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I am looking to put a hydraulic door out on my cabin were we fish. Need a quote for a 10x8


Looking to order a strap bifold door with rough dimensions of 45’ wide x 10’ tall with some windows in the top half. The one bifold door will house my boat and pickup. I'll want a remote opener.


Good Afternoon, I'm looking for a quick price on two Top Drive Fishing Cabin Bifold Doors @ 7'-6" x 10'-3". There aren't many details to go on for this one but if there is any more information you need, please let me know. Thank you very much, Daniel Androski


Hello, You can email me some options with pricing. I need a power lifting bifold fishing cabin door 10 ft in height by 8ft in width. Thank you Ania


Hello, We're working on a hangar bifold fishing cabin door project North of Reno and we wanted to see if we could get some bifold door specs. Thanks, Hunter Hayden


I received a quote from you in 2019. This bifold fishing resort liftstrap door project is finally moving forward and I'd like to get some additional info and updated pricing. Ideally you can email me and we can set a time to talk on the phone. Thanks.


We would like to add a single car garage door to our fishing cabin outdoor patio. We are looking at a bifold glass door that opens to the outside. Do you have venders near south Mississippi, and if so, what all do you have to offer?


Looking at ideas for a Bi-Fold door for the Family Home fishing and hunting cabin. Current Door is a standard 'tin-metal' door in four sections. Standard 16 x 7 foot, rolls back into overhead of garage with a standard 'genie-type' garage door opener. Main objective is to open up the space overhead and delete the current garage door opener. The working area is probably going to be more like 7 foot height x 190 inches instead 192. Your strap concept is the main reason I am contacting your company. Current Door, one of the cables snapped and the door went down side-ways crunching up the hardware and metal. I definitely want to have a liftstrap door - no more dangerous cables to wrestle with.


Hello. We are renovating a cottage on Lake of the Woods Ontario Canada. We will be adding an overhead glass bifold fishing cabin door to our living space, and are impressed by what we see on your website. Please let me know if I can provide you with any further information about our project. Thank you. Ed and Scarlette Ulrich.


Hello I'm a GC and I have a client that would like the (2) 16'x7' bi fold Horizontal fishing cabin doors. The job is in Wisconsin.


Hello There, I am building a Client a 20W' x 25'L timber pavilion and thought your fancy bifold fishing cabin doors would be an excellent way to close off two sides overlooking the mountains and lake. Will need one 14x10' and two 20x10' doors with a


New construction and looking for a bifold garage door - residential fishing cabin door with cedar cladding. Opening will be 18' wide and from 8' to 9'2" tall. What options are there, and what is the pricing and time lead?


I am very interested in a version of your bifold door for my fishing cabin vacation home. My idea is to keep it light by using a patterned wooden screen with mosquito screening between the wood screen. Do you make doors for standard sliding door openings? I would like to keep the glass door separate so we can leave the bifold down on summer nights for fresh air. Our house is built with bricks and mortar. Do you have distributors in South Africa? Hope you are all well and safe. We are in lockdown for another 14 days so I'm trying to keep busy.


Hello I would like to quote a bi fold fishing cabin door for a lean to addition we building this summer. The door is located on the gable end of the lean to. What would the final door height available be with a 10' opening?


Hello Looking to get a bifold designer style fishing lodge boat garage door, approximately 16' high x 14' wide, made of rust resistant materials and rated for high winds (Hurricane threat). New construction to be built. We would also be looking to freight forward it to Hawaii. Thank you for any information re recommended type, available styles, timelines, rough costs and approximate size and weight of door in shipping format. Elise


Lake home project for new workshop and fishing cabin boat storage. Looking to have price quote. 1- 18' x 10' bifold fishing cabin door that can be insulated and have home windows installed to mirror the street appearance of home with hard-board lap siding. Will need own support * frame for door as walls are SIP panels. 2- 2nd door that is lakeside and also need to mirror exterior appearance. Can be strap type lift, but thinking both doors could "share" the pump? *Can door frames be used in lieu of header for roof rafters? Ruff price quote is great at this point. Spring 2020 build is planned. We also have own truck for pickup in Minnesota.


