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We are in the early stages of planning to build a multi aircraft hangar at Qualicum Beach Airport,on Vancouver Island, British Colombia, CAT4. The present plan is for six bays and six doors. The plan is to keep costs down and keep it as simple as we can. We are all light aircraft owners. We would be interested in what you would propose for for our project.


Do you ship to Canada. I need a clear opening of 18’ by 60’ once door is up. Are you able to supply a door and if so, can you provide a quote.


I'd like a price on a 20' high x 30' wide bifold insulated delivered to Vegreville AB Canada


HI I am wondering if you have a location in Canada that sells these doors. Please write me back. Thanks, Tyrel


Building a 60 x 60 steel hangar at Port Hawkesbury Airport. Nova Scotia. Canada over head door interested in your strap lifting doors.


Greetings, As architect, I'm working on a project for the Port Authority of Montreal to redesign a part of the shore of the old city. There would be pavilion and merchandise stands of the docks and we're interested in your products for our canadian door project. I've consulted your online documentation but still have questions concerning dimensions, technical constraints, installation requirements and cost (preliminary). I'll be happy to exchange by mail or by phone at your convenience. Best regards, jb *column type is still to be discussed.** there might be side wall as well


Hi we are looking at a premium hangar having 5 doors ranging from 75-85 ft wide and having clear heights for the tail of 22 ft. This project is in Vancouver Canada at YVR airport We unfortunately do not have the clearance to the aircraft stands to permit single leaf hydraulic doors, so we are limited to bifolds. I have some questions: Can we do a door of this size that can be fully glazed? I'm concerned about torsion and flexing of the glass. How tall does the opening have to be to provide the 22 ft clearance? Can you give us a budget for planning purposes? Many Thanks


Hello, I work for the company EBC inc in Quebec. We are currently in design-build for a project in Bagotville. I would like to have a quote from you for three different options for aircraft hangar doors. I would like to be in contact with a representative in order to attach a description of the hangar doors. We would like a quote for 64 doors and to know the unit price for a single door, as well as all the equipment and hardware necessary for its operation. For any questions do not hesitate to write to me. Thank you


We have a 60 ft Bifold door with lift straps installed November 2020 at our Aviation Hangar Facility in Sarnia Ontario Canada that we store up to two helicopters in our hangar valued at $4.5 million USD a piece. For this reason and the value of the helicopters in this hangar we want to get these doors maintenance and looked over regularly. Prestige was the contractor hired to install. I am hoping you could provide me with a name of a company that installs your doors in our area other than Prestige as we are extremely disappointed in their service.


I would like to get a quote for a hangar door to be supplied and installed in Sundre, Alberta in Canada. I can provide photographs and measurements but do not have drawings. Door should be bifold with straps and auto locks with room for adequate insulation. Please advise. Thanks.


Hi! I’m building a Hangar in Sherbrooke Quebec, CYSC, The hangar will be 60’ x 50’ with clear ceiling of 16’ The hangar will be built with ICF system (Concrete wall) Would like a budgetary quote for both systems, Bi-Fold and Hydraulic that can be well insulated.


Hello, I working on a Cold Lake, Alberta project for the Canadian Air Force and we are in a process of door selection (we need 23’h x 66’ w doors) We are considering bi-fold with lift straps and auto latch or hydraulic, There are some additional questions we were asked, Could you please confirm for each door type: 1. Meet National Building Code of Canada 2015 wind load when closed (concern is that doors made in the USA might not meet Canadian code) 2. Maximum wind speed limit on door being operated 3. Can local army maintenance team could perform maintenance or is it only allowed by the door supplier crew? (warranty void etc.) 4. Where is the closest service center located in reference to Cold Lake, Alberta? Concern is about long wait times when door needs servicing 4. Can your bifold door be connected to an emergency generator and be manually open as well (need 2 redundancy systems) 5. Max and min. temperature for door operation, what happens if the temperature is out of the stated range? Can the door be still operational? 6. Where is the door manufactured?


