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I am interested in a quote for both hydraulic and bifolding doors for an opening 40 X 12 project is in Okeechobee county FL 34972. Doors need to be wind rated to Florida standards. Price straps, and remote openers.


I am looking to purchase a 30 foot wide by 14 foot tall door for a wooden building with a truss roof. what would the price difference from a one piece hydraulic door versus a bi-fold door? Both styles of your doors are great. Purchase will depend on price.


Hello David Rocha with Alamo Door systems in San Antonio, TX Could I get a quote on a bi-fold strap and also a one piece hydraulic same size, both with four windows and auto latches. 40 foot by 20 foot with a clear height of 18 foot 20psf rating. Ship to Corsicana,TX 75110


Hello; I need a quote for 38-8 X 17-10 Bifold and Hydraulic door, with a wind load for 80mph. Its a existing opening, 6X6 wooden posts. please price both styles of Schweiss Doors.


I need to know what door is the most airtight Please quote both bifold and hydraulic Schweiss door styles, Also. It is a brick and block masonry building, but that choice doesn’t exist on your form.... thank you Robert Hothan


I'm looking for a price on a hydraulic and also a bifold liftstrap door 50' x 15' to mount to a Cleary Pole building.


Can both styles of your doors be used for security? looking for options in high crime areas to protect storefront doors at night. I saw the security doors from Chicago or New York featured on your website.


20’ X 20’ doors, price on both hydraulic and folding doors with lifting straps, insulated. 7 doors total. I can fabricate the exterior door cladding panels and will insulate myself.


I have an existing Port-A-Port/CECO single piece overhead door in a steel frame hangar. The door opening is approximately 44' wide by 16' high. I would like to replace it with a hydraulic or bi-fold overhead liftstrap hangar door. My location is Sonoma, CA 95476.


Looking for quote on a residential garage door that that will give me maximum headroom and that will have a car lift in it. Can I get a quote for both bifold and a hydraulic garage door. Is there anything that needs to be done to building since we are in the design phase with plans and hope to start building in the next month. Thanks Dave


I am in search of an 8x7 bifold black Liftstrap door, louvered for ventilation on a pool house. Didn't know if you handled anything similar. If not please quote me a price on a bifold glass designer pool house door, thanks for your help.


Looking for a price on either a bifold with liftstraps or hydraulic single door with as much of the build as possible being done by me. Waiting on concrete to get exact measurements, but 39x14 should be close. Please include door options that I can choose from.


Need quotes for a bifold liftstrap hangar door as well as a Schweiss hydraulic hangar door. Door is expected to be mounted on a hangar manufactured by Armstrong Steel Corp. How would the “wall” to the door be color matched of that on the hangar? Need a walk in door on the hangar door as seen in some pictures. Need a quote for installation cost.


Hi, I have drawings which I can provide via Dropbox link. I am interested in quote bifold with min 41’, 43’ max. Also, provide hydraulic quote as well. Quote individual options: 1. Cold weather 2. Weather sealers (top, bottom, sides) 3. 3 button constant hold station 4. Remote 5. Emergency hand crank. 6. Lift Straps and Bifold Auto-latch (must clear 41’ opening) Please current lead time. Thanks Keith


I am preparing specifications for a project where we are planning to include both the bifold liftstrap and hydraulic models, both with curtain wall framing and glazing attached to the exterior face of the panels. Do you have any guide specifications I could refer to in developing our project specifications?


I need two 63 feet x20 feet, three 60 feet x 20 feet, one 42 feet x16 feet price for hydraulic and by-fold strap doors.  Please state delivery time as well as price any question please call Ron.         


I have a Lester building with an opening on the end that is 30' wide by 18' tall. What do you have for bifold or hydraulic agriculture doors that would work Thank you for your time


Hello. I stopped by your booth at Oshkosh. I have an aircraft hangar. Currently I have sliding/stacked doors. They work just fine, but I'm considering changing to a bi-fold or hydraulic door. I have a 50x50 metal hangar (Whirlwind Steel company.) My hangar door opening is 42 feet wide, and 10 feet 3 inches high. I don't want to lose any of the height; according to your website - that should be possible with either you bifold liftstrap or hydraulic hangar doors.. Can you reply with a ballpark estimate for a Schweiss bi-fold door? Thank you. Pat McGinnis


