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(2) doors to be cladded with R-Panel 149 MPH Exp. C 25' Clear x 60' Wide Ship to McAllen Tx Enduse Owner is SpaceX


If someone can email me, i have a picture of what they have drawn utilizing one of your bifold Liftstrap military style blast doors. This is a project here at Fort Gordon and you guys are specified. Thank you! Geoff


Good morning, We have an existing bi-fold door that may be yours make or not, the situation is they need to replace motor and drive system, the issue is it is in a paint booth and requires explosion blast proof bifold door motor. can the control panel be away from area to save on some cost ? I have some pictures i can send thank you Brian


We perform facilities maintenance at the Navy Operational Support Center at 3 Porter Ave. in Buffalo, NY. Within the last 5 years the overhauling contractor installed a Schweiss Bi-Fold blast door. I have no other information on it and I would like to perform maintenance in accordance with the manufactures bifold blast door instructions. I see here that you talk about it but I do not see where I can download that information. Perhaps you can help. The door is 12' x 28' and closes the water side to the boat house. I can send you pictures.


I have a client looking for armored residential garage doors, I think you call them Schweiss Bifold blast doors. Is this something you can do. Thank you, John Henry Architect


Hi, we are looking for a 23’ tall X 48’ bifold hangar blast door to meet all military requirements. We would like a strap lift. Please provide quote.


Hi there - We have a project at a high rise correctional facility and need a high security custom bifold blast quality door for a tight opening. 16' wide x 12' tall with a smaller personnel door within it. Let me know if you have a product that works for this condition. Thanks


Looking for a 46 - door , 14’ clearance, strap insulated bifold blast door for industrial use. We will be putting metal on exterior. Auto stops


The bifold blast liftstrap model door needs to be impact resistant. It will be mounted on a precast concrete building but there is some steel framing inside to support a crane.


I need pricing for hanger blast doors 18' high x 65' wide. Project is in St. Louis, MO. There three (3) hangers, each needing one (1) door. So a total of three (3) of these bifold blast doors.


Hello, Planning on a hangar build at KSBM. I Need a Bi-fold blast door 16'x46'. I like the strap design. The door woud be insulated and covered with the same building siding (I understand this is done at site by builder/erector).


I have an industrial cold storage building job that is requiring a hydraulic or bi-fold blast door, it specs out specifically for a Schweiss door. Can someone email me or call so I can get you the info to get a quote from you. You guys quoted me a bifold door a few years back.


I'm needing a bid on a 44' x 12' Bi-fold blast door. Strap lift. Manual Latches. Delivered to Elk City, OK


I would like to get a quote for 2 bi-fold blast doors. Both would be 24 wide by 16 tall. These would be for a new military security building.


Good afternoon, we have been asked to provide a bid on a project that is going to Latham, NY - Joint Forces HQ MilitaryAviation Aircraft Hangar. The hangar blast door is a 64'x23' Bi-fold door. It's possible you have already provided a spec on this door for this job. Would you be able to send me a copy of the spec? If you have any questions, just let me know. Thanks, Ryan


New Hanger Proposal Steel building manufacturer's want a bifold blast Hanger Door. They design building around door information. Our proposed hanger is 200 by 200 x 44' with 150 ft hanger door x 28' high with a tail door that clears 40' . This will be used for a C130.


Hello, I am working on putting together a proposal for a govt hangar project and hoping you could provide me with some ballpark pricing information on your bifold blast doors. The opening will be approximately 100' x 40'. Not really looking for any bells and whistles, the more basic the door and operation (ability to operate manually vs mechanized) is preferred. The intent is to put together a proposal for bid to contractors and include a list of the known vendors that can provide the product within the budget. I'd also be interested in knowing if you provide construction services, technical rep, and shipping requirements (offloading with forklift vs crane etc.) Please feel free to contact me with questions. Kind Regards, Greg


I am looking for a quote for a 40 x 20 bifold door. Project is located in Maynard, MN


I have asked Olympia Steel for a quote on a 50x50x18 aircraft hanger. They said they would need specs from the door manufacturer. I would like to get information concerning an approximately 45x16 hydraulic or bifold blast door. I've looked most of the information over and don't particularly care that it would need to be bifold over a hydraulic. I could use either. Just assume a hydraulic was on the more economical side. Thanks in advance. James


I have an existing 20 x 40 x 10 hangar. I would like a build your own strap bifold hangar blast door kit. Please let me know how to start.


