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We are bidding a hotel project that used your doors as the basis of design and are wanting to get pricing for your designer line of bifold lifts tap hotel doors. Do you have approved installers that you work with in the Lincoln Nebraska area. I can get plans and specifications sent to you when I get a response. Thanks!


I am Looking to install 2 bifold hotel doors for a project we are working on. One would be roughly 14’ wide and the other is 9’ feet wide. I am looking for something that is secure but also allows for some transparency when. Closed. Probably would like one or two windows in the bifold doors.


We are doing a mixed use building in north Alabama. For the double high lobby, we are thinking of bifold glass hotel doors with lifting straps for connection between the interior and exterior The door opening can be 10-12 ft tall, 8-10 ft wide. My question is if the doors are able to meet the energy codes, like air leakage, R value, etc. or there's need of any extra equipment to keep the building warm/cool.


Hi please let me know how much it will cost for four 16 wide x 14 tall glass bifold lift strap doors for a hotel in Ontario, Canada


Need a price for a 28' x 28' bi-fold glass-clad door for a hotel. I would handle installation, just need door and accessories.


Looking to get a quote on two strap lift bifold doors for hotels. Both 40 ft wide and 16 ft tall. Expected delivery time and method.


I'd like to inquire about the cost of a door and install, all I know is I would like a bi-fold. Door is 16' high and 20' wide to be used on a hotel garage entrance.


Interested in quote on 24 ft. wide x 16 ft high bifold door for a hotel. Also wondering if have local Sales rep.


Hello! Looking for a Bi-Fold hotel door system to span a 20' opening. Mostly glass. Open to Hydraulic or Electric Designer Door. Height will be roughly 12'. We are finishing up with architect shortly. Thanks.


We are looking for a solution to replace our existing sliding bifold glass panels for our hotel. We are looking to make a purchase immediately. Will want a bifold designer door with mostly glass and your auto latching system.


I am building a hotel with a rooftop bar. I'd like the open feel of a garage door but I need something more classy along the lines of your bifold designer doors with glass. Looking to get a better understanding of your bi-fold (tri-fold?) garage doors: pricing, durability, weatherproof?, etc. please advise. thank you. -Jeff


I have a 40 ft wide opening 13 ft high opening I would like to have a price for a new bifold hotel door I presently have a single door that works with counterweights and a cable drive, it's a pain. The door will have to be Florida wind rated.


need some info and basic pricing for a project. Customer wpuld like some full view bifold small doors. Also, he's interested in some rustic wood or metal. Just need info to help guide him. Have multiple sizes. 4) 6x4 3) 6x5 1) 6x8


Below I have listed certain fully automated doors for hotels to quote. Please email a list with a variety of sizes for both the hydraulic and bi-fold fully automated doors for hotels from 16' wide up to 36' wide please.


I'm writing from Hong Kong on behalf of a hotel developer. We are brainstorming a new idea where we could build a ballroom on garden level and have one side of the ballroom open into the garden, using a bi-fold hotel door system. Due to its nature, the operable walls need to be sound and temperature insulated. the size of this wall will be 36 meter long, and we could divider the operable system into sections but without columns. Ideally the wall is see through when it is preferred. From looking at your other custom designer door work on your website I believe you can make this happen. Does it sound feasible? are you working outside of US? what type of investment this sounds like? Look forward to having a discussion via call. we can be contacted 8am Hong Kong time / or late at night. best, Kate


Wanting a quote on a 40' wide x 20' tall opening. Let me know if quote is USD or CND, Please. These will be bifold designer doors for hotels.


Hi, Looking for 15 bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors for a hotel project in the UK. Can send spec etc


Hello, For budgetary purposes, I would like to have a cost per SF to install these bifold liftstrap doors for hotels. I am ultimately looking at (5) doors, 20'x10'. I understand these doors do not come with any glass or other infill of openings,, but you can prepare them to accept glass. Please contact me at your earliest. Thank you, Jairo


The project is the San Antonio Marriott. I sent the specifications and drawing for two bifold liftstrap designer doors to schweiss@schweissdoors.com Can you offer a door per the attached drawing and specifications


Saw your Hydraulic and bifold hotel doors on the Internet. Can I get a price on a door to fill a 33' or 35' wide x12' tall hole, I'm not Solid on the width yet. I would be interested to see what You can Come up with. I'm looking forward to hearing from You. Thank You


Please quote 24' wide x 16' high bifold door for a hotel installed. We supply steel and insulation. Will be a wood frame building. Location:Chester,NE


I'm interested in specifying bifold doors for a hotel in Florida. We have 4 doors at 8ft wide x 9ft high, and 1 door at 12ft wide x 9ft high. They need to be impact doors with Florida Product Approval number or NOA. Please advise if your bifold doors for hotels  would be compliant. Do you have Revit files? This is a concrete building. The doors would be installed in a CMU wall.


