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We are looking for a quote on a hangar door for our brewery. All glass. Curious in price difference of difference kinds.


Distillery door. I'm looking for a door option for my distillery. Initially, I need a ~10'5" wide by 8'10" tall door. It's a wood structure, so the opening could be reduced if that fits a standard size better.


Hello, I am working on a commercial bifold door remodel. The customer has an opening approx. 78" wide x 36" tall. This opening can be adjusted if need be. I am looking for a hydraulic or bifold operated window for this opening. It will be a pass thru space between the kitchen and an outside bar area. Looking for dark bronze metal and if need be we can provide the glass. Is this something you can provide, and if so may I get a price for it? Thanks, Silas Koonse


We are in the early design stages for a micro-brewery bar in the Historic District in Wilmington, NC and are looking to have a large window corner where we can open up the windows for patrons to walk up and order drinks. We would want the counter to have the a minimal or no track at all for maintenance. - Can we get a historic look with divided bifold door windows in the folding windows? - The opening I am looking at is 17’-0” wide x 5’-0” tall. Any chance we can do this in one folding door? If not, how many divisions would I have? - Is any kind of track required in the counter? - We are in an early stage, so a rough quote is sufficent right now - Is there a place I can send you an image of the wall, so you can understand the look we are going for?


Looking for your custom doors for a micro-brewery tavern we are restoring in Louisville, Ky - we need two the same size from your picture samples where the window leaves the half wall in - if we send measurements can we get a quote? Do you ship to KY? Do we need to handle the install? Thanks joe


We are the Architect for a high profile job for Yuengling Brewing in Tampa Florida. We have a portion of our design that calls for a custom application for three security bifold micro-brewery style Schweiss doors. One @ 28'-0"(w) x 14'-0"(h) and two @ 9'-7"(w) x 14'-0"(h). We specifically like the look of the doors you completed for projects "Bi-Rite, San Francisco" and "Pike Motorworks, Seattle". Ours would be very similar with perforated metal screens covering the frame Our project would need to utilize black lift-straps with top-drives motor(s). We interested in the opportunity to have Schweiss assist us with design assistance and direction. Thank you, Joey D. Ottman, Sr. Project Manager Alfonso Architects, Inc.


I need a price on the following in a all glass bifold micro-brewery strap doors. One (1) each 35-11 1/2 x 12 one (1) each 20-4 x 12-5 Two (2) each 18-0 x 11-0 These need to be windload to 136 MPH with impact glass. Iguana Joe's is the name of the project. I haveno other specs. Thanks


Looking for a 12' x 6' bifold Glass w black aluminum frame and black straps. micro-brewery. lift strap door similar to Blarneys Irish Tavern. This door would be located in the storefront and would serve as an opening for a Bar countertop. Would also consider the hydraulic option since it is only 6' hieght. Would like to hear pros or cons to the respective options


I am designing a tilt up screen door for a micro brewery bar design - the bar is exterior and the door will start from top of bar counter and tilt up. the hydraulic pivot door is the direction i want to go but want to know what options i have for specifications using a bifold Schweiss micro-brewery door - the idea would be that the doors flip up manually and close manually. without bulky mechanisms/motors.


I have a general contractor that is looking for bi-fold upward acting glass doors with aluminum frames for a bar area at his new micro-brewery in North Carolina, quote me 2 @ 10'-0" x 4'-0" and 1 @ 18'-0" x 4'-0" they would have to meet a 150 MPH wind-load for our area. Looking for budget numbers, for their customer, please give me a call when you can. Thanks, Rob Burton


Hi, Im looking for a bifold micro-brewery door solution. I am opening a bar/restaurant that has an existing typical garage door (13,3 x 12). I want to replace it with a glass door that wont take up any inside space when open. I am looking for quotes on the bifold door and the hydraulic door. Thank you


Interested in a fold style entry designer door for the microbrewery bar I am constructing. Would like a backup system in case of a power outage. Door is 6 ft. wide x 9 ft. tall.


Looking to remove our front window, 6' H x 10' L and replace it with a bifold glass door for our bar / resturant and need to get in contact with a distributor for quotes. This will be a micro-brewery bifold glass door.


Looking for installer in NYC area to put in a micro-brewery bifold door. Project address is 155 Second Avenue NY, NY 10003 The window/door needed is very small approximately 5’x7’. Prefer triple E tempered glass, black aluminum frame.


