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Do you guys sell man doors? We have a 36x70” hangar door and would like to place a man door in it. Thanks Jay


- Please quote schweiss bifold door with and without 38x80 inch walk through door with a window - please quote with and without 4x3 fixed windows centered in each panel of the upper half - order to delivery time frame


Hello, Looking for pricing on hangar door to be shipped to Alabama. 54x18 roughly. Would like option to put in walk door and windows but would like to see individual number of cost.


Looking for a quote on a bi-fold door with man door to install on existing building. Door opening dimensions are 48'-8" wide and 10'-7" tall.


For the overhead bi-folding doors, can a man exit door be incorporated? How about for a garage type door. Both glass doors - either hydraulic or electric. Perhaps these are also called bifold walk doors?


I'm thinking a walk through door with window on left side and a window on right side of the bifold strap door. Include remote openers


I am looking for a price on a 27'x 18' bifold liftstrap door with a walk door with windows incorporated in it


I recently purchased a hangar with sliding doors on the SkyRanch Airport in Carefree, AZ. I would like to talk to a contractor about replacing the sliding doors with a bifold liftstrap hangar door big enough to install a walk door. Carefree is north of and in between Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ


Also, need (1) 3'x7' walk door in each bifold door. Is there anyway to get this back today??? I need the loading for the building.


you had provided us a quote last year for this bifold door project BID # 81219 WC. This project has become a reality, height of door is the only thing changed from prior quote and i would like to get a firm number together and get this order moving. -provide (1) walk-through door left side (from outside looking at door) -Strap lift -automatic latches with 2 remotes Thanks,Jason


I’m looking to replace a wood framed screen wall with a glass bifold liftstrap patented door or possibly a one piece hydraulic door. Is it possible to get a walk through door in the door itself? That way I do not have to frame a door separate which would cause a scale back on the size of the door. I would like to keep as much of the doorway as open an functional as possible. I am open to a mix of glass and wood or glass and metal as well if that makes having a walkthrough door more realistic. Thanks!


I am looking for a quote and specs on (2) 16' x 60' Bifold Strap Doors with built in walk in doors. Can you provide key lock push buttons for the walk doors and photo eye sensors for the main door?


Hi! I have a Wilson door on my hangar here at Falmouth Airpark 5B6, and wanted to look into a walk door to install. Do you sell walk door frames and/or frame/door setups? I would install myself. My hangar door is a bifold, about 40 feet wide by 15 feet high. I can probably fit a door about 5 ft 8 inches high. Also considering converting my rusty old cables with lift straps and some windows as well in addition to the door. Thank you.


Dear Schweiss, I was looking for a bifold door with a walk-in door in it. Essentially a very simple frame structure with only steel and glass and an additional walk-in hatch, to be used when the door is closed. Do you have an example of that? I could not find a price for it on your website, probably because doors of different sizes have different prices, right?. Thank you.




Building a pole-barn hangar. 42' x 40'. Door opening is 40' x 10'. How much will a bi-fold hangar door cost installed. web straps instead of cables. Man door in the bi-fold.


Need to replace the man door on my hanger main bifold door. My hanger door is 40' wide. email is fine.


Good afternoon. In the bifold door below I need for you to include 4 each 3' x 6' windows and 1 each man door evenly spaced in the 80'. Thanks and have a good day.


Where can I order a replacement pre-hung man door that is in the Schweiss bifold hanger door. The opening is 39 x 81. The door frame is the same thickness as the door.


I would like prices for both bi-fold and hydraulic doors for a concrete hangar house in Florida, (10' x 38'10") please include price including a walk door. Thanks.


Looking for pricing on a bifold strap door 14' high 16'6" wide with a walk door for one of my storage buildings. Currently has a 10' sliding door. Don't want an overhead rail door because I can't lose the head space. Also quote for an automatic opener. Thanks.


I would like a price on a 34' wide by 14' high bifold door with 2 windows and a walk door. Delivered to Attica, Ohio. Thanks, Jason


Renovating an existing hangar and the client has asked for a "walk door" added to the current hangar bi-fold door. Can you give me a ballpark price for estimating purposes. Do you have any dealers I can speak with this is for a project Near Toronto Ontario Canada?


I am building a hanger/home this spring. I will need a 40' by 12' door with three possible windows and a walk through door. The door needs to be insulated. I need to know your specifications for the door frame and whether you arrange to install the door yourself. Please contact me by phone or e-mail. Thanks. I would like the door opening to be 12' clear.


