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I am a developer and currently working towards receiving approval for approximately 120 upscale automobile condos on Highway 12 in Independence Minnesota. Have very upscale plans designed by ESG Architects and I’m very intrigued with your one piece or bifold door options.


Need 6 bifold apartment designer double wide garage doors opening to be 24’ x16’….needs to open 16’ high…18’ sidewall height..just get with me about ready to order…Thanks Jeff Jordan


We are in need of 8' x 8' black anodized aluminum apartment Schweiss door with frosted glass that is either bifold or an outward swing door for condominium unit that has space constraint. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information for a quote. Please advise the price and the lead times. Kind Regards, Ziya


I am looking for a clear opening of up to 11'-0" but the door frame size is the more critical dimensions. This is a multi-unit building with 6 bifold apartment doors on each side wall occurring in consecutive fashion. I want a door frame dim. of 39'-9"W (Columns are 8" flange) x 12'-5"H (as measured from slab) Other: Mandoor. Standard latches. I am in need of loads to give to the steel co. for final quoting. Projected door delivery = Sept. I understand pricing cannot be held for that length of time.


I am looking for affordable pricing on three bifold Liftstrap apartment building doors. I am looking for 2 doors that are 13' high x 20' wide and 1 door that is 14' high x 16' wide. What's the most economical options that are relatively easy to install?


Hello, I have received a request for pricing on this Vantage apartment door project. It is design build and they have listed your bifold designer door product. I would like to receive pricing on this bi-fold strap door. Please let me know if there is a sales email I can add to the dropbox link. If you need any other info, feel free to reach out to me. I am not familiar with your products so I would like to discuss this with a salesperson. Thank you, Greg Ota


Good afternoon, I am working on a 14 storey high end apartment building in Toronto with a service bay loading door that is adjacent to the main building entrance. We would like to use a bi-fold apartment loading door with custom cladding to match the adjacent cladding panels (corrugated metal cladding with a perforated corrugated metal screen). I have a few questions: 1. Do you have section details in CAD or PDF that I can reference? 2. Better yet, do you have a BIM model of the bi-fold door available? 3. Is there a limit to the depth of custom cladding that can be mounted to the face of the bi-fold doors? Our project has a double-skin cladding assembly: The primary cladding material is corrugated metal, however there is a second 'screen' in front of it that projects out 315mm. Depending on the mounting detail, the screen could be up to 450mm out from the face of the garage door. 4. Please send preliminary costing information to include shipping and installation. Thanks, Mike


I am a luxury residential apartment building company and I am working with a client who would like to do a type of bifold power lift door in their lower level lounge area that leads out to the yard. In doing some research I came across your company and was wondering if you did these type of doors. I also have a concept photo of what they are looking to do which I can forward along is you send me an email to send it to. Thanks in advance.


I'm just looking for a budget number for a glazed, overhead bifolding door for an apartment project clubhouse. The opening is a standard 16 ft wide x 8 ft high. As for an operator, not sure whether a motor/ strap solution, or a hydraulic solution would be the most affordable, I'll probably choose whichever is more affordable as I am familiar with both of your door styles and know they are both top quality doors. Any info you can email me would be helpful. Thank you. David


Limited head room in condominium garage. Currently have a roll-up door, but we're looking for other options, such as your bifold Liftstrap door that goes straight up. I can't have a door that swings up to the outside (don't want to hit the pedestrians).


Hello- We are interested in a hangar style glass bifold designer door for a small apartment conversion project in PA. We're looking to replace the existing door with a bifold Liftstrap door but we need to verify the door will seal tight when shut. In fact we would like the door to have your automatic latching system for the best seal possible. Opening is 10 ft. x 8 ft. tall


I am looking at utillising your bi-fold door system for a residential condominium building we are working on. To know if this will even work for this renovation, i was hoping to get a few dimensional requirements from you. The condos will have a ceiling height of 9' with a garage door opening of 8'-4" high x 15'-10" wide. I am not clear on whether this will give us the headroom we need, etc. If someone could get back to me that would be great. Thank you


Reaching out to discuss upcoming condo/apartment bifold door project named Tyndall Zone 1, near Panama City FL Called 507-426-8273 number and was told to email brook@bifold.com. I emailed Brook but want to make sure you received my invitation to bid give me a call back to discuss at 407-856-2400 or email me at pmathis@henselphelps.com


Looking for a quote and load specifications on a 18' x 16' hydraulic or bifold liftstrap apartment door


Please quote for an 18'w by 12'h and also an 10'w by 12'h Apartment Designer Doors are black frame with insulated tinted black glass. Also please provide the lead time required. much thanks, Ro.


