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Hello! We are looking for a quote for a commercial airport T-hangar facility that we are bidding. It is a single metal building with 10 T-hangar bays. The doors are to be electric bi-fold with backup manual crank lift for power outages. Door openings need to have minimum clearance of 12'-8" high for aircraft tail height, and apron door opening should span up to 42' for wingspan.


Can your company RETRO -Fit bi-fold doors to current sliding T-Hangar doors ?? not sure which type of your door would be best for our application --need some direction on this does you company do the installation of the Retro-fit T-Hangar doors


We are working with local FBO on a budget for T-hangers and would like your recommendations for the hanger doors.


Want small 10x11’tall door for residential because don’t want to see door brackets but concerned of cost. Is there a way customer built door out of aluminum. And u supply rest I own airport and am also interested in your 45’ aviation doors next year looking to do t hangers but above is my personal home in Florida. Looking for idea of cost for door. Thanks


I have a project to move an existing set of T-hangars and replace rolling doors with bi-fold and would like to work with you guys to make this a smooth transition.


We are quoting a nested tee hangar which we will purchase from Metallic Bldg. Co. I need a quote for (20) 41'-6" x 12' (clear open at wedge) door frames and electric operators. Each bi-fold door to have 230 volt single phase, top mount electric operator pre-wired for 3 station push button. Doors to have top, center and bottom rubber seals, strap lift door pick-up, safety overide switch and a 3060 white, flush steel walk door with lever lockset. Metallic will provide 26 gauge PBR panel for exterior of door frames. Please include freight to Williamsport, Pa (115 mph wind). Please provide option for installation or referral to installer who is familiar with your door package. Please provide quote no late than close of business 3/24/23. Thank you.


I am building some T hangars in Rigby, Idaho and am requesting some proposals for schweiss doors. The rough openings will be 42' wide and 12' tall. No roof overhang. We are starting construction next month. I'm interested to know the following: -Timeline from order to delivery -cost per door -Available options and associated costs (ie. insulation, pedestrian doors, etc) I am looking for 8 doors total. Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions. I'm also happy to chat on the phone, but will need to schedule the call in advance. Thank you!


Can you please provide names of approved installers in the Appleton, WI area? We are looking to replace existing bi-fold bottom seals with your retrofit seal on many t-hangars. There is a total of close to 2,000 lf of doors that need to be updated. Thanks!


We are working with a client on an ten bay "T" hangar for light private planes. Looking for a quote please, for ten 40' x 15'6" strap lift bi-fold doors with top mounted electric motor operators. Thanks. Chris.


Looking for hangar doors. Need a hangar door for a large hangar for 80 x 16 clear space. Need 34 - hangar doors for T-hangars as well. Interested in hydro door and folding door with lift straps


The doors I need a quote on are going into a T-hanger type metal building structure. They are looking for the Schweiss Hydraulic type door. I need the following quoted along with specs for each, going to zip code 33907 (Ft. Myers, FL) (2) 54' Wide X 18' Height (clear opening) (9) 58' Wide X 14' Height (clear opening) (54) 42' Wide X 12' Height (clear opening) If you have any questions and/or need drawings showing the structures, please feel free to call me. Thank you, SJ


I am needing to talk with someone about some bifold hangar doors with a pedestrian door. I am looking for 8 doors for a T-Hangar project located in Oklahoma.


We are working with a NE Wisconsin airport to install new t-hangars that will require bifold lift strap Hanger doors with auto latches and handheld remotes. They would prefer to have Schweiss strap door openers on the bifold doors rather than the building manufacturer standard. The doors are 12'-0"Hx41'-6"W and there are (20) in the base bid and (9) in the alternate for a potential total of (29) required. We are putting together a cost estimate for the project, so can you please provide a cost for the openers as soon as possible? Thank you!


We are considering putting in a hangar row and need pricing information FOB 98368. I am familiar with your strap doors and have owned hangars with your doors installed. Please contact me by email or cellular phone for pricing details on Box and T-Hangar doors. Thank you, Steve Emley


Just need a quick estimate on a 50’ Schweiss hydro swing or bifold T- hangar door please. May be taking over a hangar and gathering prices. Thank you. Sarah.Hinton@taylortx.gov Call or email.


We would like a quote on a Hydraulic or Bifold T-Hangar Door for a Hangar in Beaufort NC 65 wide x 18 Height , clear opening , rated for 150 mph winds


Looking for price and availability for three 20' opening 40' wide bifold T-Hangar Liftstrap and auto latching doors. Inside truss.


Building 2 hangars, need strap doors for 35' wide and 45' wide T-Hangars, bifold with straps and auto latches and remotes


I have a T-hangar in Essex, Maryland. It needs new bifold strap operated doors to replace the lousy cable doors. The current doors from another manufacturer


Hi, I am looking to get a bid on 16 box and T-hangar bifold strap doors. The hangars are 42Hx48Wx16H. Located in middle Tennessee.


Hello! I'm with Williamsburg Jamestown Airport and we're installing a new row of t-hangars (18 units), sized for single-engine and small/light twin aircraft. I'd like to speak about getting a quote on your bifold lift strap door product. We're hoping for materials on-site here in Williamsburg, Virginia as early as September 2022 and as late as about January 2023. Please email or call and let me know you received this message. Thank you! Best, Heron Weidner Williamsburg Jamestown Airport Manager wk 757-229-9256 heron@wjairport.com


I am bidding a project at Hanscom Airfield, in Bedford, MA. I need a quote for (4) 41'-6" x 12' clear bifold strap and automatic latching doors for a T-Hanger. My bid date is Tuesday. I do need an intall quote (prevailing wage, Local 7 boston rates) as well as furnish. Thanks


A friend an myself are considering building a block of T-hangars and are in the beginning phases. We are trying to get a feel for prices on your bifold strap doors and products. We both have been around your hangar doors and like them, so now we would just like to get a feel for cost, discounts available, etc.


