DOCK #5) located at Grisson AFB in Indiana. Please price me with or without a blast proof bifold door.


Looking for price on (3) 50'x 16' military style aviation hangar doors for shipment or installation if available at Paine Field Snohomish County Airport in Everett, WA


Looking for price and availability on 20 ft x 75 ft military aviation hangar door - either Bifold or one piece.


We are bidding a project in New York … called Reconstruct Bulk Hangar @ Leroy Airport … your bifold Liftstrap military aviation doors are highly recommended by pilots here. Your bifold hangar doors are the only ones specified for this project. We will send drop box to plans and specs.


Currently need specs and pricing for a military aviation style hangar door for a new sky park hangar by; Straight Line Metal Buildings Sales. Ship to Address at Aviation Loop Fredericksburg, Tx 78624


Good Afternoon, I am just researching military aviation door options and have interest in your bifold or one piece hydraulic door. I have no idea what your door in my size would cost. Please e-mail an estimate. Thank you, Jeanette


I looking for a bifold military aviation door system for my hangar. I have a 38ft by 14 ft opening. can you give me some proving bifold strap door hangar options. Thanks


I am a contractor building an addition to my existing hangar and would like to order one of your military aviation bifold doors . The construction is masonry with a wood truss roof system. You don't have that as a choice below. Do you have a Florida Product Approval?


Could you please let me know the exterior colors available for a military aviation aircraft hangar door. I was not able to find a color chart on your website. Best, Bob Laurence


The building is a Pre-Engineered Metal Building. Building size: 120' wide with mid wall at 60' to make two bifold door military aviation hangars x 60'-24' eh. Two doors of 51'-6" wide x 17'-6" tall will go into one building end wall. Both doors to have a stand alone header.


Would like to get an estimate for a horizontal 2 and 4 panel military aviation bifold hangar door for a warehouse with dimensions of 38'x 75'. Options to look at would be windows set up high as a separate line item and to have it motorized for ease. Thank you, Sindy


You guys sold me 95' bi-fold doors 15 years ago for a project of mine in Henderson NV. I'm interested in another 90' x 22' high military aviation bifold door.


Building a steel hanger. Construction not started yet. Opening size will be 35x14. Looking for the most cost effective military aviation bifold door really, but I like the bifold doors over the barn type doors that have the tracks come out past the hanger.


Good afternoon, I am looking for options to replace 2 military aviation hangar doors 1@ 40' wide and 10' tall 1@ 47' 10" wide and 12' to clear. I am looking for Material only, my crew would perform the install.


We are currently designing a new Military Aircraft Repair / Paint Hangar for a client at Huntsville Executive Airport, located in Meridianville, AL. We are interested in a complete installed ROM cost for "Schweiss" military aviation doors.


I am interested in a quote on a replacement military aviation hangar door. I am replacing an old by-pass sliding door on a hangar that is a pole construction with a Schweiss military aviation liftstrap door. I am looking for a bi-fold door The opening is 46x13 and the door would need a freestanding frame to support doors weight. This would a fall install in Lansing, Michigan at KLAN. I would also be interested in local installers or contacts to handle the installation of the door. Please quote the door delivered with the following options - bottom mount motor - left side (from inside looking out), entry door - right side and a remote opener. Thanks, Jim Kraus


We are needing a quote for two 24' tall x 40' wide bifold military aviation blast doors for a metal building 80' wide x 120' long with an eave ht. of 24'. The military grade aviation doors will be in each end wall. We need 24' clear under the doors.


We are currently working with Star Buildings to design a pre-engineered hangar building. The clear opening for the door is 80' long by 24' high. We would like pricing and specification information for a military aviation style bi-fold door.


we are in the process of obtain bids for our project that will be built in Arizona. The project consists of 36 military aviation style T-Hangar doors. The bifold strap doors are 40 feet in width. We would love to talk to someone about getting a bid for the project. Thank you, John Calhoun


Could you give me a ballpark estimate I have a 11 x 50 hanger door I%u2019m looking for bifold military style  doors on a wooden hanger in the Santa Paula California Thank you Ray


Can you quote me a military aviation bi-fold door going to zip code 20902 for the federal government....exact address not available at the moment 45' wide x 20' high.....we will provide the structural framed opening as required.... thanks don cartledge


Hello, We're looking at your large bifold United States military aviation doors for an Air Force Academy aircraft hanger project here in Colorado Springs. We are working on the basic building design with RapidSet metal buildings here locally. We really like your story and the fact that your doors are made here in the USA by proud Americans!!! Great job and Thanks for your time!


