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Hello I am looking for a price quote on the marine sealed dock bifold door below, to be installed on a project currently under design. Thank you very much!


Hello, I am needing a price for a 48’ x 14’ clear bifold marine sealed dock door with a 30” wedge. Man door, straps and auto latch system. Shipped to 63105. Please include taxes, if any and freight. How far are you before ordering. Thanks guys! I hope you are doing well. Call with questions


In addition to ABC Docks,LLC, I also own Translift Dock


RFQ: We're a nation wide distributor of marine dock and door solutions doing work for design/build GC's here in Mexico. Please quote 12 units (we'd appreciate your suggestions) for an opening of 38x43 ft. This is a manufaturing facility in Mexico. Price is just for budgetary purposes. We'd need info in order to do a proper steel structure design. Please quote FOB Laredo, TX., 78045. I'd appreciate a quick response. Tks.


I'm looking to get a cost estimate on a basic (no panels, just frame) bifold marine sealed dock door that uses straps. I'd like to add my own insulation and cladding. Either one 16'x10' or 21x 9'x10'.


I am looking for a quote for a 46' wide bifold marine sealed dock door that will open with 12 feet of clearance underneath. the door would be installed in a new construction Rapidset building. An e-mail will work just fine. Thank you


Please contact me in regards to a 32' wide X 26' high opening. Customer currently has a rolling steel door that has blown out a few times and is looking for options with one of your bifold strap marine sealed dock doors.


Looking for a hydraulic or bifold strap marine sealed dock door the opening of the new construction will be 40’ wide by 20’ tall


I am looking for a 40x12 bifold or hydraulic marine sealed dock door. I have 14' ceilings and need all the headroom I can get. Let me know. Thanks, Preston Hills


I need a quick quote and short lead time on a 15' wide by 14' high powered fast opening marine sealed bifold dock door as well as a lead time and install time if able. I could pick up this door from the Schweiss factory to save on delivery time.


Hello, this 15'x7'6" door would be on a "walk-out" side of a basement shop. Shop footprint is 15'x30', 8" concrete walls with composite concrete ceiling/floor and wood frame above. So the entire custom design door frame would be fastened to the concrete construction. It's surrounding by trees, and faces Northeast, so very little wind load, but would need to be sealed from weather and critters. It would be ideal to have a man-door in the large door, but not required. This is new construction in final design phase, so side column could be I-beam or steel tube. Full ceiling height is 7'6", but hinge line could be above that to obtain full clearance of 7'6". Meaning a marine sealed Hyd dock door would likely be 8' tall or so, a bifold marine sealed dock


I assume straps is less expensive than hydraulic? I am open on exact door width. We are OK with anything 40 to 48 if they are close in price. Plan is to build 40' by 50' with a marine sealed dock doordoor on 50' side either gabel end or dual slope building.


Preparing a SD Basis of Design pricing document for the Port of Seattle's Fisherman's Terminal. The project consists of a renovation of an existing 16,000sf industrial building and a construction of new 60,000sf light industrial building. Looking to confirm rough opening sizes for bifold marine sealed dock doors. The size I list below is of typical, but we have some that want to be up to 16wide by 20' tall and a signature 18x18 door in our renovation project. I will also followup with an email as well. Thanks, Tets


Good afternoon, Writing to get some specifications and cutsheets for your marine sealed dock bi-fold doors. We have a project where we need to hide our loading dock and as such will need some pretty large doors/or door. What are the limitations on the bi-fold doors? We need to have a clear opening of about 50'. However, if the door can't get that large we could split it in the following fashions. One 20' clear door and one 28' clear door. The clear height needs to be 23'. Let me know what your company can offer. Thanks!


It's a new steel, 40' x 50' building. I want the 40' bifold marine sealed dock door in the 50' wall. I'm getting a quote from IronBuilt Steel buildings for the building.


Hello, Can I get a price on a 40x16 Schweiss Bifold Marine Sealed Dock Door and the Spec Sheet for the Schweiss Dock Door.


New boathouse project with 2 overhead doors specified at the boat slips. (1) 35'-8" w x 15' h glass door (fold into 2-panels) (1) 24' w x 30' h glass door (fold into 4-panels) Project is in SW florida and on the coast. Schweiss bifold marina door systems are being considered for this project and I would like to discuss it with you today if possible. Note: I'm particularly interested in construction methods to address concerns about corrosion (ie: stainless steel parts/options), installation crews and experience, client warranty, power requirements, layout/location of operators/motors, etc.