Interest in a bifold fishing cabin door 26' x 12' Delivery would be to Fertile, Minnesota, needed in June 2020. please provide quote. Larry Walters


I am designing a summer fishing cottage and would like to use a tavern door in place of hinged patio doors to expand the living space to the outdoors. Could you incorporate a single hinged door into the design of the fishing cottage bifold door that would allow you to exit the house without raising the door? Thanks for your time. Randy Raiford


I have a client that wants a 10"wide x 12" high bi-fold door on the side of his fishing cabin to drive his motor home in... I have questions on what you provide with your fishing cabin bifold doors like door skin etc...


Thinking of putting a bi fold door on my cabin. I need a 12%u2019 wide by 14%u2019 tall opening. Do y%u2019all make bifold fishing cabin doors like them that small? If so what would be the cost?


I would like a quote on a BYOD. I have a 16%u2019wide x 14%u2019tall opening and need a good bifold fishing cabin door. I have metal to put on outside.


I am building a cabin with winter storage and would like a fishing and hunting cabin bifold strap door on one end that looks like the side of the house. Can a walk-in door be placed inside the hydraulic or bifold door if I go with a wider door? I would also be putting small windows in the door and siding it with cedar siding.


Need some Smaller Sized hydraulic or bifold cabin  doors for an exterior louver system on a fishing cabin. The siding will be perforated corrugated galvanized steel. There will be no need to add glass as they will just be a shade screen.


I am looking for (2) un-insulated fishing cabin doors for our storage building and I will need (1) door for our addition. Approx. size is 14'high x 24' wide. Exact size TBD. I am looking for rough pricing at this point. 


Need a bid on a 18' and 20'.basic bi-fold fishing cabin door with either straps or hyd. cylinders.


I have a 20' wide x 8' tall bifold fishing cabin door opening in new construction. The cabin will have a flat roof and the bifold fishing cabin door needs to be flush. We would attach Hardy board siding to match the house. How much more information do you need in order to get a price quote to me? Many Thanks! John Kajander


We need a 2-' wide by 10' bifold door with remote actuator for a cottage site fishing cabin door in Belleville Ontario. Postal code is K0K 3A0. We want it to be motorized, as the building will be a garage. We will do the cladding on it ourselves, so that the steel cladding matches the prefab steel building.


Hello! I am in the process of designing a new fishing cabin garage  for a cottage in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. Is there a significant price difference between a flat panel and a bi-fold fishing cabin door? We are deciding between 40'x12', 44'x12' and 44'x14'. Do you insulate the door or is that by us? We want to clad with a vicwest profile 26g steel. Can you provide a budget and information for the 3 sizes? Pete


Quote on a bifold liftstrap outdoor cabin door 12' wide x 14' tall clearance opening. This will be for a new fishing and hunting cabin door construction. The owner wants to hide the garage for his boat.


I am looking to get a quote for a bi-fold fishing cabin bifold door. I also need recommendations for installers here in Georgia.


looking for bifold fishing cabin door pricing on a 25'X20' bi fold wood frame building but will have steel post and headers at door


Renovating an existing wood frame building and would like to replace an existing 8 x 12 ft. fishing cabin door with a bifold fishing cabin door. I would be interested in a bi-fold door. I would also like some typical construction details for wood frame construction. Thanks,


I'm looking for PDF cut sheets and design assistance for a bifold fishing cabin door with a custom pine wood panel skin. In addition to my fishing cabin door I would also be interested in putting a hydraulic lifting door on my boathouse similar to the one your Schweiss website featured on the Lake Vermilion boathouse door in Minnesota.


I am putting a preliminary budget estimate together on a new building project located in Oostburg, WI that will need several bifold or hydraulic fishing cabin doors. As part of the project, the Architect wants to install three (3) upward acting overhead folding doors. The size of the doors all three openings are 16'-0" wide x 14'-0" tall. I was hoping to receive pricing from your company to furnish and install these (3) fishing cabin doors. Please call or e-mail with questions.


Please provide a quote for a bi-fold door that will be a fishing cabin door to house two floatplanes, allow clearance for a 61' wing span and 18' tail height for a 70' x 70' PMB Hangar. Location to be in Michigan lake country.


Looking for a 15 foot bifold fishing cabin door where I can store my boat. Do you sell doors for fishing cabins? Thanks in advance for your help.


I am building a new building in Moriaty, NM. I'm going to need two (2) bi-fold fishing cabin doors, 20' wide and 12' high. Please send me a quotation or contact me with any additional questions. Thank you.


