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The bifold door required must be 40'Wx18'H. Wind rating is very important and will likely be the determining factor on which product I purchase due to my location. Please send all information via email. Thank you.


I have a customer interested in building a new hangar in Alaska. They want a single 42'x14' clear lift-strap bi-fold door. We are getting a quote for the structure and would like to get a quote and spec from Schweiss Doors to accompany that. The bi-fold door with need to be wind loaded as the wind load is 110 mph with a wind exposure B or C, and the snow load is a 40 lb. roof load.


Do you have any suggestions on an uninsulated door for a new hangar needing an opening of 25 metres wide x 7 meters high. I am considering a lift-strap bifold door after reading your site. Does it make a difference if it is a end wall  or a side wall? The temperatures in New Zealand are not much of a problem [40F-80F], but it does blow about 50 knots commonly! Thanks, Gerald G.


I'm interested in a one piece hydraulic 42'x16' aircraft hangar door for a hangar I'm building in Florida. The local code requirement is that the door be 180mph wind rated. It would be a basic door with no entry door in it. Would you please let me know what options are available. Do you have installers available or do general contractors usually do it? Thanks Darrell F.


I have had one of your doors for many years, & have liked it. We had a very bad storm (tornado) & it tore the door completely off & is now laying on top of the building. It looks pretty bad, so I think we are going to need a new Schweiss wind loaded door. Could work up a price on a 20X14 hydraulic door and bifold strap door. I believe your new strap latch that secures the door positively to the building may be just what we need to conquer the next big storm. Thank You, Charlie


Looking for bi-fold replacement of a 70'x24' bi-fold that was damaged by a microburst. 140 mph wind load. Existing door is a rollup door. I believe that you installed one of your hydraulic hangar doors at Pensacola, FL Aviation in the past.


please quote bi-fold strap door and hydraulic one piece door. 20psf wind loads, rare use. 1x per day. 24'x24' opening. head room available. building in BC, Canada under negative pressure.


Job: Manchester Marine 75'x30' (24' CO) End wall install option for openings: row of 4'x4' windows openings 3-0x7-0 man door 10x10 rolling steel door w/ no threshold. Bifold strap door with auto latch. Needs to be wind loaded to MA state  standards.


looking for a 13' X 40' windrated bifold strap lift door installed in a steel building used as aircraft hangar that I am building in central MD. Would like cost installed on job... Thank you.


Need a 18 foot high bifold liftstrap door by 60 feet wide with autolatching feature. Located in the Florida Keys. Hurricane wind load to 150. Can you quote this for me?


Hello, I am a designer for Pole Buildings, I Need to Build an Aircraft Hanger with a 50' Door Opening. Could you please call me or email me some specs for building requirements for sheer and wind using your bifold liftstrap door. Thanks Todd




I'm looking for straplift style bifold door price estimate approximately 42' wide X 10' tall delivered to Florida address above. Door has to be windrated.  Please provide response by email or cell phone. 


I need specs and a price on a 80'x20' Clear Height  bi-fold hangar door with Schweiss liftstraps and autolatching system. The windrated door speed is 110 MPH.


I have a 60 x 80 pipe pole/steel truss building that needs steel entry machine shed doors. 30 wide x 19 tall openings at each end and staggered to the outside. I want Schweiss bifold windloaded hurricane strength strap doors. How much wind can they withstand when open? It is open most of time and built on dirt not slab. I only need 17.5 ft. 


Need quote for Bi-Fold Liftstrap wind loaded hangar door with option for 1-piece hydraulic hangar door. 60' x 20' clear height, with all seals and door operators. 110 MPH EXP C.


I need a quote on 2 each 45' wide x 20' tall bifold metal building strap doors. Auto latches, with all hardware, etc. to be installed on end-walls of a new 60x150x27 metal building in Texas, wind-rating of 112. Refer list of recommended door installers.


I built a hangar in 2005 and used a Schweiss Bi-Fold. I am very happy with the smooth operating door. I am in the process of building another hangar  in AK. This door will be 45' by 16' and will have limited head space. It is on the Kenai so earthquakes are prevalent. I am in the process of getting the trusses built this month and I will haul them up. I would like a quote on a reinforced wind loaded  hangar door and suggestions for the end trusses to support your bifold hangar door. 


