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I'm looking for a price for a schweiss bifold system 10x12. It is a budget number going into a football stadium.


I am an architect working on the design for a Gym/Auditorium. The client wants the back wall of the Auditorium to open up with a horizontal bifold door. The opening size will be approximately 21'tall x 32' wide. I need to specify a door and understand the jamb/head details as well as the structural support that will be required. I would appreciate a call in order to better understand these items.


Hello, We are currently working on a new project(High School) at Los Angeles. We were wondering if we can get a rough pricing for Schweiss Doors on the Bifold Door and Hydraulic Door. The door will be located at the second floor, and we are not sure about the building construction type. Thank you for your help Best regards, YC


Looking for pricing on some glass bifold gymnasium doors for our new sports facility. Black framing and tinted glass.


looking to add a garage door for our new construction home gym that will not have to have the railing like a traditional door. Would that mean your hydraulic gym doors would be my other option?


Please give me a price quote on both the bifold and hydraulic gymnasium locking and auto latching gymnasium doors, size (minimum clear opening) 40' x 9'


Looking for an insulated strap operated bifold gymnasium door to fit a 20' 4"wide x 14' 2"38ths high opening. I have very limited head room inside as the ceiling is 14'9" off the concrete floor and I'm not certain that the existing door has a head frame that can be removed (but i hope it could be!) Also are there options for clear or polycarbonate windows to allow for natural light to enter?


Application is a serving counter opening into a gym. Thinking a bifold Liftstrap door with no windows, using manual latch system on just a solid surface


were looking at 2 16ft Wide bifold liftstrap or hydraulic lift doors for a school gymnasium project. interested in pricing.


I am interested in 2 glass gymnasium garage doors, size 6' x 7' bifold or pivot for a home gymansium.


Email is best form of communication. I am trying to get quotes for a future build of a residential use gymnasium utilizing a Schweiss gymnasium bifold strap door. I am planning on a basketball court that is going to be half indoor half outdoor and the transition point would require a 50’ opening to span the width of a basketball court. So I figured 60’ to be safe. Also wondering if you’re able to build in any windows or doors into these to keep it functional and architectural looking on the outside? Thanks!


I'm building a small gym for myself. What's a rough cost for an insulated glass bi-fold with Liftstraps/autolatches or single up swing door for a 8' high x 16" long. Black frame or standard color. Time frame from shop drawing approval? Thank You


I am looking for a price on a 48' x 14' bifold door for a gymnasium project we are putting together. We want to be able to open the door for ventilation on hot days.


Hi, I am looking for two glass window walls that will be installed in a ~500 square foot gymnasium style workout room overlooking my back yard. I'm interested in either a bi-fold liftstrap or hyd. one-piece window wall. Ideally they would be manually opened/ closed. Thank you.


Can I get an estimate for a lift-strap bifold door, aperture 14' tall x 48' wide gymnasium doors at our aviation school in Canada.


looking at a new construction. wanting quote on 30wx18t bifold glass gymnasium door. building will be insulated so door will also need insulated glass. thanks Patrick


Looking for a bifold gymnasium door that will be installed in a sports court area so that the door can be opened to allow fresh air in. The door needs to seal to prevent moisture from entering the gym. Do you have a good solution? Door opening is 12x7. Thanks, David


Im looking for (4) bifold or four one piece hydraulic doors, 7’x 12’ tall, how would i go about getting a quote for this and what is the expected build time. I need to have these doors installed in our gymnasium before school starts. Thank you Erik Hunter


We are wondering about replacing an overhead door at our school with a, 24 wide by 12 height bifold gymnasium door. Any information would be nice.


I have a small commercial property we are developing to incorporate a gym with the design to have two Schweiss bifold gymnasium doors at 90 degrees to each other, separated by a 4 foot corner. Similar in design to your idea pics of the art space in the Carolinas. Can you give me a. price of what this gym door project costs to get me started?


Hi! I am the manager at a rock climbing gym in Harker Heights, TX. Our existing garage door rolls up and has steel poles very close to it in the inside of the building, making it unable for us to get a normal garage door which is why we are interested in something like your bifold liftstrap designer door  that opens to the outside. We are doing some improvements to the business soon and replacing our existing garage door with a glass door would be great as we want to offer more natural light year round. Thank you.