Hello, Are these bifold doors for hotels available in Canada? I'd like a price and availability on three 19' wide 9' tall all glass bi-fold doors. Thank You, Matt


I am a Wick Buildings Dealer and I am looking for pricing on Bi-Fold doors for Hotels. Please contact me for pricing.


I have a number of projects at my hotel that have accordion doors to the exterior, and I'd like to be able to present my clients with something a bit different. I think bifold doors for hotels would be a great option, but I have no sense of what I should expect for cost. I'd like to know what would be the cost of a 10' h x 18' wide bifold storefront hotel designer door, fully supported by the existing structure so that I have a baseline that I can reference in those projects.


We are looking to get an estimate for 3 bifold doors for hotels and trim for an upcoming hotel door restaurant/bar renovation project.


I have a client in Northern Michigan who is looking to have (4) 24 wide x 18 tall bifold doors for hotels installed on a new building. can i please have a proposal for this hotel door work thank you


Looking for a quote for this Friday. Am Looking at (6)  bifold doors for hotels as noted below Clear height with door open to be 12'-0" Each hotel door requires a 3070 pass door


My cousin Hugh Dollar priced  32'x16' Bi-fold doors for hotels from y'all a month or so ago. I need a new price for bi-fold hotel doors that are 32' x 17' clear. I also need the electrical requirements, the RO and loads for the metal building manufacture. The price should be FOB to Bainbridge, Ga. 39819 If you have any questions let me know. Thanks, Cary 


Looking to get pricing for a bifold door for a hotel  that will be 30' wide by 16' tall. The door will need an operator with a remote control. The door will be going into a new pre-engineered building.


Looking for a quote for a bi fold doors for hotels for an opening of 35' wide and 20' tall. The building is in the design phase and not constructed yet. It is planned to be a pre-engineered building with 24' eave height. Let me know if you need any other information to quote with. Thanks


Trying to get pricing and availability on a hydraulic or bifold door for a hotel. This is to be a bifold designer hotel door with glass cladding.


We are a General Contractor in the process of budgeting a design/build project for an aircraft hangar at the Texarkana Regional Airport. I am in need of a little engineering data, like what kind of structure is required for the door and required bracing to the New Pre-Engineered Steel Building. Also need clearances for a 16' clear height Bifold Fold Door.


I need a 26' x 14' white bi-fold door for hotels and building at zip 53121. Please send a price. Thanks


Do you guys install bifold doors for hotels. If so can you include it with the price. I would also like to know the price difference between a 25' and 30' doors.


Hi - I am looking for a 5'x5' door for a cabana window opening bifold door for a hotel. I m looking for it to bifold open on top of a counter. Does your company have anything like this? Regards, Deanna


Hi, I would like a quote for bifold doors for hotels  on two liftstrap auto latch hotel doors. I can get you more details to you if this is possible. Thank you


I have a 40' Aerodoor bifold on my 48'x60' Morton building. I'm so impressed with it that I now want two bifold doors for my hotel. Your hotel designer door on the hotel in China looks great, but I want mine to be bifold liftstrap doors that will be 15' x 11' glass hotel doors.


We are an engineering firm in Louisiana. We have a client that is looking to renovate with bifold doors for hotels. The hotel doors would be a horizontal bifold liftstrap style (20ft wide x 12ft tall). We are in the very early stages of design and are looking into all options. Please email quotes for a 20 ft wide and 22' wide option and timeline info.


