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The Airport Authority in St. Augustine, FL is looking for pricing on bifold hangar doors (41.5' x 12' clear) to replace 36 hangar doors on 3 existing hangars. Please contact me if you can provide pricing information. Thanks.


I am building a steel building (quanset style) with a self-built wooden front. I am exploring the idea of using a bifold door instead of a traditional garage door. This is to use less interior space when the door is open (vs traditional), to ensure I can insulate the door (vs a rollup) and still be able to park near the door (vs hydraulic).


I work for a design/engineering firm and do a lot of airport design work. We are currently designing nested T-Hangars and the airport has requested Schweiss doors. Are there any nested T-Hangar building manufacturers that you work with? The last time we checked with a certain building manufacturer they were going to provide their bi-fold doors and we could replace them with Schweiss doors, which added a huge cost to the project. Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated! We have seen the comparisons on existing doors and understand why they would like Schweiss doors. Thanks!


Just wanted to share with you that this is our second Schweiss door...however...the automatic (triggered form our cars or plane) one on our hangar home airpark strap door was installed in 2005...just wanted to share with you that we averaged our door opening and closing at at least (3) times daily or some 1000 times a year....to date some 18,000 times with not one issue....and...operates today as it did when first installed....the only issue I'd share is something that you have changed since we ordered the door and wish we had....grease certs at each hinge ....you can share this with anyone...your strap doors are excellent...and....work without issues for a very long time.... Happy Father's Day ...Tom and Gigi LeRoy..FA37...Naples ....Florida


We have a bifold door now and would like to see our options to replace and or temporally get us by - we would like a door that could go higher than what we have now. Looking at options Thank you!


Do you have a schweiss door dealer in the New England Area?? The ability to have reliable service, should the doors require it, would be a major factor in the decision to install.


Looking for a 20' wide, 16 or 18' tall door. Overhead door got blown in during a storm. Current overhead was 20x16. Building is 18' tall. We have a Schweiss door 36x18 in the other end.


The folks who installed our Schweiss Door did a fabulous job. I forgot to ask them about preventative maintenance. Could someone please call or email me with any information for schweiss door maintenance. I love the product so far and I would like to take care of my investment. Thanks GP


The building is just over a year old. Everything is running great yet I'd like to keep it that way and would like to have someone look it over annually for general door maintenance. I need to find someone that can come service the door for future work. If you could provide me contacts for my area.


Looking for a 60' x 14' clear opening bifold door. This is my second door from you because I truly believe no one can build a better bifold door than Schweiss. I'd like this door to also have an auto latch system, walk door and windows.


I am part of a flying club in Greenville, Tx. We had a hanger built, bi-fold door installed, but contractor backed out before installing the motor assembly. Looking for a quote for material and/or installation costs and install directions to finish out installation.


Looking to install 3 doors Bifold and Single Hyd 1. 25’ x 12’ Outdoor bar 1. 20’ x 10’ Front garage 1. 10’ x 10’ rear garage door. Outdoor bar door will be clad in smoked glass. Remote openers and photo eyes for garage doors.


Good morning. We have a project in Boerne, TX requiring a bi fold strap door system. I have plans, including erection drawings, that I can provide. We need to know what the add would be for the following: 1. Space girts every 3' on center, as we are putting insulated panels, installed horizontally, on the door leafs. Approximate weight of the panels total is 3200 pounds. 2. Galvanize all parts, as the building is completely galvanized. Please provide an email address where we can send plans, and also what lead time would be approximately.


Hello, We are looking at your doors for an area that we have limited clearance at the interior for an overhead door. Do you do doors smaller then airport hangers? We are looking for 12x12 bifold doors. Do you guys provide the exterior material? If so what are the options. For a 12x12 door how big is does the opening have to be? Where would the door top be? 


Mike Great clip on WCCO TV, Sunday evening; about your Company! Dale


We visited at Oshkosh about the rubber trim under our lift-strap bi-fold hanger door. You requested I contact you after the show about sending us a 4 ft piece of the rubber trim to add on the bottom. Thanks for your help and have been very pleased with the door and your companies service. Thanks again, Daniel


We are an Architectural firm in the Las Vegas, NV and there has been a lot of talk about your quality doors here. We are working on several high-end custom residential projects and would like more info on your bifold and hydraulic designer door systems. All the architects I have talked to highly recommend your doors. Do you have a local rep who could meet with us at our office?


I have a commercial building that I bought with another manufacturers Bi-folds, which do not seal well. It appears that 1 door was mounted too high and the floor was poured bad in the opening. I am interested in knowing what some of the Schweiss bifold door weathertight sealing systems you have? I need to get these doors sealed up better than they are. 


I have a client that is building a new pole barn in MN. He wants a 30' wide by 16' high (building is 18'high) From past experience, a sectional door over 20' wide has some issues that can't easily be corrected. Sag specifically.we start adding struts and changing the weight and sometimes compound the problems. What is your alternative and would it by more reliable and competitively priced to a sectional. At this point I don't know if R value is a concern but I would like to know what my options are. I would fill out the quote request but I don't know what to ask for.


I'm one of three general contractors for a big job, and I am doing some preliminary design for a new bifold door in Bethel Alaska, in an existing metal building. 120 mph Exp C Wind. They want 18' clear height, and we are working on the width, probably 58'. I'm working on details as to how far above the 18' height the hinges need to go. we have a 20' eave, we can extend the columns and beams to this height. Can we do 18' clear or I'm thinking it needs to be something less that 18'. Let me know. if you would. Thanks Ken


Looking for a quote for a bid on a hanger door 50x14 Clear Bi-Fold Strap Door Delivered to Newman Lake, WA. The ratings on your door are better than all the rest.


We are looking for options for a 4th flr club room in a market rate apartment building in Duluth. The client would like to be able to open up a public kitchen area to the outdoors during the summer. We will need something well insulated for the rest of the year. The opening would be about 8' wide and about 5' tall. What can you suggest? Would it be similar to what you show on your blogs?  thanks!


Looking for Hyd. door for lake house project. Please contact or send brouchers on all glass door styles. Looking for the commerical front style. News has it that you now have an improved pump system with backups.


I installed 2 of your doors for a const. company in York, NE. I was wondering if you could use my company as a installer? I found your doors easy to install, just like you say on your website and blogs. Great doors.


Hello, I have a project where I am interested in using your product. Please provide an email address so that i can have my general contractors send my drawings/sketches for discussion & quoting Thank you. -Russ


Want to replace sliding door(14'HX20'W) with bifold door but can't afford to lose much headroom. Door is on side wall of pole barn with 12" header. Is that possible? I read in your Schweiss Doors testimonials that another person did this. Also is there a dealer in Southern Ontario (Windsor area)? Thank you, Jerrry


Looking for a budgetary number for a door installed on a 20' x 20' opening, bifold or hydraulic. The new building will be for commodity grain storage and the door openings will be located on the south side wall. For construction of the side wall, the bottom 12' will be concrete, the remainder will be steel. General Contractors I've talked to really rate your doors highly.


Please quote one door as a potential for our Club hangar and 10 as a potential for our row of "T" hangars to be purchased by the Detroit City. I showed your blogs to our city manager and now he's sold on your doors.


I will start building a shop in early spring 2015 . I'm trying to decide Which door would work best for my situation I've visited online chatrooms, but am still undecided whether to go Bi fold or hydraulic. The door will be approximately 38-40 feet long by 12 feet tall. I'm also concerned about cost and ease of install. Looking for answers .thanks Philip.


I am needing a quote on five (5) bi-fold hangar doors, to be installed in a newly constructed pre-engineered metal building. The door framed openings will be 41'6" wide and 17' tall. We want to accomplish a clearance of 14'. I will need this quote soon, as the general contractor needs to finish up on the hangar details.


I wish to build hydraulic glass door that would open up to my patio and would turn into a roof to cover over the patio to give protection from sun and some rain. The height of the opening from my outdoor kitchen is 2.40 meters and the width is 2.3 meters, the length would have to be 2.6 meters. Is this possible to build and how much would it cost me. Learned about your doors by reading a door forum on the Internet.  Thank you in advance . Yours truly, Chris 


Hello I have a 30x60 heated shop with scissor truss's. Currently I have a 14x12 sliding door on the gable end. However I would like to take advantage of the extra height given by the scissor truss's and would like to put in a bi-fold door that will give me a 16x14 foot opening. Like you explain on your Schweiss blog, the top corners of the door may need to be cut at the angle of the roof depending on the size of door we need to go to. What would this door cost uninstalled? Also if you could tell me the cost to insulate the door, and 2 windows separately that would be great. Your doors are highly rated around Ontario, Canada. Thanks


Your hydraulic door testimonials are informative. We are wanting to enclose an existing building/canopy and install (2) 50'-0" X 20'-0" (approx) machine shed farm doors. 


Dear Sir/Madame, for ongoing project of new international airport terminal in Zagreb we need your offer for highly rated 6 pcs. of Schweiss hydraulic doors dim. 18x7,60 m Kindly please for your quotation. Please for your urgent reply. Best regards Nino


I bought a hangar with one of your bifold doors installed. It would have been installed around 1990, and uses a bottom drive system. Looking retrofitting it with your strap system that I read about in a flying magazine news piece.  Thanks in advance. You make a good door.


Hi I am looking for a quote on your highly rated  Bifold door of the listed dimensions. I am based in the UK but wish to have a quote with and without shipping/delivery fees. I am unsure on the limitations of design but I am looking for a glass bifold door - if this is possible a quote would be great (ballpark figures would be fine for the time being). Regards


I would like a price comparison between a bi-fold versus a hydraulic door. I would like it insulated. Ag talk forums have mentioned foam insulation, is that better?


Hello, I'm looking for couple of qualified installers for your BiFold product for a small retrofit commercial project in downtown Toronto. Kindly email recommendations. I see on your blog that you ship many doors to Canada.  Thank you.


Looking for a quote on a 50'x14' one-piece hydraulic ag door, including Red Power control package.


I would like a quote with the following options: auto latch system remote contol lift straps botttom drive motor emergency back up hand crank. Your blog also mentions battery backup. How much?


I am looking for a quote on a straplift bifold. 66 x 19 clear dimensions. it will be going in a Behlen Steel bldg. at the Greeley airport. Our general contractors will arrange install. Thank you, Jim


We currently have Schweiss BiFold Doors, 22ft X 60ft. 2 each 91C. Request 2 quotes to modify the 2 cable doors to strap doors. First Quote for 2 each DIY Kits to modify doors. Second Quote for Schweiss to modify both doors. Straps are great news for us.


Interested in a quote for a door. Sliding doors are presently on building. Opening is 15'8" wide by 12'1" tall. Outside of building is gable, inside is gambrel shaped. Want bifold strap doors that get the great reviews. Thanks


Love reading your blogs. Need door Clear opening to be 47 X 15. Price compairason between the two types of doors. Please have shipping costs for both types of doors as this could make a difference in shipping to Hawaii. Thanks


please provide a quote for the door dimensions below. the door will be used on a outside BBQ enclosure. Looked at container doors on your blog, something similar to the traveling container in the UK.


I am going to have a 50x50 post frame hangar constructed in February. My father has one of your magnificent one piece doors on his hangar in Amarillo, TX and he rates Schweiss doors highly. Although I am probably a year from purchasing the door, I want to pick the vendor and general contractor so that my pole building will be framed properly for the chosen door. The hangar opening that I am planning is a 40'x12'. Thank you Willie C.


Hi. I am looking for an airplane hanger door repair. Door is hydraulic model made by another manufacturer and needs a new motor and pump. I want your new Schweiss compact pump with remote battery backup system. I like the fact I can mount it on my hangar wall. I read about it in a pilot chat room page and then looked at it on your Schweiss Door website blog.


Do you guy's have details for your bifold door with lift straps mounted on a concrete backup wall with with veneer? I read on your Schweiss Doors blog that the bifold strap door can be easily installed.


I spend a lot of time reading Ag talk forums, and am especially interested in anything that has to do with hoop buildings because I will be having one built this spring. Can you give me a quote on two doors, a strap bifold 42x16 on one end and a 20x16 ft. hydraulic door on the other end. 


This new product of yours, the Schweiss compact power pump unit has put your hydraulic door sales in full gear. In the area that I live we seem to have way to many power outages and the backup system you told about in your blog that shows your DC battery backup system is exactly what I want for my Schweiss 10-year-old hydraulic door. 


Looking for a quote on a 80x18 bi fold door with 4 windows at least. With auto locks as well. My general contractor told me to contact you,  because he said your liftstrap door beats the heck out of conventional cable doors. I'm located in Wasilla, Alaska. How long before I can expect delivery and who installs up here?   Thanks


Hello, Attached to this E-mail you will find the plan of our hangar, all measurements are in meters, it should be built at the end of February. Could you send us a quotation for hydraulic cylinder package, pumps, switches... Adapted to the size of our single panel door 65.6 ft x 18 ft. this package will ship in New Caledonia. I've read testimonials on your doors and visited some chat rooms that really endorse your product. Thank you for your help. 


Please send me a quote on a 58'x16' bifold lift strap door. The door is for a new construction aircraft hangar at our Municipal Airport in TN. The hangar is to be 60'x60'x16'. Your top rated bifold door will be the perfect door solution for us.


I recently purchased a 10 year old hanger in Minot, ND that has your bi-fold strap door (50' x 18' overall). It has manual latches, I would like to convert to the automatic latch / remote open system. Can I and what are the details (cost, do you install) if possible? Read about your conversion kits in a flying magazine chat room forum, thanks for offering this great bifold door feature.


We are in Redcliff Alberta, Canada. Looking for a door, 24' wide x 35' high. There's a lot of ag talk going around about which is the better door to put on a steel building, a hydraulic door or a bifold door. I live in Canada where we have heavy snowfall. Wouldn't a bifold straplift door be better for me?


7 doors total. Shipped to Fairbanks International airport. I would like to get a quote for scissoring bifold liftstrap doors and one piece hydraulic doors as well. These hangar doors will go on new T-Hangars. Reviews I've read rate your doors highly.


I read some testimonials on your doors and am pleased with what I came up with. I need pricing ASAP on glass single paneled hydraulic or strap lift doors in the following sizes: two 16'w X 7'h. Ready to pay deposit and order today.


You are building a 44 by 12 foot bifold hangar door for me. What are the amperage and voltage requirements? The electrician wants to get the correct wire size and CB size. My general contractor thinks it will be a breeze to install your bifold liftstrap door.


Hanger will have steel 8"x8" columns with a 8"x14" I beam bolted to the columns with a opening size of 12'x45'. Building is a combination wood and steel. It is a shed type roof with two steel support members the same dimensions as above. I've heard that bifold doors lift faster than cable  doors. But I still like your hydraulic door better for the shade it offers. A forum I read said a larger motor can be put on a hyd to make it lift faster?


I am looking for a price on another Schweiss bifold door for a Concrete precast plant in Idaho Falls, Idaho. It will be a new metal building The door would be 65' wide and 40' tall looking for ideas and a price. My other Schweiss bifold doors are your older reliable ones with cables. I want to update them also with your liftstrap and autolatch system shown on your blog. It's for two 28 ft. x 14 ft. commercial doors. 


I'm opening a restaurant in Los Angeles, and was interested in learning more about options/cost on a backyard outdoor glass patio bi-fold system 11ft tall x/ 15ft. wide similar to the Sway Tai Restaurant in Texas which is on your Schwiess  blog postings. Please email at your convenience. 


Hello I would be very interested in knowing what the cost would be for a hydraulic door for my heated shop and the cost of a liftstrap bifold for the same building I guess you could say a cost comparison so to speak and if you have any dealers in western Canada. We live in Saskatchewan 30 miles west of North Battleford west of Saskatoon. Enjoyed reading the testimonials on your website. They say a lot about your doors.


After reading the Schweiss Doors blog on round/hoop buildings I learned that a freestanding header is exactly what I will need for my building sidewall. Can you give me a quote on a 40 ft. x 16 ft. bifold liftstrap door using the freestanding custom made header.


My general contractor will be building a new hangar 48ft x 48ft. Wood frame with steel siding. I would like a steel subframe for the door to be bolted into place on the building. Leaning towards the bi-fold door and would like a door quote to include automatic latching system and remote opener. Thanks, Chuck


I and my associate are general contractors. We're  building a large home and the customer is interested in three, one piece hydraulic doors around his indoor swimming pool, similar to those featured on the Schweiss Doors website blog page. Bi-fold doors may be an option too. The sizes are 20' X 12', 9' X 12' and 12' X 12'. We would like the doors to be glass panels.


I am looking for pricing on 2 bi-fold doors for an airport hanger project in Kimball NE. (55' x 16') and (42' x 16') It is going to be for a new metal building. I Googled "Bifold Door Forums" and read some reviews on your money saving doors. I would like to read a forum that details how much headroom will be saved using a bifold door.  We are bidding this project on Monday. 