Hi, We are currently wrapping up a project in Charlevoix, MI which has a flush/clad SuperSneaky sectional garage door installed, but given the design of the door, the installers of the vertical standing seam cladding are having a difficult time achieving a clean double-lock seam since they need to start and stop their seaming at each horizontal sectional door panel. They are currently trouble-shooting this, but our client wants us to explore the possibility on using a different door with fewer panels like your hydraulic or bi-fold liftstrap panel doors so that the standing seam siding is continuous or has fewer horizontal breaks from bottom to top of the door while still being able to be flush with the adjacent standing seam siding as intended. I would like to send you a PDF which shows drawings of the current SuperSneaky clad sectional door along with images of the house during construction and a mock-up of the standing seam siding where it meets the flush / clad garage door.  If we use one of your bifold strap doors instead, we could possibly work with this actual garage door size for the rough opening if needed. We look forward to your feedback. Let me know if you have any questions, and let us know the approximate ballpark pricing for your bi-fold and hydraulic doors. Thanks.


I live by sarnia,on Canada I have a 30x50 polebarn I was interested in a rough estimate for three doors two hydraulic farm doors 10x12 one bifold liftstrap ag door15 x 20 approximately


I got a quote a while back, but my door size has increased. I need quote for both your hydraulic and bi-fold liftstrap commercial grade door, shipped to 77351. Door size is now 12x35.


Please quote both bi-fold and Hydraulic This industrial bifold strap door will be going in a 80x200x18 post frame building Please include Tax, Material, delivery and Labor


Looking into building another hangar for our operations and need a quote on a 80' by 18' door. Open to either bifold or swing. Look forward to seeing our options.


Project in Gettysburg, PA. 3 of your Hydraulic or Bi Folds doors are specified. Need dealer in our area to price and install. I can E mail you the Architects drawings. Aluminum framing color; Clear anodized aluminum or is Black pre-finish available? For Insulated glass, installed by Others.


I need specs on a hydraulic 60 wide x 18 tall door and a Bifold strap door the same size . I'm pricing up a helicopter hanger door for a customer and I want to give him both options so I need specs sheets my building suppliers will be ready to go for what ever the customer chooses. Thanks please send Schweiss door specs to my email.


I don't need a quote just yet but I would like to get a rough estimate. I am looking to add a lift-strap bi-fold or one-piece hydraulic door on to our existing building going up and out. The door opening for our side wall is 18 feet in height and 24 feet wide. The building itself will be 60 feet wide. How high does the side wall need to be for a Schweiss door. I need this information before I build the end wall. We have minor snow fall here so the roof does not have a lot of pitch.


Interested in which way to go: BIFOLD -or- HYDRAULIC and what are pros - cons... FYI - Probably use Heritage Steel building. Width is 60 feet with 16ft eaves. Give me the pros and cons on bifold and hydraulic door styles.


I have a 13 ft high and 40 ft wide opening that I am interested in your bi fold and hydraulic door styles. Could you please supply my info and pricing. I presently have a swing out door that operates with counterweights.


Hello If we have a rough opening of 16' X 8' high and we want to use your bifold doors and achieve a 7' clear opening when the door is open, will the door stack in a 1' dimension? Or should we be considering a hydraulic door instead?  Do you have a rep in the Vancouver, Canada Area?


Need either a flat surface mount commercial grade hydraulic, or industrial grade bi-fold strap door to fit a 12' x 24' concrete floor opening to a paper machine winder in CT. This opening is to allow maintenance access to automated equipment from below. Will need either manual control valve or electric valve control for hydraulics to open and close door. 


Sales, My name is Charles and I am looking for quotes for two separate doors hydraulic and strap lift hanger style bifolds. (1) 42'x20' and (1) 26'x20' I can be reached best by phone at the above listed number in OR. Shipped to the above listed physical address. Thank you.


Looking for rough prices for two different bifold doors. Will most likely only by one this year and the other next year. 1. Nebraska Aircraft Hangar Bifold strap door: 40 feet wide by 14 feet with 3 foot wedge for 48x32X12 wood truss (4/12 pitch) hangar. Hangar will house 2 Piper J-3 cub type aircraft. 2. NE Farm Shop Hydraulic Door: 40 feet wide by 18 feet with 3 foot wedge for a 48x48x16 wood truss (4/12 pitch) building.