Looking for a price on a Bi-Fold hangar blast door to fit a 45'wide x 16' high opening. Would like to have a walk in door in it.


I am looking for a budget number on a 45' x 30' clr bifold blast door to be furnished in a 120mph wind load zone. Will door come with sheets or will I have to furnish the sheets?


Designing a 50' wide airplane hangar with 45' x 14' bifold blast doors.(proposed size - flexible if you have a better idea) I would like information on both your bi-fold and hydraulic blast doors. Please include price, delivery,building design differences,and estimated installation costs if different between the two. Thank you, Jim Mateski


Blast doors for a shop. i need 2 identical doors. need a good sturdy door with price to fit within budget


Good day I currently have a client looking for a Bi-Fold aircraft bliasproof hanger door for a opening of 9m High and 10m wide. Please assist me if possible.


Looking for more information on these Schweiss hydraulic and bi-fold blast  doors for a project here in NJ. Not exactly sure which product would be best for our project and would like to discuss options as well as price points.


We are looking for strategic partners (Agency or JV relationship) in the Middle East region for Blast Proof Doors for Aircraft Hangars. We're interested in both the Hydraulic and Bifold strap blast doors.


Email is better please, planning on putting up a hangar next year and everyone says your military hangar blast doors are the best. I don't necessarily need a blast door, but would like your highly advanced strap door. Hangar is for a Cessna 182Q. I will also store a 28 foot RV in there along with one or two smaller vehicles. Looks like because of the RV I need a 14 foot high door and am looking at 40ft wide. Just curious as to the lead time, process, installation and cost for a door like this.


need some general pricing feedback on a confidential blast door project that would utilize your bifold overlapping doors.


Would like pricing on either a 50 x20 or 50 x16 ft. hanger blast doors. Would also like pricing for both one piece hydraulic and strap driven bi-fold styles of these blast doors. Hanger site will be in Arbor Vitae Wisconsin.


Hello i have a project where i think i would like to propose using one of your hangar blast door systems. These blast doors would have to be bifold blast doors.


I'm in the planning phase of a hangar. At this point, I'm thinking 60x60 to 60x75 blast bifold door. The blast door would be on the 60' end of the building. I would like as large of a door as possible, but have heard from some people that there is sometime a big price jump somewhere between 40 and 50 foot wide. Can you send me quotes for standard size blast doors between 40' and 50'? For height I'm thinking 12', but I'm as somewhat flexible if there is a slightly different standard that would reduce the cost.


Design stage at this point....rough cost of 70x18 Schweiss heavy-duty blast door. I want a little over 17 clear height when installed and 69 clear wingspan. It will be attach to a concrete block building in Phoenix, Arizona. I am not stuck on any type at this point. I would like the price delivered to DVT Phoenix. Thanks Karl


We are in the planning phase of an Airport development at Sherman Airport. W are planning about 50 Hangers and need pricing info for bifold hanger doors of various sizes. Also let us know about additional pricing for bifold blast doors.


We have a four 40x16 hanger openings I would like a ball park estimate on external mounted self supporting Schweiss bifold liftstrap blast doors 36 x 14. No windows or walk doors.


I have a client that has sliders at the local airport and is very interested in bi fold blast doors or one piece hydraulic blast doors. Its a post frame wood structure. Wall to wall is 43' bottom of truss is 16'  I have pictures if needed.


looking for a sectional bi-fold security blast door- on a military motor pool so it would have steel blast door material in lieu of glass


We have an six old, 6 cable lift bi fold doors on our Army base that we would like to have converted to a new strap lift system. These will have to be blast doors to confirm with new military codes.  Do you have anyone in my region that can do this? The door measures approx. 18' x 40' Thanks


We have a storage building we are looking at options for bifold reinforced blast door openings. I was wondering if I could get some information/thoughts for recommended project as well as estimated cost. We have storage buildings that will require 25'-0" wide x 16' tall clear openings. Let me know if you need anything else.


