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Looking at the possibility of a 14' x 40' or 14' x 50' automatic electric bifold door. Really needing to see lead times once a door is ordered to see if it fits our customer's needs.


Looking for options for our shop house for an exterior automatic bifold Liftstrap door. Wanting black rectangles with glass. Dimensions are 16ft wide by 12 ft high. Hoping for hydraulic or bifolding as we do not want tracking hanging overhead. Thank you.


Hi there! I am working on a commercial project that we need to spec a automatic opening bifold or tilt up door for the interiors of a hotel community room. This project is based in Florida. Please let me know if you might have a product that would work for this project and if our location wont be an issue. Thanks, Eric


Looking for a hydraulic or bifold Liftstrap door in a room with indoor pool in it. Open to be roughly 20x10'. For a residential application. Thanks


I have a project that we are looking to utilize the schweiss automatic bifold doors with liftstraps, auto latches and photo eye sensors and I need the NOA for the door. The door will be 29'-1" wide by 11'-6" or 12' depending on clearances. We are in Broward county (Florida) which requires the Florida approval or a Notice of Acceptance (NOA). We are planning on finishing the door with wood / aluminum (wood like clad) pieces. For your NOA, how does that deal with the items that are attached to the door to "finish" off the exterior? For the construction we have concrete, but I do not see that as an option on the items below to check.


Looking for a quote on a 10' tall by 30' wide hydraulic one piece door and a quote for the same size automatic bi fold with lift straps.


Hi! We are planning to convert our mid-century modern residential carport into an enclosed garage/workshop. We are comparing automatic bifold door options and trying to get a general idea of cost. We are looking to do either two 8' wide doors or one 16" wide door. I think our opening will end up being around 8' tall but we do not have all the exact measurements yet. We believe a glass bifold door would be the best fit, although we are also considering a glass hydraulic door. We have some drawings and photographs that we can share if it would help you to better understand the project and give us a rough ballpark estimate. Thanks very much for your time.


Hello! I am looking for a budget/ROM pricing for a Schweiss glazed metal automatic electric lifting


Good evening, I am interested in a quote for an automatic insulated bi-fold door for my shop, which is a new timber framed building. I've heard nothing but absolutely stellar reviews of your strap system. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you. Bryan Plust


I would like to get designs and prices on a automatic residential garage door size 22 feet wide and 14 feet in height. Please advise


I'd like design guide lines for my RV garage that I'll be designing and building around one of your automatic hidden RV Bifold doors. I need a full 14' head clearance for my RV height. with a 12' wide door. I'd like to go with the servo strap system and would like a quote and timing for the components that I'll need for this project.


Looking to get a quote on a 35' automatic bifold strap door with a clear 10 ft height in Cheyenne WY. Need specs also so that I can send to building manufacture to quote building. Build your own door sounds like a good option.


We are budgeting a project for Loon Mountain Ski area in Lincoln, New Hampshire. There are 3 - 12'x12' glass bifold up doors on the West elevation that I would like a price on. We would prefer to have black or gray liftstraps on these automatic doors. Building is not heated so single pane glass is all that is needed.


Looking for a quote on a glass bifold or one piece automatic Schweiss door. Not sure on dimensions yet but it will be a smaller door so let's say 9' x 8' for now. Fully automated system, standard color frame whether it be black or dark bronze and standard clear glass.


I need a quote for 3 separate automatic bifold doors delivered to the same project. Here in Mississippi Door A - 40.0ft x 14.0ft Door B - 20.0ft x 14.0ft Door C - 20.0ft x 10.2ft?? this door height to be verified prior to construction One power unit to operate all 3 doors and associated plumbing.


We are building a mobile STEAM Shack trailer to teach Robotics, 3D Printing, Computer Programming, etc... to kids with cancer. We recently completed a building and want the trailer to look aesthetically like the building which has glass garage doors. We are looking for a custom 60" x 72" automatic glass and aluminum manual hinged bifolding door that we can retrofit to the trailer. To see an image of the building visit the link below.


