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I am currently working on a hotel where we are in need of a hydraulic door. The dimensions are 10w x 14h.


Hello, I am a designer in China, have a hotel project and need to know your door products. I hope you can send me some information and catalogs and related to our agents in China, I don't know, is it possible? thank you.


Need pricing on 14'high by 20' wide by fold and hydralic doors for hotels. Would also want prices on same door but 30' and 40'. Want to see my options. Thanks


I'd like design information and an order of magnitude quote on (2) bifold or hydraulic glass hotel doors for a project in Charlottesville, VA. Our openings are roughly 14'-4"W x 10'-0"H. We're looking to price out alternatives to a roll up glass garage door. Happy to provide additional information if needed.


I have a steel building being fabricated for a residential garage out behind my home. I have previously owned b-folds (cable) not strapped. I have / and want a single piece Fiberglass style 14-0 by 14-0 Hydro-swing hotel door with remote control.


In the planning/feasibility stage of replacing two garage swing open doors with one hydraulic lift hotel door. I'm an owner builder and welder, looking for what you call a "build your own door" design. The idea for door is similar to the link and measurement supplied are approx at this stage.


Need specs sheets on a 40'-0" x 15'-0" tall Hydraulic door for a hotel 14'-7" minimum clear. Steel Building


I am looking for hydraulic door specs for a 45'x12' hotel door located in Brookings, South Dakota. Building Code = IBC 2015 Wind Speed = 115mph Risk Category = II Wind Exposure = C Wind Type = Component Enclosure = Enclosed Building Height = 22'-5 1/2" Roof Slope = 0.5:12


Hi Also, what would be the cost savings for build your own hydraulic doors for hotels? Thanks. Gary


I am interested in your Build your own door product for the Hydraulic hotel door. We working on a pet project and are looking to put in a hydraulic door in the side loading dock area. The hotel door should be 9'5" tall by 20' long. Please quote for price and availability. Let me know if you need more information.


Can you email me specs today for a one piece / flush mounted hydraulic hotel door with a 30' x 28' clear opening. We are supplying the metal building. I need these specs for estimating purpose. Thank you


i have an existing hotel, i would like to put a hydraulic hotel door on, i will do the install


I want to build my own hydraulic doors for my hotel. The door 9%u20196%u201D high by 30%u20196%u201D. Can you quote me a door plan hardware and hydraulic unit. Thank you.


Need to get a quote for a 20' wide x 10' tall hydraulic and bifold doors for hotels  quoted ...delivered to Center, Texas 75935.


You gave me a quote a few weeks ago on your hydraulic and bifold doors for hotels.  I'd like to add a couple of things Auto look/ with remote Question: Does a rubber seal for top and bottom of these hotel doors come standard and what about the vertical jams And where the hotel doors on. a bifold hotel door fold is there weather stripping In these places If it's an option I'd like that included in the price 


We are interested in replacing a garage style bifold door for a hotel with a hydraulic door to gain opening space on an older existing building.


Hi I am looking for ballpark price on hydraulic door for a hotel 24 ft wide by 14 ft high. It would have to be an external truss type. As the building does not have height across. I know this hard question but I was looking for a general price for the hydraulic hotel door and shipping. I would do the install. Last question are your doors south Florida building code approved for Broward County Fl. Thanks Scott


Hello, I am an intern at Duke Facility management and I was tasked with researching what kind of preventative maintenance we need to perform on the new red power hydraulic hotel door we have in a hotel building on campus. Our door runs on 208 volts, single phase, It is large, I believe it is 12' x 12', or within that ballpark. the red power hydraulics controls are a floor below the door. If you could send me either a general maintenance manual or a manual regarding repairs that would be greatly appreciated. 


Need details and loads for structural engineering design bifold doors for hotels. Hotel doors will be clad with glass.


Need a budget quotation for Hydraulic Hotel door - Architect is considering cladding the door to match the exterior wall systems & windows.( Cladding is a Metal panel system and also Terra Cotta panel Hydraulic hotel door system ) Can you provide a quote for the basic door but also provide advice as to whether you can provide custom doors that incorporate different cladding systems? Many thanks David Pearson


I'm looking for a hydraulic window opener system for hotels for three large steel with glass windows that we have custom made for the hotel restaurant/bar.