Im wanting to get a quote on 2 bifold strap apartment doors with all-glass design and keyed lock entry. Also include photo eye sensors.


May we request information and pricing for the bi-fold and hinged glass hydraulic apartment doors? We have a project in Los Angeles where we plan to incorporate these doors. Building is CMU and Steel construction.


I hope this email finds you well. We have a couple of apartment multi glass clad door projects we are working through that may be able to utilize your door systems. We are located downtown Indianapolis and would like a quick phone call to better understand the options. If possible please call between 8AM-2PM eastern-time Thank you, Kenneth 765-730-8597


Hi I'm designing an apartment project that will need 7-8 sets of Horizontal bio-fold designer doors.


We are General Contractors here in Puerto Rico and bidding for an apartment bifold door project that includes Three (3) Garage Doors from Schweiss. Who we have to contact for price on this? Thanks Genaro Santiago Estimator


This is a budget for an apartment designer door job that will go in 2023 but we are using todays pricing. Job is at Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica, CA Quote two sizes: 10' x 10' and 12' x 10' There MAY be a total of 18 units but we need unit prices so they can add or delete as the building budget allows.


we have project in downtown toronto and require tilt-up apartment designer doors in total 6 for custom opening. opening dimension appr. 6750mm(L) x 4557mm(H)


I need bifold apartment designer entrance door approx 16 X 14' high. Could you give me a ballpark figure of what it would cost for the frame and motor for a strap bifold measured up and frame installed. I can put on the steel and insulate it and wire it. AL


Good Morning, Just looking for a quote on one of your bifold or hydraulic doors for apartments. If you could reply at your earliest convenience that would be great. Thank you, and we look forward to potentially working with you.


Looking to get a rough quote on (2) bifold liftstrap designer glass apartment doors, sized 5'W x 7'H. Something similar to the projects in your gallery titled Soma Towers, Pen Factory, and Guide Dogs of America. Thank you!


I would like a price on bifold and Hydraulic Apartment Designer doors, 10 x 20 and 12 x 20? This project won’t happen until next spring. Thanks, Alan


Good afternoon. We are looking to specify a vertical bifold glass door in a penthouse apartment unit of a multifamily residential project in Cleveland, OH. The approximate size of the opening is 22' W x 11'-6" H, and would connect the penthouse interior to its private terrace with a couple of your apartment designer bifold liftstrap doors. For this I have several questions: 1. Which product from your line would be most appropriate for this size and use? 2. I noticed you have supporting steel in some of the details - posts flanking the jambs, beams above the head at some conditions. Do those get specified with the door, or by others? 3. Do you have standard drawings or details that could be shared, so we can coordinate the base building architecture? Thank you for any help you can provide.


Currently working on the Vancouver Oakridge apartment project and am looking for technical information on your bifold designer apartment doors. I understand our office has worked with Schweiss in the past and would appreciate some feedback for the design we are proposing. Thanks, Daniel Rodriguez Associate


I’m looking for a bifold apartment designer door to fit a 14 x 20 opening, without losing any headroom. It will be insulated. I’m Interested in ideas and pricing.


Interested in 20’ wide apartment designer bifold glass door. Planning to build this summer. Still getting steel structure estimates, but I would appreciate a call so you can tell me what technical features to ask for to be ready for the bifold strap designer door. I also need an estimate for the door. Thank you!


I'm building 4 apartment towers in Jamaica and would like to get a quote on 4 bifold garage doors. My preference would be a bifold door that allows air through, almost looking like a grill. Would you be able to send me a catalog/quote? *Final Dimensions to be confirmed Thanks, Tiffany


I am looking for a budget quote on (2) Bifold apartment designer soors with the following finished opening measurements: Door #1: 11'-6" W x 12'-0" H (End Wall) Door #2: 16'-0" W x 14'-0" H (Side Wall) Let me know if you need additional information. Thank you, Jeff Labuz


I am working on the Vallco Town Center project in Cupertino, California adjacent to Apple Headquarters. I am looking for a total of 1,064 apartment designer bifold door units of window wall glass doors that pivot up like a one piece garage door. The size is 10' tall x 10'-6" wide. Ideally it would pivot in the middle and index up so that half of the unit is inside and half is outside in the open position. A bi-fold might be an option if it's more cost effective. I can email you a few more details if you'd like.