I have a partition wall in a gym where I want to use the bifold door. The size of the opening available is 15'-0"(hgt) by 20'-0"(width). Do you have any product available in that size? Can you send us a catalogue for the range of sizes that your bifold doors are available in?


We are specifying a bifold gymnasium door for an academic project in Naperville, IL. Our firm has used Schweiss bifold designer gym doors on another project in the past. We are interested in more information for specs, details, etc. Please contact.


Need a 14%u2019 tall by 16%u2019 wide bifold gymnasium door with a facade similar to that of a home. It should be the same as your video of the day (link below) I know some costs may very but I need a ballpark estimate for my builder. Thanks!


Good Morning, I was looking for the lead time & price quote for a 12'-0" x 12'-0" Bifold gymnasium liftstrap door. The project is located indoors and the location is Fayetteville, NC. We would like it so be glass. similar to the California bike center doors , Redbull head quarters door but smaller. Thank You


We are working on a Primary School near London in the UK and are looking at installing some bi-fold gymnasium school doors to the Sports Hall. Do you to projects in the UK/ Do you have a european distributor? Kind regards, Claire


Looking for a 9' w x 10' glass designer bifold gymnasium doors or designer hydraulic gym doors with as few dividers as possible


Need a price for a bifold gymnasium door 20' x 10' opening . Would like option for bifold strap Door to open full height.


Hello. I need a price for two 38' x 16' bi-fold gymnasium doors with operators, straps and a 3070 walk door attached. It will be installed in a pre-engineered metal building in Goodyear AZ. I'd like the quote today if possible.


I am interested in discussing A gymnasium bifold door project I am looking at with an application similar to the system used on the house of air project Please contact me at your earliest convenience Thank you


We are building a 7 bay classroom for my high school basketball coaching classes that will need gymnasium bifold doors. The doors are 9%u2019 x 10%u2019. What would your bifold cost for 2 if these gym doors.


We are turning my wife's two car garage into a gym. We need to maximize USABLE space and your bifold gym doors maybe a viable option. The opening is roughly 16 ft. Would you recommend bifold or hydraulic? Rough estimate? Thank you Tommy Stephenson


I am working on new elementary school gymnasium doors for a project for Spring Branch ISD, in Houston, TX. I toured a newly completed school in SBISD (Rummel Creek ES) last week and noticed your bi-fold gymnasium doors were installed in several locations throughout the building. We are interested in utilizing a gym door similar to your product as a way to open up the gymnasium to the cafeteria for overflow purposes. I was hoping to speak with someone and obtain more literature about your product, specifically, architectural details, pricing, material options, etc. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


Would like a general quote for two bi-fold garage doors, glass (transparent) for a school gymnasium.. Each gymnasium bifold door would be on opposite sides of each other, (approx. 8'W x 7'H). Thanks, Steve


Hi! We are looking for a interior gymnasium doors application to be used to partition off part of the office and open up for events, etc. Can you please confirm if you have something that would be able to create a 15 ft.W (Face of column to face of column) x 12 ft. H opening? Exposed ceiling is at 18 ft. but we do have to coordinate with MEP. Most likely we would be looking for black matte finish gymnasium bifold doors. Please find attached image for design intent. Would you anticipate any acoustic concerns? Would you be able to provide anticipated lead time and/or associated costs? Would be happy to discuss in greater detail. 


Bristol County High School project two bi-fold gymnasium doors (1) is 10 x 10 (1) is 24'width x 11'4"height /- Please provide details and information about installing at a school both are in wood 2x8 bearing wall framing thank you


Please quote a 40'x12' clear bifold door installed in endwall of a school building. Strap lift, cable auto latches, internal truss, bottom drive. Include labor to install. Please send design information so I can provide to Butler and American. Please also quote option for a free standing header for gymnasium doors installed. Thanks


I'm a Project Manager with Allied Building Services in Detroit MI and I need a price quote for an addition we are doing at a high school that will need two large designer gymnasium doors. I can submit drawings as well with specs of the door for you to use for the quote. If you can quote this please feel free to reach me at my email or direct business cell (listed above) and I can send over the drawings of our addition for your review. Thank you