We are constructing a new boat maintenance facility and looking for two 30' x 30' boat maintenance doors with glass and aluminum frame. Doors will need to resist 20 psf wind load. Can you send price on bifold straplift door and hydraulic one-piece model. Our general contractor will also need weight load info.


I am needing engineering data for a 38' wide x 14' overall height (approximately 11'6" clear height) bi-fold liftstrap/autolatch door designed for IBC 2012, 130 mph wind ratings, fitting in the endwall of a 40' wide x 50' long gabled metal building with a 16' eave and 1:12 pitch. 


We are looking for (3) bi-fold doors 20' wide by 8' or 9' tall. they will be holding retail farm supply show window installation. The question came up in an ag talk piece on Google where someone asked if a hydraulic door has ever been used for a partition wall between a shop and cold storage. Can these doors safely remain in the up position for extended periods? Can the motors be placed on the warmer shop side?


I see by your website that you have made a steel/glass bifold door for use as a door for a living area and pool and patio doors? Do you have any more pictures that I can use for ideas and or do you know of manufacturer, general contractor or architect you work with that does? Ted C.


Dear Sir's We are the aviation support company in Turkey, you can see our personnal and company details from our web page. I have read the high ratings given to your product. We need an offer for 1 set on our customer's helicopter hangar's door,  such as your bifold straplift type doors. Estimated sizes are height 5 meters, long 12 meters.      We are looking for your kindly reply Best regards.


Building a wood framed 40 x 60 machine shed farm building and was going to put in 3 14x17 farm doors on the long side. Farm and auto storage. Read many impressive reviews on your doors. Any suggestions will be appreciated?


Looking for a quote for a residential bifold strap garage door approx. 20' wide x 7' tall for a garage with a vaulted ceiling. I need the full 7' clearance. Your Schweiss Door blog said the doors can be clad in wood, any special prep needed for that?


Hello there, I need a price on a airplane hangar door that is 100'x 28'. It will be installed into a pre-engineered building that we as General Contractors and architects are currently designing for a potential customer. I would like a quote on the door, freight and if you offer installation. Please list these 3 items separate in your quote. I will also need some rough drawings to go off of to look at reactions and loads as we are designing this building as part of our project proposal. The door will have to meet 2012 IBC 115 mph. Thank you for your time and look forward to your quote. Your doors are getting very high ratings.


I am wondering about the price of a strap lift/autolatch bifold door for my residential garage. 28' wide by 8' tall. I read in a chat room that the bifold door is designed to lose no headroom, that's what I need. 


I need a quote on some custom bifold glazed garage doors for a project in Houston Texas. Please email me so I can send drawings and images of the design to my General Contractor. Your "Must See Photo" section on your Schweiss website and blogs gave us some great designer door ideas.  


I Googled Bifold Door Forums and read some reviews on Schweiss money saving doors. I now understand what the advantages of a bifold door are  over a rollup door. I don't care so much about price, but would like details on how much headroom will be saved using a bifold door. 


My neighbor has a Schweiss bifold door and so do I. They are both great doors but he had his electrical control box mounted to a waterproof enclosure on the wall. Two questions: where are the limit switches at if the control/contact box is wall mounted? I would like to have a waterproof box, what needs to be done. Can I install this, do I have to get an electrician for this or can your install crew remount the bifold control box for me. What will be the estimated cost? I live in central Wisconsin.


I've read and heard reviews from other pilots about your bifold hangar doors. One jet pilot has a 90 ft. bifold strap door that he stands behind 100 percent. I'd like to get a bifold door with liftstraps to replace my 40 ft. sliding doors. How soon can you put it in for me? Best Regards Jay 


I'd like to coordinate the door R.O. with the metal building design and fabrication, as well as determine electrical requirements. People I've talked to give high ratings for both of your door styles. Ratings are important to me because I want a low maintenance door. Could you quote me a price on a hydraulic farm door, 42 ft. x16 ft., with remote opener,  delivered to North Dakota. 


I am a Design/Build Architect working on hangar for a King Air 350i. Door width needs to be 62' and clear height needs to be about 16 feet. The General Contractor favors a Schweiss vertical lift bi-fold. What is the most practical vertical opening size to get 16' clear? Do you have any typical details or ratings for this setup in a pre-engineered metal building? Thanks for you help.


I'm looking for a garage door that mounts as close to the front of my garage door frame as possible and gives me more length room in my garage. My current garage door closes and is mounted on the inside of my garage door frame causing me to lose valuable headroom. I have a two car garage and would prefer a one piece hydraulic door like those shown on your Schweiss blog. Any estimates on prices and do you guys install it as well.


Boy am I glad I got into a chat room discussion that talked about hydraulic doors. Everybody had good to say about Schweiss doors. One guy also mentioned your spherical bearings. I didn't want to sound dumb, but what are spherical bearings, why are they better and where are they on the door? I was unable to locate any sizing information on hydraulic doors on your webpage. What are the widths, heights and clearance required?


Please quote installed price for 1 piece or bi fold insulated hydraulic door to fit 10x10 opening. Please include R-value. The door encloses living area. All glass panels or carriage door style with windows like those depicted on your Schweiss Doors blog and Must See Photos.


I'm a general contractor working on a quote for a customer who wants (4) 40-ft. wide by 14-ft. tall hangar doors with a personnel door inside the hangar door. These would be bi-folding automatic latching strap style hangar doors.


I am looking into one of these doors for a residential home in Durham, NC. We would like it to be clad in corten steel but we can also apply it ourselves to match the rest of the building if you guys can provide just the hardware. The reviews I've read on your doors all give high ratings.


The hanger will have 12 foot walls and ceiling height, but I was not sure about the door height, it seems that the door height would be 12 to 15 inches more if one would like to have as much clearance as possible? I will build to what is common for hanger doors. Chat room talk recommends putting in a bigger door than needed in case it's needed at a later date.


Please quote a hydraulic ag door 40x16 with maximum windows possible. Turn key solution. Installation option. Saw one of your doors on the news, it had a lifting porch also read about them in a farm talk forum. 


Would like a quote on a electric and manual lift strap bi fold door frame and necessary hardware delivered. The opening on the metal industrial building is 39 x 16 feet. I read in a forum that you also make crane doors?  Thank you


Hello, I have 2 bifold doors installed and my wire latch straps are giving me some problems. I would like to fit the new webbing latch straps. I visited a chat room where they mentioned you could send a conversion kit for this even if it isn't a Schweiss door. Can I do this to my existing doors and if so what do I  need to do to order them. I also want a price please. Thanks Gary B.


Your blog on "Before you buy, know more than what most manufacturers want you to know," has sold me on how you run your bifold and hydraulic door business. I'm ready to order a new 38 ft. x 14 ft. hangar door and will contact you shortly for a quote after I talk to my general contractor. Please get a price ready for me.


Hi there, I am doing a residential project in California. We have a big open room and I really like the bi-fold liftstrap doors I read about on your door forum, and on an architectural news piece, but it was the testimonials from other Schweiss Door owners that really convinced me.  Do you know if your glass doors comply with California Code? I would like to get some more information on the product. Thanks, Mark W.


Need a bifold clear door, for house, 17' x 8-9' been looking at garage doors but I REALY like the look of the bifold liftstrap door, just need to get an idea of price, and what is required for the opening, I am just about ready to have my general contractor start building.  Thanks Dave


We are adding a addition to our existing building. I'm looking at using one of your BIFOLD DOORS like you show on your Schweiss blog. The size would be 30 Foot wide 20 CLEAR HIGH The new building will be 40 foot height by 90 foot width I would like to talk to some ASAP Thanks John


I'm buying a existing Hanger that has sliding accordion doors. The opening is 16' x 56'. I would like a quote for an hydraulic single door and a bi-fold door to replace it. Window for ambient light also, the door is facing north. I have gotten personal testimonials from friends who have both styles of your doors and they give high ratings on them.  Thanks


We're looking to do a bi-fold, insulated glass, curtain wall doors similar to the ones you did at Ontario Operations Centre. News has it that your bifold door with liftstraps is quieter and will open faster than a cable door? I'll be needing four 32 ft. x 14 ft. shop doors.  Thanks-Brian J.


We are working on the Miami Dolphins Stadium and have some bi-fold overhead doors at the concessions areas. I read a news story about the specialty doors on your Schweiss web forum that  you installed at San Franciso Giants Stadium in California. Have you done any projects in the Miami-Dade area and gotten approval?


My client wonders if the upward acting bifold garage door can be manually operated. If the electricity is out, can the door be opened? You have good ratings for your hydraulic doors? I'm also looking at a large 44 ft. one-piece windrated door that is 16 ft. tall. Also wonder if the door can stay open when the wind hits 30 mph.


I currently have a bifold door made by you in the early 80's. I would like a retrofit kit to go from metal cables to the modern liftstraps. All the reviews say liftstraps are the way to go because they are quieter, safer and lift the doors faster. Looking for a company in our area to do service on our Schweiss bifold doors. We have 6 doors, all of which work well, who need routine service.  Thanks, Kevin P.


I am building an outdoor coffee bar with opening doors in front and back. Kind of like the Las Vegas strip Irish Pub doors on your website and blog.  We are ideally looking for a one piece hydraulic door but are open to either depending on requirements and pricing, possibly a combination of hydraulic front and bi-fold back door. I have general contractors drawings to send along after making initial contact and general estimates. thanks so much for taking time to respond! We would love to work with you! sincerely, Mark B. owner, 


New metal building I need one end wall 24X24 door. One 24X24 sidewall door and one 20X20 sidewall door, all in your bifold liftstrap model with auto latches. White interior and exterior with thermal insulation. No windows. Bracing and structural needs would be submitted to the building manufacturer and general contractor.


Greetings, I am following up on an inquiry I sent last week regarding pricing for your bifold, strap overhead door system. I check with other Schweiss bifold hangar door owners as I fly around the country and all have given me high ratings on your liftstrap doors. Can you provide me with a budget price for a 16'H x 30' W lift-strap/ automatic latching door, delivery to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Best - Justin M.


I currently have a bifold electric farm door made by you built in the early 90's ( I assume) I would like a retrofit kit, to add auto locks and perhaps a remote system, and a change from metal cables to the more modern yellow straps. Can you direct to where and how I can buy these items? Or plans to weld them myself? Straps seem the way to go. 


I'm looking for information and a contact person in the Philadelphia area. I have 2 large bi-fold doors that I would like to explore converting from cables to straps. I have had nothing but problems with the cables. I've read in a bifold door forum that bifold doors with straps lift faster than hydraulic doors. Straps looks like a much better option.


This design rating is wicked! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained on your blogs and website. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog well, almost HaHa! Wonderful job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented the craftsmanship in your quality bifold doors and hydraulic doors. Your designer doors are too cool! 


Nice and informative Schweiss blog here! Also your website loads up fast! From all the door specs which you list, I'm convinced you have the best quality bifold doors and hydraulic doors on the market. I'm sold on the hydraulic one-piece door for my new hangar. I really like the shade it offers and the low to no maintenance door features. Thanks, John L., Phoenix, Arizona.


I have a 32' Schweiss bi-fold door on my customers commercial concrete building. They are wondering if they can have a keyless entry pad installed somewhere on the exterior of the building (something similar to a residential keypad for a garage door opener). I wasn't sure if that was any kind of option with your product. Could you please let me know if there are any options for this? I'm a general contractor so I or my electrician can install it with proper instructions. Thanks, Ken 


I need a bifold straplift farm door to retrofit my old slider doors. Can I increase my headroom before installation will take place? The farm door I have on there now only gives me about an inch of clearance, I'd like about a foot. I am requesting bi-fold door information for a bi-fold door to fit a 45'-0"w X 19'-0"h CLEAR opening. The jobsite is near Golden City, MO. The sooner I can get this information the better. Thank you, Scott


 I've heard liftstraps on bifold doors are not new news, but actually old news because you've been making them for over 15 years, so they are well tested over time. I want a bifold with straps and strap autolatches for my marina. Quote me a price on a 35 ft. x 12 ft door with remote openers and your auto latch system. I would like to get as much "draft information" about the Schweiss bifold door for the new marina maintenance building. I am also working with a steel building General  Contractor. We have drawings to support the building permit application on the Schweiss door. So, if I could get a standard file started on this door that would include materials, dimensions, framing, threshold parameters, weight, operational parameters, etc. I could be ready to address a few questions when the COE asks. And, quite possibly build in some coordination into our overall construction schedule. Thanks ..... Ahead of time.


I need pricing ASAP on glass single paneled hydraulic or strap lift doors in the following sizes: 2X 16'w X 7'h(ish) 3X 70"w X 80"h. A general contractor I've talked to told me they have used both styles of your doors for residential, aviation, agricultural, commercial and industrial projects and aluminum frame doors for residential projects that can be clad with glass? I also need a 18 ft. patio door that will open to my pool.  Ready to pay deposit and order today.  


I noticed on the Schweiss Doors blog that you have more than one backup system for a hydraulic door. When I order my bifold liftstrap door from you, can I get a DC battery backup with it? Power outages always seem to happen when you need to use your door the most. I have several hangers that I need to replace the rubber on the bottom of the doors, would like to get a sample piece if possible. Thank You


After doing a lot of checking with other bifold door manufacturers and from reading your Schweiss Doors blogs, I have concluded that not all doors are the same. Your bifold door with liftstraps is by far the best. Quote me on a  hangar door that is 42 ft. x 14 ft. with your autolatch system. Please Quote Bifold Strap raised door. Electric. This is for metal bldg. Tee Hangar. 


I am looking for a bifold liftstrap door with a clear opening size of w-45' h-18' actual door size w- 45'7" h- 21'-6" 2" insulation package if available. [wood bdlg]. I have a old Schweiss bifold door made by you built in the early 80's. I would like a retrofit kit to change from metal cables to the more modern lift straps. All the reviews say liftstraps are the way to go because they are quieter, safer and lift the doors faster.


I am working on a quote for a pre-eng. steel building and would like to get some technical information. The customer is looking for three bi-fold doors in a building endwall, so I would like to get information to pass along to my design/estimating team so they can properly size the support columns. Is your hydraulic farm door made any stronger than a hydraulic door that goes on a commercial building? I%u2019ve been told you make them stronger.


My farm door is a roll up model, it's OK except now that I have bigger machinery I have to have more headroom. Can you replace it soon with a bifold farm door? What is your lead time on a farm door delivered and installed to Nebraska? Need price and Rough opening size for a net 52'x14' ag door. Structure is wood frame. What is active open upper wind speed load limit?


Can you please send me a quote for a bifold commercial door cable system and strap system? Do you sell bifold garage door frames that can be clad on site? I read the testimonials on the Schweiss Doors website and see that you ship doors all over the world. Price a 30 ft. x 16 ft. door in bifold and one-piece hydraulic doors with shipping to Mexico. I read that other people have installed their doors, so I'm sure my local contractor and I could figure it out too.  


Residential Application: 2-Panel vertical bi-fold Project Location: Camden, Ohio Rough Opening:(face-to-face of masonry) Height = 7'-0.75" Width = 17'-5.5" Header = 8x8x5/16" structural steel tube. Do you manufacture aluminum frame bifold doors for residential projects that can be clad with glass?  Please let me know if you can assist in this project. Thank you, Randy J. Architect


Hi, I read a news clip in a architectural magazine that said I can save money by installing your bifold doors myself. I'd like to do that. I'd like to use one of your one piece doors on a project in Honolulu and would like feedback on feasibility and cost of a design. I can provide images and drawings.


I am getting quotes for a bifold door on a new construction aircraft hangar in Watertown, SD. The building is a 60'x60'x16'... so, I am looking for a 50' wide door ... and as tall as will fit comfortably. Is the price you are going to provide me delivered AND installed? Your strap doors get the highest ratings over any other bifold door.


My farm door is reliable but doesn't lift or close as fast as I want it. Is there any way to speed it up? It's a bifold cable door. Do you have a bigger motor I can put on it or will the liftstraps speed it up. I have a 44' wide and 12' tall. 


Can you email the spec and install sheet for a 16 x 40 ft one piece door for the building requirements. I am looking to convert a pole barn and want to review the necessary support I would need. I read in a farm blog that your doors can be easily installed. Thanks Doug


Testimonials I have seen testify to Schweiss Doors character and qualifications, but mainly to the quality and performance of both your styles of doors. I have a customer who would like to replace the cable system with straps. I would like a quote on a complete liftstrap and autolatch kit including installation. This is not a Schweiss bifold door, will you or can you still retrofit the door with your liftstraps?  Thank you, Karen H.


