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Good day, looking for a quote on a 40' wide x 30' high, bi-fold door, this is a cold storage building, non-insulated, and we would like four fairly large windows above the fold.


I need a quote for 8 bifold cold storage doors 48' wide x 14' clear height opened. Call me for further information.


Would prefer an e-mail reply before first, phone call after. Looking for a vertical/bifold door, 8 to 9 feet wide with an 8 to 9 foot height for use in the side wall of a coldstorage/workshop building. Would not be insulated initially, but we might want to add that later. Would not be finished on the interior initially, but we might want to do that later as well. Only interested in your bifold liftstrap design door. Not sure at this design stage how the exterior would be finished. I hope that's enough to at least get a ballpark on the cost for the portion of this that you provide. Thanks, Bruce


I am needing a quote for 3 bi fold doors. 2 doors will be on sidewalls the other on an endwall.


I have a door I need quoted. It's a bifold door that is going to be 38' wide. I have 24' sidewalls for a metal framed cold storage building. Job location is in carroll iowa.


Good morning, can I get a price quote on the following Bi-Fold cold storage machine shed door. Qty (1) 60' x 16' with strap lift and auto latches


Need quote on cheapest 40' x 14' bi fold door for cold storage shed. Insurance job. Wood framing but steel jambs. Pictures available. I understand from your Schweiss website that your bifold strap doors can easily be installed by the buyer in order to save me money.


This will be part of a cold storage facility in which semis that require a minimum of 15' of clearance for the lift gate while dumping. The door will need to be insulated to an approximate R-30 value. The design is still being finalized, but this needs to be a low maintenance fast opening door.


Seeking to build a a bi-fold cold storage door for my bus garage and your build-your-own-door offering is of interest. This will be for a 16' wide, 89' tall entry to a 2-car garage with a lift on one-side. New construction, begins in about a month.


I need a quote for a 20' x 20', 30' x 20' 40'x20' powered bifold door for a 80 x 120 building. This will be a bifold liftstrap door for a cold storage building.


Looking for price on a 30wx16h bifold cold storage strap door for a farm equipment storage building in the Rice Lake WI area. would also like option price for 2 26wx16h bifolds


Hi, I am closing on a small ranch/farm in Gary SD in 3 weeks. There is a shed on the property that needs a cold storage bifold door to be really useful. The door opening as far as I can measure is 15 wide by 8-10 feet tall. There is electricity at that building (110v). Do you make a door to fit that size. My only other option is to custom make sliding "closet door" style doors. Do you offer a non-electric bi fold shed door? Thanks, Art


Would like a quote on a bifold or hydraulic cold storage door for a machine shed. The opening is 10ft high x 14ft wide. Doesn't have to be insulated. Would like an option for a walk door built in. The opening is wood frame construction with a concrete sill. The outside of the building is covered in corrugated steel. Would like an email with the quote. Thanks.


I am currently looking into building an 80 foot by 125 foot by 20 foot Rapidset metal building. I would like to put a 36 foot by 16 foot Schweiss bifold cold storage strap door in one end of the building. Would you please send me a price estimate for a door of this size? Thanks, Tim


Looking for pricing for supply and install of 2- 60'w X 18't Bi-fold Cold Storage Doors w/lift straps. To be installed in steel buildings, end wall. Please provide pricing by March 3, 2020


interested in a bifold cold storage door for a 10' x 10' opening for use inside of a warehouse entry into an air conditioned area. Wanted to know if insulated versions are possible. Walls have R19 insulation. Thank you.


I have a Wick machine shed and it currently has sliding doors. Would like to replace them with either a hydraulic or bi-fold cold storage doors. Door opening is 24' wide by 14'tall, thought the trusses are arched so we would like to go to a 15ft door if possible. I can send pictures if needed. Do you do install? Thanks in advance looking forward to hearing from you soon.


I am interested in putting a bi-fold cold storage door on our 40X80 pole barn shop. Do you have contractors that install them?


