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We are working through the design of an outdoor space and would need a bifold door. Would like to discuss options and required engineering / structure for said door. Also, the door is to be installed in a Suncoast Enclosure (articulating powered louver pergola system) - so the key question is - can it be installed so that the "interior" of the door is still considered "outside"? The span we're looking at is approximately 25' x 12' high. I have some drawings I can share and would love to discuss options. Thanks


Hello we have a project in Fresno, CA and would like to add glass bi-folding doors to a new storefront system we are designing. I am hoping to get more information on how we may integrate 2 bi-folding doors into that system.


This door would be used to block wind and rain in a timber framed structure we are building. The building will function as an outdoor living space. The style would be similar to the tavern doors pictured on the website. I would like to know if you have installers in our area as well.


Interested in the standard bifold horizontal top drive door. This would be for a residential project in Utah. Want something similar to the NC Art studio schweiss door glass hydraulic doors. What are the limitation of the door being all glass and the energy performance? Could you provide me more information and pricing on two doors like this forming a corner. Thanks, Octavio


I have a 126" tall x 120" wide exterior door opening that I need a bifold for. Can you give me a call to discuss options


looking for a price on a bi-fold exterior industrial use door. I need one that is 50x14 and 40x14 door.


I need a 16x16ft bifold door quote, I'm building and will need an exterior bifold strap door shortly. Thanks


Good Morning. I'd like a quote for a 40 x 16 bifold exterior fast opening door. Not sure on bifold or hydrolic. My builder says he can do it but doesn't have experience and I'd like some references from you regarding installation. Not sure which side column type is best. Looking to install this August. Thanks Pete


Looking for doors for a residential exterior door bifold door application. 1x ~9 or 10 x 10 1x ~20 x 10


we're looking to replace two rolling exterior doors on our mechanical shop, we are looking for budgetary numbers for an exterior bifold liftstrap industrial grade door.


I have a standard 2 car garage - approx 18ft wide, that I'm looking to replace with a bi-fold liftstrap exterior door and need pricing.


Looking for a real rough estimate on a bifold and hydraulic door system. The opening is twelve feet wide and fourteen feet high. Thanks! Kelli


Hello, We are in the early stages of designing a 2-story building in central Illinois and are interested in a few of your bifold door products shown. We are looking to provide options to the client for 3 exterior doors (roughly 39'w 14'h). I was looking for a product representatives contact information to discuss design moving forward, as well as additional product information regarding hydraulic lift Schweiss Doors as well.


Purchased a bifold exterior door from your company 20 years ago, cable bifold that still operates great. Now need an additional bifold door frame 39 feet 4 inches wide X 12 feet high, but prefer to order your strap door instead of cables. These are overall dimensions. I can skin the door and make the installation. What would be the cost and delivery date? Thank you for considering my request.


I need a quote on 4 - 50x14 clear auto latch strap 3 - 2020 window frame in each door 1 - walk door in each exterior bifold strap door


I am quoting this exterior bifold door project as both a wood and steel building, if you could as well please. Quoting the buildings at 16' tall. I need the door opening to be a minimum of 15' tall but if we can go taller, that is preferable.


We have an installed 40’ schweiss exterior lift strap door that needs to be finished and made workable. Please provide a serviceman or installer to get me going.


I need an upward bifold strap drive exterior door using live edge 1" fur on the outside can I order from you? the rough opening is 8' x 7.'


I need a 45x14 bifold exterior door setup. Just getting prices at this point, but very interested as I've been told that Schweiss Doors provides the very best bifold door on the market and that you are renowned for your customer service and standing by your product.


I assume you have some standard sizes for a typical two car garage exterior bifold door ...what would a solid steel door without any glass in a modern minimalist look cost? Do you have installers around the country such as Salt Lake?


I'm seeking Florida Building Product Approval (HVHZ) information for your Bi-fold and/or Hydraulic Door products for use as a 40'-0"W exterior door. I would want liftstraps for the bifold option.


Requesting a quote for a vertical bifold glass exterior designer door. Manual lift, new construction, rough opening is 6'3"(wide) x 6'9"(tall).


