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Can I please have a quote and specs for a 90x19 hydraulic door for a hangar? This will be in Brooksville FL, so wind rating is important.


Please provide quotes for 2 Schweiss Door projects. 1. Bifold replacement(Bldg by A&M Steel Clovis, NM) -(Existing)FRAME 39'-10"x13'-0", W8x24 door col's. -sidewall,C8x18.75 continuous @ hdr for hinge attachment -Max clear open desired 11'-4" -mandoor in frame -20amp/220v electric existing 2. New 4-building project, 4 doors total(Bldg by-TBD) -FRAME size 50'-0"x16'-0"(endwall,W8x31 col's assumed) -Max clear open desired 13'-6" -NO mandoor in frame -20/220v electric to be installed -quote auto wind-locks as option to add


I'm looking for a 28 wide by 12 tall clear opening Hydraulic Door quote. It needs to be 150mph rated, include a walk door, with 220VAC single phase, and attached to a concrete structure.


I need design door specs for a 38'-0" wide by 44'-0" hydraulic door. Building code: IBC 2015, Wind Load: 115 mph, Exposure: C


I need design door specs for a 38'-0" wide x 44'-0" tall hydraulic hangar door. The codes and loads are 115 mph, Exposure C, IBC 2015.


This is a quote for a wind loaded hydraulic and wind loaded bifold hangar door. Must meet Florida code requirements.


We have a fire station on Marco Island and the new Florida building code requires Large missile E impact loading for all essential facilities. None of the traditional door mfr have tested products for this loading condition. I like the hydraulic one piece doors and bifold may also be an option. Wind loading per FBC is about 190 mph ultimate and ASCE 7 reduces this by a factor of .6 or- Building is concrete frame and block infill.


I need a hydraulic door specs for with the following loads 134 mph Exposure C IBC 2012 Thank you


We are working in the design of a new restaurant in Tampa, FL. We want to install a hydraulic door with a wind load as high as possible due to hurricanes.


We are looking for a price on a 40' x 35' hydraulic door. The project is located in Stamford, CT and has a 110 mph wind load requirement.


Looking for price on a one-piece hydraulic hangar door: 64' x 20' with a wind load of 160 mph. New steel building. Do you have installers in Florida? Please advise of any questions. Thank you John


Please provide a quote for (1) Ea. Hydraulic Swing Door. Size 20'W x 20'H Wind = 90 MPH Application - Industrial Freight - Customer Pick Up / FOB Your Shop Need pricing immediately as we are helping a customer with a door failure and that door must be replaced ASAP as their are environmental concerns.


Under house hangar Side columns are 12x12 in concrete Wind load 130 mph What are hydraulic door requirements for header above door?


I need a price for a hydraulic door (Without Installation)to replace my existing door that has malfunctioned Width 55' height to bottom of I beam 18' Engineered for 140 MPH 240 Volt Switch Location Right Side Existing Construction on end wall Electric photo eye sensor Concrete building with steel I beam Would like it wind rated with two remotes for the hydraulic door Shipping to Port Orange Florida Please advise on lead time


Hello, Our Club is looking into building a new metal hangar in the Daytona, FL area please email a price for a 26x70 hydraulic door. The door must meet 140 mph wind. Do you have engineering for Florida? Do you install the door? If so please include this cost as well, Thanks


Would like to get a quote for a hydraulic door on a hangar interior size of 3,600 sq ft Specs for Florida windstorm code, year 2012 165 MPH and higher


I am an architect in Charleston, SC. We are working on a residential project with a client on Sullivan's Island. We are interested in adding some wind loaded hydraulic  doors to an existing outdoor cabana. The existing structure is in a flood plain and requires "breakaway" wall construction. I'd like to learn more about the structural requirements for hydraulic  doors to determine if we can use them or not. Any precedent in a wind/flood zone would be extremely helpful. Thanks!


I would like to discuss opening requirements and specifications for a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door. I would also like to discuss hurricane proof wind loaded doors and any other pertinent info that will be needed in our Georgia location application.


45'-0" x 15'-0" clear Red Power One Pc. Hydraulic door going in endwall of steel bldg. jobsite: Appalachicola, FL. Door will need to be windrated and I'd like two large windows set about eye level, say 5 or 6 ft. from ground. 