I am planning to build a weld together storage shed. I'm interested in a Bi-fold cold storage door, likely somewhere between 36' to 46' width. The shed will be either 60' or 70' wide and I will need a minimum door opening height of 17'. It will have either 18' or 20' sidewalls and either a 2/12 or 3/12 roof pitch.


I am interested in a do it yourself bi fold cold storage door for our agricultural pole shed that is 34x56 and end door opening is 30' wide 18' high for equipment.


Havent really seen your doors other than web site. Interested in a bifold for a existing cold storage  building.


Can you please provide pricing for two (2) 40' wide x 16' tall bifold cold storage doors. These door will be used for equipment storage so nothing special like bifold door windows or remote openers.


I need a quote for a 55x14 clear span bifold cold storage door. I would like to see pricing for both bifold and hydraulic. The bifold will need to be larger to get the same final opening.


need quote for a farm/barn cold storage door. the rough opening is 15'9" wide x 12'10" tall. Want 2 windows, no doors in the door.


Farm Machine shed with sliding doors currently installed and would like to look at putting a single hydraulic swing door or bifold cold storage door in opening.


Interested in strap conversion kit for older cable cold storage bifold door, 44'L X 12H, bifold. Also interested in motor options.


Can you give me an approximate cost for a machine shed bi-fold cold storage door? I have a 24 foot opening with a sixteen foot high opening. I am only looking for a rough idea. At this moment the cold storage shed has a gravel floor. This will change in the near future. For now I am trying to estimate for budget reasons. I am not in a position to do anything with this project at this moment. This is for future planning only.


Hi, It's a Morton Cold Storage Building (pole building). All wood construction with bifold doors on each end. I can easily insert steel door jamb and header system if your door requires it. Thanks, David Brady


Please provide a quote for a bi-fold cold storage door as described below. This is a steel framed dome type building covered with canvas type material. Need quote for the bifold strap door with frame and no finish on the door. We will cover the door frame with the same building material


Greetings, I am looking for options for both a 30' x 18' opening, and a 20' x 16'. These are cold storage doors that I still will want to insulated, likely installed by you, or we could, however, have done very few, largest being 60' x 22'.


I have a barn I'm enclosing and looking to install 3 cold storage bifold doors, inside pole to pole is 27' it will be seldom used so nothing fancy is needed just for storage


I have a Morton building that has a 29 ft 6 inch opening. I was wondering what the cost would be to install a cold storage bifold door. Thanks


This is a cold storage door for a new cafe and butcher shop, they want to match the existing building and door, I sent a picture earlier today to the email address on the website. The building is a pre-engineered steel building. The cold storage door will be clad in stainless steel.   Thank you, Ron


I have a 40'x40' cold storage building mostly built. I have a door way opening of 15-3" x 38 feet wide. The opening is recessed. It has 4" square hollow structural verticals with a reinforced I beam, fastened to the HSS. Looking for Pricing on a Hydraulic cold storage door. I can fasten your hardware to the existing frame or I can fasten your frame and hardware to my existing steel frame. Thinking about pricing the components, Power pack, cylinders, and mounting hardware, minus the door framing. With some direction from you I can purchase framing material for the cold storage door itself. Feel free to e-mail questions.


Looking for a quote 32'by 18' bifold  cold storage door with straps. This Canadian cold storage door will go in our Ottawa Ontario Building a shop 50 by 60 Regards John


I am building a 64'x112'x16' machine shed, and I want to put in a 30' and a 12' overhead cold storage bifold door on the end, not sure if I want a bi-fold or one piece door. I need 16' or headroom.


looking for a 18 tall 30 wide bifold cold storage door for the end of a machine shed non insulated no windows. located in hudson il thanks jeff


I only need a budget price at this time for a 32' wide x 14' high clear bifold, lift strap cold storage door for a 40' x 72' building that I have gotten a quote for on the Rapidset Metal Buildings web site. We do not need to talk about all of the available accessories that your company offers at this time. Just the basic starting price for the base cold storage door will be enough information to help me make a decision about my possible shop project. The delivery charge would be in Texas.


