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Looking for fast opening Liftstrap bifold door for install on my existing metal aircraft hanger. Can email pics.


I am looking for an approximate price on a fast opening insulated hanger bifold door. I would like a 50ft wide 16ft high opening. With the straps lift. We are still in the planning stages of this project.


We are looking for 2 doors 48' wide by 3' tall, that will open and close 5 times per hour.


we have a 16'x13'9" opening we are looking to install a quick opening and closing bifold Liftstrap door to replace the current roll up door that takes up needed headroom.


Please quote a price for a 65x20 fast opening bifold Liftstrap door installed at Conway AR. If you need plans for the quote please caontact me. Thank you


need a quote on a 40 ft X 12ft fast opening bi fold door delivered to Malone NY 12953. Please call today. thank you.518 569 1175


Just a rough estimate of the cost of a bi fold fast opening liftstrap door 50’x20’. Maybe some clear panels in the upper half of the door to give it your Schweiss Designer door look. An email response for now is fine. Not looking for exact numbers yet. Just pricing around is all. Thank you for your time. Loren


I am located in northern Michigan and have a customer that has purchased one of your fast opening strap lift bi-fold doors, and was wondering if your company has any recomended installers in our area.


We are thinking of replacing a clunky not so old sliding door. Interested in Hydraulic or Bifold Strap Door. Opening is 12 ft. x 14 ft. tall. We want a fast opening door, preferably faster than our 20 second roll-up door.


Building a new facility. Looking at a 10' x 40' bifold fast opening strap door. Would like to pick up the conversation. Lead Time, Pre-build planning Installation Cost Warranty Thanks! Les


We are planning for a garage/RV garage combination residential project. Very interested in your bifold design that can be built into sidewall of garage looking at 14ft wide x 16ft high fast opening bifold door that will finish at 14ft high clear. Will add weight loads of siding and trims. This could add 500 lbs max load. I'm familiar with Schwess doors. I have installed a few of your doors for the Paint booth industries


Trying to determine if a Schweiss Bifold or hydraulic door will work best on a PEMB we are erecting. We have 12" X 8" X 5/8" jambs and an W8X24 header on a 28' X 28' opening. We need a Schweiss door that will result in no loss of headroom and that will be a fast opening door.


Looking for a quote and wood framing details for a 50'x18' insulated fast-opening bi-fold strap door to be used on a boat building facility.


I have a specialty PEMB project which will require three fast opening bi-fold liftstrap doors. I have been utilizing historical information from doors your company has previously priced but am at the stage in which I need to get things updated. Please call me as your earliest convenience and I will go over what is needed. Thank you. Trevor


I'm building a 45'x65' steel shop and am interested in comparing the cost of a bi-fold door vs. a standard steel roll up door. I'd like to talk w/ a sales rep to get a sense of cost for different options.


I am in the midst of designing a college administration building that includes two single swing hydraulic doors: 1) 16 ft high and 18 ft. wide; and 2) 16 ft. high and 21 ft. wide. These are intended to provide natural smoke control for the building atrium, so will be automatically opened when the building smoke alarm system is activated. To meet code requirements the doors as described above must be fully opened in less than 60 seconds. I noticed that the bifold fast opening door components in your literature, including hydraulic cylinders seem more robust than your competitors and am hopeful that this translates into faster operation. Please call me on my cell phone Monday morning.


I'm trying to figure out if any of your solutions would work for my situation. I have an old fire house with (2) garage doors approximately 10 ft. wide by 12 ft. tall. The current doors are traditional sectional doors on a track, but I need new fast opening bifold doors that do not have a track on the inside. The construction of the building is cinderblock with brick on the exterior.


I have gotten a quote from you all before but that building purchase did not work out. I would be looking at a fast opening bifold door 45 wide, the building will be a steel one and 16 high, I did not put a height detention in the quote description below. Thanks Dave H


Need a very rough idea of cost for a 40ft wide by 16 t high fast opening bifold door. These measurements are not "exact" at the moment. (We may only need say 35ft wide) But we do have large columns about 40ft apart and a large beam connecting overhead. We are in the early stages of planning to rearrange our plant layout which includes a new BIG door to replace two rollup doors with removable divider. Myself and our COO like the look of the bifold doors.


Hi, I'm finishing construction of a new residential garage/workshop with two 9'wX8'h garage door openings. I'm interested in installing bifold fast opening doors in them, to minimize overhead obstructions (due to vehicle lifts that will be in the shop). (Although I suppose your one-piece hydraulic door could work, too.) The shop is heated and Maine gets cold, so I need insulated doors ... preferably something comparable to R18 overhead doors. What would an estimate be for the price of two R18(-ish) insulated 9'x8' door systems? Do you have distributors in New England? Also ... how difficult are the systems to install? Comparable to typical overhead doors? And what would be the availability? (How soon could doors be shipped to me?) Thank you. -jason scott jasones@gmail.com


Please email only. Do not call. Thanks. This quote is for a fast opening bifold door for an 60x80 Rapidset metal aircraft hangar to be built.