Good morning. My husband and I are opening a business and would like to get quotes for the following: Bifold Glass Designer Door sizes........4- 18'x8' 2- 12'x8' **We are going for a fish bowl look so we were hoping to get solid glass pieces. The business will be for a beer garden. Thank you. Kim Thompson Greeneville TN


Looking for bi-fold or single swing type of commercial door for hotel/bar microbrewery door situation in Springfield, MO Existing historic building. Can provide concept architectural plans and some direction for budgeting. Do you have aluminum door frames?


We are two weeks out from having our modular garage delivered and would like a swing up glass winery door wall. We are a winery and this is for our production room. It will be 8 x 7. It can be a single or bifold but our goal is to ave it on the outside to act like a awning over the patio. Trying to get an idea of a budget for it. Thank you, Bob


We are hoping to get more information and pricing on glass bifold micro-brewery doors for our bar/restaurant that is currently under construction. Any information you can provide on all options would be appreciated. Thanks! KD


We have a 12’ wide by 4’6” high opening at our micro brewery with a bar, that wish to do a horizontal (hinge) folding bifold window. Please contact me. Thank you, Jonathan Seal


Looking for a bifold door 12 x 12 for a bar location in Illinois Need a local installer for your liftstrap and auto latching door. Please call me with information and a local contractor. Thanks, Robert Buehler


I'm looking information on custom bi-fold awnings for a micro-brewery door and bar countertop. the bi-fold would work like a concession stand awning for the bar. I would like to know if you customize these kind of products. Thank you,


Looking for a fold up glass door for an Irish pub and Micro-Brewery. Micro-brewery bifold door opening is 8’w x10’h Black frame Tempered and insulated


Hello, We're bidding on a project at 801 S. Canal in Chicago that calls for (2) overhead Schweiss bifold micro-brewery aluminum frame liftstrap doors. There's an alternate to provide Crown Doors 50/50 as well. Our bid is due tomorrow at noon. I'm sure you or your reps have seen this from other GC's - there's nine of them. Please contact me asap! Much appreciated, Tom


My group is in the process of leasing a space for a micro brewery bar and grill. We are curious to know cost for a commercial bi-fold brewery door 8' to 10' in width. Thanks. LT


I'm looking for an economical option to build a small micro-brewery. Bifold micro-brewery door would need to be approximately 30'-32' wide with clearance of 10'-11'.


We are working on a micro brewery and restaurant taproom in Canton, MA. It is an existing masonry building, and we want to add a 16'-0"H x 21'-0"W Single Swing or Bifold Liftstrap Micro Brewery door. I can send photos or drawings.


We are looking to replace our single car garage with half storage, half outdoor bar/entertainment area. Looking for a Liftstrap bifold designer door that is similar to your micro-brewery glass doors that will open for the entertainment area and provide some shelter from sun/rain. This area will only be 12' x 12'.


Looking for pricing on a bifold Liftstrap micro brewery door, 20' wide by whatever is necessary to have a 10' clearance height when the door is open. Is remote opening an option? (like a traditional garage door opener) I like your Schweiss door interlocking options for insulation in the door because they can easily be cleaned and appear to be very durable? Can I have a row of windows without having the entire door be a window? Thanks.




I would like a quote for a full glass one piece hydraulic door. The door will be atop a exterior micro brewery bar counter with rough opening dimensions of 173-3/4%u201D x 75-3/8%u201D.


I have a customer looking for two all glass (clear) bar top bi-fold hangar type doors to serve as micro-brewery bifold doors. One 8'wide x 7'tall and one 12'w x 5'tall. Please quote if possible. Feel free to call or email. Thank you


Hello, I'm looking for a quote for 4 bi fold doors for a micro-brewery bar/restaurant located in Ketchikan, AK. Full view doors. I can provide glass. 2@ 19'-1" x 8' 2@ 13'-8" x 8'


I have a project in Bryan Texas that will need a bi-fold door at an indoor / outdoor microbrewery bar. The microbrewery bifold door will sit on the bar counter similar to your project at Barrel & Bushel on your website. I am in need of some window jamb and details, requirements for structure etc. I do have building columns that flank each side of the bi-fold door, inside of column to inside of column is 23'-4". Also would you happen to have any revit models? Todd


I would like four evenly spaced 4' x 4' micro-brewery window openings four foot high from bottom of door.


