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Good afternoon, I am looking for a budgetary quote on two different strap bi-fold advanced jet aircraft bifold door options: Qty (1) 71' wide x 16' tall clear opening Qty (2) 35' wide x 16' tall clear opening doors Email or phone call is fine with any questions.


I need 3-doors for new advanced airplane and helicopter hangers I am building, hanger door opening is 60' wide and 16' high do you have standard sized door closes to this size? Bruce


Have you been contacted about to hangers at the Lake charles regional airport Specs say Schweiss 80x20 and a 65x20 Can you send me bi fold data sheets for both. These would be your advanced aircraft doors with all the bells and whistles, thanks


I am looking at getting pricing for a 60ftx20ft (clear) and 80ftx20ft (clear) advanced engineering aircraft bifold hangar door. Is this possible?


Hello we are wanting to get a quote for a Schweiss advanced design lift strap bifold door with web straps. our hangar is going to be 80x80 X18 and need one entry door a Citation CJ 3 will be in there


I am looking for pricing for an advanced design Schweiss bifold 80'x30' hangar door and help deciding a style for such a door that will include windows, walk door and reliable backup system in case of a power outage.


Looking at building an 80'x100' aircraft hanger


Interested in a budgetary quote for your most advanced design bifold door for 24' h x 100' w aircraft hangar for potential project at MAF.


My airplane partner and I are looking into building a hangar at KDEW (Deer Park, WA). We have two possible lots we have applied for as one of them is contingent on another party that had first dibs. The first lot option we are looking at can have a maximum sized hangar of 76'x52'. The maximum door width would probably be about 70' and we would like a 20' height opening to allow for a Cessna Citation II sized plane. Not sure if that means the door needs to be 21' or 22' or what? What would that size of a bifold cost? Is there kits or do you need to install it? Once we place an order for a bifold Liftstrap door with windows, auto latches and a walk door, how much lead time will we have to consider and can you forward door weights, etc. to our building contractor.


I am working on a budget for a advanced aircraft bifold door for a hanger in Nashua, NH. It has a 62' x 16' door requirement. Best, Steve.


I have a 100' building that needs 10' tall glass bifold lift strap hangar doors. I am interested in quotes for both bi-fold and hydraulic. I would love advice on what sizes would be most efficient! Thank you!


Hi, I'm in the planning stage of building advanced Schweiss Bifold door for a hangar just north of Park Rapids, MN, and would like a quote and info on doors. I've read all of your website I think, and would like a strap bifold door. I'd like to build a Henry Building (out of Pelican Rapids, MN), but am waiting on quotes from them. The min door opening width I'd be able to use is 40', but ideally it'd be 60', could I get a couple quotes, maybe 40/50/60? I'm not sure how much the cost goes up as the size increases. Also, how do you work with the building construction? Do you sell just the mechanism and frame while the building needs to have the headers and vertical columns, etc., or does the whole thing come from you? Same question regarding the door covering, I'll have a steel sided building, do I just cut the end siding to fit onto the door frame or does the siding come from you? Appreciate a call to discuss, thanks for your help! -Jesse


We have been engaged to design build a hangar building for a Falcon 900 that will need a large bifold liftstrap door. We have preliminary designs underway. The owner has seen your doors in place in the US. We are looking to incorporate in our design . Can you assist Kind regards Stewart


Please provide door specs and reactions for a 90x28 bi-fold jet hangar liftstrap operated door. No pricing needed


We are building a 80 x 80 advanced airplane hangar with 22' sidewalls and need a price on a 60' x 20' door. At the same time we will be building 3- 50' x 50' hangars with 20' sidewalls and need pricing on 44' x 18' doors.The hydraulic canopy doors look great but may have to look at bifold doors if cheaper.