Please price: 1- 16' x 16' bifold gymnasium door c/w straps & a 208v electric operator Thanks


Hi I'm interested is receiving a quote for bifold and hydraulic gymnasium school doors. Do you have AutoCAD based drawings that you could send me? Thanks, Billy


Dear sir, I see on your website your firm created a 90' wide door. I'd like to build a glass door enclosure the same width by 30' but not have it function as a door enclosure but instead as a gymnasium door dance floor enclosure over a pool which bi-folds down to a flat surface and opens to a near vertical double surface. Since the pool will be indoors I will not need insulated glass but I will ask an engineer whether tempered and then laminated glass would be appropriate. I guess that 3/4" thick in 3 tempered layers would weight approaching 100 pounds per square yard with 100 square yards of coverage area that is 10,000 pound of glass to bifold not including the stainless steel weight. I imagine a very strong steel gymnasium door structure would require hopefully less than a foot rise above the surrounding walk surface to attach the frame which would lay on the walk surface to allow the hydraulic mechanism to push the glass surface up. I guess the steel could more than double the weight of the enclosure.


I need a 16 ft wide by 10 ft high gymnasium bifold door. I need to replace the rollup door we now have and would like some information on a bifold and a solid hydraulic lift door. Seen your display at Husker harvest days. Schweiss Doors does impressive work.


interested in bifold gymnasium doors for 14h x20w opening with sissored trusses


I am working on a bid for the Carmichael Gym Addition and your company is listed as an acceptable manufacturer for the bi-fold glass gymnasium doors in an alternate. I am curious if you have seen this project already and if so could you add me to your bifold gymnasium door pricing list. If you have not seen this project it bids on Thursday the 7th so if you would have enough time to quote please let me know and I can send you more info on the doors.


Looking to get a quote for 3 bifold gymnasium designer doors 29x21 on a new building. need quotes by Wednesday


We need Pavilion gymnasium doors, two sides. 14 long x 7 tall I would like to do glass bifold gymnasium interior doors


I would also be interested in a quote for a 16'x16' gymnasium door with specs same as 20'x16' gymnasium doors.


I am interested in installing a replacement bifold gymnasium door. The Schweiss gymnasium door should only use a manual push button operator. I need to know which terminals on your controller I would use to connect the push button as it's not indicated on your Schweiss website. Please respond ASAP. Thanks


Would like to find out the best affordable option for a 22' by 12' gymnasium school door. The gymnasium door would be clad in glass.


Have a small project converting a gym into an exhibit space. Have existing overhead coiling door services in concrete block wall and will want to replace with gymnasium bifold door. Would like to replace those doors with a Bi-Fold gym service doors with glass (transparent) panels. The doors are approximately 12'-0" wide x 11'-4" high. Thank You, EG


I'm working on a school project in California where we have a large multi purpose gymnasium space and we would like to have it be open to the exterior with large openings using bifold gymnasium doors. We are considering sectional garage doors, but came across the bi-fold door and find it interesting and potentially a great fit for this application. The project needs to go through DSA (Division of the State Architect). If that is something you've worked with in the past, that would be doubly helpful. Thank you!


Looking for a Budget on a 15' high by 32' wide bifold liftstrap gymnasium door.


We are a General Contractor and putting some pricing together for a school district customer on gymnasium designer doors and they are looking for a Bi-fold door estimate price that is 24' high and 30' long. Thank you for your help.


Can you please send me some information on your hydraulic and bi-fold gymnasium school doors? We have a number of upcoming projects where these could be relevant. I'm wondering where they are manufactured, performance, lead in time, etc. Please send some sample pricing also. Also, do you offer AIA lunch & learn presentations? Thank you.


