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Good afternoon, My company is looking to get a new hanger door. Specifically a 120' long x 25' high, vertical folding hanger door. Could you please send me your options on this size door. I would love to get the: Specs, cost, timing, and installation costs as well. Thank you for any help you can lend us. Please contact me via email


Looking for a Schweiss dealer in Michigan for a bifold vertical door for my Quonset hut. The size I need is 16 feet wide and 10 feet tall.


I would like to know if you have a specific door. OS - 8’2” x 19’3” DS - 10’ x 20’ish Bi-Parting on rail I have pictures of it that I would like to send over as well.


We are working on a project that involves enclosing an existing shelterhouse. We are considering using a bifold lift up door that is partially glass. There are four openings that are each 11'-6"W x 8'-0"H. Thank you for your time.


I am trying to get a vertical outwards bi fold or none folded don't matter , as so long as it raises up on the outside of the building dimensions are 8feet X 8 Feet and the width is 6 inches solid concrete block all around and i have two garage opening so i would need two of them , materials has to be very robust and would be able to keep out the burglar , i live in Clifton New Jersey




I am working with the local airport to put together a budget for a series of condo type airplane hangers. I am looking for a budget number for a vertical bi fold door. The door would be 42 feet wide. For the time being I just need a ballpark number on a cost per door. thanks J


Looking for 5ea of a bi-fold strap door 70' wide with a 18' clear height opening once the door is open. These would all be vertical lift bifold doors with bottom drive heavy duty Schweiss motors.


We are tendering a school project in Langley, BC of Canada, and need pricing for the supply and installation a vertical lift strap bi-fold door. Do you have any distributors in Canada or would you be able to give us a quote? Thank you, Tommy W.


I need a price for delivery on two doors, both 60' wide x 20' tall. I need a quote on the single door vertical lift and on the bi-folds. Thanks, Marty I.


Can I get a price on a bifold vertical lift strap door to fit a 50'w x 20'h opening for new construction in a wood frame Wick Building. Tell Dave Kevin in Kansas says hi. See you at the SOS tent at Osh.


This verticle lift door, bifold liftstrap/autolatch, would be for an insulated workshop. We are still in the planning stage, and are looking for door options. Your doors are highly recommended by many builders that we have talked to and they say you stand by your product.


Assessing the hinge connections at ends of verticle lift airplane hanger door. Need approx. weight of 28' x 100' Schweiss steel bifold hangar door with external truss at mid height. Strap and autolatch supported. Style S. Hangar. 


I need to get a price for a metal door bid in Laredo. Its calling for (3) vertically lifting doors. Bifold strap doors are 28 ft. wide x 12.5 ft. tall.


I'm requesting a 22'x14' vertically lifting bifold strap door with carriage house exterior door cladding. This is a hobby farm barn door. 


Your Schweiss bifold doors look great. I need a small vertical lifting strap door (32" wide, 80" tall). This is an interior door, an under-stairs laundry room door that will open outward.


I wish to have two 36 inch entry door openings in the door, suitable for use by public.(low threshold)by the way i hear good things about your hydralic doos


Do you manufacture Vertical Bi-Fold doors for commercial door use? Size needed is stated below. Each liftstrap door would require two openers.


This is a residential property. I have a 2 car garage. I would like a quote on bi-fold doors for each garage (both are identical). This design would resemble bi-fold liftstrap Schweiss closet doors that meet in the middle, but lift vertically.


I have a 250 lb lid that raises upward to give access to the well pump. I am unable to lift the lid myself and am wondering if Schweiss Doors have cylinders that would be appropriate for this use. Thanks


I may some day put in a vertical lift door on the end wall of the barn, 15 ft high and 40 ft wide. Just need a ball park on cost on a Schweiss Door to plan Thanks


I am bidding on two projects and need prices on 3 - Schweiss doors. The first is a hanger with a 65' wide door and a 14' tall opening, so I am figuring for a 16' tall door. The second is an agriculture structure. It will have 2 - doors 25' wide and again, 16' tall. All doors are going to be vertical lift style and all need straps. thanks


Seeking bid for New Hangar, Hot Springs Municipal Field, Specs call for electrically operated vertical lift bifold door, 60x19, wind load per 2006 IBC.


Good evening - A client is purchasing a hangar project already under construction at ELM. The seller has not ordered a vertical lifting hangar door yet. The opening is 80 ft wd x 27 ft high. Can you provide a quote on your Schweiss bifold as well as your hydraulic lift model?