Please quote with remotes and self supporting header and a walk door. Also quote me the BYOD kit on the hydraulic only. If we go bifold route not interested in welding it up.


Hello, I would need a price for bifold doors with a walk door 50 'x 26' high 460vlt


doors for a building 38w x 192L x 18'H dividing into 4 units. need 4 doors bifold or hydraulic with walk doors.


I am an estimator working on a project with Bifold doors. I need sample load and support information on 2 separate doors: 40'W x 16'H and 50'W x 16'H Project is in MN. If possible, please send information, also include price with and without windows and walk door. ASAP. Please contact me with any questions.


Hi! I've got a client looking for a hangar going up to Grand View, ID. I'm needing the weight of a 60x16 bi-fold door with a walk door but would also like an estimate for the same door as well. I can pass it on to my customer but I'd like to get a weight (psf) ASAP.


I am interested in receiving a quote for a bi-fold door with a walk door with a 60' x 18' clear door opening. Please contact me at your convenience. Best regards, Benjamin, Construction Manager Flight Level Aviation


Hi There! I am designing a hangar with a 50' door for a farm in Northern Alberta. Could you provide information about the possible Schwiess doors of this size? There is a steel frame overhead for mounting but the rest of the structure is post frame. I am interested in both bifold and one piece metal frame doors with walk doors and windows. Thank you for your time! Jacki


Hi, I was wondering do you have cut sheets for a hydraulic door with a walk door? I am currently working on a single family home in San Francisco and am interested in using one of your models. Thanks Fiona


We installed one of your bifold doors about 10 years ago and they have had very good results. My customer is building another shop and is needing a bifold door with walkdoor that will allow a head height of 18'6" and a width of 32'. Would you please quote this for us. The door will go to Spearman Tx 79081. Thanks


I like your Bi-fold strap doors. I think it was yours i saw at Oshkosh 2017. The FRONT opening of the HANGAR is 11'4" high 49'2" wide Could you give me a price with your doors, including a walk door, landed at Perth Western Australia. Regards Kyle


I would like to get a price on a all strap bifold hangar door with a walk door for an opening that is 20' wide x 22' high. We will be skinning it with a metal siding (copper Penny color) with 1" ribs 8" O.C. Feel free to call or E-mail me any questions you may have. thanks, Curt


We are needing a bifold garage door that fits a 16 width x 7 length door and one for a 9 width x 10 length. How much would that cost with a walk door & when would it be available? We need it ASAP. Thank you.


Have a new build requiring two Bi-Folds 65 x 22 & 65 x 16, both would need man/walk doors. Would require a budget cost for the two doors.Have preliminary blueprints for referance .


Please quote for a 40x10 Bi-fold door electric operated including a walk door.


Putting together a quote for a client: private aircraft hangar, 50 x50 ft. Requires on electric bifold door with a walk door. Would like price quote from Schweiss. Thanks, Mark


Hi, I'm interested in a 40'x12' bi-fold door with a walk door and 2 windows. Could I get a quote on one? Thanks, Brandon


I have an airplane hangar with stacked doors and want to change to bifold doors. The opening is 60' wide and 12' high. I also want a walk door so I can get in and out more easily. Can you give me a ballpark price range. You can email me and include a contact phone, I'm very hard to reach during the workday. Thank you, Jared


Looking to purchase a small hydraulic door for one of my projects and need to connect for future projects. I would like a walk door included in the price as well.


Hi, I'm building a residential garage and looking for solution to maintain headroom. Was interested to price out a hydraulic garage door with a walk door, I want the walk door to blend into the rest of the main door as much as possible, and was hoping you could help. Thanks. Walt  18' x 8'


I am going to build a hangar in Ozark, AR sometime early next spring. Can you give a rough estimate of what a bi-fold door with a walk door would cost for a 50' x 50' hangar?


Good Morning, I was wondering if I could get a couple delivery and installed quotes for a building in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada. Quotes 42ft wide, 20ft tall - Bifold 42ft wide, 20ft tall - Hydraulic Door 52ft wide, 18ft tall - Bifold 52ft wide, 18ft tall - Hydraulic Door I need the extra quotes as I am still deciding on what size of hangar to build. I want walk doors for each door as well.  These will be for an airplane hangar. It will be a wood pole barn. The location can see very high winds. 70mph sustained, with higher gusts. With the high winds, do you recommend hydraulic or bifold? The doors will open and face to the south. The dominant wind direction is out of the west, so the door could be exposed to a high crosswind. Due to my schedule, I prefer email contact. Thanks Jill


I need a quote on an 80' x 18' hydraulic hangar door with a walk door, and good seals to keep the dust out. Amarillo, TX. Include installation price separately.