Looking for a bifold marine sealed dock door that lift to 26 foot minimum. Clear opening on frame is 30 foot. ETA once ordered?


I am looking for a budgetary quote for 2 marina yacht club doors. 26'-8" wide x 62'-0" high Bifold strap marine sealed dock door must withstand a wind pressure of 11psf along with a 0.3 psig differential (negative Pressure) from inside the building to the outside, however is not required to be airtight. Door is required to prevent personnel from entering the building when the door is closed and must have the ability to lock. Install location would be San Clemete, CA.


We are working on a project in Boston where Schweiss marine loading dock doors are very prominent. We would need two more bifold marine sealed dock doors to be a weather barrier with insulating glass. we would also like to clad it in perforated steel to create a lightbox effect. We have 4 loading docks with the largest ones being about 14'x14' clear. Would you please contact me to discuss what is possible with this intent?


I am contacting you in regards to marine door replacements at a marina facility in Bay City Michigan. We currently have a number of marine sealed dock doors from another company that are in need of replacement/upgrade. Poor water management has caused the doors to rust and steel to rot. I am looking for a price/feasibility of replacing our existing doors with Schweiss bi-fold doors with upgraded versions. I would need removal and replacement, along with some minor adjustment to tracks and door edges (as the buildings have shifted slightly over the years). I have 6 doors that are approximately 24'x 24' and 3 doors that are approximately 27' x 27' that are in need of replacement. Please contact me via phone or email to discuss options, availability and pricing. Best Regards


I'm requesting this information for a customer who purchased a 50x52x14 steel building and is wanting  bi-fold marine sealed dock hanger style doors..


Need a price on a 28' wide x 12' tall bifold marine sealed dock door. Also looking for any jamb and headroom requirements. You can contact me either email or my cell phone # above Thanks Galen Schaffer


Your max. Width and height for bi-fold and hydraulic marine sealed dock door. Budgeting a 100 msf hangar. 40' eve ht. Can we instal 2" thick insulated metal panels on your door frames to match building and meet Energy Code?


I am looking to purchase 2 replacement latch straps for our bi fold marine sealed dock doors at West Michigan Dock


I am looking for options to provide a 32'high clear opening in a warehouse dock building, so if the size of the marine sealed dock doors needs to change to provide 32' clear, then please adjust before sending quote.


Customer needs 18' clearance under bi-fold marine sealed dock door wedge. 40'x18' clearances. Going in the endwall of a 45' wide post frame building.


Looking at replacing rollup doors with four Schweiss marine sealed dock bifold doors. 14'8.5" by 13' 6". Can these be hurricane rated marine sealed dock doors? 


I am looking for pricing for (2) Bifold Marine Sealed Dock Doors (16'x45') in Niagara Falls, NY.


Want a quote on 50%u2019x14%u2019 bifold marine sealed dock door. Would like it insulated. Please contact me for any further details.


Hi my name is Nick Oelrich with Hennebery Eddy Architects in Portland Oregon. We are designing an Loading dock for a Gallery Space in Portland, and We are looking at Schwiess Bifold Marine Sealed Dock Doors as a design option. The doors are 18 ft wide x 16ft high. We need a clear head room of 15'-8". We were looking at a Bifold overhead but I'm worried we don't have enough head room. We also intend on cladding the marine sealed dock doors in a Stainless Steel Alucabond Panel to match the adjacent Rainscreen finish. I'd like to get some information, a BIM model and any CAD Details of both the overhead single swing and the overhead bifold doors, and any other information or recommendations you have. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks Nick


I need a ROM estimate for the industrial bi-fold liftstrap marine sealed dock doors  defined in your form below. It will be used on the following Factory Storage Building




We have a 45 or 46 ft bi-fold door on our warehouse. I am looking for the price on a new rubber seal for the bottom of our marine sealed dock door. I believe we have ordered one for it in the past.


Looking at the feasibility of a marine sealed dock  doors on a large seaside boat factory. The Schweiss bifold sealed dock doors would each be about 20 ft. wide by 16 ft. tall.


