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Hi, I need to replace our industrial sheet metal store gate with your hydraulic bi-fold vertical gate. Since I work in sheet metal and iron too, and respect the everything that goes to this done from you. I can provide a pdf skecth and a photoshop rendering to start the process together or whatever you need to take lead. Thank you kindly. Gio By the way, you only had an option for wood or steel building, but we have a brick exterior similar your "Pike Works Apts" project - to anchor to side walls both sides. I'd like top horizontal panels to be temerpered glass, with the rest to be sheet metal (perhaps we can build?).


I have a client that would like to get a quote on a bi-fold gated courtyard strap door 8'-9' by 22' in length.


We are designing a fence/ enclosure that requires vehicle access. We are interested in a Hydraulic Bi-Fold System or Bi-fold w/ straps similar to your gated courtyard doors. The area that is needs to cover would be a approx. 16’ wide by 15’ high opening. Could you provide a rough cost plus install. We were looking at Bi-Rite Cafe project in San Francisco, California or the Weathered steel panels on your website. Please contact me via email or call for more information and/or questions.


I would like to get pricing please on three gated courtyard bifold doors. I am looking for bifold strap doors. One 14'x14' an two 12'x12' Thanks and have a great day.


We are looking to install a 34'x10' tall door/gated bifold courtyard doors under a scoreboard at Clemson University. It would provide pedestrian access when open. Entire system would be outdoor. Is this something you all can help with?


Dear Sir/Madam, I am looking for motorised aircraft main gate, similar to your gated courtyard bifold doors for an airport based in Jordan. Are you able to help. Regards, Wasef


Dear Sir, Dear Madame, we are an Belgian architectural firm and are currently in the proces of completing the execution principles for the concept for a small indoor sport complex. We wish to make this complex as open as possible in summer time, therefore proposing to use folding bifold gates with a a polycarbonate see though cladding. Is your product represented on the European market via European vendors/contractors,in the case you don't, do you know of any European producers of folding gates( that when folded up can also act as a sort of pergola function) The folding bifold gate would approximatly have a dimension of 4meter x 3meter( hight), What would the cost be of such a folding gate Kind regards Met vriendelijke groeten, Architectenassociatie ARAS bvba Mathias BETHUYNE | architect gsm 0479022329 architectenassociatie ARAS bvba | leopoldstraat 113b | 2800 mechelen | 015 65 61 65


Hi there, We design and manufacture automatic security gates and are looking at expanding our operation by moving into the door industry using your gated bifold and hydraulic gated courtyard doors. We came upon your bi-fold doors and in particular, the method you use to motorize the doors. Might you have an interest in supplying us your straps and drives for us to either distribute in Australia, or use the on our doors? If so, we would require some details including cost of each strap and drive assembly, discounts applicable and so on. Kindest regards, Access Engineering Angelo Taglieri.


Dear Sir, We are bidding a project located in San Francisco, CA, 730 Stanyan Street. We have 19 bifold gated courtyard strap doors at various


I would like a estimate on a hydrolic or bifold gated courtyard door for a 12' high by 24' wide door. thanks Arnold


Looking for pricing on two bifold gated courtyard doors. One is 20 ft. wide by 10 ft. and the other is 12 ft. wide by 10 ft.


looking for a vertical bifold gated courtyard entrance door for a 17 ft wide two car residential condo complex.


I am in need of 2 gated courtyard bifold doors. Door 1: Bifold Strap lift 10' wide x 8' tall Door 2: Sectional standard lift 16' wide x 7' tall Metal Frames with glass (or plexi)


Commercial job requires a folding type of gated bifold courtyard door with an effective double-glazed window size of 5000 x 3000h. In number-8shtuk. For installation in the Moscow region. Are there representatives in Moscow ?


I need a price for you to furnish and install a gated bifold courtyard door that will go into a mall entrance to allow campers to go in and out.