I would like a quote for a 60'x18' bi-fold liftstrap door for a 70'x70' hanger building. I will also need any design information/door specs you can provide so that Varco Pruden can design the building for the bifold strap door. Currently, the wall sheeting on the building would be 2.5' IMP and we would like to continue that sheeting over the bifold door if possible. Please advise if that causes any issues. Side column type is set to I-Beam but could also probably be changed to Steel Tubes if that is a better option for the bi-fold doors. Please advise if any additional information is needed to complete this quote.


I am just looking for price for (5) 42' wide x 12' tall bifold doors for new advanced airplane and helicopter airport hanger at palacious municipal airport (Texas). I got a price for the metal building, but they excluded the doors. thanks.


Need a quote for: 4 - 18' high by 60 ' wide with openers bi-fold liftstrap and automatic locking airplane hanger doors 3 - 23' high x 80' wide with openers bi-fold airplane hanger doors.


Hello, I'm looking for an updated estimate to Schweiss Door Bid 63020-SS. We're putting in a larger advanced airplane and helicopter hangar now and will be updating the request to 50'x15'. Thank you, Sam


Ok to call but not necessary at this point. Requesting quote for a friend. The door opening 12 feet. The door opening has a 5 foot tall wooden truss. This 4 place hanger has 3 of your doors and looking to replace the slider on the 4th hanger. The other 3 doors are 14’ doors anchored 2’ up the truss. Is this wooden truss system is capable of supporting the bifold Schweiss door? Interested in quote for door as well as installation services if available in our area. Include provision for a service door built into the bifold door. Thanks


We are architects and engineers. We are designing an airplane hanger that has 6 large bifold doors. 3 openings @ 20'x70' and 3 @ 20'x 65'. Can you provide: 1. Revit models? 2. Specifications? 3. What will be the clear height? Delivery time after order has been processed. Thank you, Steve


We are in need of a price for a 80' x 22' bi-fold for a new hangar in Crystal River, Fla. The building will be a Dean Steel building that will need your most advanced and sturdy version of your Schweiss big time hangar door with straps and other add-ons Thanks, Dan Ogen


I am currently quoting to build a 100x100 hanger with 30 ft eve. Looking for a highly advance bifold hangar door that is approx 60x17 or similar. Can you please provide quote and options


We are planning on starting construction of a 70’ x 70’ airplane hangar at the Apopka airport in January 2021. Please provide a quote for the advanced airplane and helicopter door detailed below. Thank you very much!


Interested in your super structure folding bifold door for airplane hanger. Question is this. How wide can you make a door? Our proposed building is 250ft wide with 28ft walls. But it is for 3 aircraft. G450 is 80 ft wide 26ft tall. Could use a 100ft x 28 tall G280 is 65ft wide and 22ft. tall. use a 80ftx28tall s76D is 45 ft wide and 16 ft tall. use a 60ftx28. Or one door 180ftx28tall and one 60ftx28tall. Or one door approx 240ft wide. What would be your solution. And Approx. Price. We will be building in Greenville, Texas Municipal Airport.


Need a quote for a 70' x22' bifold liftstrap / auto latch advanced engineered hangar door, for a new building to be constructed in Santa Teresa NM Airport.


I need a price on a 120' wide by 28' high bi-fold door that will be going in to a hangar in Raleigh, NC. Here are the specs: PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS A. Delegated Design: Design hydraulic hangar doors, including comprehensive engineering analysis by a qualified professional engineer, using performance requirements and design criteria indicated. B. Structural Performance: Provide hydraulic hangar door capable of withstanding the effects of gravity loads and the following loads and stresses without evidencing permanent deformation of door components: 1. Wind Load: Exterior and interior wind load pressure indicated on Drawings. 2. Door Deflection Limits: Withstand test pressures of 100 percent of inward and outward wind-load design pressures with maximum deflection of 1/180 of the span with no evidence of failure. 3. Structural Deflection: Design hydraulic hangar door as a system to withstand the upward and downward deflections of the cantilevered structure supporting and bracing the top of the hangar door system in all positions with the proper lateral bracing. a. Positive deflection (wind uplift) – As indicated on approved Metal Building System shop drawings. b. Negative deflection (live load) – As indicated on approved Metal Building System shop drawings. 4. Door Operation Under Wind Load: Design operating system to remain operable up to a wind load of 5 psf minimum. 5. Design and size of the components to withstand dead and live loads caused by pressure and suction of wind acting normal to plane of wall as calculated in accordance with Code to a design pressure to meet design criteria of building. The Wilson Group Raleigh Regional Airport at Person County New Corporate Hangar - Schedule 1 Project No.: 9226-000 August 28, 2020 HANGAR DOORS 083616 - 2 C. Seismic Performance: Comply with ASCE 7, “Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures”: Section 9, “Earthquake Loads”.