Shopping T-hangar door for current construction. Need a door for a a 45x14 opening. Hydraulic door preferred, but interested in pricing and other options (Bifold with Liftstraps and Autolatches). Will purchase this month. Need price and expected delivery date. Texting is ok, but currently out of the country so unable to take phone calls. Jerry Bennett


We are looking at building some t hanger around 14 units and are looking a hanger doors that wont break the bank, but also have great quality. We were told to contact Schweiss. Could you please give us some ideas and budget pricing. We run 240v power down here. Door size is around 12ft H x 40ft W. What is the standard T hanger doors you install in the USA? Regards Bill


Needing a quote for (4) 80' X 20'T doors for an airplane hanger. 141MPH windstorm. What are our options? I would like these T-Hangar doors in place by next spring.


need 5 bifolds with lift straps for a 40ft wide . 12ft clearance preferred. Bidding on a 5set t hangar m77


Have a T hanger with a sliding door and was wanting more information on replacing it with your bifold Liftstrap doors.


I have a project in northern NM consisting of a 4 bay hanger that we would like to install 4 42'wide bi-fold T-Hangar Liftstrap doors. I would like to discuss the project with an engineer or sales person.


We have some clients that are airplane enthusiast's and are seeking a steel building from us. We are looking to partner with someone to provide and install these on at least 6 T-hangar door units. We need pricing and any engineering points needed to install these liftstrap door units. Thank you and I look forward to your reply.


Need Quote for a 10 Unit T-Hangar system using Olympic Steel Building I Beam construction, Doors, all bifold with straps and remote openers are 42 x 12 ft per hangar. Bi-Fold Door and Electric lift system.


I am needing to get a price for 30 each 41' wide x 12' tall bifold doors for T Hangars. Each bi-fold door will need to have a 3060 walk door built into it. And I'd also like a price on what a remote opener system would cost. Bifold with straps only, no cables.


Hi, what are your recommendations for T-hangar doors and small box hangar doors? We are building QTY 250 hangars. About half are T and half Box. The T hangars are 40' wide. The box hangars are 55' 6" wide. We are still in planning so these dimensions are flexible if you have experience to share. I love the glass bifold strap door. because it will give a scenic view in a heavy snow region. Am thinking of using those for all the hangars facing the runway if we can afford to do so. Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you. Chris


There is a high demand for T-hangar space in the Denver metropolitan area. Two of the prominent T-hangar manufacturers supply their own doors with their hangar. The Schweiss Lift-Strap door system is a very appealing option that would be great to use. Which metal building manufacturers do you work with that will allow the use Schweiss Bifold Strap Doors on T-hangars that they manufacture?


Hi, I am in the process of design an 8-unit T-hangar building. I would like cost for a variety of heights for 12, 14, 16, 18-foot doors all at a width of 42 feet. I would like costs for both bi-fold and hydraulic lift. All doors will have walk doors, remote openers windows


This is a T-Hangar project and this building will require 9 bifold liftstrap remote controlled doors all 40'-0" wide with varying heights. Call me and I can send the dwgs. tks Dan Needham 303 888-8058


I have 36 T-Hangars that utilize cables. There is a concern that a door could fall and injure a person. I am seeking a quote to convert all 36 hangars with Bifold Door Lift Strap applications.


We are bidding some nested T and box hangers in Bend, Oregon. Hoping to get pricing on some bi-fold liftstrap Schweiss doors. I can provide clear opening sizes sometime this week. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks TJ Valler


I have a client that wants me to specify your doors for a cluster of new T-hangars. 20 doors. I need architectural framing details, and electrical requirements. Openings are 41' x 12' clear. Will. want a Schweiss surface mount bifold door with lift straps and auto latches. Price remote openers separately as some will want this while others won't.


Our local airport is considering the construction of four nested T hangers. I would like to be able to quote the cost of installing bi fold strap doors on those four hangers. They need to be 40 feet wide with a clearance of 12 feet when open. Can you give me a rough estimate of the installed cost of those doors? I am already sold on the quality and professional staff at Schweiss doors from past bifold door purchases, and I don't need a salesman to call me and try to convince me. If you need further information for the quote, don't hesitate to call me. Thanks! B. C. Bennett


Considering new bifold T-Hangar build at my local airport - trying to estimate construction costs. What further information will you need in order for me to complete the bifold door task at hand. Thanks!


Can I get a quote for the (22) bi-fold liftstrap doors required for a T-hangar project in Bay City, TX. A link to the planes/specs is shown below. Note that there are 2 different size doors required, 11 of each size.


I have a client that is looking to build 70 T hangers and needs some bifold T-hangar strap doors. Would you please send me some information and pricing for the various sizes.


looking for quote. I am constructing a new fully 7 unit nested t hangar. Please provide specs and details for warranty, materials, shipping, and labor on your bifold t-hangar doors.


Would like estimate to install possibility 2 bifold doors to existing T hangars, will possibly need frames for doors. steel I beams are covered by sheet steel add a couple of inches to width, top of opening is a steel truss height from floor to bottom of steel truss is 11 ft. 6 in. electric power available is 120V AC not sure of amperage, 20 Amp?


We have 2 blocks of T Hangars with top mount electrical bi fold doors. Is there a maintenance manual / working bifold T Hangar door diagram as we have one hangar door not opening at the this time.


Metal T Hangar North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT). Currently have a 8 panel hanging slider. Hangar is 47W x 14H. 46W bifold strap hangar door would be acceptable and preferable.


I'm assembling information for a project that will consist of a row of 5-8 connected box and T- hangar doors. Each hangar is planned to be 43' wide and 40' deep. We have not yet decided if it will be wood or steel construction.


Hi, we are in the early stages of planning T-hangars at our airport (CYJN). Probably 8-10 units, which will require 42' bifold electric doors with Schweiss strap lift design. Do you deliver to Canada? What kind of electrical power would we need to operate each door? 110 volts? 240 volts? How many amps? Thanks


I plan to build a 'vintage' looking T- Hangar. It will be a wood frame structure. I am guessing we can set the bifold strap door and frame and build the rest of the building around that.


Would like to replace old, sliding doors with Schweiss electric lifting doors for my T hangar. About 40' wide and 10' tall. 


I am considering building a five unit T-hangar project at our local airport (KMSO) and like to discuss Schweiss bi-fold doors with a company representative. Is there a traveling general contractor of which you are aware that specializes in hangar projects and is familiar with installation your products. Thank you


Our consulting firm is working on a T-hangar rehab project for an airport in Southeast Florida. The project will include converting five box hangars and 8 T-hangars, all with 46' Schweiss electric bi-fold doors from a cable system to a strap system. The doors are operated by 2 electric motors. A man door is installed in each hangar door and the operating system extends to the wall in front of the man door creating a fall hazard. If possible the client prefers that the operating system be converted to a single motor bifold door strap system with the fall hazard eliminated. We would like to schedule a site visit.