Looking to get a quote for 2 12-0x12-0 strap-lift bi-fold gated courtyard doors with a decorative exterior cladding. I have specifications for the job I can send as well. Thanks


I'm looking for an estimate on a bi-fold door assuming it will fit my gated courtyard door application. This will be installed in a newly completed addition to my current building. The clear opening is 24' x 14' and is framed for a traditional roll up door currently except the jamb is 24" deep (2x 12" C-channel)


I am working on a design for a renovation to an existing building and we are looking into doing a bi-fold gated courtyard security door in front of an entrance in New Orleans, LA. I was hoping to speak to someone related to how this might be accomplished. We are reframing the section where this gated courtyard bifold strap door would be. We are looking to have a door that is approximately 12'-0" wide by 8'-9' tall. We are also looking to have a perforated metal type screen as the front of the unit, therefore there would be some weather exposure to the mechanism. Thank you, Laura C


Hello, we are building new construction and are looking for: Two 18 ft wide by 14 ft tall bifold gated courtyard doors and one 8 x8 bifold door. Or maybe a one piece door - can I get a quote for both designs for all three doors?


Requesting quote for gated courtyard bifold door at Spruce Creek Fly-In, Port Orange, FL. New concrete block construction, but block is in place (no roof or trusses). Block column is filled and reinforced designed for this door type. Opening is 40'x18'6". Need to preserve full opening. Where is door manufactured? Do you have local installer? What is lead-time? What is price? Prefer contact by email. If you need to speak by phone, email the request and we will schedule a time.


I'm looking for prices on a bifold gated courtyard strap door with 16x30ft clearance with the door open.


I am building a project in southern Costa Rica. iI Could you please price two of your builders bifold gated courtyard door kits. One door is 24'wide x 22' high bi fold. The other is one piece hydraulic 36'wide x 10'10" high regards, Mark


We are interested in a quote on two bi fold gated courtyard liftstrap doors for a building with door openings of 44' wide by 26' tall.


Have 16ft ceiling. Currently have a 15ft high x25ft wide overhead gated courtyard door. Wondering the cost and what would be the max door height possible on a bifold gated courtyard door..


What is included in build your own door kit, how much? Also price on a 17 high 25 feet wide bifold gated courtyard door.  Thanks Richard


I have a client that needs a 20'x 16' gated courtyard bifold designer door with one way mirrored glass. Can i get the total cost of door, shipping and installation.


We're bidding a project that has your bifold gated courtyard door product specified on the plans. Could you please provide some certified installation companies in Orange County? We would like to reach out to them for a quote.


Would like a contact for a dealer / installer in my area for a gated courtyard door project using two bifold gated courtyard doors.


looking for bi fold gated courtyard doors to cover  glass roll up doors at night for security. Needs to be  width 20 ft. Height 11 ft.


Looking for a quote for a bifold strap gated courtyard door to fit a 40%u2019 wide by 9%u2019-7%u201D opening. Delivery will be to Fairfield, PA 17320 Thanks, Mike


Hello, We are interest in your hydraulic or bi-fold gated courtyard doors for an office space in Mountain View CA. With a quantity of 2 and an opening of 18'x10' and 12'x10 for the exterior. What is your unit price or square footage price for the door. Thanks Chinh Nguyen


We have a stand alone outdoor parking space in a condominium in Washington, DC. I think a remote controlled bi-fold gated courtyard door could be the best solution for a gate for our space. Do you have a company in Washington DC that installs your product? 


Looking to get a quote for a two custom gated courtyard doors in which the panels have parklex. Not sure what gated courtyard door system would be best. Some of the site constraints is that our floor is not flush due to the fact it is located on the roof of a building.


Enquiring about SCHWEISS BI-FOLD GATED COURTYARD DOORS. Approximate dimensions are 12.5' x 7'. Thanks, Ben 


I have a builder requesting a bifold gated courtyard doors at a condo residence. Having reviewed your material, I feel certain that this project is beyond the realm of our residential installers. Do you have a referral in the Houston area? Thank you, Steve Folk


Need price for a Bifold gated courtyard strap door 30'w x 18' clear height delivered to Britton MI 49229.


Hello. I am working with a customer on a custom gated courtyard door build. This project includes a basketball court. The architect called out for a large hydraulic door. Is this something that your company may offer?I look forward to speaking with a representative from your company. Thank you.


I need to request a quote, send me the name and email of the person in charge of receiving requests for quotes. I'm interested in getting a couple of bifold gated courtyard doors from Schweiss very similar to the ornate gated courthouse doors on the Schweiss Doors Must See Photo site that Target stores installed.