We have an eisting (very old) quonset hut that is being transformed into a multi-sport center. We would like to replace the gymnasium doors. My question: is there an r rating for insulation purposes or do you have one that is better than others? I'm sure we could do a spray foam application like we did on the inside of the building. I'm thinking a bi-fold strap lift gymnasium door would work, unless you have any other recommendations. Thank You, Mina


Budget Material Supply and delivery Quotation Request: School Project for gymnasium doors: Curtis Block, Calgary, AB Product of interest: Strap-lift bi-fold gymnasium doors or hydraulic door-one piece Material: Thermally-broken Aluminum curtain wall frame with double insulated glazed sealed units Opening Dimension: 10' x 10' Quantities: TBD 


I need a price on a 25X14 bifold gymnasium door installed in a new college building in the Phoenix, Az. area. This gym door will be clad in glass. Thanks, Pete


1. We are looking to specify a large gymnasium   door for a multi use building in an elementary school. I would like advise on which type of gym door offered by Schweiss is most appropriate. 2. Once the door is determined, I will need CAD or PDF details with more specificity with regard to attachments, etc. 3. Is a Revit family of your doors available?




I need a budget price on the following bifold gymnasium doors. 2ea x 12'4 tall x 20'8" wide 1ea x 10'5" x 12' 4ea x 14'4" x 40'8"


I'm looking to purchase 4 bifold school doors. 10w x 7h. It is for a basketball gym so we would like a clear glass or acrylic panels with an aluminum door.


We have (3) 16' x 40' Gymnasium Door openings We need a quote on gym bifold doors to fill these openings Please contact me if you have any questions


Haven't finalized door size, exactly, yet, but am looking for a quote for a 18 wide and 17 tall BYOD gymnasium door. Would maybe also consider a bifold lift with straps. Any questions, let me know- thanks, Rog


We are building a gym ,we have an overhead door going in, I was wanting a price on a bifold gymnasium door size is 12ft wide 14ft tall ,we would put metal siding on it to match building ,gym door might get used a few times a year , do you make one that is manual ,insulation is also a factor can we get like an r19 or greater ,we can put insulation in ourselves and cover with gym guard or triply , you can email call or text if you need additional info thank, willis


I am looking to put in a bifolding gymnasium doors in our school gymnasium. The header is a W14x34 beam welded to plates that are mounted in cmu Columns. I am looking for a quote for a whole system, or just for the motor, drive, straps, and safety's.


How high do gymnasium door building rafters need to be for 16 ft. bifold door opening with cement floor and pole barn construction


I'm designing a home for a client that has been looking at your bifold doors for an indoor/outdoor basketball court. Are any 3D files available for your gymnasium doors product that will work with Softplan? I'd love to be able to show him how this will look in 3D before he builds the home.


Hi There, We are currently in the design process for a large athletic complex in Mill Bay, BC. The designers are looking for 3 overhead gymnasium  doors, all 4mx4m roughly. I was hoping to get a budget for one of your bifold gymnasium doors and to understand what finishes etc. are available.


hi we are looking for a residential bifold or hydrolytic door for our gymnasium. can someone please call me to get a quote? the gymnasium door opening is 8ft by 9 ft . thank you for your help


I'm designing the supporting jamb columns and tube header for a pair of Schweiss bifold gymnasium doors, and want to make sure that I am understanding the door reactions on the spec sheet correctly. A good time to reach me at the phone number above is from 7:00 am - 12:00 pm EST. Thanks! Contact via email is fine too, I can then provide a copy of the reaction table I have to talk through the loading.


We are looking to install a tilt up glass single pane "garage" door for our gym remodel at our camp. We want two gymnasium doors to be your designer gym doors.


I have a customer possibly wanting bi-fold gymnasium doors. Will be an interior door, and disguised as an existing wall. Possibly around 17' x 9'. Can you please give me tentative quote? And possibly the headroom, side room, jamb, and electrical requirements for these gym doors? Thank you.


We have a customer that needs service on multiple bi-fold gymnasium doors. Do you have a preventive maintenance check list? Also what is the estimated time that it takes to perform a P.M. on these gymnasium doors?


I need a quote for bi-fold gymnasium doors with a 3070 walkdoors. Gymn door sizes are 20' wide and 14'(clear) tall.


We have bifold doors installed on one of our college gym projects in Winchester, MA and need to make a few adjustments for these gymnasium doors. I was hoping you could share a PDF of your installation operation manual to aid in troubleshooting our gym doors. Best, -zach