Hi, I’m working on a project in Quebec with hangar door and I would like to have information about the air leakage of these type of doors. We are trying to have this information for a bi-fold doors. Is there a study that can explain what to expect about the amount of Infiltration of air that leaks through cracks around a door? I've heard all Schweiss doors close weathertight, is that correct.


I have a hanger in Alberta. It was built in 1985 or so. The outside of the building is 42'-0" Clear opening is 11' high x 40'-9". I am planning on installing a 6" square tubing top rail and uprights made from 6" square tubing which I will cement 8 feet into the ground or so. I just have a 4 sliding panels and they don't work when it is cold or windy. I'd like to put an automatic bifold lift strap hangar door in. I can install it myself. Call me on my cell at 403 540 0983 if you have any questions. thanks Jim Goertz gandsmec@aol.com


Just purchased a hanger at the Regina airport (yqr) Want to convert from cable lift to straps Door is 70 wide x 23.6. Cables are constantly fraying and needing replacement. Your Schweiss lift straps should alleviate that problem.


Hello, We are door distributor who is looking to quote a Schweiss Door for a local Canadian hangar customer. Is there a dealer we can contact here in Ontario OR are you able to provide a quote for us directly? Please advise as we'd like to reach out for a quote asap. Details to follow once we hear back from you. Tks, Jonathan


Looking for costing and weight of a 38 foot x 14 foot high Canadian bifold strap hangar door. I live in Ontario, Canada. Looking for the cheapest solution. Thanks Don


I am in the process of planning a hangar build in Franktown, Canada. I have a 14' x 40' opening. Could you please provide me with a quote and installation information on a Canadian delivered hangar door. I am planning a metal building and will spray foam insulate the door. Thanks


Hello, we are a pre-qualified general contractor bidding on a Canadian hangar bifold door project and was wondering if you had any suppliers in the Bracebridge, Ontario or Toronto, Ontario area. We would need pricing for the Schweiss Single Swing Hydraulic Door. Thanks,


Hi, We have several of your Schweiss Canadian bifold hangar doors including some traditional counterweight overhead doors. We need someone to conduct annual inspections as per regulation. Please advise me if this is a service you can provide.


I am looking for a 40' X 12' bi-fold door for a Canadian hangar that I am building. Can you give me an estimate for the door with straps and bifold strap automatic locking mechanism?


Looking for a quotation on 5- 40ft x 12 ft bifold strap doors for a small hangar in Nova Scotia Canada. Please include estimated time of delivery and costs incurred.


Require pricing on 6 Hanger Doors 48 x 16 for Simcoe Airport Oro Medonte Simcoe Ontario, doors will need to be well insulated with 3 windows across and remote openers.


Hi, We are planning a new aircraft hangar on the South-Shore of Montreal, Québec, Canada (CYJN) for early 2022. We have a Piper Arrow II and a home built. The hangar should be about 60 x 40 feet. We are looking at a simple bi-fold liftstrap automatic latching Canadian hangar door with a dimension of 48 x 14 feet (anywhere between 40 and 48 feet wide). Nothing complex, but with some isolation (Canada of course...). Are you delivering in Canada and can you do the installation? What would you proposed and at what cost? Thanks for considering. Best Regards, Jean-Nicolas Huppé jean.huppe@gmail.com 514-922-7333


Hi, I talked to a sales guys last week about a job for an 18'X8' Canadian bifold or hydraulic hangar style commercial door. I haven't seen a quote yet. I just wanted to make sure he has my email info correct. Please send the quote asap. Thanks, Pat


Good day, I am a contractor in MB Canada and am looking into starting a hangar door installer company is this something you provide or is it up to the customer to find an installer for your amazing liftstrap doors? Feel free to call me to discuss. Thank you for your time. C


I'm inquiring about the cost of a Canadian hangar bi-fold door, 50' wide 16' high with automatic door latches and a remote opening system. Shipped to Burlington Ontario Canada


I intend to insulate the hangar building. I do not need any windows in the door. Please quote bifold door purchase in Canadian dollars, or forward this information to your Canadian dealer closest to Smith's Falls.