44 foot military aviation bifold & hydraulic hangar doors 14 tall 44 foot wide hangar door needed Price of hydraulic & bifold military aviation doors ?


I have cable bifold military aviation hangar door approximately 40x14. Intersested in strap conversion to automate--I want to eliminate the manual locks on the sides of the bifold. do you have a conversion for your advanced automatic locking bifold door? what do I need to do to determine approximate cost involve? Thanks Brian


Hello, I am currently designing an equestrian center including a 80 meter long indoor arena which will require vertical bi-fold military aviation style doors between the portal frames columns - panels will be 8 meters wide x 6 meters high clad in corten / rusted metal. I have noticed your military aviation door products multiple times on my research and was wondering whether you have any suppliers in Australia?


I have a 40x14 cable bifold door that I will be getting rid of. would like the price of a new military aviation bifold door so that I have an Idea of what to ask when selling the old door. Thank you


We are in the initial design stage for two 15,000 sq. ft. hangars to house flyable WWII aircraft. We would like a cost estimate for planning purposes and future consideration of your military aviation door products.


I am the Chief Pilot of the Hawaii Fire Dept. Our hangar needs a replacement military aviation door. It currently has a roll up type door that needs immediate replacement. We are interested in the Bi-fold door with lift straps. Can you provide a rough estimate for a door opening that is 13'X28'. What would be the cost of such a door and what is the expected delivery time to Hawaii once an order is placed?


Looking at building a 60x70 wood construction hangar this summer and just trying to gather some prices up for my options on military aviation bifold doors.


I need a price for 3 each 47'6" by 13' clear strap lift bifolds with a walk door for a customer that is ordering military aviation doors from us. Also a 60' wide by 15' clear with a walk door. FOB: Longmont CO IBC 2108 120 mph wind. Thanks John Gintz Behlen Building Systems


Looking to purchase 6 ea 50'x12' and 6ea 40'x12' bi-fold military aviation doors to retrofit open ended steel building for aircraft hangars. Would like a rough estimate of costs for each military aviation door. 


I would like to know the size limitations for both hydraulic and by-fold military aviation doors. We have a 25' high room and would like to open it up with a 55' wide blast proof bifold door. What are the space requirements for both the door and control panel? Thanks


I need a quote on 2 - 60x18 bifold military aviation doors and 12 - 42x11 doors. I only listed the one size.


Need Military Aviation door for a hanger built in the 80's, I have the cables. One side has broke twice recently. I've welded it and repaired it but I not very comfortable anymore with it so I'd like to convert it to a liftstrap door. What do I need to retrofit this hanger door?


Wondering if you could give me approximate costs for bifold strap military aviation blast proof hangar doors and approximate install cost for 45, 50 and 55 foot wide by 15 feet high


I am interested in comparing prices on military aviation hangar doors for a 12x40 opening. I am looking at building a hangar at our Air Force Base in WA. Please provide complete cost including installation (or an estimate including installation) for options you have available on your military aviation doors.


I recently purchased a former military aviation hangar with a non-Schweiss door at the South St Paul airport and want to discuss options with a sales person to convert it to lift straps or replace it with a. Schweiss military aviation bifold door. It is 14 or 15 feet high and 50 feet wide. Ir currently has only two cables and is scares me every time I open it.


1.St George ,Utah Military Aviation Hanger door. I need to order additional remotes for remote receiver 530. Need programming instruction so do not have to continusally hold open and close button. Want it go full open or close by pressing button once. Need to get price to covert from steel cables to straps including strap auto latch. Hanger door 60%u20AC%u2122 wide by 20 %u20AC%u02DC high . 2. Kalispell, Montana Military Aviation Hanger . Need price to convert from steel cables to straps including strap auto latch. Want to use strap lift to raise and lower two canal head gates . Each gate is 17 feet wide and weighs 16,000 pounds. Lift travel 17 feet. 4. St Anthony Idaho Hydro. St Anthony ,Idaho. Want to use strap lift to raise and lower trash rake boom. Lift is 10,000 pounds travel 12 feet.


I'm writing a specification for a Bifold or Hydraulic military aviation hangar door and was wondering if you had a specification writer that I could have review our specification prior to bidding.


I noticed that you specialize in military aviation doors. I would like prices on the same style military aviation hangar blast doors that you installed at Ft. Carson, Colorado. We are located in Washington state.


We are looking at doing a bifold military aviation  door on one of our projects in Denver and would like to get more information and meet a rep to discuss options. Thanks, Karl Wolf


I am looking for a price on (3) 40'x18' military aviation bi-fold doors for a airport hanger located in  N.D.


