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Hello, I am looking for a door for a lumber kiln building that I am constructing. I will be adding seals to the door from the company from which I purchased the kiln unit. The building is going to have a concrete foundation, wood framing, and wood siding with a gable shingled roof. The problem I have is that the opening is 22 feet, which makes it difficult to create sturdy doors that won't sag. I figured an airplane hangar style bifold door would be a good solution. Thank you


Hi, Looking to get a quote on a 18' wide by 14' high bi-fold door. I'd also like to explore some options like your free standing frame solution, as this would be going into a log/wood shop.


This door would be used to block wind and rain in a timber framed structure we are building. The building will function as an outdoor living space. The style would be similar to the tavern doors pictured on the website. I would like to know if you have installers in our area as well.


Interested in the dealer opportunity and also some door quotes please. Looking for pricing on a 30' x 20', 40' x 20' and 50' x 20 doors please. Into wood buidings.


You previously provided quote on 8/23/22 for a 50'x 11' opening door on a steel building. I have decided to go with a wood frame building and want the door to have a 50' x 14' opening. Hangar will be 56' x 56' x 16'. Thanks, Greg


I have an older wood supported hangar built in 1960. I would like to replace the current door with a bi-fold door. I would like a 10 foot clearance when open. The hangar is around 48 feet wide. The hangar has a 15 amp source for electricity. My hangar is at the Morgan County airport, Mountain Green, UT. Do you have a company in this area that you work with?


Looking for 2 bifold doors, both 40x16 and installed. we build custom post frame buildings and a potential client has asked us to add these doors to a building. looking for a price for the doors to be installed and then we will frame and skin them after.


I'm putting up a 66*144*18 farm storage shed next summer. Just trying to figure which style and size of doors to put in. I'm looking for prices on bifold and hydraulic doors 18' tall and anywhere from 30' to 50' wide.


I have a Morton building, 60 x 90, with a 30’ end door. Would like to replace with hydraulic or folding door. Please send specs and pricing for a schweiss door.


We are planning to build a 60X60 foot wood hanger at Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody, WY with about a 56X16 foot door. We have looked at a Higher Power door and would like to also price out your hydraulic and bifold doors including shipping. Do they require additional structural considerations for the building? We may change to a steel building, but they are going to be more expensive, so we hope to stay with LSL wood if possible. We are also considering building 2 additional identical hangars and would like to know if there is a discount on multiple doors. What is the lead time needed to get the door built and shipped to Cody?


I want to install a 40’ by 12ft hanger door on my existing wood framed steel hanger building. Can someone contact me to discuss? Thanks Tom


Hello, I have been working with Schweiss Doors on a door size. I believe I have that narrowed down going with a 50x16 but now looking to design a building that could support the door. I have been reading schweiss design documents with beefing up wood headers and trusses. I am in the northern PA area looking for plans for such a building. Do you have any recommendations or customers with plans that I could use as example to start the planning of this building? Long shot but I figured it could not hurt to ask. Best, Vic


Looking for schweiss doors pricing and information for two bi-folding overhead door 24' wide and opening height of 14' tall. New wood building.


I am the estimator for Reaves Buildings and I need a door quote for a schweiss door 54x12. New wood building construction. Thank you!


I would like a quote for a bifold door for a hanger that is 55x16. New wood construction. Thank you and have a great week!


New wood building, looking for a schweiss product to put on the endwall of this building. 60x12. Looking to make a high class and modern building.


Building a new wood shed for storage. I need two smaller bifold doors. ( 9ft wide x 8ft tall ) If this is something you can provide, I'd like to get a few quotes based on materials. Thank you.


looking for pricing on 2 doors. will this work in a wood frame pole building 40 x 60 x 14 height? thank you


Can you send me a quote for a bifold wood building


I'm designing a wood framed hanger with a 43'-6" x 14' flush bifold hanger door (owner wants to use your product). My engineer is wondering if there are more details available for sizing the timber columns and header and if a freestanding header will be needed. Thanks for any assistance. Email is best.


The bifold strap door will be attached to a 24” tall glue lam beam that is supporting the trusses. The opening is 18’ tall, but the door will be 20’ tall to take advantage of as much of the opening as possible. We have 3 phase power in the shop. No man door in the bifold


Hi SchweissDoors, Our project is to renovate a existing wood building and planning to have a bio-fold door to replace our cumbersome sliding doors. The opening is 14.6'W x 15.5'H. 1. I would like to know when the bifold door is fully opened, what is the clear space. Could you send me a drawing for the door with opening size when door is opened? 2. Could you send me a cost estimate? If possible, would you be able to send me the drawing and cost estimate before Wednesday? Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you so much!