I have about 20 hangars that are in need of T-Hangar door replacement. Please contact me to discuss


Need quote for 48 hangar doors for T-hangars in Charlotte County, FL. Doors to be 45' x 14' clear. FBC 2017, 160mph, Exp C. Would like a price for Bifold vs Hydraulic. PBR sheeting and trim by PEMB supplier. Call with questions.


I have just bought a T-hangar for my Cessna 172 at KPNE (Northeast Philadelphia Airport). It has 2 sliding doors, and I would like to replace them with lift strap bifold doors.


New T Hangers at our new hanger buildings Bifold Doors Pricing, Please call to discuss Sid


We have a 40' T hangar with a 2-part horizontal sliding door. The door opening is roughly 40' wide by 12' high. Curious on ballpark pricing for a lift-strap bi-fold strap door would be. I'm currently a 1/5 share owner in the hangar and considering purchasing my partners out. Would like to factor the cost of a new door into the equation prior to deciding.


I have 15 box hangar and T-Hangar bifold doors that will will need in the next 30 to 60 days. 22'wx14'h. I need some in glass and some solid I am looking for hanger doors


Looking to get quotes for Schweiss bifold and hydraulic T-Hangar Doors. The hangars are on a steel and masonry building, replacing a split panel track back lift door. I have a picture of the building and existing conditions I can send. I want to understand the different mounting and finishing options available.


I need a T-hangar door replacement in Sarasota, Fl. Please advise if your firm is pricing this project. I need a pricing on multiple doors. Respectfully, Ken K.


I am working on a quote for four T-hangars at the Sarasota Bradenton Airport. I would like to get pricing and loading/dimensional information on several bi-fold and hydraulic doors. Have someone contact me by email so that I can reply with the specifics.




We are looking at building some metal T-Hangar buildings and like the look of the Schweiss see thru Bifold hangar doors (similar to the ones at the Mexican restaurant in your pictures). Size would be 10-12 wide in and 8-10 foot high. I was just wanting to get a general estimate as to the cost, so that I can share it with our contractor. 


I'm gathering some estimates on replacing doors on an old "T" Hangar unit (1950's era). The old doors are sliders. There is only 11' of clearance from the ground to the structure so I think I can only use a hydraulic or bifold T-Hangar door that is fixed above. Could you provide a budgetary estimate for a 40' by 11' door? I would change out five doors (one side) at a time due to funding.


Please provide pricing for a 46' wide by 16' high bifold T-Hangar bifold door to replace an existing vertical slider in a t-hangar at KVGT (North Las Vegas Airport).


By-fold door, 40 feet wide, 10 feet tall, need the frame and header taller than 10 feet. Can you please send me some estimated prices that fit these T-Hangar door parameters? I am considering retrofitting 30year old t-hangars from sliding doors. Changing the roof line is possible. Thank you.


I am building 92,400 square feet of T-hangars on my own property adjacent to the Punta Gorda Airport in Punta Gorda Florida. I would like pricing for the following: "175 MPH Wind Rating" (12) Bifold T-Hangar and Hangar Box Doors, 70' X 21' with One man door in each. (14) Bifold Hangar Doors, 60' X 19' with two man doors in each. I have just received my Final Site Approval from the local building department and expect to apply for permits May 1, 2017


Question...we have an old T Hangar with a door opening roughly 11'x39.6'I was wondering are your bifold T-Hangar doors custom built to fit such an opening and do you custom build a new door frame to fit our opening whereas you one piece and or bi-fold strap door could be hung. And finally what is a wild ball park figure for such.


I own a T hangar that is a troublesome interior sliding door(when I open my door, it slides inside of my neighbors hangar). The hangar to the left(if looking at my door) is a bifold. The one to my right is not. Can I get a bifold liftstrap door with remote opener installed on my hangar?


Good Morning We are located in Timmins Ontario . We are working on a tender to change out the outdated sliding doors on the T-hangars at Timmins airport with Schweiss T-hangar bifold doors. Would you be interested in looking at the hangar doors section of this scope? If so, we would send you all the drawings and information. Thank you for your time.


Hello, We have a rather large airport T-Hangar and box hangar application for a project in Sacramento, CA that will utilize either your bifold or hydraulic hangar doors. Can you have a rep give me a call or email. Best - Chris 


I am involved in a local VA T-hangar project. There will be six large doors on it. I am directly involved with opening design on site with both the Architect and the General Contractor. I have been involved with all facets of doorway design, door ordering, sales, service and installation of all types of doors since 1986. I would like to spec bifold and hydraulic doors on this project. Your door systems have caught my eye due to the superior Schweiss construction and reputation.


I need a quote on several hydraulic doors for airport T-hangars in IA I am Bidding on. Please contact me asap.


Hello, I represent a group who is looking to develop a 4.5 acre site with individual hangars and looking for quotes on what is available as well as professional options on developing the land. It's not exactly a 'square' piece of property, but more like a triangle shape. We're looking to put as many as 12 T-Hangars on it to begin with and would want them with Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors. Call me so we can discuss sizes, etc.


Looking for pricing on 10, 46' x 16' strap bi-fold doors c/w man door in each for new 10 unit "T" style stacked hangar for City Airport in Ontario.


Working on a T-hanger package and would like a quote on your insulated doors. The size of doors would be 48'X14' and would be installed at Minnesota Airport. It would be new construction. Do not know what style the customer would want, any recommendations would be great. Thank you


I am the president of a manufacturing concern, of a new structural building product. We are designing a 12 bay nested T-Hanger as our first project. We would like to use your bifold liftstrap doors for the project. We will be using this building as part of our national advertising materials. Please provide a quote for the doors as detailed below. We are developing various kits, and of course hangers are expected to be a major part of our design.


Looking for a strap operated bifolding door quote. Doors are 16 foot high 20 feet wide going to need 10 of them for T-hangars. 


I have two bi fold doors with cable lift door system. I'm interested in a liftstrap retrofit. A complete replacement door with autolatch door feature. The doors are 42' x16' and 32'x 16' I would like to take advantage of a Schweiss Doors installer to direct the T-Hangar door retrofit. 


We are constructing 4 new t-hangers and want to fit them with bifolding t-hangar doors with Schweiss liftstraps and autolatches. 


