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Need info on structural options for a bifold door in a natatorium. Wondering if the secondary tie back beam is necessary. This would be on new construction in Dallas.


Going in a structurally engineered 50x50x14, not sure if I will be able to make 13'6 height work with a bifold, if not will consider a one-piece hydraulic door. May have to lower it to 13' Give me a call anytime Thanks


I am looking for a structurally engineered bifolding garage door that I can customize to get an airtight seal around it. The width is 12 Feet wide and the height should be 7 feet the space for the door to fold. Please send me literature around the accessories such as gaskets, remote controls. I would need to know some structural details around weight and if a steel beam around the frame is a must.


You are supplying (8) structurally engineered bifold liftstrap hangar doors on a project that we are doing. Your door specs indicate a dimension "F" bottom of end wall sheeting from finish floor is given as 278"(23'-2") and is applicable with a 1 1/2" panel thickness. But it also says to add 2" to dimension "F" for 2" insulated wall panel thickness. We have MBCI Designer series single skin wall panels with thickness of 1 3/4". We have the bottom of our cee girts (toed up) at 23'-5": is this correct? What should be the bottom elevation of our wall panels?


Hello, I am trying to obtain load criteria for our structural engineer to design the opening that will support a proposed structurally engineered bifold door. Do you have a cut sheet I can forward?


We are a door and window supply company based in Long Island, NY and we are interested in receiving a quote on a bifold structurally engineered restaurant strap door with top drive motors. 


44'x14' Bi-fold door shipped to Colbert, Wa 99005 If you offer install, please provide option. If not, please provide list of installers Jeff  if available.


Hello, My name is Tania, an architect working in New York City. I'm looking into options for a large customized gate system for one of our projects in Coney Island, NY. I'd like to get some information regarding the durability of your bi-folding strap system. My specific questions are: - What%u2019s the life-span of the system? - What is the largest span you can cover? The maximum width and height? - What types of material we can use for the panels? We want Schweiss perforated/see through security gates like you used on your Brooklyn project. - We needing a high-crime zone structurally engineered bifold door. How durable is your system? 


Concrete building with steel reinforcement. Send separate quote for 9'0" structurally engineered Schweiss bifold door height.


Quote 40 foot wide and 12 foot tall structurally engineered bifold door, not sure yet if going with metal or wood building. Quote me and put me on  list for early May door delivery and installation.


I need a information (for a structurally engineered  metal building doors) and a price for a customer. We are selling him a 80'x100' and he wants the option of a bi-fold straplift door. (I am requesting a price for the Schweiss bi-fold door and the hydraulic door). I have installed many your doors so I am familiar with your outstanding product. 


Hello, I'm a structural engineer and my client wants to replace the storefront in a 14' wide x 10' high opening with a bifold door, with storefront window panels provided by others. please provide pricing for an entire system, with your cost to install, although the client will most likely do so. I would like to get a spec sheet that I can forward to the storefront fabricator so they can verify their pricing, also... thank you,


Please send a price on 1 -50 x 24 high, 5 - 12 wide x 20 high all hydraulic doors sizes are feet. These are all structurally engineered doors.


Cinder block pre-engineered Building. Would like a Schweiss Bifold Door with lift straps. One row of windows above eye level to be added as an option in quote. Please offer appearance options. Cold weather option. Measurements are rough opening. Thank you


I have a Customer requirement that specifies a Lift strap Schweiss bifold door for a 56' wide x 14 tall opening. I am needing to get the point loadings and weights to engineer the building. Design wise. I will make a safe assumption that the exterior covering will be a R panel shape in a Pastel color (tan, light stone, white, or light gray) We can supply the panel the frame and all supporting components will need to be supplied by your company. This will be a direct sale on your end to our mutual customer. Any criteria you can present to me such as lift straps vs. cable would be most greatful. Thank you Scotty


I am a structural engineer designing a building which will have a Schweiss door.  I need information on the door reactions to the building head and jamb. Currently client is indicating that he would like a Schweiss bifold door rather than a hydraulic. If there are substantial reasons why he should choose a bi-fold we can discuss. To be honest, he is also interested in your new hydraulic Red Power Pumps. He is requesting a 20'-0 clear height, I will need to know the door opening size (ht & width) to accommodate the 20'-0 clear x 50'-0 wide.  Thank you for your help. Feel free to call to discuss.


I need pricing for a 60' wide by 18' tall (not clear) Bi-Fold Door. Lift Strap system. Customer is in Mt. Vernon, IL  Please copy me with the quote for my follow-up. Please provide engineering data to me for our engineering department so that they can engineer the building and opening. Sooner is better. Thanks! Billy Bob


Price and delivery request for a 60 x 16 clear opening height for 1-60x 16 bifold door with lift straps to be suited in a New Pre-Engineered building 80x 100x 18.1:12 slope Location will be White Court, Alberta Information required from Schweiss on the building height required. We do not want to exceed the end wall height. Please verify the door will fit a 18 ft eave height or should the building be higher?? Regards Beeslie


We are a general contractor that sells pre-engineered steel buildings.I have a customer that is going to be purchasing a building. He has a need for two of the Schweiss bifold types of doors-One on the endwall and one on the sidewall. Please provide information as to a sales rep that I can contact .Also,What is my framed opening if I need critical clearance of 17ft 6in? What have you got for back-up systems?