I have a customer looking at doing outdoor kitchens at our exclusive nationwide hotels. These would be one piece doors for hotels and will be clad in etched decorative glass. I would like to have price on four 16'-0" wide x 8'-0" door probably hydraulic aluminum door with all glass installed in it. I also would like a breakout price for a 8'-0" x 4'-0" with all glass aluminum door. The customer is looking to do maybe overhead doors originally but wants to have lot of exposed wood work beams so they the doors you provide seem to clean up the interior. 


Looking for options for shop door. Came across an add on Craigs List for your bifold doors for hotels. I'd like to see what a new Schweiss bi-fold 23' wide x 10' tall would run (or if stock sizes are close to these dimensions to save on a custom pricing). And then I also have a 16' wide x 12' tall to look at for pricing. I'm not opposed to the full open model, it just looked like maybe the bi-fold would be less expensive. Another thing, I actually have the steel myself so if I could attach that to your framing if that's an option. 


Bidding the Kirkwood Washington Hall Addition and Renovation Project in Cedar Rapids, IA on 01-15-2019. The Bifold Overhead Hotel Doors specification section calls out a Schweiss door. Please confirm that you are providing a proposal for this project. Darin


We are looking to retro-fit a bifold doors for our hotel into an engineered steel building. In need of a quote for a bifold liftstrap hotel door and possible guidance on the adjustments to the building necessary to accommodate the door.


Hi. I am looking to import glazed vertical folding doors for hotels. Is this something that you would be interested in ? This could be a fantastic opertunity for both of us as these hotel doors are in great demand here with no suppliers, only importers so I am looking to be a partner with someone willing to supply. Regards Sid.


I am looking for a bifold hotel door that is about 45 X15 for a new building that I am building.


I am in need of pricing for 50' of top rubber to replace an existing top seal which has worn out on our bifold doors for hotels. It is for a bifold style door. I would also like pricing for replacement bottom rubber as well. 


looking for a price on 12x14 hydraulic door and 12' wide bifold doors for hotels with 13'-6" min - 14'-0" clear. Siding materials may be glass or stucco.


I have 3 buildings that I would like to get quotes for both hydraulic lift and bifold doors for hotels on. 1.  door width 24', height 14' 2. Steel door - width 16', height 11'3" 3. Steel door - width 20'2", height 13'3" Thanks


Hello, We are an architecture office in San Francisco, CA. We have a hotel remodel project where we would like to have a glass hotel door/panel that opens up to the backyard. Hope to hear back from you soon. Please let me know if you need more information like drawings, or whatever is necessary. Thanks


Hello, I was referred to you by my local Door person thinking you could offer some options for me. I am looking to build onto my hotel this summer and will need two hotel designer glass doors. These would be bifold hotel doors.  I was looking at making the building a bit shorter and have 1 of the gable ends a full door to open up to the rest of my outdoor sand riding ring. The width of the hotel is 70' and the two doors would need to be as close to that width as possible with no permanent center or ground materials in the opening. It looks like you have options for this but what type of price ranges (installed) would I be looking at? Thank you for your help! 


I'm building a hotel looking at some 24 foot wide bifold doors for hotels that are 14 feet tall and was just curious what the budget price would be for the bifold option


Looking for pricing and door options for 14x40 bifold doors for hotels. Thanks! -Mel Please reply via email.


I have one of your 50ft wide doors and I'm building another hotel looking for 40ft wide with 12ft high opening. Strap lift bifold door for hotels like I have now. Purchased last door in 2006 in Mansfield, Texas. Door is still working very well.


Need quote on two (2) hydraulic windows on the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Charlotte, NC. Can I get an e-mail address of the person who can price the bifold doors for hotels?  Thanks, Craig


Looking for quotes on two bifold doors for hotels and information on if you have field reps locally to install, or who completes installation. Bifold doors 28' wide by 17' tall. And 20' wide by 17' tall This would be in a metal frame building. Ship to Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska 68015


Looking for pricing on: 2 Bifold Doors for Hotels: 18' 3/3" x 8' glass bifold door 1 Door: 10' 8 1/4" x 8' glass bifold strap doors


I am interested in a seamless (light-weight) barrier bifold door for a hotel lobby to easily secure the liquor on a daily basis in lieu of taking down all the liquor. I was thinking something like your "Barrel & Bushel restaurant) but again, really really light weight!!! I can send you picture when you reply to me.


