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Hi, I need to buy another remote for my Schweiss Hangar Door. I believe it is style 2 tele-radio with 3 buttons. I can send you a picture if necessary. Thank you for your time and consideration! Sincerely, Bill


Hello, I am looking at building a new hangar at the Del Norte, Colorado airport. I am doing the design with RapidSet Metal Buildings. I am looking for a quote on a Schweiss Bifold door for a 50' x 11' opening. Thanks!


I have read plenty of reviews and must say that your Schweiss Doors company is definitely at the top of my list for bifold Liftstrap, auto latch doors when I build my hanger. I am planning on building a 50ft by 60ft metal building hanger and wanted your opinion on what size door is best for that. Specifically, I noticed in one of you pictures on the main webpage a green metal hanger with brown lower color and a red door. Do you have any more information on that building, company that built it? I would absolutely love to have something exactly like that with one of your doors. Alternately, are there any metal building manufacturers you suggest? Thanks for the info and looking forward to seeing one of your doors being installed for me soon.


Pricing a hangar for a client. They are wanting 24' clear opening. I'm thinking bifold will be the more economical option, but know I am going to have to increase the building height. Can I get a quote for a 80'x 24' (clear opening) bifold? If you could also let me know the size of the opening I will need in order to get the 24' clear? Would like you to include auto latch systems and windows and a remote opener.


I have a customer requesting (1) 50' x 14' Schweiss Aviation Hanger Door with Lifting Strap door system and auto latching door system. I need a quote and some specifications on how to support the door in our new steel building. Are you able to provide this information? Any questions please give me a call. Thank You, Tim Armstrong Steelco Construction


A customer we do a lot of work for bought a new airplane. It will not fit into their existing hangar. They bought the hangar next door, we will tear it down by the end of March. Start the new


I am looking for Budgetary pricing for a Bi fold aviation hangar door for a 50 x 50 Hanger. The Builder said they will make a proper opening and will provide the steel exterior wall for the Door. Thanks Bill


Good morning I am needing a 28' x 88' aviation bifold strap door for a hangar in Kalispell airport. Please email me a quote for this.


I have a very good client that is looking for a 15.5' x 12' full view bronze frame bifold aviation hangar door. Can you get me a quote on one including installation?


We are planning to build a hangar at Fulton Missouri Airport KFTT. We are in the planning stages and trying to determine the cost. We are planning on an 80 X 80 hangar with a 60 X 14 aviation hangar windowed bifold door with straps.


Need an Installer (Hopefully Local or close by) to install (2) 48' x 16' older Schweiss Aviation Liftstrap Hanger Doors on a new building with steel header.


I would like to get a quote on a bi-fold door that is 40ft wide for a hangar aviation building. The side wall will be 16ft. The building will be Ibeam construction with a 60ft freespan truss on a 1:12 pitch. What header requirements are there also? Thanks


Looking to price out a bifold door for a new aviation hangar construction at the Stirling airport (CPJ5) just north of Trenton. The hanger will either be all wood construction or with metal truss and I-beams. Design is going to be based around the door. Looking to fit a Piper Aztec B along with some extra room for growing or switching planes. Min size: 42' wide x 15' high opening If I could get some quotes with delivery prices for standard bifold doors with this min size and wider it would be appreciated. Will also be ordering windows and a remote opener.


We are looking to get a 22’-6” Wide x 10’-0” High Aircraft style bifold Liftstrap door for a project. Is this something you could help us out with?


Pauls Valley Municipal Airport - Taxiway and Hangar We are bidding on this project as the general contractor tomorrow at 2pm. I'm looking for a price on your bifold and/or hydraulic hangar door. I can you the specs if you could provide me with an email. I believe the information that I provided is accurate, but I would like to have you guys look at it. There is only a couple of pages of information in the specs. Thank you


Hello, I am in the initial planning stages for a aviation bifold door hangar build project in Ohio. We will be building a 100x60 or 90x60 steel building at 3G3 Wadsworth Municipal Airport and I will incorporating one of your doors. I have a Schweiss on another T hangar and it’s been perfect. We are currently talking to various builders and the time frame, permit approval pending, will be late Spring of 2022. Our lot is 122 wide and I’d like to utilize that as much space as possible, hence the hangar size. I will be incorporating a 50 or 60 foot bifold and undecided on total height. 14 seems low so I’m thinking 16 or possibly 18 feet to use as a bifold jet hangar door. For budget planning, can you please give me a ballpark quote for the various door sizes mentioned above. I am also interested in the average labor cost for install. I am flying a trip out of the county until mid August so email is best. Thank you very much. Karl


Please provide a proposal for two (2) ~ 60' wide by 18' tall (Clear Height) Bi-Fold Hangar Doors. The hanger will be located at Boerne Stage Airfield in San Antonio, TX. We've ordered your bifold and hydraulic doors before and will never go to another brand of door.