I am trying to put a 4 post car lift in my garage. I can have the garage door run up along the rafters but the installer said it will hang down 5 inches from the rafters. I really need those 5 inches and i found about your bifold and hydraulic garage doors that don't lose any headroom. Is there an installer in CT I could contact? Are the doors all manual operation or can they be mechanically operated. Any info would be appreciated. 


What width door can we go to? I have a 250' hanger  in MA that will have two overhead doors- 1 will be 100', the other 140' Would my best bet be large hydraulic hangar doors or bifold liftstrap hangar doors. Thanks


Please provide me with a price quote for: 5 each Bifold, strapped doors; 14 foot high clear x 40 foot wide; and 2 each hydraulic hangar doors 14 foot high clear x 50 foot wide. All seven doors are for a new airplane hangars in Fairbanks, Alaska. Your should be for FOB Seattle, Washington, and if possible, please provide a quote for shipping to Fairbanks. Thanks very much. Looking for your quote no later than Wednesday.


I am building a 50x60 hangar, I need a quote on a 12 feet tall x 44 feet long schweiss bifold strap hangar door. Gonna be large door


Hello, I am Looking for Straplift Drive/motor parts for Schweiss Bi-Fold Model no.: S1224, No.: L9,  which our company is currently doing a cable to straplift overhaul on at Reykjavik airport in Iceland. I would appreciate if you could put me in touch with someone who can help me out with install as mentioned on your Schweiss Blog. Kind regards, Carl 


I have talked with you about a 17 x 55 Schweiss bifold door but we are changing to a 15 x 55 one  piece hydraulic door. I need a price on everything it takes to complete this green door. Thanks Nicky


Could I have a quote on both types of Schweiss aircraft tail hangar doors. Information on patented Schweiss lift strap/auto latch door systems will be needed. 


Need the following industrial steel doors. Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors in each door size below. Include door auto latches remotes and door power  backup options. Doors are 16' high by 60' long 10' wide by 10' high 30' wide by 14' high 20' wide by 14' high. Quote is not necessary.


I need a price for a 30 by 10 bi-fold door ans also we would like a price on a 30 by 10 Hydraulic door. Please include shipping and installation in the price. If you could recommend any local installers please do that.


Looking for a 40 foot by 12 foot door to put in my pole barn. I'm looking for the most cost effective way you recommend (either vertical lift door or swing door). I am looking to do this very soon as construction has begun. Look forward to hearing from you


I have a hangar with an opening 40 wide and 17.5 high. Can you give me a price of a folding and hydro-powered doors that would work for the size of the hangar. Thanks


I am planning to build a aircraft hangar 48ft by 268ft starting next spring. There will be four bays and am looking for pricing options for bifold and hydraulic doors. The min size will be 50ft and max will be 60ft depending on pricing. I am located in Calgary Alberta. I am looking for 16-18ft clear in height.


Working with a client on helicopter hangar upgrades and need to budget hangar door replacement. I would like to research the Schweiss Hydro-Door as an alternative solution over a bi-fold. I would like for a sales person to contact me to further discuss getting some budget quotes and additional information on options


I am building a steel farm shop with a 24x16 and a 14x14 door in one endwall. The other endwall wil have a matching 14x14 door. You may bid all three doors or just the 24x16. Please bid doors in both styles, the hydraulic one piece and in bi-fold. Thankyou! Lyle R.


We are interested in pricing a one-piece hangar door and a bi-fold hangar door. door dimensions are 58 x 18 the commercial use project is in Anchorage, Alaska


I have a small hobby farm and am building a building now to store my tractors, baler, etc. I was going with a double sliding 14 x 20 door but now have concerns about dealing with snow in the winter since my loader will be in this building. For this reason I am now thinking about either a bifold or hydraulic door. You build both so which would you recommend and please send a quote for each. would snow up against the door be a issue with the hydraulic door?


I'm in the planning stage for a new wood shop (60x75x20)to be built this fall. I would like either a Bi-Fold or Hydraulic One Piece Door in one end. Size= 16x32 to 35ft. I'm flexible, so your economics may make a difference. We do have a Trucking Co with flatbeds, so if you use a common carrier I would like to use our trucks. If you use a specialized trailer, then you would have to figure freight.