Hi, We are working on a commercial interiors project that may be right for the bi fold doors for hotels product. We have a limited ceiling height so a traditional garage door is not an option. However something that folds may work. For an 8'6' high door, how thin could the panels fold up? Thank you


Working on a number of openings on the new Nova Centre Hotel convention centre in downtown Halifax. Largest bifold for hotels is 40'w x 14'h. there is no available headroom in the building so the exterior mount bifold looks to be a good solution. These bifold hotel doors will be truck entrances off a city street so the door in the open position would extend over the city sidewalk. We are looking for design assistance, recommendations and budget pricing. Poured concrete building walls with galvanized steel frame. Thanks,


I am a PM working on a mid-rise hotel project in Atlanta, GA with Gensler (architect) and your bifold doors for hotels product has been specified for use at their terrace level which is located on the roof top deck and ground level retail. I am in need of further details of your bi-fold (aluminum/glass roll-up door) along with pricing options. If you can contact me with that information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


Hello, Our firm is designing a hotel restaurant and we are looking to use some bifold glass doors similar to the doors used on the Blarney Stone project that your company was involved with. I'm trying to get some additional information bifold doors for hotels, pricing, and for the contact information of our regional sales representative. Thanks, Roger


Working on a hotel in California where the interior designer has requested 2 each 18'x10' insulated glass bifold door units for hotels that are full insulated glass similar to the Bruce Harmon doors in Denver CO your group built in 2011. Need price for material/delivery/install thank you -Eric Martin


Have you ever done a bifold (accordion style) garage style door for a hotel? It will be 16'-0" in length with 4 panels opening inward from alley. This is for a client of mine. We are searching for companies that can do bifold doors for hotels instead of the typical roll-up freestanding garage door.


I have your bifold doors for hotels, order #071, 1995. I have to replace the cables for the 2nd time. Please send me the info on your strap replacement program for my hotel doors.


looking at two bifold doors for hotels 24' with 16' tall and a 20' door 16' tall i would like to have prices for the bifold and hydralic swing thanks Steve


Hi Schweiss Team we are Facade Consultants and responsible for the new Lusail Katara Hotel Development in Doha (Middle East) According to the architectural design, we have a new challenge for you: we Need Two Bifold exterior hotel doors each 15 x 10 meter, double glazed. at first we want to Change some sketches to explain our idea, which is related to your Red Bull Hangar in Santa Monica 


We have a 24' door opening that has sliding doors. We converted it to our hotel shop and are interested in bifold one piece hotel doors, if possible. It is a Morton building built in 1980. Thanks, Mark


Please quote me 2 Bifold doors for hotels 18' x 12' opening 16' x 12' opening door frames are already in. Posts 8 x 8" HSS post Top Beam W21 x 68 I Beam Door max size can be 13' x 6" and I trying to keep as close to 12' opening as possible


For a renovated Hotel Restaurant... Probably Sway or Korthuis Doors style bifold doors for hotels....four--10 x 10 foot... Rough price please


looking for 18.5'w x 12'h door that will look nice on a hotel with hemlock siding. I prefer to have a man door on these bifold doors for hotels in it as well. Can you do doors with wood siding, or does it need to be metal. Also what would an approximate price be delivered to ZIP 15923


Requesting pricing for bifold door, 18' x 8', with framing to support 16 ga. Corten siding panels and sub-framing/insulation. These are for custom hotel bifold doors. Thanks, Jeff


I am working on a high-end residential located hotelproject and would like to discuss the use and details related to bi-fold doors for hotels. The building structure is concrete and the doors for hotels will have an exterior wood finish. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks, Joe Raia


Good Morning! We have two of your bifold doors for hotels, however, we do not have any maintenance information beyond the decals/placards that are installed near the controls. Do you offer any detailed maintenance instructions / schedules / inspections? Your bifold doors for hotels are nothing less than fantastic.


I am remodeling a hotel and require - two bifold  doors for hotels (hardware)for the same opening size of 8 feet high by 14 feet wide - one hotel door hardware for an opening 8 feet by 10 feet The hotel doors will not be used every day as this is a weekend place to go - there is snow that will be on them - the shed will be located near Orillia, Ontario please advise what you require


looking for information on a strap lift bifold doors for hotels, wood frame building. approximately 16x7' hotel doors.