Would like to know the cost for a bifold strap door for a 100' hanger. Would like to know what is the max standard size that would work for my advanced corporate jet bifold door.


Hi, My mane is Roland Lopez - Area Manager of South America, and I have a projects for a hangar of helicopter BELL 412, and the location would be the - Antartic: wind load 112mph Motirized and manual for emergency For siding - panel Butlerib II 24ga. please let me know if you have any questions, and confirm reception of my e-mail also. Due to sometimes horrible weather conditions we are only considering a bifold liftstrap door. With regards Roland


I would like a quote for the following advanced technology Schweiss bi-fold hangar doors: Bi-Fold Doors 1 - 100 x 26 and 90 x 26 (choosing one) 3 - 54 x 17 1 - 60-17 Also, we may have a large airplane and helicopter hangar door project coming up and wondered about any reduction of rates on multiple doors.


I am bidding to build a eight unit advanced executive airplane and helicopter hanger in Brigham city Utah, we would like your quote and any other info on your door that would help us. Thanks Gale Barnes


I need a VERY quick quote on a 100' X 14' high (clear) advanced airplane and helicopter hangar door. This wide bifold Liftstrap doorway door will require two walk doors, one on each end and your auto latching door system. Also price with six large windows to take advantage of natural light from outside the hangar. Please call me ASAP. Thank you


Looking to get quote on advanced helicopter door for a new hangar design. Size = 72 ft wide, 24ft tall. I chose your Schweiss Bifold strap door for its door craftsmanship and your reputation for quality service after the sale.


I am working with a customer in Brentwood, NH 03833 who is planning to do a 60x50x16 steel hangar. The Wind Load is 120 mph and the snow load is 50 psf. I need specs for your advanced airplane bifold door to design the building. The customer intends to contact you directly to order the door. Please let me know if you have any questions. Best Regards, Joe Ferguson


Looking to build 70x70 hangar w/ an advanced airplane and helicopter bifold door. Would like to discuss options and price.


I would like to quote a bi-fold advanced airplane door with liftstraps for an airplane hangar. The main building itself will be ~100'x100' with a gable roof. The minimum plane clearance height will be 22'. I do need some guidance on the overall height of door I need to consider as this will dictate my building height if I use the internal truss.


I need a price on a Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap Door that is 70 ft wide x 18 ft tall going into the endwall of a Kirby Pre-Engineered building for a hangar for Smithville Tennessee. Please call me at 931-212-4685 on my mobile for questions or to discuss. I can email you a sketch of the building is someone will send me an email to send it to. You can bid the hydraulic door as an alternate as well. I will need the specifications on the door as well as weight to give to Kirby to be able to get a bid on the building. Thanks, Keith Bouldin


We are partnering with a local developer in the Indianapolis IN area. We have been tasked with coming up with a high level budget on a small (7,200 SF) 80' x 90' hangar at a regional airport just west of the city. The bifold advanced airplane and helicopter hangar door information I have is as follows: furnish and install (1) Schweiss Strap lift bi-fold door, 80' wide x 24' high clear opening. Provide an alternate for a horizontal sliding door of the same opening dimensions. Furnish and install door operator. Looking for order of magnitude pricing on both options.