We presently have a Schwiess bifold blast door on a hangar at our military base which I have been very satisfied with. We are now building a new hanger in  and need to have a couple of prices on your hangar blast doors, one with the hydroswing and one with the bifold. I am building a General Steel hanger with a 50 foot by 24 foot opening


hello we have some requirement for blast proof hangar doors, 7 BAR PRESSURE do you manufacture such blast proof hangar doors, additionally we have a requirement for hydraulic blast proof hangar doors, can you advice your local rep so we can call him thanks


I have three hangars. PVF TP-24 in Placerville, CA One is a bifold blast door with a Schweiss strap system. CA51 #3 in The Sea Ranch, CA is a bifold blast door with a cable system. CA51 #9 has accordion doors. TP-24 needs maintenance and a battery backup install CA51 #3 needs maintenance and a new strap system with backup and remote CA51 #9 needs a new hangar blast door. Could you please recommend a northern California contractor that can perform the work? Thanks!


I am building a hangar at the St George Municipal Airport and wanted to discuss ordering bifold blast hangar doors. I am thinking 40'-45'wide and 15' or 16' high. I lean towards hydraulic blast doors but am open to bi-fold.


I need a QUOTE to "convert" our Hangar sliding doors to bi-fold or hydroswing blast doors; turn key including labor we have 9 hangars.... approximate dimensions are 11.5 high X 44' wide; i need this quote as soon as possible to apply for funding ; one set of hangars are WOOD POLE the other 2 sets are steel frame thanks


I'd like a quote on one bi-fold blast door, on a 50'w x 45'd hangar, with a clear opening of 44'w and 14' tall. I'd like it to be turnkey, and installed for us if possible (or contact info on local contractors that have done it before). Thanks. (We don't know yet if the building will be all steel, or wood frame with steel covering.)


I am in need of a 120'-0" wide X 24'-0" clear opening vertical lift bi-fold blast door. This door will be installed in the endwall of a 150'-0" wide government building with a 32'-0" eave height. This is a last minute add to a government blast door project that I am currently working on so is there a chance that I could get this pricing back today yet?


I have a bi-fold hangar blast door at Camarillo Airport with a traditional steel cable system. I am interested in retrofitting with your system and am curious about the process and cost. The blast door is 42' wide by 15' tall. I am uncertain of the manufacturer. I am also extremely interested in any kind of solution to seal the bottom of the blast door as the location of my hangar is such that when we get Santa Ana winds, (the curse of the fire we're dealing with right now), I get almost a 1/4" of dirt over the entire hangar floor and my plane looks like someone used a giant sifter and dusted it thoroughly with talcum consistency dirt. I'm a relatively new plane/hangar owner so any advice you have on a bottom door seal would be awesome. Thanks, Barry Anderson.


This is regarding a military door project in Texas for hangar blast doors, I would like to review space requirements for Schweiss bifold vertical lift doors. 


We have a 40'x 12' Schweiss strap lift blast hanger door. I want to install the remote control on it. please send info and cost


I am looking for information and pricing for a 45' bifold blast door with a 16' clear height. But I would consider both a bi-fold or hydraulic styles. I also need two other 24' wide by 16' high doors of some sort. These bifold doors are going on a government owned bldg (pre-engineered steel bldg). Thank you.


Greetings, We are having trouble getting our hangar blast door to open and close. The owner of the building has contacted and electrician and they would like a copy of the schematics to aid in troubleshooting all types of blast doors.  Is there any way you can send an electronic copy via e-mail?


Hi. I was looking on your site for something similar to a Renlita S-500 where a single panel just slides up and down (staying vertical). Have you made anything like that? This is for a blast door project in Southern California and an exterior application, so we'd probably need to utilize a steel frame and 1" insulated glass panels. I can send drawings if that would be helpful. Thanks!