I am an architectural/general contracting firm  working on a project for my own use - a garage with two bifold doors. Can provide a price for: -(2) doors: (1) 10' high to the header x 9'-9" wide and (1) 8' high to the header x 9'-9" wide. -manual operation, strap lift. non-spring lift unless it is recommended for a door of this size. -to be clad in corrugated galvalume metal by us. -can the doors be opened from the outside exterior with a remote handheld opener or only from inside? Please provide pricing and any other specifications that we need. Please also let me know what other specifications you may need from us. Love your blog entries. Thank you, Gregory L. Architecture


Please have the pricing back by end of day. No sales tax this is for export. 2009 IBC Location Trinidad/Tobago. 3 second wind gust to 110 MPH Provide option for the side support columns. Header at 18' AFF. Testimonials on your Schweiss website convinced us we needed to order a one piece door from Schweiss. Best regards


We have a general contractor that is building a hanger and needs (12) 45'x12'6" bi-fold hanger doors. Can you provide a quote today? An aircraft forum I participated in said your delivery time would be about three weeks. What will it be for 12 doors. We don't need them all at once.


Looking for bi-fold door for Pole Building farm shop door, needs to be 30'x9' with liftstraps, walk door and windows. Delivered to our General Contractors yard in Spokane, WA. 


I and my associate are general contractors with a customer who has a 32' Schweiss bifold door. He is wondering if they can have a keyless entry pad installed somewhere on the exterior. I wasn't sure if that was an option with your product. We will install as per your recommendations. Just looking for pricing estimate. Thank you.


I've always believed that testimonials are the truest form of advertising and I recently talked to a person who is very pleased with his Schweiss bifold strap commercial door. We are considering using a 24 ft. door at a busy loading dock, is there much maintenance required to keep a busy door operating properly?


Dear Sir, I'm a General Contractor student at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, and am working on my senior design project. As part of the project, I will be designing a hanger-like structure to house wastewater treatment equipment. I read with interest several ag and aircraft forums about the highly rated testimonials given on your bi-fold doors, and think it would be a convenient addition to the structure for the removal and maintenance of any equipment. The structure is 20 ft high, 25 ft wide and 60 ft long. The bi-fold door will be installed on the side of the structure (25ft). I need a very rough price estimate. The structure will be masonry - so please advise if this won't work.


I'm looking for 3 doors 2 of them are end wall and one is a side wall The building is a 60 by 100. I read through your hydraulic door testimonials. Those testimonials told me that people are pleased with your doors. I need a price and rough opening size for two 52'x14.5' end wall hangar doors and one side wall door 36' x 12'. 


This is a replacement for my manual sliding door on my Florida aviation hanger. It must have a wind load rating of at least 130 mph per Florida code and I want the door to seal all the way around to keep sand and dirt and dust from blowing in. I read in your Schweiss Doors blog that you offer a bifold door with liftstraps. I would like a quote for both your hydronic and bi-fold doors. I also want the price to include installation and sheeting.


Looking for price on 25 foot wide 13 foot tall opening strap door or Hydraulic door will be insulated. Both of your doors are receiving high ratings from owners I have talked to.


Looking for a price on a horizontal bi-fold door for a residential project. I spent some time reading a architectural talk forum where your doors were rated as one of the best.  I have the plans that can be forwarded for review.


We are considering installing the doors on a new pole building. Right now my general contractor suggested I research options with your company.


We have another brand bi fold 40-Foot wide by 20, 24 foot lift hight on our salt shed. I would like to replace the lift cable system with straps. I would like a quote including parts and installation no one local will work on this door and I can't find the original manufacturer, he probably went out of business. Your lift straps get high ratings and I like that they are quiet and don't fray like cables 


Please advise what would be the correct Operation & Maintenance Manual for 11'-6" x 16'-0" Schweiss Strap Lift Bi-Fold Door. Do you have this information on your Schweiss blog or website?   Thanks!


Farm talk among my friends steered me to get a Schweiss quote on a 30' X 16' one piece hydraulic door. I am constructing a metal frame, metal clad building and I am weighing my options on doors to see what will be the best/most economical/most functional choice. I also would like to know what additional framework will need to be added for the hydraulic door vs. an overhead sectional door. This is going to be a heated shop, so it is my plan to insulate the door and also put in a couple of windows as well.  Jim S.


Contact by email only. Need an estimate on a 12ft wide by 14ft high garage door for a residential RV storage garage. Much like the one pictured in your blog.


I am enclosing a restaurant patio. Would like to use 4 bifold glass doors similar to the one the general contractor from Colorado has on his garage door.


Hi, my general contractor is in the process of designing an aircraft hangar and would greatly appreciate it if you could please provide him with the forces on the structure for a 13m wide, 4m high steel door.


Need a quote on a 38' x 16' bifold strap door, for a steel building, delivered to Shelby, MT Send quote by email. Your blogs are quite informative.


I write a forum on ag buildings and many people are asking me what the best door is to buy for big machine sheds and round buildings. As far as brands go, I put Schweiss doors at the top of my list, but when they ask if a hydraulic door is better than a bifold door, I really don't know the answer. Can you help me out on this question?


The design of the house is without a basement, the main floor walls are concrete and we are tentative to make a 8" concrete slab for the second floor instead of wood frame. The idea of the design is to put two Lift-strap Bifold doors on the main. One at the front and one a the the back. The dimensions of the doors are: Door 1 front entry: 14'w x 9'h Door 2 back entry: 6'w x 9'h Architectural and General Contractor drawings can be send to you for your review in order to get a feedback about details as we are planning to insert the doors in concrete walls and probably concrete floor above. 


I have a Miracle Span Steel12 x 60' bifold door with cables. I would like to convert to your strap system as outlined on your Schweiss blog. If you could give me an idea as to the cost and difficulty to retrofit, it would be appreciated. Thank you.


Hello, I am interested in gathering more information than what I read about in a building door forum about your bi-fold garage door product. We are considering using it at a busy loading dock in an academic building at Amherst. We are interested in discussing feasibility as well as gathering some rough pricing information. I look forward to speaking with you. Best, Mary D.


Hello, I am a General Contractor in Minneapolis. We are in the early phases of designing a park welcome center facility in which we are investigating ways of "opening" the building during pleasant weather and "closing" it down for the winter or outside of operations hours. Your doors seem like a great product for doing just that. As we are in the preliminary phase, it would be great to get any information about your product line and rough budgetary numbers. Thanks for any help you can provide! Seeing great reviews on your Cool Products!   Dan


Hey I was wondering if you can ship a bifold straplift door to Cyprus... I want to make a bifold door of 3metres times 1.20 metres for my kitchen. the doors will be made from mdf and I estimate that it will weight 150Kg. Can it be done with your mechanisms displayed on your Internet door forums? and if so can I buy it online and you ship it to Cyprus? so that it can be installed on my kitchen? 


Been looking to get door quotes for two different projects my general contractor is in the midst of designing. Please get in touch. Thanks, Lee W.


This door is for a boathouse very much like the one on the Schweiss blog. The structure is reinforced concrete clad in a full depth, rough faced limestone. Door will be clad in teak wood over a plywood substrate. Full weatherproofing and insulation needs to be included. Thanks, Gene P.


We have an existing hangar with rolling doors and wish to replace with bi-fold or hydrolic. The opening is 43'2" x 14'2". Found out about your door company in a hangar chat room.


I have a job in Los Angeles , And am interested in garage door options and pricing. Also installers. Ratings place your doors high on the list.


We have several of your bifold doors on our farm 2 of which have momentary contact switches for raising and lowering but our newest does not, you have to physically hold the button all the way up or down. We want to change this. Was wondering if you could help me with wiring changes needed. Is there anything listed on your website or blog to show me how to do this?


We would like to meet with the local product representative for Western New York. Also if possible, could you provide either typical CAD or Revit details for your bi-fold doors. We are Buffalo, N.Y. based contractors. Read about your doors in a news article in a Chicago Architect magazine which lead us to your  website and blogs. 


I am budgeting a project in Lexington for the University of Kentucky. Can you provide me with a budget price for a 16'H x 30' W lift-strap type bi-fold door similar to the Red Bull installation shown on your website blog? Please feel free to contact me to discuss.


I am looking to have a hydraulic door placed at my residence. A hidden design idea I got from your blog. Could I get a quote for a door 12'tall and 16'wide shipped to 65739? Chad Jensen


I am looking for price on a lift one piece garage door 9ft high and 14 ft wide. I have 10ft walls, so I am having a problem with leftover space for the opener? A hydraulic door talk forum mentioned you have a compact pump that can be mounted anywhere.


Please call me about the following: (10) 40 x 11" bifold doors, complete with man door, electrical operation, 400v 3ph. Great testimonials on your doors.  Thanks, Steve


Quote (6) six 50'x14' clear opening on your highly rated hydraulic hangar doors, remote option, no service/walk doors needed plus freight cost. 


I would like a quote in both styles of doors for a 30' x 40' door. Installation is in Stettler, Alberta, Canada. Please also let me know the earliest that these could be shipped to my General Contractor. Thank You, Dale F.


I'm needing some very "loose estimates". I have a 125' hangar, with a 100' (traditional electric/ mechanical door) opening. For analysis purposes only, can you provide me a rough estimate, including installation, for a 125' Bifold Door and give me names of general contractors in the Houston area who have ordered your doors.


New residential building needs a double-wide glass bi-fold garage door. The garage opening is 15'wide x 8'high. I called people who wrote testimonials, they really do like your doors. Please send quote.


Message Hello I am interested about your doors after hearing positive reviews. We work on the development of a residential project in LA. Our traget is a glazed door with thiner frame as possible. Would you collaborate on this ? regards Martin M.


We are considering building an airplane hangar with a 40'W x 10'tall door. Preferably a one piece door. What is the most economical way to purchase a door for this structure, your blog says we can save money by installing ourselves. Thanks. Mike


Quote request: (2) 40' x 14' One piece Hydraulic Door Please send by email as my cell at times does not come in down here. Do you have a website or blogs I can read?  Thanks


Price in a passage door frame. There is a 12'' header framed above the 14' opening. If door hinge for bolts need to be down 2'' or so this would be ok also, which would give 13'10'' clearance. News has it your bifold door lifts faster. Why? Jon


HI, What would the price including shipping be for a remote opener? Poeple I talked to in a forum said you can supply extra handhelds. (My new Schweiss door has auto locks installed) Thanks John


Please include in the quote the following 1. free standing header beam 2. option for door sheeting Note that the net opening needs to be 14'H Please advise on the wedge height Please send door specs and drawing/sketch with the quote for my general contractor. thank you, Ned C.


I am starting project in Houston TX. There is an existing Schweiss hanger door on the building. I need to have one more installed. Looking for pricing on both supply and install. Your website and blogs are getting better and bigger.


I live in LA, CA but the hangar is in NY. I have a general contractor going to give send me the exact measurements of the opening. It is approximately 40'X 11'


Good day, I am part of a group tasked with the design of a plane hangar at the University in South Africa. Could you kindly provide me with specifications of hi-fold and bi-fold doors with a clearance of 4 meters. News has it you ship anywhere.


Hi, I am a general contractor working on a new project buIding a new warehouse, and I am interested with your "strap lift" Bifold door system. Is it possible for you to sell me systems only (machine, straps and accessories)? or perhaps with door frame drawing? because in order to import steel door requires sophisticated permit from indonesian government. door range will be around 12m wide x 5 m tall 2pcs. 6 m wide x 5 m tall 4 pcs. please reply by email only. thank you Peter J.


Require 35' wide 14' minimum height can go higher. Need to keep full inside height for combine. Outside mount. Insulated door. Nice to have light from outside if possible. Farm talk says I can do the install, how easy is that?


We are currently building a custom residential project on the shore of Lake Michigan. Plans call for a teak clad overhead door 26'x 10' for the boat house. In considering all options we would like to investigate the options you may have available. The boat house is a reinforced concrete structure, we are interested in your proposal and any reviews you can send on your boathouse doors. Thank You, Bill G.


Read a lot of positive reviews on your doors. Need a 14' 42' Bifold insulated I am pricing the building materials to finish one building and hope for 7 more. 


I would like to get a bifold door for a dining room in a new home my general contractor is renovating. I would like it to be 12' wide by 8' tall, but those dimensions are not exact and can be modified. I have not started construction yet so I can modify the door rough opening. The thing is that it has to adhere to any standards for windows since it's really a window.


Hi I'm quoting a building 200' wide My customer wants (2) industrial strength 80' wide doors 25' clearance, Bifold could you possibly provide me a price, and specs as your blogs inform me of.


Good evening, I am planning to open a restaurant in the Bronx/Riverdale area, so space is commercial. I want to have glass installed as store front. I am looking to do Garage Style gate but folding out and up versus rolling in and on the ceiling and I want the glass to have the switchable LC privacy glass. I am not sure if this is something you necessarily do. It would be 2 gates (1) 22.6 ft wide and (2) 18 ft wide and 9 feet tall and I would need 2 standard sized doors (double door) in between both. (door measurments not taken into consideration) Can you  provide me with a quote at your earliest convenience. Thanks, Jim C., General Contractor


This building has insulated concrete walls, built with "Fox" forms 8" concrete with 2 1/2" insulation on each side of concrete. The opening is 16' 0" high to ceiling (from 3" up from the floor) and 20' 10" wide. The door would be mounted on the outside of the ends of these concrete forms. It is 22 ft. from center to center of these forms where the door ends would roll on a metal plate attached to the concrete. I would like to maintain a 14 ft opening with the door folded up.(2 ft wedge?) Better yet, header up higher for even higher opening? Your blog says I can send pictures of the setup that I would like to email to you. Ryan L


Hello, A chat room I was in said you can send an alternative to (3) 24' wide x 14' tall roll up doors? Could you email me a quote please? Thank you, Randall.


Just heard the news on your liftstraps. Looking for Bifold door for two applications 1.Residential (my home) 2 Commercial - New Office building with Retail at grade


Do you have 3 part CSI specification you can send to me, my architect and general contractor for motorized bifold door, bottom motor? Thanks


Sir: We have a large bi fold hanger door that is about 120 feet wide and when opened the door begins to sag badly.We were wondering if you could design and install a truss that would eliminate this condition, we may also be interested in your strap lift system. The hangar is located located at  Beaver Falls Pa. We are KBVI. You may also call our airport director to discuss this problem. We are losing a great deal of money because this door is unsafe as it is a liability problem. An aviation forum states you rank your doors very safety conscience.


I want to get a ballpark cost for a 11'- 3" wide x 10' tall strap lift bi-fold door. This will be for a residential use. Please include shipping to the above address. The door will also be outfitted with an Ipe 1 x 4 louvers that will add another 560 lbs /- to the unit. Your blog on the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame gave me this idea. Thank you.


We have nine  Schweiss doors, with Schweiss strap conversions that were done a few years ago and they are great. Chat room talk confirmed it was easier to install new hardware rather than trying to cut off the existing hardware.


I have a 18 foot high building on a 1 foot concrete stem wall for a total ceiling height of 19'0". I need an installed door price. News has it, all your doors are custom made.


I gave you the wrong door measurements before, Ill try again. The chief slant wall has open c beams. Also my end wall for the door is set back one space or 7 feet. That gets me on a main support beam instead of the lighter end wall c beams. Carl C., General Contractor.


After reading reviews on your doors, I'm sold. This is for a project in a brick building i will be making the opening so if the doors are different size i can adjust the opening to accommodate the bi-folding doors. thanks.


The cables on our door are starting to fray. Is there a PM inspection tolerance for this? Can I get a PDF Inspection Procedure? Your blog states you now have liftstrap conversion kits. My e-mails DO match.


Hi I had problems with the latch system since installed four years ago. And wondering the cost of the upgrade strap latch system? My neighbor next to me ripped off the latch last week. Their might be several in my hangar row would also upgrade to this new liftstrap system. Reviews have indicated the straps are far superior to cables.


I need a quote on a 40 x 16 bifold in Stratton, Co. We intend to line the inside of it with 26 ga. panel. Remote opener required. Chat room talk has said you can send more than one handheld remote. Thanks.


My general contractor is planning to build a hangar for a 172E. Building dimensions appx 50X50 12' side walls and a 40X10 door with lift straps. Your blog mentioned a strap autolatch system. Price that too.


We would like a quote to move (2) existing doors and have them retrofired with your safety strap opening system. Ag talk mentions I can order a kit to install them myself.


Dear Schweiss, My son Travis and I installed one of your hydraulic doors a few years ago. It is one of the doors featured on your blog and website. In the artist's studio. I am now building a hanger and barn in coastal South Carolina. I need three doors, bi-fold, strap, aluminum frame, electric operation. The steel structure is being manufactured by Perka Buildings. They need some info regarding the weight of the door and the location of the top hinges before they can complete the steel frame design. Can you provide contact info on someone at Schweiss they can talk with? Please provide quote for the three bi-fold doors. My office is in Shanghai, China where I now have seen one of your designer hotel doors, so it's best to contact me via emai. Ken W


We would like a hydraulic door to fit an existing opening with a steel frame around it in a 12" thick ICF wall. We would also like a man door in the hydraulic door. My contractor said I should ask for a man door with a window.


I read testimonials on your doors. I would like a quote on a strap lift bi-fold door 32'x10'. what is the clearance of a 10ft door? 