Hello, Where looking to use some bifold designer doors for multifamily apartments and condo project within our amenity space and i wanted to see if there where cad details or revit families that you could send me. Id can share images of what we are trying to achieve. Thanks, Jeremy


We need a quote for a job in Salina, KS. Four bifold liftstrap apartment designer doors 50' x 16'. Single phase 230, 24 VAC-3 button control with 3' man door, we provide lockset. 2012 IBC applies, 20 PSF live and 115 MPH basic wind speed. Please furnish delivered price by Thursday.


Good morning, We would like a with 44.13 m width and 10.65 m height bifold liftstrap apartment designer door. The project is located at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. If you have any questions or require more information, please let us know.


Please quote me a bifold apartment complex designer door 11'7" x 48'8". There are no local inspections 115 mph wind load is fine


Hello, We have two metal roll up apartment doors that we are looking to replace with bifold or hydraulic lift framed glass designer doors. The existing opening is 12'w x 14'h and we would ideally have windows framed into the first 5' of height so the lift door is 12'w x 9'h. We have a partner who wants to supply the glass for the door so we are looking for a manufacturing partner to facility the build and install of the frame and hydraulic components. The apartment designer bifold doors would be a main feature of our customer facing studio. You can find more information about our company, studio and they space the doors will be located at the provided link. Please call me at 818-205-7709 to further discuss. Thank you, Ashley


My dimensions are approximately 8 foot by 21 foot. Not for an airplane but another apartment designer bifold project that needs a door like that.


Hi. Starting to build an apartment hanger. I'm looking for a quote on what it will take to buy and mount a 38'x12' Strap Hanger apartment designer bifold door.


I am pricing an apartment designer door project that requires bi-fold aluminum and glass overhead doors. I would like to send you plans so I can get pricing. Please contact me.


Hello I have an apartment project in Palm Springs California Up folding apartment designer doors. Roughly 3 opening, 12' wide x 9' high. Or 16' high depending on their capabilities and cost. I'm not sure if you work with yours or if you have anyone in California but we're definitely Interested. Thanks.


Where can I purchase a door? Factory direct or local/regional dealers? Also ... is a bifold impractical for a small residential garage door? (i.e. too expensive?). I do like (love) the bifold design for apartment designer doors. Just not sure if it's worth it for residential doors. Can I get a rough idea of price for e.g. 18x8 apartment designer door?


I am an architect in Los Angeles looking to specify your bi-fold door system for a apartment designer door project. 


I am going to install a 40' wide by 14' tall bifold apartment designer door in a steel building that is being designed now. I need the building loads the door frame will transfer to the building. Can you calculate a loads document so that the building can be designed? Thanks


I need to get a quote and loading/technical information for four (4) 85' x 25' bi-fold apartment complex glass designer doors shipping to Bessemer, AL. I need this information ASAP. These will need to be liftstrap designer doors and will be going in a new apartment complex that I am working on budgeting now.


We are doing a apartment designer door tenant improvement in downtown Phoenix on an existing 12 story commercial building. Looking to put a coffee bar and perhaps two restaurants on the first floor and the bi-fold overhead apartment door is the application we're looking to use. Need to see if you can provide detail and information so we can include Schweiss as a specified system?


im looking for 4 of your bi fold apartment complex designer doors, 25' high 20' wide and then three 20'x20'


Looking for general budget on two 12'H x 22'W bi-fold apartment designer doors. Standard Color and Finish. The apartment designer doors will need to have photo eye sensors.


Aloha, I am a project engineer for Armstrong Builders LLC, Our company is building a custom cast in place concrete apartment house. The architects have specified a Schweiss bifold apartment designer door to be used for the garage. I have specs, and construction drawings available for your reference. We would like to request the following... 1. Confirmation of bifold apartment garage door type, based on specifications 2. Product data. 3. Pricing. 4. Lead time to Honolulu, Hawaii. 5. Submittal documents. 6. Shop drawings. Once you have received our specs. 


I'm building a new stick built apartment that will need two bifold automatic apartment designer doors. I'm interested in 24' wide by 16' bi fold doors. (With a bifold apartment door I assume I won't lose headroom due to overhead track.) I need a ball park "price" so I can decide if I want to go that route. Bi fold allows my building to not be so wide vs. split sliders will require a much wider building. Mail or email me information so I can get a better understanding the bi fold apartment doors. Leave a message if I don't answer and I'll call you back.