Hello, we just sent over a PO for a advanced airplane bi-fold door on a rocket hangar door project at NASA in Cleveland. I am working on the glass shop drawings, and was wondering if I can get autocad (.dwg) files on the bi-fold door that we will be installing. I need to draw the glass framing that we will be installing onto your door. Anything that you could provide would really help! Thank you. 


Please price a 70' x 20' (clear) bifold advanced airplane and helicopter door going to Blacksburg-Roanoke Regional Airport (Roanoke, VA.) Please let me know the clear height of the opening required for the door.


Needing an approximate cost for planning purposes to take to our Airport Commission. We prefer the flush mount advanced airport bifold door with external brace and liftstraps. To be installed on new steel building at the North Little Rock Airport, AR. 72118.


Looking for a 60x16 advanced airplane and helicopter hangar door. Need price quotes and requirements for different door types.


We have a client that we are doing a lot of work for. They have asked us to construct them a 100' x 100' new airport hanger for storing client airplanes. They would like the hangar door to be 80' x 24'. They would like to have pricing for both a advanced hydraulic and bi-fold airplane hangar door with liftstraps and auto latches. I would like to further discuss this with a representative from your company when you get a chance. Please give me a call. Jason Wolfe Office: (317) 831-3443 Cell: (317) 750-1054


Hi, I am in the process of building a new Hangar at the Granbury Regional Airport (GDJ) and would like to get an advanced airplane hangar door quote for it. We have a signed ground lease and a survey completed so are just in the process of getting FAA approval for the construction, which should not be a problem. We are expecting construction to start in 4 to 5 months, or sooner if the FAA grants approval faster. The door size details are: Width 60'Opening Height 21' Height to Beam 21.4' Structure will be a traditional metal hangar by Prime buildings out of Dublin Texas. If you need more information or plans etc.. please let me know. Additionally I have a friend that is building an identical hangar next door at GDJ, so there is the potential of 2 doors of exactly the same size.


Opening size 80 wide 2O high personnel door in single lift Hyd or bifold advanced airplane and helicopter door insulated door we will need to take down a bi fold door and remove approximately 2 x 5' of fixed structure to get to the 80' opening immediate need


Fed Ex at our airport is expanding. Will require a 56' x 14' Bifold advanced airplane door. I will need pricing, lead time, drawings, and cut sheets. Thank you


Good morning, We are looking to replace out outdated hangar door with one of your new advanced airplane and helicopter doors. The hangar door opening is 95ft long by 19ft high. We are looking at other companies to do a more traditional door but i also wanted more info from you simply because I believe Schweiss hangar doors are superior doors. Would the quote include install or just door?


Interested in price quote for bifold advanced airplane panel doors opening/sliding from one side to the other of the opening on separate tracks with overall opening dimensions of 38%u2019 height x 75%u2019 width on end walls. We would like to see separate line item costs for following options: opaque panels, walk thru door, windows. Please include product specifications, lead times, and freight to 3606 FM 1327, Creedmoor, TX 78610. Thank you, Sindy


I represent a team responsible for drafting plans for a series of advanced helicopter hangars to be constructed in Albany, NY. Having received your  quote from our project lead, we are interested in specifying your Standard liftstrap Bi-Fold door (64'W x 19'H (actual clear)/23'(total height)/48" wedge. Would you be able to share access to a Revit Model or other 3D representation of the system to be included in our documentation effort?


I'm designing a prefabricated metal building that will be used as an advanced helicopter hanger. The Owner wants a bi-fold helicopter liftstrap door that is 16' tall and 40' wide. I need to know the building design requirements for structural loads from the door and the deflection and any other requirements for the design of the door. Any literature you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


Pricing advanced corporate jet hanger bifold door for Wayne County NC and Schweiss is specified for the bifold liftstrap auto latch doors. 


We are bidding the Monticello Hanger Improvements projects. I need a price for a Advanced Helicopter Hanger Door and the Subframe. This projects bids very soon this year. Please advise if you will be quotting this project. 


