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I have a climbing gym, with one side that is open to the southwest. We extended the walls of the metal building and the roof, then built a tall climbing wall inside. Folks love it, but we would like a door or wall to close the space for the winter months. We are thinking the schweiss hydraulic door is the way to go for the shaded canopy. How do we start the quote process for this project?


Pricing out a tilt up canopy door for a client. Opening is 62" wide by 84.5" tall. Glass should be low-e insulated if available. (Michigan Location.)


I need information on 2 glass hydraulic non bifold canopy doors in size of 9" height and anywhere from 8'to 10' wide. These will be used in a weld up metal agricultural building. Photos specs and approximate costs would be helpful. Thank you in advance ! Eileen Biermann Woerner


I am looking for information and what my options are for an exterior, upward acting glass bifold canopy door (either bi-fold or single piece) that can act as a awning/canopy when open. Door size is probably no larger than 10' wide x 8' high. What do I need to think about for support/construction/details? What finish options are available? what regular maintenance is required?


Looking for a budget for (3) bi-fold canopy doors, approximately 15'-0" x 17'-0" Please email with any questions or if you are looking for additional information


Hi, I probably have a unique request, but i am looking to do a retractable canopy similar to your outstanding bifold strap door system. Your Under Armor Architectural Door would be something a good representation of what we are trying to do with either glass or metal. In our case, it would be 14'-0" x 60'-0" in bifold design and size and would have to be able take on Buffalo Snow loads as a canopy? Let me know if this is possible in any way? thank you, Joe Molek


I’m looking for a 8’x8’ bifold canopy Liftstrap door to go into endwall of existing building I would want a walk in door and window in the door.


I'm in the design phase of our new home here in NE Texas. I would like to get a rough estimate of the cost to purchase and ship to 75645. I would like bifold canopy style strap doors to serve as awnings/shade when up and wind protection when down. Tornadoes are rare here, but I would like to build a very durable ICF home. The interior walls will be inset from these doors with as much glass as possible, but I don't want that glass vulnerable to severe winds. I'm not wealthy, so I may end up with a roll-up door system. However, I would like to get a frame of reference for your doors so I can try to work them into my budget. I appreciate your help.


We would like to share our design for the awning bifold door window that we have proposed for Hyderabad House. We require a bifold canopy door system in which we can bridge the gap between the finish and quality attained for roof


Request quote for hydraulic or bifold canopy door 45X10 People door installed in hangar door-swings out Picture of hangar is available


Looking for a canopy style bifold door for a high end pool house. 12' wide, 7' high (when open), clear glass panels, black frame. building is not built yet so dimensions are open for any adjustment. Head room will be about 2 feet. I love your hydraulic canopy door, but believe the bifold canopy door will work best for me considering we sometimes do get a lot of snow here in Pennsylvania.


I would like to request a quote for an estimate for a custom made Schweiss canopy hydraulic or bifold door I am working up for a customer. This will be all new construction. Conventionally framed steel building. I would like to look into using a pre-mounted bifold door. I would also like an option for a hydraulic door as well. Please call or email with questions. Thank you Dave Neckuty Fox Cities Builders dave.n@foxcitiesbuilders.com (920) 833-9545


Looking for a quote for our pool house. We have 2 openings, and 16x8 and a 12x8. Would like to quote glass canopy Liftstrap bifold doors. Thank you


Looking for a cost of a bi-fold liftstrap canopy door, 24ft wide and a 16ft sidewall. May be interested in two, one insulated and the other not.


Looking for a quote on a bi-fold canopy door, 12’ wide x 14’ height. I want to blend the door into the front of the building.


Looking for 3 bifold canopy designer doors. the cheapest option will do just fine. Measure 9.92' w X 8' h Bronze color with clear glass


I am designing and building residence and will like to use your Pivot Hydraulic Door or bifold canopy door, size 16'x 10'. Please advice! Regards Mirko Djuranovic in North Carolina


Looking for a bifold vertical lift canopy liftstrap designer door that does not impede the interior of the room and folds in half and acts as an awning when open. We are located in southern Michigan. Would like as much glass as possible with the glass and frame insulated. Would like black door frame and hardware. I have a picture of the wall I can send you.