We are looking to replace some old doors with a Schweiss BI-fold with straps or a hydraulic door system. We would like to get some estimates for a 60X12 door. Thanks. Earl


We are designing a new airport hanger building in Hot Springs, SD. We are trying to gather some information for the owner on the single tilt-up hydraulic and the vertical lift bi-fold doors. Would it be possible to get a brochure and specifications/structural requirements fora 75'-0" x 16'-0" door sent to us. Thanks


I am in the process of constructing a new metal shop building at a commercial farm in Kansas. The door opening is 16' (H) x 24' (W). I would like to have some glass panels between 7 and 8 feet above grade for interior light. The building will be insulated, and as such, I will require an insulated door as well.  I would like a quote on both bifold and hydraulic door assemblies. I anticipate that we will be ready for installation in 30-45 days. Thanks,


I would like a price quote and specifications for a 24' wide by 14' tall Hydro Powered swinging door and also for a by fold door. I'm still a couple of months away from needing it, so if I can get that info it would be greatly appreciated. 


it's a standard two car garage. house is about 30 years old. I can send a picture. We're replacing the garage door and want to get rid of the rails inside. Need an estimate on both a single piece swinging hydrualic and a 2 piece folding door so we know if this is affordable. Looks very cool. Excited to hear back.


20 foot 8" wide, 13 feet tall. 24" head room probley go with a hydraulic. please send me the price of both style of door


i would like an estimate on a 24' wide x 14'10 high door in both styles as well as the one below at 14' wide x 14' 10 high bifold door in both styles. The first door would have plenty of header room, the second would only have a foot. These doors will be insulated. I am going to convert an old machine shed into a truck shop for my spare time and want to compare fixing existing sliding doors or doing it the right way.


Looking for a garage door for our RV Shed that has very little head room one end of shed needs a 27'w x 14'H and the other end will need a 11'w x 14' H door, looking at both the bi fold and hydraulic


I am interested in receiving a catalog for both your bi-fold and hydraulic doors. Any additional information you have about large custom glass projects you have worked on, including any details you can share, would also be helpful.


We are working with a customer on remodeling and adding onto their existing hanger. They would like us to price a 50'x16' Bifold, 50'x16' one piece, 40'x16' bifold, and 40'x16' one piece. Please include standard accessories and installation pricing with the bid.


We need an easy to use door system, bifold or hydraulic, for a hangar. The door size will be approx. 40' wide by 12' high. This is new construction. We hope to break ground early next spring. I am gathering information for the board of directors. This project is going to happen and the money is budgeted. I say this just to let you know that we are serious and not wasting your time.


I am building two hangers that require different size hydraulic Red Power doors. One requires a 40 ft x 14 ft high and is to be installed on the end wall. The second door is to be 60 ft x 14 and is to be installed on the side wall. Both buildings will be pole barn construction with steel cladding. Please send quotes for both doors.


I am looking for a bi-fold or one pice it does not matter. I have a 50x50 building I am building for a customer and would like to know how wide I can make the door opening for your door. He is looking for a 46-48 foot wide by 14 foot high.


62' wide and we need 16' height. Building has yet to be built so we can make the opening 16 or 18 depending on which hydraulic or bifold Schweiss door we go with.


Please contact me with info and pricing for bi-fold and one-piece doors for my building. Thanks.


Please quote the two types of doors ASAP. Call if any questions. The door OPENING needs to be 80'w x 30'h.


Hi-I am looking for a price on a door for a post frame ag building with and opening of 40' by 10'6". I want to retain all of the height and width, so I am looking for a outside mount door. It will be single sheeted with steel and no insulation. If possible, a price on both hydraulic and bi-fold.


I looking into pricing for a post frame end wall bifold door 40' wide and 12' high and 14'high with clear opening. Please quote your best price, I'm an EAA member, on both types of door and in both hights. I can install the door, I'm just looking at pricing for the door delivered at this point. Thanks in advance


I am exploring options for a hangar. I need an idea of what these bifold doors cost. What electrical requirements are there? Thanks


I am lookin for the price of a hydraulic door 55' wide x 18' high, and the price of a bifold door same size.


greetings- i would like to get quotes for both bi-fold and hydraulic single lift doors. Please price shipping for both HI and CA 2 different sized doors 11'-6"wide x 8'-2"high and 19'-3"wide x 8'-2"high please let me know the anticipated depth of the door and if it is possible to have it recessed 1' from the front facade of the building ( a local design review requirement) the front facade is to be clad in ipe assume approximately 5lbs/sqft please also advise with regard to header requirements


Looks like the hydraulic door would be best for the buildings in question. But would appreciate a price on both types.


door size 12'x12' steel headers; steel wall contruction. i am interested in both type doors; but think i prefer hydraulic. Questions: 1. is there manual overrides in case of loss of power to operate systems? 2. why can't strap mounts operating system be above header instead on on door? 3. electic over hydraulic? is it 110 volt?