Hello, 3XN and WZMH Architects are working on a heavy timber commercial micro-brewery door project in Toronto, Canada that has a tenant-only bar integrated into the penthouse (level 11). We would like to install horizontal aluminum bifold glass doors in front of the bar to close off the bar when it's not being used. Do you have such a product? Thanks in advance for your help.


We have used a bi-fold door of yours for a project we did several months back. We are wanting to use it again for a much smaller micro brewery bifold door  opening this time. I want to know if you can do a bi-fold door as small as I am wanting. Our opening is: 18' wide and 10'-6" tall.


Looking to install some bifold or similar micro-brewery doors in our brewery taproom addition.


Hello, we are currently working on a hospitality project in Williamsburg Brooklyn. In the outdoor restaurant terrace, we have a micro-brewery and wine service bar doors that need to open and close to the terrace and the Bifold door seems to be the perfect solution. I need to send out the drawings and details of the service bar and need some dimensions for our micro-door set. would you be able to send me a cad file of the details? The bifold door will measure around 16'-9" (width) by 7'-6". Thanks so much for your help. 


I%u2019m working on a restaurant micro brewery project in South Tampa. The Owner wants glass tilt-up or bi-fold micro brewery doors for the existing window openings. Can you take a look at this and let me know what a good budget price would be? I would appreciate it.


We are renovating an old warehouse in St. Petersburg, FL into a brewery and are interested in replacing the existing roll up garage doors with glass bifold Micro-brewery doors. We have 12 door openings that are 14' x 12'. We have renderings available for your use along with existing photos that we can send over with an available email. Thank you!


Hi, I am working on designing a restaurant in Boston and am interested in incorporating a bi-fold lift up micro brewery bifold door at bar and pick-up window on the facade of our project. What kind of requirements go into incorporating one of these systems? We have an existing facade systems of windows with mullions that is 11'-6" tall, would we be able to incorporate into this? I can send drawings with dimensions of what we are looking to do for a better understanding. The best way to reach me is via email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


I am interested in two stainless steel Schweiss micro brewery doors for my business. Can these micro-brewery doors be remotely controlled? My current doors are manually opened and a hassle to deal with. Your micro-brewery bifold doors should make my job much easier.


We are about to start a brewery/restaurant in Ogden, Utah. We are very interested in installing your micro brewery doors on the ends of our bar that faces the Ogden River. This will be a very high-profile fixture and we need to do it right with glass clad micro-brewery doors. Can you please contact me?


Hello, I am building a micro brewery and was just at blackberry mountain and saw glass bifold micro-brewery Schweiss doors. I was looking for a quote. Are there standard heights for your doors? We are in the design phase so I am interested in various heights and their costs. Thanks!


I am looking for 2 @ 8x3 and 2 @ 6x3 bifold OR hydrolic doors for a cabana bar  micro-brewery door opening. Do you offer a product like this and if not, can you point me in the right directions please? Thanks, Scott


Looking for bifold or hydraulic rustic style barn doors for a future wine and micro brewery tasting room and distillery bifold door project. We need to be creative to our historic setting and yet cost efficient. Most interested in your bifold style micro brewery doors with various cladding options. Look forward to talking with you.


Good afternoon, I'm a designer at Studios Architecture in San Francisco, and I'm currently working on a project where we want to use 4 vertical bifold doors as the primary enclosure for an outdoor coffee bar and believe your micro-brewery doors will work just fine. I was hoping you could provide some additional information/details about how these doors would work. The design concept is that the bifold doors (10' high) are the 4 sides of the enclosure and will remain open during the day and close, fully concealing all structure and everything inside, when not in use. - Door sizes: 2-10' high x 26' wide and 2-10' high x 12' wide - The columns are steel tubes - design intent: want doors proud of the column faces so when they close, they form a box (columns/structure not visible) Based on this, I was also hoping you could provide information about the loads the doors will have on the columns and any additional structure needed to support them. Thank you,


Looking for assistance for a Bi-Fold micro brewery designer door w/lift straps for a new construction single family micro-brewery building project. I can send sizes or a copy of the blueprints. Thank you for your assistance.