I am requesting an estimated price on a bifold marine sealed dock door. The door will be for a new build. This third stall will ideally be used for potential RV storage but must appear to be a standard marine sealed dock door. Dimensions given are only estimates. Thank you and very best regards Brian


We are cost estimators working on a conceptual design for a Boat marine sealed dock door on our Maintenance Building in CT. Architect would like to explore the use of a Schweiss Bifold lift strap door. 25" High 25" feet wide. At this stage would like to get budgetary advice to include in preliminary marine sealed dock door cost estimate.


we have gotten quotes many times from you for marine sealed dock doors. I now need a quote for 2 - 22x18 insulated dock doors and sheeting from you with all the details drawings and shipping fees please optional labor quote also thank you. 


I currently have a 34ft wide X 14ft overhead marine door. Wonder what bi-fold marine sealed dock doors would cost to replace.


I have multiple marine doors that I want to upgrade to new Schweiss marine sealed dock doors and would like to have someone come out to review. And recommend and price I'm looking at doing this immediately


Need a price on 42' x 16' bifold marine sealed dock  door with straps in Preston Idaho 83263. Thank you, Aaron


We are designing a large concrete frame multi-family building where the marine sealed dock loading dock door has to be located next to the main entrance. The door is 20'W x 16'H. We are trying to decide whether to try to hide the door by using the same cladding materials, or make it a Schweiss designer dock door and "celebrate" the opening. Is there a Schweiss bifold door that makes sense for us? What are the duty cycle ratings for a door this size? How long would the operation (open/close) take? What are the limitations for the thickness and/or weight of the cladding if we are trying to match the adjacent wall? Thanks for your assistance - please feel free to call or email me with information. Jeremy 


Can a Schweiss hydraulic hinge rotate close to 180 degrees? I'm working on a marine sealed dock door in NY with a small storage area with a door about 13.5' high x 17' long. We would like it to have a hinge on top and swing 180 degrees and I'm wondering if this is possible. Please reach out so we can discuss. I will be available monday, all day. Thanks! Jamee


Researching building a new hanger for my Cirrus - need 42' minimum size bifold door for plenty of clearance. Looking for best value and live in Iowa so need very well insulated door and seal similar to your marine sealed dock doors, plus a good bifold door to deal with ice and snow. Looking for ideas and best value.


I have purchased a Legacy Steel Building "Q" style 50'x 100'x 18'10.5". I'm interested in the cost of using your bi-fold marine sealed dock doors in both ends of my building. Maximum width allowing for amount of header room needed. (Minimum 22' wide 14' high) I have not as yet finalized my foundation so I may have more height to allow for a few changes.


Need a marine sealed bifold strap dock door to close in an entrance to a loading dock. 50 foot width. Doable?


(8) 24'w x 18'h vertical bifold doors. Need budgetary quote for marine sealed dock doors for water treatment plant project. San Diego, CA. Building/substrate is Cast-in-place concrete, 15 inch thick walls. May need to integrate louvers in door. Please send any application photos if available of louvers in door.


I am in need of a quote on (2) bifold Marine sealed dock doors - strap. 16' x 16' with light panel for the door sheeting (I can provide if you don't). Building height is 18' and doors go in the endwall of a 22' x 90' dry fertilizer receiving building. Please email if you have any questions. Thanks Allan


Wanting to install two by-fold 36' X 16' clear height marine sealed dock door in existing building. Existing 36' X 16' sliding doors. Suggestions for mounting. We have 4'7" clear from top of existing door to bottom of light end wall roof beam. 2nd dock door 25'X16', has (2-7) clear above frame to roof beam. Would like to maintain 15' Clear opening when the sealed dock door is in the open position.


I am quoting a new Rigid Frame Steel Building to a customer and he has requested a Schweiss BiFold marine sealed dock door.  Door with lift straps in 1 gable end of the building. 50' wide x 22' high Insulated BiFold Strap Door


I'm an architect in Los Angeles and have a bifold sealed dock door project where i want to spec your door, I want to match what you did at the Environmental design of Ontario Operations Centre. The project address is; San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles, CA  it is an existing five story building, want to install the Marine sealed dock doors in the alley access.


I am working on a project that will need a bi-folding sealed dock door with Insulated metal panel The idea or intent is to allow a box van to pull into the building, with a door clear opening about 12'-0" x 14'-0", but needs to be insulated. We are not able to use traditional sectional or coiling doors as there is a conflict with a track beam for a traveling hoist/ crane. The door in question is opposite a marine sealed dock loading door for another building, so I believe it will be solid; however the designer may change intent and want glass for aesthetic options. 