We are looking at a project that is going to start with 1 - T-Hanger and expand to 4 T-Hangers and multiple single units. I spoke with Schweiss at our sales meeting in WI this spring about his bifold doors. Jon


I am a structural engineer and get requests for design of columns and headers for your hydraulic and bifold doors. Does the steel framework come with the door or is it an option? Is the Schweiss Door practical for residential garage use? 16' to 18'


We are working on a building requiring 3 interior glass finish bi-folds and an exterior plaster(?)hydrolic door. We are on the SD stage of our design and would like typical CAD drawings that we and our Structural Engineer can use for dialog. Could you please supply some? or can we supply drawings that you can then get in touch with us. Ultimately, we will also need a quote. Contact me. Thanks.


To Whom it May Concern: We have a mutual client and I am in receipt of your shop drawings bid. We are the structural engineers on the project, and as our client is away for the next week he has requested that I contact you in regards to the jamb detail.... The structure has exterior tilt up concrete walls, and your shop drawings are showing a steel jamb. We would prefer if the door hardware mounts directly to the panel edge if possible. Without changing the actual size of the door that is going in for fabrication, can you please provide the required roof opening dimension in order for us to revise the panel sizes. Do you recommend a steel embedded angle on the panel edges for mounting purposes? Any site drilled bolts must be 4" clear away from the edge of the opening, so hopefully that does not pose a problem. Please contact me as soon as possible as this project is going into construction. Regards, Theo K., P.Eng


Hi, I am an engineer and am designing an airplane hangar for a client. He is interested in using a 40'x14' Bi-fold Schweiss door. In order to get the details right, it would really help to have the specs of the door. Can you email the information to me? Thanks, Damon V.


I am from South Africa. Do you have agents in South Africa. I am an engineer busy with the design of an aircraft hanger and my client want to make use of your doors. I am not to sure about the side or end wall


We are a the importer and distributor for American Shelter Technologies, The Wonder Building. We are essentially and Architectural engineering company as well as Survey engineering. Your link was provided to us by Andrea Lee, project manager from American shelter. We are very interested in your products for the AST building, especially for Aircraft hangers and similar structures. Please let us know if your product is being represented here so that we can get in touch with your offices or if you are interested in a possible representation arrangement. we look forward to hearing from you and remain sincerely alex s.


we are structural engineers requesting infomation for project we are working on for calgary airport authority. request dimensions per your door section and elevation i.e., C,D etc.


I am looking for a hydraulic door to retrofit to an existing T hangar. I am considering buying an airplane that will be slightly (3-4 feet) too long for my existing hangar. In addition, I will need more open height, and would need to replace the existing bifold door. I am considering a one piece hydraulic door with an "extension" fitted so the nose of the airplane would be outside the hanger when the door was open, but remain enclosed with the door shut. Make sense? The doorway is approx 46' x 11' clear height. Please let me know if you need further info. I am looking to find out if this is feasible, and to get a budgetary quote. Thanks, John M.


Dear Sir / Madame, We structural engineers and are currently designing / detailing a Hanger project in Dublin, Ireland. We wish to specify doors to suit this project and are interested in your product. The door span we are looking at is approx 35m which will be vertically supported. We also need to specify the structural steel to support the doors and therefore we need the weights and the support loction (typical will suffice for now) to suit your door spec. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


I am an engineer and one of your doors is being specified for a building I am designing for Stoltzfus Pole Buildings in Kennedyville, MD. I will need the hinge locations, door weights, and other spec's for this door.


I am a structural engineer designing an aircraft hanger for a client. They will be using one of your bifold doors (42'x12') in their structure. The door will be in the end wall of the structure. The structure is wood framed with steel columns either side of the 42' opening. I need design information on this door size to complete the engineering. Could you send me information on how the door is supported by the structure and the design weight of the door? Thank you.


An Architect is planning on using your bi-fold doors on a project that I am engineering...this is my question: The structure is wood, the door opening he has spec'd is 9'6" high, which is 5 1/2" below the wall top plate. 24" deep floor trusses bear on the wall above this opening. What is the best way to supply a header for your door (and the floor)? I can probably supply a 24" deep PSL that the floor trusses hang on and may be able to support the door also??? And, do you supply the horizontal loads the door will cause, or is it on your website and I missed it? Thank you, Amanda , PE


Hello, I am a project engineer working on a job in which we are replacing 6 doors of a large bus facility. Currently the facility uses overhead doors and are unhappy with them. We are lookinfg to install bifold doors. The door opening is 20' wide x 13' high. We are especially interested in a hydraulic bifold. This project involves over 300 buses. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Thomas C.


Gentlemen: Can your product be fitted to a masonry building? Fire codes require 4 hr. exterior walls for my project, a 42X36 ft. hangar. My structural engineer will also require info on attachment. Thanks Ty