Need quote for 10 Schweiss bi-fold T-Hangar doors. 41'-8" wide and 12' minimum clearance. Also, add 3'-0" x 6'-8" passage doors to each door. Separate prices to furnish and install doors. We also need to know what rough door opening dimensions you need to have a door meet these minimum folding door opening measurements.


We are preparing Design-Build documents for 4 aircraft T-hangars (5 aircraft each) for a total of 20 T-Hangar doors. What equipment and hardware is included with the straplift / autolatching Schweiss door so that we are not over or under specifying these hangar door components.


I have an 8 unit T hangar door that I need to retrofit with Schweiss liftstraps. I would like to know if you have any crews that install these strap door conversions or could I possibly do it myself. 


I have an older bifold T-Hangar door with cables. Would like to know how much it would cost to retrofit it to straps and autolatches. Would like your Schweiss Door crew to do install.


We have a Schweiss bifold door mounted on our t-hangar and are now ready to have you manufacture the other five t-hangar strap doors in the same sizes as before. Great door.


Interested in 2 Bifold strap doors. Both need a 10' height when open and 40' width. Wedge size would be 18" as I will be mounting hangar door on the non gable end using a 18" steel I beam for the door header and attaching the door to the top of header. I can't mount the door on the gable end because there will be multiple T-hangars sharing common walls between them. 


In the planning phase for hangar doors at Calif. Airport. I'll need 13 smaller T-hangar doors  outfitted with your Schweiss bi-fold strap door accessories. We've developed a digital artist door  rendering of the hangar complex and would like to get some files with high quality hangar door photos. Five of the aircraft hangars will be 55' by 50', and eight will be 65' by 60'. 


Quote one t-hangar door however we anticipate 3 in the first order 14 total.  Also need a large Bi-Fold aircraft door 60'-0" x 18'-0" with the lift straps. On a steel building with a single slope roof new construction. All these doors will be strap doors. Autolatches on the 60 ft. hangar door.


I need a bid on 4 doors. Schweiss bid one bifold  t-hangar door earlier. I need to see a package price for 4 doors. I want the bi-fold door belt system with options on all doors and can send pictures with door clear opening dimensions. Also...need to know the amperage of the electric door motors.


I have a T' hanger that needs new doors. My existing T' hanger is made of currogated fiberglass for the structural part of it but the front wall which holds the doors is rotten and needs to be replaced. Is this something you might be able to work a bid up for a Schweiss bifold metal door to include a free standing header.  I can send pictures and whatever's needed. The dimensions of door opening are only approxiate below.


I have a requirement for a 40w x 20h T-Hangar door which will be mounted to a Steel Framed Building. (Most likely 4x4x.188 Steel Tubing). I like your Schweiss hydraulic Red Power doors, but will order a straplift bifold because it allows me to park my plane closer to the hangar, and repels massive snowfall better than the one piece.


I would like to know the prices for Bi-Fold Electric Doors for T-hangars for height: 19ft width: 60ft and height: 13ft width: 40ft. All doors to have lift straps and autolatches. Delivery needed in two-month time frame.


Pricing a T-hangar complex in Hammond, LA. The bifold liftstrap doors will be installed in the sidewall of a 7 unit rectangular hangar. Please provide pricing as soon as possible. Also provide the overall rough opening required to obtain a 14'0" clear opening. Please call if you have questions. 


We are a pole building construction company and have a request for a 6 or 8 unit nested T hanger building. We would need a minimum opening of 42'wide x 13'high for each unit. Has your company installed Liftstrap Bifold doors in pole buildings? What structural requirements would you need us to supply or have ready? I need a installed quote for 6 or 8 units...please call me or provide quote with available options. 


I purchased a bifold door from you a couple of years ago and am building a series of t-hangers in Arkansas. I need a quote on 6 bi-fold doors 45x 15 and 2- 60x20 doors. Love those lift straps.


Hi we are building a T hangar building for 6 airplanes. The door openings are 43'6 x 10'. We are going to order these doors from you. We need to know what the forces are on the headers of the huge I-beam so we can finalize the building design. Thanks for your help.


Hello, We received from you the offer T-hangar doors /see attachment/. We would like to modify the dimensions of doors. We need a 3 Bifolding Schweiss doors in size: height- 5,5m x width - 13,5m, height- 5,5m x width - 17,5m, height- 5,5m x width - 19,0m. Lift straps, not cables. Could you modify this quote?


We are currently in the process of building a nested T-hangar complex and require bi-fold doors. We would like to obtain a quote from you for your product. Please find attached a drawing of the complex layout. Details are as follows: Request for Quotation We have finalized the design for a nested T-hangar complex at CYYG in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and will require six bi-fold doors for the six T-hangar units. Specifications are as follows: \' Construction of door framing is I-beam column with I-beam header  Top of steel header will be 14\' above floor level Demising walls between units are 6\" thick and are spaced 42\', center to center.  Five doors are required for hangars with width of 42\', wall center to center  One door is required for hangar with width of 51\', wall center to center  Doors will be face mounted  Hangar and doors will be insulated Required Options:  Man door  Full weather stripping and sealing Options to be priced separately per door if available:  Lift straps rather than cables Automatic Latching System  Remote door opener (automatic latching system required) Questions: What would be the exact dimensions of the doors to fit this structure?  What will be the clear opening (height) for doors of this dimension?  What is required to fasten the doors to the header beam?  Are there hinge points and if so what is their spacing?  What is the best method of insulation?  What would be the weight of door? Consider it to be finished in 26 gauge steel siding with either spray foam or fiberglass insulation.  Are you able to supply technical drawings to aid in frame design?  What are the specifications of the lifting mechanism for the doors: ie. Voltage, horsepower, controls, power requirements, etc.  What would the price of these doors be, delivered to CYYG, Prince Edward Island, Canada?  How long before we could expect delivery after placing an order


We are quoting on a project going to Neosho, MO that includes a T-Hangar and a Rectangular hangar. Our customer would like us to include lift strap bi-fold doors in the base quote with an alternate for hydraulic doors. Please provide a quotation for the following: Base Quote (15) 41\' x 12\' Clear Width/Height Bi-Fold Doors Alternate (15) 41\' x 12\' Clear Width/Height Hydraulic Doors Please include operators.