I have a 40'x 11' single panel door ran by hydrlics It bounces a lot on the way down do u have a solution. An Ag talk forum mentioned your doors have bigger and better hydraulics. Can you install on my Brand X door.


I am replacing my overhead door that is over 30 years old. I have a chief slant wall building. I have several of your bifold doors in other buildings, and would like to add another. The building uses open c beams as the main supports and I am setting back one space for the door. So it wont be on the lighter end wall beam. My general contractor built the building with the last section as an overhang. My opening is listed below, I plan to go up past the actual door opening with the top of the bifold to get as much opening clearance as possible. The dimentions are from the top of the bifold hinge to the cement. Also could you give me a delivery date


I'm the electrician tasked with connecting your doors in a residential application. We need to be able to disable the operation of the doors if a car or trailer were to be parked to close to them. We are pouring a heated slab in front of the doors to melt any snow accumulation and I have located a detection sensor to embed in the concrete to accomplish this. The sensor is a Diablo DSP-13P-100 Tri-Axis detector, I need some way to interface this with your control panel. The three doors are lined up in a row so any photo eye would disable all three doors. I also need to add remote controls to each door and I see  from your blogs you offer that as an option. I need to operate the doors independently and I assume this would not be a problem. Thanks Danny N.


write to quote a large curtain A vertical lifting gate 9.5m high by 30 acho and a 12m high and 30 wide, like The Paw on your blog entry shows. please send quotation as soon as possible best regards


Please e-mail quote for the specs provided. Please also quote option of installation of the door. The project will be located in Three Lakes, WI. A farm  forum I was on said they are easy to install.


Looking for 8 foot x 8 foot dual pane glass door. Bi-fold or one piece, anodized bronze frame. Time frame is immediate. Project starting in a few days. Please provide price and delivery or contact information so I can let my general contractor know. Thanks, Tom T.


This door is to replace an old garage door on and "old"(very) implement building in town.....wood frame stucco. We will do significant structural work before installation. Ag forum noted you make your own freestanding headers.


I need a new garage door that folds up and does not take up the headroom space in the garage, your product looks cool. I've seen blogs that feature your work. Who can I work with locally to take a look and give me a quote? thanks Karl


I will be sending Invitation to Bid to schweiss@schweissdoors.com for a project out for bids in Greenfield, IN - your bi-fold lift doors are specified by the general contractors. We would like quote. Specs & link to full set of documents will be included. If you would like the email sent elsewhere, please let us know. Thank you!


I would like to talk about converting my Schweiss door to lift straps as shown in your Schweiss blogs and website. Also I have a neighbor who's door (another manufacturer) is stuck open and he could use some advice. Please call early


hello! I am interested in your one-piece hydraulic door, I want to install a sample door in my factory. The door hole clear specification is the width 2600 * the height 4000. I'm going to make the door by myself and buy the hydraulic & electrical system from you. how much is hydraulic & electrical system shown on your blog? Look forward to your reply.


Connecting upper-level (loft) roofing to lower-level roofs with near vertical slant roofs (paneling) on either side of house. Roofs are all aluminium-zinc covered metal (standing seam) sheeting on I-beams and purlings as support. All house walls are concrete (ring-beams)and mortared hollow clay brick. Very robust construction on concrete beam structure. Propose bifold doors/window/skylights to open up in the slant roofing to reveal windows in the loft walls. Windows are four sets (two sets on either side) of 4' high x 6' long french windows. Total of 4 sets of windows. About 4' between each set of windows per side. Perhaps best looks are to have bifolds frames in roofing panel to cover each window. The bifolds are to be either covered in metal sheeting (roof material or contrasting panel) or glazed (glass or poly-carbonate). I believe it will work based on your web page blogs. Discuss and price proposal - budgetary for now. My Drawings will follow your initial proposal to finalize your design and pricing. Delivery should be mid-November. Best Regards,  Winston M.


We have a building with 3 Bi-Fold doors and need new seals on all the doors. What kind of information do you need to supply me with our best option for a new seal. A farm talk forum mentioned I can install them myself. Thanks, Mike


Working on a High School Weight Room in Tumwater Washington. Looking for two glazed, bi-fold doors approx 12 feet wide and 16 feet tall. Our general contractor is in the design phase. Construction will begin in 2015


We are designing a college classroom setting in Portland, Oregon. Looking for glazed glass bi-fold liftstrap door approx 14 feet wide and 12 feet tall. Construction will begin in Spring. The designer doors on your blog and literature are dynamic.


We will be constructing a new suburban storage/garage building as soon as possible. One end door will serve a 41' motor home (about 12'4"tall) and would be the tallest item in the building. To avoid any taller than necessary side walls required for roll up doors I would consider a strap bi-fold like the one in Washington on your Schweiss blog.




Hello I have bought two "red power hydraulic doors" for our workshop's doors. In my country we use 220v. I don't know exactly why? please help me as chat rooms I've entered haven't helped. Sorry for my bad English thanks.


Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Tuan Azhman, a business agent based in Malaysia. I would like to know if you can supply your products on contract basis to the Malaysian government. Please confirm and forward your full product list for my review, I will give you more information about the tender as soon as I read positively from you or have read favorable reviews on your doors. Thank you,


Good morning. We are having problems with our doors. One hangar is made with twin ball bearings on a shaft for the roller. The other day I was lifting the door when the outside of the bearing cracked and the bearing failed. I replaced both bearings on that side. I dropped the door a few feet, then raised it up a few feet past the wind rail. The outside bearing cracked and failed again. Is this an uneven cable problem? A farm talk forum I read mentioned Schweiss strap doors are a better option than the cables? I have looked into cam followers, but can not find ones with a 5" shank to fit through bottom of door. The tube that is welded to bottom is 4.25". Can I convert my cables to liftstraps. Thank you


I have an existing 22' wide x 16' high bifold door (plyco) that I would like to convert to the strap system....Your Schweiss blog says you sell just components to retrofit my door.... in particular I would like to purchase the strap drums as a minimum and adapt to my existing opener assembly or possibly a complete opener kit, Thanks Mel B.


I have 16' side walls. Building is 80' wide with 3/12 pitch. I need 16' clear opening Door is 50x16. Steel building Can you get me 16' opening heights in a bi-fold? Reviews I've read say your bifold strap door is top notch.


Have a 42'x42' older metal hangar, Roundup, Mont. -50 mi. N. of Billings. Currently using metal slider- 1 track, middle center out ea. side. Ht. either 10 ft. or 12' - interested in quote. Testimonials I've seen on your website highly applaud getting rid of slider doors and replacing with a Schweiss door.


I want to accept bid with a change to add bifold autolatching system.  Testimonials on autolatch sold me. Shipping address: to Guffey, Colorado.


My hangar neighbor read an aviation forum and he and I are looking to replace the bottom rubber seals on our 60' bi-fold doors. Could someone please call me and tell me what/how to order. Thanks Jim V.


I am trying to design a hangar for a client that is going to purchase this door direct. The door is 60' wide with 14' clear. I need the loads to the metal building and required clearances... Door will be located in the endwall of an 80' wide metal building. Thanks, Steve, General Contractor


I purchased a door about a year ago. Can you give me a price for the side board weatherstripping and your opinion on which is better: door mounted or column mounted? The door is 50 feet by 15 feet. Original order delivered to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Just like the other Canadian testimonials on your site, we love our door. Thank you


Looking for a couple specs on bi-folds. Customer is wanting Higher Power, but we are giving alternate for bi-fold liftstraps. Two door sizes; 75'-0" x 16'-0" and 40'-0" x 14'-0". Would like basic specs to design for on our end. Blogs I've read say straps lift faster than cables.


The door is for a tiny house on a flat bed trailer. It will be the full width of the house with as much glass as possible as well as being insulated and airtight. There will also be another smaller door on the interior separating a sauna space from the main space. This door will remain open in the winter to share the use of the wood sauna stove with the main quarters. This smaller door will be roughly 5' wide x 7' tall and ideally be bifold. The larger door will be 7' wide x 10' tall. Both doors need to be fully glazed and manually operated. We are still in the early design stage, so dimensions are not exact but would like to request a quote. Chat room talk mentions you do specialty doors.   Many thanks.


I have a 40 wide by 10 high byfold door that I buit myself. I am wondering could l bye your bottom mount strap lift system with out door. I would Install it my self so I need price on only lift lift system. A farm forum I was in mentioned you might just sell the strap kit.


We have an older Schweiss bifold strap door ~10-12 year old. In recent inspections the straps are still not showing any wear and we are interested in what the recommended life time is of the straps, and where we can order replacement straps if needed. I see from other testimonials that straps are lasting this long for others too.   Thanks, Jose


I need replacement top rubber weather seal for my 40- ft bifold hangar door. Could you quote me a price? Pilot chat room time convinced me your doors seal very well. Thanks


Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about hydraulic doors, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is great blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back when it's time to order my door from Schweiss.


Hi, 1. I would lke to enquire about pricing for a 20x80 bifold door with all motors, straps and rigging for an existing building. 2. Please also quote me for supplying only the motors. straps. hinges and hardware for the same door, I read your blogs, can you do this?  Thank you, Dan


I have a 50' bi fold hangar door that is about 10 years old. I need to find someone to do some adjustments and replace some of the frayed cables with liftstraps. According to what others have told me online in chat rooms, the door probably won't need adjustment after straps are on. Thanks, Pete S. in Corsicana, Tx 


Interested in a quote on a bifold door---40' x 16'--in the clear. It will mount to the endwall of a pre-engineered steel building on a job we as general contractors are quoting. The building is 60' wide with the door being centered in the endwall. Roof pitch is 2/12. 90 mph wind load--exposure C. How tall of a building will it take to accommodate that 16' clear opening---headroom you need? We will insulate the door. We need a walk in door in the door. FOB 45 miles south of American Falls, Idaho And some specifications for design of the metal building to support the loads imposed by your door. How big of an electric motor does this door require? Thanks, Joseph


When my bi-fold door was installed a few years ago the installer did not put the rubber seal on the door. Since then you have send me via email the instructions. I lost those instructions and would appreciate you sending them again. Just as your testimonials say, you give service after the sale.




I require head and jamb details for a bi-fold door (preferably CAD format) for installation into a new steel frame building with a brick veneer cavity wall over metal stud backup. Our structural engineer and general contractor also wish verification of the loads imposed by such a door. Important considerations include: A decorative wood/Azek finish for the door, This door provides access to an internal loading dock so a high daily cycle rate can be expected (10-12 deliveries a day, plus trash collection, plus catering deliveries). Love the designer doors on your blogs. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.


We are looking for a door fabricator that is willing to look at a door application that would be on both ends of a Light Rail tunnel in Minneapolis MN. Contact me if you are interested. It might have to be a bi-fold door as light rail has a overhead power delivery system. Our contractors give your doors high ratings.


I have an contracting opportunity in North Andover, Mass. Need a door 70' x 18' high clear. ( Bi Fold ) Will fit into a new Butler Structure. I need a budget figure, deflection criteria and lead times. Checked your website and blogs, very nice.  Thanks, Steve.


Existing building being renovated and retrofitted for hotel event space use. There will be (3) in all, (2) w/ RO of 12.2'  tall by 13' wide, and (1) of 12' tall by 16.6' wide. Are these reasonable sizes that the one piece hydraulic could satisfy? Are there typ CAD details you could provide us? Also, could we get weight and lateral loading info, as well as elec/motorized requirement info we can base our project on? When I read your blogs saying that all your doors are custom made, you are my first and only choice.  Regards, _q


I am a Ceco Builder. Questions about the hydraulic door. My concerns are wind ratings when the door is up. The buildings are airplane hangers and the first door framed opening size is 44'x 14' and I need the full size. I am comparing feasibility of hydraulic vs bifold with electrical opener. Your price and input please??


I need a price on a bifold door, free standing header,  the opening is 14' x 40' the wind load ratings are not needed for any code requirements,  keep it light you have one in my airpark now on the same street it's built like a tank. Forum's I have read say you can build with lightweight  aluminum frame. New construction, I will send pictures of the hanger it's  wood with stucco any other info please call thanks Fred 


I'm need pricing for a customer I'm building 2 Metal buildings for. The building is 74' wide x 25' long x 25' eave height x 1 in 12 roof pitch. Right now we are quoting the 74' walls are open except for gable sheeting and a horizontal C channel @ around 2" A.F.F. They are wanting a ag door to close up the 74' walls like I've seen on your blog section. Do you have any ideas and budgetary pricing that could help me. Also, need to know what the weight is and requirements of the steel to hold the system. Feel free to call me for more details. Thank you for your help.


Do you have any authorized installers for Chesapeake, Va? Please send me a list with their contact information. Enjoyed reading through the testimonials from satisfied Schweiss door customers.  Thank you


Looking for a budget cost for one (1) new 70' x 20' bi-folding door and a separate cost to relocate one (1) existing 60' x 20' Schweiss bi-fold door. Your blog says I can convert the 60' door to liftstraps, price that too.  Thank you.


Wanting an offer from you on a bifolding straplift helicopter hangar door. Somebody from Poland called me but, after reading your website and other forums I deem your door the best. Please email.


My family and I have an existing metal building and are going enclose more of the building. We would like to replace the existing 14' farm door with a 25'-30' door as our equipment is constantly getting bigger. Would like to talk to you about the feasibility of putting a bi fold or Hyd door in our shop. Farm talk mentions you have a freestanding header.


An e-mail quote on a bifold 34 x 14 ft. strap door  would be great. I see others on your testimonials really like their strap doors.  Peace Bic G.


Your immediate critical service situation with our Schweiss bi-fold door with lift straps on one of our hangers was most appreciated. Doubt if there is  anyone with more integrity and competence than Schweiss Doors. Your ratings live up to your after sale reputation.


I'm a general contractor. We have a project in Baltimore and plan to use two of the designer glazing bifold doors. our structure is concrete frame with steel studs exterior wall. Can you contact us to help us with details and connections to the building? Or can you provide us information for our structural engineers working on supporting the doors. Thanks


Dear Sirs, I have one of your doors at Addison Airport and have lost the remote for the door. Can you supply me with a new one? Also I am interested in putting the 3X4 slider windows all the way across my 60' wide door and was wondering as to the cost (single pane, tan frame). Door works great, love the straps. Hangar forums swear by them.  Thanks Burton W.


Please provide a quote for the following Two - 60' wide x 16' clear opening, bifold liftstrap doors going to Wood county TX. Your blog states you also have a strap autolatch, I want that too.  Thanks, Mike


I have a 20' high x 40' wide Schweiss bi- fold door, (2004?). Recently the main cable on the auto latch broke.  I noticed on your website blogs you now have the option of a strap to replace the cable. Is there a kit & instructions to convert to a strap? How much does it cost? Do you offer a service to check doors over? Email works best for me. Thanks, Pete 


I installed another manufacturers door on a hangar near Vancouver BC and the experience has been less than adequate, but the building was substantial. After reading your informative  Schweiss blogs  that's why I'm contacting you. My latest is an older hangar (40' by 60') up the coast. We are raising the roof from a 12' inside height to 15'. I would be concerned with the building handling a full horizontal but I have minor experience with bifold doors. The Hangar is a normal peaked roof with the door having to operate under the eaves---parallel to the peak. The present door is in the 40' end. The opening for the new door would be 52' by 15'. I understand the bifold gives more headroom than the horizontal. We are in the beginning stages of the reno so I would be very much interested in your opinions and a quote on both doors. 


Hi,  I lost both of my handheld remote control units. Its a bifold hangar unit at KHND, Henderson Executive Airport in Henderson, NV. Your blogs say you can send out replacements, please send two.  Thank you


I have a plyco bifold door. Can you retro fit your liftstraps and autolatch to this door. A farmers chat room discussion lead me to you. Thank you Kim B., Iowa


My name is mike, i am a student from UNLV School of Architecture and i had a few questions on the bi-fold product panel. I have a design of an exterior wall opening is approximately 40'W X 42'H. I was wondering if there is a height limit on the bi-fold construction? I would appreciate some information about the bi-fold product or direct me to your blogs or website. Thank you


We are looking for a 60x20 ft hangar door (bi-fold with liftstraps) for a residence with hangar on a private airport. Preferably ALL GLASS. Please let us know if this is within your specs and what a rough cost would be. Learned a lot from your website, blogs and testimonials. Thanks. Kati




Quote for large 70 ft.x 20 ft. Bifold Industrial door. Please advise by email and phone when quote will be available. Pictures available of building. Please quote with 480V 3 phase electric operator if available. Blog on "big doors" sold us on your company.


Price for a 14' X 45' hangar door? Wood frame with metal siding hangar not built yet. just need price quote and any comments. Plane talk forum mentions and ranks your Schweiss Doors company highly. thanks


Hello Mike, I took some pictures of the hanger door and would like to send them to you for your assessment. Many thanks in looking into this farm door issue for me. My best regards.  Joe


Warren, RI wind load ratings at 136 mph. Retrofitting steel building, replacing old slider on ship building shop. Please prep bifold door for interior liner, and include remote control with (2) handhelds.