Hello, I own a wood frame building in Okeechobee, FL with an existing opening of 14'6" x 40' that I am looking to install a bifold Liftstrap auto latch door system on - open to the most cost effective solution, whether it is a sliding barn door, overhead garage door, hangar door, etc. This includes dividing the space with a mandoor in the middle, if necessary. Is this something that you would be interested in or could provide recommendations for? Thanks, Amy Scalese


I have an old wood structure and I am wanting to upgrade my doors. At this time I have sliding doors that are 3 doors side by side. There is an 8 x 8 between each door and at both ends. I have about 6 inches of clearance at the top and sand floor that will be concreted soon. Would like one with a bifold lift strap door and freestanding header door in it if possible.Thanks for your time.


Have 3 openings, wood pole barn , in beginning stages of possibly converting to venue openings approximately 16 ft each using Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap/autolatch doors with remotes.


I'm going to be building a 50'X50' wood hanger and am interested in putting a bifold door on it and have a few questions about door options such as a freestanding header (if needed) and remote opener and backup systems.


Existing wall is constructed with 8x8x16 CMU. Building is CMU. This will need a bifold strap door with perhaps a freestanding header. I'll send photos.


We are trying to build a hangar on a budget. It will be all wood construction. Looking for an affordable bifold liftstrap hangar door, installed.


I have a wood frame building with 15’ sidewalls and doors on the eve sides. Looking to replace two doors with one bifold liftstrap door. Wondering with 15 ft. walls how tall of an opening can I go because I'm limited on headroom.


We Have a client with a wood building (almost complete) needing a bifold strap door framed for windows and with an automatic locking system. Site is Friday Harbor Wa zip 98250. Ferrys to Island. 60' x 20' straps. If I can get a cost and drawing to present to them would be apperciated.


Good morning, I would like to obtain information on a wood building bi-fold overhead door system for use on a garage of a future residential home in the Houston, Texas area. Can you please provide me with a local representative/installation company so I can obtain options, availability and pricing. Thank you, Darren B. Marchi


Looking to get a ballpark idea of price on two doors (bifold doors with lift straps and remote openers) one about 6 ft wide the other roughly 38. Right now just exploring whether it is economically feasible for our project. I want this to be a turnkey operation with Schweiss doing the install. These are both wood building bifold doors.


Need to get a bifold liftstrap door quote for the Door for a Ladder Frame Wood Building. Not sure if there would be a price difference.


We are looking for a bifold door on wood structure building. clear opening of 40' wide x 12' high. there will be 3' concrete wall and 14' wood structure wall on top of the concrete wall and bottom of truss is at 17'6". we have purchased 2 bifolds from you before but may be more interested in getting the one piece hydraulic door if this would be a cheaper option for this structure and door size?


Is there a way to get some idea on cost? I've got a wood structure that I like to put a 20X10 bifold on.  Do your wood building doors need freestanding headers. My building is quite old.


Hello, I'm looking at building a wood construction pole barn style hangar that will probably by 60x80. I was wondering what a 60'x16' bifold liftstrap auto latch door would cost and whether that can be used on a pole barn style building. Would we need to build extra structure around it? Thanks. Brandon


Hi I would like a price on a 17'x8' and 14'x8' hydraulic door. Both in an existing wood building, both in end wall. Thanks!


Need another door quote. Lift strap bifold door, with strap latches, and remote. 42x14'6" My walls will be 14' to the top plate. Wood construction, with Steel post. 


can I please have a quote on a: 38' x 12' (Wood Frame)bifold door Electric operator to accommodate that door This is for a Plane hanger


I need pricing and building specs for a 56 foot wide x 16 foot high bifold door. I'm currently exploring using a wood building, so I will need pricing. Thank you for your help!


I have a Truss Production Shop with a door opening of 22'X12'. Considering a metal covered bi-fold door. The building is new construction wood frame with steel siding. Please email


Good Day, Please let me know the price, if you have something in stock that matches or is close to what I have specified below: 24 in. x 80 in. 2 Panel Square Top Solid Wood exterior Door Hope to read or hear from you soon as you find some feedback. Regards.


We're building a 40' x 48' hanger, and need a 40' foot door. Planning a hydraulic door, My opening is 10' x 40 ' The hanger is off heavy wood construction, but with a load bearing large rectangular tube door frame. Planning for a flush mounted door. Would like to consider sheathing other than metal.. Please advise, Issac


I am preparing to frame an existing wooden hangar for a new bifold (or hydraulic) door. I do not intend to talk to another door manufacturer because nothing compares to Schweiss doors. I want to speak to someone regarding your option. I need to know what is the wedge dimension on a bifold 12X39. Location is Ontario Canada. 


Looking for a door for a wood building with a 24' wide 14' high opening. Not sure if I want a lift-strap bi-fold door or a one-piece hydraulic door.


I have a building permit on a wood building and would like to install a Schweiss lift-strap bifold door. 40 ft wide by 14 ft high opening. Conventional wood construction . Truss man wants specs on door weight for truss design.