This project provides for the construction of a 17 bay, fully enclosed T-hangar building and the site development at Plant City Airport. Two connecting taxi lanes and appropriate drainage and site work for the T-hangar is included in this project. All hangar bays will be fully nested T\'s with manually operated horizontal rolling bifold liftstrap door assemblies. The building construction will consist of cast in place reinforced concrete foundations and floor systems, pre-engineered steel frame superstructures, and metal panel wall and roof assemblies. Interior full height partitions will be metal panel assemblies and masonry or other suitable wall assemblies required for fire rated construction. Electrical service will include general use receptacles, interior lighting, and exterior building area lighting. This facility will include a restroom which will serve this and the future adjacent hangar expansion area. Site work will include storm drainage, utilities and paving. Owner DBE Goals: DBE Goals is established for each specific prime contract with subcontracting opportunities. The Bidder will subcontract with DBE\'s certified by the FLUCP at least 13.80% % of the dollar value of the Prime Contract. Only DBEs certified under the FLUCP will count toward the Contract Goals. In accordance with 49 CFR Part 26.55 (e) (1) (i) A recipient may count expenditures of materials and supplies obtained from a DBE Manufacturer at 100% of the cost of the materials or supplies toward DBE Goals. In accordance with 49 CFR Part 26.55 (e) (2) (i)  recipient or Contractor may count toward its DBE Goals 60% of its expenditures for materials and supplies required under a Contract and obtained from a DBE regular dealer.


Another project just cropped up. I have been contact by the PAV (Paralized American Veterans) to price a set of t-hangers to them as an investment project. I am needing pricing on 8-each 14x40 doors no remotes, no frills at all other than your lift straps. I didnt know if you had an economy door or not. Anyway bare bones for tenant operation. They will need a walk door frame installed. We can tag this project the E-8 project.


Please quote the following T-hangar sizes in bifold and hyd doors. 24w x 18h, 35 or 36w x 18h, 40w x 18h, 20w x 16h, 24w x 16h, lift straps and Red Power. Insulated, one remote with each door.  What is your lead time?


Please price the following Bifold doors. I know we have a national account with you Main office in Verona. These are also for T-hangers (same size as before). Your other bifolds we got from you a few years back are operating admirably. You got a good door there, and we continually receive thanks from the pilots who use them.  


Need information on door seals for Bi-Fold T-Hangar doors on erect-a-tube hangars. Need a watertight seal at floor level and extra remote. Should be insulated.


We are designing a complex of 10 aircraft T-hangers for a Development Company at the Municipal Airport. They want to use either a bi-fold or hydraulic type door. There are seven doors 51 feet wide by 18 feet high, two doors 66 feet wide by 18 feet high and one door 66 feet wide by 20 feet high. Can you provide us with a set of specifications for the doors. We worked with Selkirk Helicopters who installed one of your doors last year. We were impressed with the designed as compared to other doors we have worked with.


We had a storm go through on July 24th and the board would like a new quote to see what it would cost to upgrade to hydraulic or bi fold if they would work on our tee hangars. The quote would be for 30 doors. They are 39.6 wide by 12.3 high and would need a man door. Need wind ratings.


Can I get specs on your 75'x20' Schweiss bi-fold door for a T Hangar? We are design building the hangar and need a quote as well. If we win the bid, we have to provide the door. Give me separate specs on your lift strap and cable systems. If needed the hangar is in Florida. Thanks!


We are bidding on a project in Valkaria, Florida that has two hangars in it. The T-hangar portion has sliding door to be retrofitted with a Schweiss bifold door and the end box unit has bi-fold doors. Is this something you would interested in. It bids 4-2012. Please advise at your convenience.


Our company has been retained by the City Council of Olivia, MN to estimate the cost of repairing wind damage to a 40-year old T-hangar at the Olivia Regional Airport. The hangar has six (6) 40'-0" x 12'-0" bifold doors motor-operated with track, pulley & cable systems. Some of the hardware is damaged and we believe that all of it is obsolete, due to your new Schweiss Doors lift strap system. We have numerous photos of the building, the doors and the hardware. Airport manager Richard S. told me that Mike Schweiss is familiar with this airport. Our hope is to get one estimate for fitting new hardware to the existing doors plus one estimate for new doors. Thank you.


Hi I'm building 2 t-hangars and I want 2  Schweiss bifold doors of 40' by 12' and I want one door of 36" by 14. Each door to have lift straps, remote openers, emergency back-up cranks.  Thank you Kenny


I own a Executive T-Hangar which I am considering modifying. My idea is to raise the ceiling height of the wings to match the center so that a Schweiss  bi-fold doors could be installed. I'm not entirely certain that this is feasible and was wondering if anyone had done a modification such as this that you are aware of. If so I'd be interested in a quote for a strap lift door approximately 40 wide by 14 high. Thank you Rollie


I am planning a new hangar and will be needing a Schweiss t-hangar door approx 50' wide by 16' high. I am open to quotes on the Schweiss bi-fold and the one piece hydraulic doors. Which door would you recommend. What are the wind loads on your doors. It blows like heck out here.


I'm looking for Schweiss doors that are commonly used on airplane hangars. Also if I could get a quote for a 36' x 14' as well. These will have to be t-hangars, hydraulic lift doors.


I am thinking about building a series of T-hangers and would like some prices on your doors. I want to go with a Schweiss Red Power hyd lift pumps but would consider a bifold with lift straps.


I am looking for a Schweiss bi-fold door for my aircraft T-hangar and would like a rough idea of how much one of your doors would cost. The hangar is wooden posts and frame with a steel I-beam across the top of the opening. I don't have the exact dimensions but the opening is approx 40 ft x 13 ft. I saw somewhere on your website that the door motors use 220V but the electrical power coming to the hangar is 120V. Is that a problem?


Hi, I'm looking to get ballpark quote estimates for your Schweiss bi-fold doors. I currently own a T-hangar at Spanish Fork Airport and currently have a very poorly designed bifold type door. Looking to see what it might cost to have a bi-fold Schweiss door built and installed. Opening is 41'6", and it is 12' to bottom of a 3 foot tall truss. Top of hangar though is 15.5 feet and wonder if I could maximize and get a taller opening than 12 feet by replacing the truss with a narrower/stronger beam. Need a utility door built in to the hangar door, and would like self lock and remote control quotes too. Also, am considering building a new steel hangar at same airport and would like to receive a ballpark quote for 60' wide and 20' tall door, and 50' wide and 15' door (both bifold without a door).