Good Evening could you please call me tomorrow on pricing of a door approx 45 wide by 14.5 high both hydralic and bi fold types.


I need the lead time, construction time, and cost of building 2 aircraft hangars. 60' deep, 100' wide opening, and a 30' height clearance (door), heated, lighted, and insulated. These hangars will not be built in the same state. One needing to have snow loads, the other will not, but will be in a hot humid area. Which of the two doors, bifold or hydraulic one piece do you recomment and why.


I recently put up a shop, and the door I chose does not meet thr requirments that I have. Please provide a quote for the bi - fold, as well as the hydralic door. opening size is 40' wide x 16' tall




I have previously requested a quote on a bifold door, and want to compare a hydraulic door.


we are considering building a 100' X 80' hangar in alabama. we think we would like a 60 X 20 door for the hangar. Can you quote us on the bifold and hydraulic doors you manufacture? thanks


Your company is the best. Great products and Excellent Service. Also by offering both the Hydraulic and the Bi-fold the customer can decide which will meet his needs the best. The question is never which brand the door will be, just which type.


I am constructing a new hanger, what is your cost for a 40 foot hydraulic door vs a 40 foot bifold door?


We are building a hanger this summer and would like a quote on both kinds of doors bifold and hydraulic. door opening will be 12' x 38'. Building size is 40' x 40'. door to be on gable end.


Hello I have a customer that is interested in building a hanger for his plane. I am looking at building a 45'Wide x 48' Long x 16' Interior Wick Post Framed Building for him. Just curious as to pricing diffrence on Bi-fold vs Hydralic doors. He is thing about a 45' wide or 48' wide x 14' height. He has a building now with a 40' x 12' opening and has issues with the tail of the plane and 36' wingspan is tight in a 40 wide door. We are still in the whats it cost stages at this point. i downloaded the Comparisons Lit from here for him as it does raise some interesting points! Thank You


We are doing a preliminary budget for a new hanger and need ballpark numbers on prices for both bifold and hydraulic door. Our width is tentitively 55 FT with a 15'-5" clearance. Please provide rough estimates on both your hydraulic and bifold doors, we will be buying one or the other after our budget is finalized. Thanks


I need a quote on a 40' x 20' bifold and hydraulic door. Installed in ND. Thanks!!


We have an existing Pole building (80'x32' ) with one open side. The building has two openings each 40' wide with a 2' welded beam carrying the roof over each opening 12' to top of beam. Can't say if this beam could carry the additional load of the door. Need a ballpark quote on both style hydraulic and bifold doors and the weight that each would impose on this beam as well as the distribution of the weight across the span. What about the aluminum door?


I'm in the planning stages to build a hangar; I'd like to know what type of foundation extras are needed, a general cost estimate, shipping issues, etc to a location in Georgia. I'd like to know which is most cost effective, bifold or hydraulic, so please give me estimates for each. Will I need a structural engineer's stamped approval to obtain the building permit or will a CE's approval be acceptable? Give me you best guess! My size estimate for the door is approximately 12 feet high and about 50 feet wide.  I've seen one of your doors on another hangar, and it had an 8inch I beam structure all around it, plus some footings that I can only guess as to the size etc.


I am looking into building a 60 x 60 hanger in SD by this fall as I will be moving there. I would like a quote on both a bifold and a hydraulic. I don't know if there is a price difference or the advantages to either one. I am building a 12' to 14' sidewall, big enough for most general aviation planes. I am thinking 50' wide or maybe 45'.


property located  FL request price for both Bifold and Hydraulic diamensions: 39'11.5" wide 11'4" High Thanks


I would like a quote on both styles of doors (hydraulic and bifold) to fill a roughly 16' x 30' opening. Last Wed. high winds destroyed the cheap door that I had. I would like a quote from you. It needs to have 2 windows,a walk in door,remote control w/ 2 remotes. Since this is the only entrance into the building for machinery I need to have it replaced A.S.A.P. The building is steel truss const. and was originally used for flat grain storage. I think the building is late 1950's vintage. I don't have exact measurements.