Have two doors on project in Belle Chasse, LA for C&C Marine bidding on (1) 92' x 38' and (1) 86' x 27'. No spec's, just says provide bifold vertical marine folding hangar type door w/ weather seals.


Hello, I am looking into the Bifold marine sealed dock door that is recessed so the exterior finish is flush with the finish of the building. I need the door to open up to a height of 19'-0" clear. How tall would the marine dock door need to be and what would the framing for that look like? Thanks,


This is for the same marine sealed dock door client as the last bifold strap door we purchased. I want auto latches and strap lift in this door quote. Lastly the electrical for this possible new building is 3 phase. Any questions let me know.


I am looking for any local installer in New Jersey that are able to install Schweiss Bifold marine sealed dock doors. I tried LOADING DOCK Inc. but they only do commercial jobs and wanted a few more places to call for an installation quote. Thanks, Scott Schmedes


We are in the design phase of our Marine Sealed Dock Door project, on a 50'x36' building. We are leaning toward a World Wide Steel Buildings structure and need to decide on a marine door prior to completing our design. The marine dock door will be (42-0) feet wide with a (12-0) feet clear opening. Please quote our cost delivered.


good afternoon. we are specifying your marine sealed bifold dock door products on one of your projects in mid-town atlantes, and we are having a issue with the jamb clearance at our loading dock. we'd like your input on mounting options and typical head and jamb details. regards. Brannard Muscroft


I am looking for a quote for the following: (2) 48' x 16' BI-fold Marine sealed dock doors. Installed in Woodsfield, Ohio  All material/, tax and labor to be included in the quote. Sealed dock doors to be installed in a 50' x 50' warehouse building. Please call with any questions.


We're looking to use a bifolding door at a loading dock on an apartment building we're working on. We want this to be a sealed apartment dock door.  We have limited head room and need to go this route instead of a typical roll up door. Please email me with contact info and we can provide drawings for your reference.


Hi! We are working 2 projects (1 residential tower and 1 office tower). We are interested in using bifolding marine sealed dock doors for our loading docks. I wonder if you have the revit file of your products that we can use. Thank you!


Need bifold marine sealed dock doors in Liberty Hill, TX. 30x14 clear opening; assume 28' door?? Please price and include delivery. I assume a bifold is less expensive than hydraulic sealed dock door. Jack


I work for a natural gas pipeline company, and we are installing a building for future construction to cover a section of pipe we use for metering. I wanted to consider a Bi-fold marine sealed dock door as a possibility so we can just open the door to have access and potentially replace the metering runs. These runs span around 40', and our building height will be around 22' before the eave. I want to obtain more information about Bi-fold doors to find the most cost-effective method of having the ability to replace these meter runs.


Metal building attached to steel framed wall entrance 30 feet wide 18'-0" tall, can supply drawings, want to use marine sealed dock doors supplied with factory frame.


Working on a project for a customer, they would like us to replace (2) straps on their existing marine sealed dock doors. Is it possible to request an estimate for (2) lift strap sealed dock doors.


I am having a steel building put in and am checking on prices of bifold marine sealed dock doors. Can you give me a ball park figure on your strap bifold marine sealed dock doors for a 38x38x14 building? Thanks.


I have an existing 30 ft wide bi fold Marine sealed dock door sneeding a bottom door seal. I'm looking and your B1 but need a purchase price for the material.


We are looking at using marine sealed dock doors to hide loading docks for a marina project and would like some information regarding structural requirements, the ability to incorporate a set of egress/exit doors, material limitations, ability to incorporate custom perforated metal panels, and cost.


Have a marine sealed dock door loading bay entrance for high end company looking for aesthetics as well as able to work in a 39' 3" x 14' 7" opening with 9' 0" of headroom. They are looking for marine sealed dock doors that in the future may have lettering applied or pictures.


We have a building with two large Schweiss Marine Sealed Dock Bi-fold doors. The straps appear to need retensioning, some more than others. I don't think we have the ratchet tightener for the strap tightener system. Can you help us with these marine sealed dock doors? Also, is there a manual for door maintenance? Thanks. MH


Hi I am looking for a quote on Canadian bifold marine sealed dock doors  Size- 14%u2019 high and 40%u2019 wide to be installed on a precast concrete structure. Please include cost of the marine sealed dock doors, installation and delivery to rural municipal district of Taber ,Alberta Canada