Any Oshkosh special deals? I'm looking for a installed advanced Schweiss airplane or helicopter doors on a new hangar building. Thanks joe


We are doing a presentation estimate for the St. Johns Sheriffs Office and they specify a 90' Wide x 18' Tall Schweiss advanced airplane hangar door. I am just trying to get a budget cost so it is covered in the estimate.


Hello, I am requesting specs only for a 80' wide x 16' tall advanced airplane and helicopter bifold door. Code info: IBC 2018 139 mph please provide asap.


what is maximum door width? we are needing a 110' wide advanced airplane and helicopter hangar door with 105' wide door. is this possible? which is best for this application bifold or hydraulic? opening height required 23'


We have a client looking to store his helicopter in one of our hangar rental buildings. I'm not sure who we usually deal with at your company? We will be insulating the building so the advanced helicopter hangar door will have steel cladding on exterior, then rigid insulation, then cladding on interior. (not sure if you design more dead load when door has extra weight) Need quote asap if possible. Thank you, Adam Laidlaw. (Email preferred but if you need a questioned answered, please call my desk, 320.258.0522)


I need a quote for a 80' x 24' clear opening bifold advanced aviation liftstrap/autolatch door to go on a pre-engineered building. We have worked you before, I will need know what your loads are going to be on the building to design the metal building for as well.


Hi, I'm a senior architecture major in need of a CAD detail of one of your advanced helicopter bifold door products for a detailed wall section. If it's possible to have a downloadable dwg of the flush mount one piece hydraulic door that would be amazing. Thanks, Antonio


Would like some information and informational comments for a advanced airplane and helicopter bifold hangar door that may span 80W X 20H Ft at maximum down to 14W X 20H minimum.


We have purchased advanced airplane doors from Schweiss in the past. I have a customer who is in sand springs,ok who is wanting to build a hangar and will want an advanced helicopter door for it. the building is a 30x40x16 with a 1:12 Pitch. he is wanting a 36' wide x 14' tall Schweiss liftstrap hangar door. Bifold door with remote opener. Non-insulated. Please call me with any questions. Thank you.


Hi, We just finished building an advanced airplane and helicopter hangar with one of your bi-fold strap doors. It measures about 80' x 25'. We have the remotes and the mod that lets the door go up without holding a button. Can we mod it to go down without holding a button. It takes about 2 minutes to go from stop to stop coming down. Our hangar faces into the prevailing winds and this can be brutal in the winter. Thank you very much. Dave R. Chief Pilot Avista Corp 5


Need quote for an 24' high by 85' wide bi-fold advanced airplane and helicopter hangar door. FOB 89115. You guys supplied me (95) doors back in 2005-6. The bifold doors are still working great. Thank's Randy


Looking for a good budget and more importantly, some Schweiss engineering info so I can pass on to my metal building supplier, for building pricing (i.e. hinge height, loading, etc.) Specifically looking for an 80'wide x 26' clear height advanced airplane e & helicopter bi-fold door with an alternate to go to a 28' vertical clear. Conceptual at this point. Southern WI project location. 


Need to see about pricing on (11) advanced airplane and helicopter hangar bi-fold doors 115' x 30' @ 170 MPH wind speeds Feel free to call me asap 


Need a quote on a 105'x28' advanced airplane jet hangar door. Need to have 27' clear. Door is going to Marathon, FL


Plz use email. Need a 70x16 advanced airplane and helicopter hanger door delivered and installed in New Richmond,Wis. How much space do I lose with a bifold compared to hydraulic door. Building is 80 wide 3x12 pitch. Price for each.