I am currently working on a quote for a 50'x50'x12' airplane hangar. I am looking for a lift-strap bi-fold door that will be approx 48'x12'. The building will be wood framed. We will be using 6"x6" treated posts and wood roof trusses. The building will be skinned with 29ga painted steel. I'd like to provide the skin for the door. I need all the other door parts from you. At this point, I am looking for a quote. Do you have installers in VA? If so, do you have an install price for a door this size? Thank you.


I am looking for a quote on a bi-fold barn door to go into an EPS wood building. 30' w 18' tall It will be installed in IA.


Please quote on both a bi-fold and one piece hydraulic hanger door. With installation and shipping to WI. 46' wide by 14' tall. Building - wood New construction end wall side col. wood Manual latches Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you


Trying to price a hangar door. 40 foot door to either be retrofitted to an existing wooden hangar or to a potential new wooden hangar door format.


I was wondering if I can have the door sheeted in wood instead of steel so I can paint it. I am trying to match the hydraulic door to the wood barn that I am installing the door into. Please let me know.


I am looking for a budget price and lead time on a 40x15 hydraulic door for installation in an existing wood hanger.


I need a bifold door that will attach to the outside of a wood building due to the non rectangular opening which is 48'x15'. Will probably need a freestanding header - I'll send photos. Will want liftstraps, autolatches, windows and remote.


Very early in building / planning process Estimate cost of a Bifold strap door on a wooden hangar Door size is approximately 40 ft wide by 11.5 tall


The price of a 30 foot wide by 15 foot high bifold door with operator On a wood frame. What headroom clearance is required, what is framing requirements, the price first with liftstraps.


Door rough opening is 13 ft. by 50 ft. It is a wood farm shop building door scheduled for installation  in early 2014. Only need quote for your Schweiss bifold liftstrap & autolatch door with walkdoor.


Do Schweiss bifold doors come insulated? Not sure what you mean by column type but our lumber shed doors are clad in wood so we'd like the heavy duty bifold door to have a steel door frame. 


I need a budget price for a Schweiss bi fold liftstrap/autolatch door 33'X15', for a new wood construction building in Mexico. Also wondering if you can send Schweiss factory door advisor to supervise installing and site preparation.


I have a 42' wide 13'-6" opening on a wood frame structure. We are in the process of framing it and I need a quote and hinge locations so I can brace door  properly. I want the Schweiss bifold wood building door to have auto lock, remote, lift straps.


I'm going to install a 14'4" high by 18' wide existing wood building door. How much door room above the opening would I need for a Schweiss straplift bifold shop door?


Could you provide 2 freestanding header doors, 1 @ 40' opening and a second @ 45' opening with lift straps and auto locks delivered to Texas. Bifold doors are ranch wood building doors going on older wood structure. 


Have a 24'X8' opening for door..carport with wood frame..6x6 uprights with 2x6 framing..and metal roof.....Prefer one piece hydraulic Schweiss Door with remote opener.


I am a building contractor in east central kansas. I have two 20 x 14 sliding doors to replace on a wooden ag building. Please only price your Schweiss liftstrap bifold doors and price a walk door and remote opener separately.


Can you tell me what size of opening would I need for a 40'-0" x 12'-0" clear bi-fold door on a wood building.


Hi Looking for a price on 42 foot wide bi fold liftstrap door it has a 12' high opening, mounted on the sidewall of a wood construction building. It has a 42 foot steel beam across the top. Include price on extra remote.


I am interested in a 50\' wide by 12\' high bifold liftstrap door. The door must be self supporting. My opening is 15\' high and 58\' wide. The door will be installed in a wood frame building with sheet steel siding and a concrete floor. Please give me your options and pricing to include a walk through door with windows to Okolona, Ms.


I\'m looking for a quote on a 24\'w x 16\'h bi-fold door liftstrap for a pole shed (wooden structure.) It will be used for a shop entrance door on the sidewall of our building. Building sidewall will be approx. 20\' high, is that enough clearance? Also, would be located in central WI along the west wall. Would snow/ice build-up be an issue? solutions?




I am investigating the feasibility of using a bi-fold door on the wood buildings used for storing salt used for roadway deicing. Our door size is 14 wide x 14 high. The salt makes unprotected metal easy to rust. What have you got for wood doors at Schweiss Doors. Any other options?


I would like a quote for a bifold door to fit a 44 x 16 opening. The hangar is a wood construction with concrete footing and foundation and being constructed at the Ontario airport. I would like the quote to include lift straps, delivery and installation with a time line. The builder of the hangar will have the building ready for door installation very soon.


Dear Mr. Schweiss, I am interested in Red Power hydraulic doors and would like to obtain a quote. This will be on a machine shed for storing equipment that was built in the late 70s or early 80s at another farm (not in Nevada, near Joice IA). The building is of wood construction with steel sheeting. The door opening is 20' wide x 16' high. I would like it flush mounted, white with red trim, and insulated if you do that as well. If possible, could you please email me any documentation/figures for the new door as well. Regards, Biff


I am looking for two bifold door quotes for a wooden building we are bidding on. Customer wants an 30x18" high (not insulated) door(endwall) and an insulated 35x17" door (sidewall). Please include price for installation, delivery, etc of both doors and openers. Customer is in Parkersburg, IA, 50665. Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks Vern


I need a quote for (8) 17-6 x 15-0 bifolds and (5) 17-6 x 15-0 lift strap bifold doors. The building has metal sheeting over wood framing. Please include freight to Oakland, CA. Let me know if you need any more information. Thank you.