Hello, I would like to price out a hydraulic and bifold exterior door for residential application. The building is concrete and concrete block and the rough opening is 7'11" (H) x 7'9 (W). Thanks, Adrian


Hello, I am working on a new construction project in NYC where we are looking into using large exterior bifold doors in multiple locations. I wanted to reach out to see if we can request some historic test data for your large bifold exterior doors. Thank you in advance. Regards, Samantha Leung


Can you price me a 14'clear x 50'clear bifold exterior door vs hydraulic door? Zip 17745. guidelines for install for new building and renovated ? Block renovated and steel renovated. plus new steel building Please quote both types of door 3 ways. Thank you Steven


Hello, my name is Jeff. I live in Lindsay ON. I am building between 4-8 airplane hangars at our local airport and I am interested in getting a quote from your company. I am looking for a bi-fold exterior style door. At least 3 of the doors will be 40' wide X 12' high. Please let me know how best to proceed. Kind regards, Jeff Pypker


I'm trying to get a very rough idea of what it would cost to get a glass exterior panel bifold garage door to create an opening between a kitchen and a balcony.


Have some exterior bifold door projects coming up Spring 2020. Also looking for a more reliable option for large corporate farm shops and dealerships in Central and North Central Washington. Thank you, Terry and Brittany Prescott


I'm interested in a comparative quote for a exterior bifold door with a 45' clear opening between support columns and a 16'rough opening in building end wall for door installation using a door mounted operating system. I would like information to include: 1. Any additional structural details necessary over the door opening. 2. Opening dimension achievable subtracting the wedge dimension necessary for door operation. 3. Floor anchor details from concrete to anchor bolts. 4. Electrical requirements. 5. Price for door and shipping to zip 59019. This information for a spring 2020 project cost collection. Thank you, Bill Abel


I'm building a mancave and want a horizontal bifold exterior door. The dimension is 10 foot wide by 9 foot high. I need it to be auto openable with no or minimal intrusion into garage itself. I have electricity to the structure - can you say what the power requirements are? the project is in the middle of Nevada - tough to get services in the area. I'm interested in getting the hardware if possible and building the door on site. Do you have such a kit? Thank you very much for your feedback. Tim


I have a customer looking for an installed and uninstalled price for a 40' x 9' opening. The location is the Wisconsin Dells Airport S3440 County Hwy BD, Baraboo, WI 53913. They are looking for the lowest cost option and there would be a couple of exterior doors to remove. 


I work for an architecture firm and we are looking for a company that can design an exterior bifold door transitioning an interior hotel bar to an outdoor terrace.


My existing 40-foot exterior bifold door is a manual counterbalance operating door. I'd like to eliminate the cables and pulleys. The door is fine. The hangar is a 45 x 42-1/2 block building in a residential airpark. I'm at Leeward Air Ranch, FD04.


You can call if you want, email is preferable. Looking for an exterior top-swinging doors for a top-floor counter-bar area like many outdoor patio commercial bars. If you have a solid window frame that supports hydraulic mounts to move/swing that window outside and also lock it into place as a solid (year-round) thermal barrier, we are interested in such a product. This is for a top-floor residential application with access to an outdoor deck/patio area and insulation year-round at other (colder) times of year is important to maintain temperature for this owners' suite. We are open to bi-fold exterior swinging doors in lieu of the above. PPS - Also open to a garage-door-style product with insulated glass PPPS - also open to a full-length garage-door style opening.


I have a steel carport with an opening 19w x 7h that I would like to cover with single fold up-exterior doors on each end. Actually I can install it myself, could even build it myself. I would need to buy the hydraulic lift system. I would like to be able to plug the lift motor in with an extension cord because my carport doesn't have power.


Requesting quote for 3 bifold doors with glass, as well as 4 exterior doors with fence panel Bifold exterior door measurements are 16' x 11' as well.


Good afternoon, I'm working on a project and was hoping you might be able to help with finding an appropriate door. I'm looking to replace an existing exterior overhead door. This door probably needs to be either a telescoping overhead door or a bi-folding exterior door (there is no room for a sliding door) for truck passage, but also it needs to have several egress door panels built into the door itself (in addition to being an insulated and acoustic door). The space it serves is a large performance space, so the overhead function needs to be deployed when they are loading in/out a production, but during the production times that opening is a means of egress for the attendees. 