I would like a price for a 80' wide by 22' Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door. The building the door is going into is 100' wide with a 1/12 roof slope. It will be located in NC zip code 28465. The wind speed is 135 mph with an exposure C. Please let me know if you require any additional information. Thank you. Al          


I would like a quote on a Hydraulic Door System 60' X 16' / 150 mph rated. Please have a sales person contact me so that I can send some plans to. FOB to site - Zip 02539


Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold Door needs to be insulated. Door to be priced installed by Schweiss. Price needs to include freight, tax, delivery, labor and any equipment needed to install the door. If sold I will need to know the flashing sizes and steel lengths to cover the door. Are your doors windrated approved for Dade County, Florida. 


I am an architect looking for a 30' wide x 15' high, Schweiss bi-fold lift strap door to meet high wind-load conditions for a project in Long Island, NY. The overhead door, in addition to a 30 psf wind load, should also meet these wind criteria -115 mph, exposure C, importance 1.15. If a 30%u2019wide x 15%u2019high door cannot do so, what is the largest door that can? Could you please tell me if you have a door which can meet these criteria and, if so, what a budget price might be?


The quote will be for a Schweiss Bifold liftstrap style door quantity of (3). Can you quote with a hinge spacing of 10'-0"? Doors will need to meet "Buy American" provisions of the PA Steel Products Procurement Act. Wind Speed = 90 mph Exposure C with Importance Factor = 1.15 Need by Thursday AM


Need quote and sample door spec of a 40' x 10' clear Schweiss straplift bifold door going to Fla 33928, 150 mph wind load Exposure C . This will be used in a 7 unit stacked T hangar project .


I need a price and specifications (clearance requirements, weight, etc.) for a 46x14 liftstrap bi-fold door. The building will be in east coast Florida. I don't know if you have wind-rated doors, but the customer tells me his wind requirements are 140 mph sustained and 170 mph 3 second gusts. You can call or email for additional information.


I'm looking for a storm door (or something like) for a out building, only to be closed with bad weather. Your ag door looks like something I could use. I want the best style door, (bifold or hydraulic) to withstand any sudden and violent windstorms in case I leave it open and unattended.


Bifold Door: We would be using these as windows with 1 horizontal hinge in the middle. I would like a price for both Florida Building Code required impact windows and non-impact, wind rated. Quote for 45' door. Thank you.


Please quote 45\' wide x 20\' tall bifold door with liftstraps and autolatch for installation in Channelview TX. Must be wind rated - our main concern is strength to withstand hurricane force winds. Please reply and I can send basic drawings and photos of our current building. We constructed the building planning to use rolling doors but have recently decided to change to bifold. End wall is not installed pending bridge crane installation.


I am considering a new hangar and would like to have an idea of the door cost. I will be building in the Houston area and huricane winds are a big concern. The door size would be 14 X 45 ft. Can you give me your recommendations of whether to buy a hydraulic or bifold door.


Here I am again, needing a price for some bi-fold doors. If you keep making them, I\'ll keep buying them. This project is here around the Houston Area in a 90 MPH wind area. Project is needing (10) 40%u2019-0 x 14%u2019-0 bi-folds with liftstraps and autolatches and walk doors. The doors would be furnished with all the electrical and, we would be furnishing the panels at the face to match the building. Right now this is all the information that I have for you. The actual opening size are the dimensions that I gave you before so, the door dimension can be adjusted to fit the opening. Reference would be our Quote 10-128. If there is anything else that I can get for you I will contact the customer and try and get that for you.


Please advise if Fl. wind and hurricane code compliance requires additional cost on your Schweiss hydraulic doors. Please do not share this info with my designer or builder, for obvious reasons, they will not be building in Fl. for me.


I recently bought property that has a 115x70 ft hanger with very cheap roller doors. I must upgrade the doors before these drive me crazy. I\'ve seen the Schweiss bi-fold doors, hydraulic doors at other hangars in the three-state area and believe my option will be to go to your new Red Power hydraulic model . My door opening is 75x16 ft. I live 38 miles from the gulf so strength has to be #1 priority


Thanks for taking the time to speak with me this afternoon. What the CHP is looking for is something that says your doors are safe to operate in winds up to 40 mph. Your standard spec sheet lists max operating speed as 30 mph, however, the CHP still will operate aircraft in 30 mph winds. They ground their aircraft at 40 mph or redirect them to other airfields. Can you provide me with a letter or statement reinforcing our conversation that your bifold liftstrap and hydraulic Red Power doors are able to operate/be moved to the closed or open position in winds speeds up to 40 mph? Please let me know if you have any questions, and again thanks for your help. Regards


I am bidding a bifold and hydraulic door project in south Louisiana and I have attached the building drawings and the specs the wind load is 140 mph and the exposure is C. If you have any questions please let me know the job bids end of next week.


