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At our church we are putting in a Fellowship Center. Our opening is 14'H x 10'W. There is room above opening for hardware and whatnot Looking for quotes on various styles. Will go in front of the board for review. As the Pastor has a full time job on top of the church I'm on the board and the point of contact. Building material is cement block. Building is white. Can submit pics.


We have a project in Tiffin, IA that we are exploring the use of glass bi-fold church doors on. I would like to speak with someone about size and cost options. Also estimated time of delivery once we place an order.


Looking for a price on a bi fold church designer glass door. 18ft wide and 14ft tall with automatic latch system and a walk in door


Hello, I'm interested in getting more information and pricing info for your hydraulic and bi-fold Liftstrap


We would like a quote for a strap bi-fold church door 40'x15', as well as a quote for 20'x15' and 18'x15' please. Thank you.


quote will be for one 18' wide by 10' tall, plus one 10' wide and 10' tall. Bifold church doors, with vertical strap lift. All glass but would like the glass to be frosted


Hello, I am looking for a price on a 30' wide x 19'-4" tall hydraulic or bifold church door opening. The true opening size is 30'x20', but we are assuming an 8" header from your door. Thank You


I would like a price on a 20 foot wide by 13 foot high bi-fold glass church door. Please give me a call if any more information is needed. Thank you Ray Schwarz 970-690-9476 I'm famaliar with your doors, we have purchased a 35x16 door from you a few years back


My salesman Brandon Berry spoke to someone. I need to know who to contact about ordering a 24x16 hydraulic or bifold strap door for use on a church reception area.


Hi, I'm looking for a bifold door with lift straps (motorized or hand crank, either one could work) for an addition we are constructing on our church building and wondering if I could get a cost estimate? The rough opening is 16' wide and 12' high. The glass bifold door must have an R rating of 30. I would also be open to a single piece door with hydraulic lift arms as well. At this point its a matter of which is more cost effective. Either Metal or wood construction would be fine and I prefer it to have many windows. Thanks. Ben


I’d like a quote on two glass bifold strap church doors. 1) 10’W x 8’Tall 2) 14’ W x 16’ tall


Hello, We are interested in getting some more information on your bi-fold doors for churches, similar to the one in the story in the Schweiss Must See Photo section. Looking forward to receiving some information from your company. We have had several customers request a product like yours.


Looking to get a quote on a custom hydraulic or bifold glass and steel Liftstrap door for a church. 16 lights (8 windows top/bottom), 12’w x 9’H opening, black powder coat. Lead time? Shipping? Thanks, Meg


I am looking for a glass, bifold church door for a project that I am currently working on.


I need a price on two (2) bifold and two hydraulic doors measuring 40 feet wide by 14 feet tall. These will be doors for churches.


I am looking for a bifold window/door for a church that is 30 wide by 18 tall. Do you carry that and if so, how much?


I am building a shop at our church and looking at Bi-fold Church Door. So what Rough Opening would I need for a 18' X 14' high door. Also what would the cost be for door unfinished for that size I will finish. Thanks Kirby


Hi, Looking for a custom bifold door for a church door application. I need specs, and structural requirements. This is for a install in Burlington, Ontario so I need an rep contact in Ontario. Thanks


Have a metal building, need 4 bifold church doors installed, widening the 14' tall openings from 10' wide to about 20' wide. Need a reliable contractor here in the Dallas area to do the work turn-key.


Please quote a BYOD for a 40'x14' hydraulic door and also that size for a bifold liftstrap door. This is for our ministry warehouse/hangar. Please include lead time for shipping components. Email is the best form of communication as I'm often out of country in remote villages without cell coverage. Thanks, Dan


RFQ for bi-fold strap door, 40x15ft. Planning stage of new church build. Bifold door for church needs to be in design stage.


Project Name Commercial concrete block church building with existing opening 16ft wide x 12ft tall. Interested in Bifolding Glass Church Door


Request pricing for reality check on church project building beginning construction before the end of the year. Cost constrained. 36-48' wide, 12-14' high Prefer hydraulic one-piece, but will consider bi-fold strap church doors if less expensive. Covington, ga (Atlanta metro area) Please phone if necessary to discuss.


Looking for a glass bi fold door in either a 5'x4' or 6'x4' for an outdoor church kitchen door.


I bought a bifold liftstrap church door from you a few years back (it%u2019s great). Do you have anyone in the Seattle area that you can recommend for service/adjustments


Just getting initial ideas on how much your bifold   doors for churches would cost. Larry Steven speaks highly of you.