Pricing these bifold steel strap fast opening doors in an American Buildings Company steel building as an alternative to a Building & door package offered by Erect-A-Tube. Their description: "240 volt single phase top mount electric operator with elec. break motor, pre-wired 3-station push button controls, manual door latches with interlock safety switches, top, center & bottom rubber door seals, 4-cable door pick-up, safety over-ride switch, (2) PVC soft white light panels in the upper section of each door, (1) 3060 white flush steel walk door with Grade II Series 4000 lever lockset, NRP hinges, 16 ga. frame, 24 ga. insulated foam core white door leaf and bulb seal. Call if necessary to clarify anything.


Please, price for us a 40' wide x 10' high clear  fast opening bifold door. We need to know the header height to give to our metal building supplier, do you have that info for us?


Working on BUDGET price for Moore County Airport. They have an existing Hangar with a 20' high x 100' long opening and want to replace the old Overhead Doors that close the Hangar opening now with a NEW BI-FOLD FAST OPENING DOOR? I'm simply looking for a BUDGET PRICE for a new BI-FOLD LIFTSTRAP DOOR WITH AUTOLATCHING SYSTEM delivered to the site. SBS will handle the installation, the wiring, and the existing building prep (Loading) for the new BI-FOLD DOOR. Again... simply need a "BUDGET" number right now? Thanks!


We're looking for options to raise the opening on a fire station truck door. Out current door is 12'x12'. We need to gain at least 6" of door height. The ceiling height in the truck garage is 13'8". End wall bifold fast opening liftstrap doors


Do you have dealers in Saskatchewan? I am doing a 24 foot wide lean too on an existing building and looking for 2 fast opening bifold doors. One 12' high and 14' wide. And one 7' high and 9'wide. I don't have enough head room for overhead roll up doors. The sizes I gave are for what I want for actual opening clearance. But not might be what I would actually order. Could you give me a quick quote on a couple of bifold fast opening doors if you do sell doors into Saskatchewan. Thank you. David Bendel


i am looking to build 2 doors 26ft high x 80ft wide. i see you have a build your own door? I want this to be a zero maintenance fast opening door. Will the hydraulic door do this for me, or should I be looking at a fast opening bifold door.   Thanks Ray


Hello I am moving a steel building to my property. I am looking for an estimate on the price for fast opening doors to put in the building as well as guidance on what is required structurally around the opening for a bifold door.


Looking for rough opening sizes for a 40 or 42 ft wide by 14 ft high fast opening bifold door and what that would cost delivered to address linked to this email.


I need a quote on a fast opening bi-fold door that will be 50'-0" wide X 12'-0" clear that will be going to Sealy, TX




I working on a project in Tyler, Texas and want to add a fast opening bifold door on the side of their existing metal building. The building columns are 25'centers and I was thinking having a 22'wide and 16' high so they can back in semi-trailers. Can you give us a ball park cost and do you have a dealer in the area? The usage would be only a few times a day normally left open most of the time.


(2) 10'8" x 7'4' openings Contractor interested in tilt up fast opening doors and he will be adding wood to face of frames. Roughly cost on something like this shipped to La Jolla, CA 92037 Thank you Charlie Murillo


looking to use one of your fast opening bifold doors on a remodel garage door opening will be 8 x 18. Please quote price and delivery on a 8 x 18 foot bifold garage door


Please quote free standing header style door. Bi-fold lift straps for faster opening door. Painted red frames. Dark grey metal panels with 5 translucent light panels 3'x4' in each designer door. Delivered and installed in new construction.


We have an older home with a single garage door. We have been told that the usual electric motor driven opener cannot be installed due to the manner of the house construction. Your door which looks like it opens outward instead of up and into the garage space might work, but we are wondering if this style Schweiss door is a fast opening door. What other details do you need to let us know if your door would work and its cost? Please reply to the above e-mail address. Dimensions below are approximate. Thank you


I am looking for two 65'wide by 18' tall bifold doors in Canada.  these have to be fast opening doors due to the cold winter weather. I haven't done one of these before, so I am not sure what kind of specs you need from me.


Hello, I'm interested in a fast opening hangar door . Clean opening size Width 15 meters Height 3.5 meters Looking forward to hearing from you Best wishes Vitalij


Please ONLY email! I'm just Looking for 2 fast opening doors for my horse trailer barn. Right now they're just sliders and the snow gets clogged in them and it's difficult to shovel out. Only curious and wondering if you have anyone in Michigan that would install?