Hi I am from Czech Republic and I am very intersting of yours strap-lift system for my bifold Canadian hangar doors. I want to buy just the system with motor to replace the six cables on each door.The doors are 15m/3,5m. Could you recomended me some model and give me the price with delivery to Mississauga? Best regards


Is it possible to get a quote for bifold and one-piece 50' x 16' hydraulic door(s) complete with hydraulics package? We are constructing two 55' x 65' hangars in B.C. Canada and would like a quote and approximate delivery time. Thanks Mary


We are working with a client on a potential new hangar building here in the Orillia, ON area and they would like to get a budget on a 18’ x 80’ bi-fold Canadian hangar door with lift straps and automatic latches, and a remote opener. Can you provide some info that I can send to my pre-eng building supplier and some idea on a rough budget cost? Wade


I have a hanger with a 42’x16’ bifold door, I am Interested in a glass door and inquiring about cost and efficiency. We are located in Northern Canada, winters are quite cold. Can the bifold strap door come with insulated glass?


Hi there. We are currently working on a project where we would like to install a couple of BiFold Hangar Doors in the building. It would be greatly appreciated if we can have a skype call or a Microsoft Teams meeting where we would be able to show you our vision and what we have planned and through our renderings to further help you understand what is it that we would like. As a short summary we would like to have 4 BiFold doors in total, 3 of them would roughly be 7.0m tall and 13.6m wide and the 4th one would roughly be 7.0m tall and 4.0m wide. We also intend to have two different materials on the door. Please let me know if a meeting is possible to further discuss the above in greater detail. Thank you.


Could you guys provide a 36' wide by 8' tall bi fold door on a 40 by 40 metal building. It will be for a guys airplane in Nova Scotia, Canada. And what would the weight of the door be so I can get that over to the metal building manufacturer. Thanks,


I would like pricing on a over head bifold strap door for my hangar shop. It will require a 20x14’ door. I live 5miles west of Olds Alberta.


Hello, We had inquired with you folks about a door upgrade a few years ago and I finally got the green light to move ahead with this... So we will need contact info for a Schweiss door sales/distributor/installer in Southern Ontario Canada. We currently have an erect-a-tube not so good bifold door that is original to the hangar (25 years old) so we would like to explore either upgrading our current door to a strap lift system or replacing the entire door system with a new Schweiss liftstrap one. The door is 56' by 20' and currently uses a 4 cable and pulley system (dual cable drum) to lift with the motor and gearbox all mounted above the door in the center. Thanks in advance for your help. Ryan Mawer


Good afternoon, we are a builder in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and your bi fold Liftstrap door has been specified on one of our hangar door projects. Do you have dealers and installers in our area? please advise. Regards, Nick Fortuna


Hello, I was looking for a quote and installation instruction for a 48' x 16' bifold Canadian hangar door delivered to airport in Ontario.


Looking to get a quote on a 40’ w X 14’ h BiFold Hangar Door I checked your site, I was looking for a Canadian site, but it looks like Schweiss Doors delivers many bifold doors to Canada and beyond. I can do a phone call later to fill you in with other particulars such as an auto latching system and lift straps for increased safety.


Hello. My name is Steve. We are currently constructing a new residential hangar home for a client who has requested we price out a Schweiss Canadian hangar home door with lift straps. Our client has also requested pricing on a remote opening system and windows. Do you have a sales rep here in British Columbia, Canada? If so, come you please refer me to them. Thank you in advance. Steve


Quote 80x23 Bi Fold Canadian Hangar Door with straps, electric opener with remote control, delivered to Kitchener, ON


Hello I would like to have a quote for a Canadian aircraft hangar door opening 40 feet wide by 14 feet high delivered to Ayer's Cliff Quebec. Please include how the hangar needs to be structured to support a bifold liftstrap door with exterior wood cladding and highly insulated.