I need a quote for a bi-fold liftstrap/autolatch  42%u2019x10%u2019 (clear opening) going to Aguanga, CA 92536. Door will not be insulated. Please provide pricing and specs so I can design pre-engineered building to accommodate your product. The design criteria are: CA2010 and 85mph 3 second gust wind, exposure C, seismic D. Thanks,


Obtaining a Schweiss Bifold Door quote for a client. The wind speed is 140 mph (fema requirement) with standard occupancy. Building is enclosed with a topo factor of 1. Terrain exposure is C. The mean roof height is 20 ft and the slope is roughly 3:12. Thank you


Two Bifold Schweiss Doors: (1) 90' x 20' (2) 140' x 28' Must be 150mph Hurricane Rated Panels, lift straps and Insulation to be provided by door manufacturer.


Little concerned about how a Schweiss bifolf door would handle the wind as this building is in the open. This will be an insulated shop.


Price on 50x12 bifold hanger door installed in Sarasota, Fl. Door must meet county wind load req. and should have a lockable walk-in door.


Please quote: One 60' x 16' Bi-fold with straps and auto latches designed for 100 MPH wind (3 sec. gust) per 2006 IBC, delivered to Reno NV. To be installed in a new steel hangar building. Thanks, Pete


I have possible applications for both bifold and hydrolic with a man door. The applications are residential. Can you match the siding on our home? I can send you a photo and approximate dimensions or anything else you need. What are the wind ratings of your doors?


Estimate, specs and details for 8'-0"w x 7'-0" h bifold garage door. windows dbl glazing, energy efficient, weatherstripping. wind rating:120 mph 3 second gusts. When can you deliver?




Schweiss Bifold Door Quote @ sustained 90 mph wind & sustained 120 mph wind. Lift straps and quick opening/closing door with walk thru door.  Expect to begin construction within 6 months. Thanks in advance!


I asked about the wind load and I think south Brevard is going with 160 mph wind for calculation and our building will be risk category III. The opening we are talking about is 28x19 long bifold. Let me know an approximate cost of each bi-fold glass door. Thank you Iggy in Palm Harbor


Can you provide Schweiss bifold or hyd door for 40' wide x 30' wide? 120MPH wind rated. Which door style holds up best in hurricane category winds? Does the Red Power hydraulic pump seal the door as well at the Bifold strap system? Houston, TX area Thanks, Burton


Need a Schweiss bifold door that is able to withstand wind loads and is 40' tall and 50' wide. Can you help? Would want this door to be fitted with your strap system and a remote.


I have a job in Ocean County, NJ and need a Schweiss door quote for delivery in June. Steel bifold, lift strap - 62' x 16' clear 115 MPH wind load Single phase power Access door w/o lockset Gray primer Please provide structural framing requirements - new steel building & electrical spec's


We have bought Schweiss doors from you in the past and are most pleased. I hope you can help with these. I need the price back soon. We will need sealed drawings with this order and they will need to be designed for 130 MPH windload. No remote open or close is required, but a passage door will be required in each bifold lift strap system door.


Hi Dan R. from our office has been working with Jeremy Rieke on another project and gave me your information. I need a quote for a Schweiss bifold door with straps. Opening is 35' wide X 23' height. We need an 18' clear opening. Wind loading is 85 mph, exposser C. Please call if you have any questions. I'm in Walla Walla, WA


I need a price for a 60' x 21 ' (18' clear) bifold door going to Canon, Ga. 100 mph Wind Exp. B . You can call me on the number listed above or on the with any questions.


We are designing a aircraft hangar for a client who lives in the Wellington Aero Club in Wellington Fl The owner wants a one piece door with a 3' x6'8" entry door on the left side wants Red Power  hydraulic operation building will be C.B.S. with a steel I-Beam across door opening door will require 130 mph wind load (3 sec gust) poured columns on each side of door opening 12" x 24" will need weight of door for engineering I-beam Thanks for any and all infor you can send me on your product


Looking for a Schweiss Bifold that is rated 130 mph exp C wind 100 psf roof and ground snow door will have 0-4 inch thick insulated panels on it 3# psf


50' x 14' Hanger door. PEMB by ACI Building Systems Inc. 110 mph wind load In bidding process, need suggestions & quote.


At our airport in Morehead, KY, we recently constructed a nested t-hanger with your bi-fold doors on them. For my school project, I was wondering what the cost would be for another Schweiss Bi-fold door that is 15x42? I need it to handle a wind load 110 MPH and photo eye sensors  Thank You,


Hello, We are an industrial door and dock contractor. We have a current need to price the following for one of our good GC's on a metal building 26'W x 16'H Building code requires 100 mph rating Can you please provide me pricing on this bifold door. It is for a farmers equipment barn. Thanks. 