I am an airport commissioner. We want to replace the door on our maintenance hangar. 15 X 40. We are looking at both options. One piece and bi-flod. You provided the door for my hangar at the Shawano airport, a Bi-fold with straps. On the maintenance hangar we are concerned with headroom and need as much as we can get, SO price doesn't play so much in this. Please give me a call to discuss options.


I am looking for a quote on a 70' wide x 15' high bifold aviation hangar door. It would be going in a new pre-engineered metal building. Door needs to be set up for remote opener, auto latches and backup system.


I didn't fill out the size because I need quotes for two sizes: 36' x 10' and 84' x 22'. The smaller door is more likely to be the lift strap type and the larger to be hydraulic (just due to sheer size), but not cut in stone, I'll consider a bifold for the larger door too. Shoot me a price. The number of doors is undecided but the smaller doors will be ordered in multiples of 10 (for T hangars) and the larger will be ordered one at a time as they will be used ina multi-year development.


looking for a aviation hangar door with windows and walk door, bifold 42x14 need quote and door loads to building too. Will be a steel building 50x60'.


Requesting pricing for both a bi fold door and hydraulic swing aviation hangar door for a 55'x20' door, (I need an 18' height opening, not sure how tall door needs to be to accommodate). want to have some windows in doors and door remote openers.


Looking for prices on an aviation bifold hanger door, I was given your name by Aj Riley Senior Building Specialist aj@steelcommandercorp. My hanger will be 60ft wide at the front 16ft door height by 50ft deep. I would prefer a manual or automatic latch door set up, two-piece type doors that lift to the opening on each side 2 15ft doors each side, please call


Planning phase for hanger for light sport airplane. Building will be 36' wide, 24' deep and 10' high on concrete pad. Need a bifold strap door that is 34' wide and minimum 9' clear height. I can change demensions if need be. Was planning to use standard 2x6 wood studs but may need advice on bracing. Metal panels for walls and roof. Non insulatated. No power available, so will need a battery backup system.


Request quote on both bi-fold and straight hyd door in 16’ Considering 50’ and 60’ doors. I am working with several hangar builders, and I understand you can supply our builder with weights and CAD drawings. This hangar will be In Hamilton Montana. Thanks




I have a 10' high x 39' wide small plane hanger door. It is made with 2"x 2"Steel frame on top of a 2"x 4" steel bottom. it has five equal sections of 7.80'all welded joints. It has 7 steel hinges equally spaced across the top and welded to a 3/4"x 6"angel steel frame. I need a hydraulic cylinder system to open the Door. I think it will take cylinders of 6 to 8 feet, I know you will be able to tell me what I need. I will need the whole system (your red system looks great to me) wall mount rack, Pump, hoses,and cylinders. I am able to do the install and just need a price and it delivered. Thank You for your time look forward to to your e-mail with the price really need to get this done ASAP. Thanks Lawrence


We are designing an Aviation Lab Building for Crowley ISD near Fort Worth, Texas. We are designing the metal building and foundation now and we need weights and loads for a Bi-Fold door that is 16'H x 40'-0"W. Please provide details to show where steel should be installed to accommodate the aviation bifold hangar door so I can coordinate with our structural engineer. Thanks for your help, Don Steer


I have a Pilatus PC12. I want two doors. One on each end. I am fine with either bifold or hydraulic whichever is cheapest. I am building a hangar. I plan to just drive thru the hangar. Will you please let me know at least a general price for two doors? I am in the very early planning stages. Include the bifold door with liftstraps and auto latches.


Hello, I'm looking for info and options for a bifold liftstrap aviation  hangar door. I'm pricing out a new build for a hangar at Buffalo airport. What are my size options? Bi-fold or no fold? Any info you can get me would be great. Thanks


I'm looking at a aviation hangar door at Mead, WA; 70S. It has an older bi-fold door that still works. However, the opening is about 40' wide and about 12' high. With the existing door I can only get 9' 7" of clearance. I need a door that can take full advantage of the opening height. Thanks for your help on this.