We are interested in bi-fold doors, as a son of a former pilot and crop duster/farmer we are in the construction industry of building custom environments, I'm looking for only the best product. I would like a price quote on a 40' wide by 20' high door with a built in man door. Do you have a salesman in Canada?


I will be building a hangar on a property next year. Not sure of size yet, maybe 50x15, but that could change. I'm leaning towards a hydraulic door and I want a walk door in it for easy entry/exit. I'm trying to find recommendations and prices. Thanks!


The Airdrie Flying Club is looking to build a 10 plane hangar possibly two. We would like each door to have a walk door, could give me a quote on 5-12' x 42' Bifold Doors and 5-15'x 42' Bifold Doors.        


What does it cost per bi-fold door to add a 3070 walk door? A recent quote was for a 46' wide x 16' clear height bi-fold.


I would like to know a price on a 18ft wide by 10ft high bifold door with a walk door in the bifold door, with 2 Windows. Price installed and not installed. Thanks.


I need pricing for 2 bi-fold strap-lift hangar doors with electric operators for a two-bay hangar to be located at Centennial Airport in Englewood, CO. Each door will need to provide a clear opening of 73'-0" W x 28'-0" H. Doors will require a Vult wind load design of 116 mph exposure C. The doors will each require (1) 3070 walk door assembly within the door. Exterior sheeting will be 26 ga. R-panel. There will also be 8'-0" high interior liner panels of 26 ga. R-Panels. Need pricing and availability ASAP. project is currently scheduled to begin March 1, 2017. Doors will be required by May 15, 2017. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions. THANKS!


Interested in purchasing a Schweiss bi-fold door with the new style automatic latch straps and one walk door. The door will be mounted on the exterior of a metal arch Quonset building. We will need a frame to mount the door.


I will be building a hangar in the spring which will require a 12' high X 40' wide bifold insulated door with a walkthrough door and possibly a couple windows. Can you send a brochure and approximate pricing along with information concerning lead time, etc. Just for additional information, the front of the hanger will have two garage doors, 9X16 and 12X16. Do doors this size come as bifold also? I would like to know what kind of framing is required to support the doors since it will be of wood construction. Thanks, Jim


Dear Madam/Sirs We would like to have price offer for the folowing items one piece Hydraulic Doors with red power and Bifold Door with Lift Straps, as soon as possible. In 3 Schweiss doors we need to apply walk in escape door size: Width 1.15 mt.Height 2.10 mt. Size all the doors is: Width 22.309 Ft. Height 19.685 Ft. 


We need to order some retail/restaurant doors. These street service doors incorporate a overhead bi-folding door that also has a man opening or walk door (so that when the restaurant door is closed we would still be able egress to the street in an emergency). Has Schweiss Doors done anything similar to this. If not, would you be able to come up with a door solution? 


My shop ceiling is 12 feet high and I would like to get the most head room possible in the opening using a Schweiss bifold strap door. Shop door width is 21 feet. Price a walk door in it.


Need a steel ag shop door price 40x14 straps & auto latch's. Steel building 50' wide 16' tall, liftstrap bifold needs a spot for 3070 Dominion walk door. What will the wedge height be (I would like it to be 24") Installed door price.


Looking for a price and delivery on a 16ft high by 32ft wide Bifold door for a steel building structure. Please price liftstraps, autolatches and a mandoor.  Can you help? Thanks Nick


I would like a ballpark price on 1 and possibly 2 walk doors to upgrade my hangar. 40' wide by 11' tall bifold door.


I would like to request specs and prices for your bi fold doors. One door will be 60'wide x 22'high, and the other will be for 40'wide x 22'high. Can I get a more powerful motor for the bigger door and can both doors be insulated with the larger door having a walk-thru entrance too.  Chelsea


Schweiss Doors:  I will need one man door, as you face the door being on the outside, it would be on the right side.


I need to get a quote on (2)52'-6"x18' sidewall mounted and (1)72'x18' endwall mounted Schweiss Hydraulic doors. Some options I want info on are Installation, Windows, Walk through door and shipping.