Looking for a price on a 14ft H x 28 ft L door! This door will be on the outside of an existing wood   building. This size gives us 4 inches over lap on top and 3 inches on each side. I presume this door comes in a kit and we have to do all the finishing ourself! Would like a Price on a hydraulic door and a strap bio-door!


I would like a price on a Schweiss bifold door 20'wide 18'high wood frame building facing south & price on hydraulic one piece same 20x18. Door needs to be insulated.


Info on Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door 42'x14' for a wood framed structure. Any welding required? Rough in dimensions? Insulation info?


Need a quote for Schweiss bifold door, a 30'-0" wide and 17'-0" tall, most economical strap system option for an wooden agricultural machine shed- steel building. Include with pricing on just one remote opener.


I am looking for the specs on a 35' x 16' Schweiss Door, there is no header in my building right now so i need to know what timber header i need to put in there


Building is wood frame, tin skinned. I am looking for close to 12' clearance, so I need to know if Schweiss Doors can extend the door pivot above the door via arms to give the needed clearance. At 12' the corners are close to the roof, so the arms would move toward the center. I am not sure of the pitch, but a guess is the peak is close to 8' at the center of the 40' building. Feel free to call if I can offer more information. Thanks, Milton


we have a customer looking for a schweiss bi-fold door for his barn equipment, exiting wood structure building need a clear opening 36' wide x 16' high will frame to suit. In the bid include straps vs. cables and auto-latches vs. manual latches.


I am in the process of building a 40 by 40 farm shop. The shop has framed walls made of 2x6 boards. I am interested in the hydraulic doors that are not bi-fold. Our door opening is approximately 20 by 14. I have my side and rear walls constructed and in place, however I have yet to frame the front of the building. I was wondering if a wood structure like this can handle a door of that size. I am also wondering what kind of framing we should do in order to handle this type of door? What would a door like this cost (including the insulation options)? Also, what kind of freight charges would there be? Thank you so much.


We have a customer on a budget looking at a rollup door and I'd prefer to put in a schweiss bi-fold for a heavier duty, better sealed and finished building. Site is in South Carolina. I've installed your doors that customers purchased and I sold, installed, and serviced your doors when a sales manager for a building Co. Need lit. and pricing range for a 40' x 13' door going into a wood frame building with metal skin. Thanks.


You priced 2 bifold doors for me before for this job. We now only need on. But we have moved the building and this door is being installed in the side wall. The building is wood but we have to carry the load with steel. So I have 8 x 8 square tubing on the verticals and a 8" x 24" I beam for the header. I will be 40' feet between the columns but I can adjust the height if need be. I would like to have a useable 18' of height. Please call with any questions.


I would like a quote for a Schweiss Bi-fold door that is 32' wide X 14' high. It is going on an existing older structure. It is all wood and my contractor needs the details about the door before he installs it. Please include delivery to Snohomish, Washington


I am looking at two possible options for a future wood building. The information for the first door is filled in below, the second option would be the same information except for the size of the door. The second option door size is to be 40'-0" wide x 20'-0" tall. Please quote the bifold doors separately. Any questions please give me a call. Thank You.


Face mount seems to be the option that would work for my building and bifold door. I have an 8" foundation wall that extends up 18" and then a traditional 2"x6" wood framed wall on top. The six inch wood wall is placed to the outside of the 8" thick concrete wall. There is a 4"x12" wood header over the opening.


Please give me a quote on a Schweiss lift-strap Bi-fold 40ft by 9ft wooden door for my wooden pole building. Thank you for an early reply. Please include estimated shipping cost. Lyle D.


I am looking for a quote for a 30' X 16' schweiss hydraulic door for a Walsh project near Mauston, WI. This door would be on the end of a 80' X 160' X 16' wood pole shed. I am looking for the cost of the door, all hardware, pumps, hoses, and mounts, shipped and installed. We would supply and install the steel siding on the door after your installation. If you have any questions, please call me on my cell phone. Thank you!


We have a wood barn with living quarters on the top and have sliding barn doors that need to be replaced. The opening is 22'11"wide x 15" high what would be the best replacement? Can the bi-fold or hydraulic Schweiss doors be attached to a wood barn?