Hello, I need help on two aviation hangar doors. 1st is within a year I will be building my "Ultimate Man Cave" at X04 airport in Florida. The hanger will be 75' x 70'x 21'. I'm thinking of a 60' x 19' bifold aviation door? I've talked to you guys at Sun-n-fun and Osh Kosh for years. I think your the best door available, but just haven't been ready to build... Now getting closer.... so this door is on the horizon. I don't need a quote on this yet, I need to get an architect first to finalize the design and decide which building manufacturer I'll go with... 2nd, I live in Wing South Airpark (FA37) in Florida. The hanger has 40' x 10' HI-FOLD bi-fold door with cables. How much would it cost to convert to your strap system with automatic latches? I don't need pins in the ground, just latches on each side so it closes tight on the sides. Thanks, Don P.S. I prefer email.


I presently have an old aviation hangar door on my hangar that I built 20 some years ago it is operated on a counterweight system I would like to upgrade to a newer style aviation bifold door with all the bells and whistles.


Hello, I would like to have a price, For a very large  bifold aviation hang door 100 'wide x 26' high, Steel structure 600vlt, Greeting


Hello, We are in the planning process of building our home and hangar on an air park lot. We are trying to find a bifold aviation hangar home door to fit a hangar 60x50 or 70x50, with the door on the longer side. Thanks in advance for your help.


I wish to build my own aviation hangar doors. I have plasma, tig, mig and saws. I like your design. I want components for two bifold aviation doors and also a continuous run pump with stacked valves in order to operate three different hydraulic aviation hangar doors. Please provide information so I may start planning with on of your door kits. Is the software available for purchase? Sincerely, Steve


Looking to build a hangar. Will be looking at either one big door 70-80ft or two aviation hangar doors 40-50 ft each.


Modify existing steel hangar with a steel Header and Jamb material. 90mph wind rating for aviation hangar door use. Can you install 70f or know someone that can and please provide a price.


We are working with the Lifestyle Custom Homes group on the Lake Simcoe Airport aviation hangar doors project and would like to get pricing on the 16 bi-folding hanger doors. We understand they have had discussions with your firm already regarding this aviation hangar doors project, please advise if there is any additional information needed. Thanks Wade


I am an architect working on a hangar project in southern California. The project consists of 3 buildings containing 41 individual aviation hangar doors, each having aviation hangar bifold doors. I am preparing the drawings using Revit BIM software. Do you have any of your drawings and/or details for your bifold doors in electronic BIM files, specifically .rvt or .rtf files? Thank you for your assistance.


I would like a copy of your bifold aviation hangar doors installation instructions. I have a customer that is interested in having a couple of your doors installed. Thank you. Andrew. AC garage door. Acgaragedoor@gmail.com 203 948 9259


Hello, We are doing a fire restoration repair on multiple units of a 'T' Hangar in Anchorage Alaska with several damaged Schweiss aviation hangar  doors. The damage is in the mandoor in the bifold door where the fire department entered and on some units rolled the bifold door up with the man door open. Is the mandoor a specialty door that only you supply or would I be able to have my local commercial door supplier provide something? Also I am concerned about the integrity of the straps in one of the units, do you provide aviation hangar door replacement straps? Thank you, Josh Heffner


I own hangars at High River airport (CEN4) with  cable-lift bifold aviation hangar doors approx 45ft by 15ft. I am interested in retro-fitting straps including your strap latch. The existing hangar door has a very heavy steel frame and I think your aviation hangar door strap systems would be an important safety improvement. Please contact me to discuss. Thanks, Nico


In planning stages for new hanger construction. Have not determined if it will be pole barn (Walters) or insulated block construction. Desired width of Schweiss aviation hangar doors is 46', must be at least 45' Feel free to call if clarification is necessary. Bryan


I am researching ways to retrofit old WWII aviation hanger doors. These are large wood hangers with door frames of 20 feet high and 75 feet wide. We would like to make these old slide by doors more user friendly and of a smaller size. I am interested in your strap bi-fold for the existing opening or to reduce the width to about 50 ft. What can you help me with in finding the best solution for this aviation hangar doors project? Thank you,


Bought a very old hangar with sliding aviation hangar doors. Very drafty ! ! Need a new bifold aviation hangar door. Approx 4O X 12 (clear space ) Thanks


I'm interested in BYOD bifold aviation hangar doors. Approximately 40 X 12 Hangar opening. They are nested T of wood construction with steel I-beam headers.