I'm looking to buy four 25 by 12 stainless steel clad Micro-Brewery doors. I'm open minded about the design you would recommend. I look forward to hearing from you the building isn't built yet so if there is a micro brewery size door that you have premanufactured we can build the openings around the door


We are opening a small pub here at our micro brewery and would be interested in one of your micro-brewery doors to open to our patio. I currently have windows there and the space measures 17'6" wide by 7' tall. I am looking for a secure door that still looks good and functions well for a long time, please forward an approximate price. Are micro brewery bifold and hydraulic doors something your team can supply. Thanks


Building a brewery this summer. Location in Mancelona, MI. Currently looking at a brick  building with Schweiss micro-brewery doors. 30'X 12'. After reviewing your site, I am leaning towards a bifold strap door with auto latching. Please quote 18' high as well.


Do you have a representative in the Chicago area? We are opening a new seafood concept and looking for someone to do our facade design and install micro brewery doors. We are interested in two micro brewery doors for the main entrance and windows.


We need a cost estimate for a hydraulic door spec'd for Baca Winery and micro brewery tasting room in Healdsburg California. Right now we are in the conceptual stage and I will need to send graphics and measurements for your micro brewery and winery tasting room doors. Also, can you give us the contact info for certified installers of your product in our area. Thank you Gerry North Supervisor Rich Ryan Construction


Want a glass door for a micro-brewery. Bifold and hydraulic bid. 9 foot tall x 20 wide. 


We will have a new CMU Building with a 18X10 opening. It's a concession stand window, and we'd like it to have a canopy feature, so this door meets our  micro-brewery door needs. We are cladding it in Prodex wood product. Please contact me by phone or email. we will need cad files for detailing.


We are looking for doors similar to your micro brewery doors that can swing out to open a bar to a rooftop deck. Building will be steel frame with steel studs. We have glass and aluminum sectioned overhead doors in the design now, but they have some conflicts with interior. We are wondering how much more expensive a hydraulic micro brewery door would be. We like the bi-fold door, but are concerned about appearance of lift straps when door is closed.


Looking for BIM model of your Bifold door. Looking at bottom drive or Vertical top drive. Working on a project in Iowa that will have: (3) 20'W x 16'H micro-brewery doors (2) 30'W X 16'H micro brewery doors. Exterior shell is Precast concrete panels. please contact me with any information and technical drawings available. thanks, -Bryan


What is the approximate cost of a 12 foot wide 10 foot high bi-fold door with glass, including installation. The location is Colorado and it will be inside bifold micro-brewing door separating brewing area from the restaurant.


Looking for pricing for a bi fold door that is 184" wide by 144" tall. It's is for a brewery tap room and they don't have room for an overhead micro brewery door due to brewery equipment.


I have a metal pole building and am putting in a 12wx13h opening for a micro-brewery. Would like info on your doors with headroom needed. The micro-brewery doors will be clad with stainless steel on the inside and metal on the outside.


Hi, This is in regards to the Two Roads Brewery Project in Stratford, CT. The architect has specified your product for the micro-brewery door opening. I need to find out who the certified installers are in the Stratford area and what the lead time for the door is. We will be framing for rough opening soon so we need to get this worked out this week. 


I am in design phase for a new restaurant in Silver Spring Maryland. We are looking to install (2) Bi-fold glass micro-brewery doors at the bar area. I am looking for pricing and samples or if you may have completed some projects in the Washington DC area. Feel free to call or email.


Looking for info on micro-brewery door electrical controls and description of operation. Unit must open and have Schweiss Door Auto Stops. This unit is for attached restaurant outside of Corpus Christi TX. Any assistance is appreciated. 


Hello, We are looking to add two bifold strap doors for an outdoor micro-brewery door bar. The R.O. is 4'2" from bar countertop to finished ceiling. The width is 17'6" and 17' 7.5" (can be less depending on buildout required by bifold micro-brewery door.  Can a sample cut sheet or submittal be provided? I would need owner approval.        


We are designing a restaurant/bar in Milwaukee Wisconsin and would like to spec a bi-fold lift micro-brewery door w/ glass panels. the sizes are listed in the responses below. for the immediate time, I am looking for a preliminary price for our first budget go around. also any details or requirements there might be for the surrounding wall (this will be put into an existing opening in an existing building).


Our office is working on a residential renovation in California. Our client is interested in a bi-fold micro brewery door to replace their existing sectional overhead rollup door. There is very limited space, the door opening is 7'-0"H x 16'-0"W, with only about 1'-0" of headroom above. Is a bifold micro brewery door an option here? Thanks.