Very interested in a 22 foot wide by 10 foot high Canadian bifold door for a hotel garage. This building sometimes has  power outages so we would like a hand crank or other option to use in case the power goes out. We live in the Yukon Canada so would need to either ship here or to Edmonton and pick up there


We are interested in retrofitting hydraulic doors for our hotels in place of existing roll-up doors. Approx. size of both doors: 18'w x 10'h . What other specific details do you require? Will additional header/frame reinforcing be required? Could the existing roll-up hood be left in place? What would estimated cost be for two (2) hydraulic hotel doors delivered to Kingman, AZ? Many thanks in advance for your expertise! Best regards, Vivian Wu


We have 14 feet from floor to header, we need at least 13 foot 6 inch clearing for a hydraulic door for a hotel, is this possible?


Really thinking about switching my hotel door cable setup for your hydraulic doors for hotels system. I have a 60 Wide 19 Tall bi-fold steel hotel door. If this is an option for me could I please get a quote on a good set of hydraulic or bifold hotel doors. Including shipping to Big Island that would be great! Mahalo


We are pricing drawings by LDa Architects in Boston for hydraulic doors for hotels. The spec calls for Schweiss Doors Hydraulic Designer Doors with glass cladding. We need price to supply and also to install. We work in Boston Area. Please advise as to how we can send drawings to you


Bifold or hydraulic doors for hotels With and without windows in top 1/2 Building door would need to be 18-20 high


I am a custom home builder and I have a client interested in your residential interior bifold door system for his hotels. The club house in the hotel has either one of your doors or the hydraulics of your door. I need to see about getting one hydraulic or bifold door for the hotel. I don't know if you have local dealers or the best way to proceed. Thank You, 


Good afternoon. Campo Architects is currently working on a new construction hotel in downtown New Orleans. It is a concrete/steel structure that is 20 stories tall. The loading dock requires a 12'-6"w x 17'-0"h bifold or hydraulic hotel door to be finished with stucco on the exterior side. The constrain is the two steel tubes at each jamb. These tubes (6x6) are 13' O.C. apart. Are there any doors in the Schweiss catalog that could work with the conditions as described above?. If you can put me in contact with a technical rep I can forward more information. Respectfully, Sergio Gonzalez


Looking to retrofit hydraulic doors for hotels. Current door is 14 x 44. Would like to get opening to 18' high, at least for most of the opening.


Looking for a quote on a 40' wide hydraulic hotel  door to be installed in a per-manufactured metal seaside hotel building.


We are looking for a quote to replace an old door with a hydraulic hotel door. The opening is 20' x 10'10". Inside we have 10'6" floor to ceiling. The door wouldn't need to have a pass through man door in it. The building is wood framed and we can modify for the hydraulic hotel door if needed. Let me know what options we may have Thanks Josh


I need a bifold door for two 22 ft. wide hydraulic doors for hotels, opening is on concrete block construction Thank you


We are interested on a glass hydraulic doors for hotels. Dimensions: 18 ft. wide by 8 ft. or 10 ft. high We would like to know if you have a current product that aligns with that description, and if so how much hydraulic doors for hotels like that would cost.


Have an approximate 24 wide by 12 high hydraulic door for a hotel with new concrete floor and 2X6 wood framing. Quick inquiry for ball park on a one piece hydraulic lift door. Needs a man door otherwise as basic as possible. e-mail best to contact please as not by phones a lot.


I'm interested in finding out if you can get a hydraulic hotel door with a service door built-in to it? I have a 16'wide by 12' high slider right now that I would like to replace with your hydraulic operated hotel door.