Hello Could I please get a quote for a 30'W x 14'H Hydraulic Schweiss door going to Ocala, FL. 34475 110 mph. exp B.


Could I please get a quote for a 42\' W x 12\' H Hydraulic Schweiss Red Power pump door going to Bishopville, SC. 29010. Max wind at 100 mph. Please send door specs along with the quote.


I am the structural engineer looking to design the structural support for bi-fold doors. I was wondering what the loads imposed on the structure by the door would be. Also, could Schweiss Doors please confirm what the wind deflection requirements are? I would assume that L/360 would be sufficient.


Looking for pricing on a replacement door for a 16 ft wide x 22 ft high opening. To replace a failing roll-up door. Your Schweiss Bifold or hyrdaulic lift door will fit my needs. We are on the coast of Connecticut and have wind requirements up to 140 mph. Heard from others that your doors are the ones to order because they hold up against winds like no other door around. Get me a price quick, before the next hurricane decides to give us a visit.


I am needing a quote on a Schweiss Hydraulic or Bifold Door, 40'x 16' Door 100 MPH Wind speed design. Larimer County. This will be in a pre-engineered post frame building, 70' x 104' x 20' Centered in the End-wall of the building.


 What is the maximum wind speed that my 80 x 20 hydraulic door will operate? Is the wind load calculated straight on or from an angle. I have a potentail client that wants to put his jet in the hangar and need to give him an answer. Thank you.


Can you please provide a quote on a 50' x 16' (clear) single-leaf hydraulic door to a Butler dealer in Beatrice, NE. Site/new building location will be in a 90mph wind area with site exposure "C".


this won't be bidding until january but i want a price now on a schweiss hydraulic door for a meeting we have coming up with a coupe of GC. doors need to be rated to 120MPH - exposure C


Need a quote to replace a damaged 63'x 15'11" bi-parting fiberglass door with a hydraulic door. The winds can get pretty bad so price for me a door that will handle a 90 mph wind.


Hi can i get a quote for a Schweiss Hydraulic door, I gotta take my kids out today so please email it to me and i'll call when i get this proposal moving in a couple of weeks. 6 doors at 50' x 18' 1 door at 110' x 27' the wind load needs to be 150 mph exposure C, delivery and photo eye sensors. good day.


hi we need a quote on a schweiss hydraulic and bifold door 12 ft hi x40 ft wide must be able to sustain 150 mph wind delivered to miami.


Need a quote on an 80' wide x 26' (Clearance) bifold schweiss door for an Aircraft Hangar. Code IBC 2009. 90 MPH wind. Need Framed Opening Size ASAP


Door is for a airplane hanger in Westcliffe Colorado (Elevation is 7900'). Design is for 40 psf snow load and 120 mph wind load. I am looking for 44' wide by 13'6" open highth bifold door, insulated with 4" insulation, and with a man door made into the door. Construction is to begin in the spring 2012


Mike - I inquired about your doors at Oshkosh and looking for a bid from you regarding pricing for a 12 x 40 ft one panel (not Bifold) hydro power door. We have a 110 MPH wind load regulation which has to be met or exceeded. Our construction contact at Rodda Construction will have complete requirements for the door. I have compared your door to others and I cannot wait for your door to be installed.


40 x 13 opening Cost both bi-fold and hydraulic. Need to replace existing home made bi-fold door. Thank you, Ryan. Any installed doors in the North Dallas, Texas area? I've seen your doors on the web and they look heavy duty. What kind of wind ratings so they have.


must meet 110mph wind load. please quote schweiss frame and hydraulics only as i intend to put a window and wood siding on each door. thank you.