I will be converting a 3 bay shop to one door and will want a fast opening bifold strap door. The shop is located in Hughes Springs, TX. Do you have any recommended installers in the area?


I would like a quote on a 50 x14 fast opening bifold strap door to be installed on the side of a wood construction pole barn


I'm interested in specify your FAST Opening hydraulic  or bifold doors for a project. There are some unique features though that will require custom doors (4 total). The doors will be used on a material storage concrete bunker that is highly corrosive. Is is possible to have a door frame made with frp structural shapes and frp siding? Preliminary sizes would be 14' wide x 25'-6" tall. There will be a steel header so the top hinges can connect in a typical fashion, but the side jambs will utilize the concrete walls of the bunker. Is this fast opening door something that you can accommodate?


I've got a request for a 50x30x16 building. Builder would like to know the clear height of a 40x14 fast opening door he gets with either of the doors (hydraulic/bi-fold). I need the price for the door so I can forward it over to the builder and also use the weight of the door to derive my support framing for the door.


I am working on a project that is looking into use your bi-fold fast opening door system. I am reaching out to get some general information on your systems: 1. What are the maximum heights and widths that you can fabricate for a glazed door system. 2. Do you have tested systems that can meet hurricane requirements (180mph winds)? 3. Is there a size threshold were the cost of the fast opening door system can be economized (i.e. max size/configuration where pricing is standard)? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


I was just looking for and estimated cost for a Schweiss fast opening door plan to BYOD, and if possible and estimated amount/volume of steel required so I can figure an estimated total cost for me. I'm wanting to replace a 24' x 14' overhead, with a Hydraulic Lift 24' x 16', ( or possibly a bifold) This is in a Zipperlock quonset, 120' x 60'w. I'm located 1 hour SE of Calgary, Alberta. for shipping purposes, and pickup would be Calgary if I go with your BYOD.  


Getting ready to install a door in the rear wall of our shop. Because of a vehicle lift being installed close to the wall, there will not be enough head room for a "Track/Rail" standard type garage door. I'm interested in a BiFold, insulated fast opening door. Thinking a 10' wide would work. The ceiling is about 11' high. Don't know if you have contractors in this area to install, but I have a friend who does this type work and can get it installed. Just as well have your man install the fast opening door to make sure it opens fast. Would you contact me with some pricing? The other end of this building has very large sliding doors, if we go this route and I like it, we will be changing this door also. Thanks


I'm interested in a 46-50' wide door and I need 13' vertical clearance. I'd like to keep my new building height as low as possible, so can get a 14' high building to work? I need bids from you on fast opening bifold strap doors that will work. I haven't narrowed down if I'm going with a wood or steel building yet, is there a price difference on your doors for that? Thanks.


We are in the design phase of an airport snow removal equipment building. One of the bays is for a runway broom that is 22' wide. We need a fast opening door 26' to 28' wide with a 16' clear opening. Allowable Stress based component & cladding wind loads are 27.7 and -30.8 psf. Overhead sectional doors are inadequate for that load/span. Can you accommodate the loads with a lift strap bifold door? The door would also be clad with 3" (or 4")thick insulated metal panels. Another question might be - Are your doors made in the USA with USA components? This is desirable...but we can get around it if required. We will require 2 of these fast opening doors. Can you provide budgetary installed costs? If not, budgetary product cost? Thank you.


Could I get a Quote for a 20 x 50 foot bifolding fast opening door to be placed in a new construction heated farm shop. This door would need the extra seals to hold in the heat in the building.


I am looking for a replacement for my garage doors. Specifically, I want a different type that does not take up overhead space inside the garage that has fast opening doors and so I am interested in the strap lift bi-fold door that you manufacture. What is the typical price for two 16 foot x 7 foot fast opening bifold garage doors of this type? Do you have a location in the Houston, Texas area? Thank you.


I am quoting two metal building that want bifold fast opening doors. 60' x 16' clear. job is in port Clinton ohio 43452. please quote. building will be new so supports will be by the building company. Nucor.


I am considering buying an existing hangar, but I want a fast opening Schweiss door on it. The existing door is two horizontal lift doors with the moveable center track. It is a steel building with masonry walls, and a steel barrel truss roof. I definetely want the winter package. I dont need a hard quote at this point, just the ballpark


I am in the design phase of a 60' X 60' metal building & need information for a 55' Wide X 16' clear opening fast opening bi-fold door; How much total headroom is required? As long as we're at it, will you please put me in the ball park on price [For now, let's assume 8 ea, 4'x4' dual pane, tinted windows - 4 above the fold & 4 below] Let me know at your convenience, please. Thanks!