Hi, I'm a commercial builder in Western Australia and a bloke wants me to build him a aircraft hangar. He has been to America and seen these doors or similar and would like me to try and us them. We need 2 of the vertical lift doors and they will need to be about 20m wide and 6m high. Can you please call me or email me with some prices and some info about them. Regards 


need prices on a vertical lift strap door, size 30foot x 16 foot tall, frame and hardware only no tin or covering thank you, Steve


I have a client that needs a bid on 8- 45'wide x 17' high insulated and electric vertical doors. This will be a new build at an airport. The job is located about 145 miles from Grand Junction Co. My clients concern is that if there is an issue with a door, what is the response time for service. Thank you. Carl


We are a design/build firm and the project is a school where we are looking to install 3 verticle lift door units 10-0 W x 11-0 H (9-0 clear) The doors will be covered with insulated metal panel 2-9 high; insulated glass 2-9 high - reversed upper panel.


I am looking at a steel machine storage shed. How much is a vertical lift door with auto-latches for a 18 foot tall by 30 foot wide opening. Jean


County Airport Hangars. Please e-mail me so I can send you the drawings and specs. I have two different buildings I have to option out both using the verticle lift doors. One steel and one wood construction and of varying heights depending on building type.


Please price a 16'x8' vertical lifting bifold door system with windows to be delivered in Portland, Oregon. I need Installation prices also.


need a vertical lift door to fit 40'x14' opening on my new hangar project. with personnel door and lift straps. Electric operation


We are a GC bidding a project located in Orange, VA. I believe that you are already aware of this project and we would like to receive a bid from you for 2 verticle lift doors with a walk in door. The project bids on 06/17/2011. Thanks


Could we receive a quote for a vertical lift door? Dimensions: 18'-0" wide x 8'0" tall; material: option A: aluminum, option B: paint-grade ply finish. C: Walk-thru door and remote control. This is going into a renovation, stone masonry construction w/ steel header. Thank you! Sally


I am a steel building eractor & have a customer who wants a building with a 30' X 16' and a 20' X 16' Insulated Swinging Schweiss doors. I need the price And the loads that it will put on the building to get my quote together. I hope to hear from you soon Doug H.


looking for a vertical lift door with straps and auto-latches 40 x 16, new construction mounting to a Sunward Consolidated steel building. have own crew for install but like info if you have crew.door will be covered in steel. Thanks


I would like a price for material only, sixteen electric operated Schweiss vertical lifting doors including shipping to Montana. size is to be 41'-6"wide with clear opening of 12'-0". Note eve height is shown as 14'-6". Specifications call for pre-wired, 3 station push button controls (momentary up, constant pressure down). Specs also call for, trim- top and bottom rubber door seals, 4 cable door pick-up and a 3060 flush steel man door with standard lockset, keyed differently for each door. Thank you, Frank W.


I'm working on a project for a client. I believe he's requested information on options especially on the lift straps for his Schweiss Vertical Door. Please forward to my email as soon as possible. Thanks!


We will need specifications for the Schweiss vertical lifting door with lift straps in order to complete the drawings of the building. The building will be an Aircraft Hangar. We need your quotation and specifications ASAP (this week). If you have any questions please call Paul 


Need a qoute for three vertical lifting doors all 40' wide. 14' high,12' high and 10' high. All need the nylon lift straps. How much head rtoom do you require? Do you install? do I need to provide outer skin of door. Lead time?


I have not yet bought the steel building but one available has no end wall. Does a Schweiss vertical lifting door with auto-latches come with everything needed to attach to the building and at what cost? What is the expected time for delivery after placing the order?


Hello, I received a quote from Scweiss about a year ago for a project in construction. I would like to visit any commercial projects in the Los Angeles area that have Schweiss vertical lifting bi-fold doors, prefereably covered with a glazing system. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss Thank you


I am planning on putting up a building, just wondering an aproximent price on a 24 and 26 foot schweiss 2 piece vertical lift door with 15 foot clearance, I would like the door with straps. not lokking for an exact figure just the price range one could anticipate for the door. Thankyou


Hi, I'm evaluating the costs of building a hangar at my local airport to see if it is worth it. I've been told it's about $15/sqft door. Could you give me a rough estimate on a Schweiss vertical lifting door? Some options I am interested in are the fast nylon Lift straps an auto-latches. The hangar would be between 40' and 60' wide. Anywhere from 12' to 17' tall door opening. Thanks


need price for 32'0" wide x 16'-0" high vertical lift hanger door, options I needed included in the price are remote control and lift straps. the job in McCaysville Ga.


