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I am interested in the self-supported superstructure bifold strap or hydraulic door design. Since the tri-pod is behind the door, the opening will be less than the door size. What size door will I need for a 30 foot opening? Can I order a walk-in door, windows, and insulation?


I am working with a client who is interested in one of your "stand alone" superstructure liftstrap bi-fold doors approximately 40' wide x 14' high. I would like to get some preliminary loads


Hello. I am looking for a quote on some sliding or superstructure bifold or hydraulic doors. We are in the process of drawing up plans for an 8000 sq ft (rustic) multi purpose center (we are calling the "Lodge" and are shopping around to see what it would take to put in some of these doors. The area we are looking at adding doors like this have 22 foot tall walls, and is about 35-55 feet wide. What would this entail? We are looking at all options and are looking for quotes. Thanks! Jonathan Falwell Jr Thomas Road Outpost ||


Looking for self standing Schweiss superstructure bifold door with open dimensions of 55' x 16' - please specify eve height required. Bifold or Hydraulic (preferred) but don't know the price differential. This is for a basic 60x60 box hangar, so no insulation or anything fancy. Do you have several box hangar kit manufacturers you work with and would recommend? If you only work through contractors please provide contacts in my area. Installation zip is 97330 and KCVO. If you can email me some idea of price and which option would be best I would appreciate it as it would assist with my planning and door manufacturer before reaching out to contractors. Thank you.


i prefer emails, I am planing to Build a concrete walls Hangar for a.plane 50x50x18 looking for a Bifold door 48x16. I believe your Schweiss Bifold Superstructure door could save me big money on construction costs.


I have a bunch of large doors in our manufacturing plant that need to be replaced. Because they are so large I would be interested in knowing more about your new Schweiss Super Structure door frame,thanks Joe


New hanger. 50' x 50' x 20' Either wooden or steel construction. Concrete pad. Very interested in your new Schweiss Superstructure bifold door.


Looking at putting up a Star steel building with a 50' x 18' Schweiss Superstructure door in the end wall. What would the rough opening be for the door when they go to spec and price the building for me? I am also wondering what kind of price difference there is on the superstructure compared to the regular doors? Thanks Troy


Hello I'm hoping to get a price on a hanger door and I'm interested in the superstructure bifold, id like a 40' door and I'm not sure how tall i can go. The bottom of my trusses are 14' I understand the superstructure door on a new building is a big cost saver..


Hi, We are needing a quote on a bi-fold superstructure liftstrap heavy-duty door, what information do you need from us? Thanks, Kevin D. Whitman


I would like a quote on a bifold 40ftx10ft.height also a hydraulic lift 40ftx10 one piece with both styles using your Superstructure frame door. Thank you Ernie


Please send quote for 56 x 14 high bi-fold hanger door for wood frame hanger attached to airpark dwelling at Meadowlake airport (KFLY) in Peyton, CO. Quote using your new Schweiss Superstructure 3-point frame.


Hello, looking for a price on a bifold or hydraulic superstructure door for our residential airplane hanger. It will be 50x60x12. Thank you.


I am interested in building an aircraft hangar using a steel system from Rhino (or equivalent) using your new bifold Superstructure door. They suggested I first talk with you and get a quote and specs. I am looking for low-cost, as this will get relatively low use (once a week), and am open to either bi-fold or hydraulic superstructure doors. The hangar will be in a mountain town in Montana that receives some strong winds and heavy snow for parts of the year, although the door is very unlikely to be used in high winds. We are looking at a 50x60x18 building, and a 42' door. Can you please quote and provide recommendation and/or options? The plane will be a Cirrus SR-22 GTS, so has a 38'4" wingspan and is 8'11" tall.


I am requesting a quote for two bi-fold Schweiss Superstructure doors that will be used for an airplane hangar. The two openings are each 148 ft wide by 28ft tall. The doors will be supported by a header truss.


Need pricing on a 68' x 22' BiFold with Superstructure (self-supporting) Door Project: Alliance Hangar, Van Wert, Ohio Butler is looking for the specs so they can price their building to allow the loading applied to the building. Superstructure bifold door will save me money on building costs.