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Looking for a quote for 5 Bifold doors- operating system and frames only. We will be attaching fencing to them. Door sizes - W x H 1 - 20'x 30' 1 - 20' x 24' 2 - 40' x 30' 1 - 50' x 30'


I'm inquiring for electrical parts for the bi-fold doors control panel on our hangar. I need to replace the ABB contactors and ABB motor starters. I need two contactors and two motor starters. Can you submit a bid quote to my email please?


Looking for a general quote for a 50 wide x 16 high electric operated Liftstrap bifold hangar door for my 60x60 hangar at Blaine airport in MN.


looking for a quote for up to 6 bifold electric operated hangar doors for metal A/C hangers. Hangers are 60x60 nested box hangers so we would like bifold doors. Getting multiple building quotes but will need a common door design/price.


Please text me. I have had throat surgery and will not answer the phone. My cell for texting is 209 735-0767. I am intersted in a simple electric operated hangar door about 40 ft. x 12 ft.


I'm inquiring for electrical parts for the bi-fold doors control panel. I need to replace the ABB contactors and ABB motor starters that were damaged during a. wicked storm. I need two contactors and two motor starters. Can you submit a bid quote to my email please?


I need a quote on a 60'x18' electric motor operated Liftstrap bi-fold door. Please call or e-mail me to confirm any other items needed to provide a quote. Thanks.


if an estimate can be done by email, if not please call. I have 2 bifold electric strap door options on this property. 60x60x20 the other is 80 wide by 60 by 20 in either case I need 18' high opening. this is for budget purposes at this time to meet with the airport. thanks for your help, Jim


I need to get a quote for a 14' x 40' bifold electric door for an airplane hangar. If you could provide options with the door, I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Paula Whyte


Have a customer that is needing an electric operated Liftstrap hangar door that will allow for 25'-0" clear height. The opening will be 100'-0 wide and the clear height is critical toward the center of the opening where the plane tail is. My rafter clearance would only be about 24'-0 at the corner of the opening so I'm thinking the only wat to make this work is with a notched bifold door or hydraulic door. Is this a doable scenario without doing any special design and details? Feel free to respond by email or phone.


I’m in the preliminary phases of designing a hanger would like a cost estimation of a electric Liftstrap bifold door 30‘ x 12‘


Looking for a quote on a 42' wide bifold electric Liftstrap hangar door. I need 12' clear opening under door. I'd like lift straps, auto strap latch, remote control and insulated. The hangar is being built at Aero Acres in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Zip code 34987


You have previously given me a quote on an 80 by 24 bi-fold hangar door. We are finishing up plans and I needed some information on electrical requirements/options. We have 480 available or step it down. What are our options, price difference for those options and your recommendations as well as a cut sheet for placement of power for a bifold hangar door that size? Thank you, Daniel Diethelm


Call Cell Phone first Interested in 60' Bi-fold electric hangar door. Need 20' clearance when open. Door installed on aircraft hanger.


I have a 48X16 foot Schweiss electric bifold hangar door that I purchased along with a 52X36 foot hangar kit in 1985. During a recent severe wind event the hangar door was badly damaged and therefore I am looking at replacement options. I would appreciate your thoughts as what my replacement choices would be including price and availability and if I can get this door with lift straps?. Thank you for your help. Robert Woodberry




Good Afternoon, We are in the planning phase of building 3 hangers at KBAF, for a total of 9 bifold electric hangar doors. this is our first hanger project and just looking for more information. Thanks !


I got your name/recommendation from RapidSet Buildings. I am looking for a quote on a 50' x 14' electric top drive bifold hangar door delivered to Bessemer, AL.


I need a price on a electric hangar door system. Opening 23/10 x 14/5 Customer requires 14/0 clearance. Need to know what system is works? Need to know electrical requirements.


Looking to build a hangar at KSSI, St Simons Island GA. 50x45x14 Can you give me a ball park price, delivered? and a load description for your bifold electric hangar door that I can supply to my steel company?


45x20 clear bifold electric hangar door with straps, manual latches quote install as well please send design information so I can send to Butler Engineer requests door capable of withstanding 105 mph wind load as defined in ASCE 7-16.