I'm an engineer looking for a rough cost for a cold storage-style door to retrofit a client's solid waste transfer station. The building is approximately 50 feet wide, 30 feet high, steel framed, and the door would ideally be a single span mounted to the I-beam framing the top of the entrance. A bifold cold storage door would seem like a logical choice for this operation. I am not looking for a detailed design or cost estimate at this time, rather an evaluation of whether it is feasible to construct in this manner, and an approximate cost (is it 30k, 50k, 100k?) Please call to discuss.


I am interested in a 40 foot wide lift strap bifold cold storage door. I would like a 12 foot high clear opening. I am proposing to use it on a steel building that I am considering building.


I have a slider on a pole barn that is 18W and 16H. I am interested in replacing it with a bifold cold storage ag door. I assume that in case of a power outage I can operate it manually? What do I need to do to check on costs? Thank you, Larry Woodcock 


Looking to replace some old panel sliding doors with a single hydraulic or bifold cold storage door. Opening is 16' x 60'. We would have to build a frame to attach the door to since the sliders just stacked on each side of hangar in an enclosure.


I am putting up a post frame building to be a shop for my excavation business. The building will be a 40 x 64 x 16 and I am looking for a 20' wide by 14' tall cold storage door. I would like some more information on what options are available. Thank You


Need a price on a bifold cold storage door shipped to Amarillo, TX. 40' x 18' tall. Caprock to provide sheeting, trim. Would like 4 windows in the cold storage door system.


I would be interested in 2 cold storage doors for my own shop but am also looking for something to keep me closer to home (winters I work away). If a dealer opportunity was available I would be certainly interested in installing and building some of your doors. There was a competitors brand installer locally here a few years ago but since then there is nothing of this cold storage style of door available in my area.


Farm is building a machinery shop. Would like some pricing on your cold storage farm doors. 45Ft /- wide on a 20ft ceiling building.


Could I get a quote for a 44x12 opening bi-fold And a quote for a 60x16 opening bi-fold. Both of these would be cold storage agricultural use doors


I am still attempting to purchase land and build my new ag building. I would prefer to stick build the structure out of wood and have cold storage bifold strap doors on each end wall. On a door opening of 18' x 50'. I am not sure if the structure around the door would be better to be made from steel instead of wood. I am getting information from the local builders. I am also looking at the differences in Schweiss bifold vs hydraulic doors. Thanks Brian G


Looking for a cold storage door to fit in a 48x80x18 pole shed. Bi fold cold storage door is preferred. 20' or 24' wide Opening 17' or greater


Hi, I'd like to request for rough pricing for 3-32'6"x15' bi-fold cold storage doors and 1-12'x12' bi-fold and/or hydraulic single panel doors ready to receive customized exterior metal panels. Would appreciate pertinent information to support attachment of the cold storage doors and customized metal paneling requirements to finish the doors. The doors are intended for a residential project in area code 96719, would be helpful if shipping cost is included. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.


I am building a farm machine shed for a person and am interested in a 40' wide by 18' high bifold cold storage door. Need to know what my price would be for that and time frame on delivery. It is a wood framed building. Would also like the cold storage door to be able to be controlled by a remote control and a push button at the shed. Please let me know. Thanks Dan


I built a 50 X 63 pole barn and on the end cap is a 38 foot by 14 foot high opening. We are way back in the woods with generator power. 7500 watts running power. 9500 peak. I was looking at your bi-fold cold storage strap door but would like the budget version. Do not need the white metal on the inside. Don't need expensive electrical power boxes. Just wondering what a estimate would be to have a cold storage door installed. The address of the land is. This is a storage building for farm equipment. W8400 county rd M Westfield Wi 53964


I'm planning on building a medium size cold storage shed on my property near Lonsdale, MN next year and I'm considering bi-fold or hydrolic cold storage  doors for either one or both ends of the building. The building will have 16 or 18 foot side walls and be either 42 or 48 feet wide. I may convert it to heated shop down the road, so an insulated door would probably be advisable. I'd like your recommendation on how wide of a door I should buy and an approximate idea of how much it would cost install it. 