Good morning,looking for a quote for one 30'0"w x 30'0"h (clear opening) and one 20'0"w x 20'0"h (clear opening) bifold canopy doors. Please include shipping to my address.


Hello- I'm trying to find a few Bifold canopy doors specifications for a residential garage. Please let know if you can help me select some products for consideration. Thank you


I am looking for a canopy designed bifold liftstrap pool opening door 12 ft. wide x 10 ft. tall.


Need second bifold canopy door: Opening Width 560.5 inches Opening Height 156.5 inches. Ship door to Michigan just as before. Same door dimensions.


Looking a small residential bifold or hydraulic canopy doors, lead times are important. Clear opening size is roughly 8 feet wide x 6 feet high - looking for composite / maintenance free materials which will perfomr well in coastal environment. Thank you. Charles


Please provide me with qoute for two 30x30 bi-fold canopy liftstrap doors. Please contact me with any questions.


Hi, our office is working on a residential project where the client is interested in constructing a 'garage' that in really is more of an extension of the back yard, and functions as a space for entertaining. He'd like to open it up to the back yard with a fully glazed bifold canopy door that opens upward. We'd like to have a quick call with one of your sales reps to find out if the bifold or hydraulic door is a good fit, and what the cost range will be. Thanks! Sebastian Bartnicki, OAA Office Ou Toronto, Ontario


Hi, I am looking into building a structure and really like the design of your bifold liftstrap canopy doors. I would like to know what a door would cost and if there are other factors that will affect the door cost significantly. Is it something that I can install myself or do you nor recommend that. do you provide insulation or is that something I can add myself at a later date? I put a 24x14 door in the details below but I would be interested in how that compares to say a 14x14 door and if there is a point that the price jumps significantly and how a metal vs steel building affects the door. thanks. you can call me if that is easier.


I am build a new house for a client and looking for a bifold garage canopy door with lifting straps. Do you supply doors for Western Canada? If not, do you know who might?


Our design studio is working on a project in Southern California and would like to specify your bifold canopy door product. Do you have a dealer/installer for Southern California area.


Hi there! I am looking for dealers/installers near Burlingame, California for my project of an bifold canopy awning garage door for my house


We are specifying Schweiss Designer Door Bottom Drive Bi-Fold Canopy Doors for our lab science building project for Northeastern EXP. Is there any air infiltration test report data available for your highly engineered bifold Liftstrap patented doors?


I am interested in two window walls On hydraulic pumps Or two bi-folds for my pool house. Your canopy doors are the greatest. Approximate size 9’ wide By 8 or 9 feet tall I am looking for a quote.


I have a customer of mine here in Tulsa OK that is looking for a Bi fold Glass Canopy Door for his residence, This door is going in a hole that will be 18'-0" wide x 10'-0" tall. He would like this door to be dark bronze with frosted glass to match the overhead doors he is installing also. This is a new construction project but i am need of pricing right now and possibly a drawing to review with him.


Do the bi-fold canopy doors come in standard sizes or can you get custom sizes? Do you install the doors or have dealers that do? Thanks for you time, Justin Mckee


We are currently in the process of starting to build our home. We are looking to price out options for a section of our house to open up the the environment using a bifold canopy door. I would like to get pricing on glass options for 12-14' w and 8-10' high. Thanks David


I need a quote on a 25%u2019 x14%u2019 bifold canopy liftstrap door. With opener shipped to Visalia, Ca. 


can i get a full view bi-fold canopy designer door for a 88 3/4" w x 99"h rough opening if so would like an estimate. thank you


I am looking for 4 glass canopy bifold garage doors each one is 24-30 ft wide 8 ft high. For a condo project . Bi-fold or single swing canopy door is an option.. would like to talk to you


I am currently working on a project that requires a single garage door. but would like that door to function as an awning when it is open to provide shade/cover. The door is sized at ~8' X ~10'. This door will be placed in a curtain wall. Do to the scale we would like the awning to be, your hydraulic canopy  door seems more appropriate. but even the 8' extension will not be enough. Have you incorporated a dual panel system on this type of door? Meaning when it opens the garage door awning could potentially double in length? If this has been done using the bifold canopy door technique that would be useful information to know as well. Please let me know if I can clarify anything else.