I was looked to get a quote for electric airplane liftstrap hangar doors, bifold and lift. 16’ high x 48’ wide in Lebanon Tennessee Look forward to hearing back Thank you Jad J. Harb JTH Builders LLC P.O. Box 912 Middlebury CT


Interested in building a hanger with an electric Schweiss Bifold door, I would like to discuss options, I am deciding between a 100x110 and 50x50 (airport restriction). If I do the 50x50 I would need a min 48' opening, if that's even possible. This will be in a snowy environment, so a single piece door probably isn't the right choice. If possible please work up a quote for a max opening 50' buildingx18', and also an 80x20'. I'd be more than happy to chat anytime! (Pacific time!)


I live in Alaska in the summer but I'm looking at building a hangar in the Memphis, TN area at the Olive Branch, MS airport. I've scouted your website and talked to other dealers and now surmise Schweiss manufactures the best electric hangar doors on the market. I'll get you details on what size door I'm looking for. Thank you.


Looking to buy 2 airplane bifold electric hangar doors at approximately 40' for a new garage/hangar project at my home. There are many Schweiss Bifold strap doors and hydraulic hangar home doors here at our airpark. Everybody recommends Schweiss Doors because they are virtually worry free and easy to operate.


Looking for information and quote for a bi-fold electric hangar door. Additional information and quote for a one piece hydraulic hangar door would also be appreciated. The airplane hanger door size would be 19' x 52'. We are looking for a fast opening zero maintenance door and from looking through your descriptive Schweiss Doors website, we believe you are the door leader because of your quality product and worldwide reputation.


We are a national logistics and real estate development firm that specializes in public service aviation industry. We are Currently responding to a national RFP for hangar construction (5-15) units per year for this particular customer. I need pricing on the following electric bifold strap hangar doors: 40' wide x 16' vertical clearance 45' wide x 16' vertical clearance 50' wide x 16' vertical clearance I am most interested in the bifold strap lift, however, would be interested in discussing other products and or options. The RFP is on short notice with a limited window to respond so time is critical. Best, Rich


New construction project at Winkler County Airport, Texas. (8) 41'6" X 12'0" Clearance Electric Bi-fold **Eave Height 14'6" (1) 74'4" X 18'0" Clearance Electric Bi-fold with auto latches and remote opener. **Eave Height 23'3"


A group of pilots are interested in upgrading the Barnesville, MN, airport to be similar to K47 in Kindred, ND. There is a residential airpark at Kindred. The single most expensive component of a Hangar-Home is the electric hangar door for the airplane. We would like rough numbers for representative Hydraulic & Bi-Fold electrics hangar doors in 3 widths: 40', 50', & 60'. The doors should be tall enough to accomodate a large motorhome. Installation must require a skilled crew with the proper equipment. Some estimate of the cost of installation would also be useful. I look forward to receiving an email or phone call.


100 x 100 hangar 24' sidewalls aircraft B-350 electric hangar bifold strap door 70' x 18' clear 12' x 15' roll-up door (1) walk-in door please quote hangar door


I need a clear opening at least 18' for a bifold electric hangar door. The hangar will be 120' x 80 ' or 120' x 120', but on the 120' side I will have two doors. I prefer email communication, but please call me if you need more info.


Hi, I'm looking to replace my rental hangar door, it's falling apart It's 40x12 I think, it currently opens with a Hoist manually, I would like a new bifold hangar door that opens Electrically what would my options be? I'm looking for install as well, what would something Like this cost? Thank you.


I had some work done in my hangar and they had to remove the switch for my Schweiss bi-fold strap door and didn't document how the switch was wired, Do you have an electrical drawing you can email me? It's a manual pushbutton switch, single phase 120 VAC.