I am interested in a price quote of a 22 x 14 single piece hydraulic door, with a few windows in it for a wood framed pole building converted to a shop


We need a door for a 12 X 45 foot opening on a wood hangar pole building. This is a non insulated building. We are in Canada and have a base in northern USA


I Need a BiFold Door option that will be 35x10 for a wooden building.I have a custumer that needs a door for his garage that he stores his ultraglide in .Please have a salesperson call me asap. Thanks Harold


I'm building a new wood pole barn for the farm. I definitely want a clearing height of 18 ft or more and my width to be 40 ft. This will be on the end of my building. How much space do I need above that for a schweiss bi fold door? I would like some info on your doors. I want it insulated and I saw the extra items to seal it up. I didn't know the price on these items. I would also want to see your freight charges.


I am looking at purchasing a 42 foot by 12 foot bi-fold hanger door and would like a quote for your best insulated with three of your best insulated windows in the door. I live in Alaska so would like the quote to include shipping to Seattle for shiping on a barge. also what would the extra cost be for a man door in the bi-fold. Also can the door be mounted to an existing wood building or do you have to have your metal header system? Thanks, Tom


Got price on bi-fold just want to price hydraulic doors in 28x15ft 6in and 20x12 doors, thanks. being mounted in wood construction thanks


We have a project that may require a bi-fold door with the lift srtaps. The door size will be 24' wide x 10' high. I am interested in operating options (manual or power) as well as liner options. This door will be hung on a wood structure. Please contact me, thank you.


I have a customer in Santa Barbara county, CA who wants a Schweiss Bi-Fold door 42'-6" wide and 14' tall. Include lift straps, auto-latches and a walk thru man door. I have to get the specs and price from you before I can quote the customer the wood framed building. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Your doors look great. I need to modify my wood framed farm shop and don't know how much the doors cost. Could you provide me with a basic cost and shipping of a 15 foot high by 20 foot wide uninsulated strap lift bi fold door.


I have 19.5 ft to bottom of rafter cord I want to hinge door on bottom cord of rafter it looks like that would give me a 17 ft floor to ceiling thats the bifold door I want priced 17 FT by 35 FT. 


In the spring I will be building a garage at our cabin in Truckee,CA and am interested in the bi-folds to get more usable space in the garage. How do the hydraulics work in the cold environment of an out building? It will be built of wood but will have an I beam across the door for snow load.


Hello-I am wondering how small you can make your bifold doors. I would be looking at something 4-6 feet wide, and perhaps 7-8 feet tall. They can be lighter-duty, but would have to withstand pretty hard wind in this area, at least on one side of the building (I would need two). Can something like this be done? I would also like a ballpark figure of cost if something like this if it can be built. I have not yet built the building, but intend for it to be wood frame with steel siding and roof. Doors would have to be manual operation, as there will be no power to this structure. It will be a small structure, perhaps 12-16 feet square. Thank you for your time


I am a Truss Designer and a customer of ours was looking to install a 40' x 16' Single panel hydraulic door of yours. I was hoping to get some design specs to determine what kind of header is needed as well as the columns needed to support the hydraulic mecanism. If you could send me the point loads for the door and or give me a call I would appreciate it. Thanks


Looking for nothing fancy just an economical basic one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift non-insulated door for a econmical basic hangar. Building will most likely be a combination of wood frame and steel siding.


Rebuilding a 30 ft wide wooden truss building with a 5/12 roof pitch. Exterior is Hardi board. Looking at alternatives of standard 9 ft wide x 8 ft tall garage door framed with a single person access door or full width hydraulic door with 1 personnel access door to accomodate an LSA. Building frame is 6inx6in (wood) anchored into 4 inches of concrete at corners and a top truss (wood) at 8 ft 3 in clear. Cost???


I received a bid from you and am getting close to ordering it. I meant to install the hydraulic door  myself and would like to see someone set up a similar door. Is there one near the Houston, TX or Denver CO area that will be starting soon? I can travel some if needed. If I think it is beyond my abilities I will have someone do it for me but prefer to do it myself. Also, how much lead time do you need for the order? My plans call for the hanger to be attached to my house and will have the rough opening made of wood. If it is engineered correctly will this work or do I have to have steel? The bid you sent is based on my covering the outside of the door with wood and this will add to the weight. Are the specs you sent allowing for this or do they need to be modified. When would be a good time to call and discuss all this?


Hangar is on the left, with about a 40 foot width. The building is wood framed with stucco surfaces inside and out. On the top of the front is a large steel I beam on the front entrance. The beam is more than 18 inches in height as I can remember. Does the stucco adhere better to a hydraulic door, or is a bifold better?


I am looking for a bifold/hydraulic door for my airplane hangar. My airplane hangar is a pole building with metal siding/roofing and currently has sliding doors. I have an opening of 38' x 10'. Please contact me for more info and some options. i am located in Pa.