Hi, We are working on a project in Vancouver that would like to use your bifold designer doors. Our current design shows 10 no. of T-Hangar Canadian doors each 30' long and 20' tall. We would like to have more information regarding your doors and helping our structural engineers to design the structure for them. kindly provide relevant information including the wight and load of this product. Kindly contact me via email if you need more information or drawings.


Hi, I am adding a Canadian hangar bifold door to a project and would like to know if you have any detail drawings of the mechanism? I would need those details to draw and see if it would fit the project. The overall structure of the building will be in timber and the sizes of the doors as follow: 5m high for 6m wide. Also, could you give me some information in regards to energy, durability and cost, please? Kind regards, Paula Veleda


Need space required above clear opening for a 39%u2019x18%u2019 bifold Canadian hangar door. Need shop drawings if posible, it%u2019s all we need to go for construction documents.


I'm looking for a quote on a 50' wide x 16' high Canadian hangar door. I don't want a bi-fold door i just want it to open out & up in one section. This would be in a steel building with 20' high sidewalls. 


Do you have an Alberta based office or representative? Looking for a hydraulic or bifold Canadian hangar door for a farm application. Thanks


Hi, I am a Garage Door company in British Columbia and we have a airport project to quote on and they are looking for one of your Canadian hangar bi fold doors. Could a Salesperson please give me a call.


Hi, my Dad has a Canadian bifold hangar door in his machine shed. The motor went on the lift and I'm wondering if you have a dealer in Alberta? I like the strap idea, as he has cables, and would like to convert his left mechanism over to your concept. Do you have conversion kits? Can you ship to Canada? if you do what is the cost? I believe there are 4 cables on his door. 


wondering cost to change over my schweiss door to strap lift up here in Canada we bought the Canadian hangar cable door from you about 22 years ago been a great door THANKS STEVE


Getting ready to design a 65' wide by 18' high hanger and have been using aluminum doors. Please send me some info on your Canadian hangar door clear height when open, ledger needed or not, single-phase or three-phase motors, a way to manual open maybe in power outages?, remote controls? Do you install in Canada?


You had approached us a number of years back about building your doors. At the time I wasn't sure I wanted to pay as much as you were wanting for royalty. As things change we would be interested in talking again. I thought you had set up a dealer in Albeta Canada for Canadian hangar bifold doors. But when one of the local farmers here got pricing from you he said your closest dealer was Ontario.


Hi - Seeking pricing and timeline for a Canadian hangar bifold doors to be delivered to Ontario. 6' opening for heated space. Brick building. Existing construction, but new opening in brick wall. Thanks, Mary Vyas


We are working with a steel building company in Vancouver BC designing a Canadian aviation hangar door to be erected in Tofino BC. Building is planned to be 70 ft by 70 ft utilizing a 60 foot wide by 20 foot high Bifold door. we are certainly open to any advice you may have in regard to cost savings and efficiencies. Thank You.


Hello, We have a older Canadian hanger building door that we use for storage. This building has an old bi-fold door and it needs to be replaced. I'm looking for an estimate on the cost of replacement. Also, would be interested in cost of converting from cable to strap lift. Thanks.


Hello - We have a client who interested in looking at a bifold Canadian hangar door in person. Do you have a showroom in the Vancouver area, or is there a public location where we can have a look at the product? Thanks!


We're looking to build a private aircraft hangar at a our regional airport in Canada. The probable size is in the 15,000 to 20,000 SF range. We're getting budgetary numbers from hangar manufacturers, without hangar doors. Right now, we're thinking something around 60 x 20, with a possibility of 80x25. Can we get some budgetary numbers for bi-fold and one piece hydraulic Canadian hangar doors, please. The self supporting Canadian hangar doors are interesting as well--if they contribute to lower building cost. We're looking a a decision in the next couple of months, with building starting in the fall.