Hi, we have a project to quote that requires two l bi-fold doors for churches. Dimensions are 14'H x 60'L. please send specifics on similar doors using the straps and hydraulic lift church door  applications. in particular I need to qualify the actual clear height for access.


I would like to get a quote for a strap-lift bi-fold doors for our church. The measurements are approximate plus or minus 2" on the length and height of the door is 20' plus there is a 5-6" air gap on the bottom. More precise measurements would need to be taken of course for installation of these doors for churches.


I am looking for a quote and required technical detailing, arch specifications as well as bifold door equipment specifications and dimensions for your bifold doors for churches.


I would like a quote for two different sized bifold doors for our church. Both 45'wide. One at 12' tall and the other at 14' tall.


This church door will be at at break room with glass to bring daylight into the room. Please recommend a glazing for the door. Not sure if this door needs to be hydraulic or bifold. I would like to compare the costs for the two.


Could I also get the door specs along with the quote for the 36x20 bi-fold doors for churches!


I am bidding a project that required 4 each 35'W x 16'H doors for churches. I would like a quote, or at least an order of magnitude cost by tomorrow evening. Please call me to discuss at (661) 327-1436 Russell Sherman, Senior Estimator Wallace & Smith Contractors


Got a bifold church door request that the architect/contractor has asked my company to bid Supply and install. I am the contractor that has installed your church doors on lagoon drive. I believe the bifold doors were 30' x 18'. The install was a great success. I have also installed your hydraulic doors on churches similar to the proposed door at Wailupe Circle for Armstrong Builders, which again the install was a complete success. I am contacting you to get pricing for the supply and delivery costs for the above bid. Please contact me as I am excited to get the bid process started. Thx


Looking for a bid on three 15'6" - 16' tall x 60' wide bifold church doors. Not sure which style is best. Looking at a metal building. This is for a hangar. We have ordered a bifold lift strap style form you before. This project is to go in the fall of 2020


We would like to have custom bifolding doors built and installed for our church. These would be clad in glass. What sizes do your church doors come in, or all Schweiss doors custom built to the exact size needed?


bifold doors for a church, the opening is 10 feet tall, 18 feet wide. I want 8' tall clearance leaving room for a 2' wedge. how much does the strap conversion kit cost? How much to replace the whole doors? Can I build the door myself to save money?


Looking for a price on a 16 ft. Tall by 30 ft wide bi-fold door for a new church, red iron building. This door for our church will need to be clad in glass and have a Schweiss automatic locking system.


Need approximant cost for two 20'x20' glass exterior bifold liftstrap church doors installed in Green Bay WI Need price ASAP Please return email so I know that this email has been received. We've seen other doors for churches that you have sold in Wisconsin and California. They look great.  Thanks 


looking for a bi fold or single panel hyd door for our church, you do supply doors for churches, correct! Needs to be 30' wide by 16' tall


Looking for a quote on a bifold designer glass clad church door to fit a 10 high x 22 wide opening. This is a new wood post frame building. The building has not been built yet. I am getting price quotes together to build the building. One question is what is the clear opening if i mount to the header? #2 What is included in the price? Does this doors for churches price include lifstraps?


I'm working with a church client who is looking to build 2 new 100' X 100' buildings with 30' X 18' bifold doors in Longmont Colorado. Can you provide a cost to furnish and install the doors for churches?


Hi, We have a project for which we're planning on installing a very large glass bifold church door. Would like to plan a call/ meeting to discuss doors for churches this week. Thanks- Mercedes


Will be erecting a new church steel building and would like to incorporate a couple of church designer glass doors for it. Looking for door options.


I am working with a customer on doors for churches, and the customer will be contacting you directly to order the doors. The building is 75 x 150 x 20. We are designing the building around the door and I am looking for church designer door specs, please.


Hello, I am looking for a price on a 24 foot strap lift door for a church? Church door with windows on top half. Thank you


I'm interesting in getting some information and rough/budgetary pricing numbers for a Church door project that I'm working on. The project is for doors for churches where we want to use large glass doors. It would be great to get some rough budget pricing as well as some details the required support framing, etc. I'm interested in the one piece hydraulic doors but a bifold could work as well if it is more economical. The existing structure is brick over CMU but we can add steel columns at the head and jambs if needed. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Looking to get a price on a 30'wide by 18' tall bi fold church door and a 40' wide by 18' tall bi fold church door thanks


We are adding on to our church building and are interested in pricing a door. 34'-0" wide by 16'-0" high. We can have 16'-4" clearance under the header. We would like a price on the hydraulic and the bifold doors for churches. For the bifold option, price the motor and lift on the bottom of the door. If you have any questions you can call Brenda at 618-768-4532. If you send information by mail, send to P.O. Box 216 Saint Libory, IL 62282.