We are quoting out a 9x7 bifold canopy door with some headroom issues and they had brought up some pictures that look like something you guys most likely had done. We only have 9' of headroom so it would need to fit in that.


I would like to get a quote for a standard size 42' x 12' bi fold canopy door and the frame size/structural support requirements. I am planning to build a 50'W x 40'D x 14'H wood pole barn structure on my property at Holt, FL 32564. Thank You, John Crane


I have 42ft x 104ft shed. 32x42 is enclosed shop area. 72ft is open with posts at 12ft. Is it possible to do bi-fold canopy doors?


Price for 3 - 8'H X 12'W metal and glass bifold tilt-up canopy doors for a residence to be built in Asheville, North Carolina. Doors will be separating the Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen from a second floor covered porch.


We have a new tap room tenant for new construction office building in Seattle. The building is heavy timber construction. We like the idea of your Schweiss doors opening and providing canopy. We want to match the elevation of the windows above on the building. thanks, Brandon Kamin Owner


I am quoting a pre-engineered metal building that needs a 30' wide bi-fold door with 14' clear bifold canopy underneath. could you give me a quote on the door as well as overall opening height, wedge height, etc.


Hi all, I would like a price for 15 40x12 clear bi-fold canopy strap door with auto lock, 2 60x16 clear bi-fold, 1 55x 16 clear bi-fold and 3 50x16 clear bi-fold all with auto lock... Thanks Dave Ward


How much room is required for the wedge at the top of the open bi-fold canopy door for a 26'-28'wide door with an 8' vertical opening; most likely driven from the bottom?


Hi I'm looking for a quote for replacing folding or sliding windows for a space that's 14' x 5' (sits above counter top). Can you please send me a quote of my options for your canopy bifold doors?


Would like a quote on a 14' x 30' wide canopy bifold door. Do you have companies you recommend for installation or do you quote that also?


I have a customer looking to do particular canopy doors with the structure we are building for her. I would like to speak to someone on a quote for a designer bi-fold canopy doors. I have a picture that may clear up some questions. Thank you


I am starting construction on a remodel/ addition to my home. The new garage has an odd shape and a conventional retractable garage door will not work. After exploring various options, I had settled (reluctantly) on using a commercial style roll-up door...until I discovered the Schweiss bi-fold style canopy doors. I haven't yet found anyone in my area who makes/sells such doors. I recently ran across your site and wanted to speak with someone about my project to see if this style of door could work and get a quote. Thanks! -Rob


Need a quote for a bifold canopy awning window approximately 55 1/2" x 60 1/4". Please advise.


Looking to install some bifold canopy doors for a parkade application. Very little room involved. Opening height is 7', width is approx. 10' wide. Do you think this product would work? thanks. Mark.


I have a canopy door project in Phoenix, AZ where we are designing a freestanding outdoor bar structure for a hotel client which requires it be closed and secured each night. We saw your bi-fold canopy door product and thought it might fit the need. I need a rep to contact me asap to get budget pricing so we know if using the Schweiss bi-fold doors can work into the budget.


Working with a new client and looking for a canopy door option to garage doors that he will have to see from his view home, so thought about the myriad options for the folding canopy liftstrap garage doors you manufacture. Biggest question for schematic design is ration of opening size for doors vs size of access opening. I am guessing he will want at least 8' clearance. So how much larger does the opening need to be to accommodate the folding door? Thank you, Pearl


Hello, Would you be able to provide a quote for a 45x14 bifold canopy door, that has no windows and no man door.