We are in Michigan we are interested in a quote on a bifold electric hangar doors with lift straps Could we also get a quote for a 45x16 and 40x16 also


I need the electrical load and installation requirements for your bifold doors. I have a spec sheet with bid number if that helps get this more specific. The spec sheet says that 240-1PH power is needed and that the controls are located on the "left/inside" but I need to know horsepower rating of the motor, starter/disconnect ratings, and breaker ratings for your electric hangar door equipment as well.


good afternoon. i am needing an installed quotation on a 55'x18' strap electric bifold hanger door. this door is going in a 60'x60'x20' red iron steel building i am quoting to build. building to be built in south central missouri.no glass or door opening in bifold. insulated if possible.thanks,kevin


I have an existing 60' X 60' hangar with a 40' opening and sliding doors. The height of the opening is 14' and I want to know what the least expensive cost would be to convert to a electric bi fold hangar door.


A few of our larger hangars have Schweiss Doors and we have been very pleased with them and we are planing to retrofit a few of our older hangars in the very near future with your product. Unfortunately, we had a bifold door of another brand bust two hinges yesterday. I was wonder if you knew of anyone in our region that does repairs and could also build a quote for your Schweiss electric bifold hangar doors we'd like to have replaced. 


Need a price on 37' x 14'6" bifold door electric motor operated hangar door (single phase 115 volt) This is mounted to wood jambs


We hope to use two (2) electrically operated vertical bi-fold hangar doors for a architectural application, with HSS steel frame support structure. May I please inquire if you can provide AutoCAD files and/or Revit files for your product? Please advise if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!


Power operated electric hangar doors. Vertical bifold doors - 2 pc 9'0" wide x 12'0" tall, clear anodized.  Please send a rough budget ASAP.


I purchased a electric hangar door with a sch-5-11 controller several years ago. I have misplaced the electrical schematic that came with the door. can you send me another one? Thanks


I have a 40ft by 14 ft high Schweiss bifold strap electrical door in an airplane hangar built in 2005. Can you send me the electrical specs/ power requirements for that electric door? I am dumping the local power company for solar panels. I already have the existing panel wired with a 10,000 watt generator for standby. Scott


I have a customer who has just purchased a new hangar with one of your electric hangar doors and openers in it. Hangar built this spring. He is looking to change from constant pressure to open and close to momentary contact as well as have a remote. Is there a ul325 compliant kit you sell to enable that?


I would like to replace a 45x18 electric hangar door (approximate) on one of my airport hangars. I would like an estimate for the cost if possible. Thank you. Have a Nice Day, Troy Gammon Airport Manager Lumberton Regional Airport


I am looking for a residential electric hangar door that folds out so uses no internal tracking. I just want a simple clean look for my hangar home door. The door size is 35' x 14' 11-1/2" PLease let me know if it is possible what the lead time is and how much it would cost, thank you.


Hello Looking for some options and cost of electric hangar doors. This electrical operated hangar door construction planned is for a pole building type. Bifold door opening 44ft by 14 ft. Prefer installed. In planning stages now, location will be Ocean Shores, WA wind loading requirements for building is 120 mph


We need two electric hangar doors that are about 16.80mts x 5.00mts aprox And also need to find out about the type of overseas Electric door installation required for the bifolding door motors 220 monofacic or trifacic


We are specifying around your electric bi-fold hanger door 14ft clear opening x 36 ft wide. strap lift. We need to know the electrical power requirements and it will be helpful if you can send a set of shop drawings for a similar size and type door. Thanks for your help and I hope you have a blessed day. Ray


I have an existing building with a 48' 4 inch wide door x 17' 3 inch roll up door. I would like to replace this door with an electric hangar door, one with straps, and automatic closer.


I'm building a hangar soon in Waller, TX and will need two 38ft wide electric bifold hangar doors to go in one 40ft wide endwall. My lot is 50ft wide but our deed restrictions stipulate a mandatory 5ft setback on each side yielding a maximum hangar exterior width of 40ft. Obviously, a vertical-storing electric bifold door is my only choice. After subtracting 1ft on each side for building framework, this leaves a max interior width of 38ft. Is it possible to build a door that will allow a Cessna 172 with a wingspan of 36ft? Thanks, Harvey Hartman 


Need internal mount. for auto bifold electric hangar doors on opposite side of hangar. Hydraulics can be top mounted (14' ceiling ht.).