I am an Airport Consultant and General Contractor  in the preliminary stage of a project to replace bi-fold hangar doors. I am looking for pricing (including installation) of bi-fold hangar doors with the following approximate dimensions: 1) 40-ft width, 12-ft 8-in total opening, 10-ft 8-in clear opening and 2) 43-ft 6-in width, 14-ft 8-in total opening, 12-ft 8-in clear opening. It is anticipated that the construction project to install the doors would be publicly bid in the spring of 2015.


Need pricing on 30'x 14' hydraulic No Fold hangar home door. Needs to have residential panels on exterior. 110 single phase power is available. Please price door and an add for installation. Price door insulated and non-insulated. The testimonials on your site speak highly of your doors. Thanks


Price required for 1 No electric operated hanger door 10m x 4m bifold with corrugated CLADDING. Supply deliver to Oxford, UK. Your blogs state you have a factory in the UK.


We recently put up a 32'X60' metal building the door opening is 14' 4" high an 11'9" wide with a 2.5"X6" channel around the opening. We have concrete 3 feet wider then the opening on each side but little over the door space about 10". Did my building contractors do this right?


Existing door is flimsy aluminun tube with fiberglass panels. Im interested in the Schweiss hydraulic door, but I'd like pricing for that and the strap bifold. existing door dimensions. 40 1/2 wide 10'9" high. I did a lot of door checking before coming to your company, you're the best. 


Small Store front on Market Street. 9 feet high 12 feet wide looking for cool and inexpensive glass bifold door next to building being redone. Reviews I've read say I should go to Schweiss Doors.


I have a customer wanting to remove their existing sectional door and install a taller bifold farm door due to a new combine. Please advise.


Olympia Steel Buildings looking for a price on a 40x20 and 45x20 bifold for customers Agricultural Storage Facility. They saw your ag doors on your website blogs.  Jay W.


I would like a quote on a fairly simple garage door (residential). Main criteria are price, and the ability to apply custom finish on door to disguise the fact that it is a garage, just like your Washington RV door featured on the Schweiss blog. Considering a standard residential double garage of approx 16x7, or maybe two single doors of 8x7 each. Thanks


Hello, I'm interested in your doors for a residential application. In particular, I would like doors similar to the ones you installed for "Sway" restaurant as shown on your website blog. We have a sunroom that we'd like to open up onto the backyard. It is approximately 20 feet wide by 8 feet tall. Might I get an idea regarding pricing? Thank-you. Brianna


Hello My name is Kevin, I'm am making inquiries with regards to the types of Exterior Doors you offer. Please kindly give me the specific ones, industry ratings, and with their price cost which includes Sales Tax and also advice me with the method of payment that you do accept. Thank you


Best way of contact - via email. I see from joining a farm door chat room that you sell your doors to Europe. I would like offer for 14000x3000 bifold and 6000x4500 bifold. Could you send me catalogues and some pricelist ?


I am looking for a quote on a single hydraulic door frame. I will be putting the cladding on myself. Reviews I've read said I can also install it myself, is that true?


I'm building a new farm pole barn, would like a 32x16 hydraulic door. Need price and information on bracing for door. General Contractor is starting building today.


Hello: We have been reading forums and are now beginning preliminary design for a new hanger. We are planning a 70' x 21' door opening. Based on this, what would be the header height required for a bi-fold straplift door? Thank you, Karl V.


Can I get prices on bifold farm shop doors 16 by 14 tall and 30 by 17 tall. Thank you


Planning a 40 or 44 foot door with 12 foot clearance on a new 40 x 60 steel hangar building in Selkirk, NY 12158. Please quote 40 foot and 44 foot door. Please quote optional man-door as described in your Schweiss blogs in bi-fold strap door.


Hi, We are looking to buy a door again. Do you have the bifold models that I bought many years ago. Farm talk tells me you have made improvements over the years. 55 feet wide and 14 feet opening. Regards Sylvain Gilbert


In the planning stage to build a hangar. 1) Looking for pricing and details on a door either bi-fold or hydraulic. 40 feet wide with a 14 foot opening. 2) When I build the hangar what is needed on the structure to allow the installation of your door? Chat room talk told me to contact you prior to construction.


Please quote delivery on a 14x10 ft. glass restaurant one piece door like the Sway restaurant door on your Schweiss blog as well as complete install. What are the electrical requirements?


Do you have any example of the one piece hydraulic door with the hinge on the bottom side? Your website and blogs say all your doors are custom made most anyway a customer requests.  Thank you, 


We're building a hangar/house at Spruce Creek and need a door quote for a 16' x 60 clear opening door, bi-fold or hydraulic are both OK, please quote all costs including installation, insulation and sheeting. A aircraft/pilot forum I visited was split between favorites of bifold and hydraulic.        


Who in the Sacramento, California area can supply and install your doors, needs to be a authorized representative that can install and provide maintenance if needed. Chat rooms mention your doors are very very low maintenance. Thanks


I am interested in a system similar to what is shown in the Target BiFold screen designer door photos on your blog postings. The bifold door is to screen and secure an internal, unconditioned loading dock and needs to allow air movement (perforations), span 33'-10" clear and meet NOA requirements. Please give me a call to discuss. regards, Jonathan


Please quote for the highly rated door to the description: The door for airline hangars, type Schweiss Hydraulic - width / height: 18,500 mm / 7,550 mm - the door is designed that allows the installation of Kingspan panels KS1000 AWP 150 mm. (Weight of panels up to max. 14.85 kg / m 2) - Kingspan panels which are subject wing exterior door lining are not part of this offer (mounting panel is responsibility of the customer) - Resistance rating to wind about 140 km / h in the closed position - Door engine - motor and hydraulic pumps - Control unit with a switch on the key "Dead Man Operation" Wing doors-designed for snow load of 2.5 cm Preparing for the installation of pedestrian gates Total 6 pcs. Delivery time: Warranty period : Price:


Commercial facility, just trying to get a feel for these bifold strap doors, how much they cost, cycles per day, power ratings, etc.: We're a machine shop and just need a wider door to allow longer parts to pass easily. We've got several possible applications in the facility, but we'll just be at the mercy of structural members, locations, etc. to determine final width of doors. Doors will probably will be in the 30-40' range and thanks to your blogs, we now know we can do the install.


The door already exists but I would like a quote on just the new hydraulic pump lifting mechanism to retro fit on the existing hangar door. Read about it in a news article in a flying magazine. Thank you


Hi We have a project in Bedfordshire, UK. Where we proposed to use large one-piece doors, these are 9.00m wide by 9.00m high, there are approximately 16 number required. These high rated doors will be hydraulically operated. Can you provide budget costs and what options you have, timber, steel, etc If possible can you reply ASAP with budget costs. Regards James


Considering either "Bi-Fold" versus "Hydraulic". What is difference in price for a NEW hangar??? Door opening 45 foot wide (aprox) Door height 11 foor (approx) Reviews mention both are quality doors. Thank you. Ed.


Quotes on the following farm doors: Door Size: 22x18 for hydralic and strap (2 quotes) 16x16 strap only (SIDE WALLS) Planning on 2 doors for each size above in the building. Would prices change? Best to email us then trying to call. We do not have an answering machine so hard to reach us timely - busy in fields. Need pricing ASAP. Thanks.


Patio that needs partial enclosure for wind protection. Looking for a glass bi-fold door like the greenhouse variety advertised in the news sections.


I have a 12 by 40 Schweiss by fold hangar door. It was installed in 2003. Lately the local code for wind ratings load has been increased to 120 MPH. What if anything do I have to do if I want to increase the doors wind load capability? I am thinking of increasing my hangar size and would like to use the existing door. Thanks, Rob B.


Need to buy 4 hanger style winch strap doors. Minimum is 16'x16' but could go as wide as 22'. Need clear view light panels in upper section' maybe the whole door. Need to know the total vertical height a 16' clear opening door uses when fully open. May need to build up my gable end - not a problem. Doors would install on or between 24"x 24" concrete block pilasters. Pilasters have steel I beams attaching the exterior block wall to the steel building structure at about 17' height. Building is concrete block wall, slab floors, steel post/beam frame with bar joists. The opening that the door goes in is a non-structural gable end. Space between the pilasters when block wall is removed measures 23', but I figure you need room for your steel frame. Need to hear back from you right away as this project is imminent. After reading your Schweiss Doors blog I will need to choose the right door and get it ordered very soon. I can get a 16'x16' Overhead garage door and that will satisfy the tenant requirements but I really like these bigger hanger doors and I could cut just as easily out the block back to the pilasters making the door opening much wider -why not? I think the building deserves some big doors! It's 200,000 sq ft. Project is in Chambersburg, PA 


Hi. I have an autolatch with remote on my bifold door, from 2004. (It's fantastic, just like they say in the chat rooms) Is it possible to get another remote? Thanks very much.


Read various door forums. Please send quote for 12 foot wide x 10 foot high bifold strap door. I need it delivered to Vancouver Is. Canada. Thx


Please Quote 1 - 40 x 14 floor to underside of Eaves 16' Customer would prefer an insulated door with a row of windows, white in colour. Reviews I've read give your doors high ratings.


I would like to speak with someone there who might be able to provide me with some ballpark costs related to replacing a hangar door on a building here at the Lake in the Hills Airport. General contractors will need specs when we order doors.


Please quote 4 strap lift bi-fold doors. They are being installed in a new build hangar in Anchorage AK. Read positive forums on your liftstraps.


I would like a budgetary number for three to four of your hydraulic bi-fold doors similar to the Newmarket Operations HQ with glazing. Dimensions of opening are 10' wide and 11'-6" tall. Those doors are the talk of the town in many chat rooms.       


I want to order a 31' rubber gasket for the bottom of my bi-fold door. I have two of your highly rated bifolds. The best way to contact me is via e-mail.


Looking for a 12 foot door on a residential home "disguised" to look like an 8 foot door for a motor coach as shown on your bifold blog. Builder is MI Homes in Cincinnati, Ohio. How expensive is something like this? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks, Kelly


We are remodeling a single story ranch style home in Alamo CA (45 min East of San Francisco) and have a 3 car garage that will have car lifts, and looking for some type of "residential" looking bi-fold door for a 9' and 16' opening. Do you create this type of door? Any general specs, reviews or photos would be great. Two doors needed: 9' wide x 8' high and 16' wide x 8' high.


Good day. We are a new general contractors in Costa Mesa, CA and we are looking to expand our door design library. If you have a catalog or information you are able to share with us we would appreciate it. Thank you.


I need a price on two Bifold doors 1) 14'x 14' c/w 2 window 32"x15". metal on the outside and inside insulated to an R22 2) 20' x 14' c/w 3 windows 32"x15". Metal on the outside and inside. Insulated to an R22. Do you also install them? If not, how easy is it for a general contractors to install? Please quote price to job site, one hour north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Thank you.


need price on 40 wide x 14 tall strap bi-fold farm door electric and hydraulic separate prices. Heard about your doors in a ag talk forum. Thank You Rick.


I'm looking at building a new hangar. Need a 60 x 15 door. Need to compare prices/options on bifold vs hydraulic. Testimonials give your doors high ratings.


After reading the Schweiss Doors blog on round/hoop buildings, I will want a freestanding header on my 28x16 ft. door.


I am a general contractor in the preliminary stages of designing a hanger for an owner. What I am needing now are loads for my Pre-engineered steel building company, so I can get a quote generated.


I would like a quote for both bi-fold and hydraulic doors please. The clearance height only needs to be 13'. So if you could quote a 14' hydraulic door and a 16' bi-fold door I would appreciate it. I really appreciate the quotes you have provided me with. Thank you - Jason M.


We have instructions for "Converting your door to automatic up (only)." We need instruction for "automatic down" as well. Please let me know if this is information your blog can provide. (This is for a Single Motor Bi-fold Door. Thank you!


I was wondering if you can help me whith a general contractors shematic for a gbf 100-11-xx motor controll box? thank you for your time


We are looking to have two lift strap bi-fold doors custom made. What would be the lead time to manufacture the doors and ship them to Australia? I've read in chat rooms that you ship doors here.


Im looking at putting up a new farm shop building and would like a price on a 25' wide X 16' high door.


We have a cable bi-fold door on our building. Could you tell me what it would take to convert this to the strap version. Also, would the motor need to be replaced. I found your company name in an ag talk forum, so I thought it would be better to contact you first. Thank you, Mary


Parts / Support Request I responded to a service call on one of your hangar bi-fold doors in East Stroudsburg, PA. Model S1; Serial #1243. I must return to service this door as soon as possible. Owner needs me to inquire about liftstrap conversion kit advertised on your blog. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Telephone is best. Thank you. Jeff.


Looking at buying an existing hangar with rolling doors - opening not wide enough to fit my airplane. Considering a bi-fold door I read about in a hangar forum, but need to get an idea of the investment. Thanks! John P.


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN- We have a project where my general contractors have  considered to use the Bi Fold Doors . Can we have some more information about your Bi Fold Doors performances (air tightness/water tightness / size limitations / threshold compliance with ADA)? Thanks,


I noticed your news article in the Flyer magazine so assumed you supply to the UK. I am company Secretary of MAPS ltd (Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Ltd) based at Rochester Airport, Kent, England. The airport is soon to be redeveloped and our workshop will be demolished when we move into new purpose built facilities. This means we have to identify and research various items for our new workshop. The outside dimensions will be 28 x 15M with a 16 x 5M doorway onto airside. I would like to know if one of your bi-fold doors would be suitable and what the approximate cost would be likely to be. Also is there any insulation material on the inside of the door? Many thanks David C.


can i get price on 2 bifold farm shop doors 17 tall by 25 wide and 12 tall by 12 wide thank you for your time


Need loading requirments for each type of door. As soon as you can have quote, would be good. My architect gives your doors high ratings.   Thank You, Darrel 


We'll be building a new house next year. I don't know if one of your doors makes economic sense for our garage, which has an 18' x 8' opening. Doors featured on your blog sure look great.


I was curious how much a bifold strap lift door would cost. The rough opening of the new construction pole building is 18' tall and 24' wide. Thank you, Also, how much would the strap winch mentioned in reviews be for the same door if purchased separately?


Julie Schafer gave us a bid 81414GG. Spoke to Jeremy on Friday and said, our door would make the Sept 15th shipment. If that's still the case we want this highly rated door. I'm sending a cashiers check. Thanks, Gary


I need 15 ft free space high, my project will be started by general contractors in September 2014 at MMTM Tampico international Airport Mexico.... I'll export & install... Please e mail me if you need more info


I am looking to be able to keep the front of my home to look like a standard garage door but gain heighth for a camper. I saw a blog picture online that showed one of your bifold doors in Washington that did something similar. I am in the data gathering and idea creating stages of the project now and am wondering what ball-park prices for your doors are.


I am a homeowner and we are renovating a home. The previous owners put a sunroom on the back porch. The kitchen has a window looking into this sunroom now. We have removed this window and have extended our countertops to make a bar into the sunroom. We would like, however, to be able to close off this sunroom for security purposes as well as noise reduction. We would also like to be able to easily open this area and leave open. I have been looking at bi-fold windows, and those may be what works best. What we really want is something that can fold up and out of the way. All the bi-fold doors I see in forums open to the side. We would probably need two panels of glass that slide to the right. How can Schweiss Doors fulfill my needs?!"


Hi, I am interested in a glass Schweiss door for a residential home. The size would be 16 feet wide by 8 feet tall. Chat rooms mention you give fast quotes. Can I have a quote? Thanks! Sincerely, Joan M.


I am working on a project that currently has an existing schweiss bifold door (40' wide) and I need to replace the weather stripping at the head of the door. Do you sell just the weather stripping? If not do you know were I could get new weather stripping? Ag talk tells me you also can convert cables to liftstraps.  Thanks Andy


Had you put together a quote for me not too long ago on a different size hydraulic door. Now I have put a down payment on a 30x48x16 RV shed to be built by Quality Structures, Inc. Would like a price for a hydraulic door to go across the front of the 30' wide front of the building. The layout picture shows a 12' x 14' door on the front. You can recommend what would be the best size to basically cover the front of the building. 26x14 or would 27 or 28' work? General contractor wants to know the widest we could go to fit this building structurally and asethetically. Build date will be approximately October 20th. Thanks


New construction, residential, four car garage. Two 19'5" x 9'0" openings - side by side with W12x65 steel column in center and wood posts on either side. Spanned by W12x58 along top. Interested in quote for both Bi-Fold and one-piece Hydraulic Door. Most likely clad in wood. With only a 9'0" high opening, I am concerned about clearance with the Bi-fold doors, as it seems they hang down quite a bit even when fully open - can you please provide a dimension for clear opening in both Bi-Fold and Hydraulic instances? Read a forum which highly rates your doors. Thanks


Hi, The bi-door is to be installed on the front of a steel frame, fabric shelter, installed on gravel. Door to withstand 95 mph wind load. We cannot use concrete foundations -only earth anchors. Can you make the front panels from 18-28oz. flame -retardant PVC fabric instead of steel? Pls. email photos or direct me to a Schweiss blog if you have made this kind of doors in the past. Best Regards' Ellie V.