We have a manufactured house style we have designed that includes canopy doors. It ships as part of the wall and then opens to become a canopy roof. In a hurricane, it must fold down to cover the large sliding glass door array behind it. I can send drawings. It would seem you could design a mechanism for this very easily. We are struggling. If we came to an agreement on the design and mechanism, we would buy it consistently, it's a bifold canopy door product line.


I am looking for a folding or strap canopy door that is glass. Do you make these for residential applications?


we are a garage door company in denver and have a customer requesting a bifold canopy door with liftstraps. after an exhaustive search (:, i found you! it looks like you are the manufacturer, correct? do you have distributors or dealers in denver?


I have a typical ranch house, attached garage. I want to put a auto lift in but a standard overhead door will hit the lift. Will you send info on a bifold canopy door that folds up and out.Thank you, Garry


Bidding a project and need bifold canopy door prices. Have Specs form you quote from back in 06. Will send them to you. For this quote I want liftstrap canopy doors, no cables please.


My name is Michael with JTR buildings and I would be interested in selling your bifold and hydraulic canopy door products. What are the requirements to set up with you?


I have a customer that is wanting a vertically clad bifold canopy door. Typically we can build a standard sectional door this way, but the customer is wanting to go flush to the exterior and wants his door to provide a substantial canopy for door shade inside the building. Could you proved a quote for an 18x10 opening? I just need the frame, because the customer is providing the cladding material.Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you 


Needing a quote for a airplane hanger door specified for Utah State University Hanger at the Logan, Utah airport. Specified is: Schweiss Door 60' wide x 19' tall Bi-Fold Straplift Left inside switch location Bottom Drive Love to speak with you about your Schweiss canopy door products.


Would like information on cost for a bifold and hydraulic door system, opening is 18 feet wide by 8 ft high. Would like to clad it with 1x6 charred timber siding that will provide a nice shaded canopy door when open. Please contact me as soon as possible. I am currently in Jamaica.


Looking to put in two bifold canopy doors if I have the clearance for the mounting points. Bifold doors should have multiple windows floor to ceiling. I am curious about the thermal efficiency of the door with windows. West garage 9 feet wide East garage 8 feet 10 1/2 wide West garage: 7 ft 8 1/2 in tall East Garage 7 foot 7 inch tall Both Garages -2 1/2 inch header space (between top of door opening and joists attached to the 12x6 glulam -Double 2x6 side support supporting the glulam on either side of the canopy door openings. If you need pictures I can send the for a follow-up discussion.


I'm building a 35x40 oversized RV garage and I want a 12x14 front garage door in need of a nice Schweiss canopy door. I think a bi-fold door with all or lots of glass would be great and should give my bifold door a nice canopy when open. My door would be on the gable end of the building and be a wood framed wall. This is a DIY project.


Hello, We are finishing up construction on a permanent canopy door awning at our Bar/Restaurant and would like a quote on an overhead bi fold glass canopy door. The opening is 16ft by 9ft tall. I saw a picture of Barrel & Bushel's patio area you did and that is what we're looking for. Thank you, Heather Shamo




we are in need of a Schweiss canopy door for a wood arch style roofed fishing lodge. dimensions are 14 ft wide by 12 ft tall, we are interested in the bifold or hydraulic canopy style door with lifting straps.it will be located on the side, a dormer is built in and currently has a garage door. 


We are Designers and Builders of large Homes in Southern California and Eastern Long Island NY. I have a large modern project in Beverly Hills that is currently being specified. I like your canopy bifold designer door product very much and want to know if you have a fit for me and if it works in my budget.


Requesting pricing for (2) each Glass w/ Metal Frame Vertical Folding Bifold Canopy Door sets, openings approx. 8' wide x 9' tall. Downtown Sacramento restaurant TI project.


I was needing a quote for a 18' x 8' custom overlay frame to be used as a one piece canopy door. I would also consider a bifold canopy door. thank you


I need 3) 8 x 8 outside mount folding doors with canopy shade mounting to concrete cinder block i need price fast on your bifold liftstrap canopy doors  and to order asap. hopefully youll be able to sell to us.