We had Schweiss Bi-Fold doors supplied to our project, the Harvard District Energy Facility, located at Harvard University in Allston, MA. We are attempting to become LEED certified and I was wondering if you could send over some documentation that states the amount of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content on your electric hangar door models. Please send over a PDF.


I'm wanting a price for two bifold strap electric hangar doors on a farm hangar shop we are going to build. Want to have a 38' wide door. Farm hangar building will be wood pole barn construction and want as much height as possible placing the two electric hangar doors at each end of the building. Thanks


We have a Model# SCH-4 Electric Bi-Fold Hangar Door, manufacture date 5-23-06. I am an electrician for Admiral Beverage and have been asked to modify the circuit so this electric hangar door will latch when opening and closing. I am requesting a electrical schematic for this door. Hope you can help me out with this. Thank You


2 quotes on 50x 14 Schweiss bifold electric hangar doors  (one for wood and steel)


What would be the electrical requirement (120v or 220v) for a 42' x 12' bi-fold electric hangar door?


I am a general contractor bidding the Mid-West Refinishing hangar at the Hibbing Airport. Please send a price quote for both electric hangar doors shown on this project including all labor, materials and equipment needed for complete installation. Please contact me ASAP with any questions. If you do not have the plans and specifications for this electric bifold hangar door project, I can arrange access to them upon request.


I have a Schweiss electric aircraft cable operated bifold door. It has been working trouble free for years. Now that we are experiencing a severe cold spell the door won't open. Is failure most likely due to cold or may I have a start capacitor issue? Can you provide me some trouble shooting scenario's to try an isolate problem? Thanks ED


Looking for a proposal for a 40'-0" X 15'-0" bi-fold, strap lift electric hangar door package, delivering to Ronkonkoma, NY 11779. Bids due Monday


We are in an immediate need to replace an existing Electric Hangar Door with a new one the opening size is 46'-0"x 16'-0" high. Please contact me at your earliest convenience with pricing of either the bifolding or hydraulic lift door or both. Sincerely, Thomas W. Hayes Facilities Superintendent


Were building 3 hangars for a client in Nampa Idaho we need a price on 3 Bi-Fold doors with motors and straps. Electric hanger door is 55' wide X? must have 16' clear, need everything included for the installation on 3 doors.


WE are looking for a bifold door with electric operator to be installed in a Steel Mill in New Castle, PA to allow an overhead crane to run the full length of the building The electric hangar style door will be 60 foot in length. The opening will be 14 foot. Door is un-insulated as it is inside a 500 foot building We need to know the following ASAP: Door weight. Distance needed between top of opened door and any obstructions. What is needed to secure the door in place Price of door delivered to New Castle, PA.


Building a steel 60 x 60 hanger for Pilatus PC12 Interested in more information including pricing and recomendation for main electric hangar doors.  (hydraulic vs strap) Looking for project completion late spring.


Residential hangar home bifold door application. I am looking for bifold electric hangar doors that are manufactured to allow installation of wood cladding that will match the exterior siding of the rest of the structure. Architect has specified hydraulic door but I am more interested in looking at the bi-fold alternative once the advantages are reviewed


I am in the process of designing and building a gambrel-roof 10x12 stick built shed. The shed will not have electricity, however, there will be a solar panel with a 12v deep cycle marine battery. I am looking for either a horizontal or vertical bi-fold electric hangar style door, 8' wide, by 7' high, trimmed out to look like a barn door. As an aside, do have a DIY package where I build my own b-fold frame?


Hi, I'm looking at buying a hanger that has a bifold door on it but no powered mechanism to open it. Any idea what would be a good Schweiss electrical motorized option to fix that? Is that something I can adapt to the existing door? Door is probably 40 x 18 Thanks


Need approx. cost ea. for bi-fold door Opening (30' wide by 16' tall? Voltage required for electric hangar door? Mounting on I-beam of metal building


I would like a quote for (6) 44'6" x 12'0" (clear opening) electric bi-fold hangar doors and frames with 230 volt single phase top mount electric operator, pre-wired 3-button push button controls(constant pressure up and down)auto unlatching door latches, top, center, side jamb and bottom rubber seals, 4-cable(straps) door pick up and safety over ride switch.