Building a hangar (40 x30x16 ft in Davenport Washington. Need quote on price and availability on bifold aviation hangar door. Thanks


Starting design for new hangars. Want to use strap lift bi fold aviation hangar doors. Question: How much headroom is lost during door folding. I was told you lose no headroom on a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic aviation hangar door? In other words, to have 16' high clearance in door, what size door hole???


looking for someone in my area to do a liftstrap conversion to a bi-fold aviation hangar door, do you have service in Washington State? thanks for your time.... Zach


Will you be able to install bifold aviation hangar  doors in Australia? And what is the maximum width for the bifold and hydraulic aviation hangar doors? If greater than approx. 105 feet, what is the cost to install a 105' x 36' door?


Dear Sir or Madam, We are looking for corrosion resistance (assuming aluminum framed) translucent panel bi-fold drive-thru aviation hangar doors for an agricultural aircraft chemical spraying project specification- please provide model number if you have a chance. thanks- Jesse S- Designer.


I have recently had an enquiry from a customer regarding availability of your aviation hangar doors system. I have been unable to find any local stockist of your door and was hoping that your product is available in Australia. Could you please let me know if I am able to source this aviation hangar door system in Australia. I look forward to your response. David Veenstra Bairnsdale & District Garage Doors Australia


I am working on a regional airport project that will have a number of hangar facilities. They FBO has requested the bifold aviation hangar doors strap door lift system. Do you have a CSI 3-Part specification you can share with me for this system. Do you provide the door framing, door hardware, operating motors and accessories? Any help would be appreciated. Steve


I am interested in a quote for Schweiss Bi-fold aviation hangar doors for my two 60x72 hangars. Approximately 30' high. I do not have the exact measurements for the door until I get home next week. Just want a ball park figure. Thanks


We need information about bifold door for domestic aviation hangar home door use. We live in Bari (Italy). Do you have an italian contact?


We are working on a aviation hangar door projects in Maryland. They are looking for the following openings: (4) 50' wide x 20' tall located in an endwall (8) 38' wide x 20' tall located in a sidewall Our building is 200' x 750' x 39', 1:12 slope I am looking for product recommendation, details for framing requirements for these aviation hangar doors. I need this asap. Thanks!


The aviation hangar doors dimension are 25m x 40m. What can you suggest for the dimension and type of door for this size hangar. These are military aviation hangar doors for helicopters of the Air Force. How much is the price more or less?


Hello, I am looking to get pricing on aviation hanger doors for a project in Toronto. Please call me directly at ex. 231.


I am building a 120'x70' hanger and need two 50' wide, bi-folding aviation hangar doors and two 14' hydraulic hangar storage room doors. I am also interested in the price difference between the folding and hydraulic doors.


Request quote for Aircraft hangar doors, strap-lift design, for new construction with clear opening of 40 Ft by 12 Feet. The Structural width can be up to 44 Feet, and need clear open of 12 Feet. Additional details provided below.


Just completed our new home and hangar. Bought metal building thru Rapid Set which we had your Bifold aviation hangar door included. Perfect!! Would like information on buying and installing windows, matching the ones in the doors of our garage.


Pricing 56' x 18'H hydraulic aviation hangar doors. Please provide detailed pricing (estimate) for materials, delivery, preparation and installation. Looking for a install before the end if the year in Ohio.


I have a client that wants to build a hangar in Weirsdale, Florida. I would like to present him with quotes for both of your quality aviation hangar door types. We are still in design stage for his building and we currently have 50' x 12' Schweiss aviation hangar door shown on our drawings. Thanks for your time, Ron


Hello, can you send me or provide me with a link to program remote controls for a aviation hanger door? The aviation hangar doors are located at Brackett airport in La Verne CA 91750. I installed a small white box remote controller i purchased from you guys and i lost the programming instructions. 


Hi, I'm wondering if you have images of residential hangar home bifold aviation doors that show the cladding possibilities over your frames? We're under construction on a project and are slated to have 3 bifold aviation hangar doors (49'w by 18'h), but the client is getting tripped up on the potential aesthetics. I tried to explain that the cladding possibilities are endless but was hoping to show them a few examples. Thanks


Need bi-fold doors for aviation hanger with 50' width and 18' side wall height. I don't need the aviation door to open past 14' so need to know if it would be cheaper to have lower door height and have some way to connect to building or get full height door.


We have a potential new hanger buildings in the Brainerd area. The exterior will be covered with metal building sheathing Can you please quote four 48' aviation hangar doors installed in Brainerd, MN.


Greetings, We are looking for a quotes on a couple of 72' X 18' bi-fold aviation hangar doors to go on existing hangars. Quote for the doors, and installation as well. Thank-you, Lake In The Hills Airport, IL 


We have a new aviation hangar building project and are interested in using the bi-fold air tractor aviation hangar doors on each end of the air tractor hangar. We have 2 openings 50' x 14' and 37'-4" x 14'. I am looking for help with detailing and designing the required supports for the openings and door mounting.