Technical and pricing questions for overhead hydraulic hotel doors or bifold doors for hotels. 10' - 4"W x 12' H (x2) & 13'-4"W x 12' H (x2). Concrete 6 Story Building - Doors to be installed on first floor. 18'-11" Floor to Ceiling height.


need a 12'x40' hydraulic doors for hotels. Is a free standing door available. Also need pricing for bifold and hydrolic hotel doors.


needing prices to compare the hydraulic and strap lift choices for 45X12 hydraulic doors for hotels. please include the Aluminum hotel door version as well. thanks


Looking for a quote on some hydraulic one piece or bifold doors for hotels at 20 foot wide by 14 foot high delivered to my shop in Stirling Ontario Canada thank you in advance 


We have hydraulic hotel doors that need an annual inspection. Can someone get back to me I have pictures and numbers I can send to try to explain what I'm looking for. Doors are still working fine, just want preventative maintenance inspections. thank you


Hi ,Could you please give me a ballpark quote on a one piece Hydraulic door for a hotel. Opening is 39-6 now but after mods I would like to do will come in at 36'x10'-1 1/2" Also I can do steel side column per your spec especially if I can gain some additional width for these church doors.


I am looking to sell a customer one of your hydraulic doors for hotels. Please send me the forms needed to give you the dimensions and to receive pricing. We have sold and installed your hotel door products in our past and our customers are very pleased with the bifold and hydraulic hotel doors. Thank you, Dale Stockdale Sale Manager King Construction 




Hello, I am looking for some pricing information for a Hydraulic hotel door for an existing building. Door opening is 10'x10'. we will be using the door to open up a coffee bar and use the door as exterior shading. some questions: - are you able to do a simple corrugated metal finish on the exterior? - do you have options for a man door to be added to the hydraulic hotel door? Thank you!


I need a residential one piece hydraulic hotel door for a one car garage that is designed so that only a hydraulic door for the hotel opens out toward the street will work. Your doors look like they might work for me.


Could you tell me the ball park price for a one piece hydraulic door for a hotel, 14x20. Use email. Thanks, Mark


We have a hotel patio area that we are wanting to enclose and put hotel doors in the ends. we dont know if we want bi-fold or 1 piece doors. Size is 20' wide building is 20' tall so probably 18' tall door? Thank you


Interested in either the Glass bi-folding door or Glass Single Hydraulic Doors for Hotels. (Hotel in China Door from your gallery example) My door opening is: 7' High x 19' Wide What would the estimated costs be? Who would install the door? What is the turn around time once I order? Than you, Mike


Hello, I'd like to get a quote on approx 27'x18' hydraulic or bifolding hotel doors. These doors for hotels will be hung in Heber City, Utah. We also need to know if you have installers in that area. 


Will you please give me a price on the following one piece hydraulic and bifold doors for hotels? I am building a new red iron garage-shop type building. 18 wide X 12 tall 14 wide X 12 tall 12 wide X 10 tall I want a door with a metal skin or one that matches the metal siding on the building. Do you have a door that supports itself? If not, Do you have something that I can show the building company or contractor so they can see what upgrades are needed for the door to work? Do you deliver and install doors in my area? I am in Easley, South Carolina 


I am currently working on a new hotel project in Nashville, TN. We are looking to use an operable glass wall system for a rooftop bar. My client is really interested in the fold up doors for hotels similar to what you offer and like those pictured on the Bobby Hotel bus on your website. Would you be available this week to look over these plans with me and offer some advice?


I have plans for bi-fold hotel doors I'd like to get pricing on. It is to match a curtain window wall. 2 hotel doors total. Clearance needs to be 14'6" door width is 20 ft We have plans drawn


Looking for info on Bi-Fold or Hydraulic Hotel Doors for interior use have plans hoping to get pricing and/or components to build hotel doors. Can forward you a drawings of door.


hi im looking for 16x20 hydraulic or bifold doors for hotels either style of lift looking for a hotel designer door price and install in forest lake mn thanks Ken


I am interested in a quote for some lift-strap bi-fold doors around a hotel bar area at the MN United Soccer Stadium in St. Paul. These would be hydraulic or bifold doors for hotels.  I have a takeoff I can send over with quantities and sizes. Thanks!


Need best quote for doors for a 60' wide hotel  building, and at least a 40' wide opening. 20' eave height. Can your hydraulic doors for Hotels be used for this or would we be better off using bifold doors for hotels instead.


Please email, no calls please. Requesting a quote and possibility of 40' wide doors for hotels by 17' high, must open to at least 14' high. The hotel doors opening will be 40' wide, so depending on budget, and engineering, hotel doors for both ends. Regards, Gary


Looking to replace an existing roll-up hotel door with a bifold door.. I would like to have an estimate on your bifold strap doors for hotels.