Looking for an aluminum Frame all glass electric hangar door, bifold scrap door with an electric Over gearbox motor not hydraulic for an opening of 8 feet 7 feet with all weatherstripping included looking forward from hearing back on a price quote with shipping thanks email me if possible or call


I'm interested in your "build your own electric hangar door" kit. I need a door for a 14'x42' opening but I want the door to extend higher so I don't lose any headroom. I was planning to attach a steel I-beam frame outside the building to mount the door to. What kind of motors do you use and what size would it take to lift a hangar door this size? Thanks for your help.


I have 4 electric hangar bifold doors with storefront museum door glazing. Can you Email the cost of the doors and I can budget the glazing part. Thanks I will need the price asap


I need a wiring diagram for a Model SCH-4 Ser # 152917-44 bi-fold electric hanger door. I tried doing online but the image was to fuzzy to read. I'm an electrical contractor and have to do some maint. on this door. You may send a hard copy by regular mail or send a pdf file by email Thank you very much. Steve


We have one of your bifold electric doors installed on one of our storage buildings, I was wondering if I could purchase just the control box to raise and lower it? Not the motor just the control.


Hello, I am interested in information regarding lead time for your electric hangar door systems, cost of materials and installation, and the compatibility of your system with an environmental monitoring system that would automatically raise and lower the door. Thank you!


looking to have a bifold electric operated swing out 10ft wide 8 ft high with header prebuilt remote power pack installation, if possible main electric hangar style doors done in aluminium to accept glass pain covering, header plate door column flush with inside door thank you Jim


Hi, We are looking for electrically operated bifold hangar door system that includes one bifold door and a connected "regular" door. So the Bifold door does not necessarily need to be opened to go outside. Thanks Natalie


I would like to inquire about the price for an 8x8 bi-fold electric window garage door for use in a living room. Thank you


Building on airpark at K50F. Want price of electric hangar strap doors for two 50' wide hangars with 14' ceiling. Thanks.


We are looking for a glass electric hangar doors to be used as garage doors with a black frame inside and out. approx. size is 144" x 82"


We are an FBO for X06, Arcadia Municipal Airport. A 6,000 sq ft Airplane Hangar needs two electric operated hangar doors. Is there someone in Florida that could install these electric hangar doors for us?


Hi, I was wondering if I could get a quote on a 40' x 20' electric bifold door for an airplane hanger. Any questions can either be emailed to me or a calling. Thank you, Larry


Looking for information and price on bi fold electric hangar doors. Building will be 50ft by 50ft with a 16ft wall height. Would like to have a 45ft to 46 ft opening for the electric hangar doors with at least 14ft height. It will be a wood framed building with 2x6 constructing and a trussed roof system. Can frame the opening out of wood or steel whatever you recommend.


I am a building contractor. I'm working with a client to construct a new 44' wide x 40' deep x 12' high wood framed aircraft hangar for his personal use for his Piper super cub. We would like to use a bifold electric hangar door which will need to be insulated and controlled electrically. Preferably, the electric hangar door will be 40' wide x 12' tall on the gable end of this proposed structure. Can you please offer me some information about your products, costs, site fabrication and installation, shipping and related costs for installation. I will assume this door will be factory built, shipped to the site and we will install with our crews. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks....RT


We're looking to specify one of your electric bifold doors for a helicopter garage in the Yellowstone Club in Montana. The door will need a clear height of 12' and a width of 30', but we'd also like to limit the overall height of the door to around 14'. I'd like to discuss the necessary structure and dimensions of the electric hangar door, and I can send drawings to show the proposed structure. Thanks, Brian


Hello, I am interested in your Schweiss electric hangar doors for self building. Right now I am building arch storage building for corn and grain. I need the electric bifold doors that are 8 meters wide and 4 meters high. Could you please send me the offer? I am also a producer of arch buildings for other purposes and I wonder if you are interested in further cooperation on Europe area? Best Regards,