We currently building a bunk house and looking for an energy efficient glass garage door 12' x 8' to open up the screen in porch to the living area. I love the look of the bifold door. Could the door fold in instead of out? We have 13%u20193%u201D clearance inside and do not want the door to impede the fan on the screened in porch. I am looking for a cost of the automatic bifold small size door.


We are looking to price a 40 foot wide by approximately 16 foot (16%u2019 side walls ) door . Was looking at a bi-fold automatic liftstrap door but would be interested in pricing Hydraulic also , project will be near Paxton Nebraska . 


The end wall of the building is 80' wide so center the door. The side wall height is 20' so make the bifold automatic door opening as tall as possible.


I have a project I am bidding on that is specifying your bifold automatic strap door. 30' x 8'. Please let me know who in my area is the rep/installer or if this is purchased direct.


Folding automatic bifold doors for retail counters. Small doors of 4' high by 8' wide. Building can have wood or steel columns, whatever works best for installation


We have a wood building and didn't know if your bifold doors are comparable with wood? It is a  building with 16' walls. Looking at a 14' automatic bifold door (or tallest that can fit with 16' ceilings.


Aside from the wide bifold doorway door 120' x 28' automatic door requested below, we need a quote and specs for a door that's only 100' x 28' as well. Thanks.


We are in design process of designing a 54 X 46 wood frame hangar. We need to provide our architect / engineer some information for structural and space requirements to accommodate the automatic Schweiss bifold hangar doors. Our plan is to go with 38' x 14 door on the 46' side of hangar. We are building at Desert Aire located in Eastern Washington State. Any help / input is appreciated. Thanks, Matt Bolin


Do you have a vendor or contractor in my area that deals with your bifold automatic doors? I would like to retrofit my barn for a hanger. Thank you Paul Walton


Currently we are adding an addition onto our existing steel fabrication shop and we are trying to decide how to close off the end wall, one option is to install(2) conventional rollup doors 18' high x 20' wide however i like the idea of having a larger opening to get big fabrications and steel in and out. please send me some ballpark pricing on one of your automatic bifold door kits for a 45'wide x 18' door. Thanks! Jason


Looking to covert a standard residential garage doors to Schweiss automatic doors. They could be automatic bifold or hydraulic doors depending on price. Do you have installers and sales reps in Florida ?


We're doing a garage renovation; roof came off and a second story has been put on. There's now a big glue-lam beam to cover the span over the 16' x 7' 2-car garage door. I'd like a quote on your automatic  bifold garage door with lift straps. There's a beamed ceiling in the garage, over the door there's 12" of clearance below the (perpendicular to the garage door) ceiling beams and about 22" to the ceiling above the door between the beams.


Building retirement home and will build metal building (36ft x 50ft) for furniture building hobby, etc... At this time just researching automatic garage doors and would appreciate a catalogue. 


Hello -- I'm working on a residential project and am going to need 3 automatic electric bi-fold doors that have as much glass as possible in them. 1x - 12 feet wide by 8 feet high. 2x - 10 feet wide by 14 feet high. I'm looking for something very similar to doors you've made in the past so I'm sure you can help but I do not have a good feel for how expensive these are compared to regular garage doors so I'd love to talk to a sales person. Thanks very much! Bo Fishback


Hello, I am interested in installing a Schweiss automatic bifold designer door for my residence. It will be a new construction. Size of door openings: - Door1 - 20' width x 8' height - Door2 - 10' width x 8' height - Door3 - 16' width x 8' height - Door4 - 8' width x 7' height Would you be able to provide some cost estimates, please? Thanks!


I Purchased your strap bifold automatic door for my hangar in 2014 I believe and now would like to purchase the weather stripping for my door. And also the remote option kit for the door.


Would love to receive a rough estimate on a bifold residential automatic bifold garage doors. Rough opening is 172"x82"


Looking to put in 2 automatic bi fold doors, both are 16 ft x16 ft, assume strap least cost,we can apply the exterior skin,question on insulation recommendations, time frame for delivery and cost, thank you,Vincent, email may be easiest contact but can try my cel


Considering two automatic operating bifold garage doors for new construction; 1 - 8x10 and 1 - 8x9. Would like to purchase frame and lift mechanism only; I intend to install my own solid wood door on frame.