I need pricing on military aviation door types please let me know what you include and what you don't and if install is included, if not than what is the average cost of install with blast proof doors. Thanks


Hi, Looking for a quote for military style aviation bifold doors for an 48' wide by 18' high opening. The header and sides are cement. I would prefer an aluminum frame to keep the weight down. I have aluminum laminated panels to skin the frame. 


I am quoting a metal building for a Hangar that is calling out for military aviation bifold doors. Their dimensions are 64'-6"x22' and there are (6) total. I would like you to send me a file with the specs for these military aviation doors so we can design the building accordingly.


Need bifold doors for a military aviation hanger , above address. Interested in 16 feet high by 40-50 feet wide. Two simple opening windows. Metal skin. What type of span construction is needed? Are there certain size dimensions that are less expensive? What would be delivery charge to above address? Where would door be coming from? Do you also sell regular hydraulic doors 18-20 feet wide by 10 feet high? This one would be for side of hanger. Thank you, Norman


We have been contracted to replace an existing military aviation hangar door and would like to request a quote for a replacement door. We have used your product in the past and have been very satisfied with your doors. The opening size is 17'10"H X 51'10"W. A man door is not necessary. Power source is single phase. It is an older building and I believe too much reinforcement to the structure would be required for a hydraulic door so please just quote the strap type door. Thank you.


I have a 40 ft Schweiss bifold door on my military aircraft hangar door. I need to do a strap lift conversion on this door. Please call so I may order materials necessary to make the repair. James Carroll


We are pricing bifold doors for an air hanger building with 10 bi-fold military aviation doors ranges from 55'x19' to 70'x22' located in British Columbia, Canada. Please provide contact person for pricing and load information for our building design at soonest convenience. Regards.


I presently have an old military aviation door, 40 ft wide door 13 ft. high. I have a counter weight system to assist with opening and closing of the door. I would like to switch over to using a liftstrap system to operate the door. The opens and closes fine with the boat winch and cable system but the system is getting older and would like to upgrade the it.


Had 44'4" x12' military aviation hangar doors several years ago.  Sold hangar. building another hangar looking for another military aviation doors about same size.


Searching for an estimate to add a 40'x16' clearance military aviation style bifold door to new construction at the Ogden Hinkley airport


Hi I have a query about your horizontal bifolding system, the Lift Strap Military Aviation Bifold doors: 1)We have an internal architectural opening 4000mm wide by 1500mm High, is this a size you could consider? 2)We would need an usable height of 1200mm when the bifolding system is open hence have the two panels taking no more than 300mm when folded. Is this achievable? 3)If the design is feasible, would you ship the military aviation door kits to the uk or do you have partners in Europe/UK that could assist? Many thanks Andrea


Looking for some Specs on a 40' wide x 16' tall opening on a military aviation Bifold door. Is that something I can get easily ?


I need a quote on a 48' wide by 18' high bi-fold military aviation hanger door. With electric operator.Delivered to Chattanooga TN. Do you install? Thanks,


looking for pricng on two 42' x 16' military aviation hanger doors both bifold strap and single hydraulic. The hangar building wil be a 45'x 80'x16') hanger on my small military base in Wisconsin.


Do you have an agent in the UK, Ireland or Europe? Or can you supply bifold door military aviation doors and design to be built in Ireland? I have  hangars that needs a military aviation blast doors and your designs look awesome! It's a block / stone structure with an opening of 5000mm x 2400mm (16ft 4in x 7ft 10in). Regards,


Hello, I work for a design company in Uniontown, PA. We are working with a client to design a 80x80 military airplane hanger in the area. We need more information on a 60'x15'H bifold military aviation  doors to keep our design moving with the steel building company. Could you help?


I would like my military aviation doors to be insulated with a standard window detail. Needs to provide at least 17 ft of clearance and I am assuming that when up the door exposes the full height of the opening. Any reinforcement or engineering to the structure would be handled by myself and I am only looking for someone to install the military aviation doors and its components only.


Hello, We have a client that wants military aviation hangar doors that will act as sun shade when open, but with a window behind that will allow natural light in. What would you suggest? I've seen several Schweiss bifold liftstrap glass military aviation designer doors in searches, but none that have a storefront type window behind it..


I am building new hangar in Trenton Maine and am interested in your military style aviation doors. Construction will start soon. Opening for the two door sis 44' x 14'. Need estimate for bifold military aviation doors. Bottom drive. 


We are working on a military aviation doors aircraft hangar project here at our Air Force base in MT. There will be 7 hangars that will need 4-60'w x 16'h clearance and 3-50'w x 16'h clearance military aviation doors. We are looking at quotes for bi-fold and possibly hydraulic doors if they are able to span that width?