I am looking for a quote on he build your own Canadian hangar door components. I can have all the steel fabricated locally if shipping is too high to Alberta, just need the measurements and drawings. Is this a possibility?


Hello, We have a 40 foot Schweiss bifold hangar door with cables. Model number S22 Serial number 5279 We're looking to convert the door to straps. What is involved in changing it over? What is an approximate cost to do the bifold liftstrap conversion? We are located in Saskatchewan, Canada if that changes anything. Thanks, Charlie


We currently have a requirement to install a 45 X 14 foot Schweiss bi fold hanger door at our floatplane lake in Canada. Please advise any local installers of your doors.


Designing/Building new private aircraft hangar in Windsor, Canada. Interested in Canadian bi-fold hangar doors. Are there standard sizes?


Hello, I am pricing the construction of a new 60' wide x 80' long x 16' eave height airplane hangar building in Welland Ontario Canada. Can you please provide pricing for a Canadian bi-fold hangar door on the 60' wide gable end. The new building will be a Steel Pre-Engineered building package Let me know if you require any additional information


Looking for quote on large Canadian hangar doors. Two 56x18 bifold doors with straps and auto latch. I'm not 100% sure of the clear opening yet. The building will be 60x60 with 18' eves so I'm looking for the tallest door on that. I was also wondering what the price difference would be if we order multiple doors from you all and transport information for Canada for hangar doors? There will be about 8 hangars built this summer and we are looking for group bifold hangar door pricing. Thanks


I am working on a bifold hangar door that was purchased in Canada. Door #242, Model # s2298, serial #13862. I would like to convert this Canadian hangar door to lift straps as all the cables need replacing. Can I get a parts break down of the parts for this door so I can order new parts? Also customer wants to know about installing automatic side locks. Can I get pricing for this?


Looking for a quote for a 40x12 bifold Canadian hangar door shipped to British Columbia, Canada. Thank you, Stuart


Need to speak with someone about retro-fitting  doors into an existing building.This is for Canadian hangar doors.


Hello, My name is Luis. I am willing to make some purchase of some Canadian hangar door items with your company to be shipped to Quebec. Before we proceed can you please answer the question below. 1. Do you have POS machine to charge credit card 2. Do you accept master and visa credit card payment 3. Do you accept private pick up by our forwarder 4. Can you send me your price sheet or catalog Kindly email me if this is possible to ship Canadian hangar doors to Quebec. 


Good afternoon, I am looking for a Canadian hanger door 34 x14. Not sure what my options are but I'll take whatever different prices you can give me on your bifold liftstrap hangar doors with auto-latch system.


I recently purchased a hangar at the Canadian Municipal Airport in Toronto. The hangar is 40'w x 48'd with a 12'h door opening. There is another 4', roughly, of headroom. I was wondering if I might get an idea on the cost of a bi-fold door for a 12'h and I am not sure just how much room I would lose installing a bi-fold. I would need at least 38' of opening if possible. I have seen other Canadian hangar doors by Schweiss, and they surely are built with quality in mind.


Looking for a Canadian dealer for the bifold Canadian hangar door system. Belleville, East of Toronto, Ontario. 20 x 9 glass restaurant door on second level balcony of two storey airport restaurant.


Just wondering if had anyone in Alberta area marketing your Canadian hangar door product as I would be interested


We are preparing an offer this morning for a Canadian boat storage building with boat storage doors for Membertou, in Sydport, Nova Scotia, and understand you may have worked up an offer on this project?