Need a bid on the following Schweiss automatic bifold hangar doors. Furnish and Install 44x12 Bi-Fold door at New Richmond, WI airport.


Would like a price for a BYOD 14X40 one piece automatic hyd doors. 2 window opening 36hx48w 38 inches from the bottom of automatic Schweiss bifold doors 10 ft from the door edge to window edge. To be confirmed at drawing signoff. Thanks Mark 


Building a new 120 x 90 shop/ storage building in the spring and was looking to talk to someone about your automatic doors with auto latch systems. Looking for 2-18 x 30 insulated and 2-16 x 25 non insulated. 


I browsed your website. I am looking for 18 x 9 foot automatic bifold doors for a residential garage in basement. Concrete sides, ramp. Main motivation vs roll up door is reduced noise. What is ball-park cost of your quiet operating automatic garage doors. Email is best way to reach me.


Looking for a price "range" on a automatic hangar door 40' wide by 13' high. I assume the bifold strap door is least expensive. This would be for a single hangar home in an airpark (86WA). I want to keep costs down, but definitely will want your Schweiss automatic latch system on it, thanks.


We are currently replacing the end of our quanset building. We would like to use a bifold or hydraulic automatic door in place of the sliding door. Before we install the new wall I want to know if there is any special structure I need to incorporate the automatic Schweiss door into it. 


Good Afternoon I'm looking for a spring converging part for an automatic bi-fold door of your manufacturing with the model No. S 12. The springs are for the automatic door side latching arms. Thanks for the support


Need quote on 4 18 x 12 automatic bifold doors, delivered to Ky. 40342 also quote on installation. and need to know how much room for header on endwall


I am quoting a pre eng metal bldg by CBC, it is 60' wide x 50' long x 20' eave and need a automatic  bifold door on one endwall, 50' wide x 15' tall with reomote control.


I have a customer that has 8 of your automatic bi-fold doors. I do their annual inspections on all their bifold doors. Do the lifting straps ever need to be replaced, they look as good as the day they were put in. Please Email or call me about ordering parts and procedure on replacing straps. Thanks, Cory 


I need an installed price for a automatic bi-fold door on a Wick Wood building. 15' wide x 14' tall (this is the opening size). I am trying to bid this job by Feb 1st as a turn-key so I need your price ASAP. thank you Greg Flugum


Interested in getting automatic glass bifold doors for garage door entrance size 16'wx10'h. The opening is perimetered by 8x12 timbers.


Please quote automatic bifold doors for possible Miracle truss building 50'W x 40'D with 12' side wall Or Wood metal truss building. We will supply steel beam door frame. Thanks


We were wondering if you had a manual for our automatic bifold door with straps. We realize it needs to be inspected every 30 days but would like a manual to show and tell us what needs to be done.


Our office is working on a lab project with four high bay facilities, located in Laurel, MD. We are interested in specifying a automatic lift-strap door that provides a 24'-0" clear opening for access to the interior lab spaces, and would like more information about technical details for the thickness of the door when raised, structural requirements, finishes, and cost. I would like to include details in our drawings and accurate information in our specifications for these Automatic Schweiss doors. Thanks for your time and attention to this request.


The building is one of those bolt together automatic bifold door types, with the prefabbed corrugated panels. It will have a wooden frame with siding at both ends. The building dimensions are 54' long x 32' wide x 18' high at the peak. One door opening is 12' wide by 15' HI I need a price for a second automatic door at the other end, but it only needs to be 8 feet wide x 10 feet high Please send 2 separate prices.


New Trinity Hospital. In our scope they are calling out for 1 automatic bifold liftstrap door, size 45' wide x 16' high. Can you please send me pricing and literature. Do you install as well or not. 


Customer needs 14' clear when the automatic bi-fold door is open. We will accommodate the building height per your specs. Automatic door opening will be 46' wide. Can I please get a price installed and not installed? Thank you, Karsten Sinn


We are looking for budget pricing for one of your automatic glass bi-fold doors to fit an opening 28'-8" wide by 14'-0" tall.