I am involved with the inspection of structures in 110 to 130 MPH 3-sec. gust wind speed areas along the Texas Gulf Coast complying with the International Building Code. Are schweiss company's hydraulic overhead doors and other large door opening products tested in accordance with ASTM E330 for allowable wind pressure in PSF, allowable span and installation methods?


customer is building a hurricane bunker beside his house it is a small building and wants something to open outward and he has seen schweiss doors handle the weather. He is having storage inside above head height will be 8feet inside so we have about or just less then 12" of room. wants a price to be automatic and manual if thats possible thanks Kevin


To whom it may concern, Please provide door weights, engineering data, wind load specificiations and design specifications for a 70'wide by 20' Hydraulic lift door system in a metal building. Project location is in San Marcos, Texas. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. Thank you, Molly


Looking for a price for schweiss hydraulic door that is 35' wide by 16' clear height. Will need specs and wind load tested, framed opening size requirements for 16' clear height.


I need a quote for a 62 ft x 18.5 ft hydraulic hanger door. 110 mph wind load. I'm a prior customer who purchased a hydraulic door from to 4 years ago and I love the schweiss product. Nick R.


Please send a quote for the hydraulic door rated for 120 mph wind load which is the minimum in the area of Texas I am in. I prefere to be contacted by email. Thanks, Jimmy


Need price for (2) Hydro Power doors: 40' x 18' clear 20' x 16' clear 85 C wind Both will ship to WA, but please price them separately.


I need pricing on the following doors for project bidding in NC. Doors are to be Hydro Power hangar doors (NOT Bi-Fold). Doors shall be designed for 110 mph wind load w/ Exposure C. 8 Doors - to provide 42' x 14' clear opening. 2 Doors - to provide 60' x 18' clear opening. If you have any questions, please advise. Thanks


I am looking at a 24'w x 15't one piece hydraulic door for our existing shop. Questions are: Price of door, how it attaches to building on gable end, do i have to do anything to the building to help with the additional weight when open, and how does the wind effect it? Call with any questions or info, Thanks, Tom M


Need a quote for a one-piece hydraulic door 20 wide 15 tall, price installation, with steel applied and a walk-through door in a door. Door in new Astro Building in IA. The door needs it to be able to handle to 100 MPH wind.


I am working on a quote for a client requesting pricing on a hydraulic door, The door need to handle wind speeds of over 100 MPH. please email when convenient. Thanks, George K




I need a quote for a one piece 20 x 70 hydraulic door - aviation hangar, new construction, 90 mph wind, VA bulding code compliant.


I'm working on a business plan that would include a schweiss door on some "kit" homes I'm seeking approval for from the state of Hawaii. What is the basic door rated at for wind? I originally from Hopkins. Where is Fairfax, MN?


I'm looking for literature and a quote on a hydraulic one-piece door for a 3-unit aircraft hangar in Florida. Please price for a wind rating over 130mph. Please email or call if more information is needed.


I need a quote on a 50'W x 15'H Schweiss Bi-Fold door for an aircraft hanger. The hanger will in made of stell frame and all metel. The hanger will be located in Largo Vista, TX. I need for the door to have a remote for opening/closing and locking/unlocking. Insulation and windows. I need for the door to be wind loaded for up to 90 MPH  Thank you. P.S. I also requested information on a one piece hydraulic door, but leaning towards a bi-fold for now.


I will send a sketch of the building, but I'm looking to install a 12' wide by 11' tall hydrualic door. It does have a 100 MPH wind requirement for WA.


I need a price for a hydraulic door that is 12' x 35' also weight of door. It needs to withstand wind speeds of 140 mph


We are considering your hydraulic hangar door system for one of our projects, and have obtained some quote information through previous correspondance. Another factor which has arisen beyond just the wind load is the portential snow load. In this instance the door will be open all day and given the building ht. and roof slope will have the potential to accumulate 85-90 lbs/sq. ft. of snow. We are wondering if there are any provisions that can be made to accomodate the massive snow load. Could we possibly get a quote that addresses the live loads of snow at 85-90lbs./sq. ft. Thank You.


We are designing a waste transfer facility in a high wind zone, we are considering using a hydraulic door, and through previous correspondance with Schweiss Doors have determined that the door must be 34' in height. The operation of the waste facility will require the door to remain open for vast expanses of time. According to our understanding, when open, the door will extrude from the building. Our concern is that the door will not be able to remain in such a position for the large expanses of time required without additional structure, especially with the heavy wind in that particular area. We would appreciate any input concerning our questions ASAP. Thank You.