Can you make a single bi-fold hangar door with 80-feet width by 28 feeu high? What is the maximum width of the bifold door? The design wind speed is 130 mph. Thanks.


I'm a building contractor in Oklahoma and have a customer that is interested in a hydraulic door. We had previously installed a commercial overhead door but the wind has almost destroyed it. The opening is just way to big for a standard door to work. Also I would be interested in installing these hydraulic doors from the schweiss company if you need a local contractor.




We are working on a design for a boat storage building in the Florida Keys. The building will have 10 openings 24'wide x 32'high the wind load is 155mph. Is this within your design criteria and would you be interested in giving me some bifold design options with quotes. Sincerely, Jim S.


I need a price for a bi-fold door 40'-0" X 10'-0" clear. The door is going in Anahuac Texas with a wind speed of 120mph. I also need the technical info that goes with the door. Please add lift straps to the bid as well. Thank you, Harold


I am specifying for an existing garage, requires bifold, sound rating, appx weight 1000 pounds. Do you have any sound rated design? Can it be airtight to 100 mph wind? I am gathering info for a proposal, so a appx cost and time is needed ASAP. Thank you, Samual Kork


im requesting a price on a 40x12 bi fold with a walk door in it. There was already a bifold door on it (not a schweiss door) but a tornado blew it over the roof and bent it in half. This time I'm looking at something a little more sturdy. What kind of wind speed can your door handle.




We are currently designing a small aircraft hangar, and it has a requirement for a 45 minute rated wall in which we want to put a bifold door. This would require the door to also have a 45 minute rating. We can achieve the 45 minute rating with 5/8" drywall on the walls. Can we also put a layer of 5/8" drywall on the door frame, to achieve our rating?


Please provide me a quote for a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door Unit with 16' Clear height opening. Project: David Airport Snow Building IBC2006 90 MPH Wind, Exposure C


I am looking for Bifold or Hydraulic lift Doors to enclose a loading/critical vehicle storage bay in an Emergency Operations Center. the Door opeings are 12'x 12' and or wind criteria is 149/-172 PSF. Do you have a product that will work and or can be engineered to work?? This project is just beginning construction so your timely response is appreciated.


I need a hydro powered door system for a steel pole barn. Door is going on a end wall. opening is 40' wide 18' tall. Wind is an issue.


I am a post-frame construction contractor that uses and installs Schweiss doors fairly often. I am curious about wind pressure on the door what are your basic doors rated at for the wind and when this type of door is required.


Please quote and send required dimensions and reactions to VP Building. 85 mph Wind Load. Door will be sheeted with 26 ga Panel Rib. We need the option to install the Schweiss bifold door in sidewall and endwall. Please send information ASAP or call me if you have any questions at my cell. thanks


Hello, Need quote on flush mounted 90mph bifolding Garage door system. I need to apply vertical v-groove cedar siding to it to match flush into side wall of building. Must have strap lifts, a bottom drive motor, and an outside mount hinge ( side pivot ) Please advise. Thank you, Charlie K


Please quote the following going to the Airport in Cedar Bluff, VA: Two (2) bi-fold doors with lift-strap and auto-latches, each 60' wide x 16' clear height. Loads: 90 mph wind, exposure C For 16' clear opening, what will the total opening height be?


Please Quote (1) one Bi-Fold Door with 4 windows. Framed opening will be 49'- 0" X 16'-0" clear. Please design for IBC 2006 code 130MPH Exp-C (3) sec gust. Door will deliver to Texas


Hello, I need a quote for a 60' x 16' clear bi-fold with straps in a California Airport. They use the 2010 CBC building code, wind 85 mph.


Hello. I am looking to get a quote for a schweiss bi-fold door for one of our steel bldg. customers. They are looking for: (1) 75'x24' Bi-folding door Going to NE 110 mph wind Exp. C. Options needed on it are nylon lift straps, auto-latches and quote with and without insulation. Thanks


hi, I want to contact with your company, because I have to project that the customer request a big doors, well, it's hangar doors, and the doors size is; 76ft width, and 16' 4" clear height. One of then the wind load will be 75MPH, and the another one will be 90MPH. For our design; what it would be the doors request in support for our buildings, or connetion too. Please send me a proposal for both bifold and hydraulic doors separate EXWORK cost, with all the shipping information, we need to move to South America. if you can, please send me information, or brochure if it's possible.