I'm intrested to know the approximate weight of the Red Power hydraulic door because I have a chance to buy some used wooden frames 18meters long and in dimension 140x855mm.Kind regards


We are asking for your input, suggestions and recommendations for your product. Such as, What door height to use? Wedge size? Type/style Installation? Is your glass thermal pane/insulated? and other advice you may have about your product for this type of building.This will be a year-round-use wood framed multi-use building. Summertime use involves concession sales with common area and restrooms for softball players, disc golf, in-line hockey league, skate park and trail walkers. Winter time use concessions sales with common area as warming house and restrooms for ice skaters, hockey players, and cross country skiers. We are considering use the Schweiss Overhead Bi-Fold Door at three locations of the Commons Area. I have attached PDF's ofthe floor plan, exterior elevations and cross section of the building. Please reply to this e-mail or contact us by the numbers below with any information you may have.Thank you for your time,


Hello - we currently have a building with a wood truss structure for the roof. We're looking for the lowest cost solution for a bifold door with an opening of 43 feet x 14ft (we think - if an outside mount). Currently we have 11 feet from cement floor to bottom of truss. It appears that you have an outside mount door, is that correct as we need to get the maximum height into the building. We're not exactly sure which style except that it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend too much on a building on our property where we won't see much/if any appreciation. Any information or styles you can lead us toward would be helpful as well. Thank you, Vicki, email is best as I can share with my husband.


I am interested in an installed quote for a bi-fold door on an existing hanger with a door size of approximately 45 x 15. The hanger is located at aurora Airport and would be done as a lease improvement. 110Vt power is available, the existing header is a wood glue-lam. The hanger exterior is painted corregated tin. The current door is an old two piece sliding door that sticks in the winter, weights a ton, and seals very poorly. Thanks, Jeff


I have a wood frame metal building 40 x 40 X 10. The front is open for a door. I need 10 foot clearance. I am thinking the one piece door is my solution. Please call or email pricing and alternatives.


I am looking into a by fold door with a walk in door for my shed. can you send someone to see and measure the opening and make sure we can put this in this type of wood building?


please provide bifold door specs for a door with an overall opening height of 25'. door width is 90'. eave height of the wood building is 35'


I am preparing to build a wood frame pole bldg, and am interested in comparing prices of bi-fold and hydraulic one piece doors.


please quote price for: bifold, strap lift hanger door for wood frame hanger 44'w x 40' l x 12' h. door openning 40' x 10'


This is a wood building, (Pole Barn), but the door opening is being reinforced with steel. The door opening size I submitted is approximate because I am still working on the steel bracing. Which would you recommend for this type of structure, the Bi-Fold or the Hydraulic "One-Piece" door? Please include shipping cost in the quote, and a drawing on the hinge placement.


Interested in a quote on a bi-fold door for opening of: 45'W x 12'H and 45'W x 10'H for new construction wood hangar.


I recently purchased a wooden frame hanger that has a 36w x 10'H opening. I need the most inexpensive bifold door option that you provide please.


Have two questions on your 40 ft. x 12 ft. bi-fold. Can we get by with a 24" to 30" wedge height? This is a wood frame building with 2 x 6 walls and osb sheeting, siding is metal delta rib, do we have to sheet your door with osb sheeting before we install the delta rib on your bi-fold door? Thank you for your quick response


I have a hanger with a 40' bifold door. I'm using 2/6 trusses will a 2 ply truss still be efficient enough.


I am building a wood frame hanger. Do you supply the header information or sizing for your bifold door?


We are constructing a building 70 x 200. Can we put a 60' wide door in a 70' wide end wall built with 2x8 studs? If we can what would be the price on a 18 x 70 hydraulic door with a walk in door built into it. And can it be powered electrically?


I have a customer who is looking at building a 60' X 96' X 17' wood frame building. We are planning to have a 42' wide opening at both ends for a possible bi fold door a few years down the road possibly. My truss manufacture is looking for a approximate load weight for the door so we can design the endwall trusses properly. If you could give me an approximate weight for the basic bifold door to fit a 42' X 16' opening, I would greatly appreciate it. I was checking through your literature and did not find any door weight listings. A reponse ASAP would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Niel F.


I would like to know the cost of a hydraulic adn bifold door that would give 15 feet of clearance when open. It would have to allow 24 feet of pass through width. The door would be going on an existing wooden structure, where the size would require and external header. I would need an estimate in time on how for a contractor to install the door. The bifold would use counter weights for manual open and close.


I am working on a project where the owner would like to add a door to an existing 1,900 sf wood hangar. Currently there is no door installed and I am in the processs of researching door recommendations for the owner. If you have any suggestions please let me know.


I am in the process of getting ready to construct a 50x60 wood framed metal sided hanger with a 16'x 46' door on the 50' wide end. Would like a price Quote on a bifold door delivered to IWI, Wiscasset Maine. PLease email this info and any desighn specs that will be needed to support the door. Also could you provide me with the expected clearance I will get in the full open position. Thanks,David


Hello, I have a 16.5' by 7' conventional wood construction garage door that I would like to replace with your product. What is the cost range to replace this type of door? thank you Craig S.


19'X20" Garage is wood frame 2X6 @ 16" o.c. Door Opening in bearing wall. Door Requirements: Door face flush with building face Building Contractor will customize with wood siding after delivered to site.