Looking for options, we are adding onto an apartment building and it has 3 21x29 doors, we'd like to make a decision before we more further with the building contractor. if i can have pricing on these bifold glass-clad apartment doors by Wednesday night that would be great.


Just Starting a building project for later this year the building company says they would need door spec's for 12 bifold apartment designer doors before they can give me a quote on the building. Please give me a call and e-mail specs to mike so he can complete their quote.


I need to get a quote for the following apartment designer home door. Bi-fold door 10' tall, 14' wide Glass panels, black trim This bifold designer door will be installed in my new house and will separate our living room and outside pool area.


Please send me the 3-Part spec for the bifold doors with lift straps. Need immediately for a high rise multifamily apartment designer door project due this week. Thank you.


Requesting quote and specifications on (2) 25'x 18' one piece hydraulic apartment designer doors to be located in a gabled end-wall of a new steel building  located in Toledo, OH. Thank you.


We want to install a bifold apartment designer door on an opening that will be 22 ft wide by 14' high it has to meet current energy code standards for a commercial building this is a remodel, we would like to get the load requirements for our structural engineer. This will be installed in a new opening in a cmu wall.


We are making an initial inquiry regarding our options for constructing an indoor apartment building facility with a apartment designer door large enough to accommodate a two car garage. What is the maximum headroom height attainable with your apartment designer doors? Are 30' plus heights attainable?


Could you please give us a quote for 12 foot high 42 foot wide bi-fold apartment designer door. Could you also give us a quote for a 14 foot high 42 foot wide bi-fold designer door for an apartment. We have the option to either build 12 foot or 14 foot. 


I am looking to specify bifold apartment doors in a multifamily apartment project in Washington DC. I need to talk about sizes etc. If someone could give me a call i would appreciate it. Regards Mallika


In permit for the first of 2 of 4 apartment condo door units at this time. Each apartment will require a 25x14 hydraulic door. Load rating is at Vance Brand  Longmont, Colorado 80501


Hi, I'm Chuqi from Gene Kaufman Architect. Our team is working on a town house apartment designer door project and interested in your bi-fold door for our rear door. We already had rough section, plan and elevation for the door, according to the building details on your website. We need your command and advice for the specific situation in our project. And we also want to know the quote. Please contact me through email when you are convenient. Thank you and waiting for your reply! Bests, Chuqi Xiao Gene Kaufman Architect, New York, NY 


Need a price on 2 each 20 wide x 14 tall apartment designer doors, bi-fold with straps Include door framed opening system delivers to Clarksburg WV


I'm interested in incorporating your bi-fold apartment designer door in an apartment project I'm working on. I use ArchiCAD which is a BIM program by Graphisoft. Do you have a door object for BIM use (.gsm)? If not for ArchiCAD may you have a Revit family? Thanks, Cari


I need 3 apartment designer bifold door openings quoted. All strap lift. Looks like they will include glazing system by others ( I don't know if that changes construction ). Please let me know if you require additional information and I will be happy to assist. 1 opening 75'-0" x 18'-9" clear opening 2 openings 60'-0" x 18'-0" clear opening


Looking for a door to go in a 36-0 opening. This is not an aircraft hanger but a 50x70  apartment building that will need bifold apartment designer doors.


We are building new apartments and I'm interested in the bi-fold apartment designer door system by Schweiss. Our doors, four in all, will be 20 X 10 and the architect specified two 16 x 8 garage doors. I am curious what ONE, 26 x 10 bifold system would cost? We would clad it in siding materials to match apartment exterior.


Do you have any CAD files available for use in creating details for Lift-strap bifold door installation on apartment designer doors. Do you have any sample details for installation of this type of door on to a wood structure. Thanks,


I am interested in pricing your glass fold up apartment designer doors. (3)10'w X 12' H Who installs the doors? Is there a locale dealer? Thank 


Please quote on a bifold apartment designer door for me. Door will be 40' wide and I need a clear opening of 14' high. I have to quote this for a steel building as an alternate. Can you give me an alternate quote for a door 35' wide as well? Scott B.