I have a coiled-overhead fishing cabin door. It is west facing in Texas. I will need something that doesn't block the ceiling like your bifold or hydraulic fishing cabin doors with significant insulation and not thin sheet steel because I don't want to die. I'm looking for a ballpark price.


We are looking for 11x7 bi fold doors for our new construction combination fishing cabin doors and boat shed doors. I can email you the plans.


I have a cable fishing cabin door in Spruce Creek Florida and would like to change to strap, with security locks at edges for wind protection of electric control, operated with wall control switch as well as hand held that will open as well as close with the hand held, it is a 20 side foot door approx 12 height opening, would like a price and do you a dealer near Daytona Florida which is where this fishing cabin door is. Thank you. Bob


I am in need of an overhead floatplane fishing cabin bifold strap door. This is a new door going into my existing building. I would like a quote on a 12/14ft wide by 14ft tall. Is the door frame supplied or do I need to frame this in in wood? I have seen your doors at the local farm and air shows so I know there is a Canadian dealer somewhere?? Regards Barry




Hello. We have a customer in upstate New York with a bifold door specified in their new construction cabin. I can email you the drawing and rendering to look over and discuss the options for an upscale fishing cabin door. Thank you.


We are working on a fishing resort project that could use a custom application of your one-piece hydraulic or bifold fishing cabin door system. I'd like to forward drawings to clarify our intentions. The project is at Stoney Lake, about 2 hours east of Toronto. Who should I contact? Thanks very much, Christopher


I plan to build a garage out of ICF at my lake house in Vermont next spring and would like some lake cabin. doors. The layout is very simple: 30'x40' (interior dimension), no windows, interior walls at least 10' high. I'd like a 16' wide garage door similar to the door on my hangar. I think bi-fold is best for my lake fishing cabin door needs. So long as I have 8' of vertical clearance with the door open, I am good. I'd like a regular door built into the lower panel for walk-in access. This garage door will be on the gabled end, so there is plenty of vertical space. Insulation is important, this is Vermont. Internal framing will certainly be more esthetic than external. I checked wood building and wood frame, but the building is ICF/concrete, and I can put I-beams wherever needed. 


I have a cabin with a 10 foot high by 18 foot wide standard overhead garage door and would like to replace it with one of your fishing cabin doors. The ceiling height is 12 foot 4inches. I am trying to retrofit a bifold door that is at least 11 foot high for an RV. It looks like there might be an option in your doors?  I am very open on the styling....might try to have something with a solid base and exterior log facing. 


- Cost of side door weather stripping for my Schweiss bifold liftstrap fishing cabin door    - Acceptable size of were/tear on 3" door strap lifting straps.


Looking for ideas for bi-fold doors for my fishing cabin storage shed. 1-15'wideX16'tall and 1- 20'wX16'tall and 1 18'wX12'tall. Prefer the doors to be insulated shed doors if possible. 


Good Afternoon. Would you be so kind as to mail me a price quote, respective of a hydraulic door of 50' length of approximate height of 8', door at 25'? Installation in part, white pine log fishing cabin, round on round 6"-8" diameter logs. As well,the log home is not constructed, blueprints for permits may include Schweiss Hydraulic Door, as permissible. The Exterior & Interior steel construction of Schweiss Fishing Cabin Door shall inherit the addition of half round on half round log siding to match; respectively: white pine round on round log cabin. After this, I may be interested in a covered boat dock door, as also seen on your Schweiss website.


Hello, I am in the design stage of building a metal framed cabin. I am interested in your bifold fishing cabin doors that you make for containers but with a different twist. I would like to send a sketch of what i am looking for to your engineering department to see if it would worK? I am located in Canada, 3 hrs south of Calgary near the Montana border. thank you and look forward to hearing from you. Craig.


The Application is for small utility fishing cabin  storage building doors and is not a heated space. I prefer a very lightweight door with smooth plain panels.