Looking for pricing on a hangar style gated entry courthouse doors for my custom wine country residence. Prefer the Schweiss gated courthouse doors to be made in bifold liftstrap style.


Looking for pricing on a 14' x 24' bifold strap gated courtyard designer door that can be remote operated. David VB


Hi I would like to get a quote for bi-folding gated courtyard doors for 1 apartment door project. If you are aware about this project, please send me your quote. Thank you.


We have be looking into you web-site and aree interested in Schweiss gated courthouse doors, 2 each Strap Lift Bifold Doors for our apartment complex that is under planning. The size of the doors; beam 13 meters x hight 4 metrers. The door need to insulated and wind proof. Look forward to hear from you soonest


Dear Sirs, we have a coffee shop design and we need Schweiss Doors advise on how to use your bifold solutions for gated courtyard doors.  Ahmed


I am trying to find a local distributor or one nearby to provide price and other info on gated courtyard doors. Or do we deal directly with you? I have a high end apartment and want to use glass hangar style gated courtyard doors that lift out that we are looking for info on.


Can you please provide a quote for a 50'x14' bi-fold gated courtyard door. If your company does the installation too, please provide an installation quote as well - show the door and installation quote separately.


Hi, I am looking for some budget pricing on a 2 custom bi-fold gated courtyard commercial doors. Details as follows: - quantity: 2 vertical folding  doors - 16' x 14' clear opening - structural steel tube frame with powder coat finish - 1" insulated steel panels painted to match - electric motor Additional Option: stainless steel wire mesh fastened to interior of bi-fold gated courtyard door. Is this something you could manufacture? If so, please let me know with rough budget pricing. If you require more information please advise. thank you, Jayme


Checking on availability for application for a two-entry gated courtyard commercial car bifold door  garage project in NYC, wanted to get budget Cost, and spatial requirements needed for install.


Hello I need a quote for (4) 23'x 14' bifold metal gated courtyard doors with the vertical design and (4) 23' x 14' bifold gated courtyard doors with no glass, just frame. Thank you


Can I please get a quote for a gated courtyard door with a framed opening of 20' x 16' and also 20' x 18'? Does the door come with the paneling on the outside? Thank You


I was looking to get a quote on a 10ft x 16 ft high gated courtyard bifold door that will be installed on a new construction gated apartment home complex. Thanks, Brad Hoch


I am interested in installing a gated courtyard door lift gate and want to use the hydraulic jack or bifold electric door option instead of a winch. Could you help in that area?


Would like to get a price on a gated courtyard door. 43 ft 8inches x 15ft 6inches. This is a tight measurement. My location is Cashmere Wa 98815


Looking for a bifold water jet steel panel bifold gated courtyard door. I need this pricing by Friday 12/1.


I am looking for a gated courtyard door for a 17'h x 19'w rough opening. We are interested in your product and believe it is in our price range. Thanks.


Dear Sir/Madame, We are currently working on a mixed use project in downtown Scottsdale, AZ that will use Schweiss gated courtyard doors. The project includes an outdoor parking garage with the current door opening sized at 24'x8'. We are interested in your Designer bi-fold gated courtyard door system and were wondering if you could send us specs as well as a quote for a 24'x8' bi-folding door.


Could this gated courtyard door be suitable for a residential development for garage that is 8ft by approx. 26ft wide?? is it possible to buy gated courtyard door frame and custom our own covering? please advise. thank you


Need a steel framed grid with glass inserts for gated courtyard doors approx. 20' wide opening, horiz. bi-fold. 


Would you have an agent for your gated courtyard door products in South Africa. Please can you provide me with contact details and e-mail address. We are manufacturers of fire & rescue vehicles and we are busy with a tender and we believe we can successfully use your products in kit form Regards


Here below are requirements to receive a quote for a bi-fold gated courtyard door. I am looking for one for a gated home complex I am building in the Hill country in Austin. this is for the balcony from the "great room" I'd like it to be hot dipped galvanized with double insulated glass panels throughout. rating r-20 or better design similar to what you provided at:https://www.bifold.com/photo-of-the-day-barrel-and-bushel.php will need shipping quoted seperately 