I have a block building with a 24'x10' opening n the back. I wanted to see what the least expensive bifold exterior door options would be? Joshua!


Hello, my name is Troy. I'm in the process of building a metal building to be used for a garage/ shop that will need exterior doors. Want to do something different for the front opening therefore thought about building a bifold style exterior hanger door. Was curious if you do build for smaller projects, if so what are your price ranges? Rough opening dimensions are 18'long x 14' tall. I run a machine shop at a mine that has Schweiss mine doors on it in my area. Not always around my phone so if needed can return a call.


Glass Bifold Overhead Exterior Bifold Strap Door 24'w x 9'h Gateway Park project Perkins/Will Architects


I am locating this exterior bifold door in the gabble end of a wood barn. The exterior door must open 14 feet tall. I am thinking a bifold with straps instead of cables. How much higher will the door mount over the opening height . Once I know the extra height I can determine how wide I can go with the door. I want to go the maximum width that will fit in the gabble end. The door project is being done to an existing building where a much wider exterior door is needed . 22 to 24 foot depending on space. Existing door is only 14 feet now. Thanks Dave


I need a quote for a Hydra-Swing Schweiss style exterior door 60'x20' to be installed in a 80'x80'x23' gable building 3:12 roof slope. We can install Location Mico, Texas Let me know Thanks Jimmy Dunn Owner J.D. Construction


We have a project that is specifying three 24'w x 16'h roll-up doors. We think a exterior bi-fold door system is a better in this situation and would like to talk to you about it. The exterior doors would be within a sidewall but there is no bracing as it is a moment frame. Thank you. Mike M


I am building a hangar at flying cloud and looking to get price on the bifold exterior door type that you manufacture. Thank you


Interested in strap bifold exterior doors for Dairy free stall dairy barn. We have over head entry doors for the feed alley and they seem to fail to often. Won't open come apart, and remotes fail to work. It is irritating to get out of tractors when wanting to drive thru and feed cows with mixer wagon. Is there a dealer for sales and instillation and service some where near us in Owego, New York 


we are looking buying a bi-folding exterior door for our outside fabrication area. Our building is existing and would need to be modify to accept a bi-folding exterior fabrication door. I don't have the width yet but we will in a couple of days. Would you drop me a email or call so we can talk over a few option. Thanks, Brian


Our client is interested in using your bifold exterior doors for their restaurant patio remodel and I was wondering if Schweiss has any Revit or 3D models of these Schweiss exterior liftstrap doors.


We are the architect-of-record on a new $130 million engineering facility at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. We intend to use three (3) full glass exterior bi-fold doors on the project. One of your competitors was unable to provide us the necessary information that we need to incorporate this product into the exterior door project. I can send plans, elevations, etc., but please provide me with typical details and structural information (i.e. weights, reactions, etc.) for the product. Our doors are sized at 14'-0" W x 12'-0" H. Thanks in advance- Paul M. 


I have two 10'x 10' bifold exterior doors on my garage and I would like to use your strap system on them. How can I buy the parts I would need and what will it cost?


I am interested in finding a installed exterior door using one of your bifold strap doors. Who can help me do the design work and building modifications for these exterior doors.


I have a 60 x 150 steel building I would like to put bifold exterior doors in it the openings are 4 at 18highx 22 wide and 2 openings at 18high x 20wide


Looking for a exterior bifold to replace sliding doors on steel Quonset. Measurements roughly 24 feet wide by 15 foot high to mount outside the framework of original door. Hoping this bifold will give more headroom.


I have hanger with a rolling door that I want to convert to a Bifold exterior door. I believe it will take a external frame for the door. The door is 46' wide x 14' height




I'm interested in a Schweiss RV style exterior door apr 14'x10' - 2 of them. I'm trying to figure out a way to have the large door opening but have a small normal exterior bifold door type of appearance so I don't have the neighborhood eye sore type of deal going on. Anyways I'm curious on costs etc. I'm trying to finish the building design to turn in and get a permit so I'd like to explore this option sooner than later. Thanks in Advance,


I'm going to remove and replace a roll up door. My plan was storefront infill, but I saw one of your exterior doors on Shattuck in Berkeley. I love it and want to understand the price for the upgrade to Schweiss exterior doors. The building is cement block.