I am building a farm shop and want to have a opening of 40x16 and maybe another vertical lift door at 24x16 opening.I don't know yet if I am going wood or steel. I bought 2 doors from you in 2002 and I am very pleased with them.


Hello my name is Patrick and I would like to get a price on a vertical lift bifold door. Thank You.


I need the price of vertical lift bifold doors quantity 4. The size of my doors is 16 metres x 5 meters. Regards.


Looking for a quote on (2) doors (1) Steel Bi-fold door 51ft by 20ft clear (24ft overall)steel vertical lift bi-fold door the other is (1) Aluminum 46ft by 30ft clear (38ft overall - Aluminum vertical lift bifold door(s)


What is the time frame from fully closed to fully opened - Also want a quote for a 12' X 12' bifold door


Need a quote for a 30x16 hydraulic lift (type) door Gable end, wood framed building Include in estimate: 1. Power Lift 2. your company installs 3. your company puts steel on 4. Insulated Door


Please call asap as we are building a new shop and would like to go ahead with adding the bifold hangar door in this project. Regards, Murray


Hello - we are working on an institutional project (adaptive re-use of a 1939 steel and masonry structure) in Atlanta Georgia and would be interested in talking with you about two large doors: The first is 12'-10" wide and 25'-0" tall door (alt: 12'-10" x 12'-6" with a 12'-6" fixed panel above) that would maximize glazing area. This is an exterior door on an end wall. The wall will be getting reinforced by substantial wide-flange members we hope to get double duty out of as support for the door. We'd like to look at Bi-Fold for this one. The second would be approx. 48'-0" wide and 9'-4" tall, which we will be cladding in a tackable material (likely homasote), so the actual door frame could be whatever is most efficient. This is not an exterior door. There are existing I-Beams at 16'-0" o.c. that we hope to tie into as support for this door. This door is located on a side wall. Bi-Fold would be an option, though we would also be interested in discussing the possibility of a pure vertical lift panel on a counterweight. Please call at your earliest convenience. We will need budgetary pricing figures in short order... Thanks!


I wanted to know if your doors could only be installed on a perfectly vertical door. I have a aircraft hangar in preliminary design and in order to maxamize nighttime viewing out of the hangar the wall that the hangar door would go onto would be at a slight angle. I'd like a hydraulic one piece glass door.  I don't know need to much info at the moment, but just a simple explanation if it is possible.


the door will be used on the south end of my shop, have old sliding doors on it now, want vertical lift bifold as snow always piles up in front of it.


Please provide your estimate to supply (1) one Vertical Hangar Bi-Fold Door 36' wide x 10' high with all necessary hardware and operation mechanisms for a complete package. Freight should be estimated to Novato California. The door will be installed by our erection crew in a new metal framed building. The owner is interested in a cost-efficient door. Please have your price to us by Wednesday 11/4/09. OK to call or e-mail any questions. Thanks. Paul


Sir, I have a steel building that needs a new door. The building is 68 wide X 106 long X 23 high. The sliding door that was in the building was 24 wide X 14.5 high. I had a mishap with a truck hoist that was still up in the air and so now is the time to fix the endwall with a new and larger door. Because of freeze down of the slider doors facing the south, I want some kind of a vertical lift door of a larger size to replace it. Your bifold seems to be what I am looking for. Do you have anyone who can install the door? Can you give an estimate of what size and type of door and what the materials and the labor would cost? What is the largest size I can put in this building? I would like to go around 38 to 40 wide and 16 high if possible. I need an estimate from a contractor for repairing the building back to original state for the insurance company. I will use the money from the insurance and from myself to obtain a better and larger door. thank you for your help, Paul


We are looking to install a vertical bifold door and are seeking a fabricator supplier of your door systems in the United Kingdom or Europe can you advise if you have any?


Require info on a bi-fold hanger door 28 ft high and 80 ft wide that lifts vertically . any info is appreciated May 12th 10;45am


I am quoting a project that requires your Bi-Fold upward acting doors. Door specs state internal truss with standard cable lift with bottom drive. 220 Single Phase lift motor with complete wall mounted push button controls. The door will be going to Ky and the drawings show a rough center to center of I-Beam to be 45'-1 and a alt to the building would be 68'-1 depending on which building they choose. I am sure this project has recently been quoted and I would like to see if I could get a quote and the design specs that my building must meet. I greatly appreciate your you taking the time to get Chris


I would like to get a cost estimate on 3 bi folding vertical lift doors. They would all be operator assisted. This is is to be use in privite residence. All panel would have a wood in fill.