I am looking for pricing for a 40 bi fold military aviation blast door height opening needs to be over 14 feet. Can you shoot me a price please.


I would like to price out a bi-fold airplane hanger bifold blast door and would also like more info on your products and install.


I'm shopping around for (2) 40' x 26' bi-fold blast doors for a classified government top security project that I'm bidding. I would like to talk to you sometime about my different options for my client. Please feel free to call me or email me. 


Hello, we are an architecture and structure design firm from Costa Rica. Right now, we are working on an aircraft hangar design for a client in Juan Santa  International Airport (San Jose, Costa Rica). The door must have a clearance of 6.7m tall by 23.0m wide. Do you have any kind of hangar blast door that adjusts to that measures? The client prefers a military bifold blast door type. We need the door system requirements that would be included in our plans. Can you give us a recomendation on your door system for this proyect and an estimated Budget? There's a lot of humidity in the CR weather; could that be a problem for your door system, etc.? Thank you,


I'm looking to replace a set of sliding doors on the end of a military hangar shop with either style of blast doors you offer. Please contact me with pricing.


Hi there i'm bidding a project in San Angelo Texas and were looking at installing a bifold blast door. The end wall is 100' long the eave height is 24'. The building will be a engendered metal building. would you give me a udget number on this please thank you


Hi. I am bidding an aircraft blast doors job and I need a price on a - specs say 46 x 15 / plans say 48 x 14 Bi-fold door with strap lift, insulated panels. My bid is due Tuesday. Thanks.


I'm looking for top and bottom replacement seals for my 55 ft. Hangar blast doors. Same as your recent sale to; Valin Thorn. We are in same hangar row at KSEZ.


Hello: We are specifying bifold blast doors for a project we're working on. We'd like to get some basic cost info and engineering data for our engineer to appropriately size the structure. Thanks, Corey 


Hello, We are CILC CENTRAL AMERICA CORP, we design and erect Space Frame Technology Buildings (for Hangars, large Distribution Centers, convention centers) large span buildings (plus 100 meters between columns. I would like to know more about your blast doors products and your intentions of growing in the Central American region. Kind regards


Looking for a quote for hanger blast doors 42 ft wide by 12 ft high. I am talking with miracle truss on a hanger and need a quote before I decide on a door, and they need to know for the design of building.


I will build a military aviation airplane hangar 50'Lx50'Wx22'H. I was thinking to put a bi-fold blast doors but don't really know the advantages. Can you give me my options and ball park prices please. Thanks


Good day, I am looking for an estimate on both hydraulic and bi-fold blast doors for an airplane hangar. It will be a new building and here are the approximate specifications: wood frame, 65ft wide by 70ft deep by 18ft tall. I am looking for a quote on both a 50ft wide door as well as a 60ft wide door. thank you, Brent Sherstan


I am a project manager for SouthWest Metal Systems in Sanger TX, and I have 3 hangers that I am working on for military air base customers that are specifying bifold blast doors. I would like my customers to deal with you for their doors because we have done a number of hangers and my erector likes to install your blast hangar doors. Is there a specific contact I can send my customers too and do you have some information you can send me to give to my customers and to put in my sales binders. Thank You Dan


Looking for two By- fold blast doors 50 x18 with steel layout Also price out swing style hydraulic blast doors with steel layout .Thanks


I have questions about your aircraft blast doors and their application with our metal hangar buildings. May I please receive a call from Sales to help me design a hangar blast door for a customer. Thank you.


Have a blast bldg. and a paint bldg. that need vertical bi-fold blast doors with 35' horizontal opening and 30' vertical opening with a 26' clear height opening. In Chambers County (Baytown) where the wind loading we think is 130MPH and I will verify. are these blast doors something you can do? Please call me as soon as possible.


I have contacted you in the past but have decided to build another new Hangar that will require blast doors. It will be a metal constructed hangar with wood trusses over the opening. Opening size should be 42 feet wide by 15 ft. High to bottom of trusses. Let me know if a blast door can be engineered to something like that and ballpark cost for your door.