Looking at a 50' x 16' exterior bifold strap door, I was wanting to get a ballpark figure on cost? Thank you, Tom Feagins


I need a quote for a bifold exterior patio door with liftstraps that is 14' wide and 9' tall. The door will be used on a patio and it must have glass panes.


I do not need pricing, I just need exterior door loading information for the following door setup: -100'-0" wide x 24'-0" clear open -IBC 2012, Wind Speed: 150 MPH, Exposure: C I need preliminary specs for this exterior door ASAP.


The inside of this wood frame exterior door building is not insulated/sheet rocked yet. Not sure how much this matters on the dimensions below.


Can I get a budget for a 60' x 20' bifold exterior door going into a Pre Engineered Building for a Hanger Project located in Arizona - 90 MPH exposure B wind


Building an RV Garage - Monitor Barn design. I'd like to compare the cost of a horizontal bifold exterior designer doors vs. a commercial insulated roll up door. Approximately 16 feet tall. Between 14 to 20 feet wide. I'd like to do a barn door facade on the horizontal bifold. I live in Hawaii and this would be for our vacation home in Darby, Montana.


We are interested in using bifold exterior and interior glass doors in a 10' wide x 10' high opening for a college student center project. Could you please give me more information such as drawings, details, structural requirements, contact info, Revit models, finish options, etc. Thank you.


I am looking at building a new pole shed on our farm. I am looking to put two, 30'wide by 16' tall exterior bi-fold doors on the shed. One on each end. One insulated, and one not. What would be the cost of the Schweiss exterior doors from you?


Exploring possibility of replacement exterior door for a friend. Older home, built in 30's - brick. Original exterior doors hinged on sides. No room overhead for standard overhead door, due to heating ducts. Garage is in basement. Single door -- one car.


I am having a new maintenance shop built, and need  bifold or hydraulic exterior doors that opens 60' wide and at least 18' clear high. We have winds that regularly hit 30-35 knots . Is one better than the other operating in high winds? Also, Can you give me a cost for each door? Thanks


Have a Morton Building with a 28x16 roller door that I would like to replace with a exterior bifolding or Schweiss hydo door.


We have a exterior mounted bifold door that needs to be checked. We are interested in converting to lift straps making it easier and faster to open. thanks Christine 


I want a quote on a set up for my back yard. 13' long by 4' tall exterior doors. Small but would like the option to open up the area.


Need a price for Schweiss Bifold Door with a 22' x 70'w clearspan exterior door opening. Please contact me if you require more information. Thanks.


we have a 60' x 40' x 16'eaves height. what is the cost of a hydraulic door quote a 22'wide x 12' tall and a 22' wide x 14' tall


Dear Sir/ Madam, We are an Architecture and Interior Design Company here in Dubai and we have a requirement for Automated Bifold exterior door.s May we know if you have any suppliers or distributors here in the Middle east for your bifold exterior doors. Awaiting for your response. Regards, Rosa Marasigan


I am building two new 2 car garages and would like vertical bifold exterior doors to be supplied. The property is in east of England; do you have a UK based agent?


Interested in a automatic (if possible) horizontal bi fold garage exterior doors for my detached garage. Door measurement 10-0 x 8-0 Let me know if you need more information. Cheers, Mark


Putting a budget together for a T-Hanger building and need to get pricing for Bifold Exterior Doors. The exterior doors will be clad in steel.


Interested in price on a 45x14 bifold exterior door and cost comparison to go with a bifold with lift straps. I currently have several bifold doors but am also interested in one piece compared to bifold exterior doors. Does the one piece door come with its own header or frame?


We need a quote on a bifold exterior doors for an opening 44' wide X 21' high. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you.  J & L Door, Inc.


Looking for an exterior doors 14'H x 12' W for a film studio in Pennsylvania. We are looking for an STC rated exterior door, ideally at 50 or above. This is to replace an existing exterior garage door. The opening can be reinforced or modified.