I need a Schweiss bi-fold door to cover a 65' x 18' opening with lift cables and a walk in door. Our previous project is being cut back to a 80'x 60'x 18' which I hope to start construction on by March 1st. Thanks


I have read through much of your Schweiss website information and am interested in looking into a bifold strap door with a man door. I haven't had a door on this bulding for years and the old doors were sliders. I don't care to mess around with being hassled with unnecessary sales tactics but will certainly take questions on actual information needed for a acurate door quote. Feel free to telephone me or e-mail is actually easiest.


Need a price on (5) 50' wide x 20' high bi-fold doors for a project going in Sturgeon Bay, WI Need quote by noon. Options I am looking for walk through man doors and lift straps. 


Hello! I am talking to "ADAMS TRUSS" about a 50 X 50 X 16 Hangar building to be erected in Kimberling City, Missouri outside of Branson Mo. I am very interested in a Schweiss bifold door with strap lift. Would you be so kind as to call or email me a quote for an appropriate door with the given building size and my requirment of a 40 X 12 foot clearence. I would like a 'mandoor' and possibly windows across the upper portion. Thank you!


I need pricing on a walk through door for one of our bifold hangar doors. It is a 40' door with a walk through, renter did not close the door prior to opening. Does the door come with a frame also, or can you just buy the door? Thank you, Jerome Polzin


i am taking quotes for an aircraft hanger full steel construction. please send a quote for 2 bi-fold doors with straps. Each door which will include one 3-0x7-0 personel door. thanks.


Insulated bifold strap doors with auto-latches for farm shop. Two (2) doors 40' wide x 20' high. One (1) door 20' wide x 20' high. I need a man door framed in on the right side of the door.


Opening is 10 h x 12 w. Include walk door in door pricing. Need to open and close manual. To make the manual operating easier I think the lift straps would be a good option. 


Need bi fold door quote with a walk through door/window options. I need to measure opening this weekend. Have 3 year old quote for larger door, but need re-quote for Existing hanger (did not build new hangar as expected) Opening slightly wider/taller than my Cardinal RG Need Price/Delivery and electrical requirements.


I would like to get a price on hydraulic doors to fit a 36 ft wide opening by 14 ft tall and a 54 wide by 14 ft. Both will be mounted on a steel 70' x 50' Machine shed. Need a walk through man door for the 54' door.        


I would like preliminary cost (budget) by 1/26/2011 if possible. Two identical cable lift folding doors on opposite ends of building. We will install, I need 3 window holes framed in for 3'x2' windows and a walk through door on one door. 


You guys supplied (95) Schweiss Bifold Doors w/man doors for the Henderson Airport in 2004, I need a replacement walk door & frame with hardware. Can you provide a price quote on that is a close match to what you suppiled originally? Thank you.


Dear sir/mam we are in need of BI-Fold doors for an area of 6metre in width & 4metre in height we want to have a manual door also if possible where a person can walk through when the bi fold door is closed. pls confirm at the earliest the cost & availabilty ASAP


I would like a quote on (2) 16ft by 24ft bifold doors with shipping include. I would like to have an entry door placed in one of these doors, and i would be installing them myself. Thank you for your time.


We need a new " man door" for one of your bi-fold hangar doors. The door is 35 3/4 x 70 1/2 high, and opens in with the knob on the right, hinges on the left. We will re-use our old knob, and lockset.  Would like total cost of door and shipping charges please. Thanks


Bifold Door needs a 36" entry door in it If possible please include for sheeting/insulation and flashing


Door will be insulated with 3" thick fiberglass. Hydraulic Door will have 26 gage metal liner panels to 8' high. One walk door. Four windows.


Dear Sirs, I would like to request a quote for a 45' x 12' hydraulic hangar door with walk door. This would be with all accessories and shipping to Colorado Springs CO. thanks in advance, Bob S.


Planing to build a farm shop with one 24 foot door and one 14 foot door. I want the bifold doors insulated and possibly with a walk door in them. Is a walk door a bad idea?


New pre-engineered steel hangar 60' x 60' x 18'. Owner wants hydraulic door placed in endwall. Wants 16' clear height and as wide as possible. No man walk door in door. No windows at this time. Building designed for 85 mph 3 sec. gust.


I need pricing for a 17' wide x 16' high bifold door. It does not need to be insulated but I do need a walk door in it. The door will be used in one of our own buildings.