Hey! Looking to quote a 20' wide by 10' tall bi-fold door for our brewery. We are looking for an aluminum frame with glass on the inside. Could we get a quote for that and also for a horizontal micro brewery door? We prefer the bifold strap door that  opens more like an accordion style folding door? Please and thanks!


I am contacting you to inquire about the vertical bi-folding door system. We are looking to install (2) 6'-0" wide x 5'-0" tall exterior bi-folding doors at a restaurant and micro brewery in Oakland, CA (similar to the Barrel &%u20AC%u02C6Bushel project) Would you be able to give me more information on the micro brewery doors: 1. Estimated pricing 2. Lead times 3. More information on how the doors are raised and lowered. Thanks!


Have a customer for a bar opening wanting to have a folding brew house door. Do you offer any style of folding shutter, have a drawing can send. Thanks


Steel frame Bi-Fold micro-brewery door by Schweiss. Acid etched impact resistant glass mim 5/16'' double pane laminated glass. Include installation


Hello - inquiring about cost and lead time for bifold microbrewery doors for a prefabricated steel structure. The project is a taproom for a brewery at 16-16 George Street in Ridgewood, NY. We anticipate a 8 ft. floor-to-ceiling height (on both floors) and we'd like the clear opening to be as big as possible. Thanks!


Request Quote For 18 X 9 foot horiz. bifold micro brewery strap door w/ offset top hinge (3)? (building = 5/12 pitch gable-side entry) must use 12 v dc brushless motor drive.


I have info and cost on bi-fold micro-brewery doors. I also need the cost and info on 1 piece hydraulic micro-brewery doors. I need shipping and install cost if possible I have General steel building that is not designed for a door.


Looking for quote on bifold micro-brewery doors  23'W x 10'H and one 12'Wx10'T. Looking for pricing and dimensional minimum height and clearance and side room requirements for the hydraulic system. Also need to know maximum weight per square foot as the micro-brewery doors will be clad in clad in plate stainless steel. Please call or email if you have questions. Thank you. 


I'm looking for a quote and spec detail of a bifold  door for a brewery in Haight/Ashbury area. I can send drawings and photos. Need this microbrewery door ASAP. Thank you!


We are a General Contractor in CHarlotte NC - and pricing a brewery where they specified some sort of bi folding or pitched out micro-brewery doors or micro-brewery windows. (8) of them, at 8'x7' and 8'x6'. wanted to talk to someone about options and pricing. thanks!


We are currently pricing a fit-up to an existing PEMB spec building that will require 20'w x 10'h bifold micro-brewery door with complete support framing. I would like to obtain a price to furnish and install


I need a quote on 8'w x 10'h all glass automatic bi-fold doors. This project is for a local micro brewery. It is in an old brick building, the walls and header will need to have some type of steel frame, per your recommendations. Please give me a call Monday to discuss these micro-brewery doors. Thank you, Mike


I would like a bid on a 22ft wide x 12ft high micro brewery door with a remote controlled opener on a new construction commercial micro brewery business.


Interest on a bifold door for a commercial micro brewery project in San Diego. Would like to have a preliminary quote for a 10 feet wide x 4 feet tall micro brewery door system. Door panel to be made by cementitious board slats. Information needed: -cost -warranty on system -delivery and lead time for ordering. Please feel free to call me with questions. Thank you Camila


We are bidding on a micro brewery and the owner needs (6) 20' wide bifold's with straps. He needs 19' clear. For a 19' clear, what should I make the height of the rough opening on all these micro brewery doors? 


I'm looking to a pair of Bi fold windows for a bar and looking to get a price for the material needed for micro-brewery doors. Im an installer out the Dallas - Fort Worth market


Good Morning, I have a micro brewery application that could use (2) 20' x 20 bifold micro-brewery door. Can you please give me a call or email? Sean Carragher President Winser Doors.


I have a large barn we are making into a micro-brewery and the owner want your micro-brewery bifold door system on it. They like the door system that uses your patented bifold lift straps. Is it only in metal or can they come in wood or a wood overlay?


looking for 18 x 10 to 12 foot high micro-brewery doors for our restaurant. Micro-brewery doors can be clad in glass or stainless steel, whichever is less expensive.