Just replaced cables on my hangar door with liftstraps. Just like the chat rooms mention. . . straps are the only way to go.


Hello representative, Can you please provide me with a quote for a bifold door width of 80' and height of 25' but max opening of 20'. Not sure if you refer to this as 80'x25' or 80'x20' door. Can you provide a quote for one with cable and one with straps, your blog shows straps being used for a door this big? thank you


I am building a new ag shop. I am doing 3 doors for a "party room" and then 4 doors for the shop part. I can send some pics and plans for you to look at to clarify more of the specifics for this farm door.


Hello, I would like an estimate for a Bi-fold door, 28' wide x 14' tall. Door is to be used for a residential RV garage just like the custom made RV door from Washington featured on your blog. thank you, Ken W. 


Hello, we plan now a bigger hangar in Germany just next to Switzerland as there is more affordable space available. General Contractors will be the technical contact. Shipping Adress: Eschbach, Germany Built to get shipped in 40 ft containers vie ocean/train. Please quote: Door frame, bi-fold drive with 3 Phase 400V AC mains, design for isolated panels. Isolated panels will be purchased and installed locallay - do not quote Kind regards Ernest S.


I have a 35 year old bi-fold on my residential hangar. It is 40 x 12. Due to a new concrete floor elevation, the old door from another company either needs to be re-engineered or replaced. I need a rough idea of the costs involved and the process. Ag talk in forum says you can fix my door. Thanks


Good afternoon. I have general contractors working on a Mall door project in Miami, Florida, which has an atrium space that we want to be completely open to the mall during business hours, but separated after closing, as the atrium has 24/7 public access. The point of access to the mall is 56'-0" wide, and 15'-0" high at the ground level, 14'-0" high on the second level, and 12'-6" at the third level. Originally we wanted a folding wall to provide separation, by we cannot get glazing that high that meets Dade County missile impact requirements. Would your bi-fold doors be able to fit in such large openings? Can you provide impact rated glazing? The atrium has an ellipse shape in plan. Can your doors be built along a curve, or strictly linear? If we wanted to use two or more sets of doors, would we need an intermediate post? Thanks for the help! Chris


I am working on a restaurant project here in Tulsa, OK and would like to get spec information and pricing on a similar designer door to the one on your blog for the Sway Restaurant door. Thanks, Judy G.


Hi my name is Jason, I'm from Northam, Western Australia, and I have recently thinking of extending my skills and hopefully starting a small business with the help of a new product. I started out my fabrication career in a sheet metal shop fabricating stainless steel kitchen equipment, doing this for 5 years and then moving onto the mining industry and dealing with heavy earthmoving equipment for 3 years and recently have moved back to my home town in the hope of starting my own business. As I am a metal fabricator I was looking for something new and something that no one person is doing in my town our the state for that matter, wich took me to the internet and evidently your website and blog. As I have read a lot of your blogs and testimonials, I wanted to ask If your company would be willing to explore me being an installer of your bifold doors in Australia? If so I would like the opportunity to import your product, fabricate the doors and have a working business relationship with yourself. Yours sincerely. Jason.


Hi, I'm looking for the General Contractors spec sheet for your bifold doors. Specifically, for concrete construction, how are the doors installed?


please send all general contractor construction specs for truss load, header, etc. - including freight and time frame of delivery


We are looking to replaces are standard garage door with a hanger style door we are in south Florida and Need a highly rated hydraulic door that meets SF windstorm codes, do you make residential hanger doors?


I would like to know how much it would cost to get either the complete door with all required parts, just the frame and motor/gearbox/drive mechanism/ controls so that I could sheet it myself. Also, I currently have a homemade bi-fold frame mounted to the wall, and am wondering if I could just get the controls and lift mechanism. Your liftstraps are getting high ratings on chat rooms. Thank you


Would like a quote for a door or possibly just the frame and lift mechanism/controls. There is currently a homemade door frame on the shed but we do not have any of the controls, shaft, motor, or gearbox. Would it be possible to just get this and add it to our current door frame? I read in a ag talk forum that you might do this for me.


Need quote on a 48' x 14' Bifold Hanger Door Lift strap New Construction Building 60' x 60' x 16' for a Pole Building Stucture Price for a stick build structure 2x6 construction. I read a news article which rated your doors among the best.  Thanks 


I require pricing on your manual strap latch system. Your blog mentioned I could do the install.  Thank you, Ron 


We are looking to contract 10 hangars: Wondering what dimensions you have? We are looking at 12 to 13 meters width. Hangar talk has it you custom make all your doors.


Please provided an alternate for automatic openers and the doors are both in the end walls and side walls. The chat room I was in didn't give me much information.


Your automatic openers and the doors on the end walls and side walls work perfectly. Your blog said that I can purchase extra handhelds. I need two.


I need pricing on (3) 30' X 22' bi-fold doors with lift straps. Wind load/speed 95mph Shipping to Westfield,MA 01085 Any questions please call my general contractors. Thank you


I work on lots of breweries in western North Carolina and brewery chat rooms I've visited give your doors high ratings. I have a request for a 27' tall door. Possibly 14-16 foot wide. Is this a doable size for your doors? What do I need for a quote? Thanks Clark


We are working with general contractors to design a folding glass wall for an outdoor kitchen. The opening is 12 ft width x 8ft 2 inches width. A prelimary plan is available drawn by the architect


 Looking to convert my Ranch Shop roll up door to a bi-fold. Primary reason to change is for insulation/ sealing because I want to heat-a/c the Shop. Can you give me a "ballpark" idea of cost so I can determine if this is a viable option for me? The current door opening is approx 13 wide and tall. Will probably want to use the poly straps. Should I pursue this, is there a general contractor or someone in the Dallas area that can help with the design and/or install? Thanks. -Rob


Hi - what's the cost to convert my cable door to straps? The door mdl. is M-13, # M-261. Found out about the liftstrap conversion kit in a farm  magazine news story. Thanks, Rick


I would like an estimate for a bifold school door similar to the one shown on your website blog from Scripps High School. Dimensions would be 8'w x 7'h..


I would a like a cost estimate for budget purposes on a bi-fold door that would be attached to a steel building. The door opening size would be aproximately 85' X 18', The building size is 80' x 100' with 20' a 20' eve. Reviews I've read said your straps will lift a heavy door like this very easy.


I am looking for 2 doors for our soon to be new workshop the door size is 18 feet high and 22 feet wide. since we are in a windy area I was wondering if you guys have had issues with these highly rated doors operating in 50 to 60 MPH winds. thank you Gerry


Looking to hide an opening on a very high profile building and saw your product in a news article and am interested in talking with you to see if it would work for our application.


Have a customer interested in a full-view farm shop biomass door that is 18 x 7 in size. Clear anodized aluminum finish with powder-coated finish option. Do you have wind load approval for Florida? Thanks, Steve


Hello I am interested to know a little more about the load capacity and spatial requirements for the Lift Strap system used in your bi-fold doors. I like the look of the strap system on your blog and would be keen to explore the opportunity of using one or multiple lifting straps to support and lift the ends of a very large truss (approx. 176kN at each end) for a very large and high profile project that I am currently working on. It would be useful to discuss things with someone in your technical department if possible. I am based in London and able to answer/make phone calls between 9am-6pm during the week, it maybe be best to email me first and I can call you back.


We are adding a 14x40 farm door to one of our existing buildings, and I would like to get some info on your bifold farm doors. Thanks, Terry W.


Needing 16 wide by 12 tall bifold door on existing wood pole barn. One of guys in your testimonials said you make great pole shed doors. Need price. Thanks John


I need to get a budget price for a bi-fold door (supply & install) in Central Illinois. The door dimension would be 64 feet wide x 16 feet high and would be used for a private aircraft hangar. Hangar talk gives your doors high ratings.


Hello, Would it be possible to get a quote on an aircraft hangar door? The opening would be 58 feet wide and 18 feet high. Would like the bi-fold strap door style mentioned in all the reviews. Thank you, Jeff


Would like to get a quote on an aircraft hangar door? The opening would be 48 feet wide and 16 feet high. Would like the bi-fold door style. Your blog says they are best for deep snow conditions.  


I am looking at pricing, availability and lead time for either a 30x16 or 40x16 bi-fold ag door. It is a new build steel building door project. Tom 


Quote Request. Jobsite: Antofagasta, Chile UBC 97 Wind Speed 75 mph Fastest Miles Exp C Freight. I read in an overseas forum that you can arrange shipping. 


I have two general contractors pricing out some new airplane hangers up in the Edmonton area and would like some bifold door prices from you. Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing back from you.


Looking to get an idea of what is possible with a 16x7 residential door for my home. We are converting our garage to a "rec-room" and would like to know our options for insulated doors. Got some ideas from your Schweiss blog.


Inquiring about a possible bi-fold door for a typical two car sized garage. No siding required (only the frame and fold mechanism and mounting hardware. Door frame can be reinforced/converted to steel. The forum I read says I can get it with liftstraps.


Please send pricing information, including installation for a farm door in an existing building. Thanks


I need a quote on a 55'-0" wide x 18'-0" bi-fold door delivered and installed to Watertown, SD. A chat room I was in said your strap doors lift faster than cable doors and seal weathertight.


I am shopping around for my boss. She needs 3 bi-fold glass doors that open for a greenhouse. The dimensions are 108 x 83. Could you give me an estimate as to how much this would cost. We'll have our local general contractor install the glass.  Thank you.


Inquired earlier and received a call. Discussed our project, caller said he'd work up quote based on typical 4 something pounds per sq ft. Can we get specifics? Pricing, Installers available etc? We can't schedule/budget project without specifics needed for our general contractor. eMail please. I can send picture of existing opening/door and measurements if that's any help.


I want to replace my bi-fold door cable auto latch mechanism with your new strap autolatch. Can you recommend a supplier and provide specifics as to what I should order? Your blog says you have a kit to retrofit door.  According to the installation manual it is a 40' x 12' door. The original order # 13991. I believe it was installed in 2007. 


I'm looking for a 24' X 8' horizontal bi fold, clear view garage door, shipped to Pennsylvania. I've seen many favorable reviews on your residential bifold doors. Is that something that your company does? Or do you have a distributor near Pa.?


I am a commercial building owner Milwaukee, WI., and I am looking for general pricing on (2)overhead bi-folding liftstrap glass designer doors for a bar/restaurant storefront application. This would be a retrofit within existing framing. The openings are roughly 7'6 wide by 7'4 tall, however they differ slightly in width. I would be interested in the thermal properties of the glazing, as well the finish options. I would be looking for a dark bronze finish. Your Schweiss blog mentioned these are fast opening doors. Thanks


Good afternoon, Looking for price and delivery for a new bottom weather seal on an 80' wide by-fold door. It is an older door and I am not sure if it is one of yours but I am sure that your rubber will work. The current seal seems to be about 6 or 8 inches wide, thanks. A chat room I was in said it's good to send photos, I can do that.


I am building an RV garage that will have a 13' x 13' opening and would like a price quote for one of your doors. Also will your door frames support a wooden facade on them? I am located in Sandpoint, North Idaho near the Sandpoint airpark where your hangar doors are pictured on your blog.  Prefer email response, Thanks


The building has little head room on the left side (roughly 19"), large creosote beams that are in the way of putting in a regular garage door and the building it is attached to prevents large sliding doors. We are about down to seeing what your company can do or building a door ourselves. Reviews I've read said it's best to deal with Schweiss than to build it ourselves.


I have a commercial construction company and I am putting up a shop at my house and wanted to get a price on a 38' x 10' bi-fold door. Can I get a quote or do I have to go through a rep.? The commercial doors on your blog look very well made.


Email reply is fine. I'm building a large pool cover, and think the drive motor for the bi-folding door is ideal for adaptation. I would only need the motor drive shaft straps/cables pulleys etc. I don't need any door of course.... Can you help, or point me at the OEM for the motor/drive assembly? Saw a couple of your designer doors in Architectural magazine news stories. So I thought of you. Thanks Larry


Check the e-mail listed above to verify the quote and ratings for (1) bifold 44x13 and (1) Alternate quote for the same only hydraulic door, for the Alva Airport, Alva, Ok. 73717 (FOB Price). Thanx! 


Hi, just read a forum regarding your bi-folds, please send us some information of your products. Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you. 


Looking for a hydraulic door 15' x 15' with a quick lead time and cost estimate. Discussion in a chat room mentioned you have a new hydraulic pump system and spherical bearings.  Thanks, Matt


Looking at building a wood frame hangar that will eventually house a cessna 185 on amphibious floats. Read about the Canadian floatplane/boat hangar on your Schweiss blog. Nice!  Please advise type and size of door you would recommend


We have a customer for a 40'W x70'L x 18'H farm door on his machine shed building. He wants a 45'W x 16-17'H bi-fold door on the sidewall. He hasn't said if the bi-fold goes in or out. He wants a 22'W x 16' overhead door on end wall. Give me a call to discuss. Bill


I'm an architect looking for an unconventional solution to automatic operation for a pair of 16' wide doors. General contractors I've talked to steered me to Schweiss Doors.


Hello, I would like to talk with someone about a project in San Diego we're designing in which we would like to use either 3 or 6 strap-lift, top-drive vertical bi-fold doors with 1" insulating glass. The project is a renovation and addition to an existing 3-story building will need a restaurant door and event space. The existing building has a steel frame and as  general contractor and structural engineer I will make the necessary reinforcements, with your guidance on your door's static and dynamic loads. They are already looking into wind load ratings. Due to budgetary concerns, the client may choose to save money and have the 3 openings at the 1st floor East Elevation be vertical bi-fold doors so we would need the 1st floor priced separately from the 3rd floor. The design team would certainly prefer that all 6 be vertical liftstrap bi-fold doors. Regarding the design of the mullion divisions: We would like to have the vertical mullions of the Bi-Fold doors match the quantity and spacing of those of the fixed storefronts and guardrails above/below and in front of the bi-fold doors. Then we would want to minimize the number of horizontal mullions. From your example project images, I believe this is within your design parameters, but please confirm. East Elevation 1st Floor: (3) openings at 23'9" W x 9' 4" East Elevation 3rd Floor: (2) openings at 23'9" x 11' 4" (1) opening at 19' x 11'4" (We need a standard hydraulic swing door and fixed sidelight for code-required exiting so the width of the vertical bi-fold door was reduced in one bay) We would like to request the following: 1. Price quote for vertical bi-fold doors with the above sizes with the 1st floor ones priced separately from the 3rd floor. 2. CAD & PDF section and plan drawings for the two opening heights showing the doors in the open and closed positions. We would like to include preliminary versions of these drawings in a set of Design Development drawings. These drawings will be used for pricing by the GC. 3. Power supply and structural loading information for our electrical and structural engineer's coordination. 4. Please be clear about what is and is NOT included with the doors in the pricing. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss. Thank you, -Tim J. LEED General Contractor, San Diego, California 92101


Have an airpark home. Previously had a larger door quoted for a Hangar remodel that did not happen. Now I'm considering just replacing my current Hangar door. The Hangar opening is 9' tall by 38' wide. The hangar is wood framed with a large wooden beam header. It looks like originally a bi-fold door had been installed, and later a door on sliding track was installed to replace it. Would need to know electrical service requirement for motor to get the electrical run. Don't know if this would require a permit to replace existing door. Would like option for standard door on left side of hangar door (might not be possible with 9' door.) Also pricing for 2 windows in door. Testimonials from other pilots say you make the best hangar doors.


Have an airpark home. I'm considering replacing my current Hangar door. The Hangar opening is 12' tall by 48' wide. The hangar is wood framed with a large wooden beam header. It looks like originally a bi-fold door had been installed, and later a sliding track door was installed to replace it. Would need to know electrical service requirement for motor to get the electrical run. Noticed several nice airpark bifold doors on your website and blog.


Hello, I am William, I am a team member of the Stevens Institute of Technology's 2015 Solar Decathlon team. The Solar Decathlon is a competition held by the department of energy every 2 years to construct a sustainable home that is marketable in a target market. Being that our school is located in New Jersey, our target market is post-Sandy Jersey Shore home termed the SURE house a SUstainable REsiliant home. As part of the resilience aspect of the home we would like to incorporate your highly rated Schweiss bifold doors to cover our large glass features in the event of a storm. The current design includes a glass corner with 20' of glazing in each direction. Each of these sections is broken up into two 10' sections that would need to be protected in a flood scenario. The idea is that the bifold door panels would be flanged on 3 sides (left, bottom, right) to form a lap joint over the supporting steel with a gasket. The problem with this is that of all of the bifold door designs we have seen cannot support a flange on the bottom because it would interfere with the track while in the up position. So, we would be interested in knowing if your bifold door designers would like to work with us on this design. If possible I would prefer to communicate via email. Regards, William


Neat blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your Schweiss Door web and blog design. Thanks Justin.