We are in very early planning for a new row of 11 (6 5) general aviation bifold T-Hangars. Please provide specs and other considerations for the building to install doors approximately 40 wide. Please also provide rough (non-binding) price estimates.


I need a bifold door for a t-hanger. Can you put a predestrian door in the aircraft t-hanger door?


need standard size bifold hangar door to fit small t hangar. Approx. 14 ht. to almost 40 ft long . I would like to ship it myself. What would be an approx cost per door I would like to purchase two.


Bidding on a steel building with T-hanger design. Need a price on (8) 48' wide x 16' tall bifold doors with lift straps. Job is located in Venice, Fl. and has a wind rating of 130 mph.


We are doing a budget to replace existing hangar doors on a nested tee hangar for ten planes. I have used your doors on other projects and I am comfortable using your product again and agan. Can you give me an idea of what each door would cost installed in Abilene, Kansas? Thanks.


Hi I have a client looking at building a number of T Hangars, could you give us a price to supply 13' wide x 14' high. Price should include Supply only or Supply and install, Tube Framing, operator, Metal cladding supplied by Building manufacturer. Question can a man door be installed in this bi fold door. Look forward to hearing from you. Earl Donaldson


My name is Larry and I work at in Bryan Texas. We have some open fronted t-hangers we are looking at putting a schweiss hydro-powered doors on. We are located in Bryan Texas and wanted to check if you can ship to this location. Thanks! 


I want to build a t hanger for my PA-23-160 Apache. How much will the Schweeiss bifold door cost? Do you sell the porable syle t hanger? If not can you recomend a company? The hanger will be at Bryron Airport in California. Thank you


Could you please email me the specifications for a T-Hangar Schweiss bi-fold over head door system with lift straps. It calls for a 44'-0"W X 16'-0"H door. We have an eave height of 24'-0" if that helps. I thank you in advance. Regards.


we are interestd in the Nested T hangers about 6 hangers with a large work shop on the end. We would like a quote and drawning on this but we want the Bi fold doors. Thanks


I will be building 6 40-42 ft wide hangars and 6 40' wide T hangars and need to get the sizes and prices that the Bi-Fold door is available in. I have a Schweiss Bi-Fold strap door on my hangar and love how heavy duty and reliable they are. I will use it on these hangars as well. The design of our buildings will depend on setback and door availability details and we will be moving forward on this project this summer. Thanks


We have 6 T Hanger building an would like to get an estimate for 1 to 6 Bi-fold door assemblies framed with header less skins. Sizes below are not exact but close. Thank you.


Had a hangar built 5 yrs ago with a brand Z door and having lots of trouble with lift mechanism, cables etc. Can you retrofit your equipment to our existing door to include straps, motors latch and remote control opening to our door. Dimentions are 75w x 18h. One of your doors is installed two doors down from us at Atwood Farm Stores new hangar we love it. We sure like it! Thank you, Brad pilot Joe's, Oklahoma


10 doors to have one 3070 mandoor each and be located in the sidewalls of the TEE style hangar. 1 door to be located in the endwall and will not have a mandoor. All doors to have lift straps and automatic latching system.


We have a client who already researched and also received pricing on your doors. (Bi-Folds) After developing the project furthur, could you provide me a quote for 3 doors delivered to Saskatoon, SK, Canada? State it costs are American or Canadian, please. 1 - 60'wide x 20' clear opening c/w 2 doors and 4 windows 2 - 20'wide x 18' clear opening (60' in endwall, 20's in sidewall.) The customers name is Greg K. --politically minded person


I would like to find the price for two bifold doors form my shop. No windows or man doors. One side wall door 20'W x 16'H. The other is and end wall door 40'W x 16'H.


We are currently designing a new fast build T hangar system and are requesting information on available bifold and hydraulic door systems. Priority is on speed of build, Cost & security. Current opening dimention are 11m X 2.4M but this is not a final design. Your suggestions (with prices) will be very much appreciated Kind regards


I would like to ask you to do me a favor and figure me a one piece hydraulic door for a Teehanger, 40' wide and 10' high. I also need the weight of the finished door so I can calculate the header load. I appreciate your efforts and I hope to do business with you soon.Thanks in advance


I just looked at the files you sent to John K Very impressive! We are doing some optimizing of our T-Hangar design and comparing alternatives for a building in Mexico 90 mph wind.The T-Hanger will have 10 doors that are 42' x12' clear, mounting no the inside.Can you give me some reactions cut sheets and pricing for providing these Hydraulic doors. Thanks for your help.


Hello, I am developing a T hangar to be bid in march that will have ten 60' bay centerlines x 18' clear openings, (5 per side). I am in need of CAD bifold door details to put on my construction drawings. I have drawn some generic drawings but since it is in Florida with heavy wind loading I am looking for more specific details and specifications. This will be a bid project and I have contacted other doors also for assistance on details.Thanks


I am currently renting a t-hangar for my aircraft at our local county airport. The sliding current doors are terrible especially in the winter. If I want a bifold, I will have to pay for it out of pocket. I think the opening is either 46 or 47 feet. Would you give me an estimate (approximate is OK) for a bifold,installed with auto-latch and without and wireless remote.


We are looking for 12 bifold doors. We are looking to build a T-hangar that is going to have 50' openings with a 12' height. We are trying to accomplish at least 11' opening when the door is installed. We are located in SC. We also wanted to know if you had an istallation division or recommended contracts that are familiar with installing your products. I was hoping you could assist us in getting a rough price together for our project. Thanks for any help you can offer.


Hello, I am a designer specifying one of your 32' x 15' T hanger bifold doors for a project. I need some design specs, like loads, and electrical requirements and electrical locations for this door. Please email me the specs. Thank you Kim


There is a project that we have at the New Smyrna Beach Airport which I don't recall Schweiss submitting a bid for. The project consists of 2 each 48' x 17'6" Bi Fold Doors in a Dean Steel T-Hangar. If you have bid or are interested in bidding the project please contact me at the e-mail address above. I must move quickly on this project.


I have a customer looking to add 50 hangers at the airport. It looks like "T" style hangers with the size of 50' x 28'. Steel building. Can i get a price quote for these hydraulic doors. Please call to get information if needed. Thanks, Harry


I currently have a bifold door which gives me a height of 13'. I need to have 14'5" height to put a plane in the hangar.