Building is standard wood constuction with steel I-beam structured door way, 6"X6" post & 6"X12" beam, to support door.


I am looking for a total of three doors. The center door has wood framed sides except for 1 course of concrete block at the bottom. The outer doors have the one course of block on one side and about 5 feet of block on their outer sides, wood frame above that. The wood frame (including sheathing) is flush with the concrete block, so I guess a track could be mounted that to the face.




I need a price on a door that is 24 x 14 bi-fold. It is for a wood frame building.White in color,with door sheeting, straps. If you need more info please email me. Thanks Dennis


Building a 50 X 50 wood frame hanger planing a 40ft door opening. Must have minimum 10ft overhead clearance for door. What ceiling height or bottom of truss height will I need? Thanks


How much for a bifold & one-piece delivered to Hesperia, CA to be self installed into a wood framed 10' x 30' opening?


I previously requested quote for a 40' door, however We did not have enough room site a large enough building. We will be using 2x6 "W" trusses for the roof. There will be a double truss on the gable end over the door. Corners will be reinforced plus we will have knee bracing between walls and trusses. Our contractor would like details for the rough opening. (Dimensions of opening; lumber size, quantity, and orientation for attaching side legs) We are putting up the building now and will add the door later.


I need information/cut sheer for a 35 of 36 foot wide by 12 foot tall bifold door. Also need pricing sheet to include delivery. Hanger will be wood framing


Have a customer who has a need for a a 10 x 8 door in an existing wood structure that opens out. Your doors look promising if the price is feasible. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Wanda W.


I am bidding a job where we need to 40x20 Bifold doors in a wood building expect to make a buying decision within 3 months


Building is a former auto service garage approximately 20', wood construction with stone facade. We currently use it as a food and beverage vending facility during special events. A bifold would place the doors out of the way and also create an awning for protection for customers. We are open to many options for facing. Pictures available. Myles D.


I would like to install doors for my hangar which has an opening 36' x 10' (approximately). It is a wooden hangar. I need to know what strength requirements are there to support a Schweiss door? Also, do you have a representative in Europe, as this is where I am based. Regards, Anna M.


Quote for bifold aircraft hangar door 39ft. X 10ft. no entry door and basic hardware, will be adapted to wooden structure


I have a 40 year old wood structure hangar anchored on a cement floor 36' X 41'. Presently it has four (4) side sliding wooden doors with lateral truss extensions braced to the sides of the building....supporting track.... The present opening....is 9'6" X 40' unobstructed opening. I would like to replace the existing door setup with an electric Bifold or Hydraulic door.


1. How much weight can the door hold? I was hoping to finish the outside with vertical tongue-and-groove mahogany. 2. Since my door is roughly 8'x8' would I need a truss? 3. How are the steel frames finished? Painted? Powder-coated? Info you may need for the estimate: Main header over the door is 2 2x12s that run continuously across the 16' width of the building. Side walls are constructed with 2x6 (not 2x4). Thanks, Robert


I have an opening approx 22 ft by 12 ft with wood construction. The building is uninsulated. 110 mph wind zone area. What would be the cost? Thanks, Tom


Please give me an estimated cost and a contact to talk to. I have questions on pros and cons of a 14 ft wall with header as bottom span of truss or a 12 ft wall with the header located in the truss 2 ft above the bottom span of the truss. The trus is 50 ft long with a 4/12 slope. Thanks


looking for a Quote on a one piece hydralic door . We build wood structure buildings, so I also need to know what I need to do on the gable end to support the door.


looking for a price on a bi-fold door with operator. Size would be 36x14 wood frame .Please include price with shipping to Powell wyoming. Thank You Rod W.


need a door for a wood structure, hanger , 40' wide,and around 12' high. Bifold or hydralic. Want to get pricing. Thank you


Sirs, I recently purchased a small 2-man personal helicopter. My current garage is wood frame, 2x4 on 16" centers. 22' x 28' overall, 8 ft. ceiling height. I have entry clearance for the helicopter on a 22' side. Can you tell me how large of a door that I could install in this building and approximate costs? I would not need remote control or hydraulics. Manual entry/exit is O.K. Thank you Robert G.


I am looking for three doors, all three 18 feet clear opening width and one 9 ft high clear opening mounted in center of gable end wall of a 30 ft wide wood frame building. (What eave height is required to get a 9 foot high clear opening?)The other two are to be 10 ft high clear opening mounted in side wall of a 15 ft eave height by 56 feet long wood frame building. Space between doors currently 2 feet (is this adequate for required framing?) Studs on building 2x6. External material and finish to be provided and installed on site. Assume plywood with sawn cedar shingles applied thereto. Doors to be insulated. Construction of building to begin approximately 1 May 2008. When does order need to be placed for an approximate 15 June delivery? Do you provide actual necessary framing details or provide loads so structure can be designed or??? 9 footdoor with remote control operator, 10 foot doors do not require remote control. Just give me your lowest price so I so not have to waste my time getting other quotes and fiddling with your match any price offer.