I understand Schweiss can supply Canadian hangar doors. I would like to pricing on your BYOD on your parts kits and plans as the door I need will be located out in the Canadian bush. I have my own CNC plasma machine that I can make my own parts with. I am interested in building my own doors.and capable of building my own parts show what you can do for me using your bifold strap doors or hydraulic hangar door . Thanks


Pricing please for the following Canadian hangar doors: two for opening size 42' wide by 12' high with high insulation value. please show cladding and trim prices separately. One Canda hangar bifold strap door for opening 64' wide by 24' high, same as above. job site is Stayner Ontario L0M 1S0. thanks,


We would like to retrofit an existing hangar door frame with your custom build your own door kit. Would you have a catalogue available with design loads for the hinges? Is there a local reseller for Saskatchewan Canada doors?


Hi, I need a 42' wide bi-fold Canadian hangar door that clears 13.5' height. It is to be set-up outside the hangar because the ceiling inside is 13.5'. I am looking for a quote, including installation is possible. I am just outside Montral, St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil airport (J3G 0C9). Thanks


i am looking to open up a large part of my hangar to have a 1 Pcs. 50x18 ft hangar door and i like to do this as soon as possible before the snow hits southern Ontario. can someone please call me regarding the free standing Hy. single Pcs. Canadian hangar door and the possibility to have a the Canadian hangar strap doors and what is th emain difference. this is urgent and if someone can call me on Monday, i would highly appreciate it.


Looking for supplier/installer of hydraulic or bifold hangar  doors in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Can you please advise on both styles of your Canadian hangar doors? Thanks.


Do you have Saskatchewan Canada hangar door  distributors and installation. All I would Ike the price of a 12x12 insulated door with 3 windows. It will be offset in a steel arch rib with wooden end wall.


Is it possible to get pricing on 4 of 60 side x 16 high Canadian hangar doors, building location. Kamloops. Bc. Canada.


Building new Canadian hanger for sale project 60x80x14 looking for price on Bi-fold and hydraulic 1 piece door Door 40x12 Also may be interested in being a dealer for you in Ontario Canada if you don't already have someone


Could I get a quote for a strap conversion cost for three Canadian aircraft hangar doors, ~40ft wide, delivered to Calgary, AB, Canada. Could I get a quote for the auto strap latch (Style 1) as well as the manual latch. Do you have a supplier in Calgary or Western Canada? Thanks, Bob


Hello, We are a developer working on a new hangar on a Canadian International Airport. Our client would like a Canadian hangar door with a clear open height of 20' and a clear open width of 60'. If possible, could you send us your pricing by this Thursday? Thank you, Kort Henderson


Hi; we are interested in your global Canadian hangar door systems to substitute our regular inferior warehouse rolling doors. Please quote the first one considering only fabrication. Provide FOB point, so our purchasing agent can quote transportation cost to Canada. Door clear opening Size: Width 14-0 FT Height 10-0 FT Door to be installed on the end wall of an existing 6,000 sqf steel building with I-Beams. 


Designing Canadian hangar door for 46'x14' - bifold door (lift straps). Need design loads and support configuration.


Hi looking for a contact near vancouver island in canada. building hangar and want to install a 40ft wide by 18 tall bifold Canadian hangar door. thanks jm


Living in Kelowna BC.... interested in the 46' bifold Canadian hangar floatplane door to be used in a resort area. How much would the door cost installed?


We are a full service lumber yard located in Rouleau Sask. Canada. We provide a lot of materials packages for large Agricultural buildings and I was wondering if you would be able to supply me with information regarding your bifold Canadian Hangar doors and dealer pricing. I currently have a customer near Regina Sk that would be interested in a door 40'wide x 18' high. look forward to hearing from you.