We have a new apartment building that we are preparing for construction soon. We originally had a horizontal sliding door but need a more compact bifold apartment designer door solution due to structural changes. We are interested in the overhead bifold door as a substitution but don't know if it is appropriate for our use. The door is to be used by building residents throughout the day - how long does it take to open and close vs. a typical sectional garage door? (Door would be approx. 16'W x 15'H) Cost vs. a typical section garage door? Is apartment designer door cladding customizable - can these be purchased as a frame and clad in the field by a third party? We are a wood building and have some steel beams/columns at the opening. Appreciate your assistance on this. -Brian


We are interested in getting some information on your Bi-folding door. We have specific apartment designer doors applications in mind and would like to see if your company can achieve our desired look.This is for contemporary apartment designer doors. Please feel free to call or email me to discuss further. Thank you Charity


Need final price on strap bifold designer doors for apartments, if possible DIY kit. Also hydraulic kit or complete door. Please specify maximum thickness for outside insulation. Please send specification. We will build in June. Do not know the side column yet. What is the less expensive door system. Thanks


I am working on the design for a commercial apartment designer door project that hopes to incorporate several large bi-folding door systems (approx. 13' x 13' clear opening. We are wondering if it is possible to create a vertical double bi-fold apartment designer door along with a number of other questions. Thanks


Looking for solutions to replace apartment doors on custom homestyle apartment built with steel frame with your apartment bifold designer doors.. Can only loose 7-8 inches at entry for vehicle access. Would probably prefer to use your steel support system because I don't have construction blueprint to verify limits etc.


1" insulated, tempered glass panels, electric operator apartment designer doors. Going in existing masonry building in place of a existing overhead doors.


Looking to get a price on a apartment gated courtyard designer doors that are about 16' high and will fit between two 6" square steel posts that are 29' apart.


Do you have, or can you provide, the Revit family for a glass lift-strap bi-fold door, similar to the that shown on the website for the "Soo Line Luxury Apartments" project, MN? We have a roof-top restaurant/bar project in Atlanta, wherein we'd like to propose your luxury apartment designer doors. Thank-you for your assistance. - Sean Chin


We are interested in your apartment designer doors. What would a 16' x 10' door cost similar to the style of the Soo Line Apartments you have shown on your designer line. We have a custom home that may work perfect with your doors. I need a price. Thanks so much


Good Afternoon, We are working on a small (400 SF) master suite addition to an existing apartment complex, and are considering a bi-fold apartment designer door to serve as a picture window/space creator/focal point. I am working on preliminary section drawings, and was hoping you could provide me with some PDF/DWG mounting details and general space requirements. 


Please provide quote for 2 Pivot style folding apartment designer doors-Size 11' 6 3/4" W x 8' H This is for the ongoing 185 Unit Apartment Project in Fremont CA Project Name: Fremont Artist Walk Address: 37070 Fremont Blvd Fremont CA 94536 Owner: Blake Griggs Properties Location: Community Art Center Thank you!


Looking for pricing of bifold self-supporting apartment designer doors 20'wide 10' high.


Schweiss Doors, We are designing an apartment  structure for a client of ours using (3) bifold doors on the front of the structure. It will be a pre-fabricated steel frame structure, that we can send you CAD files for if necessary. We would like to have insulated metal panels on the exterior of the door to match the insulated metal panels on the skin of the building. We also need to know the header condition and overall weight of the apartment designer doors so we can design for additional loads. Can you please send us these details? Please call for further questions.




If I have 12' walls and want to install a bi-fold or maybe a one piece apartment designer door how much will it decrease the opening height? The open is 12'x 12'. I need to have at least a 10'6" height opening. Thanks. Bob


I have a job with some Bi-fold apartment designer  doors. In the Specifications, they have you guys as an acceptable manufacturers. Can someone please return an e-mail or a phone call to let me know who I could send some drawings to? I have (3) Bi-fold apartment designer doors on the is job.


I am working on a luxury custom apartment complex in Park City, Utah. I'd be interested to find out some more information on some particular bi-fold glass apartment designer doors as seen on your site. Just as important as the product, I would also need to obtain information about the sales support and warranty/service support staffs. If you can contact me fairly quick I'd appreciate it as we are moving forward in construction and may need to stop and potentially make modifications. Thanks.


I have existing bifold designer apartment doors. I am interested in getting a new bottom seals and having insulated panels installed. This is for Florida so I'm trying to keep water and heat out. I see you have a couple of solutions on your site and would be interested in getting a quote on purchase and install for all four of these apartmernt designer doors.


Please provide budget proposal to furnish, deliver and install one (2) 20'wide x 16' tall horizontal bifold apartment designer doors for new apartment building at Meriden CT


Need all info for residential and commercial bifold  apartment designer doors. Application and power units. Costs.


Looking for apartment designer glass bifold doors that are 12 feet tall and 17 feet wide. Standard glazed glass with a dark bronze color to the frame. I will be installing it in a CBS building. Please let me know a ballpark price on these apartment designer doors.