I need a hangar door for a 42 x 10 foot opening. The building will be a conventional stick built design. The building will have 2x6 wall construction. The bulding also will be on a concrete slab with a 4 foot frost wall foundation. Do you have any information or design criteria on how the building should be built to support the horizontal load of the open door? What kind of bracing, truss design and header do you recommend? Do you provide engineering specs.?


I would like to get a price on a hydraulic door 26' 6 1/2" x 12' 1 3/4" for a wood framed builing


I just build a 40 x 40 building open one side at least that is how it started. The side that is open has post in the center. Can I use your hydraulic door in this applacation. I have a 18" x 40' micro lam on each side of the post supporting that open side. This is an load bearing side wall this trusses 4' on center resting on them with a 3' over hang. Only allowing 5 1/4" of the micro lam left to fasten to. Let me know if you can help.


please foward infomation as I have a customer that is looking for either bifold or single action doors 4 openings; 24,18,14,12 feet wide all 11 feet tall. building is wood construction with headroom contraints you may reach me @ my cell phone thank you for your help Keith


We are considering a hydraulic door for our old garage in order to use it as an artisan studio using the door as a sun roof when open for business. What kind of additional support do we need in order to change from our current barn doors to a hydraulic door? We are interested in the lighter weight aluminum door. Dimensions are small, approx. 7.5 ft high by 8.5 ft wide, and the building is an older stick-built wooden structure. Does any of the above sound feasible? If so, could you give us some kind of an estimate based both on your installation and on our contractor installing it. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us little guys. D. D.


I have a customer who wants to put one of your doors on the face of a wood roof truss. Can you provide me with the nesissary load information so I can find out if this is possible? The customer is Lou M. in Sams Valley, Oregon. Thank You, Chris R.


Looking for a quote on 45 wide by 18 high one piece hydrolic door. I want a remote control. Delivered to lewisburg ohio. I will be installing onto wood frame. No special header has been figured in my building plans. Do I need one? Building is 72x80 with the end wall having the 45 ft opening, so their will just be a normal truss as the header. It is better to contact me by email. Thanks, Matt W.


I have 24 x 40 building with a 13' 8' ceiling heigth. The current door is a 16'w x 12'h overhead door. I would like to install a door which would give me full ceiling height opening. The building is 2 x 6 stick frame construction with a 4/12 pitch roof, truss's 24' OC. The door is on an end wall. I would like your suggestion for type of door to use and ballpark cost (high/low). Thank You Barry J.


I am building a hangar and I plan on building it out of wood frame with metal on it, and a huge truss to support the door! I would like two options, a 60x12 door and a 80x12 door. Thanx, Forest


I am building a 12'X 28'wooden building, and I would like to put a bifold door in the short side if possible. I would like the width to be 8 feet -- this would leave 19 inches of wall to either side of the door. My maximum headroom inside the building is 7'10" which I would like to maintain. The roof is pitched to one side, like a lean-to, with about 2 feet of room to the right, and nothing to the left. I have built the trusses, but have not put the roof on yet. There is no power at this location, so it would have to be light and manually operated -- perhaps like a hatchback on a car would operate. It needs to be lockable. There will also be a ramp at the entrance to the building. If you have any products that may suit my needs could you please e-mail me the descriptions and prices. Thank You, Preston L.


HI: Need a quote on a 24x16 BiFold Door, INSTALLED, in Silver City, IA. (just south of Council Bluffs, IA. Wood Framed Bulding, With Steel To Be Installed On Door.


I'd like a quote on a 32-foot bifold door, with an 8-foot-high clear opening. I'm planning a wood frame building with metal siding. I have a few questions as well, so I would appreciate a call. Thanks!


I am looking for a price on a 54'wide by 14' high building is a wood frame building with safety features


I am planning to build a new hangar this summer; it would be approximately 44x44, with wooden frame and truss and steel sidings. I would like a quote for an electrical Bi-Fold door with a 42'opening (the most standard one, I guess with straps and bottom drive). I would like to provide my contractor with as much design information and constructions requirements and instructions in advance. Is the information provided in the margin on your web site sufficient to give my contractor a good idea of what is required?...or can you send me an information package by e-mail or mail?.. Thanks in advance. F.Reinhardt


I have a wood post building with a 28'X14' opening for a door.What would the cost be for a door and what are the options??


82106-SM Previous Bid I recieved a bid from you awhile back. I changed the design of the hanger and now need a quote for a door that is on the gable end (end wall)(non free standing)40 ft long. 10 ft clear opening with a service door. wood construction on a new building. Thank you


I am in the designing process of building a hangar. I intend on starting construction within the next month. My intent is to build a wood building with stucco finish. The dimensions are 46 feet wide x 40 feet deep and a height of 14 feet(distance from floor to bottom of roof trusses). I like the one piece door design but I would consider other options.


Julie...Can you mail me the wood building plans using the double header board, plans 205G and 2.05H Thanks Donald W.