Hi I would like to get pricing on some bi-folding glass hydraulic hangar doors. I will need them for 10 Milestones locations, 7 in Ontario and 3 in Vancouver. Can you show me an example of what you can produce and supply pricing for a 10'x10' opening? Thank you, Damon


Do you sell direct or is there a dealer in the Niagara or southern Ontario area? As I live close to the border I do have many things shipped to Lewiston NY instead of Ontario to save on freight costs. Do you have freight costs for Canadian hangar doors you can share? I am building a hangar for my 180 Cessna on floats and need 15' 6" high clear opening and only have another foot to the ceiling, can you open your bi fold strap drive door in that space or do I need a higher ceiling? I am interested in achieving an opening 12' wide and 13' 6" high. 


I'm working on a Canadian hangar doors project in Winnipeg. Need to replace all existing roll up doors on a helicopter hangar in pre-engineered steel building. Door size approximately 74 feet wide by 22 feet high. Can you please confirm a bifold helicopter hangar door of that size is available? Do you have a local distributor or installer in Winnipeg? What is the approximate cost for a bifold door of that size? Not 100% sure of side column shape - either channel or I-beam. Thanks!


Dear Madams, Dear Sirs, we are planning a new hangar in Nova Scotia and would like a cost on your Canadian hangar doors. Dimension 30 x 20 meters. Do you have any Canadian bifold door representatives near here? 


I am looking for design data for Canadian bifold hangar doors with a 50' wide X 14' high minimum clear opening. Specifically I am trying to find the dead weight of the door, as well as any reactions (vertical and lateral) when the door will be in the closed, and in the open positions. I am also trying to find out what the minimum vertical obstructed height is when the door is in the fully opened position (vertical "wedge" height). Finally, can you provide me a rough budgetary estimate for a door this size, with lift straps, to be installed on a new wood framed (wood truss roof and door wall) building located in Alberta, Canada.


The hangar is constructed with standard 8" x8" x 16" concrete blocks. The outside dimension of the building is 42 feet. The opening for the Canadian Hangar doors is 40' 8" wide and 15' 4" high. The face of the blocks where the door rollers run will be 1/4" steel. The door support will be a 24" X 8" steel I-Beam. The bifold Canadian hangar door must be engineered to withstand a 170 MPH wind load with class C exposure.


Hi I am cost estimator and I am working on the big steel hangar project in Canada (218 m x 111 m X 47 m) and the size of the door is (90 m X 27 m). please help me which kind of Canadian hangar door(bifold or hydraulic) is suitable for this project and also give me the price for produce and installation. sincerely, Ali


This is a smaller Park project in Vancouver, and I wanted to confirm that you do Canadian Hangar Door business here, and if you have a local Rep. I should work with. Also, the building is wood-framed new construction. However, the door will be mounted in a reinforced concrete hangar home garage wall. I would like to work with you on mounting details for Canadian hangar home doors and structural requirements for concrete, without additional steel if possible. I'm happy to provide progress drawings.


These Canadian hangar doors will be installed in a 60' wide by 20' tall post frame building (Pole Barn). The ceiling height, distance from the bottom of the truss cord to the floor, in the building will be 18' - 11 5/8". We would like the quote to include: Installation by Schweiss Insulation for the Canadian hangar doors installed by Schweiss. Steel panels supplied by owner and installed by Schweiss.


Good afternoon. We are the Canadian customs broker Woodward Oil Ltd. We received documents for a shipment coming into them from your company. Its for Poly3 yellow. Do you have a NAFTA certificate for this Canadian hangar door item? There is a fair bit of duty on the item and with a NAFTA certificate we can make your Canadian hangar door duty free. Please email me a copy or fax to 709-739-5939. Any questions please contact me. Thank you Jennifer


We just had two new Schweiss Canadian hangar doors in our new heliport and right now to open and close it we have to hold down the open and close buttons.. I was just wondering if there was a way to program these Canadian hangar doors to open automatically so you don't have to hold down the button the whole time while it opens and closes.. I figured there was a way since there is a stop button on the controller as well.. Thanks


Hello, We are building a hangar in Palmer, AK and need a 80'24' bi-fold door similar to those of your Canadian hangar doors. Please call 907-745-1465 to discuss. Thank you, David.