I am looking to build a 40 by 60 building at my cabin and am trying to find out what a 40 ft by 14 ft bifold fishing cabin, boat storage and hangar lift door would cost. I need the dimentions to also be able to get my airplane inside. I just need an approximate cost at this time as I am looking to build in the next 2 years. Also is there any structural issues that i need to be aware of for the door assembly to fit in the building? Best way of contact is by email. The building will be going up in northern lower Michigan 49756. Thanks 


Hello, We are interested in purchasing 3 bifold strap type boat storage doors 12' wide x 8' tall. They will be for an outdoor fishing lodge building. Looking for glass on the top half of the bifold door to let the daylight in. Thank you! Rob


Requesting quote and information on installation companies you have relationships with in the Boise, Idaho area. Also, Quote on 3rd high end fishing cabin door requested: 11'1"x9'0" or 10'6" (currently there is a 1'6" transom window above the 9'0" height, I am unsure if this will be compatible with the lift system) In regards to end or side wall, I'm unsure which designation these fishing cabin doors qualify for...


I'm looking to replace the "fishing cabin door" on the side of my boathouse. It has a poured concrete walls that are 11 inches thick. Currently has a standard lift up garage door on tracks, however, in order to fit the boat I need the additional 11 inches of thickness of the wall - so would like to find a solutions that mounts on the outside of the wall versus the inside of the wall. Any solutions that you can provide would be great. Thanks. Andy


Hi I am looking for a quote on a a quote on a 10' tall x 16' long one piece bifold or hydraulic fishing cabin door door. I am considering this for a very remove off-grid cabin bifold door. Is there any way to actuate by hand or with 12V power? Thanks Geoff


We are deciding if we want a bifold fishing cabin door on our outdoor resort dining area. It is approx. 16'x32' and we get a lot of wind from the south side. The opening is approx. 10' wide and 9' height. Can someone give me an idea of what the approx. cost would be for a fishing cabin door this large. We would like to do this before the cold weather hits so we can use this area for Thanksgiving this year, if possible.


Hi, I came upon your doors while researching for my residential project which is actually a very nice fishing cabin. I've got a large wall facing a lake in a cabin like structure. I was thinking a bifold or hydraulic fishing cabin door could look great. Would you be able to give me a rough estimate of cost for a 24' wide by 10' high version of your doors that would maximize the size of the glass panes to let more view in? Thanks, Ruda


Develop and build new unique homes in MO, IA and FL Want to explore options for Fishing Cabins, RV and Boat Garage Doors   14' x 14' can be changed because brand new building


We are rebuilding a fishing club hangout after a fire. It was recommended to go hanger doors and I love the idea, but have ZERO clue on pricing your fishing cabin doors. Our total exposure is 75ft wide, so we are thinking 2 doors each about 30 ft wide. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, I will be unavailable via phone until thursday afternoon. Mike


Need doors for a tiny (less than 300 sq ft) cabin. Currently has a two car, divided garage with two sets of ugly, fishing cabin swing out doors.


i am wanting to replace the sliding doors on my fishing cabin....the fishing cabin doors are for a metal shed with wood door frames...


Id like to explore an option to install a 30' wide x 12' high bifold fishing lodge door in the garage im building. Black framed glass...double pane. Regards


Looking for pricing on 20' wide X 12' tall opening on end wall of new post frame fishing cabin building door.        


Looking for tw 20 x 14 insulated fishing lodge doors for an Olympic building, need price and particulars on your doors.


We are converting our garage to an outdoor fishing cabin and want to have an impactful fishing cabin door open onto our patio. The finished opening will be 7 feet high by 12 feet wide. We are interested in both the solid hydraulic door option as well as the bifold door. What is the next step? Thank you. Aldo 


I'm looking at building a 40x80 fishing cabin shed where I can only go with 14' sidewalls. My camper is 13' high. how much clearance do your fishing cabin bifold doors need? It will be cold storage shed so don't need anything fancy. Also do you know the approximate cost of a fishing cabin door 14' wide installed. Thank you!!


We have recently purchased a residence with a large detached garage with 10' ceiling that we are going to use as a guest fishing cabin. Unfortunately, it has a standard height garage door and I'm needing 9'6" of clearance. Could you fix me up with a fishing cabin door that won't lose any headroom and is there anyone near Lake Okeebogee, Iowa to install if we DO come to an agreement? Thanks in advance for your assistance!


I'm looking for an approximately 12'X 12' bifold door for a pre-existing structure where there is currently no door. This is for an old fishing cabin door.


Have a customer that is requesting two 25'x 16' Bi-Fold Schweiss fishing cabin doors. Our company is a pre-engineered metal building supplier. I am requesting door specs for the above mentioned fishing cabin door size. You may contact me anytime between the hours of 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Thanks for your time.