I just pay a quick visit to your Schweiss web page blog everyday since it offers feature contents on two styles of doors, thanks 


I'm looking to use your door assy. for our restaurant renovation. Do you have any CAD details that you supply to designers? Restaurant forums point to the fact that designer glass bifold and hydraulic restaurant doors are now very trendy.


I'm building my house and I'm interested in using a bi-fold door for my garage. The opening is 26'4" width x 9' height. The door must be remote control operated and no exterior finish required. We will use wood for exterior covering. My general contractor turned me onto Schweiss Doors.  Consider price FOB Miami


Looking for price of a strap door 65x12 delivered to Hayden Lake, ID. also any specs as to what needs to be done beefing up a Pole building 70x100x16 for a hanger also an install price so I can quote bifold door. It was news to me that I can also install the door.


I am looking for a quote on some commercial application bi fold glass restaurant doors in Austin, Texas. I need two of them at 10x10 each. The client wants the frame to be massarunduba wood and the glass to be insulated and tempered with a slight tint. They would also consider a black aluminium frame if the custom wooden one is outside their budget. If possible it would be great to look at pricing for any similar options you might have. Noticed on your blogs that you specialize in restaurant doors. Thanks for your help.


Curious to see if glass patio bifold doors are economically feasible for the homeowner. quote only. A chat room I visited mentioned your residential custom made doors.  thank you


I am interested in a bifold hangar home door. Must be approx. 40' wide with 10.5' clearance when open. Would a 12' high door give me the clearance I want? If not what clearance would I have with a 12' door? 


We are bidding on a Rising Transit Hub Project on Long Island NY. We need a price. We have cuts & Specs. Your company is specified. The overall door dimensions are close to 10' tall by 10' wide... Your blog says you install or have a field representative for our area. Thank you Peter 


We are general contractors designing a building that will have two large bi-fold doors. They will each be 30 wide by 24' tall and clad partially in glass and partially in metal. It is part of a metal building for a brewery in the Oakland, CA area. We need to get the required loading on the columns of the structure for out design. Thanks.


Howdy! Your Schweiss blog news articles could not be written any better! Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I'll send this information to him as he is looking to purchase a large industrial strength door.


I am interested in getting some info on some hydrolic garage type doors we read about in an Internet forum. We are a soccer facility and want to create some indoor/outdoor type feeling. I think some of the clear doors would be best so in poor weather, people can still watch the play. Questions 1. Can we use a plexiglass type material? 2. Do we have to have motors or can we just manually lift them? 3. Approximately, how much do these cost? We are looking for about 6 doors. 10 ft high by 10 ft wide. However, if there are standard sizes that are cheaper, we would like to go that route.


Working on a pricing out some new airplane hangers up in the Edmonton area and would like some prices from you. Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing back from you. Testimonials from other hangar owners rate your doors highly.


If I go with one of your bi-fold doors for my new garage, do you offer a remote garage door opener? I read a forum that recommended your liftstrap doors.


Our building will be 60' wide x 18' high. We may want the door to be 40' wide or we could go the whole 60'. The building is post and beam construction, farm implement shed. Why does your blog recommend going with a bigger size ag door than what I need right now?


have a steel framed 60ft X 64ft stall barn. raised center roof with skylights. building framed all 3 barn doors for installation of doors: 3 doors, 2 are 14ft high X 12ft wide and the 3rd door is 14ft high X 11ft wide. i can send you photos in a day or 2. we haven't moved to this Redmond UT property yet but i did provide the physical and mailing addresses there and actually if you do an aerial search on Google Earth you should be able to view this barn....all 3 doors face to the South. anyhow i would like to hear from you and how we could get a quote going. i have no idea what to expect on the possibilities of what you can do for us, however I did scout your web page blogs for some information, so talk to ya soon...thank you


Dairy barn needing large bifold farm doors, steel framed 50ft X 62 ft barn. raised center roof with skylights. building framed all 3 ag doors for installation of doors: 3 doors are 14ft high X 16ft wide. i can send you photos. i did provide the physical delivery  addresse there.  Please call. Bill


I would like info and prices on two marine doors. I have them on rollers now, but am changing them. I need each door to cover 34 Wide " 24 high door hole. I can deal with either model, but again the bifold needs to open up to 24 clearance. You can go to our website and see the two front fiords I am replacing. I have a bifold on my airplane hanger and works well. It came from Schweiss Doors. Enjoy reading your blogs and online testimonials.


I am building a new garage and want to have custom Bi-fold garage doors vs. the std 4 segment roll up doors. I will have 3 separate garage doors each 10' wide by 8' tall with 2 doors on an upper level and a single door on a lower level. With a hydraulic unit could I have a single pump unit with 2 or 3 accumulators for all 3 doors similar to the Las Vegas restaurant doors on your website blog? IF so, what would my rough costs be if I were to fabricate the door panels and purchase all other parts myself?




I'm looking for a price on a retro fit kit to replace the existing metal cables with nylon straps on a 40' wide bi-fold farm door. Thanks


Do you have an agent for you door systems in New Zealand or Australia that I can contact to get a price for a couple of Hangar doors. Direct me to an Austrailian or New Zealand forum or give me names of people here to have your doors.


This customer is not suer if they want a bi-fold or a hydrawulic door. I am looking for a quote on both for this project. I also need to know how much insulation they could put in this door. A chat room I was on said to use foam insulation, is that better?


We are looking for a hands free commercial door opener that has the ability to open a solid steel door weighing 540 pounds with dimensions of 44" wide, 84" tall, and 0.5" thick. However, our doors should  not swing like a residential house door. We like the bifold straplift doors featured on your Schweiss blogs.  We are required to meet IP-65 standards with all mechanisms of the door opener and as well as the button. I was wondering if you would have a heavy duty door opener that would suffice for our needs? Also how does the user control opening and closing the door, we are looking for a button that is similar to a handicap push button. Do you also have a locking mechanism to secure the blast door shut, when it needs to remain closed? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Roger L.


Looking for a quote on new straps, to replace cable for the door locks, and 1 gearbox. Is there a distributor in Canada? Reviews rank your door ahead of all others. See many up here.  Thanks, Jeff


Looking for typical weight info for two bifolds roughly 20'w x 17.5' tall each, so that our general contractor can size the structural steel support frames for our building permit. We would want the door panels to be in-filled with glass and aluminum (either by you or do we source infill?) thank you, Jane L. 


I would like a quote for a hydraulic style door on my hangar home. the opening is 43' 11" X 13' 7" A hangar talk forum noted that you now have a new compact pump. Thank you J.P.


Please comment on best solution in your opinion to insulate aircarft hangar bi-folding door. Size of panel is 80" x 80", total 12 panels. Ceiling and all walls are insulated. Location - MidCoast Maine. Reviews weren't kidding when they said you had a fast opening door.  Kind regards, Fred.


Looking at erecting a 30x60x12 open sided building erected by Quality Structures, Inc. About how much would a one piece, externally mounted hydraulic door go for that would fit across the front of the 12' x 60' wide front of the building? Probably would want a few windows built into the door. Your blog said we could get extra handheld remotes.  Thanks Brad F.


Please go to our Federal website.  The Plans and spec are on this web site. This project is in Alaska - 8 doors total both front and back doors are getting replaced. Please read the spec. and forward info to our general contractors. Respectfully, Ken J.


I am the Ohio DSM for CECO Building Systems. Have a hangar building to bid that has a 60 x 18' clear opening with a bi-fold door specified. Fairfield county regional airport hangar project. Need to have you price for my general contractor as well as discuss with me the weight, design and speed of the door so that I can properly calculate the opening framing and reinforcement for your bi-fold door. I would forward your proposal with my building quotation. I have plans and specifications that I can forward to you.


I'm a board member for a non-profit flying club. We recently purchased a hanger to stop one of our planes in and have a place for our mechanics to do maintenance during the winter time. The current door lift system is a manual crank which can be a real pain in the arm. I was doing some research on electric door openers and ran upon your blog which said you can install a strap system on other manufacturers doors. Just curious if you have any recommendations for retro fitting the current door system to make it easier to open and close. Since we are a flying club the door could be opening and closing several times a day. There is no electricity out there. We are thinking about putting in 12V lighting powered by a battery and charged by a solar panel so we might have some 12V power out there. Here is a picture which shows much of the current door. 


We are looking for a vertical lift installation for a glass garage door our client purchased. It is 8' wide by 7' tall and has 4 rows of panels that can be divided into two sets of rows. It is for a small pilates studio which cannot have interior rails. Please let me know cost of system and or installation. Not sure what end wall vs side wall entails. Read about your doors in forum on glass bifold doors.


Our 2003 bi-fold door shifted on our hangar causing some structural damage to the hangar. Original manufacturer could not be found. My question does Schweiss have someone local who could come out and survey the doors and give us an idea of what needs to be done? We would like your assistance in coming up with a plan. Forum I read noted that you are often able to fix other peoples problems. 


Hello, Could you provide me a quote for a Bi-Fold door 40 feet wide. My hangar ceiling is 13 feet and I would like to hinge the door one feet above the ceiling to maximize the opening space. So I guess that the door would be 14 feet high. Also can you provide a printer friendly document for the Wood Building Details similar to what you have on your web site? Your blog said your hangar doors have a good seal when closed to reduce heating costs? Thank you for your assistance, Claude


look for a 55x16 foot hydraulic door please send pricing and engineering info to me and my general contractor, thanks, Barry


looking to build an ICF house and have been studying chat room talk and looking at big glass commercial garage doors as a solution to open up an entire wall of the house I'm getting ready to build. I think your doors are a better solution. The wall in my house will be about 20' tall and about 53' wide. Can I use a single panel hydraulic door for this opening or do you recommend a bi-fold door? Im a general contractor here in Washington state and have the ability to do just about anything. Is this something that I can install myself according to specs? Hoping to get a rough quote. Thanks, Tim


I am looking for pricing: 10 farm doors for potato warehouse- high density.Basic bifold. Possibly 10 doors, but please price 1-10 x 10 and 1-18 x 10 for now. Thank you


Hello, I was in the General Aviation industry over 23 years, just recently left EAA in Oshkosh to become sales manager. Your doors are still the best in the industry, I direct potential buyers to your web blogs every chance I get.  Does your company have any need for custom machined parts? Trevor


Bought a bifold door from you in 2000 for a hanger here in Norfok, NE. Door is 60' x 17'-6". Model #S12, No. L9. Want to replace the cables with your liftstraps. Send me a conversion kit as advertised on your blog. Will need a price delivered to Norfolk, NE.


I want to knwo the price for a door with this size: 15 mts wide aprox 50 feet 5 mts high aprox 15 feet and also want to know if you can make the door or just sell the hydraulic stoffs? I read a forum that said you deliver to Mexico. Best regards


The garage door on the building was replaced 10 years ago with french doors and sidelights. Unfortunately this doesn't permit driving the cars in. We'd like to replace(?) the existing door with one-piece hydraulic to accommodate driving into the area. Our general contractor said we should purchase a Schweiss door.  Who do we contact for quote/pricing and what specifics are necessary to quote purchase, delivery and installation?


We are getting ready to start building our hangar. Thanks for sending us reviews on you bifold door, they convinced me your doors are the best. Please send us prices as soon as possible. Thanks!


I need a door price. The building is 80 by80 with 18 ft center 16 foot walls a 60 ft door . Price one piece hydroloc and by fold strap type . Learned about you in ag talk. Thanks


I have one of your bifold doors with lift straps. It has been wonderful. Local ag paper even did a news story on it. I lost one of the remote controls, but I would like to order 2 replacements. Can you please email me an invoice?  Thanks.


We are looking at a 12'x10' glass bifold or hydraulic glass door that opens from the dining room to a deck and a 3'4 1/2"x9'2" steel trap door that hydraulically opens in the floor to a staicase that would lead to a wine room. After scanning your designer door blogs it appears as though this is something you could provide us. We are building this home in Big Sky, MT. The air sealing on the glass door is of high importance. Any rough estimate would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike


I have a hangar that currently has 2 sliding doors. The building is 40'X120'. Each set of sliding doors is 40' wide and 15' high. The building is steel construction by Butler from the 60's. I would like to replace the sliding doors with Bi-Fold doors with windows and man door because your doors get outstanding ratings. Can you give me some pricing estimates.


I would like a quote on a bifold machine shed farm door 40' wide to go in a 18' sidewall building 60' wide with a 4/12 pitch and would like to max my height. Ag talk gives your doors high ratings. I would like this quote for the door and install. Thanks


Hi I am looking for a bifold door free standing that is 17 ft 11 inches wide by 14 ft 2 inches high wonder if you could price it will be going on a wooden ridgid frame riding arena building like the one featured on your blog posts.


Dear Sir, I have a problem, and I'm hoping you have a solution! We've just completed the foundation work on a building which will house an antique carousel. The plans call for a 12' wide by 13' tall garage door, which will be used to install the carousel and provide equipment access for maintenance and repair. The door is centered under a 28' tall gable (20' side walls at the eaves). We can make the rough opening as high as needed. General contractors had originally specified a vertical lift garage door, because the interior aesthetics are pretty attractive. Your one-piece doors might just do the trick. a roadway passes along the exterior wall (so we can't have things like a big sill sticking way out). The interior of the building will be finished to a very high level (think nice living room or museum). I need something with the following properties: 1) Attractive both inside and out. 2) Minimal support equipment to trip over or decorate around (or the ability to install such equipment some distance from the door). 3) The door must be well insulated. 4) Very good dust seals. The carousel is expensive, and our location is VERY dusty. I'm sort of looking at your one-piece door, but I'm not sure how big the hydraulic pump and mechanism would be, and whether the dust seals would be up to snuff. The good news is that the door will only be used VERY occasionally, so door speed isn't an issue. So, do you have any suggestions?


Hi. We are planning a garage/workshop project at our cottage NE of Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. We are interested in a hanger style garage door to save interior space to also create a cleaner look from inside, also to eliminate the ceiling track and lift motor in the centre of the garage. Three doors will most likely be required. one at 16"W x 8-9' high, one at 8'W x 8-9' high and one at 10'W x 10' high. Any suggestions and possible budget pricing. Love the residential designer doors featured in your blogs. Not sure where you are located but if you do not have a Canadian distributor I can pick up in Buffalo NY or have it shipped direct. Call or email please. THX Craig


Hello, I'm from Quebec, and I would like to Know where I can find your product. I saw your garage door in a news article and I love it ! We want to build a pool house and I find the doors garage very well. Do you distribute your product some where in Quebec! Thank you very much for your answer Nancy K.


We are a dealer of Sukup Metal Buildings and one of my customers is interested in one of your doors. He had contacted you for some specs and he has forwarded this information to me because I am his general contractor.  I am looking for a price of this door as well as current lead times and specs.


Please include automatic locking device for bifold door. Please provide installation instructions as per your blog news piece. Steel building to be delivered to Cabot, AR.


Please send a quote ASAP for a 30x18 Bifold Farm Door for Agricultural use. Windloaded for 115 MPH Shipped to Elgin ND 58601


Looking at replacing a traditional type garage door with a Schweiss Red Power liftmaster opener. It is 16 ft high and 20 ft wide. Testimonials I've read say I can order it with a battery backup system.


Wondering about putting in a bi-fold door for a new farm shop. Looking for prices on 30 or 35ft wide door by 16, 17, or 18ft tall. Farm talk noted I can save money by doing the install.  Thanks


We are looking for side stacking bi-fold doors and a highly rated door system that will function well in a busy commercial market as well as perform well from a thermal and air leakage perspective. rough opening size 4.625m x 6.750m wide 8 rough each rough opening is divided into 6 panels panel width 1.125m Two operable man doors included in the bifold system in each of the 8 openings.


Hello, We're looking to design potentially 3 different buildings with Bifold doors for hangers in Northern BC. They are all around 50 x 22 clear openings. We are needing a price for one only and some drawings so we can confirm design impact to our pre-eng buildings general contractors. We are also wondering what the cost impact would be to add a single mandoor to the door. Thanks, Ben D.


Hello, I am considering using a single-hydraulic or a bifold door on a commercial application of 8 doors, each 14'-5"(horizontal) x 9'-0" (vertical). We plan to use a basic metal cladding to secure the spaces at night. My first questions: 1) What are the important considerations in installing and buying these doors? 2) Could you please send me a quote for these doors as both hydraulic single doors and bifold doors. Also, in the questionnaire below, I'm not sure what is meant by "end wall" vs "side wall". This is an exterior wall on a steel and concrete building just like the feedlot farm doors pictured in your blog. Thank you, Helen P.