BUDGET QUOTE FOR 45' X 16' BI-FOLD WITH 12' OPEN CLEAR HT. IN THE QUOTE PUT AUTO-LATCHES, NEEDS TO BE 2006 IBC 90 MPH WIND (3 sec gust) Please call me for any info I haven't provided. Thanks


Need a price for a bifold door in Vermont 50' opening, 16' clear when up 90 MPH "C", we would provide 26 gage sheeting and 6" fiberglass insulation 120 Volts Going in a new building endwall 60' wide, 20' eave, 2/12 slope. I need the quote to include Auto-latches.


I would like a quote for a garage door on my hangar. I currently have a roll up door but it has been blown out by wind shears twice in the past year and a half. It is 18'w x 12'h with C channel frame. I plan on changing this out if I go with a bi fold door. I am looking for suggestions on material to use for frame and if increasing the size will make a difference. It might be easier to discuss this over the phone and I can send pictures. I will be available all day on Thursday to get more detail.


I have a client wanting a quote on a hangar. It will be a 50'x50'x16' building, going to Tahlequah, OK. The door will be 45'x14', bi-fold. He said the code is Boca, 2006 and the loading will be 90 MPH wind. I need the spec's to properly load the building and will forward your info with my quote, I have worked with Schweiss Bi-fold Doors before and I am always impressed with your doors. Hopefully getting the owner to buy your door if we're successful. Thanks!


Flush Mount, 11 ft clearance, I can send elevation in autocad or pdf if required. Hydraulic door can be 13' tall. I need engineering details and structrual loads. I need it to meet SC state building codes. Wind load 100 mph


I have a pole building that has a door opening 16 Ft Wide and 22 Ft tall. The door has a western Exposure and must be designed for a 110 mph wind load zone . the bifold door should provide security and protection from the weather. the architect is requesting two submittals one for "economy" solution ( minimum security and weather protection ) with a total cost of $2000. or less and a "Luxury" solution with (maximum security and weather protection) with a total cost of $10,000. or less


I need a 40'wide X 60'high door for a yacht service building we are currently designing. Please contact me asap so we can design around your product. I would like to use the bifold strap system if possible. I also need this to meet 130mph winds. Thanks, Paul


The building code for this job is IBC 2006. The windspeed is 120 mph with an exposure category C and a building classification II. Each door is required to have a walkdoor. Each door should have an electrical lifting device complete with up/down/off switch, aircraft-type lift cables, and sheave wheels. The operating motor (Red Power if possible) shall be 1-1/2 HP equipped with worm gear speed reducer, capable of opening or closing door from completely open to completely closed within two minutes. Motors shall be 240 volts, single phase, thermally protected, and supplied with a reset button. Along with the quote for this door, could I also be emailed engineering details to properly load the building? Thank you, Lorna


Would like a quote for a one piece 60' x 19' door. Inside mounted. Designed for 120 mph wind zone with engineering. Remote control operator with 4 remotes. No skins, delivered to Apopka,Fl without installation. Thanks Hans


We have a Schweiss bifold door installed. Can we find out the safe operating wind speed for this door? Thanks, Jake


Building to have wind load of 110mph, as well as door. Non insulated hydraulic door. Building Size is 80' x 80' x 20', 2:12 roof slope.


We recently purchased a building in Saint John New Brunswick. The building has one of your bi-fold doors on the front. Its approximate size is 60' wide x 40' high. Can you please tell me what the recommended maximum wind speed is for opening the door. Thanks


We are building a machinery shed 60'x120' with 2 Schwiess bifold doors, one on each end. The doors are 40' wide x 20' tall. What is the maximum wind load for safely opening/closing one door. Or both?


Dear Sirs: We are considering rebuilding our existing Flying Club hangar. We're looking at replacing our old world war 2 sliding hangar doors with an insulated 60 foot by 20 foot high bi-fold door with lift straps. I'm wondering about getting a cost estimate from you on delivering and supplying of this door. Wind loading on this door is a real concern given the high wind conditions in this part of the country. This new door would be placed on an end wall that has to be filled in where the existing sliding doors are. Thanks, Kevin T. Willard Flying Club, Building Committee member


The code is 2006 IBC with a 3-second gust of 110 mph, and the building is enclosed. Could I please also recieve loading information for this bifold door as well.


I Need a Bifold hanger door - Details - Size - 14 foot high (clear space) x 50 feet wide The building Supplier is Dean Steel Buildings Designed to 130 mph wind loading The location of the hanger will be Steinhatchee, FL electric @ 220 v single phase Optional price for auto locking remote Optional price for safety edge sensor on the bottom. I need a proposal.