Looking for a quotation on a 60' bifold aviation hangar door (with out the bed in it) for an air hangar, we would like two quotes. One with windows in the top 1/3 and one without windows. Please call for Parker.


Looking to get a quote to retrofit a Miller folding door with your strap system. This door is on our Police Aviation hanger. The aviation hangar door is approximately 12 years old. Thanks, Tom.


Good morning, we are a construction company here in Thailand. We currently have two aviation hangar door projects requiring a Bi-fild doors with large wingspan openings. Can you supply? Cost FOB to your nearest port to Thailand. Kit set form including cladding and price excluding cladding. Fully optioned please. We are looking at another aviation helicopter hangar door job with a Bi-fold as well. Can you price this the same please.


We are bidding numerous T Hangar buildings in Georgetown Delaware. Your aviation hangar doors are specified. Please provide a price for the following: (8) doors 44'-5" wide x 13'-4" high (1) door 42'-6" wide x 13'-4" high Lift strap bi-fold aviation hangar doors with integral personnel door, Wind load 120 MPH Category II Site Classification C, motor, limit switches, terminal strips, mechanical disconnects, operating switches, etc. Metal panel covering by others.


Because my off-brand bi-fold door jammed and I wanted to change from cable to strap I talked to someone at your company yesterday and was to have been called back with the cost to make the change. Because my airplane is "trapped" in the hangar and cannot be used until the aviation hangar door is repaired/changed to straps I need to know HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO FIND OUT WHAT THE CHANGE will cost and how soon the aviation hangar door liftstrap conversion kit can it be sent to me? I am in a bad spot here and need answers ASAP. Thanks


Ineed quotes on 36 x 14 aluminum framed electrically operated aviation hangar doors. Have a full spec for a project in Utah


I would like a quote on a bifold aviation hanger door 39' w x 12' h. also please include one for a hydro aviation hangar doors. Building is of all steel construction. Thank you. Ellen


Hello, I am a new manager of three municipal aircraft aviation hangars equipped with your lift strap, bi-fold doors that was installed approximately 7 years ago. Overall, the performance is great and we haven't had any operational problems. I'm curious as to how often these types of doors require maintenance. Primarily, I'm just looking to ensure our aviation hangar doors remain in top working order, as this hangar houses aircraft used for commercial purposes on a daily basis. Regards,  Chief Pilot Skydive Spaceland - Dallas


I am a structural engineer working on aviation hangar doors renovation project in Pacific Northwest region of USA. Hangar door openings would be about 60' wide x 30' tall. A couple of questions: 1. Do you have doors that could cover that size opening, either one-piece or bifold aviation hangar doors? 2. For either one-piece or bifold doors, do either or both of these have a way to manually operate the door if the power to pumps/motors goes out? If so, how does that work, and can this be done by one or two people?


Dear Sirs! On behalf of our company management, let me request a quotation for aviation hangar strap-lift bifold doors. Required specifications in details are as follows: the door dimensions: Length: 22000 mm., Height: 6500 mm., seal - sandwich panels, total seal weight - approx. 2000 kg., i.e. 14.3 kg. per square meter.We need all locking, lifting and other mechanisms as well as design documentation needed for erection and, if possible, we need a supervision of erection. Framework and seal will be manufactured by ourselves. Also, we would like to know if you have a branch in Europe. 


Can you provide a lift strap system for an erect-a-tube 50 x 14 bi-fold aviation hangar door built in 1983? If so, can you advise price? Thanks, Norm


Need quote and specs for two 40'-0" wide x 14'-0" high clear bi-fold aviation hangar doors located in an end-walls of a new steel building. Location is Fairfield, MT. IBC 2012 building code, low-hazard  use building with 105 mph wind speed.


Looking to put a one piece 46'wx15't hydraulic aviation hangar door in the eve wall of a wood frame building. Is this possible and what does the cost look like? Building has 17' side wall with 2' overhang and a 2' 3 piece laminated header across doorway.


Good day, looking for a price on doors to suit an opening 37' wide x 18' high, insulated, electric operation for aviation hangar doors, please provide suggestions and pricing thank you Brian


Requesting quote and specs for 50' x 20' clear bi-fold aviation hangar doors that will be located on two gabled end-wall of a pre-engineered steel buildings. Buildings will be located in Morgantown, WV airport and have a 115mph wind speed per code. Please email me know if you have any questions or need more information. Thank you