Looking for quote on Schweiss automatic doors including installation on new construction building near Webster, MN. Automatic Bifold Strap Door width is 45'. Wall height of building to be either 12' or 14'. We are receiving quotes on both heights for the building, but will most likely build 12' walls. Construction on building to begin approximately mid April.


We are a lumberyard hardware store and I have a customer that is wanting a quote on two automatic bifold Schweiss doors that have lift straps. I have never sold this style of door. Please contact me soon thanks


Looking for automatic glazed bifold doors similar to Blarney Stone Irish Pub or Stanford Global Economy Ctr. seen on website. Need insulated glazing - to meet energy U value 0.45 10'-0" W X 10'- 0" H opening. operation - straps ok. Looking for ballpark pricing and any drawing details to share - wood frame construction.


I need a price on (2) automatic doors, 80'x15' Strap Lift bifold doors to be installed in Pre-Engineered Steel Building. Building is 120' x 150' x 20' eave ht. 1:12 slope  BBGC will do our own install. 


Hello, I would like to get a quote for aluminum frame and glass automatic doors. They will be off the ground and will sit on a bar counter, 42" AFF. Please let me know if you require further information.


Not sure if your doors are in my price range, but i'm needing two automatic garage doors that flips out so we can have continuous wood siding going down the face of the home.


I have a matte black Lester building also from Minnesota and I would like a matte black automatic bifold doors, no windows. The door opening is 18 feet wide by 13 feet tall.I would like to get a price and also check the turnaround time on this automatic door order .


I am looking for two automatic Schweiss doors; 7x17 8x18 matching style for my old and new garages. I want the bi-fold to allow storing my cars on lifts.


I need a quote for a 44' X 12' automatic bifold door with schweiss straplift design. Please also quote the 46' X 12' automatic bifold door, so I can compare prices. I am planning to build a 50' X 70' hangar. Thanks, Carey


Hey, im going to build a garage in glass. Its gonna be freestanding, 6x5.5 meters, 2.80-3.0m high. All sides will be in isulation glass with wooden pillars behind the glasses in each corner and in the middle of each long side to hold the roof made of wood. I have for the last couple of months contacted several firma in Sweden and asked them for automatic doors  in glass, but all of them are so comfortable, scared and not service minded. One problem has been to find something suitable to lift those heavy doors. I see that you have alot of them and I wonder if you have any experience in making all glass automatic doors. Pivot, lifting, sliding,, doesnt matter as long as its one big piece or maximum 2 pieces. It has to be safe since a single door for a garage can weight around 300-400kg and if it fall when someone is underneath its certain death. Please respond with what you have, i would prefer pictures.


Hello, I would like an estimate for both the single automatic hydraulic door and the automatic bifold door. Usable door width is 30' on a 32'wide building. with e necessary clearance when open of 14 ft. high & 30 ft wide. Also if you could include the required building reinforcements needed that would be helpful for the contractor when ordering the building package.


Dear Sir We have 3 strap converted automatic Bi Fold doors and two automatic Hydraulic doors and require another automatic Hydraulic door. These were all supplied by Schweiss Doors. Can you please advise who could supply our new door 21mtrs X 6mtrs and who can service our existing doors here in the UK Many thanks Roy


I would like a quote for 45 x 14' automatic doors for a planned hangar. The final plans have not been made. Therefore, the size of the automatic bifold doors could be slightly changed if going with a "standard" size would be beneficial.


I am looking to replace my sliding doors on my pole barn and I want automatic doors. I have two sliders - each 11 feet tall by 9 feet wide. I am also looking to add a some style to the automatic doors - windows, etc. that make it look more like a barn door and less like a plain steel panel. Thank you, Kevin


Hi, I'd like to get an estimate for an automatic bi-fold glass and aluminum door, 16' x 8', with a black finish, and white laminated privacy glass. I'd like the door to have 4 glass panes across the width and from top to bottom; there would be a total of 16 glass panes in all.


looking for a qoute on a automatic bifold doors 26 ft wide 14 to 16 ft high with a man door in the middle and four windows half way up for light,  building is block with steel columns