Would like cost of a bifold or hydraulic lift canopy  door with opening of 28 wide by 16 high vs do-it-yourself kit for same. Please email options


I received a quote for 4- 45 x 14 bifold canopy doors and also asked for a list of installers, Can I get an installed price? As far as I can see Schweiss makes the best canopy doors, thanks Dale 




Looking for pricing and installation of a bifold canopy door for a new garage. The opening is 16'W x 8'H. Looking to match canopy door color to Andersen Windows Sandtone. Glass panels frosted. 4 Glass panels from top to bottom and 4 or 5 panels left to right.


We need the name of installers in the Central Texas area who are qualified to install and maintain a Schweiss Bi-fold 20' x 10' canopy door. 


I am interested in bi-fold canopy doors for a residential application with a clear opening of 7'-0" H x 18'-0" W. The intent is for the exterior wood cladding of the door to be flush with the wood cladding of the walls when the door is closed. I am interested in budget pricing and lead times for production/delivery to Long Island, NY. Thank you.


I have 60X117 Wick machine shed with a 16 feet 4 inch eave height. One split side wall door is 27x16 and one splint end wall slide door is 30x16. I was wondering what it would cost to replace these doors with split-fold overhead canopy doors. Thanks. Ken 


I'm working on a project where I'm needing a bi-fold upward lift canopy door for an interior to interior space commercial project. It needs to be transparent, so mostly glass. The most important part however is that I don't have a lot of height to work with so I'm wondering what your thinnest profile glass option door would be. My opening height is only 8' high and I don't want the height of the door when fully open to drop the head height lower than 7' - higher is even better. This bifold or hydraulic one-piece canopy door would also have to raise and lower in between some handrails, so I can't use side columns. Is this even possible? If someone could contact me with a solution, that would be great. Thanks.


Good day Is it possible that you can give me a quote to ship a bifold canopy door with these specifications to South-Africa? 5meter high and 30mwide bifold door. Regards


I am currently working on a project in Sacramento, CA. We would like to use glass bifold canopy doors and would like to get a rough price estimate. There would be 2 doors, ~24' wide, with a ~9' head height (which could go higher). I would like to be able to match the storefront system around these canopy doors.


Requesting quote for bifold overhead canopy doors. Options for full view door with clear anodized aluminum frame to match storefront finishes. Used in back of bar area for access to street/sidewalk seating. Installed in storefront system, hung from precast hollow core planks. Contact for access to plans via Dropbox link.


I would like a price on three 9 x 8 canopy doors that we can add materials to look like Clopay Coachman Design Canopy Doors, 13 doors with REC13 windows. Hydraulic and bifold are both good canopy door options. Thank you.


I am interested in getting more information on your exterior canopy door products for custom residential work. I also am building a tiny home on a trailer and would like to price out a bifolding glass door that swings out to become a canopy. I can build the frame for the door in any material necessary; steel or wood. Please feel free to contact me either via email or phone. Thank you, Staci


I'm looking for a price on a build your own door kit to build a bi-fold overhead canopy style door, approximately 5'-6' wide x 7'-8' high, to be clad in aluminum framing and glass.


need pricing on a bifold strap canopy doors Hangar size is 60x60 with a 16' opening. Would like as much width as possible and insulated.


I'm looking to have two windows added to my schweiss Bi-fold canopy doors... Wondering if this is something you do or if you have contractors you work with to install these. My time frame is ASAP.


can you use this bifold door system of Canopy doors above walkways? if yes, Walkway of 24 meters lenght by 2m width projection from wall.


Need a quote and info on (2) 40' x 16' hydraulic swing canopy doors going into a new timber frame building on each gable end. Also price as bifold canopy doors.


Good morning Sir / Madam: I am working on a house where we are specifying two 12'(w) X 10'(h) bifold overhead canopy doors. Do you have any CAD details of the head, jamb and sill conditions needed to support these canopy doors that you could email to me? Thanks, Dwayne