I have already received a quote from you for a 16' H x 42' W Bi-Fold Door. Now I am requesting a quote for on bi-fold doors for churches for sure...possibly two equally sized smaller doors 12' H x 16' W Bi-fold doors.


Looking for a cost of a 30' wide x 14' high bifold door for churches.  It will be replacing a standard sliding door. Would like to see a cost on a strap door vs. hydraulic. We are still in the planning process at this point Thanks.


Do you manufacture doors for churches. I am thinking about using 2 glass panel bifold doors on a high end conservatory.  Lastly, could a bifold liftstrap door section be used on an angle, for instance as part of a steep roof. Thank you.


I sell steel buildings and erect them, I have a customer that would like me to give them a cost on a 30' x 15' bifold glass door for churches, with straps, please include freight to zip code 67483, I have installed one of your bifold doors Thank You Vince


Have a church door project with two glass clad bifold strap doors. 35'x18' and 40'x18'. Client would also like price on Schweiss one piece hydraulic church doors. Looking for options. Please call me. I have drawings.


I have a 19.6 by 15.9 high opening on a steel building would like to know cost of a bifold church door thank you


Looking for a preliminary number to furnish and deliver two bi-fold doors for churches in Nashville TN. Rough Opening is approx. 10' H x 20' W and again, there will be two.


I see by your Schweiss website that you provide doors for churches. We need a 40' wide, 12' high bifold church door, building is new construction. Opening sizes below are estimates. What are the power requirements for a generator?




Looking for a quote for supply and install of 2 bifold glass church doors one width 20'2" X 12' tall and another width 20'2"X 10' tall. What are your doors for churches delivery price?


I have a interior church office that I need a 30-36' wide by 9' high door in. Do you sell doors for churches? The building is steel 13.5' high to the bar joists and the interior build out will be sheetrock. I would like to see what you would suggest as we have had great service from our large Schweiss bifold door. I would need some help on deciding type and size based on your input. Please call me.


I need pricing for a 15' tall, 19'8" and 16'4" wide glass bifold and hydraulic doors for churches as soon as possible please.


Looking for a bifold door for our new Kids Ministry Building. It will be interior church doors that divides to rooms. The size of these doors for churches are 46W - 13H. Thanks


Good day. I am looking for a quote for lift strap bifold church doors, 16 feet wide and 14 feet high. I have a future steel building that is an "A" frame style and requires me to build my own end walls. In order to accommodate a 14x16 door, the door frame will have to be built on the front of the building extending past the roof line on either side. I could build the front wall to a height of 16 feet and then have a 24" wedge when door is open. Front wall doors for church can be constructed to your specs out of wood or steel. Thank you.


I am needing a quote on 2 bi-fold doors to go into an existing church building. The building is currently open on all 4 walls. We will be enclosing 3 walls, with these 2 doors for churches going in one of the endwalls. 1.) 50'w x 20'h 2.) 41'10"w x 20'h


I want to check on pricing for new construction of our church building. Approximate door sizes 30' wide 10' tall, bi-fold church doors, steel siding.


Id like to explore an option to install a 20' wide x 12' high bifold door in our church building. About how much would these doors for churches cost. Black framed glass...double pane. Regards, Mark


Hello, I am looking for a quote on the bifold door and the hydraulic door for custom doors for churches. Also am curious if you would insulate them and what you would use. 


We are working with a client on a church design in Golden, CO. They are very interested in utilizing bi-fold doors to open their interior congregational  seating to the exterior seating area very similar to the doors for churches featured in your Must See Photo section.. I would like to show them a specification sheet of your product, but I do not see one online. Please email me the cut sheet or a brief PDF with these church door examples.


Building a new church complex in SW Wisconsin. Owner requests bifold liftstrap doors for his church. Can send PDF plans if needed. Thanks Tim 


Need a quote on doors for churches. Doors will be installed on gable end of a new steel building 64' wide 34'x14' clear, also an option on 35'x14' clear church door. Single phase electric Bid with straps as well as cable option Delivered to Stevensville, MT.


I am General contractor in Sacramento Ca. My new project is calling for two 18'x10'-2" Bfold doors for churches. I need to know distributors and installers in Sacramento Area could supply and install these church doors.The doors for churches are at two different locations near each other. Please pass some name of supplier and installer to us. Thank You Ali


I need a general price quote for two 30' bifold doors for churches, getting an idea what it is going to cost for my church doors.  I have 20 foot eave height on the building. Just a general range will get me headed in the right direction.