Please price me out a new 14' x 40'w bifold gated courtyard door ... the same as the one that I got a couple of years ago. Steel bi-fold. Mike


Hi, looking for a quote on 2 bi-fold gated courtyard doors, they will be around 8' x 14'. Going outside a bakery/retail store, they should be aluminum frame bifold strap doors. Any questions please e-mail me. Thanks, Shelby


I would like separate quotes for your bifold and one piece hydraulic gated courtyard doors. The opening is nominally 22' wide x 16' high. The building is being designed and will be a wooden frame structure. Conceptually the door would have wood siding as the remainder of the structure. The installation would be on site. I would be interested in dimensions of the door structure to facilitate the design prior to delivery. One of the design constraints is to have the plane even with the interior frame of the door clear of obstructions. . If there is any other information you require feel free to contact me. Best regards, Kevin


Interested in bi-fold or one piece open outward gated courtyard door for residential storage garage. Thank you!


Hi. We have a customer of ours who has recently purchased a high rise office building in Downtown Dallas. He is looking to secure three parking spaces in the visitors parking section of the underground parking lot with your Schweiss bifold gated courtyard doors. As you can imagine spacing is very tight. The distance from the floor to the concrete ceiling is 7'6" and the overall width of the three parking spaces is 30'. Is this application suitable for a 30' wide bi-fold?


Please email me a quote for a build your own hydraulic and bifold gated courtyard doors. Dimensions are: 10' 1 1/2" H X 20' W. Shipment will be to Oklahoma 73439


We are interested in more information and estimated pricing for a steel, hydraulic door. Single panel gated courtyard doors, tilt style w/ secondary egress door set within for use when the door is closed. Please call to discuss further. Thanks, Brian Baker


We are bidding a new construction office building, where custom Bi-Fold Gated Courtyard Doors are part of the building. These doors need to be power operated including controls, lead edge sensors that stops the downward movement of the unit, includes 1-inch Solarban 90 Starphire glass, panel framed. The size of the bi-fold door is: 15' - 11 3/4" x 26' - 3 5/8"


Could you provide loading information and shop drawing for a 46'-8" wide bi-fold gated courtyard doors with a 20' clear opening? We have steel tubes at the jamb conditions and steel I-beam at the head but no space for any lateral support behind - we'd like to get our structural engineer started on the framing required. Regards,


I am looking to in install gated courtyard doors out side. A bi fold 25 foot wide by 16 foot tall. It would be used as a courtyard bifold gate door, we would just use a diamond type aluminum mesh on first 8 feet. Can you quote as a bifold. Also a 35 ft by 16 foot bi fold gated courtyard door for same as above gate use. Last a hydraulic door for a building rough dimension 16 high 14 wide. a build your own is good we are a construction company and have our own fabrication shop and certified welder. We also have our own cranes and extendable track forklift. Thank you Mark Balek


We're looking for bi-fold gated courtyard garage doors to be installed at our business that go out to a  deck, and wanted to inquire about the price / products available. We're hoping for something along the lines of what's in your Must See Photo webpage that Target did with their ornate gated courtyard doors.


Residential Install - New Construction 12' ceiling in Kitchen opening to Courtyard as wide as 12'. Please price your gated courtyard doors for residential use.


We are looking to do a residential garage with overhead gated courtyard bi-fold doors. The garage is 16'-0" wide by 7'-1" high, with only 13" at the interior above the opening. We would like the gated courtyard designer doors to be clad with black aluminum. Please let me know if this is something you are able to do, and what it might cost. We appreciate any help you can offer in advance. Best, Deanna


We've got a housing block with a two doors to the parking garage and would like to install some gated courtyard doors. We want to specify your bi-fold designer gated courtyard doors and add a special perforated or expanded metal panel on the outside.


Looking so specify gated courtyard lift doors (will consider bifold with lift straps) for new construction in Phoenix, AZ. Looking for several things; - budget pricing? - lead times? - details of gated courtyard doors for inclusion in permit document set? I would like a salesperson / technical rep to call to discuss. Thank you!


We need comparison pricing for  42' by 12' gated courtyard doors in bi-fold and hydraulic. We also need product data to pass along to the metal building manufacturer for gated courtyard doors engineering purposes. You may call or respond by email. Thank you