Working with client to build airplane Hangar in spring 2010. Specifies 43'x12' Hydraulic  Hangar door with 3 - 3' X 4' windows. Plans not yet complete.


I would like pricing on a generic 40' bi-fold door for a t-hangar application. This is budgetary pricing to provide to an FBO for an installation project he is considering. Please provide pricing on basic units with available options and associated pricing on those options for the doors. Thanks.


Looking at building a T Hanger to house 10 Planes. Currently looking into a couple of different manufacturers for the building.


Estimating: I'm looking at a 6 bay nested T-Hanger in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Was wondering if I could get a quote for the six (6) bi-fold doors, 47'-8" x 14'-0" clear opening. Door framing members shall be welded in full size panels. Door frames shall have pre-located top hinges factory located to align with door truss hinges. Structural Steel shall be ASTM, A36, A572 or A500 grade B. Doors shall be motorized, with a pedestrian in-swing bifold door as part of each door. Please let me know if you need any other information, that is about all the spec%u2019s contain. Thanks for you help. Ron


We are bidding on a T hangar project in New Smyrna Beach Florida. We would like a quote on (2) Bi-fold hangar doors that are 48' wide x 17'-6" high clearances. We would appreciate pricing on or before 2:00 pm


This is for older T-Hangars to replace sliding doors. We purchased a Bi-Fold from you awhile back.


Our company is bidding on a 15 Unit T-Hangar in New Smyrna Beach, FL. I need a quote for bi-fold doors


I am working on a T-Hanger Project for the Panama City Airport in Florida and I need Electric BiFold Doors or Hydraulic Doors for the Hangers. Can you supply and install to the Panhandle of Florida?


Looking for a quote on 10 Bi fold doors for t-hangers. Could be as many as 20 if second building is approved. All doors are around 44' in width and around 16' in height.


Is it possible to find the wind rating of doors installec in a set of T-hangars in Jacksonville FL? These are operated by C. F. Executive Hangars, Inc.; the doors were installed after the three rows of 10 hangar unite each were built.


Need a quote for the following(8) 41.5' x 12' (clear dims.) in "T" hangar(1) 59.5' x 16' (clear dims) in box hangarAll Bi-Fold


need a price for your 12" top rubber boot for a t-hanger door per linier foot. Thanks Hank S.


We are looking to install 6 electric bi-fold doors on an existing T-Hanger. The hanger now has sliding doors and will probably require a header above the existing one to get full opening space. Let me know if you can help. Randy T. Perry Airport Manager


we have misplaced the instillation manual for the 57 Ft.hydraulic door bought by the Clarksville Montgomery County Regional Airport Authority.Can you EMail us a replacement today?We are ready to install the pump and lines today and someone did something with the book while cleaning up the hanger.We are going to build another 10 unit T hanger unit this year and would like to put your doors on it .We will be in touch as soon as the engineers finsh Thank you Robert W.


Dear Sirs, I am interested to import several doors for maintenance and T-hangars. Are you delivering doors to Europe? Do you have dealers in Europe offering your doors and instalation? I am kindly requesting quote on a door 60 x 18 ft with transportation costs, but I can consider some other door dimensiones if this size is too large or extremly expensive for transportation (please advise the sizes which suites the best to the container. Best regards, Domagoj C. PAN AVIA d.o.o.


Our airport is currently seeking quotes for 10 nested T-hangars and we would like a quote for bi-fold doors with remote (wireless) door access. Also, do you have a list of T-hangar manufacturers that you have installed your bi-fold doors?


We have about 35 hangars at our airport, most of which are open t-hangars, and we would like to enclose them. The hangars are constructed in such a way that the trusses really can't support any of the door weight vertically, but could support weight horizontally. So, I think that your free standing outside mount one-piece hydraulic doors could be just the doors that we need. I have pictures that I can e-mail of the construction set-up if needed. Please e-mail as the airport is not my primary daytime employer.


Dear Sirs, I am the manager of a sport club of aviation in Hungary. We are planning to build T-hangars mainly for Cessna 172, 182 airplanes and we are searching for Hydraulic Hangar Doors. We like your product, but in Hungary the circuit system is of 220/380V and of 50 Hz. I would like to ask you if you have in disposition the HY-POWER controller suitable for this circuit system. If you do, should we order directly from you or you have a serious European distributor? In case we should order it from you, are you able to do a safe package appropriate for shipping overseas? Also I am interested in being informed whether it is possible to send ready doors or only parts of it. How many doors can be packed in a container? If there is no chance to send a whole door, can you maybe provide us with plans so that we could produce the doors here in Hungary using naturally your hydraulic parts and hinges? I am looking forward to your early reply via e-mail, or by phone you should contact Ms. Jusztina. Thank you for your attention! Best regards, I B.


I am interested in turning an aopen T-hanger into an enclosed hanger with one of your doors. Please send me a catalogue. Thanks, Kevin L.


I need pricing and information on the T hanger bi-folding doors , the opening is 41'-4" x 14' DOORS APPEAR TO HAVE EGRESS


Hi there. Would you please email me a price guide for a T hangar, minimum span 30 feet, length the same. Do you have a European Distributor? Many thanks Rich S.


looking for a qoute on a 40 by 12 door. I plan to build a hanger at princeton mn next spring. I would also be interested to know if you would recommend a design or builder for a simple one plane t-hanger from the area.


we need a quote for T hangar to park 4 planes: 1 cessna 150 ,2 piper pa28,1 piper pa 32 could you quote with and without doors


I need the price on 3 ea Belt Bi Fold T-hanger doors. 12 X 42 or 12 X 40 please quote both


Please email me information for quoting/designing a T-Hanger on a 50' wide x 14' high bi-fold door.


I am building a 10 unit nested T hangar. I will need at least 12' clear height on the door opening. If a lower wall would allow me to obtain the 12' requirement with a one-piece door, please advise.


Need an offer for a folding t-hanger door 14 meters long 4 meters high With every thing included except freight


I am working on plans for a fast-track project for a new standard t-hangar building for Dexter,MO, to replace a 10-unit assembly that was storm damaged. Would like some information on your doors, have heard good things about your products. The clear opening on the existing hangars is/was only 40 feet, and the total unit depth is only 30.5 feet. I am having some trouble finding standard hangars this small. We will likely pre-purchase the building and doors to get things going quickly. Thanks, jc


I'm would like to price (6) 40'x 15' bifold doors for T hangers. Electric. 110 mph wind loading.