I have a area under my deck that was Originally for garage. That never happened. It is a storage area and an eye sore. However the good news is we do need drive access for stacking fire wood. I would like a price for a designer door to see if it is even affordable. The size is 16' X 12'.


We are an electric generating plant, we have radiators outside that cool our treated water for our engines. This water is always heated to keep our engines warm and the radiator bays are insulated. At this time we are using 4x8 sheets of 2" styrofoam board and heavy duty tarps tp cover our radiators and hold in the heat. What I would like to know is if you can or have a design with high ratings that would operate like the one for the sandblasting outfit but be insulated and handle the snow load. We have 3 radiator bays and each one of them can be divided in half if needed.


Please quote two 22x22 clear bifold doors installed in the endwall of a new Butler building. Please fax and email design specification for our general contractor as well so we can send to Butler for quoting building. Please call with questions. Thank you.


Hello, I read about your doors in a hangar forum. I am wanting to replace my existing doors in my hangar with a 60 x 19 bi-fold door. I also need jamb legs and header for a free standing application. I have a metal building with a 60X14 door opening in the end wall. The ridge of the bldg is approx 20' 6" so I will be going above the building itself with this opening on each side. I want the door to be priced with insulation also. Thanks, Chuck Lowe


Would like a price on a hydraulic one piece door and a bi fold door. Door opening is 14x24 It would be installed on a round top building. A hangar news forum I read said you make your own freestanding headers.


Schweiss, Our agency has 25x80 Schweiss bi-fold industrial door with the overhead 8 cable drive motor configuration. Over the past ten years this system has operated well. We learned about your new liftstraps after visiting a chat room. Please provide a quote on the cost of the parts an estimate of man hours it take to install the lift straps system. Thank you, Ted C.


WE would like the pricing of a 60' x 18' hydraulic lift farm door. Total price including tax and shipping.


I have an older Schweiss door. Is there authorized service contractors for North Central Ohio who can retrofit it with liftstraps? Read about how good they are in a door forum.


I am renting an airplane hangar that has a Schweiss Bi-Fold door with an opener. After reading positive reviews on your doors I would like to inquire into the possibility of getting a second opener. Thank you, Bruce B.


Hello My home has standard 12 wide by 7 hi roll-up garage door I am tired of space lost by this door what is you least expensive by-fold kit? If need be I would made the door more narrow to fit structure. Though I was thinking of going by-fold by width. Testimonials on your blog page give high rankings for Schweiss doors.


I am a general contractor and have a design build project in the works that is requiring a 18' x 44' opening in the endwall of a pre engineered building... I have installed 3 of your bifold doors on other projects... my client is asking me to compare the bifold with the hydraulic door... Our current design will allow a 4' wedge for the bifold door... thank you, Steve


Hi I've got a couple of your highly rated doors on my hanger. The other day my neighbor with the same type of doors pulled up and opened his door with a 3 button remote control. I want one of those !!!!! How do we add a remote to our doors? Thank you Tony


Hi there we are extending our hangar and would like a price on a bi fold door. Dimensions 5700 mm H / 14000mm W. The unit would be require to fit in a container for shipment to New Zealand. Saw your doors featured on news here.  Regards John


Door will need to be supported entirely separate from building in order to provide specified clear opening size. A chat room I visited mentioned  you make freestanding headers.


Would like to order another remote control device for my Schweiss Bi-fold door. Number on door is 19658. The remote door openers sure are good news for pilots.  Thank you, jason


I need a price & specs for 1 piece (single panel) hydraulic door - 45' x 12'. Also need a price or direction for installation for my general contractor. Thank you!


Could you please provide me with a quote for one bi-fold 85' X 18' door and another quote for one hydraulic 85' X 18' door. Depending on which option is more cost effective, we will be installing that door on a 120' X 75' airplane hangar with a 20' eave. If you could also provide me with drawings and information about each door so my general contractors can design the building the support the door that would be great. Thanks!


I am trying to get a cost/ordering info for the wireless opener kit that I read about in a farm forum. I currently have a bi-fold Schweiss door and would like to add the remote receiver.


Looking to order your highly rated strap lift bi-fold door. Attached to end wall of a pole barn. Opening needs to be 36'-0 wide X 10'-0 tall. Door would have vertical siding on face. Need a price delivered to Belmont, Ohio. Thanks


What would be the cost of a 25' wide by 12'tall hydraulic one piece restaurant door like the Sway restaurant door on your blog installed in La Vernia, Tx


We have a Schweiss Bi-Fold door on the air plane hanger on our property in Guffey, Colorado 80820. The mice have eaten through the rubber gasket at the bottom. News has it you can send a replacement. The door model is S2 No. 261 Serial No. 5415 and the length is 30'. How can you assist us? Thank you for your consideration, Allen


i am looking for architectural and general contractors details for bifold doors. The approximate size of our proposed door is 12'-7" wide x 15' high. What material are these doors made of? How thick is the frame? We would like insulated glass with Aluminum frame. Whats the price range for something like this? Please email me the details. Thanks H


Good morning, Please contact me only by email. The content of your website blog is impressive, congratulations. Our company building the new building for the company in Poland. It is a company in the aviation industry.One of the conditions are bifold door (type straps lift), to the hangar in which will be a plane. Do you have provided any bifold doors to Poland? Do you deliver bifold doors to Poland? Best regards


Our customer has an existing 100x100x24EH hangar with an 80x20 clear door. He needs a taller door so we will add another bay (with a higher eave height) to the end of the building. He would prefer a hydraulic door but I believe that we may be exceeding design parameters. Also, please quote both the steel bifold and the aluminum. Reviews I've read give high ratings to your big hydraulic hangar doors. Thanks. Randy


I should have an account with you under Lumber Co. Stillwater,MN. I would like a quote on a 42 x 16 Bi-Fold hangar door. Could I also get an installed price? Noticed on your blogs that you are sending a lot of doors overseas.   Thank you


Hello, I am an architect in Madison, WI and I am currently working on a concept development project for a 100' wide x 75' deep x 34' high clear span metal building that will be utilized as a hangar in Byron, CA. I am seeking preliminary cost for the manufacture and installation of bi-fold doors for the hangar. The client, who read about you in an architectural forum is looking at 2 options. 1. 90' wide x 28' high with exterior facing panels from the pre-engineered building (PEB)supplier. 2. The second option is (2) 46' wide x 16' high bi-fold doors in lieu of the large single door. Both door options need to include all motor and electrical wiring, push-button controller and hard wire connection to service panel adjacent to each door. Please call to discuss further. Thank you


We need a quote on another high ranking Schweiss  hangar door that is 40'wide and 10' high in the clear. Including operator and shipping and handling total. If you have any questions, you can call John.


I need to replace the original top and bottom seals on my 34 ft hanger door. Please send a quote by email for the replacement original seals. My door is Model M22 and serial #6933. Hangar door has been operating terrific, just like the testimonials we read say. Thanks


Hello, I got a quote from you guys about a year ago for a 50x12 door, hydraulic, single piece. I would like to go ahead and purchase it to the same specs as I was originally quoted. Please contact me via email and I will respond with the original quote so I can get an updated quote from you guys. By the way, Ag Talk really speaks well of your doors.  Thanks! Tod


I need a door for a 14'x40' opening in a pole barn. I may narrow the opening to 30' to save money. How much for a basic door 30' and 40'. Can I buy the power unit later ? This is for your highly rated lift strap door.


I was wondering if you still had the drawings you did about 6-8 years ago when I was going to buy one of your farm doors. Also I am of great interest again and the size is 14'4" and I think I want a full 36inch above for the bi-fold strap door. I need the price of a 20 ft wide and a 26foot wide. Thanks Joe  What kind of a deal can we get on freight????


I would like to install a vertical exterior bifolding door for our restaurant. Good news to hear after I talked online in a chat room that you've been making restaurant doors for a long time. Will you please provide a quote? Thank you


Looking for a glass bi-fold door 54" high by 96" wide rough opening. Frame "Sand" in color. Would like the frame material to be narrow. Your blog says you custom make all your doors.


We are looking into using a glass bifold garage door on the living room facade of a single family home and were wanting a price quote. A forum I read said your doors are very quiet.


I was curious what the ballpark figure for a 40'x10' wide bi-fold door would be delivered to 98926. I am considering building a small hanger and have built my own bi-fold doors before, but I am considering buying pre-made if reasonable after I read in a ag talk chat room that it is just as cost saving to order doors through Schweiss Doors.


Will send CAD drawings for specs after being contacted by my general contractors. Or when email address is provided.


I have a 56' bifold with manual latches on each end. After reading about your auto latches in a farm news magazine I was wondering what it would cost to retrofit.  What info do you need? The installation is about 16 years old, installed here in Granbury, TX. Thanks Carl


Would like to know approx. price of your highly rated liftstrap/autolatch bi-fold door 24' wide x 16' high. [new construction]


On Saturday (today), the cable for that seals the door shut broke when the door was closing. Please send me a liftstrap conversion kit that you talk about on your website blog. A bit frustrating, we have had so many problems with these cables.


I have recently purchased a hangar with one of your bifold doors installed. I would like to know the cost of adding the remote control interface? I would also like to know how many rebates are included and the cost of additional remotes. Almost bought a different hangar but the guys in a chat room said to buy the one with the Schweiss bifold. Glad I did.  Thanks!


Hi We bought a 6 year old Butler all steel Building. 40` wide X 90`long x 16` high. It came and is stored in a 45 foot Great Dane trailer. It has a small overhead door, and 2 man doors. I just went for the building permit. We plan to keep a airplane with a 36 foot wing span, farm equipment, toys ect. Thinking about a door at each end,like 14` high x as wide as possible. Can you forward engineering specs to my general contractor. Any other ideas ? Thanks Bob


Inquiring the cost for either a bifold or hydraulic  door with dimensions 27 ft(high) by 76 ft(wide) for a liftstrap door and 27 ft (high) by 38ft (wide)/door for a hydraulic door setup. A chat room I visited said both styles are very low maintenance doors.  If you could provide a rough estimate for these options. Thank you.


I am curious of the overall cost difference between your high rated bi-folding and hydraulic doors. I have a client who is remodeling an old automotive garage, removing three existing 10'x10' overhead doors, and wants to install a single door with a clear opening of 28'x12'. I imagine there will be differences in the necessary structural accommodations for each door type that will additionally alter the cost of either of these doors, but wonder if you can give a base cost for each door type of this desired size? The Building construction Type is actually a concrete block reinforced with steel and steel trusses. This installation will be within a newly constructed wall within an existing building. Thank you in advance for your assistance  


I'm currently detailing a small outdoor "kitchen" at a SoCal research campus. Opng is 8'h x 10' wide. We'd like a simple tilt door to match the exterior siding (1x6 T&G clear cedar, vertical siding). Sectionally, we have a constraint 5' from face door and the kitchen it is enclosing is maybe 3' deep. Can hydraulics be mounted so that door comes in a few feet and sticks out a few more feet? We'd prefer a single panel restaurant door like the one on your blog over a bi-fold. Maybe. We also need to keep rodents out - can a tilt door seal tight enough?




I need a quote on a 80'x25' door for Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Airport. The general contractors will need engineering data and design specs for this large custom made hangar door.


We need a quote from you on a 50' x 18' bifold farm door. 


I have a "shed type hanger 44'WX 38'Deep It has steel sidding and roof with Steel trusses that rest on a front Header I Beam which is a 18"X6" by 3/8" Steel. The The front I Beam Header is supported at each end by Steel 6" I beam Columns. (3/8" thick) The Bottom Height above floor of the steel front header is 15'4". The edge of the Steel Columns (with the web facing into the door) is 42' I am looking to spec from you a 42'X 14'6" Bifold strap door. My hopes are that the door will fit within the Steel columns and I won't loose any width of the door (42')....the height is a little more flexable but can't be less that 14'. Anyway I can supply photos and such, but would like to get a cost estimate delivered, and any other input you can give me other than what I've already got from your informative website and blogs. Thank You Floyd


Need a quote on the Schweiss one piece hydraulic door. 2 each approx. 48' wide and 12'6" in clear when door is in the open position. 2 each approx. 48' wide and 12'6" in clear when door is in the open position. familar with your product from previous news articles and others who have your quality doors. new project bidding...thank you in advance....


We, as general contractors, have a customer looking for us to purchase and install a hydraulic or bi folding door in a commercial application. I'd like to get a quote on something for a 15' X 16' opening and installation instructions.


I will be attending the Anchorage, Alaska Aviation Show and desire to meet with a salesman that could have a quote prepared ahead of time. desire 100% complete door. Your blogs mention you do "turn key" sales and door installation.


We purchased a 16 x 36 bifold door with straps about 8 years ago. We are having an appraisal done on our property and would like to have a price to show to the appraiser, since most are not familiar with hangar doors. Would it be possible for someone to call or email me today? My husband sure likes his Schweiss farm door.


I need price on bi fold door strap lift 40' wide, 12' tall as well as the price of 38' wide, 10' tall. The reviews I've seen in chat rooms rate your doors highly.


We are working on a 4 seasons driving range building at a golf course in Michigan. The hitting bays are to open to the driving range. This bi-fold door is a good application because it eliminates the impact a door may have on the interior space of the hitting bay. We have 11 openings in which we would need this product. Is there a ballpark cost for an opening of approximately 10'w x 10'h. The lower half of the door would be a metal skin and the upper section would include glass to allow for natural light into the hitting bays when in the closed position. I Googled "bifold doors" and came up with your company and read your cool designer door blogs.


I'm building a shop/hangar and would like the price of two of your top rated doors (one for either end). 40' x 12' 12' x 12' both bifold with lift straps


This is a small application. This is a door for a courtyard, both sides of door will be exposed. Door will be covered in light weight fiberglass. General contractors who are my friends said this could be done.


I need bi-folding sidewall farm doors. 2-16x12 Standard duty insulated Metal face Please contact me with pricing. Thanks, Bart


I am a custom builder and general contractor  building villas. I have seen the Schweiss door that looks like a regular garage door. I have a client that wants to have their motor home kept at the residence. Zoning guidelines won't allow it, but this Washington RV door on your blog looks like a way we could design this into their home. We will need some advice/guidance here. Thank you, Bill


please price me a 40x18 ft bifold door.. I bought one from you 5-7 years ago. I would like one the same size and specs. You make strong bifold doors, just as was explained in a forum I read years ago.  Thank You


Hi, Planning to build a new machine shed storage building to replace a couple older buildings lost to the snow/ice last winter and might consider a hydraulic farm door for one end. Probably 36' wide x 16' tall. A couple questions I have would be what extra strength is needed for post & overhead. And what extra overhead height is needed. Also, the plan now is for a wood post frame building(pole barn), I read in ag talk your doors work great for wood frame buildings. I prefer email response. I need a price to compare my options at this time. The building will be built this summer. Thanks, Rick


We need a price quote by Tuesday Afternoon. For a 16'0 clear opening height, how high does the metal building rough opening need to be for a hydraulic door? Do I need to contact a general contractor.


We need a price quote for a 18' clear opening height bifold door, how high does the farm pole shed door  rough opening need to be?


This person that I am doing some work for has a overhead bi-fold hangar door. He Googled the Schweiss Door blog and found he could get good  weather seals for the sides of the door, such as boots from you. A soft rubber boot of some kind is preferred to aid in closing and locking the door tight. The door size is about fifteen feet high, by fifty feet wide. You may send me an e-mail. Thank you for your time.


Looking for a ball park price on an aprox. 8' tall by 9' wide bifold, glass clad door for a residential project in Arizona, south of Tucson. Used as a exterior wall between living space and covered patio similar to the Colorado general contractors designer door on your blog. New construction. 


I may purchase an aircraft hangar on a private strip in N. Central Arkansas. Hangar is about 45' wide. My airplane is a Bonanza A36. What I need now is simply a budget number on what it would cost to install a bi-fold door. The existing structure has a steel frame and roof, but no walls (or door). I need to come up with a budget on what my costs would be to complete the structure before I can make an offer. Your strap design looks interesting. We have a corporate hangar in Illinois with two bi-fold doors with cables. Your bifold liftstrap/autolatch design looks very interesting, bet it gets high ratings. Thank you, Kim


Hi, We are interested in a Bifold Straplift Door for our small aircraft hangar. Please be so kind and send us detailed information. We would prefer an electro mechanical door with autolatch. On the airport in Anahim Lake is a hydraulic door installed (not a Schweiss door). The gentleman from Oregon has always problems to operate the door in the winter. He must often park his Cessna Citation outside of the hangar in the winter. We have in our area down to -45 Celsius (-49 Fahrenheit). Read a hangar forum that says your bifold strap doors work very well in extreme cold. Many thanks in advance Charles, Nimpo Lake, British Columbia, Canada. 


Need a supply only for a 40' wide x 20' clear bi-fold stage door for a musical jamboree project here in Vancouver. We will insulate & clad on site. Impressive Schweiss stage doors featured on your website blogs.