Looking to replace a cloth door on a hangar with an bifold advanced aircraft door with a 78X17 Door opening. Maintaining the height of the door is critical as the hangar currently houses a King Air 200


Looking for a quote for a an advanced airplane and helicopter hangar bi-fold door for a hanger, 15' tall x 60' wide opening


We are doing a retrofit project on a executive aircraft hangar in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, and the client would like to replace two existing doors with your advanced airplane and helicopter doors - one is 42'-0 wide by 20'-0" high, the other 42'-0" wide by 18'-0" high. The larger bifold hangar doors can be solid panels, but the client would like the smaller door to have windows. Please have someone call so we can send elevations for your use in preparing an estimate for these advanced Schweiss hangar doors. Thanks, Peter


We would like a quote for two options for advanced airplane & helicopter doors with liftstraps. 1. 22'x 80' Door 2. 26' x 80' Door


We have bi-fold advanced airplane and helicopter  doors with cables and wish to change to straps. Do you have an agent in the UK that could quote fort me. Kind Regards Airport Manager Leicester Airport.


Request for a quote of three 70 wide 18' high advanced airplane and helicopter strap doors metal man door auto strap closing


The OADC is the economic development organization for the City of Okmulgee. We are developing plans to add 5 to 7 new aircraft hangers at Okmulgee Regional Airport. I need to talk to someone about pricing, installation, shipping, etc. on your advanced aircraft bifold strap doors.  Thanks Court Newkirk


Hello, I have a client looking to build a hangar that has no preference on advanced airplane and helicopter door type between sliders, bifold or vertical lift. Door dimensions would be approximately 65' by 20' tall with no tail door. Can you please provide a price for this door with a recommended installer in the California Bay Area? Thank you


I'm considering construction of a 50X60' advanced airplane and helicopter hangar in Memphis, TN. For rough cost estimating at this point, I'm interested in a 44x14' bifold strap door with motor on the bottom and strap latching as well. I understand the side columns and header will need to be supplied and installed by the general contractor before your guys deliver and install the door. I've looked at your advanced hangar doors at Oshkosh and am very impressed by the quality. Thanks, Roger


I am building a aircraft hanger in Nevada and I am currently in the design stage for advanced airplane and helicopter doors. The size of the hanger is 50 feet in the front and 40 feet deep. I want to use a Bi-Fold doors and I want an opening height clearance of at least 20 feet. It can be higher, but I don't know what the cost implications are if I go 12' or 14' or 16'. I am trying to get cost, schedule, and availability options and found your site on your website.


Need a quote on a 60'-0 wide X 18'-0 High Horizontal advanced airplane and helicopter bifold door to be installed in an airport hangar building Located in Gulf Shores Alabama. Wind load is 160 MPH IBC 2015 - will be installed in a Pre-engineered metal building. Job quotes 12/14/17 At 3:00 P.M. sorry about the late contact but thought my building supplier was going to furnish.


Q.S.I. Builders (Quality Structures Inc) of Richmond, Kansas will be building me a 50' wide X 72' long X 16' Interior ceiling height wood post-frame airport hangar building down in Milan, Missouri. I am interested in a couple of strap bi-fold advanced airplane and helicopter doors that will  fit in a 42'W X 16"H building end opening.


I am looking to order advanced airplane & helicopter   doors. Two bifold aeronautical doors. How do I proceed with an order?


I work on a wide variety of projects. Recently I assisted on plans for a new advanced airplane and helicopter doors project. The  hangar is now under construction. I also have a new apartment building, a new condo project, renovations to an existing retail store, a new pre-eng. warehouse to be built in Calgary Alberta, as well as approx. 14 new homes to prepare for. I would also like to take time and get more detailed information on your bifold and hydraulic hangar door products from your web site. My time currently is limited but I am going to look into your bifold garage doors and Schweiss designer doors for a few projects. Your web site and detailed information are well done.  I'll need information on your door finishes, material choices, construction details, window options, and other items of interest.  Historically, I have primarily used sectional overhead doors. I am interested on becoming more informed on the one piece and bifold doors. I look forward to your response Regards, John


Advanced Airplane & Helicopter Door for 50' hangar. We have high winds here. High desert. Airplane is a Cessna 185, 36' wingspan.