Can you please send be the dead weight of a 44.5'x14' bi-fold door? I am designing the foundation for t-hangar building that will have two of these doors in it.


We are considering construction of T-Hangars. We want to use one manufacturer of doors for all future construction. Current plans call for 6 units (8 T-Hangars per unit). Please send me all relevant info including approx pricing structure. Cheers Henry Z. Niagara District Airport


Hello, I am building 49 T Hangars at a local Airport. I need a quote please on 49 doors. I am interested in both bi-fold and one piece doors Thank you, Winston


I have a very old nested T-hangar, of steel and corragated construction the opening is 12" x 40', the two doors both slide to one side on a set of susspended rollers. Over the years the weight of the doors and winter snow has caused the doors to sag and the metal fasteneers to stretch to the point that the doors are nearly impossible to open. Do you have some type of reallatively inexspensive remedy. Altough I am not speaking in behalf of the other hangar owners they all have similar problems. BTW currently there is no electricity in the hangars but it is available. Thanks for any suggestions


Please quote Ten 42'-0" x 12'-0"(clear opening) Bifold doors. Also please include truss/headers and columns. This will be for a tee hangar with 5 doors on each side, therefor I will need 6 columns on each side of the building. Please price the 42'-0" width as center line to centerline of columns. The truss will need to carry the rafter load of approx. 8K located 10'-3" from each end of the truss header. If you can I would like you to also price 2 additional columns I can use for corners of the tee hangar. (total columns required = 14). Please include one walk door in each bi-fold.


need pricing on doors.1 20x50 AND ten 12x40.These door are for a single hangar and 10 tee hangars we are building right now. please contact BOB H.


On your web site under T-Hangers the sixth and seventh picture appears to have been built on asphalt maybe a old runway which I plan to do. Can you tell me where this Hanger is. You have quoted me on the doors. David


Hi, I am looking for prices for either bifold doors or the new hydraulic doors. We are looking at building multiple T hangars and I am in the process of designing the buildings now. Probably looking at 10 to start and then more next year, hopefully 20 at that point. Any info and pricing would be very helpfull. Ed


We are planning on building a 10 T-hanger building with opening of 42' x 14' and want some budgetary information.


I am currently getting bids for 3-10 unit nested t-hangars to be placed in La Porte, TX for a total of 30 units. If you could tell me what you have in steel building construction I would greatly appreciate it.


I am looking for a relatively inexpensive door for a 40' * 12' T-Hangar. The Hangar is an older Wood structure and is has 19yrs left on a Lease. Can you give me an idea what is available and some idea as to costing. Thanks, Bob W.


Would like to know loading requirements and framing suggestions for a 38x14 bifold door in a 40'T-hangar opening with a 16' eave height. Door to be provided by customer. Don't know brand yet.


I am requesting a price for the following:(hydraulic one piece doors) 2 40 foot doors with a 14 foot 7 eave height 2 34 foot doors with a 14 foot 7 eave height (to be installed on the side) These doors will be installed onto a metal T-hangar.


Will be building an eight bay T hanger soon and need availability and quote for bi fold doors.


My company is bidding an airport T-Hangar job for the county and was given your company infomation as a reference for the bi-fold doors. The project is located in Milton, FL at an Airport. The bi-fold doors must have an ADA personnel door in them also. Thanks for your time.


Please advise me if there are any agents of your company in South Africa. I am going to build approximately 10 T hangers of 100 metres long and I would like to use a door like yours if possible Many Thanks Dave T.


We are building hangers this year at an Airport, and would like a quote on the Hydraulic door to fit a 50X14 opening. Price to include everything. And if you have anything on Tee Hangers in cold climits. Thank you, Gary A.


We have two side-by-side T-hangars (One of the hangars is at the end of the building) in a row of six hangars that all use sliding doors. We would like to retro-fit our two hangars with either bi-fold or hydraulic doors without impacting the neighbor next door. Can this be accomplished? The openings are both 40'6" wide and 10'8" high. What are the basic component costs of the two styles of door? Thank you.


Can you please provide me a quote for a bifold door for an airport T-Hanger. Dimensions of the hanger are 40"6" X 12' X 32'. Assume approriate sized door with typical costs of framing. Please, also quote sliding door of the same dimensions. We'll need 60 doors. Thanks.


February 24, 2007 Hello, I am looking for a manufacture of Aircraft hanger doors and would like brochures on your Bi-fold doors, for general Aviation. I am planning on constructing T hangers and hangers that would accommodate light twin engine A/C, and box hangers for Citation Jets etc. I am in California however may also build in Arizona and Nevada. Would you please mail your product information to my address listed. Also please include pricing and dimensions if possible. General Email correspondence is ok, however mail product info. Sincerely, Charles T.


I'm planning 16 T-hangar units of 40' wide and 10' high and need doors. I'd like to get a quote on your doors. Feel free to call me during daytime hours.


We are planning to build a small hanger 50' x 50', wood construction w/metal door. Please price T-hanger door 40' wide and 10' or 12' high, with and without walk through door. Thanks!


I'm looking at an old wooded frammed T-hangar for sale on Martha's Vineyard. It has two 19 foot wide (9' 9" high opening, garage over head doors with a swing up out of the way center support. Please give me an idea on what it would cost to replace this mess with a bifold and if it can be done or not. Thanks much, Oulton H.


Hello. I am looking for prices on standard t-hangars. Also, do you deliver? If so, what is the cost?


Can you do the door like this: T shape door. Top width: 35.8m Bottom width: 28m Bottom height: 28m Total height: 32.2m Door needs to be fully opened Many thanks Ola L.


Hello,I recently bought a T-Hangar at the Olympia, WA airport that has your doors, and I have a couple of questions. 1. How high should the doors go up, I need the door to go as high as your graphics show (are there specs. somewhere for the Strap doors? , how do I adjust the opening height and insulate our doors? Should I be greasing any part of the hinges on a regular basis? Thanks, Mat


I am a developer, in T-hangars getting quotes as I am in the pre-bid process. Interested in 42X 12 high opening. Please quote on single units and at price break numbers. Thanks, Jim