You recently sent me a quote for the lift mechanism for a 42" wide by 18' tall bifold door I have. Unfortunately my wife deleted it from our computer. Could you please resend. Thanks EDA


To: Export Manager Dear Sir/Madam, We would like to find out more of your Designer Vertical Bi-fold System for one of our project's requirement here. And basing on your website information, there is a good possibility that the Client may be open to your system; However, the area where is specified is actually an open deck leading into a ballroom area. Please advise suitability. We await your favourable reply. Regards, Stephen T. Sales/Project Manager.


We are bidding on the "Edwards Shop Expansion at the Caterpillar Demonistration & Learning Center, Edwards, Illinois" on November 10, 2008. The architect has specified your Vertical Bi-Fold Door for this project. Please have your sales / estimating call our office to review this project yet today. We faxed to you a bid notification letter with our information on it on 11-3-08. Thanks, Williams Brothers Construction, Inc. Mike C.


I am designing a medical care facility in Garden Grove CA. I have three 8' 6" wide doors that must be hinged at the top (no space inside for the door to open into). The vertical bi-folds seems like a good solution if they can be made in this small size and if they can be manually operated. Can these doors be spring-loaded? Thanks, Joe W.




Dear Sir, We got your name from internet as one of major manufacturers of Sliding Hangar Doors for Commercial Air Craft in the world . We have tender due on 10/9/2008 to supply and complete installation for the following : Qty (2) Sliding or Vertical Hangar Doors for Commercial Air Craft Specification for each one as follow : Width : 36 mt and Height : 9 mt Please inform us the possibility to submit complete offer for Turn Key Project : - Supply all doors components . - Complete installation . - Submit your technical offer with neccessary drawing . - Submit your commercial offer including:- Price FOB and C F Alexandria .- Installation charges. -Neccessary time required for complete installation. - Delivery time FOB . - GUarantee Period. Please study and quote your best price for suitable type for these specification . Best Regards Eng. Mostafa


You've already sent me a quote and I'm happy with it. I do have a question; do you offer a vertical folding door? I saw one on TV and it looked interesting.


Hello, I am working on a large aquarium scheme in London, and we are looking for a Bi-fold door to the loading bay. This would fold up vertically and create a small canopy where goods could be unloaded, providing some shelter etc. We have some basic design information that could be used for budget costing purposes. I would be extremely grateful if I could send you this information, and you could provide me with some budget costs for the supply and installation of a suitable product. If you could email or call me on the attached contact details that would be great. Many thanks, Stephen C.


Hi there....I'm after a motorized bi-fold paneled garage door....with a vertical fold....the doors need to stack to one side....do you have such doors....the size of the opening wis 3000mm wide x 2200mm high cheers pask


Dear Julie S., How are you, we Famteck Eng. Ltd. is company in Hong Kong specialized in fire and non fire rated shuuters, steel doors and glass doors. We have a client interested in using two(2) Vertical Bifold bifold doors in a project. The size of opening: width = 5400mm and the opeining height 3000mm,Could you quote for the supply of such door with all the features: 1) remote control, manually open and close if the electrial power is out. Client plan to put glass on the door, that means you door may have grids on the door panel that we can put tempered glass on the steel frame grid, you could assume 8 or 10mm thick tempered glass which is 20kg/sq m and 25 kg per sq/m. Need all the electrial parts or hydraulic parts to go with the system. Thanks. Lawrence L.


Hello. Can you please advise how heavy a door the one piece hydraulic can lift. Many thanks. Have a great day. Kim


I have a 10' x 7' opening how much for a single leaf door (knee knocker) no motor manual operation only ship to Kansas Thanks Ryan


Loking for a quote on a vertiacal byfold 55' x 12' Prefinished metal siding and insulated.


Please send prices to lift a 40x14 door. I will build the door out of light angle iron and sheet metal skin. Thanks John


Would you be interested in quoting a price to replace vertical bifold doors (opening horizontally). Approximate size - 14' X 40'. Your quote should you decide to place one should include removal of the existing door, replacing same and installing the new door. Also, would like you to quote both auto and manually operated doors and installation. Thank you.