Building a hangar for helicopter and need one of your advanced helicopter Bi fold strap doors. Would like info on automatic latching system and backup system in case of power outage.. Located in west Michigan. Wondering what your service area is and cost estimates. Thanks so much. John 


Good afternoon, I am looking for a very preliminary rough estimate for a bi-fold advanced airplane & helicopter door and header system for a project in Manassas, VA . Our bifold aviation aircraft door needs are roughly 110' wide by 25' tall. Is there anything else I can provide in order to get a rough supply/install estimate? The client is considering this but needs to have a rough cost idea in order to greenlight or not. Let me know of anything else I can provide.


We are working on plans for an advanced aircraft and helicopter hangar for a four blade helicopter the client would like a bi fold hydraulic door the building is 45-8 inches wide maybe a 40 ft door


I would like to specify your advanced airplane and helicopter Door in an Aircraft Hangar. Can you please provide me a quote and preliminary door specs by email: *40'x19'-6" Hydraulic door *14'x19'-6" bifold strap door


Price on 90 x 17-6 hyd and or biflod or 70 x 17-6 we are looking to build a hanger in muscle shoals al 100 x 80 or 80 x 80 building door fob muscle shoals. Need your input or recommendation on best style of Schweiss door to use for this hangar.


I'm currently working on a project that involves the installation of a new advanced airplane and helicopter door at our aircraft hangar for which we had developed a vertical lift bi-folding hangar door solution. I have been unable to contact Schweiss Doors Europe recently and believe they may no longer be trading? Do you have a supply / installation arm that still serves the UK that may be able to respond to our project requirements?


Looking for info on a 60' x 18' advanced airplane and helicopter bifold door type hangar door for an airport project coming up soon. A ballpark estimate on lead time and costs, delivery are what I need now. Sizing and detailing info soon. thanks Jeff


Bidding an advanced airplane and helicopter door job that has a 50x12 door. Please send specs and pricing delivered to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814 Thank you


I need a quote and loading to our building for (2) Vertical lift advanced airplane and helicopter doors: 1. 92'Wide x 19' Height. Going to Belle Chasse LA. Please note we need the loading for each of the framed opening to go on these buildings. Can you give me a time frame when I will get this back?


I'm going to be building a hangar in a few months. I am very familiar with your advanced airplane and helicopter doors, that's why I'm writing. I would like a ball park figure on a 50'x16' advanced bifold aircraft door with straps and with one service door and no windows. At this time I'm just checking prices. How much is shipping? How long does it take to get a door after it's ordered? Do you install or do I install? If you do what is the cost? How much wind will a door that size take? Please email or text me, I have trouble hearing on the phone. Thank you. Danny


I have a 60 foot, 18 foot high door on my hangar. I need a local contact for someone to repair the over-center locks and replace the outside sheeting where some is damaged. Please contact me with info regarding local people who are comfortable working on these doors. I am also interested in upgrading to advanced airplane and helicopter doors with the nylon straps from the cable system. Thank You. Casey Rucker


We have an aircraft hangar door project that I would to speak with your company about. The door size is 78 ft wide by 17 ft high. Is it possible to use your advanced airplane and helicopter doors on this opening? Thanks


How expensive are your advanced airplane and helicopter hangar doors? I was thinking about converting my sliding hangar doors with the ability to have doors that open like a canopy.


Considering a 90' wide advanced aircraft and helicopter hangar bifold door for a new project. would like to know what options i have.


We are just trying to get a general idea of what your new advanced airplane and helicopter doors would cost. The opening is currently split into two sections that are served by two roll-up doors. I believe the span once had a single larger roll-up door, but the door failed due to high winds (we are on the coast in an area prone to high winds and hurricanes). I would need these advanced aircraft doors to be wind rated. The width and height I have provided are rough estimates...


We are Installing a 64'w x 72'long building. I need specs/pricing for two 62'x18' insulated solid bifold door to go on the 64' gable end of a post frame building. These doors are for an advanced airplane and helicopter airplane hanger. Also, need pricing for door installed if you have anyone in our area? With the advanced hangar doors fully open customer will need 18' clearance. Not sure of truss clearance/height of building. Thank you!