Built a lean to on our pole building shop to store our buckets trucks in the dry. Looking for a price to furnish and install a bifold cold storage door approximately 24' wide x 13' high. Do you install or does the door come as a kit?


I need pricing for a couple of Bi-Fold Cold Storage Doors 50x16 for a project we are working on in Marysville, Ohio


I have a customer that needs bi-fold cold storage doors 40' wide x 18' clear Building 80'x140'x20' eave metal building, roof slope 2 to 12 ,Door in center of endwall, Ky Building Codes 2013 105 MPH wind, I Low Hazard Ag.building, wind exposure B Please have hinges points 5' or less to match up with roof purlins Strap lift , Auto lock Bowling Green, KY.42101


Looking for (4) 25'w x 12'h cold storage doors that close with bifold door system to form a tight seal. Temp in room is around 34 degrees to 70 degrees. Best way to contact is either cell phone or email Regards, Steve Eaton


looking to price bifold cold storage doors for each end of my machine storage shed, the door is 22ft wide by 14ft tall.


Hi, I have an opening on a pole shed 15'8"x15H approx. and need a price quote for two ag bifold cold storage doors, everything but the tin. Please get back to me ASAP as I am dealing with different companies and need it soon. Thanks, Gary 


We have an existing bifold door on our farm shop that needs overhauled. We would like to discuss our options with a salesperson. Retrofit the old door to straps, new bifold door, or a new hydraulic cold storage agricultural doors.


Putting up a 128x66 pole barn (Wick or ProBuild) with plans for two 24x16 overhead doors currently. I would like to consider two bi-fold doors instead. One door will need to be insulated for the shop area, and the other does not need insulation for the cold storage area. This is a wood post building and I'm wondering if I also need to do anything differently with the posts to accommodate bi-fold cold storage doors. Thanks, Tim


I have a prospect interested in a 50x50 pre-engineered building with a 40x14 bifold cold storage  drive-thru doors for an airplane hangar. Please advise on best economical door.


I'm interested in seeing if a bi-fold door is feasible on our shed. It would be a cold storage end door 12' wide 13'-13.5' clear opening to clear an RV. Shed has steel upright posts (very heavy) and concrete floor. I do not have room for an interior conventional overhead door, a bi-fold cold storage door looks like the answer. I would like a sales rep to stop and take a look. Launa, Oshkosh WI


I would like a quote for a couple of cold storage bi fold doors. It will be placed on end wall that will need cold storage doors. Wall will need reinforcement and I think it will be done with steel beams but not 100% certain yet.


We're interested in learning more about your Schweiss cold storage doors for both current and future machine shed projects. Do you have a local rep that we can arrange a meeting with?


We're building a 80' x 40' metal barn building with 14' eave heights and I stumbled across your doors on your Schweiss Doors website. I can email the drawing of the existing plan, which includes 3 roll up doors on one 80' long wall, and 2 roll up doors on the two 40' end walls. It would be interesting to have 2 Schweiss 30' ( /-) cold storage doors on the long wall instead of the 3 roll up doors, depending on cost. In addition, while the Schweiss bi-fold cold storage doors are of interest, the 3 door long wall has a carport cover running down the entire length of the wall. How would that affect the Schwiess doors?


I have a pole barn that I need to install a horizontal bifold cold storage doors on. the opening is 40 wide by 17ft high. the pole barn is currently sided with 1/2" osb sheeting and the 10x7 opening is framed in and ready for your bifold cold storage doors. How do I get a quote or see what you have available? thank you


interested in getting a quote for a bifold and hydraulic cold storage doors to be installed on a new farm shop building. We're flexible in our design as we haven't begun construction yet. Also because of our involvement in the construction field are very interested in installing the cold storage doors. Also wanted to know where the break is in design where the exterior truss wouldn't be needed. looking to price a 24' x 16' door. Maybe wider depending on design constraints.


Looking to get a quote on cold storage doors for a agricultural cold storage machine shed for one of my clients. One price with insulation and one non-insulated. I need to quote to include installation.