Looking for a quote for a 32 ft wide X 14 ft high Bifofd Fast Opening Designer style door Silver reflective Viracon Glass, custom color frames for a University project in Florida Door must have a NOA Certificate. Timing for bids ASAP Construction beginning in March Delivery late Summer Can forward plan and Elevation Drawing if the above crirtria can be met


Looking for price on two fast opening doors 50 x16-6 60 x 16-6 Both doors in bi-fold and swing . Thanks


Going to be building a new shop and trying to decide on a fast opening door. Shop is 50 ft wide and 16 ft high. Not wanting to loose overhead height on door also wondering about 1 large door or going with 3 smaller doors


Please price bifold fast opening doors with straps and manual latches 18'x50. 20x50 and a 20x60.  If I build the hanger it will be at KCTJ. I will only need one door but wanted these three options. Thank You. (Please email)


Our client has a 16' tall (to the eave)steel frame building with main frames 25' o/c. They want a price on 2) Bi-fold fast opening doors 12' high x as wide as will work in the 25' bays. The 2) doors will go side by side. The frame columns are 6" wide, can both doors share a column? Can you send details with what you need to mount this door? Call if you have questions or need clarification. Thanks, Ron


We are a PEMB manufacturer and are designing a metal building that will have a 60' x 18' wide fast opening bifold door. Do you guys have any data sheets or specs regarding this size door? Looking to see if I need to consider any loads on my building. Thanks. It is a project located in Dodge Center, MN


I have residential private garage with an RV garage attached. I am looking for a door for the RV part. It is 15'6" wide and 14'5" tall finished door opening. Not sure of your exterior finish or I can skin it to match what I have. Could you please give me a price for your fast opening doors shipped to me. I believe I can install it with simple instructions. Thank you 


I talked to someone about replacing my Hydroswing door at Oshkosh AirVenture 2014 with a Schweiss bifold fast opening strap door. Mine has finally failed. That person said you can supply but I cannot find his business card now. Can you supply? I will be at AirVenture and could pick it up there. Wondering how much it is and if you even can help me. Thanks. Bob Koehler


I have a 42'x 48' Miracle Truss building that I erected in 2000. I have 14' eaves with a bifold door that is 40' wide with a Lift Master cable lifting system. With it being 16 years old, I am in need of replacing the 3 cables that lift the door. I came across your site while searching for bottom rubber seal for the door as it needs to be replaced also. I saw your strap lifting system and read about retrofit on your older doors. I was wondering if it would be possible to retrofit my doors with your fast opening door system strap doors system? I already have replacement cables that I was going to install, but like the straps system better. Please let me know if it is possible to retrofit my door with your system.


Interested in a bifold BYOD fast opening all strap doors.  Currently working with contractor for design He believes 8"X8" wood post will comply The building is 40x64 with bifold on side wall Very nice website, thanks for all its info.


I'm working on purchasing a home with a hangar. The existing door is home-made and inadequate. I would like get a ball park estimate on replacement. I'm not sure which door I would prefer and also unsure of the structure but I know its all wood (stick built) and I want fast opening bifold doors.


I have a schweiss door with the straps ( SN#16729). It has the older cable/pulley latching system. Can this older door system be upgraded to the new cable latching system and will it result in a fast opening and zero maintenance door? If so, what approximate cost?


As an engineer that will likely be designing buildings w/ your doors in them, I have a few questions about the latch strap system, will the straps give me faster opening doors? Your website states that the latch straps will secure the door in the open position. Will the straps support the entire door weight? What is the resultant tension in the strap? Will this force be reported along with the other forces applied to the building by the door? It appears the latch strap is attached to the building column at or near mid-height of the door. The resulting torsion could be a concern that would need to be considered in the design of the column and how fast the bifold door will open. Thank you for your time.


I am in eastern Arizona and would like to find someone to do some adjustments on my bifold doors to make them fast opening doors. Would replacing the motors make them faster opening doors. Is there someone in Arizona who is an authorized installer/repairman? Thank you.


I currently have a conventional overhead 16 ft garage door is there a kit to convert to a bi-fold configuration to make it a fast opening garage door ? Thanks


Please provide a quote for 2 hangar fast opening doors. Options: #1 Liftstrap Bifold 50 ft wide and 17 ft high (to provide a 14 ft door ht opening). Please price cost of liftstrap latches separately as well as cost to have Schweiss deliver, assemble, and install door. #2 One piece fast opening hydraulic hangar door 50 ft wide and 14 ft high. Please price cost to have Schweiss deliver, assemble, and install these fast opening doors.


I am in the process of building a residential house in Greenville, SC. The client is wanting a hanger style bifold fast opening door system. The opening is 10 feet wide and 8 feet tall. However it can be sized to fit another fast opening door size.